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It's Friday, so tell me about Kate Jackson.

DL, you are wise and experienced. Please share your collective knowledge of actress Kate Jackson with me.

She is my childhood favorite, and I wish she would return to public life, or at least show that she's OK.

I think growing in rigidly uptight Mountain Brook, AL, made it difficult for her to come to terms with her change in fortune and acknowledge she has struggled.

Please indulge me on this cold and sad evening.

by Bri's Pinto reply 250Last Friday at 7:59 PM

She's fine! She sends her love, OP.

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by Bri's Pinto reply 101/24/2020

Kate was "the smart one."

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by Bri's Pinto reply 201/24/2020
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by Bri's Pinto reply 301/24/2020

She still looks good. I remember reading that she had a pill problem for most of her life. She used the same Dr as Michael Jackson.

by Bri's Pinto reply 401/24/2020

Several years ago, she had her house condemned, which is when it came to light that she's a hoarder. Nothing since then. I hope she got help; she was always my favorite angel.

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by Bri's Pinto reply 501/24/2020

Did babydykes across America all respond to her?

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by Bri's Pinto reply 601/24/2020

It only came to light very very recently in a radio interview with Jaclyn posted online (mad I can't find it now but it was in the past 12-18 months, and Cheryl was a surprise call in guest IIRC) that the usually reserved Jaclyn got candid for a moment and bluntly alluded to Kate's craziness in a way that was clear they really weren't close friends (as she and Ladd are) but more work colleagues.

Cheryl has always cautiously but firmly talked about how cold Jackson was to her in their two season overlap. In the Angels episode formula, the four of them often pair up (two Angels work the field, third angel pairs with Bosley), and the Kris-Sabrina teaming is by far the rarest and sometimes in their scenes together they'll be driving or staking out somewhere so Jackson and Ladd don't even have to look at each other in the scene.

Kate doesn't have any contact info on IMDB anymore and she hasn't done an interview in years, not even for a tabloid. If it was money she needed, you'd think someone could do a GoFundMe like they did for Dawn Wells. After all, Kate was on 3 highly successful series.

by Bri's Pinto reply 701/24/2020

R4 Here's my theory on Dr Klein. He had to stop handing out scripts like candy when Michael died, which of course is the same day Farrah died. Kate's breakdown with her house, etc, was discovered in the following year. I think losing a safe connection to prescription meds may have led her to try less favorable drugs and a downward spiral.

R7 I'll look for the interview. I remember one from years ago where she said Kate went to the beat of her own drummer and was "different." It's sad, because they were close in the 70s-90s.

It seems like her son turned out well, which is more than you can say for many children of celebrities.

Poor Redmond seems destined to crash and burn repeatedly.

by Bri's Pinto reply 801/24/2020

[quote]Jaclyn got candid for a moment and bluntly alluded to Kate's craziness ...

Kate IS crazy. Producers stopped hiring her and agents and managers stopped representing her because of her erratic behavior and unreliability. She would miss important appointments and engagements and she would even fail to show up for work, sending people scrambling to try to find her or reach her. She would finally return calls days later with no explanation other than, "Oh, I didn't know," "You never told me," or "My fax machine is out of paper" (these were the days when we faxed schedules and itineraries). I suspected that perhaps it wasn't drugs but early onset dementia that was making her behave this way.

I checked her imdb profile and her last project was in 2007.

by Bri's Pinto reply 901/24/2020

Someone said she was writing a book, but never finished it and had to return the money? Any truth to that? I'd have loved to have read her version of the Angels, losing the "Kramer vs Kramer" role,"Making Love", and Andrew Stevens "pulling up a trailer to her home" when they got divorced. I also think she was good friends with Cher for a bit. I bet she has some GREAT stories!

by Bri's Pinto reply 1001/24/2020

I'm sure she has a lot of stories, hanging out with Liza, Cher, etc. Sleeping with Andrew Stevens.

Anyone ever meet her?

Thanks for helping to entertain me!

by Bri's Pinto reply 1101/24/2020

I really am fascinated with her. Once on Twitter someone asked Jaclyn Smith if she ever heard from her anymore, and Jaclyn replied "Sadly, no, but I wish her well." That was a bummer. I think Kate is in peril.

by Bri's Pinto reply 1201/24/2020

She did, of all things, a comic book convention in LA a while back. She still looked good.

She sat at a table singing photos (I bought one); she listened patiently, but I think that she seemed uncomfortable what am I doing here?

I didn't keep her long; it wasn't a well attended con, but I told her I thought she was a great actress and I told her about the Frank Miller Daredevil graphic novel; he wrote about Vanessa, the Kingpin's blind wife, "she's Helen of Troy...or Kate Jackson..."

I still have the photo.

by Bri's Pinto reply 1301/24/2020

I always thought she was a lesbian...wonder if she had an affair with Dolly Patron. They have a connection.

by Bri's Pinto reply 1401/24/2020

I can see why they stay in the closet; if they came out, they'd never be taken seriously as anything other then celebrity lesbians.

by Bri's Pinto reply 1501/24/2020

I met her once when she came into the small business where I worked in 1983 or so. She was with actress Marcia Strassman, and it was very clear to the sighted that they were both lesbians. They acted very nice and very dykey.

by Bri's Pinto reply 1601/24/2020

She deliberately broke a dinner plate in "Making Love."

by Bri's Pinto reply 1701/24/2020

She was on The Rookies TV show, back 1972, before CA

by Bri's Pinto reply 1801/24/2020

R18, ironically, Ontkean's character lived down the hall (I think).

by Bri's Pinto reply 1901/24/2020

Yes, R19. Both Ontkean and Jackson were in The Rookies.

She appeared as a ghost on Dark Shadows for its last season and a half, and then in the second (and last) movie after its cancellation, House of Dark Shadows (or was it Night of DS? I always confuse which came first). During the filming of the movie, she and David Selby had an affair that apparently almost broke up his marriage. Thankfully it didn't, and he and Chip are still married today.

