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Heading into Memorial Day weekend, MeidasTouch created this video letter directed to voters in the State of Michigan we call “Dear Michigan.” We have released the video with the hashtag #DearMichigan.

The State of Michigan has suffered under the Trump economic depression and rather than offer compassion and assistance during the pandemic, Michigan has been threatened and berated by Trump.

Because of his personal insecurities of Michigan having a strong Governor in Gretchen Whitmer who has put in place policies to ensure the safety of residents, Trump rage tweeted threats of withholding federal funds from Michigan amidst these already very difficult times. He then invited himself to Michigan to try and patch up his incompetence but instead pranced around the Ford Motor factory without a face mask reinforcing his lack of basic decency.

We created this video, to point out that Trump’s style of ME-ME-ME politics, his rejection of science and facts, and his protection and support of billionaires and Wall Street over the middle class and workers is at odds with the values of great State of Michigan.

Michigan deserves better than Donald Trump

Unlike many of the other MeidasTouch videos which focus just on Donald Trump, “Dear Michigan” contrasts the differences between Trump and the leadership of Joe Biden. Dear Michigan not only presents the case against Donald Trump, but it presents the case for Joe Biden and why Joe Biden is the candidate who best represents the values of Michigan.

The Dear Michigan video ends with a call to action. DEAR MICHIGAN, BRING AMERICA BACK!

And although we made this video for everyone to watch and share, we hope this video mobilizes the voters in Michigan to reject Trumpism and to share this video with family and friends and especially with undecided voters you may know.

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by Anonymousreply 1Last Saturday at 3:47 AM

good one

by Anonymousreply 1Last Saturday at 3:47 AM
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