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People who call others "king" and "queen"

I understand that when someone says something akin to, "You've got this, king!" or "Adjust that crown, queen!" they're trying to be supportive of a fellow human, but I hate this trend and grit my teeth everytime I see it spoken or in a social media post.. What say you, DL?

by A simple serfreply 10009/16/2020


by A simple serfreply 108/30/2020

They're doing it with that dead guy from the Marvel movies. Calling him king in tributes and shit. Stupid.

by A simple serfreply 208/30/2020

Why does it matter?

by A simple serfreply 308/30/2020

Yaaaas, queen.

by A simple serfreply 408/30/2020

ABC called their special on Boseman A Tribute for a King. I think it's a bit of a stretch.

by A simple serfreply 508/30/2020

If that ugly british family can be called that I don't see why the rest of us can't

by A simple serfreply 608/30/2020

Because the BRF worked at it for a thousand years R6.

by A simple serfreply 708/30/2020

Is being called "king" goals?

by A simple serfreply 808/30/2020

It's people calling themselves "badasses."

by A simple serfreply 908/30/2020

I mainly hear among my African American acquaintances. It grates on my ears. I'm biracial and grew up with Dukes and Princesses, but this is different.

I think it's self-valuation and also a desire to acquire some of the cachet observed in white society, without interest in the traditions behind "ennoblement" or such. Rather like how so many black churches now have bishops and archbishops for congregations that are not part of sects in which such titles traditionally fit. The hierarchy and structures are not there, but a one-off unaffiliated church will have an archbishop for a pastor, not just "The Reverend."

The use of the terms in a (in theory, anyway) democratic republic is what what it feel "off" to me - but maybe Disney has contributed to things. It's just how my ear hears it.

But people can take it seriously. Like the way Aretha Franklin took her Queen of Soul title seriously enough that she did not like people dubbing Glady Knight as the Empress of Soul.

But if I'm called a queen I don't mind - all in the hearer, I guess.

by A simple serfreply 1008/30/2020

I always laugh at couples who do this because they are always the most disfunctional. I used to know this woman Who had matching king and queen rings with her man. Obviously they’re no longer together.

by A simple serfreply 1108/30/2020

[quote]ABC called their special on Boseman A Tribute for a King. I think it's a bit of a stretch.

Well in his most famous role he played one so that makes a bit more sense, doesn't it?

[quote]I mainly hear among my African American acquaintances. It grates on my ears. I'm biracial and grew up with Dukes and Princesses, but this is different.

I hear white gay men say this all the time.

But acting like it's brand new is silly. It has been around as a positive comment towards someone else for actual decades. "You're a King!", "He's a prince among men!", "You're my Queen!", etc.

The only ting that's "new" is young people saying it.

[quote]I think it's self-valuation and also a desire to acquire some of the cachet observed in white society, without interest in the traditions behind "ennoblement" or such.

I don't think when teens use it they're thinking that deeply about it and once again it's not just black people who say it.

However, calling people they like "Mom" and "Dad" is a whole other story. That is just weird.

by A simple serfreply 1208/30/2020

Well would you prefer everyone calling each other "boss"? Or are we leaving that in the 2010s.

by A simple serfreply 1308/30/2020

it's an #edwinalounge thing

by A simple serfreply 1408/30/2020

R12 isn't hearing what the OP is describing.

Right, Mom?

by A simple serfreply 1508/31/2020

[Quote]Because the BRF worked at it for a thousand years [R6].

Oh spare me. The chronicled royalty were the mafia and street gangs of their era.

by A simple serfreply 1608/31/2020

It’s a momentary propping-up, a sort of self-soothing delusion. None of us are “Royal”.

by A simple serfreply 1708/31/2020

When everybody is a king and a queen, then nobody is king or queen.

by A simple serfreply 1808/31/2020

Harmless, wishful thinking.

by A simple serfreply 1908/31/2020

Racial division thread. Ignore.

by A simple serfreply 2008/31/2020

King, this ain't it.

by A simple serfreply 2108/31/2020

My four year old niece addresses everyone as "Your Majesty." Does that count?

by A simple serfreply 2208/31/2020

A lot of black escorts call themselves "prince" or "king". Not sure why

by A simple serfreply 2308/31/2020

"Every man a king, but no one wears a crown." - Huey Long

by A simple serfreply 2408/31/2020

I get the use of it inside the Black community as a sign of respect.