I think she's probably a true bisexual, or maybe enough of a narcissist to crave attention and affection no matter the gender.

by Bri's Pinto reply 2001/25/2020

Somewhere, maybe on someone’s Instagram, there is a picture of her and Tanya Roberts at a signing. It’s probably a couple of years ago. I can’t remember if they did the signing together of not, but it was the first time either of them had met. The photo was posted by the fan who was at the signing.

by Bri's Pinto reply 2101/25/2020

Kate had some disturbing work done.

She looks OK but her eyes are messed up. They no longer match. One goes "up" at an alarming angle.

I always liked her and am sorry for her current mental state.

And it was her bank account Andrew Stevens backed his trailer up to.

What a douche. And a teeny tiny one at that.

by Bri's Pinto reply 2201/25/2020

I wish someone could find a recent picture of her. I think she might perhaps have dementia or something.

by Bri's Pinto reply 2301/25/2020

Hopefully, she'll get caught hiding in a neighbor's bush, like Margot Kidder.

Does Kate have all her teeth?

by Bri's Pinto reply 2401/25/2020

A couple of years ago there was a thread about an online sale of her stuff coordinated by a longtime fan. It was basically just crap that she signed with a Sharpie.

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by Bri's Pinto reply 2501/25/2020

As I recall she sued her business advisor. I guess they settled out of court, but she said his actions ruined her financially. If she was in such bad financial shape then what the hell is she living on now, besides social security?

by Bri's Pinto reply 2601/25/2020

Kate worked more than enough to draw a Screen Actors Guild pension. That along with her SS check she may get, along with residuals (although I'm sure those don't add up to all that much anymore) she can get by on. Creditors can't touch SS or pension income unless it's for the government.

She has more resources than your average down-on-their-luck person.

by Bri's Pinto reply 2701/25/2020

Loved her on Dark Shadows as Daphne - and she and David Selby had amazing chemistry. I even thought as a kid they were probably lovers off screen. It was said co-star Grayson Hall encouraged their relationship. David got appendicitis during the last few weeks of DS and Kate sat by his side - where was his wife? She was also someone (like Donna Mills who also started on soaps) I could see having a great tv career, if not a film actress.

by Bri's Pinto reply 2801/25/2020

We just had a thread about KJ, OP. Did we need another?

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by Bri's Pinto reply 2901/25/2020

She was my favorite Angel, and I thought she was really beautiful. I also thought she did a great job in "Making Love." She should have had a film career after that.

by Bri's Pinto reply 3001/25/2020

She managed to get 2 Emmy noms for Lead Actress in a Drama Series...for Charlie's Angels. Getting that kind of a result out of those scripts is certainly a tribute to her talent.

by Bri's Pinto reply 3101/25/2020

R26, that financial advisor was Farrah's business manager, and supposedly, he ended up not having to pay Kate a dime. She contended the he convinced her to buy a home in Santa Monica that she couldn't afford, that he told her the home would never lose value, and that he overestimated her worth and told her she could live off the interest of her $4.5 million savings. Well, the house lost value and the bulk of her savings was eaten up by her underwater mortgage.

Kate, honey, many of us did the same thing--we bought homes we couldn't afford and we inflated our incomes to get those subprime mortgages, and when the housing market tanked, we all ended up underwater, but we certainly didn't have $4.5 million to live off of. Should we have sued our advisors and real estate agent? We all knew the risks and took a gamble. Sour grapes.

by Bri's Pinto reply 3201/25/2020

I'm waiting on something here in LA that could get me out of my crappy rent controlled apartment, but I think if I ever make some serious bucks I'll think more than twice about overspending.

If I don't end up keeping this place, I'll get a one bedroom condo somewhere with every freaking modern convenience in the world and then invest the rest.

by Bri's Pinto reply 3301/25/2020

probably one of her Emmy noms was for Angel in Love where Sabrina goes undercover and falls in love with bank robber hijacker Peter Haskell.

She has to give the gun to Kelly to cover him after the truth comes out, devastated that a man she's grown to love is on the wrong side of the law.

Simple stuff that would play today. She had great training, great instincts. She made great choices. Farrah needed a script like the Burning Bed to shine.

I was so sad when she came back to TV as Amanda King on Scarecrow and Mrs. King. I figured this is going to last for a few years and no movie career.

That moment when she and Farrah and Jaclyn came out on stage for the Spelling tribute was fantastic. 27 years, I think, after Charlie's Angels debuted and they all look great.

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by Bri's Pinto reply 3401/25/2020

When the Charlie's Angels Emmy tribute to Spelling was in the planning stages, Farrah was being wishy-washy and wouldn't commit, so Cheryl was approached, and she being a loyal friend of the Aaron and Candy, was game. Should Farrah ultimately say yes, they would've brought out all four. However, when Kate got wind of this, she nixed the idea and insisted that when people think of CA, they think of the originals, Farrah, Kate, and Jaclyn, not the replacements. So Kate contacted Farrah and convinced her to do the show.

by Bri's Pinto reply 3501/25/2020

I don't get Kate's hard on for Farrah and dislike of Cheryl.

There's no way Kate could have respected Farrah as an actress; she was horrible on CA; couldn't pull off a convincing undercover role. Giggled all the time, she fell back on that laugh.

I think the first season of CA gave the Angels some backstories -- Kelly was an orphan who couldn't commit to Tom Selleck; Sabrina had an ex-husband AND a dad. Not sure about Jill.

Farrah wasn't well spoken in the clip; kind of made it about herself and what she went through. Cheryl would have been much better spoke and as she was on FOUR seasons of CA, no one would have found her presence glaring. I do agree it was best to only have three Angels come out for the tribute but Kate, Jaclyn and Kris would have been fine, in fact, even better.

The show did not hit No. 1 until Ladd joined it, btw.

by Bri's Pinto reply 3601/25/2020

A couple days ago on Twitter, someone asked Jaclyn if she knows where Kate Jackson is. She said, "I do, and we've stayed in touch through the years. I am proud to still call her a friend."

