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Belinda Carlisle Fan Thread

Belinda recored this for the musical album "B Is For Beer"

where she plays the Beer Fairy LOL.


Offsite Link
by R. Palmerreply 2706/29/2020

Long Time Sun

Offsite Link
by R. Palmerreply 106/10/2020

I like her and she seems nice, but anytime I see her in interviews, she doesn’t seem all that bright. Anyone else notice this?

by R. Palmerreply 206/10/2020

Her bandmate Jane has a song for the Birthday Boy =

Offsite Link
by R. Palmerreply 306/14/2020

I love Belinda but she seems so apathetic towards her music career. She seems kind of bored by it.

by R. Palmerreply 406/14/2020

Well, she's been busy with coke for decades.

by R. Palmerreply 506/14/2020

I said in another thread about her that she seems nice enough, but not very bright. I wonder if all the years of drugs permanently messed her up or something.

by R. Palmerreply 606/14/2020

That would be difficult R5 given that she has been clean and sober for 15 years.

by R. Palmerreply 706/14/2020

And you know that she hasn't relapsed? Do you have a security camera trained on her?

by R. Palmerreply 806/14/2020

How about some "innocent until proven guilty"

toward her personal health issues R8?

by R. Palmerreply 906/14/2020

Heaven on Earth and Runaway Horses are absolutely terrific pop albums. They have aged well.

by R. Palmerreply 1006/14/2020

Because she says so R8. And unlike you I want the best for people.

by R. Palmerreply 1106/14/2020

R10 I think her 4th album "Live Your Life Be Free" has done the trick as well...

Offsite Link
by R. Palmerreply 1206/14/2020

[Quote] And unlike you I want the best for people.

I've no doubt Belinda gets the best stuff.

by R. Palmerreply 1306/14/2020

She had a decades long on and off affair with Michael Hutchence after touring with INX in 1984. She said that she had to force herself not to emotionally fall for him because she knew that he would break her heart if she did. She also admitted that she was addicted to cocaine for much of this time...

by R. Palmerreply 1406/14/2020

r14 The lead singer of Berlin had a similar story about Michael Hutchence....

by R. Palmerreply 1506/14/2020

R14 R15 Wow! Sounds like really got around

to all of the female lead singers of 80s bands.

by R. Palmerreply 1606/14/2020

Her auto-bio Lips Unsealed is very good. Anytime she comes off as aloof, distracted, bored or low IQ can all be traced back to the fact that she is painfully shy. In interviews with her fellow Gogos, they tend to be less guarded and more fun.

by R. Palmerreply 1706/14/2020

Is her husband really a Republican? In an interview from a few years ago, I think Belinda said he was a "Reagan Democrat" in the 80s, but is pretty liberal now.

by R. Palmerreply 1806/22/2020

He was never a Republican. R18

by R. Palmerreply 1906/23/2020

I loved the Go-Go's but I really loathed almost every note of her solo work.

by R. Palmerreply 2006/23/2020

I also still think she's been the source of a LOT of the issues with the Go-Go's. Anyone who saw the shit that went down when they pushed Kathy out of the band years ago knows what time it is.

by R. Palmerreply 2106/23/2020

She's hilarious.

by R. Palmerreply 2206/23/2020

Love her! I've met her several times, and she's always been very sweet. Her solo music's been hit or miss, for me. But, she's had some fantastic CDs. Most of her hits were not my favorite songs of hers, actually.

by R. Palmerreply 2306/23/2020

I didn't hate this song, but it was Diane Warren and Rick Nowels, so it could have been Any Song by Any One.

Offsite Link
by R. Palmerreply 2406/23/2020

I like the original but prefer Belinda's version...

Offsite Link
by R. Palmerreply 2506/23/2020

An Elton John cover by Belinda

Offsite Link
by R. Palmerreply 2606/24/2020

This is a good demo from the 90s.

Shame it wasn't funded & polished for an album =

Offsite Link
by R. Palmerreply 2706/29/2020
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