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Rick Wilson tells Morning Joe that Trump’s re-election doesn’t even matter to campaign manager Parscale

“Everything counts in large amounts, and Brad has had hundreds of millions of dollars to try to move Donald Trump’s numbers,” Wilson said. “He can’t.”

“Parscale was pocketing millions for himself and his companies, Wilson said, as Trump’s poll numbers sank.”

“We found out a couple days ago, not only is brad cashing in on the campaign and the money that hard-working Americans are sending to Donald Trump because they think he is going to use it to get re-elected, but Brad is getting [Paycheck Protection Program] payments for his companies. The struggling Parscale Enterprises who are raking in tens of millions of dollars from Donald Trump did not need additional millions of dollars from taxpayers, at least in my opinion.”

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by Link inside reply 6306/07/2020

Full link

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by Link inside reply 105/21/2020
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by Link inside reply 205/21/2020

A scummy president has a scummy campaign manager. It fits, you know. In a scummy way.

by Link inside reply 305/21/2020

I want to know if he’s being ripped off by this guy.

What sweet justice.

by Link inside reply 405/21/2020

I'm sure a Trump family member is invested in those companies because this is the easiest way to turn campaign funds into private money. I have no problem with Trump gifting off of the RNC and his own campaign, bleed them dry. I want the RNC's bank account to have a badly written IOU letter from Trump when they try to spend money on the 2022 mid-term.

by Link inside reply 505/21/2020

Parscale has a lot of dirt on Trump, on the Mercers, on Cambridge Analytica and on jared and Manafort. And the Russian involvement. He is sitting on top of a mountain of dirt. With all the money he's pocketed I hope he has good security. But for all we know he may be protected but the Russians. Trump is expendable. Parscale can help the next Trump get "elected."

by Link inside reply 605/21/2020

R5 that is an excellent read on this. IfParscale doesn't have Trump fingers in his pie he better have Russians.

by Link inside reply 705/21/2020

R5 getting your opponent to spend too much money is Campaigns 101, but in the case of the Republicans, they will never run out of money.

by Link inside reply 805/21/2020

Looking forward to finding out if the Manson family aka Drumpfs are on the take.

by Link inside reply 905/21/2020

I also can't wait for the Trump purge. Remember when R Party imploded in 2008? Then the Tea Party came and killed of the Bush era politicians and bureaucrats. It will be like the Empire Strikes Back if Trump and Rs have a gigantic loss. Trump's illiterate people will be tossed overboard.

by Link inside reply 1005/21/2020

It’s a shame that forigners were able to install their thugs in the administration and Oval Office.

It was too easy. They just walked right in.

What’s to stop them from handing over the nuclear codes to the highest bidder?

by Link inside reply 1105/21/2020

Smart idea. They’re trying to get Parscale fired from the Trump campaign by pointing out to Trump that Parscale basically scammed Trump by taking millions from the campaign while getting no results, polling-wise. Trump thinks he’s the only one who should scam people & that nobody can scam Trump.

At any rate, the accusation that Parscale is ripping off taxpayer dollars for the Trump campaign during an epidemic is a good one. That will pique interest.

by Link inside reply 1205/21/2020

Those deplorables are poor to begin with and they are sending these scammers their last dollar.

So sad.

by Link inside reply 1305/21/2020

These fucking Nazis are always trying to shoot the messenger.

by Link inside reply 1405/21/2020

I guess Jared will have to put on his campaign manager hat now.

That will end well.

by Link inside reply 1505/21/2020

The pentagon r11. There are limits to shit, and the nuclear codes are one of those limits. Did you know that they get changed often and that the President needs a second person, I think the Defense Secretary, to confirm the authorization. Then it goes down a chain of command through a manual process. Trump could order someone to hand him the codes, but by the time he turns them over to someone else they would already be changed. The codes are unless anyway because no one wants to start bombing places with nukes and again it's a manual process that cannot be started by anyone else besides the President.

Info on spies and other covert operations are a lot more valuable and sadly Trump and Jarred have full access to that information. No need to be concerned about the nukes.

by Link inside reply 1605/21/2020

r13 there are a ton of middle and upper middle class Deplorables. Yes, the poor like him, but there are a lot of comfortable middle class and above families that attend his rallies. Look over at TikTok, a lot of upper middle class suburban kids will have TRUMP flags on their bedroom walls, these are the folks that can throw a lot of money his way.

by Link inside reply 1705/21/2020

The Trumpster Fire's passing that buck again!

