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Confess Your Gluttony Here. You Are Forgiven.

I bought a 4-pints pack of Culver's Frozen Custard - Vanilla, Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Caramel Pecan.

I ate some out of each one. The remainders are still in my freezer, coiled up like cold, demonic serpents.

My freezer needs an Exorcism.


by Anonymous, duhreply 55207/17/2020

Went to Aldi and bought my twice monthly groceries, but also bought 15 big chocolate bars with hazelnut.

by Anonymous, duhreply 104/18/2020

I quit smoking a few months back. It's true what they say. You do gain significant weight after quitting. I can't seem to get control of my eating habits. I just want to eat everything - haha. I need an intervention. OH FUCK ME!!! I JUST SAW A COUPON FOR GODFATHER'S PIZZA!!!!

by Anonymous, duhreply 204/18/2020

I have a passion for glazed donuts. They were 4 to a box, and I ate all 4 - just before I went to bed. I woke up at two in the morning, feeling as if my stomach was a lifeboat in the North Sea during the storm of the century. I endured as long as I could, and I realized I had to rid my stomach of what was ailing it. Rather than possibly wake my partner with the sound effects that would accompany the emptying of the stomach, I went out onto the back step and vomited overboard.

Never again.

by Anonymous, duhreply 304/18/2020

Regret is momentary. Forgiveness is forever.

by Anonymous, duhreply 404/18/2020

I ordered three glazed donuts at a drive/thru, and when I got home I was shocked to discover that I had been given unglazed. I ate them poutily.

by Anonymous, duhreply 504/18/2020


by Anonymous, duhreply 604/18/2020

I asked my husband to make me a chocolate turtle cheesecake just to get him out of my hair for a while, haha! He's a chef and doesn't do any simple cooking. Everything he makes takes bowls and cups and spoons and pots and kitchen implements that look like instruments of torture. His cheesecake is heaven in the mouth and takes a long time. He has to bake chocolate cookies to be able to make the crust and he has to make a caramel sauce and a dark chocolate sauce. It got him out of my hair for a while, he was happy to have the opportunity to fill my request, I was able to watch my movie and we now have a perfectly marvelous cheesecake in the frig, big win for everyone involved.

by Anonymous, duhreply 704/18/2020

Paging Darfur Orphan.

by Anonymous, duhreply 804/18/2020

I went to the store the day after Easter and bought 50 dollars worth of half priced Easter candy. I am up 13 pounds since lock down.

by Anonymous, duhreply 904/18/2020

I seem to have regressed to early childhood, when Mum would give us a nickel to spend on penny candy at the corner store.

I’ve been gorging on the likes of jujubes, wine gums, sour gummy worms, cherry blasters, etc. But I have to stop, if only to preserve my poor teeth.

by Anonymous, duhreply 1004/18/2020

I don't know, r7, I'm picking up more of the sin of "Pride" than Gluttony.


by Anonymous, duhreply 1104/18/2020

I've been eating about a pint of ice cream a day. Mint chip, double chocolate, cookie dough, plain vanilla. I don't even bother with a bowl, just eat it straight out of the container.

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 1204/18/2020

Cookies. Ugh. Even the crap versions - Chips Ahoy, etc.

by Anonymous, duhreply 1304/18/2020

I'm having impure thoughts about Nabisco Pinwheels Cookies

by Anonymous, duhreply 1404/18/2020

I've been buying pints of Ben and Jerry's and also those bags of bite sized Twix. Last night I ate a pint of some sort of brownie batter Ben and Jerry's AND a bad of twix. I feel like garbage today.

I keep telling myself that next week I'll start eating like a responsible adult, but who am I kidding.

by Anonymous, duhreply 1504/18/2020

Group Absolvo.

Go Forth and take a walk.

by Anonymous, duhreply 1604/18/2020

[quote]I went to the store the day after Easter and bought 50 dollars worth of half priced Easter candy. I am up 13 pounds since lock down.

I envy you. I used to do this for all the major "candy holidays" and take the stuff into work. But now I'm not going into stores, and none of the places that deliver or do grocery pickup were offering their Easter candy on clearance. However, I was able to order a bunch of (non-Easter, non-discounted) candy from See's before they shut down production. I ate an entire box of See's Bridge Mix over three days.

Even worse: I've been buying so much food (because I'm concerned about shortages and feel like I have to grab things when they're available) that I bought an extra refrigerator-freezer (one of the small ones like for a dorm or an office) for the overflow. And my regular fridge is a huge French door model. And I live alone.

by Anonymous, duhreply 1704/18/2020

Who the hell gorges on 4 glazed doughnuts only to then waddle around the corner and regurgitate said glazed doughnuts?!

by Anonymous, duhreply 1804/18/2020

Now, r18, that's not very forgiving.

Here, we recognize our humanity, not our "ideals".

You're judgment is forgiven. Now, forgive yourself.

by Anonymous, duhreply 1904/18/2020

OP, by my lights you've acted with admirable restraint.

by Anonymous, duhreply 2004/18/2020

Haagen-Dazs was on sale last week for $2.59 a pint. I bought eight. There's still a limit on toilet paper, but not on ice-cream.

by Anonymous, duhreply 2104/18/2020

Tastykake chocolate cupcakes. Haven’t eaten them in years and I’ve had an addictive craving for them now.

by Anonymous, duhreply 2204/18/2020

Does swallowing more than one load count as gluttony?

by Anonymous, duhreply 2304/18/2020

No, r23, because you're assisting someone else to achieve a spiritual, holy event.

Moregasms are encouraged.

by Anonymous, duhreply 2404/18/2020

thank you for this thread. I have eaten everything in the world. There are no Cheezits left on the planet. Ice cream--any brand--too. There is nothing left for the rest of you. I feel bad because my body had become a very bloated alien life form. And yet I do not regret every single piece of crap I've stuffed into myself in the past month.

I feel both shame and liberation!

by Anonymous, duhreply 2504/18/2020

[quote] I feel both shame and liberation!

r25, You grasp the essential paradox at the heart of spiritual and physical existence, my child. As the Jesuits teach, Freedom through Discipline.

You've acknowledge your shame. You feel your liberation. Now, free yourself from Shame.


by Anonymous, duhreply 2604/18/2020

I love ice cream. I think I'm genetically predisposed to it. My parents always kept a half gallon of ice cream in the house and even when they were very old and had to watch what they ate they budgeted in a scoop or a bar of good ice cream. I currently refrain from eating it because I need to get my cholesterol level down, but if my doctor ever puts me on statins, all bets are off.

by Anonymous, duhreply 2704/18/2020

I made biscuits and a vegetarian version of pot pie filling, and I want to make it again today. I am not fat, but the potatoes and butter are calling to me, and I feel like it is time to get fat.

by Anonymous, duhreply 2804/18/2020

Can we all agree that enjoying fat, sugar and salt shouldn't be a cause to experience shame?

I know that that there exist real physical and medical reasons certain foods should be eaten with moderation.

Yet, I'm sick of the guilt we've been conditioned to feel if we indulge.

by Anonymous, duhreply 2904/18/2020

Those big bags of tortilla chips? I find they're exactly two servings.

by Anonymous, duhreply 3004/18/2020

Screw This.

I say none of you need "forgiveness".

Carry On

by Anonymous, duhreply 3104/18/2020

r21, price hooked me, too.

A single pint of Culver's Frozen Custard is $3.99. Those ruthless bastards sold 4 for $11.99.

by Anonymous, duhreply 3204/18/2020

I've been having Archway cookies everyday since lock down, Dutch Cocoa, Frosty Lemon, Iced Molasses. I stocked up right before things went haywire and there are still two boxes of the the hard to find Dutch Cocoa in my freezer. I don't know what I'll do when I run out. It's disconcerting that I'm worried more about running out of Dutch Cocoa cookies than I am about my financial situation.

by Anonymous, duhreply 3304/18/2020

R23 only if they are swallowed at the same time. But the ability to take two loads at once is a good skill to have in these uncertain times.

by Anonymous, duhreply 3404/18/2020

R33 - It's disconcerting that I'm worried more about running out of Dutch Cocoa cookies than I am about my financial situation -

No, it just shows you too are human.

by Anonymous, duhreply 3504/18/2020

R35 And have your priorities in order

by Anonymous, duhreply 3604/18/2020

I eat peanut butter by the spoonful.

by Anonymous, duhreply 3704/18/2020

I had an extra B12 tablet three days ago.

by Anonymous, duhreply 3804/18/2020

Collective Absolvo.

by Anonymous, duhreply 3904/18/2020

Just found the 5 boxes of Girl Scout cookies I bought because one of my favorite diner waitresses was selling them for her kid a coupla' months ago. I don't have much of a sweet tooth, I'm more the crispy, crunchy, salty greasy snacks kinda' guy. Anybody want 'em?

I'm all out of Dipsy Doodles and UTZ Extra Dark pretzels. They are on top of my shopping list for next Wednesday.

Scored some pepperoni bread from Sarcone's last Saturday but wound up giving them to my brother and SIL. I think it's time to call up City Pizza and indulge. Their pepperoni is awful oily and it takes an entire paper towel to blot up the excess, the sausage one(the better of the two) is surprisingly not too greasy.

by Anonymous, duhreply 4004/18/2020

[quote] Anybody want 'em?

lol, BronzeAgeGay

by Anonymous, duhreply 4104/18/2020

A pint of frozen yogurt Cherry Garcia, straight out of the carton, so fast that my mouth ached for 30 minutes afterwards.

by Anonymous, duhreply 4204/18/2020

Amen R29, amen! Fatties all over unite and let's all bump bellies!

by Anonymous, duhreply 4304/18/2020

R30 you are correct. Just be sure to drink plenty of water. That should fix it.

by Anonymous, duhreply 4404/18/2020

As an aside, how are we all coping with Zoom calls? Because when I log on, I’m like “who invited Jabba the Hutt?” And then afterwards I think fuck it, and open a tube of Pringles.

by Anonymous, duhreply 4504/18/2020

I haven’t done any Zooming, but I can tell you I’ve given up on Facetiming. There is some flaw in the software that makes it look as though I have a neck wattle.

Ahem ...

by Anonymous, duhreply 4604/18/2020


by Anonymous, duhreply 4704/18/2020

I ate three cheeseburgers, gourmet onion rings, korean chicken wings, and orange ginger salad. My fuckbuddy is a chef.

by Anonymous, duhreply 4804/18/2020

You had to be there, R18

by Anonymous, duhreply 4904/18/2020

[quote]I eat peanut butter by the spoonful.

I did that for two days, after which I got such a headache. I googled, and the #1 food listed as a migraine causer was peanut butter. Out it went.

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 5004/18/2020

[quote]Haagen-Dazs was on sale last week for $2.59 a pint. I bought eight.

Two days' worth. Three, max.

by Anonymous, duhreply 5104/18/2020

I don’t know how it’s possible to have ingested as many potato chips as I have. However, they just go so well with my recent Hulu, Prime video, Netflix, and Apple TV+ Solo binge parties (Aka my daily life/lifeline to sanity at the moment).

by Anonymous, duhreply 5204/18/2020

To all here-

Dimittetur illi

by Anonymous, duhreply 5304/18/2020

R39, I think that should be:

Ego omnes vos absolvo.... In nomine patris et filii et spiritus sancti.

by Anonymous, duhreply 5404/18/2020

I gobbled a dozen cocks. Does the forgiveness offer still stand?

by Anonymous, duhreply 5504/18/2020

r54 Do you know the Pope's phone #?

Et Cum Spiri 220

by Anonymous, duhreply 5604/18/2020

I'm gonna die with a tablespoon in my hand. My tombstone shall read: He was good while he lasted.

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 5704/18/2020

I went through 2 pints of this last week! It’s like crack!

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 5804/18/2020

My husband and I ordered cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory twice in one week. Not to mention we broke down and Door Dashed some Chicken McNuggets for the first time in years. I had no idea they have 40 packs now!!!

by Anonymous, duhreply 5904/18/2020


by Anonymous, duhreply 6004/18/2020

I've fallen into a cycle of eating comfort food, then going on massive exercise sprees to make up for it, then getting hungry and starting all over again.

Just polished off half a jar of almond butter and a few pieces of Dave's Killer (bread).

Oh, Dave. How I despise you.

by Anonymous, duhreply 6104/18/2020

R60 YES, gurl!! Door Dash is dangerous.

by Anonymous, duhreply 6204/18/2020


I'm rejoicing!

by Anonymous, duhreply 6304/18/2020

I make absolutely killer spaghetti sauce from scratch, so last week I decided to make an extra large batch so I could eat some then and freeze the other half. I then proceeded to sit down and eat fucking ALL of it. I'm amazed I could do it. There was a lot of it. Surprisingly, there were no ill effects afterward. I add that because while I very obviously type fat, I'm really not.

by Anonymous, duhreply 6404/18/2020

[quote]I eat peanut butter by the spoonful.

