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Meghan Markle for President!

One friend told the newspaper that the duchess has been talking about the current moment could affect her plans for the future. “Meghan said her work as a leader is more important than ever right now and that she’s been speaking with Oprah and other community leaders on how she can be part of the solution,” the source said. “Meghan feels like her mission goes far beyond acting. She said she wants to use her voice for change and hasn’t ruled out a career in politics.”

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by "friend"reply 61Last Friday at 3:55 AM

Lady Colin Campbell, the author of an upcoming biography of Meghan and Harry, thinks Meghan is aiming even higher. “I know the Duchess of Sussex has political ambitions and I’ve been told that one day she wants to run for President,” she said to the Daily Mail on Sunday.

by "friend"reply 1Last Monday at 2:13 AM

She is Biden's VP pick!

by "friend"reply 2Last Monday at 2:18 AM

Thanks for my first good laugh of the week.

by "friend"reply 3Last Monday at 2:25 AM

god I hope he divorces her snotty ass

by "friend"reply 4Last Monday at 2:36 AM

President of what? The HOA of the neighbourhood they're currently couchsurfing in? You have to be a homeowner, Megs...

by "friend"reply 5Last Monday at 3:10 AM

[quote] Prince Harry exists to support his family, have no independent political opinions and mostly just has to smile and wave

10 years later

[quote] First Gentleman Harry exists to support his family, have no independent political opinions and mostly just has to smile and wave

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by "friend"reply 6Last Monday at 3:10 AM

They’ll be stripped of their titles soon. The monarchy aren’t supposed to interfere in politics, especially foreign politics.

by "friend"reply 7Last Monday at 3:48 AM

Meghan is far too thin-skinned for politics. She'd start freaking out and suing everybody at the first political hit piece, and that would be that. Kamala Harris she is not.

by "friend"reply 8Last Monday at 4:03 AM

Do you think, when Harry is alone, walking along a California beach, he says to himself:

"Cor, blimey! I really fucked up marrying her."

by "friend"reply 9Last Monday at 4:06 AM

Madam, you have a phone call on line 2.

Who is it?

Meghan Markle Ma'am.

Oh, shiiitttt.

by "friend"reply 10Last Monday at 4:49 AM

[quote] “Meghan said her work as a leader is more important than ever right now

It what world is this woman "a leader"?

The DELUSION of this woman is ASTRONOMICAL!

by "friend"reply 11Last Monday at 5:13 AM

I've noticed the British press have been quiet since they left the UK.... Or maybe you DL queens have dropped your racism, though I doubt it.

by "friend"reply 12Last Monday at 5:29 AM

Meghan calling racism is like Christians blaming the devil for their sins.

by "friend"reply 13Last Monday at 5:37 AM

The “friend” is Meghan herself. She does this magical thinking/Secret bullshit of leaking the things she wants to the press as if they’re already true. Sometimes she gets her flying monkeys to do it.

As for her political delusions; an actual black politician will snatch her wig if she dares try.

by "friend"reply 14Last Monday at 5:58 AM

There was a time not so long ago that hearing this asinine idea would have given me a good laugh. Now with the current insanity in the world, my first reaction is 'Oh God, when will we have to be put through this shit.'

by "friend"reply 15Last Monday at 6:05 AM

R12, we on the DL are color-blind callers out of narcissists, and we know our stuff. We called Meghan as one even before she stood in that African field, not 500 yards from the impoverished [black] children who had prettily peopled her patronising TV footage earlier in the day, and snivelled about how nobody asks whether she (the wealthy Duchess, adored by her new husband) is OK. The only other person I can think of who'd have even imagined they could get away with that is Trump.

To paraphrase Trump: Suck It Up.

by "friend"reply 16Last Monday at 6:39 AM

If you're a "leader," why would you go around asking others how you can become one? Notice that she and Harry didn't build on their meal-delivery program. That must not have garnered her enough PR.

by "friend"reply 17Last Monday at 6:43 AM

Remember BananaGate? Bitch shouldn't trust her instincts.

Offsite Link
by "friend"reply 18Last Monday at 6:52 AM

Some Z-list TV actress thinks she has what it takes to be a great leader without having any experience at being a leader?

