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The Drew Barrymore Show

Grins, smiles, giggles 'n laffs... and maybe a few tears.

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by E. T.reply 989 hours ago

Well, now's the point where the years of drug and alcohol abuse would start showing the longterm effects. At least she enjoyed a 20 year run of relative normalcy.

by E. T.reply 108/05/2020

How the flighty have fallen.

by E. T.reply 208/05/2020

What is the demographic for this show??

by E. T.reply 308/05/2020

80s ladies, #3. The Millenniettes grew-up with her, through trials 'n tribulations.

by E. T.reply 408/08/2020

She looks so old in the local teasers.

by E. T.reply 508/08/2020

I like Drew. She's like the hippy girl next door. i think it will be a hit. some light-hearted approach to daytime is needed.

by E. T.reply 608/08/2020

Will the show have some sort of digital enhancement to reduce the bags and wrinkles around her eyes? I mean, if I want to see that, I have a mirror!

by E. T.reply 708/08/2020

I like her. She's quirky and perky.

by E. T.reply 808/08/2020

I thought this was a joke.

by E. T.reply 908/08/2020

It can’t possibly be as bad as that Chevy Chase talk show.

by E. T.reply 1008/08/2020

Unlike Ellen nobody has ever accused Drew of being anything but nice. I think she'll appeal to daytime viewers rethinking their devotion to miserable cunts.

by E. T.reply 1108/08/2020

I like her. I will never forget Drew in all of her 1990’s wild child glory.

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by E. T.reply 1208/08/2020

Did she ever get sober?

by E. T.reply 1308/08/2020

Drew has 2 kids with her ex, who belongs to an affluent family from the east coast. If she weren't sober I doubt she'd have a shared custody agreement that allows the kids to reside with her on the west coast.

by E. T.reply 1408/08/2020

[Quote] some light-hearted approach to daytime is needed.

Isn't that what Kelly is for??

by E. T.reply 1508/08/2020

R13: CDAN blind from last week.

153 comments and almost all of them are saying Drew. I think she looks high in the promos that are airing.

Offsite Link
by E. T.reply 1608/17/2020

R13: CDAN blind from last week.

153 comments and almost all of them are saying Drew. I think she looks high in the promos that are airing.

Offsite Link
by E. T.reply 1708/17/2020

I seriously doubt a former alcoholic/drug addict would just suddenly return to the vices she successfully abandoned in her teens...and again in her 20s...and then in her 30s!

by E. T.reply 1808/17/2020

Once a druggie always a druggie.

by E. T.reply 1908/17/2020

This is sad. She has spent years trying to convince herself and everyone else she could turn herself into a moderate drinker. I hope she can get sober for the long haul.

Offsite Link
by E. T.reply 2008/29/2020

Drew has been drinking for years and has been quite open about it. Weed too. I suppose it's possible she's stayed off the hard stuff, but...

by E. T.reply 2108/29/2020

I remember photos of her smoking weed with Cameron Diaz. And she doesn't hide her drinking. But it's obviously not a great idea for a former addict.

by E. T.reply 2208/29/2020

I feel like this is going to be a disaster.

But the Kelly Clarkson Show turned out to be pretty successful.

by E. T.reply 2308/31/2020

How bad was the "boozy interview" she did on Cohen's show?

by E. T.reply 2408/31/2020

Is grandpapa scheduled for a segment?

by E. T.reply 2508/31/2020

Seeing this thread made me wonder what Tom Green is doing now so I looked at his Instagram. Is he sick again?

He looks terrible and he uploads these one-hour videos of himself wandering around the house alone. In the more recent ones he has a dog. I just skipped around through a few and stopped because they were giving me the heebie-jeebies.

I wouldn’t mind having his view though. It looks like he might live in one of the Cahuenga Pass Buff and Hensmans.

by E. T.reply 2608/31/2020

she's cute, zany. it might be fun.

by E. T.reply 2708/31/2020

Bye bye Ellen.

Hello Drew!!

by E. T.reply 2808/31/2020

She'll be cancelled before Christmas. Just like Biden.

by E. T.reply 2908/31/2020

From the preview interviews with Gayle King and Andy Cohen Drew is doing okay. I pray that she gets a decent stylist by the time she hits the air in a couple weeks because, that antique Grandma Chic shyt she is wearing is not working!!

by E. T.reply 3009/01/2020

She's entering the market at the perfect time. People have been nursing their nostalgia during the quarantine, and plus, Ellen and Wendy are toast. It will be interesting to see how she does compared to Kelly Clarkson, whom no one expected would do as well as she has. I think Drew is self deprecating enough to make it work. And she's nice, which Ellen and Wendy are not.

