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Forever Trump

Plus, there is no reason to believe Trump would not attempt to pull a Grover Cleveland and run for a second, non-consecutive presidential term. (I have to admit to getting a bit of masochistic joy out of bringing this up to people who had not yet considered it. You are welcome for the night sweats.) Even if he doesn’t pull the trigger on such a run, he will certainly relish the prospect of a Trump redux hanging over our politics for a few years. If in the end he takes a pass, who’s to say that Don Jr. won’t attempt to follow in Daddy’s footsteps.

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by Noooooooo!reply 5110/16/2020

Unless he's in jail.

by Noooooooo!reply 110/16/2020

Oh, it IS going. Straight down the shitter. Once the Trump/Kushners are escaping on a jet plane. And when that Watkins guy running 8kun is running away from the US extradition letter to the Philippines, hiding in some Southeast Asian jungle.

by Noooooooo!reply 210/16/2020

Idiot poster doesn't know the difference between sadism and masochism, among other things.

by Noooooooo!reply 310/16/2020

It’s an excerpt from the article. I assume the author means it upsets him to mention it.

by Noooooooo!reply 410/16/2020

Fuck it. I voted. If he wins, endless comedy material in our daily lives. Plus a little death, and larceny. Make him pres for life. He wont live that long. No matter what his ego tells him.

by Noooooooo!reply 510/16/2020

He'll be dead by 2024

by Noooooooo!reply 610/16/2020

He’ll die soon just from the sheer stress of current events snd drugs.

by Noooooooo!reply 710/16/2020

He is definitely going to jail. Too many people are going to be gunning for him and he won't have an power to stop it.

by Noooooooo!reply 810/16/2020

“Party politics in the age of the internet are driven bottom up, not top down, and in the GOP, the bottoms are wearing red hats.”

Oh my.

by Noooooooo!reply 910/16/2020

What I could see is a variation of the Bush legacy where Donald Trump "steps aside" to have DT, Jr. run to take advantage of the Deplorables, the incels, the alt-right, etc. I doubt they would be willing to follow Ivanka. Donald Trump senior is too old trying to be the aggressive bully in four or eight years. He's more likely dead by then.

by Noooooooo!reply 1010/16/2020

This is such bullshit.

Trump is going to be tilted into a pit of vipers after leaving the White House. He may not see prison, but he will be financially and legally beleaguered as never before. His allies at the crucial level of support - people like the Adelsons - will abandon him. The Trump Trash will continue to worship him, but they have no power where it counts, not even in sheer stupid numbers.

Don Jr. is a whiny, sobbing little red-eyed bitch. He will never command attention the way his shitheaded father has. Eric is an even bigger loser than Don Jr. Ivanka can occasionally give a credible public performance, but her husband has turned into a rejected waxwork figure of Marlene Dietrich and there is simply no way she's breaking his creep factor AND the religious/gender glass ceiling at once.

The Trumps are over once their stint at the White House is over. By 2024 all their bills come due and the only thing any of them will be running for is the hills.

by Noooooooo!reply 1110/16/2020

The point of the article is that regardless of what happens to Trump, the GOP is staying Trumpist.

by Noooooooo!reply 1210/16/2020

The SDNY will ruin Trump's kids. NY's AG already questioned Eric under oath last week and presidents can't pardon state crimes...

by Noooooooo!reply 1310/16/2020

The GOP will go where the money is. The Kochs, the Mercers, the Rothschilds, etc. The Right Wing media will provide the GOP with the mouth breathing foot soldiers using common hot button buzz word rhetoric to keep them riled up. Right Wing think tanks will figure out what strategy to use to give the 1% what they want with the help of the right wing media propaganda, the mouth breathing Deplorables and a new polarizing right wing figure who will no doubt try to outdo (or trump) Trump.

