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Let's be The Godfather movies.

I'm this...Sicilian THING that's been going on for TWO THOUSAND YEARS!

by Kayreply 29103/02/2021

I’m the abortion, Michael.

by Kayreply 105/02/2020

I'm Sofia Coppola and I ruined the franchise!

by Kayreply 205/02/2020

I’m the ACTING!

by Kayreply 305/02/2020

I'm Bonasera, about whom Vito can't remember the last time he invited him to his house for a cup of coffee, even though Vito's wife is godmother to his only child.

by Kayreply 405/02/2020

I’m the oranges.

by Kayreply 505/02/2020

I’m the cannoli.

by Kayreply 605/02/2020

I’m Michael’s broken heart.

by Kayreply 705/02/2020

I'm Johnny Fontaine, who "comes along with his olive oil voice and guinea charm."

by Kayreply 805/02/2020

I'm Fredo.

I can handle things. I'm smart. Not like everybody says, like dumb. I'm smart and I want respect!

by Kayreply 905/02/2020

[quote] I’m the abortion, Michael.

It's ABORTION, not abortion.

Usually, I hate CAPS in any form, but it's warranted here.

by Kayreply 1005/02/2020

I’m Senator Pat Geary mispronouncing the name Corleone, and calling Kay “Pat” at Anthony’s party. I’ll take your dirty money, but you can’t have my respect.

by Kayreply 1105/02/2020


by Kayreply 1205/02/2020

I'm Luca Brasi, sleeping with the fishes.

by Kayreply 1305/02/2020

I'm the "overrated" tag I deserve.

by Kayreply 1405/02/2020

You come to me, in my home, where my CHILDREN SLEEP, and post such disrespect, R14?

by Kayreply 1505/02/2020

I'm Apollonia starting the car

Offsite Link
by Kayreply 1605/02/2020

R15, where they plays with their toooooys.

by Kayreply 1705/02/2020

[quote] I’m Senator Pat Geary mispronouncing the name Corleone, and calling Kay “Pat” at Anthony’s party. I’ll take your dirty money, but you can’t have my respect.

R11, I remember the senator mispronouncing (on purpose) "Corleone"; I don't remember him calling Kay "Pat." Not doubting your recollection. So disrespectful. He (senator) deserved everything he got (set up in hotel room with dead hooker).

by Kayreply 1805/02/2020

R14 The films (well, 1 & 2) are very good, it's the rabid fans of them that are insufferable.

by Kayreply 1905/02/2020

I'm Frank Pentangeli. I don't wanna eat no canapes at a wedding. When my brother shows up from Italy, I no longer want to cooperate with the FBI.

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by Kayreply 2005/02/2020

I'm Michael Corleone renouncing satan

Offsite Link
by Kayreply 2105/02/2020

I'm Clemenza, telling Mikey, "Why don't you tell that nice girl you love her? 'I love you with all-a my heart, if I don't see-a you again soon, I'm-a gonna die.'"

by Kayreply 2205/02/2020

I'm Clemenza, telling Mikey, "Why don't you tell that nice girl you love her? 'I love you with all-a my heart, if I don't see-a you again soon, I'm-a gonna die.'"

by Kayreply 2305/02/2020

I'm Diane Keaton, the against type not so kooky WASP-y wife of Michael Corleone.

by Kayreply 2405/02/2020

I'm Lee Strasberg as Hyman Roth in his modest Florida house. Michael Corleone comes to my house for a high-level meeting. I eat my lunch from a TV tray (served by a cheerful, middle-aged lady). I chew up the scenery by placing my leg on the armrest of my chair.

Offsite Link
by Kayreply 2505/02/2020

Tom tosses his cigar away and offers his hand to Pentangeli.

“Don’t worry about anything, Frankie Five Angels.”

“Thanks, Tom. Thanks.”

by Kayreply 2605/02/2020

I'm the dumb ass trying to collect my lucky hat while being shot at.

by Kayreply 2705/02/2020

"If you touch my sister again, I'll kill you"

Offsite Link
by Kayreply 2805/02/2020

I'm Michael's broken heart!

Offsite Link
by Kayreply 2905/02/2020

I'm Sonny, getting gunned down at a tollbooth. (SPOILER!)

by Kayreply 3005/02/2020

No, R29. You are not.

by Kayreply 3105/02/2020

I'm Diane Keaton enjoying the lasagne

Offsite Link
by Kayreply 3205/02/2020

I'm the nurse. Assassination on my watch, or, push the fucking hospital bed to a different room?

by Kayreply 3305/02/2020

I'm Robert De Niro's hotness.

Offsite Link
by Kayreply 3405/02/2020

I'm Ingrid Bergman on the The Bells of St. Mary’s poster outside Radio City Music Hall

Offsite Link
by Kayreply 3505/02/2020

I'm on cast make-up and hair. I chose Kay's wigs.

See? You remembered them.

by Kayreply 3605/02/2020

My offer is this: Nothing.

by Kayreply 3705/02/2020

Why are you leaving me??

by Kayreply 3805/02/2020

Nobody wants to be from Godfather III?

by Kayreply 3905/02/2020

R38, it was a turd.

Faccia brutto!

by Kayreply 4005/02/2020

I'm Vincente Corleone. I was still alive at the end of GF III.

How about IV?

by Kayreply 4105/02/2020

I'm Fanucci's gold tooth.

by Kayreply 4205/02/2020

I’m Tessio. I know every toilet in every single burough.

by Kayreply 4305/02/2020

I’m Sonny’s cock and I am legend.

by Kayreply 4405/02/2020

I’m r26, I have no idea how to do a “let’s be” thread.

by Kayreply 4505/02/2020

I’m Superman and even I know about Sonny’s cock.

by Kayreply 4605/02/2020

I’m one of the fishes Luca Brasi sleeps with.

Honestly, he’s not that good a lover.

by Kayreply 4705/02/2020

"The kid is clean, Captain. He's a war hero."