Offsite Link
by Bri's Pinto reply 3702/01/2020

It's nice that Jaclyn is still in touch with Kate. She's answered a few tweets about their relationship.

I didn't realize that Kate's friendship with Liza started back in the early 70's, during her Rookie days.

Offsite Link
by Bri's Pinto reply 3802/06/2020

That photo of Liza and Kate pings for me, quite loudly and clearly.

Les-be friends, indeed.

by Bri's Pinto reply 3902/06/2020

Once upon a time, Cher and Kate were besties. I wonder if they still keep in touch.

Offsite Link
by Bri's Pinto reply 4002/06/2020

Yes, R6. All the women I had a crush on while growing up have ended up being gay/bisexual except Nancy McKeon. I now have my doubts about her.

by Bri's Pinto reply 4102/06/2020

Cher looks like she's going to devour Kate for dessert in this photo.

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by Bri's Pinto reply 4202/08/2020

New (to me) Kate Jackson fact:

"2. She came up with the name "Angels."

After her popular role on the series The Rookies, producer Aaron Spelling secured Jackson as the centerpiece of his next series, an action show about three female private investigators. The working title was The Alley Cats. But Jackson, who had some creative say in the development, was no fan of the title. In one meeting, she looked at a painting of cherubs hanging behind Spelling's desk and suggested, "How about Angels?" The show then became Harry's Angels, but the existence of a series called Harry O forced the final edit to Charlie's Angels."

by Bri's Pinto reply 4303/17/2020

I've heard that 70s lesbians were crazy for Kate Jackson, and looking at photos I can understand why. There was just something kind of dykey about her.

Offsite Link
by Bri's Pinto reply 4403/17/2020

Kate had incredible chemistry with David Selby. Their DS love scenes were REAL.

by Bri's Pinto reply 4503/18/2020

For the past month or so, I've been watching season 1 of The Rookies, the 70s-era series in which she starred opposite Michael Ontkean, Georg Stanford Brown and Sam Melville (who played her husband). She played a nurse and there wasn't much to the part but I find her really interesting. I'm not surprised Aaron Spelling booked her for Charlie's Angels immediately following The Rookies' demise.

by Bri's Pinto reply 4603/18/2020

Fun fact: Sam Melville, who played Kate's husband on THE ROOKIES, also played her ex-husband on SCARECROW & MRS. KING

Offsite Link
by Bri's Pinto reply 4703/18/2020

I thought Sam Melville was handsome. He kinda pinged for me.

by Bri's Pinto reply 4803/18/2020

That Kate Instagram fan page has a pic of Kate, Cheryl and Jaclyn at the People's Choice Awards in 1992 where Aaron Spelling was honored. I guess Farrah declined to appear, and they went with Cheryl. I bet Kate wasn't too happy about that. But, I guess she didn't hate her enough to back out.

Offsite Link
by Bri's Pinto reply 4903/18/2020

Please share more Kate Jackson info. I'm delighted when new things are added and could use happy distraction during quarantine.

by Bri's Pinto reply 5003/21/2020

The last time I saw her in anything was on an episode of Bravo’s Shear Genius, in which she was a guest judge (Jaclyn was the show’s host).

Offsite Link
by Bri's Pinto reply 5103/21/2020

r10 [quote] In 2010, Gallery Books Publishing announced the release of Kate Jackson's biography, The Smart One. After countless postponements, the book is due to be published in December 2020.

I came across the info just now, it's from an article published August 2019 - hopefully accurate!

by Bri's Pinto reply 5203/21/2020

I was so Farrah crazy at the time.I actually remember thinking Kate was almost plain in comparison.Now when I see photos of her I think she’s absolutely stunning.Of course back then it was very clear she was far and away the best actor!

by Bri's Pinto reply 5303/21/2020

R53 That's like saying Nick was the best Jonas Brother! lol

by Bri's Pinto reply 5403/21/2020

R52 I followed the book's release dates for years.

I had heard it was finally scraped.

I don't think she can get it together enough to finish it.

by Bri's Pinto reply 5503/23/2020

That's too bad, R55.

I wrote a book and you have to power through and finish it.

It's hard writing and harder writing 'the end'

but you gotta.

by Bri's Pinto reply 5603/23/2020

Kate was suppose to be at the Chiller Theatre autograph show next month, damn Coronavirus

by Bri's Pinto reply 5703/24/2020

Kate Jackson has been a recluse for over fifteen years.

There have been stories of mental instabilty, drug use, and hoarding.

I really don't think she's capable of finishing a book or even showing up at a chiller convention.

by Bri's Pinto reply 5803/24/2020

I'm a hoarder, a year ago I hired a home organizer and we threw out maybe 40-50% of the stuff that needed to go.

I've been splitting my time between coasts to do some parental caretaking so, I never seem to be here for as long as I wanted.

Now, thanks to coronavirus (I work from home, thank goodness), I'm on top of it again. Am hoping to get another big chunk done in the coming weeks...and months...

by Bri's Pinto reply 5903/25/2020

It's Friday again!

by Bri's Pinto reply 6003/27/2020

And Kate still hasn’t left the house.

But then again neither have I.

I guess she WAS the smart one!

by Bri's Pinto reply 6103/27/2020

The hoarders and the agoraphobics have had shelter in place down to an art. They should be teaching master classes in this for the rest of us during this time.

by Bri's Pinto reply 6203/27/2020

if this quarantine lasts three months and I don't have my apartment in order by then, then I never will.

by Bri's Pinto reply 6303/27/2020

Another Friday at home.

I hope Ms. Jackson is safe from the the corona.

by Bri's Pinto reply 6404/24/2020

R64 I'm sure Kate is mostly staying in and she seems the type that would play it safe if going out, wearing a mask and gloves.

by Bri's Pinto reply 6504/24/2020

Someone is selling a yearbook from Kate Jackson's senior year.