Try it with a spoonful of vanilla ice cream. It's fucking delicious.

by Anonymous, duhreply 6504/18/2020


by Anonymous, duhreply 6604/18/2020

This thread in a chocolate-covered nutshell:

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 6704/18/2020

Normally I don't ever have bread in the house, but when I went to the market and saw they had two bags of flour left on the shelf, I grabbed them. I don't have any yeast, but I've been making olive oil biscuits every day. Beautiful herbed biscuits with every meal, I can't stop. That, and a bottle of very nice wine every day since I splurged on Total Wine delivery. I've never had so much bread and wine in my life, and I show no signs of slowing down.

by Anonymous, duhreply 6804/18/2020

I just ate half a bag of chex mix.

by Anonymous, duhreply 6904/18/2020

R55 only if while Cockgobblering you guzzled down their respective loads, Aaron.

by Anonymous, duhreply 7004/18/2020

Did you see Ben & Jerry have a new flavor for the quaranteen, Netflix & Chill. I'm getting five of them tomorrow.

by Anonymous, duhreply 7104/18/2020

^ I bet it tastes like graham crackers, chocolate, and vanilla ice cream


by Anonymous, duhreply 7204/18/2020

R60 Oh Fuck!! Maybe there is a silver lining to this whole pandy thing after all. I know it’s after Lent, but is it okay if I get a filet o fish, too. Shit, I might as well get a McFlurry too while I’m at it.

by Anonymous, duhreply 7304/18/2020

Lays, Daisy sour cream. A lot. With beer.

by Anonymous, duhreply 7404/18/2020

R73 I had a shamrock shake and the shamrock McFlurry delivered on St Patrick’s Day. The extra calories were worth every bite.

by Anonymous, duhreply 7504/18/2020

^^ true American.

by Anonymous, duhreply 7604/18/2020

[quote]You Are Forgiven.

Says who?

by Anonymous, duhreply 7704/18/2020

Mark your calendar, bitches.

4th of July Disney Cake Shake

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 7804/18/2020

R51 In the store I said, "I'll have a pint a week - this'll last me until June."

Fat fuckin' chance of that.

by Anonymous, duhreply 7904/18/2020

Says all humans, animals, matter, antimatter, quarks and imagined deities, r77.

That's who.

by Anonymous, duhreply 8004/18/2020

I just ate a Kit Kat "DUOS - Mint + Dark Chocolate.

I'll forgive myself, thank you very much.

by Anonymous, duhreply 8104/18/2020

Before quarantine I would workout 3 to 4 times a week and eat super healthy. Now I drink a min of 1 bottle of wine a night, and eat as many crap carbs as I want. I am eating Briar's ice cream now with chocolate sauce. I keep telling myself I don't look fat, but I know that is a lie.

by Anonymous, duhreply 8204/18/2020

R37 Try it with a spoonful of cold hot fudge sauce (any will do but Stonewall Farms is excellent) and it tastes like a gooey Reese's peanut butter cup.

by Anonymous, duhreply 8304/18/2020

We all scream for ice cream ... apparently, several times a day!

by Anonymous, duhreply 8404/18/2020

Time to re-state it, everybody (thank you, r54):

Ego omnes vos absolvo.... In nomine patris et filii et spiritus sancti.

by Anonymous, duhreply 8504/18/2020

I had a bag of new and improved bag of Cool Ranch Doritos to myself as a meal yesterday, and a very tiny miniature soft-serve sundae to myself but that's about all the sinful eating I can manage these days. I am frustrated, tired of eating delivery food on account of the 'rona and I am chronically underweight.

by Anonymous, duhreply 8604/18/2020

You can always throw up anything you eat.

by Anonymous, duhreply 8704/18/2020

Op if you are the same op as the Bat thread I swear I will hunt you down and become your devoted groupie, I love you that much.

Back on topic: I have been baking cakes, cookies, muffins and bread as a stress reliever and then hoovering up same into my fat face. I haven’t done much takeout, too paranoid, but I’ve been cooking heavy meat and starchy meals.

by Anonymous, duhreply 8804/18/2020

I'm eating lots and lots of pussy.

by Anonymous, duhreply 8904/18/2020

Oh, no, r88. I'm not the OP of the Bat thread. I'm a fan of that thread , too and I'm humbled and flattered you'd compare this one to that one.

Right now, I'm looking at my Custards and singing, "Do I want you because you're wonderful? Or, are wonderful because I want you?"

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 9004/18/2020

Last week I made a caramelized White Castle casserole (my variation on the caramelized ham and Swiss casserole) and ate all six butter-soaked White Castles with cheese myself. Afterwards I felt like a python that swallowed a large mammal. On the upside, I was so full I didn't eat again until the following afternoon.

Otherwise, I've been pigging out on Lay's salt and vinegar Poppables dipped in whipped cream cheese and the occasional tray of my homemade Chex party mix made with Crispix, plenty of real butter, goldfish crackers, cashews and peanuts.

by Anonymous, duhreply 9104/18/2020

I just ate dinner, a bunch of cookies and may go attack a bag of chips.

Maybe the weed smoking is making everyone eat everything that isn’t glued down.

by Anonymous, duhreply 9204/18/2020

EAT Fat-Whores, EAT! Eat until your heart's content!

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 9304/18/2020

Please link to the Bat thread.

by Anonymous, duhreply 9404/18/2020

Here ,r94

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 9504/18/2020

I bought a box of Little Debbie P-Nutty Bars.

by Anonymous, duhreply 9604/18/2020

How many lbs of human weight have been gained over the last month?

If we're counting only Americans?

Let's see, an equation my be:

10 lbs x 200, 000, 000 Adult Americans =

by Anonymous, duhreply 9704/18/2020

I had it for dinner a few days ago:

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 9804/18/2020

I had it for a morning snack

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 9904/18/2020

Olive oil biscuits, R68? Any chance you’d share the recipe with us?

by Anonymous, duhreply 10004/18/2020

I've made a batch of chocolate chip cookies every week for the past 3 weeks.

by Anonymous, duhreply 10104/18/2020

I had a really difficult work day on Friday.

I drank a bottle of wine, ate a bag of jellybeans, and passed out listening to Neil Diamond’d “Hot August Night.”

What do I win?

by Anonymous, duhreply 10204/18/2020

I just ate a 1lb container of Aldis Buffalo chicken salad (its to die for) along with a family size bag of Tostito chips. It makes a lovely dip . Ive put on about 8 lbs in 3 weeks and I do not give ONE fuck .

by Anonymous, duhreply 10304/18/2020

Basic recipe: Two cups flour, 1 tablespoon baking powder, 1 teaspoon salt, 2/3 cup milk, 1/3 cup olive oil. I also added about a teaspoon of garlic powder, a teaspoon of cayenne pepper, and about two tablespoons of minced fresh herbs (rosemary, thyme, green onion). Mix dry ingredients, then add the milk and oil, barely mix, shape into golf-ball sized balls, and bake 425 degrees for about 12 minutes. They are kind of crude but very satisfying.

by Anonymous, duhreply 10404/18/2020


by Anonymous, duhreply 10504/18/2020

I make Nachos weekly after starving myself during the week.

Lime Tostitos, Lily's Gourmet Smoked Barbecue Sauce(this is they KEY ingredient), A little Old El Paso Taco Sauce, Sharp cheddar, A little Mozzarella..... Its insanely good

Once a week. While I eat 1000 calories Mon-Fri.

by Anonymous, duhreply 10604/18/2020

Everyone's been talking about food. I've been smoking around 3 joints a day. Even during the day now.

by Anonymous, duhreply 10704/18/2020


by Anonymous, duhreply 10804/18/2020

That must be bad shit if the weed smoking doesn't lead to food.

by Anonymous, duhreply 10904/18/2020

Welch's Fruit Snacks

I ate a whole box yesterday

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 11004/18/2020

I can't do this anymore. I'm having green smoothies all this week.

by Anonymous, duhreply 11104/18/2020

I'm having green smoothies all this week.

*the St. Patrick's shakes I stockpiled last month*

by Anonymous, duhreply 11204/18/2020

You're on to me, you bitch^

by Anonymous, duhreply 11304/18/2020


by Anonymous, duhreply 11404/18/2020

i made chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies and yeast rolls. I haven't been able to find and yeast since though.

by Anonymous, duhreply 11504/18/2020

Amazon has yeast. I just looked

by Anonymous, duhreply 11604/18/2020

I weight myself this morning. Gained 5 fucking pounds in a month. I should blame myself, but for some reason I blame my mother.

by Anonymous, duhreply 11704/18/2020


by Anonymous, duhreply 11804/18/2020

Honey Buns in the microwave for 15 sec while still in the wrapper...…WINNING!

by Anonymous, duhreply 11904/18/2020

Good night, I will be dreaming of all you honey buns

by Anonymous, duhreply 12004/18/2020

It is 4AM in Phoenix and I just had a big bowl of coffee flavored Blue Bell ice cream along with a marijuana laced peanut butter cookie. I am so happy I have plenty of sweat pants to wear.

by Anonymous, duhreply 12104/19/2020

I just ordered ingredients for that 2 ingredient fudge on youtube

Can't wait.

by Anonymous, duhreply 12204/19/2020

My friends took me out for a "good" birthday pizza last night, which we ate outdoors, on picnic tables in a park at recommended social distance (we had to shout).

When I got home later, I started a bag of Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn, which I will continue to eat today. I hadn't eaten this particular snack food since around 1991, but somehow it's become my Corona Person Chow. I only get one bag a week, though.

by Anonymous, duhreply 12304/19/2020

I had an acid reflux attack four weeks ago so I've been eating very little and avoiding all my favorite foods.

I will live vicariously through all of you.

Keep your stories of gluttony coming!

by Anonymous, duhreply 12404/19/2020

Those serpents in my freezer waited for a vulnerable moment (really, which is every moment).

I approached my freezer to cast them out, not eat them. As my hand made contact with the cartons, I heard, "Why did you do this, Dimi?"

I lost.

1/2 a carton of chocolate remains in my freezer, to mock me.

And yet, To receive forgiveness, one must be a forgiver. We're all good.

by Anonymous, duhreply 12504/19/2020

Yesterday someone on this thread mentioned Nabisco Pinwheel Cookies.

So of course I bought a package early this morning during my now bi-monthly grocery shopping. They are in the fridge as I type, I like them cold. Haven't had them in years.

If this is wrong I don't want to be right.

by Anonymous, duhreply 12604/19/2020



by Anonymous, duhreply 12704/19/2020

Trader Joe's has their key lime pie in stock. OMG, it is to die for. I typically follow a whole food, plant based diet - it is neither.

by Anonymous, duhreply 12804/19/2020

I've had a couple of pig-outs, but I'm more concerned that just eating the same as before is getting me fat because we're not moving as much.

I've had to consciously restrict how much I eat - and spread it out.

by Anonymous, duhreply 12904/19/2020

As I type this, I'm saturating 3 days old, pre-moldy bread in French Toast batter.

A month ago I splurged on a bottle of real maple syrup. I have actual butter.

That is all.

by Anonymous, duhreply 13004/19/2020

Big booty twinks

by Anonymous, duhreply 13104/19/2020

DANGER! DANGER! You can now get See's Candies again!

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 13204/19/2020

R28 Please elaborate on that vegetarian pot pie. I'm very interested.

by Anonymous, duhreply 13304/19/2020

R128, where do you live? I called my local TJ's (Pittsburgh), and they're not getting key lime pie until May (12 more days, but still).

by Anonymous, duhreply 13404/19/2020

R134, the struggle is real! Have faith, fat whores of Pittsburgh! You will get your TJ's keylime pie eventually!

by Anonymous, duhreply 13504/19/2020

r134, I am sheltering around Palm Springs, CA. I forgot about it until I saw your post. I had another piece.

by Anonymous, duhreply 13604/19/2020

I ate an entire cheesecake in one sitting. Don't tell the girls or they'll send me to fat camp with that dreadful Delta Burke.

by Anonymous, duhreply 13704/19/2020

R98, fuck Pepperidge Farm for discontinuing the vanilla layer cake

by Anonymous, duhreply 13804/19/2020

I bought 8 cadbury creme eggs today, so.

by Anonymous, duhreply 13904/19/2020

I ate an entire six-pack of Publix buttercream cupcakes. I feel awful and wonderful at the same time.

by Anonymous, duhreply 14004/19/2020

When I get depressed, I get a Pepperidge Farm frozen three layer coconut cake and a half gallon of milk. I remove the cake from the box, transfer it to a plate, and eat the whole thing, washed down by the milk. I have done this several days in a row upon occasion. And I know what you're imagining, but I'm 6'1" and weigh 170 lbs and have 165 cholesterol.

by Anonymous, duhreply 14104/19/2020

You know you can just throw it up and the sin goes away, right?

by Anonymous, duhreply 14204/19/2020

I bought $7 worth of M&M's "Fudge Brownie M&Ms"... they are freakin' fantastic.

by Anonymous, duhreply 14304/20/2020

[quote]"Fudge Brownie M&Ms"

Wait...what? I've never heard of these. Are they regional?

by Anonymous, duhreply 14404/20/2020

R96 You should put those Nutty bars in the freezer. It instantly turns them into frozen Kit Kats. Or try this recipe...

