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AMY MCGRATH vs. Mitch MCConnell - KY

JAIME HARRISON vs. Lindsey Graham - SC

SARA GIDEON vs.Susan Collins - ME


CAL CUNNINGHAM vs. Thom Tillis - NC

MARK KELLY vs. Martha McSally - AZ

STEVE BULLOCK vs. Steve Daines -MT

JON OSSOFF vs. David Perdue - GA

RAPHAEL WARNOCK vs. Kelly Loeffler - GA

MJ HEGAR vs. John Cornyn -TX


DOUG JONES vs. Tommy Tuberville - AL

BARBARA BOLLIER vs. Roger Marshall -KS


DAN AHLERS vs. Mike Rounds - SD


MIKE ESPY vs. Cindy Hyde-Smith - MS

AL GROSS vs Dan Sullivan -AK

CHRIS JANICEK vs. Ben Sasse - NE

ADRIAN PERKINS vs Bill Cassidy -LA

ABBY BROYLES vs. Jim Inhofe - OK

PAULA JEAN SWEARENGIN vs Shelly Moore Capito - WV

MERAV BEN-DAVID vs Cynthia Lummis -WY

GARY PETERS vs. John James - MI

BEN RAY LUJAN vs. Mark Ronchetti - NM

CHRIS COONS vs. James DeMartino - DE

DICK DURBAN vs, Mark Curran - IL

ED MARKEY vs. Kevin O'Connor - MA

TINA SMITH vs. Jason Lewis - MN

JEAN SHAHEEN vs. Corky Messner - NH

CORY BOOKER vs. Rik Mehta - NJ

MARK WARNER vs. Daniel Glade - VA

JEFF MERKLEY vs. Jo Rae Perkins - OR

JACK REED vs. Allen Waters -RI

**Dan Whitfield (Independent has not officially made the ballot) vs. Tom Cotton -AK

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by Anonymousreply 27a day ago

House candidates are here.

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by Anonymousreply 109/09/2020

Republican Tom Cotton is up for reelection and doesn't even have a Democrat running against him, just a Libertarian. That is a crime, Cotton should have to at least put in a little effort.

by Anonymousreply 209/09/2020

Oklahoma Senate GE:

Inhofe (R-inc) 57% (+24)

Broyles (D) 33%

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by Anonymousreply 309/10/2020

Independent candidate Max Linn during this Maine debate: I’m going to put your question aside.

Moderator: I ask that you stick to the question

Max Linn: “Request denied.”

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 409/11/2020

Buh bye Max.

by Anonymousreply 509/11/2020

Arkansas isn’t the only fuck up. The Democratic candidate in Nebraska is a sex offender or some nonsense like that and he won’t get off the ballot and make way for another Democrat. The party needs to find serious candidates to run in every race. In the last 20 years we’ve had successful 2 term governors in Oklahoma and Wyoming. I’m tired of watching Republicans win in Massachusetts and Illinois and Maryland and Vermont while we just concede races in red states. You can’t win if you don’t have someone serious running.

by Anonymousreply 609/11/2020

Good points, R6. Especially for statewide office and not specific House districts

[quote] In a text sent on June 4 to her and four other people — a screen shot of which her lawyer, Vince Powers, provided to The New York Times on the condition that the woman’s name be withheld — Mr. Janicek said that he had discussed a work matter with her and that she had argued with him and walked away.

[quote] “Do you think the campaign should spend some I’m getting her laid,” he wrote, adding, “It will probably take three guys.” He then described in explicit terms what he wanted the men to do to her. “Thoughts?!”

[quote] He sent a second text apologizing for his grammar and clarifying that he had meant to say “spend some money on,” not “spend some I’m” — repeating the sexual suggestion in the process. Finally, he wrote that he had been joking.

[quote] Mr. Janicek, a bakery owner, won the Democratic primary last month to challenge Senator Ben Sasse, the Republican incumbent. Nebraska is a solidly red state, and the race is not expected to be competitive.