I wonder who Mammy is. I'm betting she had a southern childhood like seen in The Help.

Offsite Link
by Bri's Pinto reply 6604/25/2020

Or...R66, it's a Pancake House.

Offsite Link
by Bri's Pinto reply 6704/25/2020

Please someone do a Covid wellness check on known bipolar addict and hoarder KJ.

by Bri's Pinto reply 6804/27/2020

They should stunt cast her on Will & Grace in place of Mulally.

by Bri's Pinto reply 6904/27/2020

Grace shows up at Kathy Calloway's (special guest star Kate Jackson) apartment for a consult on redecorating it, but she's stunned to find that Kathy's a hoarder -- only Kathy doesn't see it!

Meanwhile, Will and Jack get jobs at the local health club as trainers.

by Bri's Pinto reply 7005/01/2020

Can you do a different thread for each Angel, until we run out, be that of angels or days? Something about Jacklyn Smith says “Wednesdays” to me.

by Bri's Pinto reply 7105/01/2020

Farrah Fridays!

by Bri's Pinto reply 7205/01/2020

R72 Alpha Kate has already staked a claim for Fridays, and anyways it doesn’t always need to be all alliteration all they time. Also Farrah trying to take away Friday’s just screams more me, me, me like leaving the show early. She has six other days to her choosing

by Bri's Pinto reply 7305/01/2020

R73, Do want you want then. I’m going to go hang out with John Forsythe until this gets straightened out.

by Bri's Pinto reply 7405/01/2020

Kate Jackson was a serious girlfriend of Edward Albert at one time.

by Bri's Pinto reply 7505/01/2020

R75 Better Edward Albert than Edward Albee, it sounds like he was horrible to Terrance McNally.

by Bri's Pinto reply 7605/02/2020

I know it’s not Friday, but here’s and update on Kate. This message was posted to Facebook by the guy who is now managing her appearances at autograph shows - he had her booked into the Chiller show that was supposed to happen a few weeks ago and was cancelled due to COVID.

Offsite Link
by Bri's Pinto reply 7705/11/2020

Busy being a mother? What age is her son?

by Bri's Pinto reply 7805/11/2020

24 or 25, depending on what month he was born R78. She adopted him in 1995, so it must have been an infant adoption.

by Bri's Pinto reply 7905/11/2020

Sure sounds like a pill 💊 problem to me!

by Bri's Pinto reply 8005/11/2020

I’ve always loved her crisp style.

by Bri's Pinto reply 8105/11/2020

I've always liked her. Isn't the son special needs? That would explain why she might have to devote so much time, with little time for other stuff.

by Bri's Pinto reply 8205/11/2020

Has the Scarecrow commented yet?

by Bri's Pinto reply 8305/11/2020

Big week for Kate -- it was Bruce Boxleitner's birthday.

by Bri's Pinto reply 8405/15/2020

Does anyone know where Kate is living these days?

by Bri's Pinto reply 8505/15/2020

R85 In a van, down by the river?

by Bri's Pinto reply 8605/15/2020

Seems like a lot of female celebrities go into hiding when their looks start to fade or their facelifts go bad. I thought Kate was above all this.

by Bri's Pinto reply 8705/16/2020

The strangest female celebrity PS to me is Patricia Cornwell and Jane Wagner (Lily Tomlin's wife). You write for a living and you're a lesbian. You got the golden ticket out of such shallow concerns.

by Bri's Pinto reply 8805/16/2020

Patricia Cornwell is a freak show now! She was a very pretty woman but she ruined her face.

Offsite Link
by Bri's Pinto reply 8905/16/2020

They all get that same look with eyelifts, as if their eyes are fleeing their temples for sanctuary in the shadow of their nose.

Offsite Link
by Bri's Pinto reply 9005/16/2020

These interviews must have been filmed well over 10 years ago, there's some good moments with Kate.

Offsite Link
by Bri's Pinto reply 9105/16/2020

I wish the Angels would reunite for a TV movie. Kate, Jaclyn and Cheryl in "Angels 2020"

fuck that bullshit with Kristen Stewart.

by Bri's Pinto reply 9205/18/2020

You know they’re like 85 years old now...?

by Bri's Pinto reply 9305/18/2020

R92 “Once upon a time, there were three senior citizens who lived in the retirement community, and they were each assigned very hazardous dining room seatings, I took them all away from that....”

by Bri's Pinto reply 9405/18/2020

Everybody from that era is in their dotage now. Well, the ones who are still alive.

by Bri's Pinto reply 9505/18/2020

Cheryl, Kate and Jaclyn could still make some money if they appeared together in something, especially a reunion movie (maybe Netflix?). They're all just over 70 now but they look okay. Jaclyn doesn't need the money but she'd do it for nostalgia. Cheryl would do it if Jaclyn did, and she could probably use some money. Kate definitely needs money, but she's always refused to participate in anything with Cheryl.

by Bri's Pinto reply 9605/18/2020

I’d rather see a reboot of Scarecrow and Mrs. King with silver fox granddaddy Bruce Boxleitner!

Offsite Link
by Bri's Pinto reply 9705/18/2020

That TV Tales is a time capsule in itself. All six of them have had plastic surgery at that point. All of them are still saying extremely positive things about the show, and euphemizing or barely alluding to the tough times (they let others speak about that--note how it is the one person who wasn't there, the author of the CA book, who the documentarians use to really spill tea and say things on camera the others didn't/wouldn't say). Spelling was still alive, and thus, still able to give them jobs. Only Doyle had died, but Ladd didn't cry about him the way she did in a later retrospective interview.