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by Link inside reply 1805/21/2020

R16, who is the defense secretary. Please tell me it’s not a deplorable.

by Link inside reply 1905/21/2020

Wilson is fearless.

by Link inside reply 2005/21/2020

It may be, but it doesn't mean that they would just approve an order to nuking random countries. I say this again, the nukes are safe. The collateral damage associate with the order, which can't just be made out of the blue, would stop the process in it's tracks. Our enemies want economic dominance, I doubt Russia or China was interested in being the world leader of a country torn apart by a nuclear holocaust.

by Link inside reply 2105/21/2020

[quote]I guess Jared will have to put on his campaign manager hat now.

His hat collection will soon rival Moira Rose's wig wall.

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by Link inside reply 2205/21/2020

Parscale has always been a target-rich environment. Such a sleaze it's hard to believe he could replace Paul Manafort!

Anyway, he may as well get it while he can, he must know the numbers by now. His turd's going to lose bigly.

by Link inside reply 2305/21/2020

Brad must have been smart enough to get paid upfront. Otherwise the deadbeat in chief would have never paid him.

by Link inside reply 2405/21/2020

Take the money and run, Brad!

by Link inside reply 2505/21/2020

[quote]Brad must have been smart enough to get paid upfront. Otherwise the deadbeat in chief would have never paid him.

I think Brad isn’t worried about getting a Trump-endorsed check when he can steal so much more.

by Link inside reply 2605/21/2020

I would blow Rick Wilson just on principle.

by Link inside reply 2705/21/2020

Not only is this ad dropping now, the "Mourning in America" ad is starting to play in swing states Michigan and Pennsylvania hard hit by Covid as well as that meat packing paradise AKA Iowa.

Both Wilson and George Conway readily admit that the ads are designed to needle Trump in the hope that it will cause meltdowns and strife in the WH. And an entertaining Twitter storm...

[Quote]Ad is expected to run through Friday in DC, per George Conway. “These ads are designed to encourage him to express himself in the ways that only he can," George Conway says of the president. In other words, they are just trying to drive the president crazy.

by Link inside reply 2805/21/2020


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by Link inside reply 2905/21/2020
by Link inside reply 3005/21/2020

I am all for tearing down anyone associated with Trump but why is the Lincoln Project going after Parscale in particular?

by Link inside reply 3105/21/2020

Wilson is my Hero.

by Link inside reply 3205/21/2020

Brad certainly hitched his wagon to the gravy train at the right time

by Link inside reply 3305/21/2020

Parscale's grifting is another form of money laundering. I guess that's a pre-requisite when you work for Trump.

by Link inside reply 3405/21/2020

R31 - To destabilize Trump's campaign. Trump had been fighting with Parscale a week or two ago over his low polling numbers threatening to fire him. Toss Kellyanne who wants the job into the mix and you've got one halacious shit show.

And why not go after a grafting money launderer?

by Link inside reply 3505/21/2020

It's worth actually watching the video for the discussion of how this particular ad is designed specifically to trigger Trump's resentment against anyone making money off him.

by Link inside reply 3605/21/2020

[quote]why is the Lincoln Project going after Parscale in particular?

He was a major player in Trump's 2016 campaign. Driving a wedge between them, even manipulating Trump to shitcan him is smart strategy.

by Link inside reply 3705/21/2020

[quote] I am all for tearing down anyone associated with Trump but why is the Lincoln Project going after Parscale in particular

Because they want Trump to get jealous & fire him

by Link inside reply 3805/21/2020

[quote] He was a major player in Trump's 2016 campaign.

Did he not make a money grab the first time around? I trust Wilson and Conway know how to get at Trump.

by Link inside reply 3905/21/2020

I love the Lincoln Project.

by Link inside reply 4005/21/2020

Don't forget R42, they're still republicans. They fight dirty.

by Link inside reply 4105/21/2020

In the meantime, some posters on the Pelosi obesity thread are shitting on her for stating the obvious. It's sooo undignified and unbecoming, blah, blah blah. Democrats need to learn to fight dirty.

by Link inside reply 4205/21/2020

R41, that’s the truth for sure, so better they’re on our side than Dump’s.

by Link inside reply 4305/22/2020

Keep in mind that Parscale worked with Cambridge Analytica and the Mercers, Jared, and Paul Manafort. Very closely. He knows a lot. And Campaign managers don't usually take a salary because they make money from ad buys and other stuff. Tens of millions. Karl Rove is a multi millionaire now. The Manaforts, Roves, Jeff Weavers Tad Devines of the world always get over. And if you think Jared and Don, Jr. and the others didn't get their cut you're a fool.