I said that. McCluskey had it coming

by Kayreply 4805/02/2020

I’m the dingle balls on Pentangeli’s brother’s collar. I’m not sure what culture I hail from.

by Kayreply 4905/02/2020

I'm the hat Lucy Mancini still is wearing as Sonny is fucking her against the door.

by Kayreply 5005/02/2020

[quote]I'm the "overrated" tag I deserve.

r14 was Paulie; oh, you won't see him no more!

by Kayreply 5105/02/2020

I'm Johnny Fontaine and I COULD ACT LIKE A MAN!!!

by Kayreply 5205/02/2020

I'm Hyman Roth's tuna sandwich.

by Kayreply 5305/02/2020

I’m the massage therapist.

by Kayreply 5405/02/2020

I'm Jack Woltz's dirty laundry.

by Kayreply 5505/02/2020

I’m Moe Greene’s eye. You know the one.

by Kayreply 5605/02/2020

I'm E-Z Pass, if only Sonny had signed up for me.

by Kayreply 5705/02/2020

I'm Clemenza's Sunday Sauce.

Offsite Link
by Kayreply 5805/02/2020

I'm US Steel. The mafia is bigger than me.

by Kayreply 5905/02/2020

I'm Khartoum's head. Look into my dead eyes!

by Kayreply 6005/02/2020

I'm the poisoned cannolli that somehow cannot be traced back to Talia Shire.

by Kayreply 6105/02/2020

I'm Anthony, Michael and Kay's crypto-gay son!

by Kayreply 6205/02/2020

I'm Mama Corleone. I have almost no lines to say because I am apparently not a full human being, despite the fact that every member of the family is closely related to me and talks about me frequently.

by Kayreply 6305/02/2020

I'm the toll booth operator who ducked when Sonny got hit. God knows how I made it out of that mess alive.

by Kayreply 6405/02/2020

I'm the cake at Hyman Roth's birthday party. Don't I look delicious?

by Kayreply 6505/02/2020

I'm the phenomenally ugly Italian-American bobbysoxers, sighing dreamily next to the stage when Johnny Fontane performs at Connie's wedding.

by Kayreply 6605/02/2020

I'm Enzo, the handsome baker, standing guard outside the hospital. "For your father, for your father."

by Kayreply 6705/02/2020

I’m the door being closed on Kay by hitman Al Neri, as Clemenza kisses the hand of the new Don Corleone.

by Kayreply 6805/02/2020

I’m the overrated hype.

by Kayreply 6905/02/2020

I’m the other door being closed on Kay in the other movie.

by Kayreply 7005/02/2020

R69, are you also R14?

by Kayreply 7105/02/2020

I'm Bridget Fonda, 90's It girl and nepotism awardee, in a pointless subplot role in GF III!

by Kayreply 7205/02/2020

I'm Tom Hagen, the unofficially adopted son of Don Corleone. I went to law school and then immediately became the "family attorney." I actually have no experience as an attorney outside of my Corleone "clients."

First and foremost, though, I am Don Vito Corleone's consigliere. Don Michael Corleone then fires me because, supposedly, I don't know how to be a "war time" consigliere. Smh.

Offsite Link
by Kayreply 7305/02/2020

[quote] when Sonny got hit.

Jesus! Spoiler alert dude!

by Kayreply 7405/03/2020

I’m the business that we’ve chosen! (hic)

by Kayreply 7505/03/2020

I'm the subplot about the woman with the giant vagina that was in the novel, but left out of the film.

by Kayreply 7605/03/2020

“Smaller piece” R65

by Kayreply 7705/03/2020

I'm the solid gold telephone from AT&T that gets passed around the table in Cuba for all the crooked corporation bosses to admire. I'm shiny and heavy and everyone understands they need to match or surpass the contribution to remain at the 'table' in the future.

by Kayreply 7805/03/2020

R76: She was a character in the film, I believe, but that plot line was omitted.

by Kayreply 7905/03/2020

I am the blowing leaves on the Reno compound, dancing to the violins and piano notes while Michael watches Fredo in the boat.

by Kayreply 8005/03/2020

I'm Troy Donahue as Connie's newest boyfriend, Merle. I get a brief introduction and then fade away.

by Kayreply 8105/03/2020

I'm the Ellis Island surname change to Corleone, that never really happened.

Offsite Link
by Kayreply 8205/03/2020

R79 She was in the film, hence why I said "subplot." She was the woman Sonny was banging at Connie's wedding. In the third film, it's revealed that she had a child by him. In the books she gets her vag fixed and get married, I think to her doctor, but I'm not 100% sure.

by Kayreply 8305/03/2020

I'm Connie, at Michael's knees, begging him to forgive Fredo. "He's so helpless."

by Kayreply 8405/03/2020

I am the pear wrapped in newspaper, purchased after Vito turned down a box of groceries from Signor Abbandando. Carmela says I’m a nice pear.

by Kayreply 8505/03/2020

R82 I'm second generation Polish. My family's name was changed from Czyczinski to King. The men at Ellis Island were either too busy or too ignorant to care about origins. They assigned names to immigrants the way animal adoption agencies assign names to dogs.

by Kayreply 8605/03/2020

I'm the undeveloped picture of Barzini. I was tossed to the ground by him after his thug roughed up the photographer and took the negative from him by force.

I was tossed into the garbage after the wedding caterers clean-up crew threw me there.

by Kayreply 8705/03/2020

I'm Dominic Chianese as Johnny Ola. I was Fredo's link to the 'donkey show' in Cuba and proof to Michael of Fredo's aptitude for lying.

by Kayreply 8805/03/2020

I'm Tessio. My life can't be spared. I know that to the depths of my heart even before I ask for that.

by Kayreply 8905/03/2020

But of course the proud Polacks at R86 never bothered to correct their name and change it back, the way thousands of air-headed feather wits and lesbians (I'm looking at YOU, Azure Sky, nee Sheila.) did on a whim.