The Disney Princess should try Walmart or McDonald's first.

by "friend"reply 19Last Monday at 7:00 AM

At least she would be an improvement on Trump.

by "friend"reply 20Last Monday at 7:07 AM

Unquantifiable pile of narcissistic bullshit.

by "friend"reply 21Last Monday at 7:07 AM

This country is not electing a black woman, much less an incredibly thin-skinned and unqualified one, any time soon.

by "friend"reply 22Last Monday at 7:09 AM

I think that Archie should run for president.

by "friend"reply 23Last Monday at 7:16 AM

I’m confused, didn’t she renounce citizenship and surrender her passport upon marriage to the royal family?

by "friend"reply 24Last Monday at 7:18 AM

A literal fucking duchess trying to win elected office in the U.S.?

by "friend"reply 25Last Monday at 7:32 AM

R24 no, she was in the process of becoming a British citizen and never followed through.

by "friend"reply 26Last Monday at 7:43 AM

Her and the husband can fly around in a jet prophesying to the poors about their consumption habits. It'll be great.

by "friend"reply 27Last Monday at 7:43 AM

R25 not only that but a BRITISH Duchess with political aspirations in the US! A war was fought for independence! You cannot make this up. But then this is 2020 so I’m not shocked.

by "friend"reply 28Last Monday at 7:45 AM

This country hates women (as we've proven) and hates black people (as we've proven). No way it is electing an unqualified black woman as POTUS.

by "friend"reply 29Last Monday at 7:48 AM

[Quote]Her and the husband can

Oh, dear.

by "friend"reply 30Last Monday at 8:13 AM

R29 We’ve had a president who was an actor and one that’s a reality TV persona, anything is possible.

by "friend"reply 31Last Monday at 8:25 AM

"“Meghan said her work as a leader is more important than ever right now"

Meghan, honey, who exactly is following you?

by "friend"reply 32Last Monday at 8:37 AM

At least Harry and Meghan have made the BRF entertaining for the first time in years

by "friend"reply 33Last Monday at 8:39 AM


by "friend"reply 34Last Monday at 8:46 AM


by "friend"reply 35Last Monday at 8:46 AM

When Meghan became engaged to Harry and shortly after marrying him, she presented herself as a humanitarian promoting women’s empowerment. Then as a couple they styled themselves as mental health advocates due to their supposedly horrible childhoods. After that they wanted to leave the BRF for famewhoring purposes, so they soon styled themselves as victims of racism.

Once out of the BRF, the first speech Harry gave for $$$ again centered on pseudo mental health issues because of the appeal to rich assholes with first world problems. COVID-19 Lockdown strengthened their mental health gravy train. Then now with BLM being trendy among celebs, they all of a sudden are packaging themselves as experts and leaders in bridging the racial divide.

How transparent can they be? They go where the wind blows in relations to how trendy and profitable an issue is, cloaking themselves in whatever causes du jour that would garner them publicity as well as financial gains.

by "friend"reply 36Last Monday at 8:59 AM

R26 I get the sense that she’s not good at following through on a lot of things.

by "friend"reply 37Last Monday at 8:59 AM

R36, I really think they'd be more popular if they just admitted they want to enjoy life and have fun in Hollywood, and not put up with all the responsibilities of royalty.

This posturing as being humanitarians or non-political social leaders is so fucking fake, self-serving, and transparent, they've got nothing to offer the world and everyone knows it but Meghan. Their "charity" shit is just a way to make money for themselves and get press, everyone can see it, and nobody takes them seriously as a result.

by "friend"reply 38Last Monday at 9:08 AM

I wish Harry was the permanent bachelor Royal, dicking everybody in his path. He liked to run around naked with the fellas. He would have been so cool for the rest of his life.

Instead he chose jail with Cinderella's step-sister. WTF!

by "friend"reply 39Last Monday at 9:26 AM

R30 you'll get over it oh dear. I know DL is the bastion of fine language skills, so all apologies 🙄

by "friend"reply 40Last Monday at 9:27 AM

"Her work as a leader"

Leader of WHAT? What has she ever led, except a break with the royal family that will be resolved in ten-ish years when Harry divorces her ass and moves back to where he belongs. She's not qualified to lead anything.

by "friend"reply 41Last Monday at 9:42 AM

Men marry women hoping they will never change, woman marry men with the hope they will change.

by "friend"reply 42Last Monday at 10:46 AM

R42 - I don't see anything that Meghan has won. Whining Harry is no prize!