[quote] Ms. Kleeb, the state party chairwoman, said the party had received a copy of the texts on June 5, the day after they were sent, and immediately contacted Mr. Janicek to set up a meeting. The meeting happened on June 11, and after party leaders asked him to step down, Mr. Janicek asked for a few days to consider it. On Monday, he said he would not end his campaign, at which point party leaders voted to withdraw their support.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 709/12/2020

The Georgia senator pushed to roll back regulations on prepaid debit cards. Then he acquired stock in an industry leader.

[quote] There is no available evidence that Perdue traded on nonpublic information, a practice barred by federal law. But Perdue does serve as a member of the Senate Banking Committee with jurisdiction over the financial industry. And he has eschewed measures taken by some other lawmakers to more concretely insulate himself from his financial positions. The Senator has not placed his assets in a blind trust, meaning there is no formalized mechanism for ensuring he is not involved in such investment decisions—and that the public must simply take his word for it when he insists he is not.


[quote] And Perdue—or his financial adviser—repeatedly bought First Data stock, sold it off, then bought it again in transactions that coincided with both policy announcements affecting the company and a major merger that sent its stock price soaring. Perdue’s office denied that the senator had any advance knowledge of that merger. But the frequency and timing of those trades, say those familiar with this field, is unusual to see in an account managed by a third-party broker, where more cautious, long-term investments tend to be prized over quick gains through repeated buying and selling.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 809/14/2020

[quote] In a double-digit victory, Lauren Witzke won the Republican ​primary election ​for Delaware​’s U.S. Senate seat last night, defeating​ opponent James DeMartino, ​who was backed by the state Republican Party. Witzke will be facing Democratic Sen. Chris Coons in the general election this November.

[quote] Witzke’s campaign has been marked by its closeness to extremists. Witzke​ is campaigning on a staunch anti-immigration platform, calling for a 10-year halt on immigration into the United States, and has associated with ​white nationalists. She was endorsed by Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona, who has his own longtime ties to far-right nationalists. And although the Delaware Republican Party endorsed her primary opponent, she claimed on Twitter in February that members of the state’s GOP had “been really good” to her.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 909/16/2020

I'm interested in Kentucky, Arizona and Maine. Of what I know I don't believe Doug Jones will win reelection in Alabama since Tommy Tuberville was a big coach with Auburn and they love their football down there.

In my state, Tennessee, Marquita Bradshaw will not win. That's a huge Republican held senate seat and Bill Hagerty is a dyed in the wool, Trump-backed candidate and I have seen absolutely nothing from Bradshaw campaign wise. Maybe she's spending all her energy on Memphis and Nashville, I don't know.

I really don't know what to think about South Carolina and Lindsey Graham. We absolutely need to get him out. That is the biggest phony in both houses of Congress and the people of South Carolina need to wise up.

I know McConnell/McGrath is big, but I really think Maine is bigger. Collins has proven herself to be a huge disappointment. Anyone here in Maine have any insight?

by Anonymousreply 1009/16/2020

Tom Cotton is not running in Alaska [AK] contrary to OPs post.

by Anonymousreply 1109/16/2020

[quote] WBTV: Republican Sen. Thom Tillis accepted more than $20,000 in campaign contributions from political action committees tied to pharmaceutical companies within two weeks of sponsoring a bill related to drug prices in late 2019.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 12Last Thursday at 4:17 AM

[quote] BREAKING: Former Republican Sen. Nancy Kassebaum endorses Democrat Barbara Bollier in the #kssen race. Kassebaum, who served alongside Bob Dole and preceded Pat Roberts, held the seat for 18 years

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 13Last Thursday at 8:01 AM

[quote] The race in Alaska is tied 43% to 43% but now NBC News is reporting that Mitch McConnell's super PAC is going to spend $1.6 million on false, misleading ads attacking me.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 14Last Sunday at 2:42 PM

[quote] Let’s just be clear: The path to a Senate majority runs through Mississippi.

[quote] We are only 5 points down. Mississippi is a battleground state — no matter what party leaders may say.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 15Last Sunday at 2:43 PM

Enough with the QAnon loons

by Anonymousreply 16Last Sunday at 2:45 PM

R13, that's not too surprising about Kassenbaum. Wasn't she more of a moderate?