R86 also absolutely misstates, being a self-victimizing cunt, what happened at Ellis Island. I'm a genealogist and the myth of "animal adopt agency" mistreatment is a lazy, uninformed pose adopted by such nasty shits. Where communication was impossible and records illegible, issues in name recognition were inevitable. Other than that, apart from the burden of large numbers of people involved, records show that the Ellis Island intake staff generally did an excellent job. Two branches of my own family came from parts of Poland and their challenging names made it through just fine.

Idiot. Trying to change the facts because of personal anecdote while never trying to correct the name. Meaning that family heritage meant little to her pack of immigrants - they were, after all, Kings in America.

by Kayreply 9005/03/2020

I’m all the talk about Sonny’s huge penis from male scriptwriters and directors, which is *strenuously heterosexual* and not in the least bit a homosexual fantasy at all — fuggedaboudid.

by Kayreply 9105/03/2020

I’m Coppola, pushing my daughter on the world because there was no one available but winona ryder. (Insane).

by Kayreply 9205/03/2020

We are the curtains blowing on Johnny Ola’s Havana balcony while Bussetta is strangling Ola. My American cousins, known as “drapes,” didn’t do their job at the Reno compound so that’s why all of this revenge, including the murder of Fredo, happened.

by Kayreply 9305/03/2020

To echo r90's point, I am also a genealogist who has a surname that was changed at Ellis Island, at least according to my great-aunt. Once I learned how to do the research 22 years ago, I learned that not only was my great-grandfather's surname (let's say it was BOIARDI) not changed at Ellis Island, he never changed it at all. His American naturalization papers carried BOIARDI as did his Social Security card, and eventually his death certificate. His nine children, two of whom were born in Europe and were listed with BOIARDI on the passenger list, all carried an English phonetic spelling of the surname (in this example, BOYARDEE). I think the surname change happened when the children were registered for school. My great-grandparents were illiterate, they could not verify registration information, and the school secretary or whomever probably just wrote down what she heard and the new name followed my grandfather and his siblings.

by Kayreply 9405/03/2020

R90 Wow.

by Kayreply 9505/03/2020

I’m your enemies with whom you keep closer than your friends.

by Kayreply 9605/03/2020

I'm the lovely golden light that the original was filmed in.

I look delicious.

by Kayreply 9705/03/2020

I'm James Caan's jewfro.

by Kayreply 9805/03/2020

I'm the pubed pussy that took in Sonny's dick against the door.

by Kayreply 9905/03/2020

R78 you are an imposter!

It is I, the real “solid gold” United Telegraph and Telephone Company telephone being passed around in 1958 by industry titans looking to bring unfettered corruption and laissez faire capitalism to Cuba.

Since the salivating moguls know I am just a false optic, they pretend I am heavy but in reality I’d weigh about 45 pounds if I was really “solid gold.” Michael and Hyman just toss me as if I’m light as a feather, since they know I’m just a lie and don’t care.

Or the actors misinterpreted me......

by Kayreply 10005/03/2020

I'm a retired investor living on a pension. I came home to vote in the presidential election because they wouldn't give me an absentee ballot.

by Kayreply 10105/03/2020

I'm the version of Luna mezz'o mare" at Connie's wedding sung by Mama Corleone & and old guy that got everyone in an uproar.

by Kayreply 10205/03/2020

[quote] Jesus! Spoiler alert dude!

Oh, good Lord. Is there anyone on this thread who hasn’t seen that?

by Kayreply 10305/03/2020

I'm a mattress.

by Kayreply 10405/03/2020

Bless your heart, r103.

No, really, bless it.

by Kayreply 10505/03/2020

I'm the exterminating done to said R104 mattress.

by Kayreply 10605/03/2020

I'm the clarinet player from the bandstand at Anthony Corleone's lavish First Communion party who, after receiving instructions from Frankie Pentangeli on how to play Italian music, suddenly launched into "Pop Goes The Weasel". Hilarity ensued.

by Kayreply 10705/03/2020

We are the shallow breaths of air being released by Kay when she says:

“It wasn’t a miscarriage. It was an ABORTION. An abortion Michael! Just like our marriage is an abortion. Something that is unholy and evil! I didn’t want your son Michael. I wouldn’t bring another one of your sons into this world! It was an abortion Michael. It was a son, a son, and I had it killed because THIS MUST ALL END.”

I am also the collective breaths at the 47th Academy Awards being pissed that Diane Keaton wasn’t even nominated for best supporting actress.

by Kayreply 10805/03/2020

I’m Moe Greene. I made my bones while you were banging cheerleaders.

by Kayreply 10905/03/2020

I'm the cotton balls in Brando's cheeks.

by Kayreply 11005/04/2020

The Godfather INSISTS on itself.

by Kayreply 11105/04/2020

I'm the subplot about the pedophile studio executive in the book. Scenes were filmed about me, but they were cut. I was probably the most disturbing thing in the book.

by Kayreply 11205/04/2020

I'm the deleted scene of young Clemenza and Vito visiting gunsmith Augustino Coppola and his 9-year-old flutist son, Carmine, a loving shoutout to Francis Coppola's father and grandfather.

by Kayreply 11305/04/2020

I'm Richard Bright's underrated performance as Michael's often sympathetic, yet loyal and brutally-efficient enforcer, Al Neri.

by Kayreply 11405/04/2020

R100 Ya got me!

by Kayreply 11505/04/2020

R114, you could have at least posted a photo. Would it have killed you?

My favorite part of the Godfather movies was the "cleaning house" sequence during the baptism.

