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I was almost attacked by a crow...

and learned something.

I was walking my dog when a crow started screeching at me. Then it made some dive bombs over my head, getting closer and closer, still making a lot of noise. It’s funny, but only after about the fourth pass did it sink in, “Oh, dear, this bird is ready to attack me!” Up till then I was just objectively thinking, “Hmmm, I’ve never seen a crow do this. Gee, he’s quite VOCAL!”

I turned back and it flew from tree to tree till I was off its block, still cawing away. This was rather unnerving as I could not see where it was in the trees and thought it might pounce each time I emerged, scurrying home, dragging my dog behind me.

WELL!! It turns out that baby crows spend a week on the ground after they leave the nest, strengthening their wings as they hop in and out of bushes, try short flights, etc. The parent stands guard and scares away potential predators.

What I’m saying is, if a crow starts cawing and dive bombing you, it means they have fledglings nearby on the ground, and want you GONE!

My advice is to retrace your steps.

by (Still Shaken)reply 3008/01/2020

Very good advice. They're wicked smart.

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by (Still Shaken)reply 107/30/2020

wow! i had the same experience with a bluejay about a month ago, and they're corvids too.

by (Still Shaken)reply 207/30/2020

I thought he could just sense the evil op

by (Still Shaken)reply 307/30/2020

I thought he could just sense the evil op

by (Still Shaken)reply 407/30/2020

They don't call a crow group a "murder of crows" for nothing, OP.

by (Still Shaken)reply 507/30/2020

OP, they recognize individuals and pass info to other crows, so chances are you and your little dog will permanently be on their shitlist.

by (Still Shaken)reply 607/30/2020

Really, as I was heading back, I was seriously remembering “The Birds”!!

Offsite Link
by (Still Shaken)reply 707/30/2020

From r1's article:

[quote] While the Cheney mask drew a muted response, the caveman mask prompted rounds of angry squawking and flapping, not only from the birds previously captured but also from crows that had witnessed the initial trapping.

[quote] At one of the five sites, 20% of crows reacted angrily to the caveman face shortly after the trapping. After five years, the proportion of crows reacting to the caveman face was recorded at 60%, suggesting that word had spread among the flock that this was a dangerous face.

So this author actually wants us to believe that crows can somehow describe to other crows what a particular mask looks like???

"Caw, caw, caw, caw, caaaaaw!" [Translated: "Okay, it's a rubber mask, but this particular one looks nothing like the former vice-president under George W. Bush; rather, the rubber here is fashioned to resemble a heavy brow, a thick beard, and also messy uncut brown hair, and it means TROUBLE, so if someone wearing it approaches, attack him!"]

by (Still Shaken)reply 807/30/2020

I absolutely adore crows, and always enjoy watching them. I want to put by bird feeder back out early, now!

by (Still Shaken)reply 907/30/2020

R8, go out and test it.

by (Still Shaken)reply 1007/30/2020

Wait--I speak their language!

by (Still Shaken)reply 1107/30/2020

[quote]R9 I absolutely adore crows, and always enjoy watching them. I want to put my bird feeder back out early, now!

I almost died!

by (Still Shaken)reply 1207/30/2020

Apparently the crows savagely attack me — and leave little footprints all over my face.

by (Still Shaken)reply 1307/30/2020

I have same experiences but with magpies

by (Still Shaken)reply 1407/30/2020

The crows in my neighborhood are chill. We exchange pleasantries daily. I'm not sure if they'd like it as much if I had a doggo in tow, though.

by (Still Shaken)reply 1507/30/2020

R8 Shuns science, doesn't wear a mask, and believes the earth is flat.

by (Still Shaken)reply 1607/30/2020

I feed my neighborhood crows. They like peanuts

by (Still Shaken)reply 1707/30/2020

I eat a lot of crow. It’s like they troll me for all my lies.

by (Still Shaken)reply 1807/31/2020
Offsite Link
by (Still Shaken)reply 1907/31/2020

They have an agenda.

by (Still Shaken)reply 2007/31/2020

Don't even think about singing "Risseldy, Rosseldy" when you're around crows, OP.

Offsite Link
by (Still Shaken)reply 2107/31/2020

It all started with half of a Filet-O-Fish sandwich. I used to drive to the park during my lunch breaks, and I had ordered two Filet-O-Fish sandwiches. I couldn't finish them both, so threw the unfinished portion out, thinking of the raccoons, but a handful of crows dived down and devoured it. After that, every time I'd eat in the park, larger and larger groups of crows would recognize my car, and gather, waiting to be fed. It got to the point I'd buy extra food just so I'd have something to offer them, like an order of fries, when i never even eat fries.

When it finally registered that they had managed to train me, and that I was afraid to disappoint them, I stopped going to that park for lunch, but worried that they might follow me home. They didn't, thankfully.

by (Still Shaken)reply 2208/01/2020

Quoth the raven, Demi Moore!

by (Still Shaken)reply 2308/01/2020

[quote]So this author actually wants us to believe that crows can somehow describe to other crows what a particular mask looks like???

They do have eyes, to this I can adduce - not to mention an uncanny facility for disseminating pertinent counsel.

by (Still Shaken)reply 2408/01/2020

Next time bring a peace offering of some peanuts.

by (Still Shaken)reply 2508/01/2020

I was dive-bombed by blackbirds when I got too close to their nesting area. I also used to go out to a little area and wait a few minutes and a certain mockingbird would appear because he recognized me and knew I had food for him to carry back to his babies. One day I was sitting on my porch nearby reading a book, and I looked up and saw him standing there looking at me expectantly. Some birds will definitely recognize you.

by (Still Shaken)reply 2608/01/2020

Robins do the same thing. Sometimes they'll even try to distract you by faking an injury. I had some clever ones who pretend they have a broken wing and hobble around trying to lure me to follow them (away from their babies, of course). If I follow them, they'll cleverly fly away when they get me far enough away from their nest.

by (Still Shaken)reply 2708/01/2020

It has nothing and I do mean NOTHING to do with fledgings. I just think you’re an *asshole*. Stay off my turf ... or else.

Offsite Link
by (Still Shaken)reply 2808/01/2020

I found a live shot of DUMB FUCK OP.

Offsite Link
by (Still Shaken)reply 2908/01/2020

"His" babies? Surely he wasn't an FTM, R26.

by (Still Shaken)reply 3008/01/2020
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