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Ivanka wear white dress and Show the lopsided titys

Not very best!

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by Melaniareply 94Last Tuesday at 5:02 PM

I weared beautiful white dress in photo. Ivanka stealed idea from me. She is cunt. Also, she smell like cunt.

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by Melaniareply 106/27/2020

It's funny how no amount of cosmetic surgery and Chiclet teeth can remedy the flaccid Trump mouth. She probably thought it was fixed, but it's coming back now.

by Melaniareply 206/27/2020

Here is white dress on old lady which look like boy. She is also Stealer and a French cunt.

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by Melaniareply 306/27/2020

Here is beautiful white dress that cover the privates. Is worn by lady which is married to a black.

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 406/27/2020

Ivanka is 38, soon to be 39. Daddy may lose interest very soon. She's not aging well, and those super-size bazookas? It's never a surprise when these crazies downsize the mammies as they age.

by Melaniareply 506/27/2020

This fat lady wear a white dress. Not very Best!

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 606/27/2020

Her store bought tits are massive.

by Melaniareply 706/27/2020

[quote] Her store bought tits are massive.

In Slovenia there is Proverb: "it don't matter where you get the titys, the big titys are always Best titys." Is true in your country too.

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 806/27/2020

Nepotism barbie is a greedy con artist just like daddy.

by Melaniareply 906/27/2020

From here on out, Ivanka's titties will be judged on their skills and abilities, and not whether they have a college degree.

by Melaniareply 1006/27/2020

The tity of the Jew cannot be used on Jew Sunday. Converting to get the Jew husband is not Best.

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 1106/27/2020

Just what is she playing at there? I am very busy and important?

by Melaniareply 1206/27/2020

Say something with "poosey," please

by Melaniareply 1306/27/2020

^ I mean "pliz"

by Melaniareply 1406/27/2020

r13, this thread is about tity which is enjoyed by the American people. Poosey is more sensative matter between lady and her friends.

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 1506/27/2020

I'm not going to miss Trump one bit when he is dragged out of the White House, but I'm really going to miss these Melania posts.

by Melaniareply 1606/27/2020

I love this iteration of Vairst Letty because she's not only inarticulate but borderline retarded.

by Melaniareply 1706/27/2020

After busy day of shopping and walking the son, I like to relax on internet with Friend that appreciate my wise saying. Even if Donald die in sleep on toilet bowl tonight I will be here tommorrow!

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 1806/27/2020

I wonder if she'll have them removed after daddy is dead?

by Melaniareply 1906/27/2020

I enjoy every bit of ridicule the Kushners get. It's the least they have coming.

I don't expect any child to publicly turn on a parent. That's too much to ask of her, but I do believe she has never seen anything her despicable father has done as wrong or in need of correction.

That Vanity Fair article about the Kushners published in the first year of Trump's Me-dership said it all: Those who thought Ivanka would be a moderating influence on her father were conned.

by Melaniareply 2006/27/2020

Ivanka is looking stranger and stranger by the day.

by Melaniareply 2106/27/2020

Ivanka is cunt with cunt breath.

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 2206/28/2020

Why can't they arrest her for money laundering? She was the landlady selling those million dollar condos in Panama City to foreign kleptocrats.

by Melaniareply 2306/28/2020

She keeps Jared's balls in her bra, hence the lopsided titys.

by Melaniareply 2406/29/2020

Love the Melania accent.

by Melaniareply 2506/29/2020

In OP’s pic it is obvious she is playing a role, which says I am important, I know things, I am serious etc. It’s an act.

by Melaniareply 2606/29/2020

Is White Hauz stef that likes white dress wit titys showing, even ladies smiling at titys.

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 2706/29/2020

I actually have a Slovakian friend who married a rich guy and talks just like this. She is not retarded, she got into med school but that is just the Slav talking. I kind of like the blunt way she puts things.

by Melaniareply 2806/29/2020

[quote] Love the Melania accent.

Thank you for your praisings. I study English at best school for lady architect in my country. We was teached to speak about building and other thing, such as the shopping and the disease of privates.

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 2906/29/2020

Here is other cunt who wear the white dress. She is cunt I hate Best of all cunt except for Ivanka.

