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Judith Light ‘clicked’ with Bette Middler in season 2 of The Politician.

She’s about the only one. Has anyone ever liked working with her?

By the way I got this from this month’s gay edition of EW. At first glance it seems rather boring.

by LIKreply 38Last Friday at 7:16 AM

Is this show any good? I watched the first episode and was so underwhelmed I stopped.

by LIKreply 105/16/2020

[quote]Judith Light ‘clicked’ with Bette Middler

Which means she went to Midler's trailer and basically said, "Look, dear, I saw you in Hello Dolly. Your singing voice is shot all to hell. So stay out of my way or you'll never sing in this town again."

by LIKreply 205/16/2020

I noticed Bette didn't participate in the recent Garry Marshall tribute special. Barbara Hershey appeared and said some nice things about the making of the movie. Made me wonder how she and Bette got on during filming.

by LIKreply 305/16/2020

I hated it. Ryan Murphy has done many bad things and I think this is one of the worst. I think Netflix had already agreed to 2nd season but I wonder if they are having second thoughts about the big contract.

by LIKreply 405/16/2020

I was just thinking about Barbara Hershey the other day and wondered how she was doing. She is a lovely actress.

by LIKreply 505/16/2020

R5 SHe's on Twitter and DMs a friend.

by LIKreply 605/16/2020

[quote]By the way I got this from this month’s gay edition of EW.

Why the fuck would anyone bother with this thread?

by LIKreply 705/16/2020

Do you mean behind the scenes? Or, have you somehow seen the new season?

by LIKreply 805/16/2020

It was an article with a few quotes from Light.

Murphy is obsessed with showing old ladies having sex.

by LIKreply 905/16/2020

I love Barbra Hershey and have loved her in almost everything. She was wonderful in Hannah and Her Sisters, The Last Temptation of Christ, Portrait of a Lady and even Black Swan. Even an old horror movie The Entity that used to terrify me as a young gayling. Always been a fan.

by LIKreply 1005/16/2020

I didn't watch the first season, but I will have to watch this one, since Judith Light is in it and Ryan Murphy loves camp. She was wonderful and campy on the Dallas reboot. I hope he just lets her go all out.

by LIKreply 1105/16/2020

Did Judith ever try to "gloss over" her soap past? It's interesting she now camps to the back seats in the balconies these days.

by LIKreply 1205/16/2020

R12 what are you talking about? I've seen interviews with Judith and she's very proud of her work on OLTL and has mentioned it often. I've also heard her refer to her "good friends" Brynn Thayer and Erika Slezak.

by LIKreply 1305/16/2020

Judith Light On One Life To Live is unforgettable.

by LIKreply 1405/16/2020

Midler tweeted this a couple of years ago:

@BetteMidler Thirty years ago today, one of my happiest film experiences was released: “Beaches”, with the great Barbara Hershey, directed by the late Garry Marshall with a great cast, Mayam Bialik, John Heard, Lainie Kazan and Spaulding Grey. The Wind Beneath My Wings.

Midler was a producer on "Beaches", and hired Hershey after first auditioning Anne Archer and Donna Mills.

by LIKreply 1505/16/2020

I'm not so sure Judy Light isn't best know for her ratings extravaganza performance on One Life To Live that is largely mainstream known.

by LIKreply 1605/16/2020

R13 Of course, she is proud. They still use her courtroom scenes to teach acting classes. She was even willing to make an appearance before OLTL ended, but she didn't care for the story they cooked up, which she said wasn't true to the character, so she turned them down.

by LIKreply 1705/16/2020

She's never dissed OLTL. Why would she when everyone calls it the greatest performance on daytime?

by LIKreply 1805/16/2020

A good friend was supposed to do an episode with Bette and Judith but covid stopped production. I was chomping at the bit to hear the stories he would have to tell. He was also booked on an episode of the Good Fight but that was cancelled as well.

by LIKreply 1905/16/2020

R19 Really? All the press says that shooting wrapped just before the shutdown happened.

by LIKreply 2005/16/2020

I read the headline thus at first:

[quote] Judith Light ‘licked’ with Bette Middler in season 2 of The Politician.

by LIKreply 2105/16/2020

I remember as a young gayling, reading an interview with Judith in TV Guide. It was right around the time she had become a daytime sensation, before winning her first daytime Emmy. At the end of the interview, she admitted that she'd love it if she won an Oscar someday. I thought, "Yeah right, this daytime hooker is gonna win an Oscar." But I really hoped she would someday.

Well she hasn't yet, but she's got two Emmys and two Tonys! (three if you count Danza).

by LIKreply 2205/16/2020

Bette's THE BEST!

by LIKreply 2305/16/2020

R22 I wouldn’t count her out for the Oscars, yet. I could see someone casting her in a meaty supporting role and her walking away with one.

by LIKreply 2405/16/2020

^^Wouldn't that just be fabulous?????

by LIKreply 2505/16/2020

For a long time Barbra was attached to The Politician but she left all of a sudden( she probably came to her senses)Barbra said she was supposed to play the Jessica Lange role but can’t see that at all. I wonder if she really was supposed to play Middler’s character.

by LIKreply 2605/17/2020

I read that Keaton and Hawn didn’t want to do a follow up to the First Wives Club because working with Middler was such a bad experience but after many flops between them they have a project brewing.

by LIKreply 2705/17/2020

R20 Really. He had signed his contract and even got his script and saw he was filming with Bette and Judith but the episode was cancelled. He had already filmed an episode of The Good Fight and was being brought back to film another episode but it cancelled as well.

by LIKreply 2805/17/2020

Who cares about Judith's soap past. Does Bette admit to her gay sex club past?

by LIKreply 2905/17/2020

I was really sorry Judith Light did not get the Emmy for her performance as Marilyn Miglin in "Versace." That was the best performance in the whole series, and was the best performance I saw in any medium period the year before last.

by LIKreply 3005/17/2020

First of all they couldn´t afford me.

And let me get one thing straight: No Gypsy with a straw man director - No Streisand in a Murphy turkey

Love Barbra

by LIKreply 31Last Thursday at 1:08 PM

Go to 1:15 and watch as Bette corrects her and Goldie has to stop herself from punching her in the neck.

Offsite Link
by LIKreply 32Last Thursday at 1:20 PM

When is Bette making The Tale of the Allergist’s wife with Sharon Stone? Or did that project die of Corona?

by LIKreply 33Last Thursday at 1:28 PM

I think that was all for show, r33.

by LIKreply 34Last Thursday at 1:50 PM

Actually Barbra didnt want to share the screen with that smug little upstart Platt.

by LIKreply 35Last Thursday at 2:04 PM

At that time Barbra was having an issue about pronouncing her name wrong. The three women were probably told to make sure the pronounce it right and Hawn did it wrong on purpose.

by LIKreply 36Last Friday at 4:27 AM

[quote]When is Bette making The Tale of the Allergist’s wife

Right after she makes the movie about Lottie Lenya she's been promising to make since the early 90s.

by LIKreply 37Last Friday at 5:58 AM

What happened to the Mae West project she was doing for HBO ?

by LIKreply 38Last Friday at 7:16 AM
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