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 14504/20/2020

I have taken a liking to Sara Lee Butter Bread. It was the only thing on the shelf when I last grocery shopped so I threw it in the cart. It made for a fine meatloaf sandwich today.

by Anonymous, duhreply 14604/20/2020

R144, they're apparently new. Huge display of them at my local Walgreens (I had to pick up some other things there, and couldn't stop myself when I saw these).

They ROCK.

by Anonymous, duhreply 14704/20/2020

I ate 4 Twinkies and 3 candy bars today alone.

by Anonymous, duhreply 14804/20/2020

[quote]I ate 4 Twinkies and 3 candy bars today alone.


by Anonymous, duhreply 14904/20/2020

i've been craving home made mac and cheese so i bought the ingredients at the store the other day. I'm going to make it tomorrow

by Anonymous, duhreply 15004/20/2020

I slept in, than ate cake. Only cake, the whole day.

by Anonymous, duhreply 15104/21/2020

I had a bag of frozen cranberries, and made the Cranberry Butter Bars printed on the bag. So good, many cranberries and butter in each bite. Need more for coffee time.

by Anonymous, duhreply 15204/21/2020

A bag of chicken strips. I ate the who fucking thing. I already type fat, but this was more than a bit untoward.

by Anonymous, duhreply 15304/21/2020

Monday: Started entering all food intake into MyFitnessPal app.

Tuesday: Decided ignorance is bliss, deleted app, ate half a loaf of homemade banana bread.

by Anonymous, duhreply 15404/21/2020

I just bought a movie theater size of Whoppers and ate them all in less than 3 minutes.

by Anonymous, duhreply 15504/21/2020

I bought two slices of chocolate cake with vanilla icing and a pint of ice cream with the intent of making it last 4 days. Within an hour I ate the cake and most of the ice cream.

by Anonymous, duhreply 15604/21/2020

This is the best thread.

by Anonymous, duhreply 15704/21/2020

Atta Gurl R154 ! Welcome to the dark side .

by Anonymous, duhreply 15804/21/2020

I can't stop eating Cheez-Its. I've nearly gone through an entire family-sized box in two days.

by Anonymous, duhreply 15904/21/2020

Today. By myself!

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by Anonymous, duhreply 16004/21/2020

R157 I agree; however, not living [italic]that[/italic] vicariously!

by Anonymous, duhreply 16104/22/2020

A fruit tart is practically a health food in these times.

by Anonymous, duhreply 16204/22/2020

^ It was super sweet. Very sugary. I ate the whole thing while binge-watching "Succession".

by Anonymous, duhreply 16304/22/2020

See's Candies are shipping again. Just ordered four pounds of custom mix.

by Anonymous, duhreply 16404/22/2020


Did you get any Rum Nougat in your mix? I LOVE Rum Nougat.

by Anonymous, duhreply 16504/22/2020

No. Not one of my favorites. I ordered two 2-pound boxes; you can only have 10 varieties in each.

by Anonymous, duhreply 16604/22/2020

Lots of marvelous Japanese whisky.

by Anonymous, duhreply 16704/22/2020

R143, I wish you were here so I could give you the rest of the bag I just bought. Not brownie-esque at all.

by Anonymous, duhreply 16804/22/2020

Datalounge En Masse Absolvo

by Anonymous, duhreply 16904/22/2020

Haven't done it in a long time, but...

I could go through a tub of Kaukauna cheddar cheese...What constipation afterwards, but such comfort food!

A whole package of McVitie's milk chocolate digestives...

Hot Crab Dip in one sitting

Potato salad

by Anonymous, duhreply 17004/22/2020

r7 there was a bakery in my neighborhood and the chef made chocolate turtle pie. She made them in 10" and 7". I would buy the 7" my intention was to cut the pie in quarters and have dessert for 4 nights, that never happened.

Not long after adding turtle pie to her list of treats she stopped baking and turned the space over to a chef who made entrees to go. I miss her baked goods terribly but that pie was going to kill me.

by Anonymous, duhreply 17104/22/2020

[quote] I could go through a tub of Kaukauna cheddar cheese

"Could" you or DID you. BonniePrinceCharlie, at r170?

You, nevertheless, are forgiven by the grace of Mother Matter, Existence & Time. Or, she prefers her nickname Metty, for short.

by Anonymous, duhreply 17204/22/2020

What type of crust, r171? Graham cracker?

by Anonymous, duhreply 17304/22/2020

I have gone through one, Metty! I just couldn't stop that butterknife out, box of triscuits, that cheese...and I went to town!. Reminds me, too...I've done the same with a cheddar cheese ball covered in walnuts...

Jeez! I'm hungry, R172.

I can also remember coming home from high school, opening the fridge, and seeing a bowl full of fried chicken leftover from dinner the night before. That'd be gone! I'm glad that I'm not 17 anymore, but I wish I had my 17 year old self's metabolism!

by Anonymous, duhreply 17404/22/2020

You're honest disclosure redeems you, BonniePrinceCharlie


by Anonymous, duhreply 17504/22/2020

OMG ! I just discovered Jiffy French Silk Chocolate peanut butter ! Its sinful on graham crackers !

by Anonymous, duhreply 17604/22/2020

Magic Mushrooms and vodka 🍄

by Anonymous, duhreply 17704/22/2020

Get behind me Satan!

And wait your turn.

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 17804/22/2020

I stuffed myself until I vomited many times.

by Anonymous, duhreply 17904/22/2020

Oh, I'm sorry to read that, r179. I'm sure that's unpleasant. Please be better to yourself.

Allow the lower portion of your corporeal matter, aka, your bowels an rectum, to do the expelling.

Be assured, my child, while this thing called Control can be real, we also may create a false sense within ourselves that we have it in ALL aspects of life.

That's delusional thinking. Let Go, or, Be Dragged.

And, you know? You're too good to be dragged.


by Anonymous, duhreply 18004/22/2020

R174 Oh God yes. Excellent with Wheat Thins.

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 18104/22/2020

[quote]She made them in 10" and 7". I would buy the 7" my intention was to cut the pie in quarters and have dessert for 4 nights, that never happened.

No gay man in history has ever turned down 10" in favor of 7".

by Anonymous, duhreply 18204/22/2020

R178 what ever in the world are those delicious looking things? Must have recipe.

by Anonymous, duhreply 18304/22/2020

I need to go to Wegmans and get one of their large fruit tarts. Eight servings, my ass.

by Anonymous, duhreply 18404/22/2020

Spending a 22hr layover in Phoenix with a bottle of 1800 and matching bottle of margarita mix, a 6pack of beer, and some quest fundido I ordered takeout from a restaurant next to my hotel.

by Anonymous, duhreply 18504/22/2020

r183 They look like Nanaimo bars.

by Anonymous, duhreply 18604/22/2020

Looks like this

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 18704/22/2020

Since this lockdown began I've been eating different Pepperidge Farm cookies (today it's Mint Milano flavor which is glorious) along with various flavors of Haagen-Dazs ice cream. Not at the same time, but now that I've typed that, I going to try spreading ice cream onto the cookies. It ain't the virus that's gonna do me wrong, that's for sure!

by Anonymous, duhreply 18804/22/2020

I mixed chexmix into my butter pecan ice cream.

by Anonymous, duhreply 18904/22/2020

I just had my third big bowl of ice cream. So tasty.

by Anonymous, duhreply 19004/22/2020

I ate two Granny Smith apples. Two! Like some kind of animal!

by Anonymous, duhreply 19104/22/2020

Mangoes. I'm eating mangoes like Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now letting the juice run all over my hands, picking my teeth with a knife, and mumbling to myself. Let the world end, just give me fresh mangoes.

by Anonymous, duhreply 19204/22/2020

[quote]I just had my third big bowl of ice cream.

What's a bowl?

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by Anonymous, duhreply 19304/23/2020

Apparently I’ve taken on a depression era mindset and refuse to let any food go to waste. I’ve never eaten more banana bread and zucchini bread in my life. Basically every few days I make another and it’s gone before I know it.

by Anonymous, duhreply 19404/23/2020

Betty Crocker "Super Moist" Yellow Cake needed to be supplemented. I added an extra egg, 1/4 more vegetable oil, and substituted 1/4 of the cup of water with whole milk.

Basically it's almost a heavy, saturated, baked crepe. I made sure to not leave it a second more than necessary in the oven.

Speaking of " a heavy, saturated, baked crepe" , if I still smoked pot, that's exactly what I'd be if I were high.

I'll perform acts of penance when I get around to it. The frosting won't create itself, ya know.

by Anonymous, duhreply 19504/23/2020

I live close to a place with the best bagels I've ever had and they have curbside pickup. Last week I went through a dozen in 4 days. And they have crumb cake with huge crumbs. I'm not a sweets guy but those things are like crack. I'm guessing I'm up about 8 lbs. in 5 weeks but I'm too scared to step on the scale.

by Anonymous, duhreply 19604/23/2020

I know my pants are getting a little tight but I'm also too scared of weighing myself

by Anonymous, duhreply 19704/23/2020

Pants? Who wears pants?

by Anonymous, duhreply 19804/23/2020

[quote] And they have crumb cake with huge crumbs.

Where in New Jersey, r196?

by Anonymous, duhreply 19904/23/2020

I'm interested in the crumb cake too R199 and R196. Was is a double crumb like this one?

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 20004/23/2020

Thanks R186 R187

by Anonymous, duhreply 20104/23/2020

Last night I found a package of Tate's Chocolate Chip cookies in the pantry I had forgotten about. They are gone.

I've rationalized this by telling myself that the "Best By" date was in May 2020 and I deserve to experience things at their "best"!

by Anonymous, duhreply 20204/23/2020


by Anonymous, duhreply 20304/23/2020

For some ungodly reason I've developed a craving for carbs—LOTS of carbs. I usually exist pretty much on meat, but for the past few weeks I've been chowing down on baked potatoes with a ton o' butter, spaghetti, rice, and a shit-ton of bread. Strangely, I've not gained any weight. (Yet).

by Anonymous, duhreply 20404/23/2020

I really want to make buffalo chicken dip but I know that I'll consume all of it and that would be bad.

by Anonymous, duhreply 20504/23/2020

Baby potatoes with butter and hollandaise

by Anonymous, duhreply 20604/23/2020

r206 Try Bernaise instead, you'll thank me later.

r205 Is that the baked dip that Chef John on FoodWishes makes? VERY greasy but VERY good.

r204 I've just done the reverse today. Been bingeing on carbs but have now felt the need for more protein. Scooped up a lot of stuff at the market yesterday: Italian sausage, chicken thighs, strip steaks and salmon fillets. It's unusual for me to make this much, but I had a real craving for cooked beasts.

Not abandoning carbs though, also bought 5 TastyKake Coconut Creme pies( they are in the fridge), and 3 pints of B/R Pralines and Cream.

by Anonymous, duhreply 20704/23/2020

Today, I decided I needed to stop being a gluttonous, fat whore like you all. So far, I've only had coffee with a little heavy cream, some blueberries and an egg.

I will not continue down this path of destruction.

by Anonymous, duhreply 20804/23/2020

I know what you mean R208. It's starting to get old and I'm so sick of feeling guilty. I had a Greek yogurt and a granola bar for breakfast. I know, I know, carbs in the granola bar. It's an improvement on a sausage, egg and cheese bagel though. I can't keep eating like a 16 yr old stoner boy.

by Anonymous, duhreply 20904/23/2020


by Anonymous, duhreply 21004/23/2020

Buffalo Chicken Dip (Frank's Red Hot)

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 21104/23/2020

R209, I already fucking failed!

I just had four slices of toasted walnut cranberry bread with butter and half a block swiss cheese.

by Anonymous, duhreply 21204/23/2020

LOL R208 I know I'm not far behind once I get home and smoke some pot. I've got those fucking Nutty bars in the freezer....

by Anonymous, duhreply 21304/23/2020

Two boxes of Peeps on sale from CVS leftover from Easter. One chocolate and the other cherry.

by Anonymous, duhreply 21404/24/2020

Still failing.

I had 6 eggo waffles and bacon for dinner. I haven't had a fucking eggo in like 10 years. I saw them at the market and got them today. But at least the maple syrup was high quality.

by Anonymous, duhreply 21504/24/2020

Eggos cook so fast, you can keep eating more in a short time.

by Anonymous, duhreply 21604/24/2020

Datalounge En Masse Absolvo to Infinity

by Anonymous, duhreply 21704/24/2020

I snagged the last two packages of Stouffer's Welsh Rarebit at Publix. I was grinning ear to ear but no one was aware of my goofy smiling since I was wearing a mask!

I devoured the first package the moment I got home served over toasted bagel with ham and tomato slices. I promised myself I would "save" the second package for next week. That ain't gonna happen.

by Anonymous, duhreply 21804/24/2020

I had a large bowl of Banana Nice Cream with some extra dates and cacao nibs! I'm so naughty!

by Anonymous, duhreply 21904/24/2020

I cant wait for this covid shit to end so we can have endless threads bemoaning how fat we've gotten !

by Anonymous, duhreply 22004/25/2020

I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies this morning. I've eaten 3 so far.

by Anonymous, duhreply 22104/25/2020


by Anonymous, duhreply 22204/25/2020

Tip if you have a Culver's near you that's drawing you in with their tractor beam-

Always order their vanilla or chocolate custard pints. They're fresh-made and packed into the carton right out of the mixer.