R15, the same Mike Espy from Clinton's cabinet? Anyway Cindy Hyde-Smith looks like she listens to Darlene McBride.

by Anonymousreply 17Last Sunday at 2:46 PM

[quote] the same Mike Espy from Clinton's cabinet?


by Anonymousreply 18Last Sunday at 2:50 PM

R6 Part of the reason for that is that Democrats fucking suck at keeping their candidates and talking heads employed. There's not as many think tank jobs avail in DC for when Dems are out of power. Result is Republicans can be professional republicans for a lifetime, whether in office or not while Dems go home and go into other careers.

We need to keep Democrats employed. Run for Senate against Cotton and put in some effort? Get a nice job (not talking Cabinet) in the Biden administration. Its hard to be a candidate in those races though because you're expected to fundraise and it used to be very hard. Today, maybe less so because when Cotton said some crazy shit in the NYT, a real opponent could have raised $1 million off that through Twitter and online even though they had no chance of winning. And with that money, you can buy some ads, hire a few staff, and sometime it turns into a situation like what we see in South Carolina or Iowa, where challengers are even in races with weeks to go and they were not viewed as competitive six months ago

by Anonymousreply 19Last Sunday at 3:23 PM

[quote] During the special election, 98 percent of Black women — compared to 93 percent of Black men, 34 percent of white women, and 26 percent of white men — backed Jones over Moore. That overwhelming support, combined with depressed Republican turnout, helped Jones secure a narrow and shocking victory for Democrats, who hadn’t won a Senate seat in Alabama for 25 years.

[qoute] After his 2017 election win, Jones has stubbornly made his own way in the Senate. He certainly touts his bipartisan work with Republicans, including the Military Widow’s Tax Elimination Act, the Automotive Jobs Act, and the POWER Act. But Jones hasn’t gone out of his way to try to take Trump-friendly votes, voting against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation and voting to convict the president during the Senate’s February impeachment trial.

[quote] “I think of Manchin at least on cultural issues, is center/center right,” said Alabama Democratic strategist Zac McCrary. “Jones is certainly in his own way moderate and bipartisan, but certainly is not leaning into some of those things. He’s going to be the senator he wanted. He’s not going to twist himself into a pretzel; he’s going to do his own thing.”

[quote] “We need to be the party that looks out for the little guy, the party that is not anti-business by any stretch. ... But we need to make sure that everybody has access to good health care,” Jones said.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 20Last Monday at 6:06 AM

This is mental illness

[quote] Now here's an ad for you: Sen. Kelly Loeffler's new spot is all about how she's "more conservative than Attila the Hun," and includes an actor portraying a grunting Attila who delivers orders to, among other things, "eliminate the liberal scribes."

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 21Last Monday at 11:13 AM

On the flip side, if Warnock manages to squeeze past Collins for the second spot in the runoff, as most Democratic strategists believe he will, then this race ends up at a *very* interesting January runoff, one that Democrats could have a real shot at.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 22Last Monday at 11:27 AM

[quote] “A reason why I think biography is so important right now is because the American people want to know who you are. They want to know your values,” said Perkins, who is the grandson of a sharecropper and was the first Black cadet elected class president at West Point. He served three tours in the Army in Iraq and Afghanistan, earning the Bronze Star and the rank of captain. He later graduated from Harvard Law School and is now the mayor of Shreveport.

He's getting lost in the noise now, but like Warnock in GA, Perkins doesn't have to win--he just has to get to second place for a January run-off

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 23Yesterday at 2:00 PM

Love love love that Paula Jean Swearengin of WV. Small non-battleground state but I have supported her totally grassroots campaign. Capito is the daughter of the states most corrupt governor and comes by her hypocrisy honest.

by Anonymousreply 24Yesterday at 2:04 PM

Colorado is looking good for Hickenlooper but its a slim lead at 52-46.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 25Yesterday at 2:09 PM

[quote] A GOP source with eyes on SC tells me despite his in-your-face flip flop on voting in a SCOTUS justice 40-something days before an election, Lindsey Graham is privately rattled about that tie he’s in with @harrisonjaime . He’s never really faced a viable, well-funded challenger.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 26Yesterday at 7:00 PM

Vanessa Vadim - looks more like Roger Vadim than Jane Fonda

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 27a day ago
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