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Who'll watch The Deciding Decade with Pete Buttigieg podcast premiere 9/9 with guest former federal prosecutor Preet Bharara

Buttigieg inked a 20-episode deal with the iHeartPodcast Network which will stream on all the major podcasting hubs.

Other guests will include activists, politicians, scholars, authors and entertainers, though the focus will remain on the most pressing issues facing the nation in the next ten years.

“The choices we make in the months and years ahead will define America for decades to come. I’m eager to have honest, intimate conversations about the challenges facing us and the ways we can respond with so many individuals I admire,” said Buttigieg.

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by Interesting!! reply 26Last Wednesday at 1:39 PM

Watch a podcast? Mmkay.

by Interesting!! reply 109/07/2020

I will be sure to miss it!

by Interesting!! reply 209/07/2020

I’ll certainly watch it as I don’t have an irrational hatred of Pete, like most of the basement dwellers here.

by Interesting!! reply 309/07/2020

What r1 said.

It's a podcast OP, you listen to it.

by Interesting!! reply 409/07/2020

I'm sick of the "Opining Class." People who make a living as cable new contributors, who have podcasts no one listens to, etc. That's what you do with an Ivy League humanities education. God forbid you should actually work and create something tangible. Run for office, if you lose, Opine.

by Interesting!! reply 509/07/2020

I'm assuming this means he isn't expecting, or doesn't want, a job in a Biden Administration?

by Interesting!! reply 609/07/2020

Yes r6. His political vision is greater than landing a job with olds. It's obvious from the title of his podcast series. He's Hong to work out his plan with the help of people relevant to his vision.

by Interesting!! reply 709/08/2020

R7 He's Hong to work out his plan? Your typo made me laugh.

by Interesting!! reply 809/08/2020

I don't know what I was trying to say when I write Hong! 😂😂

by Interesting!! reply 909/08/2020

I'm sick of Harvard grads who can't spell (like R5 and the consultants who brought down Enron) slinging off at ideas they haven't heard yet.

by Interesting!! reply 1009/08/2020

R9. You probably were saying "He's going..." I'm hoping Hong could be the new maroon.

by Interesting!! reply 1109/08/2020

I know one thing, pete and chasie are really going for that $$$. Their grabbing everything they can. From Chasten who's barley a public figure putting out a book to make $. And then Pete with his new 20 podcast episode series. He was probably paid a nice hefty amount.

We're finally seeing what these two are really about, and it's not public service. It's all about the Benjamins Baby.

It always is, LOL!

by Interesting!! reply 1209/08/2020

Huh r6?

He has already been appointed as part of the Biden transition team, clearly he is going to be part of the administration.

by Interesting!! reply 1309/08/2020

Does anyone agree with Pete that the coming 10 years is a Deciding Decade? How so?

by Interesting!! reply 1409/09/2020

Pete's got an awfully big head.

by Interesting!! reply 1509/09/2020

[quote] We're finally seeing what these two are really about, and it's not public service. It's all about the Benjamins Baby.

Or maybe they realize that these days it's not enough to just be a smart politician, you also have to be a media personality like Trump or AOC.

by Interesting!! reply 1609/09/2020

For one thing, R14, 2030 is the year many scientists agree is the climate change tipping point, so decide on that soon or kiss your ass good-bye.

The US is in such a state of wreckage (soon to be complete when the stockmarket stops being propped up) that there are a lot of key decisions to make about how to put it back together again. If Trump is re-elected it will become an autocracy like Russia and all decisions will be made by the financial oligarchs for their personal benefit. Kind of like now, only there won't even be a pretence of democracy. Plenty of decisions will be made, but the American people need not concern themselves with them.

If he isn't, though, and that's where Pete comes in, almost every aspect of the democratic system in the country will have to be restored and shored up, to get the economy back on its feet, to ensure nobody can get that close to autocracy again and to ensure that in the next pandemic everyone can afford health care and two weeks off work. In restoring an old house you can put it together exactly the way it was, or you can install a sewer line, electricity and WiFi, you can add a contemporary kitchen and bathroom because they serve today's needs more effectively than a cookhouse and an outhouse, and you can totally delete the chimneys because they're polluting, while keeping the charming fireplaces as decoration. You see where I'm going with the decisionmaking thing.

by Interesting!! reply 1709/12/2020

I have an irrational anger at Pete for dropping out when he did. I wish he would have just pushed a little longer. He was killing it. I know it's for the greater good and it will be good for his career longterm, but I was pissed - hence being irrational about it.

by Interesting!! reply 1809/12/2020

R18, Pete was talked i to dropping out by thw DNC along with amy Klobichar so tbey wouldnt hurt Biden and help Bernie

The DNC was shitting their pants that someone who actually cared about helping working class people could get the nomiantion over Billionaire asslicker Biden.

by Interesting!! reply 1909/12/2020

Buttigieg/Markel 2024: The Visionary Ticket! *

*Subscribe to our Vision Channel on YouTube or download our new Visioning app for only $19.99/month OR purchase an entire year for $400 AND receive a FREE copy of "In The Kitchen with Harry & Chasen," a collection of our favorite holistic Midwestern recipes!

by Interesting!! reply 2009/12/2020

[quote]He has already been appointed as part of the Biden transition team, clearly he is going to be part of the administration.

My understanding is that he is an advisory member of the transition team, not full-time, hands-on (I might be wrong). And then in January, he doesn't have a job. I'm assuming with the radio gig that he doesn't want one, because cabinet members don't generally host podcasts on the side.

by Interesting!! reply 2109/12/2020

Agree R19 - that's why I am angry. But, he took one for the team as did Amy so I hope he gets rewarded. Didn't he get appointed to a potential position with Biden? I felt like I read that somewhere.

by Interesting!! reply 2209/12/2020

R22 A position with Biden is hardly a reward if Pete is expected to jettison his ideas and fold into the moribund DP that the republicanlite DNC controls.

I haven't seem any ideas from Biden for his presidency except not to be Trump. Which would still be great, mind you.

But like r17, what have we heard about how democracy and America will be put back together if Biden wins? So far we are promised the same old, by virtue of silence from Biden and the DNC.

Bernie had ideas, he would have had more fire in him as a candidate. Maybe AOC can make a difference. She has leadership qualities too.

Pete has one thing the DNC doesn't have: vision. That is what he's going to be exploring and outlining with his podcast. He wants to lay out a roadmap to define the2020s I wager. He knows there is a need for a roadmap.

by Interesting!! reply 2309/12/2020

I felt seriously that Pete had the vibe of the next Obama. A thoughtful, beautiful speaker that was the perfect balance of just left of moderate. Whether he is overly religious or not, that was an abaolutely flawless execution on he and Chasten's part in getting those mid line conservative-lite frau votes. He also had fire and I loved seeing some of that anger/passion come out in the primaries. I actually could have been a true uniter. His millennial team was amazing as well. The had the social media and strategy down to a science. I was very impressed.

by Interesting!! reply 2409/12/2020

R24 I liked Pete too. He's got youth on his side, so hopefully we'll see him back on the political front in the coming years.

by Interesting!! reply 25Last Wednesday at 1:32 PM

Harry, why didn't we get this gig?????????

by Interesting!! reply 26Last Wednesday at 1:39 PM
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