by Link inside reply 4405/22/2020

Anyone else think that Parscale is laundering money? Sure feels that way.

by Link inside reply 4505/22/2020

It would not surprise me.

by Link inside reply 4605/22/2020

Laundering money for himself or trump?

by Link inside reply 4705/22/2020

I assume they're just doing this for the laughs. It does seem sort of silly to make a big deal out of this mediocre guy, but it is funny to send the message out there that everyone around Trump is stealing from him and watch his head explode.

by Link inside reply 4805/22/2020

I’m not so sure this was a joke.

by Link inside reply 4905/22/2020

It's quite necessary to shine a light on bit players like that grifter, because these grifters will be important later when Trump finally gets his comeuppance.

by Link inside reply 5005/22/2020

Just keep feeding Trump's insecurities and paranoia.

He *hates* the idea of anyone making money off of him. Especially if he's not getting his cut.

And Parscale can only fake those internal polls for so long,...

by Link inside reply 5105/24/2020

R47 both.

Stealing from the campaign donations for himself and laundering money for Dump as he steals from the country to pay back China and Russia.

by Link inside reply 5205/26/2020

I don't trust Rick Wilson to tell the truth anymore than I trust Trump. They are all scum, just right now Rick Wilson hates Trump, after Trump he will be backing Pence, Cotton, Pompeo, or any other Republican scum for President. Same with Steve Schmidt.

by Link inside reply 5305/26/2020

I don’t think Jared would allow Trump to fire Parscale.

by Link inside reply 5405/26/2020

R53, we need all the friends we can get to oust this monstrous clown. We should be welcoming situational converts - however transitory their stay may be - not attacking them.

by Link inside reply 5505/26/2020

I heard Nicolle W say she will never vote for a repuke again on her show...wonder where Steve Schmidt is on that?

by Link inside reply 5605/26/2020

Never is a long time. While I can’t imagine voting for a republican who failed to stand up to Donald Trump these stained pols won’t be around forever.

by Link inside reply 5705/26/2020

Steve Schmidt has publicly terminated his membership in the GOP.

Having said that, it’s funny how some political personalities just “fit” the moment in history so perfectly — though they are the most flawed and corrupt humans imaginable (Rudy is a great example of this).

I would be more open-minded on their sincerity if they took it a step further by acknowledging the specifics of their evolution and stating that not only are they not a member of the GOP, but they EMBRACE the Democratic party. We can use people like this as a party, and I believe our more progressive members can prevent them from pulling the Dems right. As long as they can behave themselves, I welcome *all* to our party. Even former-Rethugs. It’s a way they can right their wrongs and undue the damage they helped cause. Just *own* it.

by Link inside reply 5805/26/2020

I don't need them to do a mea culpa. Just help us get rid of this fucking nightmare for democracy in the White House and we'll sort it out later.

by Link inside reply 5905/29/2020

Steve Schmidt has painful rectal itch

by Link inside reply 6006/07/2020

If Biden is elected--and I hope he is--it will be interesting and possibly frustrating to see how the these never Trumpers react to Biden governing (not simply get elected). Will they support him? Will they give him a chance to put the country on the right path? Will they hold their criticism of him? And will these sidelined Repigs such as Colin Powell hold their criticism of Biden for three-and-a-half goddamn years the way they did for Trump?

Colin Powell hasn't said shit about Trump until now. Whee the hell has his leadership been? None of these military guys have said a peep about Trump forcing the army cadets to return to West Point on June 13 in the middle of a pandemic so that Trump can have a graduation speech photo op. These cadets have to travel on airplanes, and once at West Point they must have food service, security, laundry service, transportation service, etc. Every other graduation has been canceled, but not West Point because Trump want to be on TV.

Trump has been running a corrupt administration all this time and none of these motherfucker Repigs have said a word. Were they all just happy with the right-wing judges and tax cuts, so they thought the could sit back and say nothing? What the fuck took Colin Powell and the rest of them so goddamn long? And most of them still have spoken out about anything.

by Link inside reply 6106/07/2020

^^ still HAVEN'T spoken out about anything.

by Link inside reply 6206/07/2020

Agree r61. On top of that, Rick Wilson is a lot of hot air. It's great that he's seen the light, makes the commercials and so on. But he never actually reveals anything. I grew tired of his song and dance a long time ago.

by Link inside reply 6306/07/2020
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