Offsite Link
by Kayreply 11605/04/2020

I'm Apollonia's tits, tawny sun-kissed tawny, dark curls, and caramel eyes.

by Kayreply 11705/04/2020

^* damn it all, "tawny sun-kissed skin"

by Kayreply 11805/04/2020

I'm Diana Keaton's best moment, as she sees the truth about Michael as the door to the library shuts slowly on her.

by Kayreply 11905/04/2020

I'm Clemenza's recipe for gravy, just in case you have to cook for twenty guys someday.

by Kayreply 12005/04/2020

^^*Diane (not Diana) Keaton . . .

by Kayreply 12105/04/2020

I'm Louie's Restaurant in the Bronx.

by Kayreply 12205/04/2020

I'm the famous christening scene. General Hospital headwriter Bob Guza would rip me off in 1996.

by Kayreply 12305/04/2020

I'm the poor waiter, slowly backing away in shock after getting hit with a cloud of The Turk's blood and brain matter. Would it have killed that little snot Michael to wait til I was gone from the table?

Offsite Link
by Kayreply 12405/04/2020

I'm the delicious veal parmigiana that Captain McClusky never got to finish.

Offsite Link
by Kayreply 12505/04/2020

I'm the gun that was hidden behind the toilet tank in the men's room.

by Kayreply 12605/04/2020

I'm 80 years of male bravado, and pop cultural references us baby gays didn't understand.

by Kayreply 12705/04/2020

I'm James Caan BDF and swagger. I produced an alpha gay top.

by Kayreply 12805/04/2020

I'm the tomato plants in the Godfather's garden, psychically praying and clinging together in hopes that he doesn't fall on and break one of us when he has his heart attack!

by Kayreply 12905/04/2020

I'm Carlo, the Don's ingrate son-in-law, and you know right away that I'm going to treat Connie like a doormat.

by Kayreply 13005/04/2020

R130, don't interfere.

by Kayreply 13105/04/2020

I'm Connie Corleone. I go from being frivolous younger sister (pawn in Sonny's death) to semi-floozy (dating man-whore Troy Donahue). I do an about-face, overlook the fact that Michael killed my husband, and become Don Michael's chief enabler in the family.

Offsite Link
by Kayreply 13205/04/2020

I’m Gordon Willis, the Prince of Darkness and the it cinematographer of the 70s.

by Kayreply 13305/05/2020

[quote]I'm Connie, at Michael's knees, begging him to forgive Fredo. "He's so helpless."

R132 meet R84

by Kayreply 13405/05/2020

I'm that famous temper of Sonny's.

by Kayreply 13505/05/2020

I'm the man-on-man mouth-to-mouth kiss that's totally not gay.

by Kayreply 13605/05/2020

I'm the suffocating atmosphere of deep testosterone-reeking pretension.

by Kayreply 13705/05/2020

I'm the souls of the grandchildren the Don swears on as he and the other Dons appear to patch it up.

by Kayreply 13805/05/2020



Offsite Link
by Kayreply 13905/05/2020

I'm not my family.

by Kayreply 14005/05/2020

I'm Diane Keaton's fivehead brought out by that horrible Godfather I wig.

Offsite Link
by Kayreply 14105/05/2020

I'm Willie Cicci, and I'm a "soldier", c'mon, you know, senator.

Offsite Link
by Kayreply 14205/05/2020

I’m the offer you can’t refuse.

by Kayreply 14305/05/2020

For you, r141.

Offsite Link
by Kayreply 14405/05/2020

I'm the cannoli - don't leave me in the car or you'll hear from the missus!

by Kayreply 14505/06/2020

I'm the fishes in Luca Brasi's bullet proof vest dumped on the Corleone coffee table.

by Kayreply 14605/06/2020

I am the pump spray can of DDT that Don Corleone uses, in close proximity to the scampering little grandson, misting his tomato plants in the sunny garden, just before he keels over from heart failure.

by Kayreply 14705/06/2020

I'm the bimbo that Fredo married, humiliating him in front of everyone at the big Lake Tahoe party.

by Kayreply 14805/07/2020

Seriously. I've been watching the Medici series on Netflix. Mario Puzo just basically stole that story, took art out of it, and then put his characters in what was our time. But basically the story is the same.

by Kayreply 14905/07/2020

I'm the wine-colored days warmed by the son.

Offsite Link
by Kayreply 15005/07/2020


by Kayreply 15105/07/2020

I’m the gang of old Italian fraus who chaperone Michael and Apollonia on their walk through Corleone.

by Kayreply 15205/07/2020

I'm the fantastic score by Nino Rota, swelling poignantly as the ship on which young Vito escapes to America passes the Statue of Liberty.

by Kayreply 15305/07/2020

I'm Fabrizio - after blowing up the Don's young bride instead of the Don, my life isn't worth a plug nickel.

by Kayreply 15405/07/2020

R149 - So, George R.R. Martin's "Game of Thrones" was based on the Wars of the Roses - for the Lancasters, the Lannisters: for the Yorks, the Starks.

Happens all the time.

And the Wars of the Roses was only slightly less bloody than GoT.

by Kayreply 15505/07/2020

I'm the loyalty kisses to The Godfather's hand.

1. Bonasera kisses the hand Vito Corleone. 2. Luca kisses the hand of Vito Corleone. 3. Michael, kisses, in surrender to his father and to his fate, the hand of Vito Corleone as the Don lies in his hospital bed. 4. Clemenza kisses the hand Michael Corleone. 5. Connie kisses the hand of her brother Michael Corleone

6. Vincente Corleone kisses the hand of Michael Corleone, when Michael anoints him his successor and tells him to call himself Vincent Corleone.

Plus 3 more kisses to Vincent's hand.

