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Today I'm binge watching Gene Tierney films all day and night.

On the Riviera

Night and the City

That Wonderful Urge

Personal Affair

Heaven Can Wait


The Ghost and Mrs. Muir


Tobacco Road

Way of a Gaucho

by Jealous, bitches? reply 2401/13/2021


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by Jealous, bitches? reply 109/28/2020

You're welcome!

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by Jealous, bitches? reply 209/28/2020

She's so thin you'll be unconsciously binge-eating, too.

by Jealous, bitches? reply 309/28/2020

It's been a dream so far.

by Jealous, bitches? reply 409/28/2020

She was so good in "Heaven Can Wait." She would've easily won Best Actress that year had Joan Crawford not rose from the ashes with "Mildred Pierce."

by Jealous, bitches? reply 509/28/2020

Sorry, I meant "Leave Her to Heaven" not "Heaven Can Wait."

by Jealous, bitches? reply 609/28/2020

R5 Do you think she would have won?

by Jealous, bitches? reply 709/28/2020

I only have seen her in

Advise & Consent (1962)

Where the Sidewalk Ends (1950)

Night and the City (1950)

Whirlpool (1950)

Laura (1944)

Sundown (1941)

by Jealous, bitches? reply 809/28/2020


by Jealous, bitches? reply 909/29/2020

'Personal Affair' was rather dreary wasn't it? She must have had her crack-up by then.

Her whole family (grandparents etc) were drunks, weren't they?

by Jealous, bitches? reply 1010/20/2020

There were other contributing factors.

by Jealous, bitches? reply 1110/20/2020

Leave Her to Heaven

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by Jealous, bitches? reply 1210/20/2020

I just saw The Ghost and Mrs. Muir and she was wonderful in it. Quite a film. Gene Tierney has the most perfect face of all the classic actresses.

by Jealous, bitches? reply 1301/13/2021

I've never seen A Personal Affair. Was it good?

by Jealous, bitches? reply 1401/13/2021

She was great in Laura. Otherwise - meh. All she did was marry well.

by Jealous, bitches? reply 1501/13/2021

R5 That is one of my favorites and to me she was at her peak of beauty. Bitchy Cliff Web, young Vincent Price. Perfect.

by Jealous, bitches? reply 1601/13/2021

The set design in LEAVE HER TO HEAVEN is spectacular. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a film with so many beautiful houses and interiors. I’d love to live in any of them.

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by Jealous, bitches? reply 1701/13/2021

Add Advise and Consent, if only for the party scene which collects Gene and other ladies JFK fucked.

by Jealous, bitches? reply 1801/13/2021

[quote] Gene Tierney has the most perfect face of all the classic actresses.

No, she had an enormous overbite.

It's as if Rhett Butler put his hands on her head —one on the top and the other on the bottom—as though to smash her skull like a walnut.

by Jealous, bitches? reply 1901/13/2021

The speech impediment drives me crazy.

She's the epitome of Twentieth Century Fox's idea of a sophisticated actress in the 1940s and early 50s. Jeanne Crain, beautiful in a different way, epitomizes a more down to earth type of woman, though Jeanne played glam parts too.

On Broadway before her film career, George Abbott liked her, though I cannot imagine her in an Abbott-type show.

by Jealous, bitches? reply 2001/13/2021

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir May be my favorite movie. I only hope that when I drop my hot milk there’s someone there to walk me out the door.

by Jealous, bitches? reply 2101/13/2021

[italic]Laura[/italic] is a must see, but [italic]the Ghost and Mrs. Muir[/italic] is my favorite. Her character in [italic]Leave Her to Heaven[/italic] is so evil, I stopped watching. The scene where she changes personas in front of the kid's doctor was great, but that was about as much as I could take. [italic]Heaven Can Wait[/italic] is fun, but she's strangely frumpy in it. Who styled her hair like that?

by Jealous, bitches? reply 2201/13/2021

Whenever I feel old and sad I watch The Ghost and Mrs Muir. Then I take a walk in the beach. I feel better.

by Jealous, bitches? reply 2301/13/2021

The Ghost and Mrs Muir could have used more Charles Nelson Reilly :-)

by Jealous, bitches? reply 2401/13/2021
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