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 3006/30/2020

Did this woman look in a mirror before she left for whatever, above? The flattened, oversized mammy look went out in 1955 with grade B starlets.

by Melaniareply 3106/30/2020

How about Kyleigh? What say you about her wise best first lady?

by Melaniareply 3206/30/2020

R31 - possibly the only group tackier than rich Russians are rich Latinas. Think JLo...just ewwww

by Melaniareply 3306/30/2020

Why doesn’t she do anything with that boring hair? She’s had the same haircut for over a decade.

by Melaniareply 3406/30/2020

[quote] How about Kyleigh? What say you about her wise best first lady?

Kayleigh have head of pigeon and small tity. Here she wear the business lady costume in white. She do very good job protecting my Donald. She is Best.

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 3506/30/2020

I weared new white dress. Barron decorate it for me. He is very talented son.

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 3607/04/2020

That plastic ugly cunt tried to get into my husband's pants. HA!

And that other plastic cunt Melania most definitely does not parle francais. My husband tested her by letting her fat sleazy husband think he and that little goblin Macron. They were but alien-faced First Lady had no idea.

by Melaniareply 3707/04/2020

[quote]Who wear the white dress Best?

Duh? Do your research first before presenting a poll

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 3807/04/2020

I weared white shirt to visit at pregnant girls house last week. Is very sad. They use poosey for pleasure but get no moneys. Here my tity is hidden.

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 3907/12/2020

R36 Who are you? Dame Edna and Kenny?

by Melaniareply 4007/12/2020

It's not the size, it's the presentation.

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 4107/12/2020

lopsided titties just like the Wurst Ledi?

by Melaniareply 4207/12/2020

We HEART Melania!

by Melaniareply 4307/12/2020

LOL. I remember back when the repugs were spreading lies about vairst lady speaking six languages. Pope Francis exposed her quick (on their official trip abroad) by speaking to her in Italian which she clearly couldn’t understand.

by Melaniareply 4407/12/2020

[quote]I actually have a Slovakian friend

Tank you for the sharing dis information of no use to me from Slovenia, and what hav no think to do with titys.

by Melaniareply 4507/12/2020

R45 - she haf bietter titys. Also is only 26...Best titys, young niatural titys.

by Melaniareply 4607/12/2020

Today I twat the tweet but I forggeted to add important Notice. Remember covering for poosey as well as face. In the summer, save poosey for private time with friend and family.

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 4707/14/2020

OMG why are you doing this to me? Now I have to defend that robotic airhead SpawnofSatan Ivanka.

That picture does not show lopsided anything. For the male of the species, when a woman lifts a shoulder then her same sided breast also lifts. That's what you see in that picture. The shoulders are lopsided, hence so are the breasts. Don't you guys also have something equivalent to breasts?

by Melaniareply 4807/14/2020

Oh, you bitches, thank you, I can't stop laughing at this thread.

by Melaniareply 4907/14/2020

How to pee standing up in a while dress.

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 5007/14/2020

Step aside all bitches, it's Caitlyn.

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 5107/14/2020

Huck, memories

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 5207/14/2020

Beech Ivanka vear vote dress can see underwear in today.

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 5307/14/2020

Caitlyn looks Fabulous!

She has always been a woman but she will never be a fish!

by Melaniareply 5407/14/2020

Why is she looking weirder and weirder lately? The stringy hair doesn't help, but I think she's gotten larger veneers or something.

by Melaniareply 5507/15/2020

R54 - I would rather fuck a fish than Brucilla. Imagine waking up to that face or putting your dick between those veneers. Gives me the creeps.

by Melaniareply 5607/15/2020

As has often been raised on DataLounge, Ivanka's inner peasant keeps reemerging, and no amount of cosmetic surgery can excise it.

by Melaniareply 5707/15/2020

Here I am in white dress today in Daily Mail. I wear second best wig and cover the titys. But I weared no panty.

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 5807/22/2020

Vairst Letty, if you spic of titys, should not be Be Breast?

by Melaniareply 5907/22/2020

r59 I am sorry you don't like Be Best. In Donald's second reign as president, I introduce new campaign which is called White Power. It discover the beauty of lady that wear white and show the tity.