Don't get me wrong, their pre-packaged variety flavors are delicious too, but, they're pre-packaged, and I surmise, are leftovers of their "Flavors of the Day". If you buy one, and love Chocolate, try the Dark Chocolate Decadence.

by Anonymous, duhreply 22304/25/2020

Went to the supermarket this morning with my husband. Bought all healthy stuff. A bunch of vegetables, chicken, whole grains etc.. I get home and there's a package of Duncan Hines lemon mug cakes in one of the bags. I took it as a sign that we were meant to have them. I do feel sorry for the woman ahead of me who bought them but went home without them.

by Anonymous, duhreply 22404/25/2020

Bitches, I think today is the day I leave you behind. Had black coffee (no sugar) and an egg for breakfast. Lunch: small piece of cheese. Dinner: chicken and vegetables.

I will not eat past 7.

I'm done with you fat whores!

by Anonymous, duhreply 22504/25/2020

Sounds like you didn’t eat enough R225, that can lead to binging...

by Anonymous, duhreply 22604/25/2020

A newfound fondness (three nights in a row, one large bag) for tortilla chips sprinkled with the four kinds of Mexican cheese that come in the ziplock bag and baked at 350F for 10 minutes. I had avocados and the guacamole with sour cream (never made it that way before) and it lasted for the three nights - amazing. Now I'm out of salsa, too.

TJ's opens at 8 am. Lather, rinse, repeat.

by Anonymous, duhreply 22704/25/2020

Wow! R227 has invented nachos!

by Anonymous, duhreply 22804/25/2020

[quote]Sounds like you didn’t eat enough [R225], that can lead to binging...

Admittedly, I broke the 7p rule and ate some walnuts and plain yogurt - but that's it. I did good today. Which means tomorrow, I'm due to fuck up

by Anonymous, duhreply 22904/25/2020

What r133 said.

No withholding recipes. That's unforgivable.

No. Won't Google it. Spill

by Anonymous, duhreply 23004/25/2020

R104 I made your biscuit recipe—they were delicious and easy. Baked them for a few extra minutes.. It took me two days to polish them off.

by Anonymous, duhreply 23104/25/2020

You'll be back R225 . Just you wait and see . Meanwhile I just polished off 2 king sized Mounds bars in homage to you .

by Anonymous, duhreply 23204/25/2020

I may or may not have eaten an entire Godiva cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory....allegedly.

by Anonymous, duhreply 23304/26/2020

I'm quitting.

I'll finish my package of Nabisco Pinwheels Cookies today and then noooo wire hangers and No. More. Sugar.

by Anonymous, duhreply 23404/27/2020

I'm going to build the largest fort of nachos today and then I'm going to live in them, and gradually eat my way out of them. With extra sour cream, guacamole, and salsa as ornamentation.

by Anonymous, duhreply 23504/27/2020

I am on my last carton of ice cream and will finish it today. After that I am going to stop eating sugar. I am up 12 pounds.

by Anonymous, duhreply 23604/27/2020


by Anonymous, duhreply 23704/27/2020

R237 - It's all for yoooooouuuu that I'm living so deliciously!

by Anonymous, duhreply 23804/27/2020

I'm down to the last two Patti LaBelle sweet potato pies, some store brand sugar cookies with a slightly fishy flavor, about a dozen scones, half a bag of frozen strawberries and an ice cream Yule log we didn't have for Christmas, all in the freezer.

There are predictions of meat shortages. Meat is going to be the new toilet paper by Friday.

by Anonymous, duhreply 23904/27/2020

Bought three crullers today. I told myself they are for breakfast over the next few days but one is already gone and I'm eyeing another.

by Anonymous, duhreply 24004/27/2020

A guy I know has it right.

He's in his early 70s and is in superb shape. He too, has a ferocious sweet tooth, but he keeps it simple. He just doesn't allow himself to bring into his home anything rich and sugary.

And it works. It's sickening.

He goes through those mega-boxes of Low-sugar popsicles (15 calories a popsicle) like nobody's business, though.

by Anonymous, duhreply 24104/27/2020

Since quarantine started I've gone from a weekend pot smoker to a nightly pot smoker. I am in pretty good shape, and I didn't want this to erase all my progress, so my days basically consist of a T25 or Insanity workout 5x's a week and brownie ice cream sundaes at night. I haven't gained any weight since this started so I assume what I'm doing must be working.

by Anonymous, duhreply 24204/27/2020

[quote]He's in his early 70s and is in superb shape. He too, has a ferocious sweet tooth, but he keeps it simple. He just doesn't allow himself to bring into his home anything rich and sugary.

I would just sit in my car then, fork in one hand, cake in the other.

by Anonymous, duhreply 24304/27/2020

lol, r243

by Anonymous, duhreply 24404/27/2020

R128 Trader Joe's has the key lime pie back in stock in Greater Boston - and it's as good as ever.

OTOH, the German/sometimes Hungarian-sourced Morello cherries in the glass jar are gone and most likely for good according to the manager.

by Anonymous, duhreply 24504/30/2020

My partner and I have been having a couple of Coconut Dunkin Donuts or two of their Coffee Cake or Blueberry Muffins during our daily teatime Scrabble games🐷🐷🐷

by Anonymous, duhreply 24604/30/2020

oh, no! Hold yourselves back,, r246!

by Anonymous, duhreply 24704/30/2020

I am about to make a “New Family Sized!” box of macaroni and cheese.

Do you have a problem with that?

by Anonymous, duhreply 24804/30/2020

I ordered cookies to be delivered multiple times a few weeks ago. In one week, I had 24 cookies.

by Anonymous, duhreply 24904/30/2020

I baked a whole tray of Nestle's Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies. 24 cookies, I think. I ate them all in one sitting. Fuck it. I ran 7 miles the next morning.

by Anonymous, duhreply 25004/30/2020

I used to eat like 3 pies a week at one point at the end of college. I gained 20 pounds, but oh well.

by Anonymous, duhreply 25104/30/2020

I've been cooking a lot ... pork chops, steak, burgers, pasta, baked potatoes, breakfast sandwiches (with sausage patties, egg, and cheese, etc. Tomorrow I'm making meatloaf.

by Anonymous, duhreply 25204/30/2020

I ate a whole bag of Cheddar Sun Chips in one sitting the other day. Normally I go for the sweet stuff, but chips and the like have not been safe in my house during this pandemic.

by Anonymous, duhreply 25304/30/2020

Forgivus Maximus

by Anonymous, duhreply 25404/30/2020

I've moved on to jam tarts. Yes, the slice is what I saved for tomorrow.

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by Anonymous, duhreply 25505/01/2020


Your jam tart makes me feel shame and embarrassment over the Tastykake Butterscotch Krimpets I just inhaled. My eating habits have truly regressed to those of a 10 yr old.

I'm going to turn over a new leaf...Monday.

by Anonymous, duhreply 25605/01/2020

R256 You are not alone. I recently rediscovered my adolescent love for Ding Dongs. Judging by their popularity and sold out status at the grocery store, I am not the only one.

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 25705/01/2020

I loved Butterscotch Krimpets so much in the 1960s, r256. I tried them again in the 2000s. They weren't as good.

by Anonymous, duhreply 25805/01/2020

It was the same with the Ding Dongs, but I chowed down anyway.

by Anonymous, duhreply 25905/01/2020

R252 as I read your luscious dinner list my mother's ham and potato casserole flashed in front of my eyes. The potatoes were sliced quite thin and the top layer had crispy edges. The ham, cut off the bone, were probably the last bits, but at the time I didn't perceive it as a clever leftover...

by Anonymous, duhreply 26005/01/2020

R259- Word on the street is you will chow down on anyone's king dong!!!


by Anonymous, duhreply 26105/01/2020

I resemble that remark R261!!

by Anonymous, duhreply 26205/01/2020

[quote]Your jam tart makes me feel shame and embarrassment over the Tastykake Butterscotch Krimpets I just inhaled. My eating habits have truly regressed to those of a 10 yr old.

It's not merely eating habits. It's psychological. We felt safer/happier/carefree as kids and we regress to that "happy place." We can't actually go back to that age, so the only way to get some part of our younger selves is through the food (usually junk food) we ate as children.

by Anonymous, duhreply 26305/01/2020

r255 Oh, my. Linzertorte is my all-time favorite dessert. I've never tried making one, but maybe I should try.

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 26405/01/2020

[quote]You Are Forgiven.

There are many things for which one might be forgiven on DL...

...being a fatty who gorges on food ain't one of them.

by Anonymous, duhreply 26505/01/2020

I cannot fathom the amount of empty calories in alcohol that I have consumed.

by Anonymous, duhreply 26605/01/2020

R266, they don't count if you don't think about it.

by Anonymous, duhreply 26705/01/2020

I've been getting high on edibles at night, then waking up wondering if my pantry's been invaded by raccoons.

by Anonymous, duhreply 26805/01/2020

[quote]I cannot fathom the amount of empty calories in alcohol that I have consumed.

All of them. Every last one.

by Anonymous, duhreply 26905/01/2020

I take two Archway soft oatmeal cookies, smear the underside of each one with Cool Whip, and then press them together for an oatmeal cookie "ice cream" sandwich. And twice I put more Cool Whip on the outside tops of the cookies and added two Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches at each end--sort of a gluttonous, homebound dessert Big Mac.

by Anonymous, duhreply 27005/01/2020

20 KitKat's stashed in the fridge hiding behind the cabbage. I will cut a bitch if they pinch any

by Anonymous, duhreply 27105/01/2020

Just stuffed my face with this vegan stuffing! Ugh I'm so fat!

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 27205/01/2020

I just tossed a handful of walnuts in sizzling bacon fat, added a dollop of spicy grape sauce and then salted them.

by Anonymous, duhreply 27305/02/2020

R267 - that the damn pharmacies in my area have said there is a shortage of adderall I have to think about it. I don’t have gay mans toned body because I’m a gym nut like the rest of us....I have it because I’m good at a few squats, pushups, and NEVER FUCKING EAT. Without adderall, my alcohol calories actuall count because I’m eating like...everything. Hell, I’m used to having to throw out old shit in my fridge because I never had the appetite to eat am. And cheese stuffed hot dogs are delicious, along with subway, and bread. Lots of bread.

by Anonymous, duhreply 27405/02/2020

Not mine, but a friend's gluttony. When the Covid lock-downs started in early March, a friend who'd been at Harvard this year as a Fellow left when they shut down. She was headed back to Cornell where she and her husband teach. I know he loves cannolis from a place called Mike's Pastries, so I bought a dozen and gave 'em to her to take home.

She said she had no idea how it happened ( if) but by the time she got to Ithaca the box was empty and the front seat was covered with powdered sugar.

by Anonymous, duhreply 27505/02/2020

R23: Consider a load of cum is mostly fructose yeah.

by Anonymous, duhreply 27605/02/2020

I'm not crazy over sweets, but I do like those chocolate-covered toffee things from Trader Joe's every once in a while. Last week I bought three boxes, which I figured would last me through July. Today, after an especially grueling day at work (I'm a cop), I came home to discover that ALL THREE BOXES HAD BEEN EATEN! My partner is a high school teacher and is now home alone all day. He found my toffees and "couldn't help myself. I'm really sorry."

SOMEONE isn't getting any surprise anal tonight.


by Anonymous, duhreply 27705/02/2020

r275 Mike's Cannolis are soooooo good mmmm

by Anonymous, duhreply 27805/02/2020

I had a bag of these for dinner and when I saw the "share" nonsense, I actually said out loud "Fuck your commie bullshit, Hershey's! It's all mine!"

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 27905/02/2020

When I lived in Boston, we would always get lobster tails from Mike's. That is true gluttony.

by Anonymous, duhreply 28005/02/2020

Ralph's supermarkets in LA all have this large cart in the back where they load perishable items at discount that are either just past the expiration date, or the packaging has been damaged, or just didn't sell. Cakes, cookies, sometimes vitamins, bread, bottles of wine, etc. I was going thru a very bad period, out of my mind because of a traumatic incident, checked out the cart, and saw a large, sheet Bday cake for about 12-16 people. Vanilla with lots of buttercreme, frosting, huge flowers, the works. There was a small dent in it. It was marked $25.00 down to $3.99! I bought it. Got it home, took it out, ate every single flower, most of the icing, some of the actual cake, then threw it in the trash. I went to sleep feeling totally disgusted with myself.

The next morning, I woke up, pulled it out of the trash, and finished it off! Somehow I am still alive to tell about it.

by Anonymous, duhreply 28105/02/2020

I had a carton of Ben and Jerry's for dinner and just ate a THC laced peanut butter cookie. I am living it up.

by Anonymous, duhreply 28205/02/2020

R281 I've done that too, but had to pay full price. And I had ice cream with the cake at both the evening and morning sessions.

by Anonymous, duhreply 28305/02/2020

[quote]I had a carton of Ben and Jerry's for dinner and just ate a THC laced peanut butter cookie. I am living it up.