In short: Business as usual.

by Noooooooo!reply 1410/16/2020

Nah. The inmates are running the asylum.

by Noooooooo!reply 1510/16/2020

Right wing terror in America can absolutely be stopped. But it wouldn't be pretty.

by Noooooooo!reply 1610/16/2020

Trumpism is not Reaganism. It is not a socio-economic approach, not even a vilely corrupt one. It is an anus-lipped orange shitgibbon flinging poo at everything.

by Noooooooo!reply 1710/16/2020

Note the way our little antisemite at R14 slipped in "the Rothschilds" as if they had any dealings in the US

by Noooooooo!reply 1810/16/2020

Deplorables lack the one thing it takes: money

by Noooooooo!reply 1910/16/2020

Night sweats? Why would I be sweating over the prospect of Trump tearing the Republican Party apart by running for the 2024 nomination? It sounds like a dream come true. He’d only be a threat to win the general election if the Dems nominated Hillary Clinton.

I’m more sad that he WON’T be walking through that door again. The Republicans will put up someone much sharper and tougher next time. We should appreciate this opportunity to run against a circus clown because it’s not happening in 2024. They’ll sic a Josh Hawley type on us, some guy who will have those suburban white women ready to come back into the muscular arms of the GOP.

by Noooooooo!reply 2010/16/2020

The article, which is good, reiterates several ideas that have already been put into print the last few years: the Republican Party is now a party of white working class resentment, with higher education segregating non-degree holding white voters into a nativist, populist party. The GOP future is in states like Ohio, Minnesota and Michigan while Democrats will gain political power in places like Georgia, Texas and South Carolina.

by Noooooooo!reply 2110/16/2020

I wouldn't be surprised if in his remaining months, if the election goes the Democrats' way, Trump suddenly has a big diplomatic event with Putin in Moscow that involves his close adviser Jared Kushner and other members of the family, which somehow gets prolonged past Jan. 20, until everybody forgets about them except their creditors and the prosecutorial staff of the State of New York.

by Noooooooo!reply 2210/16/2020

“This week racing up on the Billboard charts is The Deplorables newest single ‘Forever Trump’ where a cheerful chorus rejoices about their undying love of the former tyrannical and at times mentally unstable president.”

by Noooooooo!reply 2310/16/2020

Trust me OP, Trump will not live long enough to mount another run in 2024. He'll be dead within a year of leaving office. No way his heart will hold out with all the legal trouble he's going to be in.

by Noooooooo!reply 2410/16/2020

OP is why I’m no longer a Democrat. It’s idiotic posts like these that have turned me off from the party.

by Noooooooo!reply 2510/16/2020

Forever Trump.... I thought this was about a new fragrance he was selling. Sour piss with notes of Ivanka’s pussy smell.

by Noooooooo!reply 2610/16/2020

[quote] OP is why I’m no longer a Democrat. It’s idiotic posts like these that have turned me off from the party.

What a ridiculously stupid thing to say. It's Republican trolls like you who have turned me off Republicans forever.

by Noooooooo!reply 2710/16/2020

R27 you’re an even BIGGER idiot! I never said I was a republican OR going to vote republican. I rest my case.

by Noooooooo!reply 2810/16/2020

Forrrrrrr-ev-eeeeerrrr TRUMP 🤡

by Noooooooo!reply 2910/16/2020

Trump wont be able to help himself in terms of talking about running again. Let him. It will be ugly and sad and not end well.

by Noooooooo!reply 3010/16/2020

His doctors blew it. Then they could have injected him with something serious.

by Noooooooo!reply 3110/16/2020

If political scientist Stephen Skowronek is correct, the Trump figure running in 2024 will loose BADLY, which will then prompt the party to actually start realizing they can't win with this anymore. It's called regime theory, and there's no question the Reagan Regime is dead. The question is what will replace it? Biden has an historic opportunity if he wins to establish a new regime for the next 40 years.

Offsite Link
by Noooooooo!reply 3210/16/2020

Whoever takes the mantra of the Republican Party, will have Miss Lindzey with a huge crush on him, unless the new leader is a woman. If it's Nikki Haley, she'd sideline Lindzey fast. Lindzey ain't gonna latch onto any woman anyway.