Offsite Link
by Kayreply 15605/07/2020

I’m one of the “soldiers” who “go to the mattresses,” who doesn’t find going to the mattresses with other hot men is such a bad thing...


by Kayreply 15705/07/2020

I’m the severed horse head!

by Kayreply 15805/07/2020

I’m that bitch Ingrid Bergman who Michael said he’d leave Kay for.

by Kayreply 15905/07/2020

I'm the seedy motel room that Senator Geary wakes up in, complete with dead, sexually-mutilated whore.

by Kayreply 16005/07/2020

I'm the library in that old house in Pelham Bay, NY, in which the Don conducted all his business and in which Michael is formally acknowledged as the new Don.

by Kayreply 16105/08/2020

I'm the business the Don never talked about at the dinner table.

by Kayreply 16205/08/2020

R158 for the win, with that priceless tagline!

by Kayreply 16305/08/2020


by Kayreply 16405/08/2020

I'm America. Bonasera believes in me, but goes to Don Corleone for justice when I disappoint.. So, fuck you, Bonasera.

by Kayreply 16505/08/2020

I'm the "favour" that sooner or later will be called in.

by Kayreply 16605/08/2020

I'm Apollonia's father's suspenders. Every time he wants to kick some ass he pulls on us and I swear to god one day I'm gonna smash him right in the face.

by Kayreply 16705/08/2020

I'm one of the Vegas Chorus girls who'll kick your teeth out....

by Kayreply 16805/08/2020

I'm the almonds, a sign of good luck and fertility, being handed out by Michael's ill-starred Sicilian bride at their wedding.

by Kayreply 16905/09/2020

I’m the cocktail waitresses that Fredo has been banging left and right.

by Kayreply 17005/09/2020

I love this thread. The Godfather is one of my favorite films.

by Kayreply 17105/09/2020

I'm the heart attack Vito has in his garden while playing with his grandson, Michael's son Anthony.

Offsite Link
by Kayreply 17205/09/2020

I'm the garbage can lid Sonny used to smash Carlo's face in after he beat Connie.

by Kayreply 17305/09/2020

I'm James Caan fucking a big breasted whore doggy style. That so scene is hot. James Caan was such a stud.

by Kayreply 17405/09/2020

[quote]I’m the cocktail waitresses that Fredo has been banging left and right.

And we're the players, still waiting for our goddamn drinks!

by Kayreply 17505/09/2020

I'm Frankie "Five Angels" Pentangeli, who turned on Michael in GF II and paid the ultimate price. I was supposed to be Clemenza, (which would've made Part II's theme of "loss of family" even more tragic) but that character was killed off when Richard Castellano demanded more money.

Oh, and I don't know no Godfather.

by Kayreply 17605/09/2020

I am Don Vito Corleone’s cat. He shovels my poop. I am the one who really pulls the strings.

Offsite Link
by Kayreply 17705/09/2020

I'm Luca Brasi's left hand which just had a knife stuck through it.

by Kayreply 17805/09/2020

I'm the fish they wrapped in Luca Brazzi's vest. I used to be vibrant and alive. But I was cast aside. Now I just lay there and stink.

by Kayreply 17905/09/2020

I'm Sonny's legendary cock.

Thread closed.

by Kayreply 18005/09/2020

R180 You've been mentioned often upthread. We didn't close then, we're not closing now.

by Kayreply 18105/09/2020

R181 - Not big on irony, are you?

by Kayreply 18205/10/2020

I never saw Godfather 3 and, judging from these postings, it must not have been an impressive addition. Any big fans out there?

by Kayreply 18305/10/2020

r183, Not only is Godfather 3 despised by most fans; some even consider one of the worst films of the decade.

by Kayreply 18405/10/2020

r183, Part III has major flaws, but overall, to me, it's not as bad as the consensus reviews and reactions.

In fact, the last 45 minutes or so- the Cavallaria Rusticana opera scenes- are beautifully filmed. They also have a dramatic tension to them that I found to be very entertaining.

That said the two major flaws are

1. the screenplay and plot are shaky. Some of the dialog is melodramatic and downright corny: Kay, in a pearls-clutching tone to Michael when he's justifying his actions: "backed by murder!" I almost laughed out loud in the theatre at that moment, it was so unintentionally funny.

SPOILER: And the plot of Michael becoming the good guy to save the Papacy is too much.

and 2. : Sophia Coppolla. It ain't her fault, it's Francis Coppalla's. 'Nuff said.

Still there is a very moving scene where Michael confesses to a priest; a priest who is to become the new Pope. I really was moved by it - Michael in a sobbing whisper- "I killed my mother's son".

by Kayreply 18505/10/2020

I'm the thread killer who interrupts a fun topic full of clever posts to blather off topic. I am worse than COVID and Hitler.

by Kayreply 18605/10/2020

I am Moe Green's big black framed glasses.

by Kayreply 18705/10/2020

I'm the motel room where Moe Greene trysts with Dorothy Zbornak.

by Kayreply 18805/10/2020

I’m young Sal Tessio having dinner at the Corleone apartment.

I’ll end up looking like Abe Vigoda, but I’m kinda hot now, right?

Offsite Link
by Kayreply 18905/10/2020

I'm Sollozzo.

My eyes quickly take in the deliberate, so therefore telling, non-reactions of Clemenza and Tom Hagen when Sonny blurts out a question indicating he's hot for the deal I'm proposing to the Don; a deal the Don will decline to make.

by Kayreply 19005/11/2020

I'm all those big black vintage cars everyone seems to own.

by Kayreply 19105/11/2020

I'm the sound of cicadas in the trees and the smell of lemon flowers and the burning sun in the Sicilian portion of the film.

by Kayreply 19205/11/2020

I'm Apollonia's Papa, selling his daughter off to a complete stranger because he obviously has Money and Importance written all over him.

by Kayreply 19305/11/2020

I’m the dollar bills pinned to San Rocco.

by Kayreply 19405/11/2020

I'm Don Finocchio, er, Fanucci.

by Kayreply 19505/11/2020

I'm Don Barzini - and, yeah, I was behind it all the time.

by Kayreply 19605/11/2020

I'm the Cop knocking on the door of the fancy house Clemenza and Vito are stealing the carpet from....

by Kayreply 19705/11/2020

I am not personal. I’m strictly business.

by Kayreply 19805/11/2020

I’m Clemenza’s boxer shorts and nobody asked to see me.

by Kayreply 19905/11/2020

I'm the sheets no one thinks to put on the mattresses .