Living high!

by Anonymous, duhreply 28405/02/2020

R283 I was out of my mind with grief, and also going thru withdrawal from a prescription drug I never should have been put on to begin with. Three weeks later, I ended up in a mental ward for the first and only time in my life.

So my question to you is..... what kind of ice cream?

by Anonymous, duhreply 28505/02/2020

Last night I grabbed some pecans and tossed them in a pan and roasted them. Then I chopped them up and sprinkled them all over 3 scoops Häagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream. Then I topped the ice cream with some decadent hot fudge and hot caramel sauce. It was amazing! I think it’s called a turtle sundae somewhere.

by Anonymous, duhreply 28605/02/2020

Yes! Hagen-Dasz! I'm getting some Caramel Cone Ice Cream tomorrow on my shopping run and likely starting in on it for brunch. Raspberries and almonds on top, for nutrition.

by Anonymous, duhreply 28705/02/2020

En Masse Absolvo Beyond Infinity.

by Anonymous, duhreply 28805/03/2020

Bought a large Wegmans fruit tart. Half of it (3 servings) is gone.

by Anonymous, duhreply 28905/03/2020

Made a box of Anne’s Shells & Cheese. I added half the powdered cheese plus some shredded Parmesan, cheddar, Gruyere, and bleu cheese. Then I sliced up some smoked sausage and put it in there too! I ate approximately 71% of it. I must say it was wonderful! My dog goes crazy for shells & cheese but I only gave her a little bit. The leftovers will be breakfast tomorrow.

by Anonymous, duhreply 29005/03/2020

Today is my birthday. I’m fucking old. My market sells half cheesecakes. I got a chocolate chip one. Planning on getting really high and polishing it off.

by Anonymous, duhreply 29105/03/2020

I had a bag of corn chips for lunch.

by Anonymous, duhreply 29205/03/2020

I'm never going to eat the oatmeal I have, so I'm putting it to a more desirable use and making cookies. I might even add raisins since I also need to get rid of those too. I'm going to eat these for dinner, with a dish of rum raison Haagen-Dazs.

by Anonymous, duhreply 29305/03/2020

Rum raisin, not raison although overindulgence is my raison d'être lately.

by Anonymous, duhreply 29405/03/2020

I have baked 3 cheesecakes since the lockdown. My husband helped eat it but no way are we supposed to eat 3 in the space of a month. A few days ago I decided that I hadn't made a big enough pig of myself so I made a 13x9 pan of peanut butter fudge and ate damn near all of it. I feel like shit but I'm probably going to bake a pound cake this week.

by Anonymous, duhreply 29505/03/2020

Happy Birthday, R291!!

by Anonymous, duhreply 29605/03/2020

[quote]Bought a large Wegmans fruit tart. Half of it (3 servings) is gone.

Well, you know what they say -- you are what you eat.

by Anonymous, duhreply 29705/03/2020

[quote]Consider a load of cum is mostly fructose yeah.

And not vegan either!

by Anonymous, duhreply 29805/03/2020

Thank you post 296!

by Anonymous, duhreply 29905/03/2020

R291 You may be 65 but darling,you look 25 ! Happy Birthday .

by Anonymous, duhreply 30005/03/2020

R277, make him sleep in the yard.

R279, I love those and support your “no-sharing” policy.

by Anonymous, duhreply 30105/04/2020

R291 Happy birthday! Enjoy!

by Anonymous, duhreply 30205/04/2020

I baked the pound cake. Please pray for my redemption.

by Anonymous, duhreply 30305/04/2020

For something different, I am having Lindt Extra Creamy Milk Chocolate. It's not too shabby.

by Anonymous, duhreply 30405/04/2020

The other day I bought several full size Chunky bars (ironic, I know). On the package it said “Great for sharing.” What does that even mean?

by Anonymous, duhreply 30505/05/2020

Do they still come with raisins? I remember loving them as a kid, but I had to eat around the raisins. There is something so satisfying about the shape. That big square block o chocolate.

by Anonymous, duhreply 30605/05/2020

Am I wrong about this (for anyone who was an 80s kid): Weren't there rumors of worms being found in chunky? I've never ever eaten one specifically because I recall hearing that.

by Anonymous, duhreply 30705/05/2020

Yes, R306 they still have raisins. R307, the raisins help kill the worms (not really). I hadn't heard about the worm thing. I love the thick square of chocolate with all that peanuty and raisiny goodness. They're not so easy to find, unfortunately.

by Anonymous, duhreply 30805/05/2020

Not recent gluttony, but when I was about 12. My father brought home a cake frosted with chocolate frosting and chocolate sprinkles from a local bakery. I was alone in the kitchen with the white bakery box and the smell. I could not help myself - I took a fingerful of that frosting from the side of the cake and sucked it off. Heaven, Then the devil on my shoulder told me to take another taste and another and another. When I came out of my daze, all that was left was a naked cake. Fear kicked in and I frantically thought what I could do to fix the cake. My 12 year old mind had the idea that I could melt those chocolate squares my mother kept in the cabinet and whip up some new frosting even though I had never made frosting in my life.

Reality set in and I just closed the cake box and hid in my room until whichever of my parents found the cake first, then I would confess. I was scared because my father had a temper. Luckily, my parents found humor in the whole thing and it became a funny story for a few months.

by Anonymous, duhreply 30905/05/2020

I had a cookie last year.

by Anonymous, duhreply 31005/05/2020

I'm generally a pretty most eater (nothing to brag about). But I have a terrible weakness for cold soups once the weather warms up, especially Vichysoisse and gazpacho.

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 31105/05/2020

That reminds me of when I was little and my mom baked a birthday cake for me or my sister (can't remember which) and our German Shepherd took a huge bite out of it. There was no time to bake another cake (plus my mom is very frugal), so she cut out the bitten part and filled in the hole with frosting. That same dog, Jojo, once also ate a whole plate of her homemade fried chicken.

by Anonymous, duhreply 31205/05/2020

lol, r309 and r312

by Anonymous, duhreply 31305/05/2020

Found a can of peaches in heavy syrup in the pantry.

I ate the peaches and then I drank the heavy syrup out of the bowl.

I've never drank the heavy syrup before.

It was good.

by Anonymous, duhreply 31405/06/2020

"I've never drank the heavy syrup before."

Oh, dear!

by Anonymous, duhreply 31505/07/2020

Try frozen strawberries in syrup: that is good to drink too.

by Anonymous, duhreply 31605/07/2020

When this quarantine is over, you all have no excuse. We'll be starting a DL Diet Regimen Thread and these bad eating habits WILL stop. Yes, I'm stating boundaries for you bitches. No more chunky's and no more cake from the garbage.

by Anonymous, duhreply 31705/07/2020

I'm slathering butter on thick rye bread every morning when I wake up and toasting it. Then a couple of hours later it's time for a breakfast sandwich

by Anonymous, duhreply 31805/07/2020

[quote]Try frozen strawberries in syrup: that is good to drink too.

Do they still make those? I remember those square metal packages they came in. I thought they were pretty much replaced by the bags of plain frozen strawberries you can get now.

by Anonymous, duhreply 31905/07/2020

Frozen raspberries in syrup!

by Anonymous, duhreply 32005/07/2020

I’m now losing weight. I’m on Jenny Craig & I have diarrhea.

I get diarrhea once a month. My version of menses, I guess. But since I’m on a diet, it should help me lose weight this month

by Anonymous, duhreply 32105/07/2020

These are good, like the old ones in the tin.

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 32205/07/2020

I have never seen those before in my life. Why would strawberries be put in syrup and then frozen? How are they meant to be used?

by Anonymous, duhreply 32305/07/2020

COVID lockdown has made me schizo. On one hand, I am doing Insanity/T25 workouts in my basement 5 days a week after I get up in the morning. I barely eat all day except for egg whites and toast (or a protein waffle with sugar free syrup instead of toast) and a protein shake or bar for lunch. Later in the day is where things go downhill. Dinner is hit or miss... some nights are more healthy and nutritious than others. But then I smoke some weed and it is motherfuckin SNACK TIME... my after dinner stoned snacks of choice lately is crushing up a few Oreos in a bowl and adding a scoop of ice cream, a dollop of caramel sauce and some whipped cream. If I'm REALLY stoned I'll follow that with some cheez it's or goldfish crackers. And yet I have gone from 160 to 155 since this all started in March, so I guess those circuit workouts are firing up my metabolism and burning fat despite my evening binges.

by Anonymous, duhreply 32405/07/2020

You can use the strawberries in syrup as an ice cream and/or angel food cake topping, or, as suggested above, just eat the berries and drink the syrup.

by Anonymous, duhreply 32505/07/2020

I bought two bags of ketchup chips and will enjoy them with dip at midnight.

by Anonymous, duhreply 32605/07/2020

r323 They are also great to make strawberry shortcake, perfect for that bowl of Cheerios or Wheat Chex in the morning, a nice addition to a fruit smoothie, add some of the syrup to club soda for a refreshing drink.

Use it as the liquid portion(add all the strawberries first, then thin it out with the syrup as needed) when you make homemade American-style buttercream cake frosting, it adds flavor, texture, eye appeal and colors it's a lovely pink. Make a yellow two-layer cake, put some sliced bananas on the top of the bottom layer, spread thickly with the frosting, do the same to the top of the top layer, or split both layers(fill and frost accordingly) for a taller cake to serve more people, then finish frosting the entire cake. The frosting will keep the bananas from turning dark, but it still has to be refrigerated. It also works well with chocolate cake, omit the bananas, or not, as you wish.

by Anonymous, duhreply 32705/07/2020

That used to be the only way to get frozen strawberries. Now you can get so many different kinds of fruits (peaches, cherries, pineapple, mango, berries) frozen with nothing added. This was definitely not the case when I was younger.

by Anonymous, duhreply 32805/07/2020

I've been eating Bizzy Gal Dinner's Ready.

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 32905/07/2020

[quote]I'm slathering butter on thick rye bread every morning when I wake up and toasting it.

I slather after I take my toast out of the toaster, not before I put it in. You must go through a lot of toasters, r318.

by Anonymous, duhreply 33005/07/2020

^^^I put it in the toaster oven. Comes out nice and soft, the way I like my toast.

by Anonymous, duhreply 33105/08/2020

They have Springle Jangle at Trader Joe's. Oops

by Anonymous, duhreply 33205/08/2020

I've developed a terrible weakness for the doughnut's less healthy cousin, the koeksister. For breakfast.

Plus Pringles - once I pop that lid it's like I go into a fugue state for an hour. Then I look at the empty carton and wonder what the hell just happened.

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 33305/08/2020

Good Lord in Heaven R333. Are they like crullers? They're my favorite. My sister and I would beg our mother for a can of Pringles while we were grocery shopping. More often than not she would buy us a can and the 3 of us would eat the whole can on the way home from A & P or Safeway.

by Anonymous, duhreply 33405/08/2020

Pringles are disgusting. Regular potato chips are far superior.

by Anonymous, duhreply 33505/08/2020

I want strawberry shortcake with a homemade buttered biscuit warm out of the oven on top of ice cream. I WANT IT.

by Anonymous, duhreply 33605/08/2020

I have an almost empty jar of Skippy Super Chunk by my bed with a spoon in it, which I opened yesterday.

by Anonymous, duhreply 33705/08/2020

Sanders dark chocolate peanut butter blocks. A pound of them.

And I still have a box of the caramel ones.

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 33805/08/2020

[quote]I want strawberry shortcake with a homemade buttered biscuit warm out of the oven on top of ice cream. I WANT IT.

My mom introduced me to this when I was a kid. My first time at Roy Rogers. It was the greatest thing I had ever tasted. I haven't had it in 20 years.

by Anonymous, duhreply 33905/08/2020

I'm going to make this Apple Crumble Coffee Cake.

Chef John says if I whisk it by hand rather than using an electric mixer I burn calories the equivalent of a serving of this cake, give or take 400 calories, lol.

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 34005/08/2020

I have the recipe R339 and will make it for you when the August strawberries come in.

by Anonymous, duhreply 34105/08/2020

"I am forgiven?" Of course, r337.

You and everybody here on this thread. Now, forgive yourself.


by Anonymous, duhreply 34205/08/2020

Brand new shorts I bought 2 months ag no longer fit comfortably ,so I consoled myself with 6 individual servings of Jiffys french silk chocolate peanut butter . This is going to end badly,isnt it ?

by Anonymous, duhreply 34305/08/2020

I made a half-gallon of strawberry ice cream last night. Amazingly, it's still in the freezer, untouched.