Cheryl's face is tight as a drum and she's got her bangs to cover her forehead and she's working her swingy fake ponytail. Kate's got cat-eyes from her surgery. But it's before Jaclyn's later drastic facial revisions, she still looks like herself, but requires the lighting/soft focus that none of the others get. Farrah seems to be in a rough place when her interview was shot. Shelley's sang-froid hadn't yet melted, and Tanya's just older and less redheaded/more blonde.

by Bri's Pinto reply 9805/18/2020

Charlie's Angels was before my time. Was it a popular show with gay guys of that era?

by Bri's Pinto reply 9905/18/2020

Bravo, nailed it!

by Bri's Pinto reply 10005/18/2020

[Quote] Was it a popular show with gay guys of that era?

No, just lesbian prison wardens.

by Bri's Pinto reply 10105/19/2020

[quote] You know they’re like 85 years old now...?

If Angela Lansbury can solve crimes so can they.

by Bri's Pinto reply 10205/19/2020

In the hour and a half (!) doc above, Kate does seem... a spitfire. She was easily the most charismatic of the angels interviewed.

Leonard Goldberg looked better in old age.

Farrah never had an attractive nose but it became a shark fin as she aged (and surged).

What the fuck was up with Fred Silverman's ear?

by Bri's Pinto reply 10305/19/2020

After watching the doc, it makes sense to me why Kate held Cheryl at arm's length. I didn't realise that Fawcett became a sensation in the wake of the TV movie pilot, before the series even premiered... Kate probably expected Cheryl to be Farrah Mk II (i.e. not to be trusted, could jeopardize the show).

by Bri's Pinto reply 10405/19/2020

According to the TV Movie made about the Angels behind the scenes Kate threw a Rona Barrett Hollywood magazine across her trailer upon hearing the news that Farrah had left the show.

by Bri's Pinto reply 10505/19/2020

Farrah jumped the gun too soon. She should've stayed with Charlie's Angels for another couple of seasons.

by Bri's Pinto reply 10605/19/2020

Why? It wouldn't have set her up for anything afterwards.

by Bri's Pinto reply 10705/19/2020

The doc above says that Farrah got 150k for each of her 6 guest star shots. She made 5k per episode in the first season.

by Bri's Pinto reply 10805/19/2020

Farrah didn't really do much for several years after she left the show. She could've been making money.

by Bri's Pinto reply 10905/19/2020

She made a million dollars for her first movie after "Charlie's Angels". Wiki dates it as 1977, so it's incorrect to say she didn't do nothing for years afterward, nor did she earn no money.

Offsite Link
by Bri's Pinto reply 11005/19/2020

Who remembers that movie? It was a huge bomb.

by Bri's Pinto reply 11105/19/2020

[Quote] Who remembers that movie? It was a huge bomb.

What Farrah Fawcett movie wasn't a bomb? More Charlie's Angels wouldn't have helped her movie career. Did it help Kate's? Jaclyn's?

by Bri's Pinto reply 11205/19/2020

She could've stayed on a hit show, though. She was never going to be a movie star. Back in those days tv stars didn't become movie stars, with only a few exceptions like Sally Field.

by Bri's Pinto reply 11305/19/2020

[Quote] She was never going to be a movie star.

She made more money from those flop movies (and the guest stars slots on CA) than if she'd stayed on the show. And she kept her status as a Charlie's Angel in popular culture.

by Bri's Pinto reply 11405/19/2020

I don't know why everyone was so tough on Cheryl Ladd. I was a big Farrah fan during the show's run, but never disliked Cheryl. She was great fit for the show. Kate Jackson's two replacements were much more awkward.

by Bri's Pinto reply 11505/20/2020

Who would have been a perfect replacement for Kate Jackson?

by Bri's Pinto reply 11605/20/2020

[quote]She was never going to be a movie star. Back in those days tv stars didn't become movie stars,

You're forgetting John Travolta. And Ron Howard, who left Happy Days and reinvented himself as a popular, acclaimed director.

Aaron got Farrah the Goldie Hawn role if Farrah agreed to stay on CA.

Kate was the original choice to do the Meryl Streep role in Kramer vs. Kramer. But they refused to let her out of the show to do it.

It's quite possible that they would have had decent movie careers.

by Bri's Pinto reply 11705/20/2020

But they DIDN'T r117. Like 99% of tv stars back then.

by Bri's Pinto reply 11805/20/2020

how could Kate have respected any of her co-stars as actresses?

Jaclyn was serviceable; Cheryl could be good.

Farrah? Jill laughed through most of the storylines.

by Bri's Pinto reply 11905/20/2020

I know it's only Thursday, but I just couldn't wait!

by Bri's Pinto reply 12006/04/2020

It's Friday! Let's gooo!

Offsite Link
by Bri's Pinto reply 12106/04/2020

R116, she never would have done it, but another Kate, Kate Mulgrew would have been great. She was in Mrs. Columbo because Silverman was such a fan of Ryan's Hope.

by Bri's Pinto reply 12206/04/2020

They Shelley Hack-ed when they should have Morgan Fairchild-ed.

by Bri's Pinto reply 12306/04/2020

what amazes me is the show never delved much into the personal lives of the Angels after season 1.

We know that Sabrina had an ex and a dad; Kelly was adopted. Why not explore those?

by Bri's Pinto reply 12406/05/2020

They should bring back all 5 women for a reunion TV movie along with a shovel they could use to either dig up Farrah or recast her character with (though there wouldn't be much of a difference).

by Bri's Pinto reply 12506/05/2020

R125 They could get Heather Locklear.

by Bri's Pinto reply 12606/09/2020

Jaclyn Smith never invited Kate back to her home after she stepped on Bootsy Gumdrop's tail.

by Bri's Pinto reply 12706/09/2020

They 15-25 years too late for a reunion movie. They all too old now.

Leonard Goldberg said in 1986 that he'd pay them a million each to do a reunion movie. He made it clear he was only interested in the first 4 Angels (Kate, Farrah, Jaclyn and Cheryl) but also conceded it was unlikely 3 of the 4 would agree to do it (he was right).

I suspect Kate and Farrah were the holdouts. I think Jaclyn and Cheryl would've done it. If they've would've excepted Shelley and Tanya, they probably would have as well (especially Tanya).