Lindzey would want Don Junior tickling her fancy..

by Noooooooo!reply 3310/16/2020

He'll be dead by 2022.

by Noooooooo!reply 3410/16/2020

He's goin to the big house. His friends and family too. For treason. For putting party, and another nation's interests, ahead of his own country's. I hope the whole family is executed. Ivanka especially. Electric chair..

by Noooooooo!reply 3510/16/2020

[quote] Whoever takes the mantra of the Republican Party, will have Miss Lindzey with a huge crush on him,

Eeeew! Hold me, my dear boy Nestor! I'm scared!

by Noooooooo!reply 3610/16/2020

R25 if that's all it takes to "turn you off the party" then you were never an asset to begin with. Good riddance.

by Noooooooo!reply 3710/16/2020

Ivanka will never go to jail. She’ll return to her NYC high society lifestyle and begin designing clothes again. Her frocks will be on the sales floor at Bloomingdales before 2021 is over.

by Noooooooo!reply 3810/16/2020

[quote] I rest my case.

Case? What case?

by Noooooooo!reply 3910/16/2020

Hopefully he will have passed long before that could even be an option.

by Noooooooo!reply 4010/16/2020

Trump hopes he loses so he can divert any residual campaign funds to his personal bank account.

This is perfectly legal.

Then he is going to try and pardon himself.

by Noooooooo!reply 4110/16/2020


[quote] If political scientist Stephen Skowronek is correct, the Trump figure running in 2024 will loose BADLY,

by Noooooooo!reply 4210/16/2020

[quote]Ivanka will never go to jail. She’ll return to her NYC high society lifestyle and begin designing clothes again. Her frocks will be on the sales floor at Bloomingdales before 2021 is over.

Please. New York society knows her for the tacky, grasping fascist trash she is. They wouldn't piss on her if she was on fire.

by Noooooooo!reply 4310/16/2020

This is horse crap.

People got over Nixon and Regan and Bush and every other false profit that has come along.

Americans have add. They will be onto something else.

Tea party anyone?

by Noooooooo!reply 4410/16/2020

[quote] and every other false profit


by Noooooooo!reply 4510/16/2020

Trump is closer to Taft than Cleveland. You know. The one who got stuck in the bathtub.

by Noooooooo!reply 4610/16/2020

Things I'm looking forward to: (1) Trump loses the election. (2) Trump skips inauguration of Biden because he can't handle the humiliation. (3) Trump legal trouble ramps up in February 2021 and there is nothing that can stop it. (4) Trump frauds exposed. (5) Trump is convicted and sent to jail. (6) Trump organization goes bankrupt and must sell off assets. (7) All Trump buildings and properties have the ugly letters "TRUMP" removed from their exteriors. (8) Melania files for divorce. (9) Other members of Trump family change their last names out of shame. (10) Trump dies in prison.

Maybe all of these things could happen in the year 2021! That would make up for a shitty 2020!

by Noooooooo!reply 4710/16/2020

R41, your post hit me like a pail of bricks. Is that 100% true, that residual campaign money can be converted to personal income for a candidate?!?! I’ve been trying to mull over how this is going to go down for almost three years now. If your post is true, then you win this thread. Your scenario seems not only plausible, but probable. Incredible!

by Noooooooo!reply 4810/16/2020

Don't think the Republicans want him running again. Too much work, too exhausting. Pence, OTOH, seems like an ideal puppet.

by Noooooooo!reply 4910/16/2020

I agree Republicans don't want him running again, because they can't control him.

The sad thing is, Trump has unleashed an angry darkness in the hearts of many white people. We suspected that it was there, black people definitely said it was there, but they did such a good job of cloaking it that people thought we had turned a page. I'm not sure if that is ever going away. Too much shit has gone down these last 4 years. How can people look at the their Trumspter neighbors, their Trumpster family members and coworkers the same way again. We're very good at forgetting in this country, but I just don't know how you put that genie back in its bottle.

by Noooooooo!reply 5010/16/2020

The Republicans are blind with greed for money and power. Trump is a logical conclusion for them. They don't even care that their hypocrisy is all out there in the open. They have no-where to go but go down with Trump. I rather predict a re-branding after Trump, because they sure will not get anyone new on their side and they'll be stuck with the angry but no-good Deplorables who can be outvoted by a landslide if they stick with Trump like front men who will push "never someone like Trump again!" Liberals to the voting booths.

by Noooooooo!reply 5110/16/2020
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