Only because I haven't finished the coffee ice cream I made on Monday, though.

by Anonymous, duhreply 34405/08/2020

R341, and I'm an August baby! Leave them outside my house, please. I'll need to spray them with lysol before I take them inside, but I'll still eat them!


by Anonymous, duhreply 34505/08/2020

I made cream cheese and chocolate chip brownies which came out pretty good considering the last time I made brownies I was watching The Sonny and Cher Show. Ah nostalgia. My husband ate four the first night. Next I want to make jumbo blueberry muffins with orange zest in the batter and topped with a brown sugar pecan crumble.

by Anonymous, duhreply 34605/08/2020

Like crullers soaked in a thick syrup, R312/R334, until they're sticky and crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside. The perfect complement to a cup of strong black coffee and the breakfast of champions.

by Anonymous, duhreply 34705/09/2020

I’ve been eating a lot of muffins

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 34805/09/2020

Been so addicted to tuna casseroles lately.

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 34905/09/2020

I’ve been eating fatty roast beef every night. Gayle joins in sometimes too, although she swears she’s straight, I mean vegan now.

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 35005/09/2020

Well that was an easy block to get rid of the porn spammer.

by Anonymous, duhreply 35105/09/2020

OMG, no more gluttony for me after those posts! I'm going to vomit!

by Anonymous, duhreply 35205/09/2020

^^^ I’m glad someone understood the message. The only way to stop you fat asses from ending up like a very special episode of My 600lb Life is to induce bulimia with the one thing no gay man will ever eat

by Anonymous, duhreply 35305/09/2020

In a moment of weakness tonight, I got a Frappuccino from Starbucks. God must have intervened because I said venti, but the drive thru heard grande.

by Anonymous, duhreply 35405/09/2020

Ugh. Appetite lost. You didn't have to do this, R350. *Shudders*

by Anonymous, duhreply 35505/14/2020

R48/49/50 there is NO forgiveness for you. Burn in hell.

by Anonymous, duhreply 35605/14/2020

I managed to go about six weeks without eating anything "bad" until last week I ordered a piece of chocolate cake along with my usual curbside pickup grocery order. When I shopped in person they used to have a selection of quite good single-serving desserts, but this was surprisingly horrible. I think it might have been some old sugar free thing they'd dug out of a freezer.

by Anonymous, duhreply 35705/14/2020

R356 you probably meant to curse R348. R48 is a decent, upstanding glutton like all of us.

by Anonymous, duhreply 35805/14/2020

Tomorrow I plan to eat MANY spring rolls and fried shrimp with at least 6 different sauces and half a bottle of rosé champagne during the meal then the rest watching TV in bed.

by Anonymous, duhreply 35905/14/2020

One time years ago, when I first started taking Seroquel, I bought a banana creme pie and ate the whole damn thing at once. Seroquel makes you insatiability hungry. I still get up in the middle of the night and eat.

by Anonymous, duhreply 36005/14/2020

Dimittuntur tibi

by Anonymous, duhreply 36105/14/2020

An ENTIRE serving of air, TWO times this month...... I’m so ashamed and my pants are skin tight on that huge cow’s ass I see in the mirror every morning.

by Anonymous, duhreply 36205/15/2020

I lost 50lbs last year so I'm doing pretty much one meal a day to try and kick in autophagy and tighten my skin up (yes it's working) . All I had today was three coffees and an ounce of cashews while I spent the day packing up my house and moving furniture into the garage. By the time dinner rolled around I was pretty hungry. Left over Thai in the fridge, yay!!! Tofu and veg Tom Kha, 2 chicken satay skewers and basil beef and veg went down a treat, still some grilled haloumi with kimchi on the side, half a bottle of shiraz, some more cashews and half an Atkins bar with Irish coffee. Finally satiated.

by Anonymous, duhreply 36305/15/2020

8am I started cooking bacon, then realized I had no eggs. I ate two pieces of chocolate cake and then the bacon.

by Anonymous, duhreply 36405/15/2020

R281 LOL. Somehow, this is my favorite story on this thread.

by Anonymous, duhreply 36505/15/2020

I've really been into creating slightly healthier and nutritious versions of the junk I eat at night. With some success! This isn't a sarcastic joke post. For those that are curious...

1. I love good raspberry sorbet or fruity ice cream. So, as an "alternative" I tried and make smoothies using a food processor, and just make the consistency much thicker. I peel and freeze a whole bunch of bananas, broken into pieces. Never over-ripe bananas, always just past the green stage. And I have a large bag of frozen raspberries, also frozen blueberries work very well (and are a title cheaper) in the freezer. I use vanilla soy milk (or almond mink) that is vanilla and regular sweetened. I find the reduced sugar vanilla works well too. But never unsweetened, it comes out too blah. Combine all the ingredients on high speed. Use at least two bananas or more (that's the bulk of what holds it together). Obviously go lighter on the soy milk. It took me several tries to get it thick and just right but now I've got it down to a science. I eat a huge bowl of this sweet, intensely-fruit and tart concoction all the time now, in a big bowl with a spoon. Sometimes two. It's incredibly refreshing and cool and smooth. I crave it! And I feel like it has less fat and cholesterol and sugar than sorbet or ice cream and I love it so why not.

2. I used to love mixing an envelope of powdered onion soup mix into a 32 oz tub of sour cream, letting it sit for at least half an hour to let the dried onion pieces moisten. Then devouring the entire thing with a giant bag of kettle potato chips. True gluttony. But NOW I use a 32 oz tub of plain greek yogurt instead of sour cream. It has to be greek, not plain, for the thickness. The change is nearly unnoticeable! I love it this way now, plus I'm slightly lactose intolerant and all that sour creme always messed with my stomach. But the plain greek yogurt sure doesn't!

Am I forgiven?

by Anonymous, duhreply 36605/15/2020

R358 you’re absolutely right. R48 I apologize profusely.

by Anonymous, duhreply 36705/15/2020

R364 you did the absolutely right thing. There are eggs in cake. Also, cake IS a breakfast food, we stupidly call them muffins.

by Anonymous, duhreply 36805/15/2020

R366 that is all vaguely interesting and strongly inappropriate for this thread.

by Anonymous, duhreply 36905/15/2020

downloading new porn to my spare harddrive and never watching it. It's the gluttony of grabbing all the hottest seeming thumbnail previews....seriously, I have porn when bush was normal to bald busy YUCK to trimmed bush yuck back to full bush of the millennium which looks like a wig or perm. lol

by Anonymous, duhreply 37005/15/2020

Sleeves of golden Oreos

by Anonymous, duhreply 37105/15/2020

[quote]An ENTIRE serving of air, TWO times this month.

Lucky bitch.

by Anonymous, duhreply 37205/15/2020

Golden Oreos, hmmm. I am shopping on Monday so I have a good amount of time to get ideas for my list..

by Anonymous, duhreply 37305/15/2020

R371 by “sleeves” I hope you mean at least one sitting.

by Anonymous, duhreply 37405/15/2020

I ate half of a large pizza just now.

by Anonymous, duhreply 37505/15/2020

R375 a true glutton would’ve demolished the entire pie. Go back and try again!

by Anonymous, duhreply 37605/15/2020

Meats, in particular sausages. Also Doritos.

by Anonymous, duhreply 37705/15/2020

"Am I forgiven?" of course, r366 and All Here:, Absolvo to :

MACS0647-JD is the farthest known galaxy from the Earth based on the photometric redshift. It has a redshift of about z = 10.7, equivalent to a light travel distance of 13.26 billion light-years (4 billion parsecs).

by Anonymous, duhreply 37805/15/2020

I have NO idea why, but I've rediscovered those little Jimmy Dean microwave sausage biscuits—the tiny ones that look like sliders. I like to put French's mustard on them. My record is 8. There are 10 to a box. I'm disgusted with myself when I do this, but they're so goddamn tasty I can't stop. I'm usually not like this. God damn you, Jimmy Dean! Can't you just stay dead and stop taunting me from beyond the grave with your delicious microwave sausage biscuits?

by Anonymous, duhreply 37905/15/2020

[quote] Can't you just stay dead and stop taunting me from beyond the grave with your delicious microwave sausage biscuits?

No, r379. I'm immortal in the truest sense of the word. You folks eat my food products, poop them out, thus sustaining life on Earth, And that's still happenin' long after I've been gone.

Thank You

Not bad for a West Texas boy.

by Anonymous, duhreply 38005/15/2020

I just had Limoncello Mascarpone Cake. Delicious.

by Anonymous, duhreply 38105/15/2020

Coffee everyday like 6 cups

by Anonymous, duhreply 38205/15/2020

Easy honey mustard sauce for your frozen chicken strips:

Equal parts plain yellow mustard, mayonnaise, and brown sugar plus a tap of garlic powder. Just like the shit you get at KFC, you buncha fat fuckin whores!

by Anonymous, duhreply 38305/15/2020

I used to be the one who would only get the Talenti sorbet (because it was only sugar rather than sugar and fat) I’m eating the fully leaded sugar+fat combo of Talenti gelato in Mediterranean Mint and Pistachio flavors. I’ve gone through roughly 10 pints this week. 65 dollars and 3600 calories (from fat specifically) and 8000+ total calories later I feel big. Let’s not get started on anything else I’ve been eating. Am I forgiven?

by Anonymous, duhreply 38405/16/2020

Yes, r384.


and my, what capacity you have.

by Anonymous, duhreply 38505/16/2020

I have a whole box of Little Debbie Zebra cakes (my favorite Little Debbie). It's in my cabinet, just waiting.

by Anonymous, duhreply 38605/16/2020

I too, r386, let Debbie do all of my baking.

by Anonymous, duhreply 38705/16/2020

Way back when this thing started I was searching for cookies at Walmart. It was back when people where like zombies ripping the shelves bare. The only things left were crap like squashed Archway Molasses cookies and this one last package of Chips Ahoy Original which I grabbed. Since then I’ve eaten multiple Family Size packages. I’ve become addicted and I don’t know why. I regularly give myself belly aches. I’m eating them right now.

by Anonymous, duhreply 38805/16/2020

[quote] I’ve become addicted and I don’t know why. I regularly give myself belly aches. I’m eating them right now.

If I understand the neurological function of sugar in the brain correctly, r388, sugar has the same affect on our dopamine (pleasure) receptors as does sex, alcohol, drugs, etc.

I think when the burdens (your bellyaches) exceed the pleasure, but we still do it, well, "addiction" may be the correct term.

by Anonymous, duhreply 38905/16/2020

Bought 6 donuts today, had 3 throughout the morning and saving the other 3 for tomorrow. I think I'm going to order a bacon cheeseburger for dinner, Caesar salad on the side... and fried mac and cheese wedges.

by Anonymous, duhreply 39005/16/2020

R390 please, please order extra croutons for your Caesar salad!

by Anonymous, duhreply 39105/17/2020

Taco Bell night

by Anonymous, duhreply 39205/17/2020

List for tomorrow: straw- and raspberries, chocolate sauce to heat, ice cream TBD, random chocolate caramels, and a simple shortbread.

by Anonymous, duhreply 39305/17/2020

I've been doing okay lately but two weeks ago I made a pan of Ghirardelli brownies from a box and then proceeded to make turtle fudge sundaes from each brownie-thats TWO scoops minimum of vanilla ice cream with torani caramel sauce drenched on top

by Anonymous, duhreply 39405/17/2020

R394, where the fuck do you live? I'm breaking in and stealing what you have left!

by Anonymous, duhreply 39505/17/2020

Oh it was gone in four days R395. What proceeded was the worst "food hangover" of my life. My head felt like it weighed ten pounds

by Anonymous, duhreply 39605/17/2020

R394 those Ghirardelli brownie mixes are lethal. In a good way.

by Anonymous, duhreply 39705/18/2020

I ate an entire box of White Cheddar Cheez-Its without stopping on Saturday.

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 39805/18/2020

Those and a book are a bit of paradise to me, R398.

by Anonymous, duhreply 39905/18/2020

I haven't been able to control myself around chips lately. Last week I bought a bag of Doritos and finished it in a day. Over the weekend I bought a bag of baked cheddar Lays and ate them in one sitting. I clearly can't bring bags into the house.

by Anonymous, duhreply 40005/18/2020

R377 I love sausage too! I just discovered this brand at my store about two months ago. It’s awesome!

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 40105/18/2020

Please only eat the burger R390. You’ll feel really sick and disgusted if you eat the rest of that with it. Way too much fat!

by Anonymous, duhreply 40205/18/2020

What in the world is a mac and cheese "wedge"?

by Anonymous, duhreply 40305/18/2020

Here's what I ate Saturday:

Family size bag of Old Dutch Ripple chips, with a tub of dill pickle dip (RIP my nose from the farts)

One pound of green grapes

A small (5x7?) lemon coconut cake with thick icing

A big bag of Sour Patch Kids

by Anonymous, duhreply 40405/18/2020

I just ate two sushi rolls, an order of egg rolls, two salmon roe nigiri, and a cupcake. It was my birthday lunch. My bf is bringing over Indian takeout later.

by Anonymous, duhreply 40505/18/2020

R404 I'm still laughing at [quote] RIP my nose from the farts [quote]

by Anonymous, duhreply 40605/18/2020

Whoops can't quote properly. Oh well

by Anonymous, duhreply 40705/18/2020

I just have the urge to cook and bake. I just made a big batch of split pea soup in my Instant Pot (with a huge ham steak). Baked onion soup bread in my bread machine yesterday. Pork chops and rice last night.

by Anonymous, duhreply 40805/18/2020

Forgiven, Absolvo & Atoned

by Anonymous, duhreply 40905/18/2020

R338 you may appreciate this. I tried to make a Bumpy cake a few weeks ago. I’ve never done it before and I’m quite a beginner when it comes to baking. Here are the results:

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 41005/18/2020

R410: Congratulations. It looks terrific. I have no experience with other than Sander's bumpy cakes (of which I think highly) but since their's were sold out the last time I looked, yours looks like it would do perfectly, and not just during the current emergency.