by E. T.reply 3109/01/2020

There is no reason to ever turn on a television before 7:30 PM. That's how I was raised. These ladies can do whatever they do in the afternoon while others play Beat The Clock and High Rollers. What a waste of human energy. The television can be turned on at 7:30 but should be off by 10:00 PM. If there is a beauty pageant or Ken Burns documentary playing - it is then permissible to turn off at 11:00. News is never to be consumed through the television set. That is for the morning papers and weekly chronicles. Drew Barrymore has a lisp. Children should not be hearing lisping everyday while there mother frets about making dinner. When Alex Trebek dies, TV should need not be on before 8:00 PM.

by E. T.reply 3209/01/2020


by E. T.reply 3309/01/2020

Quite, R32.

by E. T.reply 3409/01/2020

She would've made a great talk show host in the early a crazy and slutty Jenny Jones.

by E. T.reply 3509/02/2020


Offsite Link
by E. T.reply 3609/02/2020

R32, how fucking old are you??! Mothers? Fretting? Dinners? Morning papers????

by E. T.reply 3709/02/2020

That Tom Green thing was so weird. She has odd taste in men. The guitarist from Hole? WTF?

by E. T.reply 3809/02/2020

Link to the boozy interview she's ashamed of, please. I can't find it.

by E. T.reply 3909/02/2020

Fabrizio was cute. But i found it weird how he went on to date Kristen Wiig after working with Drew on Whip It.

Offsite Link
by E. T.reply 4009/02/2020

Do you think Drew is sweet crazy or demented crazy? I can't tell. She seems so sweet and loving and like someone who just bails out when things aren't feeling right with her spirit. But it's possible that she's kinda a raving Pisces like Liz and Liza. Pisces women are very good at the nobility game but very nasty and emasculating when they're on their drugs of choice. Drew talks about how all her friends are gay and drag queens, but she's looks 50 and has two kids. She seems to embrace whatever phase of life she is going through and commits to it. To her credit, she is disarming and honest sounding. That is part of the Pisces charm. But is she much different from other borderline chicks with money?

It's a huge myth that BPD can't hold jobs or make a home. They crave stability. Just can't maintain it forever. But if you have money - you just announce a new business or way of life or belief system or change out husbands. Move to another town. Fire your therapist. I suspect that Drew is not as great a mom as she believes she is. But she seems nice. Pisces are the most charming of signs. So disarming. They do tell the truth, but they have way more than one truth to tell.

by E. T.reply 4109/02/2020

I overheard Fabrizio talking to a friend about Drew when they were dating, complaining that she was nuts and a pain in the ass—although he was willingly in a relationship with her.

by E. T.reply 4209/02/2020

R42 he sounds like a real gem.

by E. T.reply 4309/02/2020

Have you never been in any kind of relationship R43? What R42 relates is not exactly unusual stuff for a guy or girl to say to a friend about their mate. Not at all. That's what friends are for. I suspect that Drew is "nuts". With many redeeming qualities. She's had like 4 husbands and at least as many close calls. Not a stable woman. Mental illness does NOT get better. Most people get better at being mentally ill. What's your experience R43?

by E. T.reply 4409/02/2020

R44 doesn't make what he said ok. And you're stance on people with mental illness is fucked up.

by E. T.reply 4509/03/2020

Set your VCR's and Betamax players. The real "queen of nice" arrives tomorrow! This mini doc on the making of the show tells how she got here.

Offsite Link
by E. T.reply 4609/13/2020

Why is it so hard to accept the party is over?

Offsite Link
by E. T.reply 4709/13/2020

Who thought this was a good idea? Isn't she making enough money from her makeup and home furnishings for Walmart? I like her. But not enough to listen to her interview people for an hour.

by E. T.reply 4809/13/2020

Debuts tomorrow!

by E. T.reply 4909/13/2020

Seriously who the hell is the demographic for the show? There’s no way she should be hosting a talk show.

by E. T.reply 5009/13/2020

I think you’re all nuts I’d be shocked actually if this fails. She’s the perfect “queen of nice” and it’s coming at the perfect time (people in need of something light and harmless, and perfect point in her career. I think she’s just the right kind of star and personality for a daytime talk show, and the type of people who watch daytime talk shows (women of a certain age group) LOVE her.

by E. T.reply 5109/13/2020

Unfortunately, this week promises a Charlie's Angels reunion (with guests Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu), so of course I'm all in.

by E. T.reply 5209/14/2020

This is going to be a mess. What qualifies this woman to host a talk show?

by E. T.reply 5309/14/2020

Letterman had her guest on his show all the time. Wonder if he'll return the favor?