But there's a weird use of it now with gay men, especially "king."

by A simple serfreply 2508/31/2020

Relax, King!

by A simple serfreply 2608/31/2020

Over exaggerating Trash.

by A simple serfreply 2708/31/2020

It depends on who's calling me a queen. And it's always a queen regnant. Never a consort.

If people say it seriously it really puts me off. Like shop workers calling me 'boss' or 'mate'.

by A simple serfreply 2808/31/2020

Drag her, Jade!

by A simple serfreply 2908/31/2020

Can we also file the phrase “‘Preciate you!” under this same grievance please?

by A simple serfreply 3008/31/2020

I've never heard it said OP.

by A simple serfreply 3108/31/2020

OP In this day and age there are many pharmaceuticals that can help you live a normal life.

by A simple serfreply 3208/31/2020

R30 Have a blessed day

by A simple serfreply 3308/31/2020

I just want to say I have primarily heard white trash use king and queen so I don’t get how this is a racist thread.

by A simple serfreply 3408/31/2020

Weak people who need status to feel like worthy human beings. People who use this the most are also the most insecure.

by A simple serfreply 3508/31/2020

And VAIN^^

by A simple serfreply 3608/31/2020

Verbal equivalent of a participation trophy and is overcompensation. Seems harmless enough though, especially if the end results are positive.

by A simple serfreply 3708/31/2020

I think Beyoncé started the trend when she referred to herself as “King Bey” in 2013. That’s all I got.

by A simple serfreply 3808/31/2020

Now, the idea that we (Black people) descended from royalty isn't an uncommon one. It's a popular reference, found in countless songs, texts, and speeches as an understandably empowering juxtaposition to how Black Americans have historically been portrayed here. So popular is this reference, in fact, that many of us use "king" and "queen" as pronouns. It also has some historical merit, because there were actually kingdoms with kings and queens and unfathomable wealth. But this — both the reference to descending from kings and queens and being referred to as "king" — has always (always!) bothered the piss out of me. Why? Well, because that's not how kingdoms work!

If you're from a place where kings and queens existed, there's a small chance you actually directly descended from them. And a much, much, much, much, much, much, much larger chance you descended from people who were ruled by them. And, if history is any guide, if you happen to be from a place with an unfathomably wealthy ruling class, that unfathomable wealth most likely ended with the ruling class. Everyone else was either some version of middle class (not very likely) or a peasant (very likely). For Nas's line to be accurate, it would have to be amended to "Be, be, 'fore we came to this country. We were kings and queens, never porch monkeys. Well, like four of us were kings and queens. The rest of us tended goats and shit. I mean, there's nothing wrong with tending goats. Goat tending is a very honorable profession. But we were totally goat tenders, not kings and queens. Except for four of us."

Offsite Link
by A simple serfreply 3908/31/2020

I'm triggered by such royal appropriation.

by A simple serfreply 4008/31/2020

We see no problem with it, in moderation.

by A simple serfreply 4108/31/2020

R39 Why are you making this thread all about Black people? No one ever said "Black people.." in this thread at all. You are projecting your insecurities onto us. Go away.

by A simple serfreply 4208/31/2020

R42 Well, who said it should be only be about white people?

by A simple serfreply 4308/31/2020

OP, do you live in Atlanta?

by A simple serfreply 4408/31/2020

R43 No one SAID that it should ONLY be for white people, either. Stop moving the goal posts and projecting your racist self-hatred onto the DL.

by A simple serfreply 4508/31/2020

We love to see it.

by A simple serfreply 4608/31/2020

Calm down, R45. The thread is about ANYONE who uses the expression. It’s equally sillly regardless of race.

by A simple serfreply 4708/31/2020

I've lived all over the country, and I've never heard anyone refer to someone else as King, and never heard the word Queen used, except in the context of a mincing faggot. Where are you hearing this, OP, while you're sleeping?

by A simple serfreply 4808/31/2020

Yes, R47, but the overt implication at R39 is that king and queen are Black terms used by Black people only, therefore this thread is about Black people. That is the obvious overt racial implication deduced using basic reading comprehension. Stop acting like you don't know what I'm talking about or what R39 said.

by A simple serfreply 4908/31/2020

Exactly R49. They always act dumb. And I've always only heard the phrases King and Queen used by black people.