Your post also reminded me that there are still some Sanders caramel and peanut butter squares in the pantry which I will now consume.

by Anonymous, duhreply 41105/18/2020

Eyegasm Alert at r410.

My corneas are leaning back and smoking a cigarette.

by Anonymous, duhreply 41205/18/2020

I've never heard of bumpy cake. Is it regional?

by Anonymous, duhreply 41305/18/2020

Picked up a Pepperidge Farms coconut cake for dinner

by Anonymous, duhreply 41405/18/2020

I find the pepperidge farms cakes to be lacking in flavor. And I tried them all!

by Anonymous, duhreply 41505/18/2020

^Fat whore!

by Anonymous, duhreply 41605/18/2020

I will eat an entire Edwards Key Lime pie and not much else in 24 hours.

by Anonymous, duhreply 41705/18/2020

Why am I eating so many pies?

by Anonymous, duhreply 41805/18/2020

Just polished off a three-piece meal from KFC- two thighs, a drumstick, a side of coleslaw, a side of Mac n cheese and a biscuit. I ate EVERY.BITE.

by Anonymous, duhreply 41905/18/2020

Went to local Lidl store and bought 50 pints of Hagan Dazs Strawberry Shortcake.

Half price at €2.50

Yum Yum.

by Anonymous, duhreply 42005/18/2020

R412 thanks! This is what the store-bought version looks like:

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 42105/18/2020

R411 if you ever want to make one for yourself here’s a good recipe. I would decrease the amount of sugar though. It is very sweet!

I ordered some hot fudge sauce for myself and friends. No bumpy cakes available! No honeycomb chips either. I did get the block of peanut butter and chocolate as well. It’s very good!

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 42205/18/2020

I had an entire 48 oz carton of Turkey Hill Coffee flavored ice cream for lunch. I felt so complete when I finished the entire thing.

by Anonymous, duhreply 42305/18/2020

Is Turkey Hill a good brand? It’s better Be to justify eating three freaking pints!

by Anonymous, duhreply 42405/18/2020

Turkey Hill isn't bad. I love the coffee flavor. I could have eaten 2 cartons of it is I didn't practice a little control.

by Anonymous, duhreply 42505/18/2020

You guys disgust me!

by Anonymous, duhreply 42605/19/2020

[quote]Turkey Hill isn't bad. I love the coffee flavor. I could have eaten 2 cartons of it is I didn't practice a little control.

I think Turkey Hill is definitely one of the best brands out there. I orgasmed when I ate the coffee ice cream.

by Anonymous, duhreply 42705/19/2020

Making a cheesey crab 🦀 dip with sliced French baguette 🥖

by Anonymous, duhreply 42805/19/2020

[quote] Went to local Lidl store and bought 50 pints of Hagan Dazs Strawberry Shortcake. Half price at €2.50

You have a freezer big enough to store 50 pints of ice cream? And I'm surprised that they sell Haagen-Dazs (or use pints, for that matter) in Europe.

by Anonymous, duhreply 42905/19/2020

Reporting on the Haagen Dasz Caramel Cone -- the caramel was just right, not too sweet, and the cone pieces were wrapped in chocolate for a nice contrast. Cone stayed crispy too. I ate it straight out of the shopping bag so it was slightly melting from the ride home; the only disappointment was that it disappeared in about 10 minutes. That's it, party's over for now.

by Anonymous, duhreply 43005/19/2020

I just ate the whole bowl of Butterscotch Angel Delight. It was a firm favorite when I was a kid in England. I feel ill now. Thought i was giving myself a real treat. It's full of chemicals, I guess. Never again.

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 43105/19/2020

I made the Harvard Faculty Club's banana - chocolate chip bread pudding last night and of course, the caramel sauce, too.

The recipe serves six. The two of us finished most of it last night and I, glutton that I am, had the rest of it cold for breakfast. It's really good with a cup of coffee.

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 43205/19/2020

OMG R432

by Anonymous, duhreply 43305/19/2020

This is really just a food porn thread

by Anonymous, duhreply 43405/19/2020

Last night whilst devouring a mess of enchiladas, nachos and other accoutrements of gracious Mexican dining, I managed to eat an entire bowlful (!) of EXTREMELY hot habanero salsa. Today my A-hole is on fire. If I were a cartoon character, there would be flames shooting out my ass. It stings and burns like nothing I have ever experienced. Thanks to the salsa I now have to go to the bathroom about once an hour. This is not helping things. I do not know what to do. I am in total agony. I have never experienced pain like this in my nether region. Fortunately I'm a Top, so I don't have to worry about surprise anal from my partner. I will never eat an entire bowlful of habanero salsa again. Owwwww!

by Anonymous, duhreply 43505/19/2020

r435 And during a nationwide toilet paper shortage!

by Anonymous, duhreply 43605/19/2020

LMAO at all the posts here.

by Anonymous, duhreply 43705/19/2020

R428 do you have a recipe for that?

R432 that looks amazing! But I’m too lazy to make it!

R435 been there, done that. Smear a little Aquaphor ointment or Vaseline around your little rosebud. It helps!

by Anonymous, duhreply 43805/19/2020

Made biscuits tonight! I'm about to slather them in butter and honey.

by Anonymous, duhreply 43905/19/2020

R439 Have you ever tried this? It's delicious.

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 44005/19/2020

Is that good R440? How hot is it?

by Anonymous, duhreply 44105/19/2020

If you put a comma in there, It would describe my darling husband.

by Anonymous, duhreply 44205/19/2020

R441, it's got a kick but if my white ass can handle it, it's not bad at all.

by Anonymous, duhreply 44305/19/2020

R440 I've never seen that!

I'm considering making sausage gravy tomorrow. It'll be my first time making it. I'm excited!

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 44405/19/2020

I retire.

You've all taken over.

by Anonymous, duhreply 44505/20/2020

LOL @ R445

by Anonymous, duhreply 44605/20/2020

I have bananas up the wazoo and they’re going to go bad in a few days. I’m thinking of baking this cake. Should I?

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 44705/20/2020

Mash your bananas and freeze them. You can make banana nut bread or muffins whenever you want.

by Anonymous, duhreply 44805/20/2020
Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 44905/20/2020

R448 You don't even have to mash them. Freeze 'em whole, in the skin, until needed. Let them defrost (for baking) or nuke 'em for a few seconds for smoothies - they'll slip right out of the peel while still frozen.

by Anonymous, duhreply 45005/20/2020

It’s better to peel your banana and slice into 1 inch long pieces. Freeze them on a baking sheet for two hours. Then put them all in a freezer bag for future use.

by Anonymous, duhreply 45105/20/2020

I can't stand Chrissy Teigen but I want to make her cheesy garlic bread.

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 45205/20/2020

R444 Reporting back, I actually wasn't a fan of the sausage gravy.

I forgot my bank card at the grocery store, when I go there to pick it up I might actually buy proper fruits and vegetables... I'm being punished.

by Anonymous, duhreply 45305/20/2020

I’ve been on Jenny Craig for 3 weeks. At first I was starving & couldn’t wait to eat & now I don’t feel like eating & dont finish anything. It’s not that the food is horrible or anything, I just don’t feel hungry anymore.

by Anonymous, duhreply 45405/20/2020

I ate this box of assorted mochi in under 24 hours.

Except it had green tea instead of vanilla. And it was stupendous.

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 45505/20/2020

I had some instant oatmeal languishing in the cabinet forever,so I googled a cookie recipe and just baked 2 dozen. They are divine . I only had 7 so I feel like I had SOME restraint,but I doubt theyll make it through the night.

by Anonymous, duhreply 45605/20/2020

I'm baking a lemon raspberry loaf.

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 45705/21/2020

If you could share a link to that recipe R456 that would be most appreciated

by Anonymous, duhreply 45805/21/2020

R457 You too.

by Anonymous, duhreply 45905/22/2020

I've discovered Lazzaroni biscotto. They have the perfect dry crumbly texture I adore in Italian cookies. No palm oil, and not expensive. Can be dunked in milk, coffee or tea. I'm going to try to come up with a no bake summer fruit tart with liqueur.

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 46005/22/2020

The plain Aurore are great.

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 46105/22/2020

Papa Murphy's Pizza has the most delicious raw chocolate chip cookie dough for take-out.

by Anonymous, duhreply 46205/23/2020

I made banana upside down cake last night. It tasted wonderful! The problem was when I tried to flip it out of the pan the bananas and brown sugar stuck to the pan. I guess I need to grease my pan better. I would definitely make it again!

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 46305/24/2020

White wine and cheese. I believe I am addicted to cheese

by Anonymous, duhreply 46405/24/2020

Tell us about your cheese desires R464.......

by Anonymous, duhreply 46505/25/2020

R96 well done. I just bought both Ho Ho’s and Ding Dongs on my last grocery run, and I’m still working on my last box of Girl Scouts Thin Mints cookies. Last night I had homemade loaded nachos for dinner, loads of cheese and sour cream. Yummy

by Anonymous, duhreply 46605/27/2020

I want to make this so bad! Has anyone made a similar recipe? Is it worth the effort?

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 46705/27/2020

Made a chicken fettuccine Alfredo with a pound of pasta and pound of chicken. And a pint of heavy cream and about a cup and a half of parmesan. It's half gone

by Anonymous, duhreply 46805/27/2020

Not really gluttony, I think. I was recently hospitalized because I found I was't able to stand up. The life squad took me to the hospital, and hooked me up to an IV because I had a serious sodium deficiency (I didn't realize that was a symptom). I had only been eating chocolate pudding pops for the 5 days prior. I wasn't really hungry, but they made me eat three times a day while I was in the hospital. I'm not anorexic: I just don't have much of an appetite, and really have to force myself to eat. I would have eaten Reese's Peanut Butter cups if they had offered me those.

by Anonymous, duhreply 46905/27/2020

R465 I like almost all of the Dutch cheeses, esp the mature ones and the types of cheese with cumin. I eat it everyday and recently read somewhere that cheese is as addictive as chocolate so there I don’t need to feel guilty.

I also love a good cheddar, Danish smokey cheese, peccorino, brie, soft goat’s cheese and cheese with fenugreek is a new fav. I could go on for a while.

by Anonymous, duhreply 47005/28/2020

I purchased some Golden Cheshire on a whim the other day. I have never tried it before. Hope it’s good!

Have you ever had St. Agur blue cheese R470? It’s tasty!

by Anonymous, duhreply 47105/28/2020

I love all types of blue cheeses(except the very cheap ones). Didn’t try St. Shut yet but I will if you say it’s good. Hope you enjoyed R471

by Anonymous, duhreply 47205/29/2020

I'm trying to use up all of the (very old) food in my freezer. I dug down deep last night and found a well-wrapped (plastic, foil, and Zip-Loc) homemade banana-nut bread that's probably over a year old. Thawed it out and had some with cream cheese and it was surprisingly tasty!

by Anonymous, duhreply 47305/29/2020

If you freeze things properly they can last a long time!

by Anonymous, duhreply 47405/29/2020

Vicarious Food Orgy Thread.

That's this thread, and don't try to tell me otherwise.

by Anonymous, duhreply 47505/29/2020

Early this morning around 4 a.m. I made a small batch of spaghetti with garlic sauce and extra cheese. I ate it all up and I regret nothing!

by Anonymous, duhreply 47605/29/2020

For lunch I made a really tasty sandwich. Grilled rye bread with melted emmental cheese, GOOD pastrami, turkey, and roast beef. Mixed up some Chinese hot mustard and used it sparingly on the sandwich because it’s so hot. It was darn good!

by Anonymous, duhreply 47705/31/2020

This is the OP. I've been directed to issue the following:

JOINT EDICT: Tomorrow is June 1st, 2020.

All "Absolvo"s, & "Forgiven"s set forth herein this thread expire tonight at 11:59 and 59 seconds.

by Anonymous, duhreply 47805/31/2020

Uh-oh -- I'm in trouble!

by Anonymous, duhreply 47905/31/2020

Pffft. Tomorrow I'm making the Spanish chicken with beer, and oatmeal cookies.

by Anonymous, duhreply 48005/31/2020

R478 i’ve been craving bruschetta. Is it OK to make that?

by Anonymous, duhreply 48106/01/2020

Only if you pronounce it correctly.

by Anonymous, duhreply 48206/01/2020

Ok R482......bru-skett-a! How’s that?

by Anonymous, duhreply 48306/03/2020

I really wanna make some homemade ice cream. I saw this recipe online for blueberry pie ice cream that looks amazing! The guy who makes it is pretty funny too......