I'm also the incredible amounts of pastas thrown out on a daily basis for the guys on the mattresses.

by Kayreply 20005/12/2020

I'm Enzo the baker.

If it hadn't been for Don Corleone I'd have been shipped back to my village full of donkey shit, instead of getting a great start in a good business in America.

by Kayreply 20105/12/2020

I’m Diane Keaton’s anachronistic 1970s polka dot maxi dress worn to a wedding that takes place in 1945.

by Kayreply 20205/12/2020

I'm a pain in the ass innocent bystander and I can't stop seeing Captain McClusky choking on that veal. Was it really that tough?

by Kayreply 20305/12/2020

Jesus christ. It was a fucking movie, about a buncha wop scumbags, from nearly fifty years ago. Get over it.

by Kayreply 20405/12/2020


I'm Michael in my military uniform and at the peak of my handsomeness.

by Kayreply 20505/12/2020

R202 That bugged the crap out of me. Her hair too.

by Kayreply 20605/12/2020

Even Keaton didn't know why she was cast and Brando had the biggest balls...

Offsite Link
by Kayreply 20705/12/2020

**Sorry, back on topic...

I'm Diane Keaton's miscasting.

by Kayreply 20805/12/2020

r204 ain't no band leader.

by Kayreply 20905/12/2020

Either R204's apology or his brains will be on DL.

by Kayreply 21005/12/2020

I'm R204, a cunt who has to shit on anything SHE doesn't like.

by Kayreply 21105/12/2020

I'm any number of wop-goombah-guineas coming out of the woodwork.

by Kayreply 21205/12/2020

I'm Connie's silk bridal purse. I have twenty- thirty-grand. In small bills, cash. On their wedding night, Carlo gives Connie a black eye because she doesn't want to give me to Carlo.

by Kayreply 21305/12/2020

I'm mob vengeance, the philosophy of "an eye for an eye." Ironically, many of my believers are Roman Catholics who pray to Jesus but don't practice what he preached.

by Kayreply 21405/12/2020

R207 no one could ever accuse her of not being self-aware. I’ve always liked that about her.

by Kayreply 21505/12/2020

Oh for fuck's sake, r86. Do you HONESTLY think anyone here is going to believe your orally transmitted family anecdote over the trained historians and researchers who did that Smithsonian Magazine article and the fact checkers who went over it? You should be embarrassed for yourself.

by Kayreply 21605/12/2020

Ah, you couldn't slap your mama, r204!

by Kayreply 21705/12/2020

I'm Sofia Coppola's prehensile upper lip!

by Kayreply 21805/12/2020

I'm "The Godfather Saga", aka, the first two films re-edited into chronological order because NBC wanted their own mega-successful, "Roots"-style epic miniseries.

Francis hates me, by the way, and will never authorize an official blu-ray release no matter how much the fans beg for it.

Offsite Link
by Kayreply 21905/12/2020

I'm the beautiful period recreations of 1940s Manhattan and Brooklyn in the first film. You won't see my like again.

by Kayreply 22005/12/2020

I'm Vito Corleone's raised eyebrows. I, silently, of course, convey more acting talent than the entire cast, combined.

For example, our "Oh, well" in the scene immediately following the baroque, over-the-top horse-head-in-a bed- scene, is far more ominous than that.

by Kayreply 22105/13/2020

"I'm mob vengeance, the philosophy of "an eye for an eye." Ironically, many of my believers are Roman Catholics who pray to Jesus but don't practice what he preached."

I am forced to correct this often misattributed AND misinterpreted quote. First, Roman Catholicism has nothing to do with it. The phrase is from Leviticus in the OLD Testament, and has its roots in the Code of Hammurabi.

The "eye for an eye" phrase was actually meant to restrict compensation for injury, including economic or legal injury, so that the injured did not use the case to extract more than the injury warranted.

And, monetary payment was encouraged to settle most disputed under the same code, with the exception of murder.

Elsewhere in the OT (Deuteronomy), it is made clear that "vengeance", as opposed the justice clause in Leviticus, is the purview only of God, not of Man ("Vengeance is MINE, I shall repay, saith the Lord).

Sorry about veering off, but as an academic it makes me despair that so much has gone into public consciousness without the slightest awareness that 1) this doesn't belong to Roman Catholicism or any other Christian denomination, but comes straight out of the Hebrew bible by way of Hammurabi, and 2) wasn't meant as a full on excuse for violent bloodletting but rather to restrain exactly that. . .

For Heaven's sake, even Martin Luther King misused it, and he was a preacher.

It makes me want to bite.

"An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, Vengeance is MINE, I shall repay, saith the Lord."

In other words, it isn't man's business to mete out fine justice, but God's. In plainer terms, you leave vengeance to ME.

It is neither "Christian" (i.e. from the NT), and it prohibits, not encourages, man to take justice/vengeance into his own hand.

by Kayreply 22205/13/2020

R222 Blah blah, know it all, blah blah, despairing, blah blah, academic, blah, but I still don't understand how to participate in the thread.

by Kayreply 22305/13/2020

I'm what R223 said.

by Kayreply 22405/13/2020

[quote] shall repay, saith the Lord).

I’m Dorothy Zbornack and I want to know who the hell says saith?

Just peeking my end in here. Carry on.

by Kayreply 22505/13/2020

I'm the gold dress that Mary died in.

by Kayreply 22605/13/2020

I thought R222's post was quite interesting, albeit slightly off topic..

by Kayreply 22705/13/2020

I'm Robert DeNiro's screen test for Sonny.

Offsite Link
by Kayreply 22805/13/2020

R225 - The Lord, according to the OT.

by Kayreply 22905/13/2020

[R225] - I suppose after "begat", "saith" shouldn't be too much of a stretch.

by Kayreply 23005/13/2020

I'm the black veil that Connie puts on her head right away after Mary is shot dead.

by Kayreply 23105/13/2020

Quick question- Was Diane Keaton wearing a wig in part 3 or did she really get an awful perm?

by Kayreply 23205/13/2020

I'm Fredo trying not to shit my pants when Michael kisses me and says, "I know it was you. You broke my heart..."

by Kayreply 23305/13/2020

R232 pretty sure it was a bad perm.