White people are mad when black people refer to each other using the "N" Word, or referring to women as Bitches and Hoes, and now their mad about black people endearingly refer to each other as Royalty. Why do they care so much what black people say to each other? They really enjoy policing black people no matter what, they have to have input some kind of way.

Toxic people with no end in sight.

by A simple serfreply 5008/31/2020

R50 Black people get angry about the N word, not white people. No one can even write the N word without being socially and politically excoriated as racists for even daring to utter it, least of the oppressive white race. Does any other racial slur carry so much historical and cultural weight over communication in the English language and in the collective unconscious of the West than the oft-referred to "N" word? A word that can only be referred to by its first letter. Does any other race other than Black hold such cultural dominion over a word, six neutral letters that, when strung together, hold such sway over the supposedly "oppressive" dominant cultural lexicon? No. I don't think that such a word, a racial slur, would be able to hold such emotionally-charged control over an oppressive dominant culture. An oppressive dominant culture wouldn't fire people from their jobs for saying the N word, or expel students from their schools for saying the N word in a video. An oppressive doesn't care about their subjects, so why do white people with the lower case w care so much about what the Black people with a capital B think and feel?

Can you help me answer this question? Looking for teachable moments here.

by A simple serfreply 5108/31/2020

R51 It is kind of interesting that the word is never written nor spoken in news accounts but is tossed around casually in pop songs, comedy bits, etc.

by A simple serfreply 5208/31/2020

R52 The word you're thinking of is n*gga, a 5 letter word. You know which one I'm referring to.

by A simple serfreply 5308/31/2020

"Queen" is a long-running term of endearment in Liverpool

by A simple serfreply 5408/31/2020

R51 They are the same, no?

by A simple serfreply 5508/31/2020

R55 If they're the same, why aren't they used more often, interchangeably?

by A simple serfreply 5608/31/2020

Reading many of the responses in this thread that has turned into, of course, a race thread

Offsite Link
by A simple serfreply 5708/31/2020

R56 Honestly, I thought both were offensive and never printed.

by A simple serfreply 5808/31/2020

R58 but one is used often while the other is not. That's the point of R51: the power that it has over oppressives who don't care, somehow. Oppressives who care enough to punish anyone who uses it with the loss of financial security and social stature for years to come? What implications of powerful social currency it has.

by A simple serfreply 5908/31/2020

I prefer prime minister.

by A simple serfreply 6008/31/2020

Outdated Black terminology frequently used by gay white men trying to seem hipper than they are.

by A simple serfreply 6108/31/2020

[quote] R48 I've lived all over the country, and I've never heard anyone refer to someone else as King, and never heard the word Queen used, except in the context of a mincing faggot. Where are you hearing this, OP, while you're sleeping?

In social media posts, as OP stated

by A simple serfreply 6208/31/2020

R59 I cannot think of any other such word. It used to be you couldn’t say or write “cunt” but Game of Thrones put paid to that.

by A simple serfreply 6308/31/2020

R63 People in the UK have been saying cunt forever. The N word will never be said, unless you have a powerful Black man's approval, like Samuel L. Jackson.

by A simple serfreply 6408/31/2020

The Context Of A Mincing Faggot sounds like the title of Harvey Fierstein's memoir.

by A simple serfreply 6508/31/2020

And you'll never get any reprisals for saying faggot, R65

by A simple serfreply 6608/31/2020

Yes, it’s mostly used by black people, as far as I know. To each their own.

I find “rest in power” equally dumb.

by A simple serfreply 6708/31/2020

As a gay man I don't appreciate being called a queen.

by A simple serfreply 6808/31/2020

[quote]People who call others "king" and "queen"

[quote]Yes, it’s mostly used by black people, as far as I know. To each their own.

R67Are black people different from "people"?

by A simple serfreply 6909/01/2020

At the risk of being flamed I will mention an expression that actually is used only by black people (in my experience): “The ancestors got your/my back.” What does this mean? It seems nonsensical but maybe I am missing the point.

Beyoncé refers to it in “Black Parade:” “Ancestors put me on game.”