Offsite Link
by Bri's Pinto reply 12806/09/2020

In the early 2000s, I was a teacher at Kate Jackson's son's elementary school. He wasn't in my class, I never had direct contact with with her.....but I saw her around all the time. She was weird! She walked around in sunglasses, turtlenecks & hats (even if was 90+ degrees) like, "don't speak to me." Like she was Zsa-Zsa Gabor or something.

by Bri's Pinto reply 12906/10/2020

R129 I thank you for sharing a crazy KJ story. I suspect there are many more...

by Bri's Pinto reply 13006/10/2020

Love her! and her crazy!

by Bri's Pinto reply 13106/10/2020

She was working on a case, r129!

Offsite Link
by Bri's Pinto reply 13206/10/2020

And here we find ourselves on another Friday night. I hope you are well and have some thoughts to share with the group regarding Ms. Kate Jackson.

R129 Love the real life story. It's nice she was there a lot and involved, even if she was odd about it. Did the other teachers share gossip?

I wonder when things shifted for her. Some people experience mental issues following open heart surgery, which she had in the mid-1990s. Her mother died in the late 1990's, not long after she adopted her son, and they had been very close.

I also read that she had been on vacation at Martha's Vineyard with her son, and decided to extend their stay. Their original plane tickets to return home were on American Airlines Flight 11, which was hijacked and crashed into the North Tower of the WTC.

Maybe that close call pushed her over the edge mentally.

by Bri's Pinto reply 13306/12/2020

Lovely little interview about "Making Love."

Offsite Link
by Bri's Pinto reply 13406/12/2020

Thanks, R134 -- I'm a big fan and I'd never seen that interview before!

by Bri's Pinto reply 13506/12/2020

R133, Seth MacFarlane was set to fly on one of the doomed flights; he misread the departure time as the boarding time. he's said that he's missed half the flights he's been booked on in life so he didn't see it as any divine intervention.

My 911 story is that I flew out of NY at 7 AM that morning and fell asleep on the flight; the airline was supposed to fly us out the night before only weather called it off.

We had to land half way across the country and I ended up taking a bus back.

Poor Kate. She was (is?) a great actress.

by Bri's Pinto reply 13606/12/2020

I do believe that there are drugs involved as well as mental illness.

The Enquirer story pointed to this several years back with photos of the hoarding. and KJ and son cruising the streets of the valley in a lowrider.

How far she has fallen from the orange Pinto.

by Bri's Pinto reply 13706/12/2020

She should have done THE HELEN REDDY STORY.

Only On Lifetime

by Bri's Pinto reply 13806/12/2020

R137 I agree that drugs must have been a factor at some point. For what it's worth, that isn't her son in the car photos. Her son is a cute curly haired guy and not into drugs, etc.

The pics were taken outside of a pharmacy, and it looks to me like the guy is an uber driver or something.

by Bri's Pinto reply 13906/13/2020

Are you sure they are not of the son?

Those photos were taken years before Uber became a thing.

Also, please try and track down a photo KJ's curly haired son.

by Bri's Pinto reply 14006/13/2020

I'll see if this Instagram link works...

Offsite Link
by Bri's Pinto reply 14106/14/2020

R141 Thank you Angel!

by Bri's Pinto reply 14206/15/2020

Why did she adopt her son?

is she lacking a vagina, like Jamie Lee Curtis?

by Bri's Pinto reply 14306/15/2020

Why do so many folks on here claim it's mental illness?! We simply do NOT know! There seems so much nasty gossipping in the internet about Kate. And we know most of the gossip is not true or totally exaggerated. So please don't support the spreading of lies. I think that is actually what is really difficult for Kate. She's had to deal with a lot of unjustified rumors. Who knows, maybe the lies and rumors is what made Kate retire. I read recently that she is enjoying life out of the public eye. I hope this is true. She deserves happiness. I'm a huge fan and love her a lot.

by Bri's Pinto reply 14407/04/2020

R133 Goodness, is that really true that Kate and her son would have been on American Airlines Flight 11 on 9/11 had she not extended her stay at Martha's Vineyard? Never heard about it. I can't even try to imagine how she felt when she heard the devastating news?

Kate's a survivor! Her fight against breast cancer twice, the open heart surgery, 9/11!! Be safe in these trying times, girl! I really want you to be happy!!

by Bri's Pinto reply 14507/05/2020

My mother was a waitress at one of the restaurants near the studio. She waited on a lot of celebrities. One day my mother waited on Kate Jackson. When she came home, she said, "Kate Jackson came in today. What a sweetheart, a real doll." My mother also used to work at the MGM commissary.

by Bri's Pinto reply 14607/05/2020

Well R144 if Kate were so troubled by it all, she could do her hair and nails, slap some paint on her kisser and go on Oprah Where Are They Now or its ilk. She could turn in the autobiography she'd announced and finally it would be published. Or even simpler, she could start herself a Facebook page as a public figure--even if she had to have one of her fans/friends do the tech part of it, and do a weekly or monthly update. The platform is waiting for her to utilize it, and it's free. She could call her union (SAG/AFTRA) and use one of the programs they have to help seniors navigate tech.

Most of my friends got their cell phones in the late 90s. Surely 20+ years into everyone having one, Kate, or someone near her, has a cell phone with a camera? Do we need to do a GoFundMe? She's only 71, which would have made her early 50s by the time the internet had become omnipresent in our lives. Jac and Cheryl (was just singing God Bless America!) have FB pages, and Tanya does live chats on Facebook and Zoom.

So if she has anything to say, or if she wants to put rumors to rest, no one's stopping her. Those of us who care about her (because of her body of work) would love to hear from her, so we can cheer or help, whatever's appropriate.

by Bri's Pinto reply 14707/05/2020

R147 I don't know if Kate Jackson is troubled by it all or not. It's just that the tabloids have been really really nasty with Kate. It seems they won't stop spreading their BS gossip and make it look as if Kate is in peril when she may not be at all. Maybe at some point she was. Maybe not. We don't know. I think it also would be pointless to try to put rumors to rest. Rumors have a momentum especially with the internet. People keep spreading lies it's really sickening to see all the garbage being written about Kate.

