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Tell Us What To Do Then

“He didn’t post, She didn’t speak up 10 years, He posted but it’s really false activism & is actually burying voices in the feed, She made the post match the aesthetic of her Instagram, He didn’t donate, She didn’t donate enough, He donated but he posted & showed the amount”... these are all real posts I’ve seen today. Could someone please tell me the protocol?

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by Exhaustedreply 4106/28/2020

Also, people saying just to not post at all...

by Exhaustedreply 106/02/2020

What other people think of you is their problem.

by Exhaustedreply 206/02/2020

Blackout Tuesday was confusing and the message was unclear and/or it kept changing.

by Exhaustedreply 306/03/2020

It was a day of scolding with absolutely no coherent direction, people trying to do the right thing, thanked by some and fiercely reprimanded by others. Friends who are really into social media and wanted to do as they were asked threw up their hands in frustration.

by Exhaustedreply 406/03/2020

What is the frequency, Kenneth?

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by Exhaustedreply 506/03/2020

The amount of policing on all levels was insane. “Remove that hashtag now” “You’re clogging up peoples feeds” “Why haven’t you posted?”

It’s exhausting.

by Exhaustedreply 606/03/2020

"Ask an actual Black person how you can be an ally." "How can I be an ally, I'm here for you, let me know how I can help you." "Don't ask me, I'm not responsible for your guilt." "......."

by Exhaustedreply 706/03/2020

"Educate yourself!" I fucking hate that one. So fucking totalitarian - "you will be sent to the gulag for re-education!"

by Exhaustedreply 806/03/2020

The other nonsense of all this posting was that if you happen to have a normal life, have a job, family, activities, interests, even with a lockdown, you don't actually spend all your life on Instagram or Twitter anyway, so the people who were going to see this shit let alone take the time out to notice it were few and far between anyway and mostly those who already share the general positions of BLM (even though maybe not in their entirety - and then you would be dragged).

by Exhaustedreply 906/03/2020

And why would I want to send any money to these organisations and groups that have proved themselves to be so useless and shambolic, they couldn't even fucking work out what hashtag should be used, who was "obliged" to post a black box and who was "allowed" to post other pics. If they don't know where they want black boxes to appear why should I trust them with my money, which I don't have much of anyway?

by Exhaustedreply 1006/03/2020

The policing was ridiculous. I had to laugh that even hours later Chaka Khan hadn't removed the Black Lives Matter hashtag despite hundreds of comments asking - rather, ordering - her to do so.

Another reason why many were silent because they just don't want to be on the receiving end of all the condescending and totalitarian policing.

The non-stop competition of everybody trying to out-woke each other on social media has been exhausting.

by Exhaustedreply 1106/03/2020

It seems there is a lot of shaming towards already-allies for not doing ENOUGH. So you’re going to chastise the people who support you? Go after the KKK rednecks and stop trying to “white guilt” the people in your corner already. It was an abuse of power over people who were already on board.

by Exhaustedreply 1206/03/2020

Remember when we scolded those who already supported gay marriage for voicing their support of gay marriage?

Me neither.

by Exhaustedreply 1306/03/2020

Here I was, all 'Fuck da Police' and trying to shut up and listen, or whatever the fuck it was I was supposed to do because I do hope want black people to live their best lives and not get killed by nazi asshole pigs.

But here come the intersectional scolds, and now I'm like 'Fuck da Purity Police'. They make it so fucking hard.

by Exhaustedreply 1406/03/2020

Do YOUR thing you are comfortable with. Don't listen to the haters, the trolls, the critics, the plants, etc.

You know, the losers who call everyone beyond a Kardashian a poser with no integrity at all. Or who complain about things being too bad, because they are too gay, or too PC / virtue signaling, too different from the source material, etc.

by Exhaustedreply 1506/03/2020


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by Exhaustedreply 1606/03/2020

Chump don't want the help, chump don't get the help.

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by Exhaustedreply 1706/03/2020

If I see another Guide on How to be an Ally I'm gonna lose it. You know if you even try one of those tips, you are still going to get criticized. It's never enough.

I've had to go quiet on my social media. I just can't take all the moralizing and narcissism.

And I laugh at all these posts that say " We need to listen" and... nobody is listening. Just ranting.

by Exhaustedreply 1806/03/2020

This is why I'm not on social media.

by Exhaustedreply 1906/03/2020

i thought it was me, glad i'm not alone in this

by Exhaustedreply 2006/03/2020

I am about to dump mine. I can't with the all the "scolding" and silence is violence nonsense. Books to read on my alleged "privilege".

How about getting out and voting? Voting in every election and not every 4 years. Volunteering in communities of need? Working towards affective change by your actions!