by E. T.reply 5409/14/2020

^^^ And he could climb up on top of her desk and flash her!

by E. T.reply 5509/14/2020

Her onscreen persona in interviews is complete PHONINESS and is totally annoying. Hard pass.

by E. T.reply 5609/14/2020

Do YouTube views on her promos and making of videos mean anything? They're not embarrassingly low, but they're not very high either. I hope it's successful, I like Drew Barrymore, she protects her children from the industry, she doesn't want them getting into show business. It's difficult though, the kind of presence needed to be a successful host, getting the balance right can be tricky, especially for a woman.

by E. T.reply 5709/14/2020

^ actually, I take that last bit back, it's just about presence!

by E. T.reply 5809/14/2020

something I'd do if I were on Drew's production team would be to advise her to wear her hair in some kind of up-do, just a little formality would really help, and she looks good with her hair up

by E. T.reply 5909/14/2020

An updo would certainly ingratiate her with fraus. I guess there really is no icentive for her to remind anyone of her years as a party girl. Still, I hope her show isn't a bunch of Mary Sunshine positive good vibes bullshit.

Too bad she's not known to have any enemies who can appear for a reconcilation. Maybe her mom will make an appearance.

by E. T.reply 6009/14/2020

I don't watch talk shows. Surprisingly, most of us are working during the day. But I would watch her over Ellen any day of the week.

by E. T.reply 6109/14/2020

[quote]she's cute, zany. it might be fun.

This is the kind of thing they said when David Letterman started out with his morning talk show a billion years ago, but it bombed. He was entertaining, but it was too quirky for the fraus.

by E. T.reply 6209/14/2020

I expect the vicious queens of data lounge to chime in with their hate. Yes it started rough (bumpy monologue) But once Drew started connecting with the guests it worked well. She listens well and does not talk over guests, like so many do. The Cameron Diaz trick of not actually being in the studio was impressive. Was looking forward to this, and was not disappointed. VIVA LA DREW!

by E. T.reply 6309/14/2020

Aw, I'm rooting for her. Can't imagine myself watching it though, unless it was someone really exciting as a guest.

by E. T.reply 6409/14/2020

R5, R7, and a dozen other posts. What is your obsession with Drew? If you hate her that much, what is your strange childish obsession?

by E. T.reply 6509/14/2020

Love her!

by E. T.reply 6609/14/2020

r63, I saw a clip of the Angels 2000 reunion, Drew has a really relaxing voice, I like the wavy hair, I love the colour scheme of the set, I can actually see this working!

by E. T.reply 6709/14/2020

for anyone who ever saw the film 50 first dates, this was sweet

Offsite Link
by E. T.reply 6809/14/2020

Day 3 Drew will have a heart to heart with Miss Jane Fonda!

Ck your local listings

by E. T.reply 69Last Tuesday at 10:14 PM

Has Drew ever considered a remake of "Riding the Bus With My Sister"?

by E. T.reply 70Last Tuesday at 10:17 PM

What d'you think, I had to mute a few times because I found Drew's gushing to be a bit much, even though I do think she's sincere

Offsite Link
by E. T.reply 71Last Wednesday at 8:19 AM

She has beautiful eyes and lovely facial responses. She's very genuine. Great makeup. But I lasted 10 minutes. She's way too hyper and her voice is annoying - she's so emotive and scratchy sounding. Like a teen girl pleading with her parents. And her signature "thank yew" accent. She started the show talking about how she pulled an all nighter because her daughter couldn't poop. And with coffee mug in hand - that story and it's excruciating details became her monologue. No thank yew, Drew. I'm sure you're a lovely person and a great judy, as Rupaul would say.

Her show will be done before 2021.

by E. T.reply 72Last Wednesday at 11:30 AM

I love her. I've always loved her. I've met her several times over the years at HRC events and fundraisers and she's a total doll. Beguiling and disarming in person. Feel like you're talking to your long-lost best friend. On the second occasion of our meeting, she remembered my name and told me she'd read a book I'd recommended (This is Where I Leave You by J Tropper) and loved it and we talked about it for about twenty minutes before she was politely ushered away.

by E. T.reply 73Last Wednesday at 11:40 AM

[quote]Day 3 Drew will have a heart to heart with Miss Jane Fonda!