She has naturally really fine hair so a lot of the times she has tried to overcompensate but it’s never ended well.

by Kayreply 23405/13/2020

Yes, “an eye for an eye” was not a saying to promote vengeance. It was a saying in favor of limiting vengeance. An eye for an eye, no more than that.

by Kayreply 23505/13/2020

[quote]I'm Vito Corleone's raised eyebrows. I, silently, of course, convey more acting talent than the entire cast, combined.

Here's where I won Brando the Oscar:

Offsite Link
by Kayreply 23605/14/2020

This is why Botox should be avoided for serious actors.

by Kayreply 23705/14/2020

I'm those adorable caps Michael and his two bodyguards wear during their walks out in the burning Sicilian sun.

by Kayreply 23805/15/2020

I'm the horses head!

by Kayreply 23905/15/2020

I'm infant Sofia Coppola in the baptism scene in the first movie. This would be the first time my dad would insist on using me in one of his movies. Years later, his casting decision would give me a Razzie.

Offsite Link
by Kayreply 24005/15/2020

I'm what was supposed to be the Jones Beach Causeway where Sonny was massacred

by Kayreply 24105/16/2020

I'm Sonny's hotness.

Offsite Link
by Kayreply 24205/16/2020

I'm Sonny's walk, cock and shoulders forward at all times.

by Kayreply 24305/16/2020

I'm the look between Clemenza and Tom Hagen that Sollozo notices at the meeting. I'm the beginning of the end for Don Vito.

by Kayreply 24405/16/2020

R244, can you please break that down? Sollozzo was involved with killing Sonny (as revealed by Carlo, husband of Connie). Therefore, Sollozzo needed to be killed. Why does the look between Clemenza & Hagen signify the end for Don Vito (Corleone)? TIA.

by Kayreply 24505/16/2020

I'm Clemeza's Brooklyn house. Built in 1925, the 2,492-square-foot house is located at 1999 East 5th Street in Gravesend. According to public records, the two-story dwelling now has a market value of $3.39 million. "Watch out for the kids when you're backing out".

Offsite Link
by Kayreply 24605/16/2020

R245 The Godfather wiki for Sollozo's character explains it: [quote]"He then went to the Corleone family to obtain money and protection from the police and courts. Vito Corleone refused, however, feeling that the drug business is bad for the neighborhoods. However, in the course of the meeting, Sonny Corleone admitted an interest, leading the Turk to think that if Vito died, Sonny would accept his deal."

At 3:50 in the video, Sonny shows his interest until Vito stops him. Later, (not in the video) Vito berates Sonny for showing his hand. Clemenza and Tom look each other at 3:54, betraying their own self-interest as well. You can clearly see Sollozo notice the entire exchange. It's all nonverbal communication, very effectively conveyed in the scene. Vito would never have been shot, the War of the 5 Families would never have happened, and Michael may have never been Don if Sonny wasn't such a dumbass in that moment.

Offsite Link
by Kayreply 24705/16/2020

Thanks, R247 / R244. That was pretty subtle. Also, I misspoke about who was behind Sonny's killing. It was Barzini.

by Kayreply 24805/16/2020

R248 you're welcome, I love that scene. And yes, Barzini and Carlo were behind Sonny's death.

by Kayreply 24905/16/2020

"Sonny was hot for my deal, wasn't he?"

by Kayreply 25005/17/2020

I'm Andy Garcia's body hair, and I play an important role in G III.

by Kayreply 25105/17/2020

I'm the red rose Barzini drops on Don Corleone's casket.

by Kayreply 25205/17/2020

I'm the Hail Marys Fredo is reciting in the little fishing boat in Lake Tahoe before he's rubbed out for betraying the Family.

by Kayreply 25305/17/2020

I'm the lyrics to the Godfather theme. I finally make my appearance in the 3rd movie when Anthony sings me without subtitles. Good luck figuring out what my words mean.

by Kayreply 25405/17/2020

I'm the crowd in the dirty streets of Manhattan standing around watching impassively as Sonny beats Carlo within an inch of his life.

by Kayreply 25505/18/2020

I'm Johnny Fantane. I don't knw what to do.

by Kayreply 25605/18/2020

I'm Johnny Fontane. I don't know what to do, but at least I know how to spell my own name.

by Kayreply 25705/18/2020

I"m the word "Dad", a one word line that Sofia Coppola somehow makes hilarious, despite it being uttered by a girl with a bullet in her chest.

by Kayreply 25805/18/2020

Few people in the entertainment industry have benefited more from her last name than Sofia Coppola, and with so little to show for it.

by Kayreply 25905/19/2020

I've never seen any of these movies. For some reason I find the whole subject of the mob boring.

by Kayreply 26005/19/2020

Well, R260, maybe you should watch them rather than judge two great movies you haven't seen as not worth your time because you think the subject of the mob is "boring." The movies are about more than that, honey.

by Kayreply 26105/19/2020

"The Godfather" novel is compulsively readable, pulp trash, and, oh, do I love it. The films do not disappoint, however, Puzo, in the novel, gives you every character's "origin" story.

I'm McCluskey. I've frisked a thousand young punks

by Kayreply 26205/19/2020

I'm Sterling Hayden, old but still rugged B-list leading man. How lucky was I to get such a plum part in a classic at that age?!

by Kayreply 26305/19/2020

Sterling Hayden was perfect as McCluskey. Other perfect dirty cops: Mel Bernstein in Scarface (Harris Yulin) and Captain Dudley Smith in LA Confidential (James Cromwell).

Offsite Link
by Kayreply 26405/19/2020

"The Godfather" novel is compulsively readable, pulp trash, and, oh, do I love it."