Also I think it would take a lot of energy to go back into the spotlight such as being on Oprah or to publish a book or doing interviews when they always come up with the same stupid questions. Kate used to be a high energy person and maybe she still has lots of energy. But in general folks her age like to take things easier. Why bother with the ugly tabloids again when they now seem to have run out of new stories/lies. When it would be almost impossible to make the old rumors go away anyways that these bastards keep spreading.

Oh I'm sure Kate has a cell phone. She and Jaclyn text each other and talk on the phone and meet when possible. Of course I don't know where each of them lives. Probably not in Hollywood anymore. Kate certainly not when she is so successful being out of the public eye. But it looks like she chooses not to be on Facebook and interact with her fans. I'm sure if she did the rag sheets wouldn't be far away always trying to find something to pester her.

Well, I so would loooove to read her memoirs from her childhood, her time in NYC, her road trip all by herself from NYC to LA around 1970, her time on "The Rookies" and of course "Charlie's Angels" and all that goes with it, her groundbreaking movie "Making Love", going back to series like "Scarecrow and Mrs. King" and all her other work she's done. And her ups and downs in her private life. She really would have a great and gripping story to tell with a lot of awesome photos, too. Well, I guess sadly it's not going to happen.

Even though Kate often times came across as an extrovert in her 20s or 30s it looks like she is also an introvert. I once read that she didn’t like to go to those Hollywood parties and being bored by the small talk. She'd rather be home and play the piano or the guitar and do other stuff. I read that when she was on "Charlie's Angels". So now at 71 and after those glory days and the craziness of being famous and the gossip I imagine she is enjoying the freedom of being out of the public eye, at peace with what was. I really hope so.

by Bri's Pinto reply 14807/06/2020

She probably yells at the walls. Or at least snarls.

She seems like a bitter bitch.

by Bri's Pinto reply 14907/06/2020

R146 Thanks a lot for sharing your mother's story. That's so wonderful. From what I've heard Kate must really have been lovely. Very down to earth even when she was a big star like when your mother met her.

I recently came across this lovely story about Kate. When she was about 21 and worked on „Dark Shadows“ there were two siblings, Kasheba and Johnnie. They were teens and took on Kate’s fan club and became close friends with Kate. She would take them and two other friends to her home on the Lower Eastside in NYC to hang out and play games.They also went ice skating together and did all kinds of stuff. They lost contact when the show went off air but a couple years later they ran into Kate at a party at Studio 54 when she was a Charlie’s Angel. They hugged and Kate told them to call her at the hotel she was staying in NYC but unfortunately she wasn’t there when Kasheba called. Unfortunately she didn’t try to call again and regrets not having stayed in touch with Kate. Kasheba mentioned Kate’s beauty and her beautiful personality.

by Bri's Pinto reply 15007/07/2020

R148 I don't believe Jaclyn Smith has talked to, texted, or seen Kate Jackson in years.

PS from the hoarding photos in The Enquirer I believe she only smashes pianos and guitars.

Love Kate, but that homespun tale is too much....

Considering the bipolar, the rage, and the possible pill-popping.

by Bri's Pinto reply 15107/07/2020

R34 Thank you for this! I LOVE your comment! Everything! So so true!

by Bri's Pinto reply 15207/07/2020

R151, in the past couple months, Jaclyn was asked on Twitter if she'd been in touch with Kate recently, and she replied that she was and that "I'm proud to call her my friend."

by Bri's Pinto reply 15307/07/2020

R151 Where is the reliable source about the assumed bipolar, the rage and pills? The Enquirer is awful! Reliable sources please.

by Bri's Pinto reply 15407/07/2020

The truth is, Jaclyn does’t like Kate so much because she swatted Bootsy Gumdrops once in the middle of a rant.

It was the first and last time Jaclyn had Kate over to her house.

by Bri's Pinto reply 15507/07/2020

Her marriage and later, divorce from Andrew Stevens cost her a fortune. Andrew preferred to spend rather than work.

by Bri's Pinto reply 15607/07/2020

R154 fair enough regarding the Enquirer.

Kate has a notorious reputation on sets for being trouble. Mood swings, argumentative, and downright crazy that is well-documented.

When I saw the hoarding drug house photos the maid took it made sense.

by Bri's Pinto reply 15707/07/2020

[quote]r156 Her marriage and later, divorce from Andrew Stevens cost her a fortune. Andrew preferred to spend rather than work.

You think this comes cheap?

Offsite Link
by Bri's Pinto reply 15807/07/2020

Didn't she have that cheap lingerie line line at K-MART once?

by Bri's Pinto reply 15907/07/2020

R157 The fact that The Enquirer even exposed her is what troubles me the most!! It's very cruel! How could they do that? They should be deeply ashamed of themselves! It happened 10 or 11 years ago. And the way people keep talking about it makes it look as if it all just happened. And to make a diagnosis based on rumors is awful, too! So many so called experts on the internet…

Someone who knows Kate said she is enjoying life out of the public eye. And he had dinner with her in February 2020 and she looked great and is doing fine.

by Bri's Pinto reply 16007/07/2020

All Kate has to do to refute the rumors is allow cameras to be installed in every room of her house for a month, and let the Nation be the judge.

by Bri's Pinto reply 16107/08/2020

[quote] Didn't she have that cheap lingerie line line at K-MART once?

That was Jaclyn Smith.

by Bri's Pinto reply 16207/08/2020

Whose net worth is probably at least $100M, R162, maybe more. The clothes, the home decor, the wigs, the skincare--not to mention her husband's heart surgeon money and any money they've made from passive investments.