It made me think, I have no idea who my ancestors are. I need to buy one of those DNA kits.

by A simple serfreply 7009/01/2020

I suspect that the more socially marginalized one is, the greater the tendency to use terms such as "King" "Queen" and "Rest in Power" to feel better about themselves.

by A simple serfreply 7109/01/2020

R69 don’t try to stir shit.

by A simple serfreply 7209/01/2020

R72 I'm not "trying to stir shit", I found the comment ignorant.

by A simple serfreply 7309/01/2020

Also - I haven't noticed that the use of king and queen is used more by black people. If your friend posts a particularly great picture to instagram you respond "King". Not hard to figure out why. It's not about being socially marginalized.

by A simple serfreply 7409/01/2020

I use it in an ironic tone for things, such as when Dua Lipa says "should have stayed at home" or "don't go out", I like to yell QUEEN OF QUARANTINE.

by A simple serfreply 7509/01/2020

And I am Marie of Romania.

by A simple serfreply 7609/01/2020

Kamala Harris called Brandy and Monica queens during their verzuz yesterday!

Offsite Link
by A simple serfreply 7709/01/2020

People can say whatever they want and I'll do the same. That's how it works people.

by A simple serfreply 7809/10/2020

Is your name Aretha Franklin, Elizabeth Windsor, RuPaul or Letizia of Spain?

Then no one should be calling you Queen.

by A simple serfreply 7909/10/2020

I think it’s absurd, morganatic baroness.

by A simple serfreply 8009/10/2020

White people are bland as fuck. They really don't get or understand nor are they supposed to understand, black cultural references. It's not for white society to understand, that why most of you don't get it.

And it definitely has nothing at all to do with being marginalized and making yourself feel better. It's just cultural sayings that exist within a group of people who share pretty much the same ancestry.

I think white society should stop messing with things that was never intended for them. Everything isn't meant to be white washed and understood my the oppressive white savages of society.

by A simple serfreply 8109/11/2020

R81 I don’t think anyone is confused by it, just that they think it’s silly.

I’d still like to know what the Ancestors phrase means.

by A simple serfreply 8209/11/2020

[quote] White people are bland as fuck.

Yet black people are the ones with babytastes. How ironic.

by A simple serfreply 8309/11/2020

This Queen didn't come from Africa . She's an Indigenous Queen.

She states her boundaries. No-one has privilege over her!

It's 2020. White Privilge is Ovah.

Offsite Link
by A simple serfreply 8409/11/2020

Why, white people do this ALL the time, OP!

Laura Bush to W.: "Don't worry about speaking to the Amarillo League of Women Voters tonight--you've got this, [italic]King![/italic]"

by A simple serfreply 8509/11/2020

[quote] My four year old niece addresses everyone as "Your Majesty." Does that count?

Everyone addresses my child as "Jermajesty." Does [italic]that[/italic] count?

by A simple serfreply 8609/11/2020

R72 Such an ugly expression! Leave it in the toilet!

by A simple serfreply 8709/11/2020

This is a genuine king and queen

Offsite Link
by A simple serfreply 8809/11/2020

R86 I can’t stop laughing when I read “Jermajesty.”

by A simple serfreply 8909/11/2020

r89, you know he really did name his son that.

by A simple serfreply 9009/11/2020

I think it was Kevin Hart who said, "Look, I'm rich and famous but I bet no white man in this audience wants to be me", Sad but true,

by A simple serfreply 9109/12/2020

If it makes black people feel better or happy to say King and Queen, for Lord sake let them say it without fucking with them.

by A simple serfreply 9209/12/2020

Usually when I see King its some black guy on grindr who claims to have a 12" dick and wants you to pay him $300 to even see it or touch it.

by A simple serfreply 9309/13/2020

White people are completely trash. They really are.

by A simple serfreply 9409/13/2020

[Quote]People can say whatever they want and I'll do the same. That's how it works people.

Exactly. Some of the posters here are truly disgusting. Look at the ease with which they assume they have the undeniable birth right to monitor and direct the actions and thinking of black people, however, when the same restrictions are imposed on them and their culture, they lunge screaming "homophobia." You really think you are in charge and running the show, don't you?

by A simple serfreply 9509/13/2020

R95 They are delusional beyond belief.

by A simple serfreply 9609/13/2020

On a gay men's website, run by and for gay men, gay men think they are running the show?

MARY!, R95!

by A simple serfreply 9709/13/2020

Not sure why anyone would want be in the same class of people as Edwin.

Offsite Link
by A simple serfreply 9809/13/2020

Yes, you're right, R81

Offsite Link
by A simple serfreply 9909/15/2020

Never heard such a thing.

by A simple serfreply 10009/16/2020
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