Yes, it certainly is. So many lurid, sordid scenes in it. Here's a few:

A man wakes up with a severed horse head in his bed

A newborn baby gets thrown in a furnance

A mob murder where the victim is methodically hacked to pieces with an ax

A fifty something movie producer has a beautiful 12 year old child brought to him (by her mother, no less) in order to fuck her before dinner

A woman with a loose vagina whose body can only "achieve the act of love" when she's being plowed by a super large penis, at least until her doctor boyfriend arranges for her to have cunt tightening surgery

A girl who is so unbelievably beautiful and perfect and sexually alluring that her body smells like fresh flowers and lemon blossoms

An Academy Awards afterparty where they guests attempt to strip down the drunken winners of the Best Actor and Best Actress awards in order to watch them mate in public

A private movie screening where an older actress attempts to seduce a young man (a friend of her buddy and erstwhile lover Johnny Fontaine) by sucking his cock in the darkness of the theater

Rutting ( you couldn't really call it lovemaking, although Mario :Puzo calls it such) that goes on until the sex partners fall asleep from sheer exhaustion

by Kayreply 26505/19/2020

R264 - You left out Richard Gere in Internal Affairs, Hal Holbrooke in Magnum Force, Denzel Washington in Training Day,.

by Kayreply 26605/21/2020

I'm Troy Donahue, using my real name for my character. I look nothing like I did in "A Summer Place".

by Kayreply 26705/21/2020

R267 His name was Mel in the movie.

by Kayreply 26805/21/2020

No, his name was MERLE Johnson, which was Donahue's original name.

Offsite Link
by Kayreply 26905/21/2020

I'm the lie Michael tells Kay at the end of the first film, destroying their marriage as she sees the truth as the other capos bend to kiss the hand of the new Godfather . . .

by Kayreply 27005/22/2020

I'm Anthony's tainted opera career.

by Kayreply 27105/22/2020

I'm Appollonia's virginity.

Offsite Link
by Kayreply 27205/22/2020

I'm the tubby kids running in and out of the house but you never quite figure out whose they are.

by Kayreply 27305/23/2020

I'm Sonny's bawdy wife. demonstrating to the ladies at the wedding how long his penis is.

by Kayreply 27405/23/2020

I'm all the crockery Connie breaks after Carlo winds her up as part of the plot to get Sonny onto the Causeway.

by Kayreply 27505/24/2020

I'm all the crockery Connie breaks as Carlo winds her up as part of the plot to get Sonny on to the Causeway.

by Kayreply 27605/24/2020

I don't know why that post came up twice . . .

R275 R276

by Kayreply 27705/24/2020

Don’t worry, r277, we ain’t gonna whack ya.

It’s a known glitch.

by Kayreply 27805/24/2020

I'm the orgy of the 1954 Academy Awards winners attended by Johnny Fontaine and his friend.

Nino kept his promise to remain sober, and he tried to watch over Johnny. But the women of the party kept pulling Johnny Fontane into bedrooms for a little chat and Johnny kept getting drunker and drunker. Meanwhile the woman who had won the award for the best actress was suffering the same fate but loving it more and handling it better. Nino turned her down, the only man at the party to do so.

Finally somebody had a great idea. The public mating of the two winners, everybody else at the party to be spectators in the stands. The actress was stripped down and the other women started to undress Johnny Fontane. It was then that Nino, the only sober person there, grabbed the half-clothed Johnny and slung him over his shoulder and fought his way out of the house and to their car.

That actress would have been slutty Audrey Hepburn.

Offsite Link
by Kayreply 27905/24/2020

After dragging the dead drunk Johnny Fontaine out of the alcohol/drug fueled Oscar party that almost resulted in Johnny engaging in public sex with the Best Actress winner, Nino decides that "if thatwas success, he didn't want it."

by Kayreply 28005/24/2020

I'm SCTV's brilliant, episode-long parody, making it about the TV network wars. There's even a cameo by Godfather co-star John "Jack Woltz" Marley.

Offsite Link
by Kayreply 28105/25/2020

I'm the Lower East Side's crowded streets, teeming with immigrants.

Just try getting a flat there NOW, plebs.

by Kayreply 28205/26/2020

I'm the telling look on Michael's face just after Mccluskey frisks him in the car.

by Kayreply 28303/01/2021

I'm Michael's Marine uniform. The two rows of ribbons are pinned on at incorrect and unmatching angles. No Marine (much less a Captain) would have been allowed off-post like that indicating Michael must have deliberately reset them after he left the base. This disrespect and sloppiness tells the audience in Michael's very first scene of the film that this man is no good.

Offsite Link
by Kayreply 28403/01/2021

^ Nice touch I'd never noticed, knowing next to nothing about military dress. It shows Michael may be "crooked" like his misaligned ribbons.

by Kayreply 28503/02/2021

Truth. The mismatched ribbons shouted out the very first time I saw the film. I expect it's nothing but a wardrobe error by civilians who don't know better, but it works for this thread.

by Kayreply 28603/02/2021

^ It works for the movie, too. I understand a lot of things randomly fell into place to help this movie be better than what was expected.

by Kayreply 28703/02/2021

I'm the tufts of ginger hair on James Caan's freckled shoulders.

by Kayreply 28803/02/2021

I'm the bread and salad and wine and candles and dinner Connie made that was "getting cold" before it got pushed violently off the table after Carlo's whore called.

by Kayreply 28903/02/2021

R273 they were Sonny and Sandra's twin girls. They had the baby boy that cried all the time.

by Kayreply 29003/02/2021

"I'm the look between Clemenza and Tom Hagen that Sollozo notices at the meeting. I'm the beginning of the end for Don Vito." With all due respect R244 that look between Tom Hagen and Clemenza was "Oh shit what did Sonny say!" They knew that was a major faux pas. The Don makes all the decisions, Sonny was wrong for speaking out of turn due to all that comedy he was playing with that "young goil". Hagen and Clemenza were loyal to the Don until the end.

by Kayreply 29103/02/2021
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