Meanwhile, The Ultimate Mean Girl embarrassed her husband and rocked the Royal Family with her pregnancy announcement at Eugenie's wedding.

Offsite Link
by "friend"reply 43Last Monday at 10:57 AM

A regular on a blog admitted that they drive past Dorias house daily to do reconnaissance. A group of women on a blog think Archie is a threat to the BRF as he is a hired prop and is tainting the pure Brf bloodlines. Nutty who posts the Nuttyflavorblog thinks Meghan should be Epsteined by the BRF. Murdered. The LSA unpopular thread is so overun with trolls that actual black people are starting threads complaining about it. The threads get taken down but non biased media saw them and are now working a story. I hate these threads because they are a racist dog whistle to those same people who talk about posting on the DL. These aren't gossip threads. They are troll threads. And they are being used to rile up people who think Meghan should be killed and Archie removed from Harry because he is an imposter. They are fucking nuts. They are also racist. Proven.

by "friend"reply 44Last Monday at 11:34 AM

I have no idea of what you wrote. Nutty blog? Wtf is that? Also no one here on DL is doing what you’re trying to describe others doing on weird blogs.

You post here accusing people of being racist and thus you’re hoping to shut down gossip threads on Meghan because she’s not popular on DL. Why don’t you spend your energy policing those other blogs and message boards?

by "friend"reply 45Last Monday at 5:52 PM

I say go for it. With her terrible press instincts, she'll be eaten alive in politics.

by "friend"reply 46Last Monday at 5:58 PM

Their newest charitable endeavor is cold-calling charities for a photo op, supplying their own photographer and then releasing and licensing the photos. They suck so much.

by "friend"reply 47Last Monday at 6:00 PM

R44 is either a PR closer....

..... OR in serious need of a psych evaluation.


by "friend"reply 48Last Monday at 6:26 PM

R48– R44 would be the worst PR closer in the world. They are a demented frau off their meds

by "friend"reply 49Last Wednesday at 6:30 PM

Is dog catcher an elected position?

If so, she qualifies as she caught and married one.

by "friend"reply 50Last Wednesday at 6:44 PM

Well, when you look at the current crop of politicians I’m certain she’s dumb enough to fit right in.

by "friend"reply 51Last Wednesday at 6:47 PM

[quote] Leader of WHAT?

Excuse me, she was a UN ambassadress or special envoy or something. She went to deeply unfortunate countries and hugged children in front of cameras. Now granted it’s a bit like being an extra in a B-movie but still she did it! If that’s not leadership I don’t know what isn’t.

by "friend"reply 52Last Wednesday at 6:50 PM

I hope she do it! Imagine all the fun we can get following this entitled twat political career! DL catnip extravaganza

Offsite Link
by "friend"reply 53Last Wednesday at 7:44 PM

Got to hand it to Meghan, as she’s got spunk.

I hate spunk.

by "friend"reply 54Last Wednesday at 7:46 PM

Meghan would be the real life embodiment of Selina Meyer on Veep.

by "friend"reply 55Last Wednesday at 7:51 PM

[quote]Excuse me, she was a UN ambassadress or special envoy or something. She went to deeply unfortunate countries and hugged children in front of cameras.

No she wasn't and no she didn't. You've been reading her old press releases.

by "friend"reply 56Last Wednesday at 8:44 PM

It’s truly angelic that Meghan is so willing to give selflessly of herself for others less fortunate. She’s Evita reincarnated without the blonde ambition. We are blessed she walks among us.

by "friend"reply 57Last Thursday at 2:01 AM

If she dares enter US politics, she will only anger more of the US populace. (She and Trump are two similarly aligned persons: lacking in so very little self-awareness.)

There is a reason Hollywood is not calling for her.

It’s telling.

by "friend"reply 58Last Thursday at 2:56 AM

Ironically, being a powerless consort is probably the only job Harry is trained to do.

by "friend"reply 59Last Thursday at 4:55 AM

r54, I think US and UK define spunk somewhat differently. She can keep H's spunk to herself tyvm. yuk

by "friend"reply 60Last Thursday at 7:31 AM

Even that other dingbat with delusions of grandeur, AOC, is starting local.

by "friend"reply 61Last Friday at 3:55 AM
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