Hollywood royalty meets Hollywood royalty!

by E. T.reply 74Last Wednesday at 12:31 PM

Jane Fonda?😴😴 I'd rather see Courtney Love on her show.

by E. T.reply 75Last Wednesday at 7:45 PM

Hopefully Jaid Barrymore stumbles on set a few times.

by E. T.reply 76Last Thursday at 7:53 AM

Are there enough "celebrities" today to keep this going? Hollywood is dead, and pop music is rap crap.

by E. T.reply 77Last Thursday at 9:03 AM

Unlike a lot of talk show hosts she's not having to pay her dues by booking a bunch of B-, C-, and D-listers. Her guests this first week have been better than what Kelly Clarkson can land...certainly on par with Ellen. I just don't see her committing to a talk show for more than a few years. She kind of seems like because she likes to talk, is excissively positive, and knows a lot of famous people she thought she'd be a good talk show host. The whole thing gives off a strong odor of "Bored Wealthy Woman Looking for a Sense of Purpose." It doesn't help her guests are only showing up to support a friend.

by E. T.reply 78Last Thursday at 12:29 PM

[quote]What d'you think, I had to mute a few times because I found Drew's gushing to be a bit much, even though I do think she's sincere

The gushing continues. Gushing is exhausting to witness.

My mind wandered off just a few minutes into this, the first clip I've seen.

Offsite Link
by E. T.reply 79Last Thursday at 1:16 PM

Charlize did her own make up, one presumes.

by E. T.reply 80Last Thursday at 1:17 PM

I was the one who said Drew has a relaxing voice, she does when she's just quietly introducing a guest, not overly fussy - then the gushing starts, someone on her team should have a word with her about that. Limited in studio appearances from guests don't help, plus no audience - I haven't even given any of the established talk show hosts the time of day now they're missing an audience.

by E. T.reply 81Last Thursday at 2:12 PM

Her "listhp"is annoying as fúck.

Did she get it from a stroke she possibly had as a kid from doing too many drugs?

by E. T.reply 82Last Thursday at 2:16 PM

I just watched parts of her Theron interview, she's already improving from the Fonda interview, it's all new, I'm back to being optimistic again, and I've changed my mind on the audience again, and I just love the set. She needs fewer A-listers, mix it up, source from New York (if that's where the main studio is), drag your guests in studio

by E. T.reply 83Last Thursday at 2:22 PM

[quote]then the gushing starts, someone on her team should have a word with her about that.

Yeah, they're called producers.

They probably think that's who she is and how cute.

It's very American, all that "oh my gad I luuurve you!"

by E. T.reply 84Last Thursday at 2:23 PM

She has no depth. She's an overgrown baby. The gushing and over- enthusing aint goin nowhere. This is a gurlie show, for gurls and maybe a few OMG I lurve her gays.

by E. T.reply 85Last Thursday at 2:26 PM

Agreed R85. Drew's a sweetie but I'd cut a convo short with her in a grocery store.

by E. T.reply 86Last Thursday at 2:32 PM

R85 but that’s most of America. They LOVE all that and she’s perfect for it.

by E. T.reply 87Last Thursday at 2:41 PM

This show is gonna kick ATH!

Offsite Link
by E. T.reply 88Last Thursday at 2:42 PM

R79 Charlize looks like shit.

by E. T.reply 89Last Thursday at 4:46 PM

Charlize has never shared any insight or compassion for Aileen Wuornos. Again in this interview she vaguely referred to that role as a woman with an arm growing out of her face. She practically did a Trump like mocking of people with mental deformities. I've always found this fascinating about the very cold Theron. Most actresses when they win Oscars for playing a real person, good or bad - have something to say about their interpretation or understanding of the subject. Insight into their pain, or charity toward those they damaged. Charlize never mentioned Aileen Wuornos in any acceptance speech, far as I remember. Now that could be a political move during award season, but I always found it odd - considering that Charlize murdered her own father.

by E. T.reply 90Last Thursday at 5:01 PM

Charlize is a cunt. I would rather watch someone call her a nasty cunt than gush over her for 20 minutes.

by E. T.reply 91Last Thursday at 6:46 PM

2 White Chicks Who Can't Keep A Man

by E. T.reply 92Last Thursday at 10:17 PM

I don't think Charlize wants a man...

by E. T.reply 93Last Thursday at 11:44 PM

[Quote] but I always found it odd - considering that Charlize murdered her own father.

I thought it was her mother??

by E. T.reply 94Last Friday at 12:25 AM

Good gracious, I watched yesterday and Drew was so manic. Calm down girl.

by E. T.reply 95Last Friday at 1:18 AM

R94, I've always gotten "Mildred Pierce" vibes from Charlize and her mom. There's the story she reluctantly tells about what happened, and then there's the truth. Only she and her mom know for sure what happened.

by E. T.reply 96Last Friday at 5:53 AM

Week two of DREW is coming at YOU!

by E. T.reply 9710 hours ago

It can’t be worse than the Chevy Chase show.

by E. T.reply 989 hours ago
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