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Women with men's names

Michael Learned

Glenn Close (debatably a woman)

by Mreply 25Last Monday at 11:55 PM

Murphy Brown

by Mreply 1Last Monday at 2:22 PM

Alan Arkin's first wife was Jeremy Yaffe.

by Mreply 2Last Monday at 2:22 PM

Bruce Jenner

by Mreply 3Last Monday at 2:22 PM

Mel Harris (yes I know that's a truncation of her real name)

by Mreply 4Last Monday at 2:28 PM

Daryl Hannah

by Mreply 5Last Monday at 2:30 PM

Sean Young

by Mreply 6Last Monday at 2:32 PM

Chaz Bono

by Mreply 7Last Monday at 2:33 PM

Markie Post

by Mreply 8Last Monday at 2:36 PM

Gene Tierney

by Mreply 9Last Monday at 2:47 PM

Not famous examples, but I went to a girls’ school for seven years and so many of my classmates were called by either masculine or androgynous nicknames. Off the top of my head I knew girls who always went by Phil (Philippa), Mickey (Michaela), Lex (Alexandra), Cole (Colette), Hans (Hannah), Chris (Christina), Shawn (Shawnette), Dan (Danielle), Harry (Harriette), George (Georgina), Nat (Natalie), Jamie (Jamelia), Joey (Joanne), Matt (Matilda), Charlie (Charlotte), Eric/E.J. (Erica-Jane)...

by Mreply 10Last Monday at 3:25 PM

I know that none of you guys watch “Better Things”, but all the main female characters go by male names. Sam and her daughters Max, Frankie and Duke. Her mother is Phil.

The brother’s name is Marion.

by Mreply 11Last Monday at 3:43 PM

Mike Pence

by Mreply 12Last Monday at 3:45 PM

Any name ending with an 'o'.

Marlo (Thomas)

Rosario (Dawson)

by Mreply 13Last Monday at 5:19 PM

Leland Palmer

by Mreply 14Last Monday at 5:39 PM

In about fifteen years or so, we will be hearing about Wyatt Kutcher and her acting career.

by Mreply 15Last Monday at 5:50 PM

Richard Simmons

by Mreply 16Last Monday at 6:02 PM

Richard Simmons.

by Mreply 17Last Monday at 8:31 PM

R11, Better Things, good example(s). Crazy!

by Mreply 18Last Monday at 8:36 PM

Parker Posey

by Mreply 19Last Monday at 10:00 PM

Michael Steele, the Bangle.

Her real name is Lorelei, but being a lesbian she found it too femme.

by Mreply 20Last Monday at 10:11 PM

Stevie Nicks

Drew Barrymore

Cameron Diaz

Blake Lively

Hayden Panettiere

James / Jaime King

by Mreply 21Last Monday at 10:53 PM

R10, did many of those girls turn out to be lesbians?

by Mreply 22Last Monday at 10:58 PM

Blonde nurse Christopher Norris from Trapper John Me ........ John Barrymore's ex-wife and Diana Barrymore's mother Michael Strange.

by Mreply 23Last Monday at 11:32 PM

Me not ME

by Mreply 24Last Monday at 11:32 PM

Lionel Schriver

by Mreply 25Last Monday at 11:55 PM
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