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 48406/03/2020

I can totally binge on Culvers Midnight Toffee custard with brownies mixed in and hot fudge on top of the whole delicious mess

by Anonymous, duhreply 48506/03/2020

I ate an entire large bowl of 7 layer dip with a family size bag of Tostitos . Im actually a little queasy from it. As soon as my stomach settles Ill have 6-8 hot fresh chocolate chip cookies. I dont need absolution,I need a stomach pump.

by Anonymous, duhreply 48606/03/2020

Used to get a huge sundae from Coldstone Creamery that was basically a bucket of ice cream. I always understood why whales beach themselves after eating most of it.

by Anonymous, duhreply 48706/03/2020

I love this thread.

It gives me hunger pangs.

And makes me think about food I didn't think about.

by Anonymous, duhreply 48806/04/2020

R485 OMG that does sound absolutely scrumptious. Quarantining and reading that post has me dreaming of endless rounds of ice cream. Or, as in the case of Culver’s, their absolutely fuck’n delicious frozen custard.

by Anonymous, duhreply 48906/04/2020

I was absolutely bored out of my fuck’n mind on yet another work zoom conference call. I turned off the camera, put my mic on mute and enjoyed an entire bag of Jalapeño Cheetos while they all babbled on about some utter nonsense. I fuck’n love WFH.

by Anonymous, duhreply 49006/04/2020

I have noticed Culver's being mentioned a LOT on this thread! Must be something special. Unfortunately, none in my state (NJ) or anywhere nearby for that matter. I'll just have to live vicariously through you gluttonous piglets.

by Anonymous, duhreply 49106/04/2020

I always thought Culver's was mostly a midwestern thing but I was surprised to run across one in Florida.

by Anonymous, duhreply 49206/04/2020

Never had Culvers in Michigan but am always willing to expand my ice cream boundaries.

by Anonymous, duhreply 49306/04/2020

r 489 aI gained so much weight on Culver binges...their chocolate custard is sinful. I live in Fl and this culver is in West Melbourne..its only a few yrs old

by Anonymous, duhreply 49406/04/2020

In a choice between chocolate or vanilla frozen custard or ice cream I choose chocolate except when it comes to Culver's Vanilla Frozen Custard.

It's truly delicious. The perfect amount of vanilla flavor amid thick, creamy cold custard. And it doesn't need any toppings. It stands alone.

by Anonymous, duhreply 49506/04/2020

R495 Yup, it’s the fuck’n best

by Anonymous, duhreply 49606/04/2020

About r478 -

The Powers that Forgive met in a historic, rarely called meeting.

They ask for your forgiveness in rescinding the heretofore granted "Absolvo" and "Foregiven"s as set forth in r478.

Those remain in force and effect, absent any durational cease - "to infinity and beyond."

by Anonymous, duhreply 49706/04/2020

That's alright. We all ignored R478. Didn't phase us in the least.

by Anonymous, duhreply 49806/04/2020


by Anonymous, duhreply 49906/04/2020

I want an endless Chinese buffet.

by Anonymous, duhreply 50006/04/2020

I'm not a big soda drinker, but I've become addicted to Cherry Vanilla Coke.

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 50106/04/2020

I found a can of aerosol whipped cream in the back of the fridge -- expiration date was Jan. 2019. I used it all up anyway. (On some strawberry shortcake with homemade biscuits.)

Yes. You can have my stuff.

by Anonymous, duhreply 50206/04/2020

I ordered "Paella".

Two servings for lunch.

Yes, I will be alone.

by Anonymous, duhreply 50306/05/2020

R503 Sweet, you go gurl, make this god damn pandy work for you. Enjoy

by Anonymous, duhreply 50406/05/2020

I'm always trying to use up stuff that's about to go bad in my fridge. I have a whiteboard with expiration dates of everything so I can keep track of things. Today I'm making buttermilk bread in my bread machine to use up buttermilk that's on its last legs.

by Anonymous, duhreply 50506/05/2020

I just bought a can of ready whip to go on my fresh strawberries! So excited! And I also made cherry ice cream with crumbles. That was pretty good too!

by Anonymous, duhreply 50606/05/2020

Thank you, Heloise at R505.

by Anonymous, duhreply 50706/05/2020

Now that rump had basically declared we are saved, the pandemic is over, I'm back to low more delicious Culver custard for me.......

by Anonymous, duhreply 50806/05/2020

R508 See you again when the second wave hits. We'll welcome you with open arms.

by Anonymous, duhreply 50906/05/2020

[quote]I want an endless Chinese buffet.

Bitch, that's practically what got us into this mess!

by Anonymous, duhreply 51006/05/2020

I recently discovered Birthday Cake Kit Kat bars, and I can't stop eating them. I bought a dozen yesterday.

Help me.

by Anonymous, duhreply 51106/05/2020

[quote]I want an endless Chinese buffet.

I hear the pangolin chow mein is to die for!

by Anonymous, duhreply 51206/05/2020

I tried the Green Tea Kit Kat: big fail.

by Anonymous, duhreply 51306/05/2020

Oooooooo. That sounds good R511! Where can you get them?

by Anonymous, duhreply 51406/05/2020

Had a bowl of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and cherries in heavy cream with a drizzle of sweetened condensed milk. OMG!

by Anonymous, duhreply 51506/05/2020

R515, go back and substitute all those healthy fruits with a big slab of pound cake. Go on. We’ll wait.

by Anonymous, duhreply 51606/06/2020

Sour cream pound cake R516?

by Anonymous, duhreply 51706/06/2020

R516 yes! Yes! Yes!

by Anonymous, duhreply 51806/06/2020

R509 yes, we will see you R508 in the fall. Take care

by Anonymous, duhreply 51906/06/2020

I start out every day thinking this is the day I'm going to be good...and then by three, I'm eating BREAD!

by Anonymous, duhreply 52006/06/2020

On DL, the only legitimate pound cake is a DOLLAR TREE pound cake!

by Anonymous, duhreply 52106/06/2020

r509 r519 thank you..I'll be back!

by Anonymous, duhreply 52206/06/2020

Over in Eastern Europe, they deliver KFC and McDonald's and Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. I break down and order some every week. But I am mostly doing sushi (18 pieces) and a six pack a day so I have gained about 8 lbs. My roommate eats whatever the hell she wants and doesn't gain an ounce. Bitch.....

by Anonymous, duhreply 52306/06/2020

Bad News: I ate an entire box of candy

Good News: It was the marvelous Ayds, appetite-suppressant, figure-reducing candy

So I expect to be super slim by tomorrow

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 52406/06/2020

Ate yo mama out

by Anonymous, duhreply 52506/06/2020

R524 don’t they make you poop like crazy?

by Anonymous, duhreply 52606/06/2020

Well, R526, I guess you could say I'm pooped!

by Anonymous, duhreply 52706/06/2020

I’m craving something chocolatey. Should I make this cake?

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 52806/06/2020

[quote]Today I'm making buttermilk bread in my bread machine to use up buttermilk that's on its last legs.

How can you tell when buttermilk is on its last legs? It always smells like something the cat threw up.

by Anonymous, duhreply 52906/06/2020

R528 Yes, and you should report back here with a pic.

by Anonymous, duhreply 53006/07/2020

I'd just like to offer that what they say about using coffee as a substitute for water in chocolate cakes is true. It makes the cake taste much more "chocolatey."

by Anonymous, duhreply 53106/07/2020

If you don't want to substitute coffee for the water, you can also just add a tablespoon or so of instant coffee or espresso granules.

by Anonymous, duhreply 53206/07/2020

I've been eating baked potatoes with chili (homemade) and sour cream. Gluttony? IDK. It's actually pretty filling, so I don't feel like eating for hours.

by Anonymous, duhreply 53306/07/2020

Can anybody recommend an apple crisp recipe? I might make one this week, but I'm looking for a new recipe. 🍏🍎🍏🍎

by Anonymous, duhreply 53406/07/2020

R534....Get yourself some Krusteaz, sugar, butter, and apples! Couldn’t be easier.

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 53506/09/2020

I started at 192 pounds and have kept it under 200 pounds since stay-at-home hit. This is a small miracle of sorts, as our diets have shifted to Doritos, tortilla chips, and endless amounts of wine.

I think I am just converting muscle to flab.

Next stop is pre-morbid obesity.

by Anonymous, duhreply 53606/09/2020

r534 I tried the Aldi store brand fruit crisp box mix (and added my own apples) and it was really surprisingly good (and easy.)

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 53706/09/2020

I'm hopeless with it comes to onion dip and potato chips.

Here's the thing: make it from a tub of sour cream and an envelope of onion soup mix. The pre-made stuff in a jar isn't the same.

by Anonymous, duhreply 53806/09/2020

I just had 2 waffles topped with custard style French vanilla ice cream, but as Edith Piaf would say, non regrette rien!!

by Anonymous, duhreply 53906/09/2020

R538 That sounds divine. Stealing that recipe from you!!

by Anonymous, duhreply 54006/09/2020

I bought a pint of heavy cream from Gruyères today. One traditionally pours this over plain meringue. I haven't decided yet what to do with my cream. Maybe reduce some fresh cherries and serve with broken chocolate wafers?

by Anonymous, duhreply 54106/09/2020

God, that sounds good, r541!

by Anonymous, duhreply 54206/09/2020

Definitely the cherries and wafers, R541

by Anonymous, duhreply 54306/09/2020

I just found out the recipe for semi home made honey mustard and onion pretzel pieces, so there's that. I've also been binging on Pineapple sherbet.

by Anonymous, duhreply 54406/09/2020

I made waffles yesterday to use up some buttermilk. I only made two; I kept the rest of the batter in the fridge. I've never used leftover batter before-- I hope it will be OK.

by Anonymous, duhreply 54506/09/2020

R541 make some homemade cherry ice cream!

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 54606/09/2020

I just made a triple berry cobbler & it’s delicious!

by Anonymous, duhreply 54706/28/2020

My post-Covid body is FAT. I'm FAT. Where did my good look go?

SHOCK & DENIAL – You will probably react to learning of the loss with numbed disbelief. You may deny the reality of the loss at some level, in order to avoid the pain. The shock provides emotional protection from being overwhelmed all at once. This may last for weeks.

PAIN & GUILT – As the shock wears off, it is replaced with the suffering of unbelievable pain. Although excruciating and almost unbearable, it is important that you experience the pain fully, and not hide it, avoid it or escape from it with alcohol or drugs. You may have guilty feelings or remorse over things you did or didn’t do with your loved one. Life feels chaotic and scary during this phase.

ANGER & BARGAINING – Frustration gives way to anger, and you may lash out and lay unwarranted blame for the death on someone else. Please try to control this, as permanent damage to your relationships may result. This is not a time for the release of bottled-up emotion. You may rail against fate, questioning “Why me?” You may also try to bargain in vain with the powers that be for a way out of your despair: “I will never drink again if you just bring him back”!

“DEPRESSION”, REFLECTION, LONELINESS – Just when your friends may think you should be getting on with your life, a long period of sad reflection will likely overtake you. This is a normal stage of grief, so do not be “talked out of it” by well-meaning outsiders. Encouragement from others is not helpful to you during this stage of grieving. During this time, you finally realize the true magnitude of your loss, and it depresses you. You may isolate yourself on purpose, reflect on things you did with your lost one, and focus on memories of the past. You may sense feelings of emptiness or despair.

THE UPWARD TURN – As you start to adjust to life without your dear one, your life becomes a little calmer and more organized. Your physical symptoms lessen, and your “depression” begins to lift slightly.

RECONSTRUCTION & WORKING THROUGH – As you become more functional, your mind starts working again, and you will find yourself seeking realistic solutions to problems posed by life without your loved one. You will start to work on practical and financial problems and reconstructing yourself and your life without him or her.

ACCEPTANCE & HOPE – During this, the last of the seven stages in this grief model, you learn to accept and deal with the reality of your situation. Acceptance does not necessarily mean instant happiness. Given the pain and turmoil you have experienced, you can never return to the carefree, untroubled YOU that existed before this tragedy. But you will find a way forward. You will start to look forward and actually plan things for the future. Eventually, you will be able to think about your lost loved one without pain. Sadness, yes! But the wrenching pain will be gone. You will once again anticipate some good times to come, and yes, even find joy again in the experience of living. You have made it through the 7 stages of grief.

by Anonymous, duhreply 54806/28/2020

I saw Valerie Bertinelli make Chocolate Malt Ice Cream with Malt Ball Crunch on her TV show and I was so intrigued that I bought all of the ingredients. Gonna try to make it later this week.

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 54906/29/2020

Did you make it R549?

by Anonymous, duhreply 55007/03/2020

Decided to wait until next week as I still have some vanilla ice cream and my freezer is kinda full.

by Anonymous, duhreply 55107/03/2020

Oh boy! Just made this fruit cobbler. I had to do it because all my fruit was going to go to waste! It was mostly cherries but with blueberries raspberries and blackberries as well. So freaking good!

Offsite Link
by Anonymous, duhreply 55207/17/2020
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