Total and utter thought police mentality. I am really starting to get confused on who is worse? The extreme right or the extreme left?

by Exhaustedreply 2106/03/2020

It's not about White, Hispanic,Asian or POC hurt feelings. It's about Black people. What they face daily. Bitching about this just shows that you need to to make this about you. It's not. How is you bitching about how whatever you do is wrong etc helping Black people. It's not. It's a way to stroke your own egos and feel slighted.

by Exhaustedreply 2206/03/2020

I quietly and without mentioning it on my social media spent a few hundred bucks at black-owned small businesses yesterday. And I posted a message on how I will always choose love over hate. That’s it. Didnt get any blow back

by Exhaustedreply 2306/03/2020

R23 And that is how you do it. Big hugs

by Exhaustedreply 2406/03/2020

The impulse to criticize one allies rather than one's enemies has always been the curse of the left wing. We do that, we nitpick and factionalize and splinter, and don't get shit done.

The right doesn't do that, they pull together to make life as miserable as they can for the rest of us!

by Exhaustedreply 2506/03/2020

If anyone here is actually getting those sorts of messages, I ask you, I beg you, I DARE you... to ask them why the hell they're attacking their allies and not their enemies. And to tell us what they say about that.

Because *I* know why they do it - they do it because their enemies will retaliate and their allies won't. But they don't, I bet most of the immature twerps doing this have never thought about the question of how to treat allies or enemies, they just do it.

by Exhaustedreply 2606/03/2020

Why would anyone care about this?

by Exhaustedreply 2706/03/2020

The posts are out of control. Some people posting 20-50 times per day. I’m just retreating from SM.

by Exhaustedreply 2806/06/2020

I think BLM would benefit from stronger leadership and clearer messaging. I think education and dialogue is so important right now. Excuse the pun, but everything is so black & white right now. I don't think there has been a strong, unifying voice since MLK. Without these things, it's just another instagrammable moment that will be forgotten by the end of the summer if not the end of the month. Aside from protesting, the best thing white people can do is probably lay low and not say anything publicly about the matter.

by Exhaustedreply 2906/06/2020

These people really can not stand to watch blacks people get even the slightest amount of respect. It sends them through the roof.

by Exhaustedreply 3006/06/2020

“Just ranting.”

And what in the hell do you think you’re doing?

Jesus, some people are so screwed up then can’t see how screwed up they are.

Here is a clue, get some professional help. You clearly can’t even manage even basic logic while your under duress due to blacks gaining respect.

by Exhaustedreply 3106/06/2020

There's never going to be a coherent message out of all this, the whole point is to keep white people permanently on the hook so they can be shaken down as needed, in perpetuity.

by Exhaustedreply 3206/06/2020

It’s about money, in the end. Everything is.

by Exhaustedreply 3306/06/2020

Slavery was indeed about money. And they never really removed the chains. I hope this leads to some new laws and a new Congress and President. And new state governments.

by Exhaustedreply 3406/06/2020

This poor kid though:

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by Exhaustedreply 3506/06/2020


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by Exhaustedreply 3606/28/2020

R35 is a sexy little bitch. He doesn’t need great-aunt’s inheritance, could do better with a sugar daddy, and he cute enough to get a decent looking sugar daddy.

by Exhaustedreply 3706/28/2020

r2 And as Eleanor Roosevelt noted, “You wouldn't worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do.”

by Exhaustedreply 3806/28/2020

r29 MLK was not an internal strong unifying voice, he was a moderate supported by the most whites. There were a lot of dissenters who had a lot of supporters, black & non-black; the obvious standout being Malcolm X. Both of them were also religious leaders who had "traditional" views on women & LGB.

A Black Panther with that potential, Fred Hampton, was assassinated by a Chicago special LEO unit (and also the PD & FBI) at 21. That's the kind of leader BLM could use. This generation is not likely to find someone like that. I feel s/he would've come forward by now. I hope I'm wrong in my eldergay cynicism.

Offsite Link
by Exhaustedreply 3906/28/2020

R39, but we don't live in an age of the great leader anymore, which is a good thing. The bad thing is that everyone on social media thinks they're a leader with a following. What's needed are good policy proposals.

by Exhaustedreply 4006/28/2020

r40 I used to think that, but I don't anymore. Having core philosophies & policy proposals is obviously important, but at the end of the day, someone has to articulate, explain & promote them to the public. People want their thinking done for them, & packaged with a charismatic leader who peddles hope to various degrees & will reassure them they don't have to really change too much.

And in fairness, many people are now struggling too much in their daily lives to be able to look into it totally independently. I think the West is under the corporate thumb now, so any free thought & expression is crushed if someone can't make money off of it. The corporate 1% have much more control over the culture & press than before (although I realize it was ever thus to some extent)

Also, this generation is narcissistic & like-obsessed to the point it is an integral part of anyone's "activism" That leads to issues that foment over social media being favoured. As the local news saying goes, "If it bleeds, it leads." Everybody wants to be live-streaming the protest march, but nobody wants to take notes at the committee meeting. I'd argue that, will all due respect, racial gerrymandering & the SCOTUS decision were much more important to Civil Rights than police brutality b/c it is the core of political representation & empowerment that can change everything else. No one gave a shit. Certainly not BLM. Some of the old school left and/or black activists did, but they had a relatively low profile.

That's why I think an older, more moderate black leader who isn't a pandering careerist is needed. I thought it was interesting the Obamas stepped back, particularly Michelle.

by Exhaustedreply 4106/28/2020
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