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Is Bon Appétit Over? Hunzi Suspended!

Their YouTube subscribers haven't really dipped but they haven't put a video out in a month, which is leading to low viewership overall on the platform. People are saying Sohla may have pursued a "scorched earth" policy doing it the way she did even if it did need to be talked about. The brand Bon Appétit built of a happy but quirky kitchen staff (even if it was a bit fake) with likeable (arguably) personalities is not something that can just be returned to when the skeletons are out of the closet.

Now Matt Hunziker (video editor for BA) was suspended a few days ago for bad-mouthing the company on Twitter even as his internet followers come to his defense. Once an employer "suspends" you, being fired is not too far off.

A friend was mentioning to me it doesn't matter how many "likes" or "retweets" certain staff get for calling out their employer's BS. These followers don't sign their paycheck.

I think it's very possible at this point that Condé Nast might just shut down the online brand in its current format because there just doesn't seem much to salvage at this point.

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by Anonymousreply 106/29/2020

You’re a few days late.

And I want to see Brad top Hunzi.

by Anonymousreply 106/29/2020
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