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 6007/23/2020

Donalt luff the Beeg Bress.

by Melaniareply 6107/23/2020


by Melaniareply 6207/23/2020

I can smell the poosey from r58

by Melaniareply 6307/23/2020

Today I honor the ADA and all cripples and retarded people. Please notice I hide the tity in black dress.

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 6407/26/2020

Ivanka wear white dress again to day. She look like the Slavic discount whore.

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 6508/24/2020

R65 - white dress not proper for vomans speak to cripples and retards. I hiding son and later hit Ivanka.

by Melaniareply 6608/24/2020

Melania, what are your thoughts on Miss Junior Mint Letty tonight?

by Melaniareply 6708/24/2020

r67 I do not know such lady. Can you paste photo?

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 6808/25/2020

This lady use the poosey but get no money. Is very sad story. I send her wig.

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 6908/25/2020

I must have read this thread four or five times by now and have laughed out loud (at multiple parts) each time. Even the title is hilarious.

by Melaniareply 7008/25/2020

I announce to American people this negroe is Liar and cunt.

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 7108/26/2020

R71 - but what about her hair and fashion Vairst Laidee?

by Melaniareply 7208/26/2020

Dear Melania,

Here is overly vivacious Junior Mint Letty with gaping maw and thirsty wig pieces. Also not best?

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 7308/26/2020

r73 I tell my opinion of Kimberly in r30. She is cunt with big booming voice like seller lady of potato in market.

r72 I can not comment on hair of negroe which is different species which I know nothing about it.

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 7408/27/2020

I owe it all to daddy, says entitled, clueless cunt.

by Melaniareply 7508/27/2020

Vairst Laidee,

What do you think of German Angela Merkel insult at R75? Also how Angela dresses and does her hair?

by Melaniareply 7608/27/2020

Angela dress like German lady. Here you see hint of tity. In my country we say, the tity of German lady is Best when hiding.

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 7708/28/2020

Here is classy lady in shiney white dress. Notice the small tity. I heared her name is Paris, which is city in Europe.

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 7809/13/2020

I've noticed that Ivanka is looking kind of jowly lately.

I think after the election she's going to take a long break and get some much needed work done. She'll get the work done in a foreign country. You probably won't even be able to recognize her after it's done.

By design.

by Melaniareply 7909/13/2020

Vairst Letty,

Lady Lindz loves parades. But yesterday, she wasn't riding atop the back seat of a convertible like beauty queens do.

She was riding shotgun in a pickup wearing a mask. What do you and Donald think about that?

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 8009/13/2020

[quote]"Senator, the lady officer here is our partner. She must come along with us on your request to tour the nearby woods."

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 8109/13/2020

Mr. Lindsay is dainty man with dainty name. He wear the mask because it match his dainty personality.

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 8209/13/2020

Miss Lindsey? Lovely! But I don't know she too well.

by Melaniareply 8309/13/2020

Miss Lindsay also American gentleman never scream, make the spit ven talk, and not eet vit knife or drink from bottle. Is vy from gay mens in Vashington, Miss Lindsay is Best!

by Melaniareply 8409/13/2020

Look who wear white dress again. Such ugly dress that smush the tity. Her face look more better in Mask.

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 8509/16/2020

Ivanka wear white outfit. She has face like donut.

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 8609/29/2020

Kimbrelly look like last place finish lady on Slovenia's next top architect.

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 8709/29/2020

Ivanka wear the white dress again. It hide the tity. Her face look so much more Best with black rag covering.

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 8810/12/2020

Ivanka is a strange looking thing...those Dump genes are strong

by Melaniareply 8910/12/2020

Her face looks like it's melting away. Is that due to all the fillers and stuff?

by Melaniareply 9010/12/2020

Man.... the Melania 'poosey'/'titys' DL poster is virtually the only thing about the Trump presidency I will miss.

by Melaniareply 9111/08/2020

Orange would look good on her.

by Melaniareply 9211/08/2020

All of the females wear wigs with these assholes.

by Melaniareply 9311/08/2020

Please notice the smearing of lipstick on face of Ivanka. She is cunt and not classy at all!

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 94Last Tuesday at 5:02 PM
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