She need never drag her ass to the set at 5 am again. Good for her, especially when you think about what she started with.

by Bri's Pinto reply 16307/08/2020

R148 Jaclyn is still in touch with Kate.

by Bri's Pinto reply 16407/08/2020

A line of Kate Jackson lingerie sounds awful.

Turtlenecks, fine. French cut panties, no. (Not in her wheelhouse.)

by Bri's Pinto reply 16507/08/2020

R163 she didn’t come from nothing like most of these people actually. She’s from an upper middle class family from Houston and her father was a Jewish dentist.

Maybe that’s why she was comparatively more well adjusted and not so fame hungry.

by Bri's Pinto reply 16607/08/2020

Kate’s three husbands all had quite athletic bodies. Can’t blame her :-)

by Bri's Pinto reply 16707/08/2020

So what was the deal with her marriage to Andrew Stevens? (Love Stella)

Was it a bearding situation? Never believed Andrew would be attracted to her (his type is slutty airheads) and always believed Kate was too smart to be tricked by a pretty boy grifter.

by Bri's Pinto reply 16807/08/2020

I bet Kate weilded a mean strap on.

Stevens earned every penny.

by Bri's Pinto reply 16907/08/2020

R168 According to Kate while they still were together: "Before we knew what hit us, we were madly, passionately in love." They had only dated for 6 weeks and then got married.

Why did they break up? I think he broke her heart.

You are right. Kate wasn't his type. After Kate there were really these slutty airheads. Well, I guess he is opportunistic and Kate was famous. Go figure. And then that creep took A LOT of her money. It's all I need to know about Stevens.

by Bri's Pinto reply 17007/08/2020

[quote]r170 I guess he is opportunistic and Kate was famous. Go figure. And then that creep took A LOT of her money.

I know some want to make Stevens look like a villain because he broke up with their poor Sabrina Duncan, but he was a celebrity, as well, and worked steadily throughout their years together. It's not like he was a layabout freeloader.

Where do those stories come from?

Offsite Link
by Bri's Pinto reply 17107/09/2020

Jackson also looked old enough to practically be Stevens' mother ... though his real life mother (Stella Stevens) was actually sexy.

Offsite Link
by Bri's Pinto reply 17207/09/2020
Offsite Link
by Bri's Pinto reply 17307/09/2020

R172 Wow Kate looks sexy! Beautiful couple but he was too young.

by Bri's Pinto reply 17407/09/2020

She was a chicken hawk.

by Bri's Pinto reply 17507/09/2020

R166 I didn't mean her family lineage, I meant whatever natural talent she had. She's beautiful though.

by Bri's Pinto reply 17607/09/2020

R151 Jaclyn and Kate are still friends.

@realjaclynsmith June 26, 2018 We all see each other when we can, but I would love to see them more. I just got a text from Kate with a Randy Newman song...did you know she sends the best texts? #AskJaclyn

Offsite Link
by Bri's Pinto reply 17707/09/2020


@realjaclynsmith July 18, 2018 Yes! I haven't in a while because he went to college. He is a great young man, Kate and him are very close. It's great to see! #AskJaclyn

by Bri's Pinto reply 17807/09/2020


@ShuemateKarla August 21, 2019 @realjaclynsmith #AskJaclyn- are you still in contact with Kate Jackson?

August 21, 2019 Absolutely! We stay in touch as much as we can.

by Bri's Pinto reply 17907/09/2020


@realjaclynsmith December 6, 2019 Actually I had lunch with @RealCherylLadd and I spoke with Kate on the phone yesterday. I love how the holidays bring everyone together.

by Bri's Pinto reply 18007/09/2020

Did we mention that I won her what could have been her Oscar for Kramer Versus Kramer?

by Bri's Pinto reply 18107/09/2020

R181 You are one lucky gal, M, aren't you. Well, about time to say thank you to Kate.

by Bri's Pinto reply 18207/09/2020

M had already been cast in the film (either in Jane Alexander or Jobeth Williams’ role.)

She would have won the Oscar for that, even if Kate Jackasson played the part of Joanna.

by Bri's Pinto reply 18307/09/2020

Has anybody here read the novel Kramer Vs. Kramer? The character of Joanna, as written, was dead-on Kate Jackson. She would have been perfect.

I think she got the offer because she was dating Dustin Hoffman at the time.

by Bri's Pinto reply 18407/09/2020

Kate would have been perfect awesome!

Here's what director Robert Benton said: "In the spring of 1978, we had meetings with Kate Jackson [to play Joanna Kramer]. She was terrific, but the network began throwing up obstacles because of their scheduling for Charlie's Angels. We said, "Sooner or later, they are going to make it impossible.“ Which is exactly what Spelling and Goldberg did... What the „Kramer“ team wanted and had found in Kate was quote: "somebody who has an enormous presence and skill“.

by Bri's Pinto reply 18507/09/2020

[quote]R184 Has anybody here read the novel Kramer Vs. Kramer? The character of Joanna, as written, was dead-on Kate Jackson.

[italic] Streep found the character in the novel and script unsympathetic ("an ogre, a princess, an ass"...)[/italic]

Sounds about right.

by Bri's Pinto reply 18607/09/2020

R174 They look really smoking hot in this pic and I think they had a passionate, hot love affair going for a while. Until Kate realized that he was a dough headed sex maniac who was after her status and her money.

by Bri's Pinto reply 18707/10/2020

Did she HAVE a ton of money? I think she was initially paid twice what the other two angels were paid, but I thought it wasn’t all THAT much, in Hollywood terms.

(On the other hand, she doesn’t seem like the kind of performer who’d blow a lot of money on cars... or, certainly, clothes.)

by Bri's Pinto reply 18807/10/2020

Jackson would have shined in Kramer; she'd have gotten an Oscar nod and maybe even the win.

The competition was: Jane Alexander Margaret Phelps Kramer vs. Kramer Barbara Barrie Evelyn Stoller Breaking Away Candice Bergen Jessica Potter Starting Over and Mariel Hemingway Tracy Manhattan

I thought Bergen was great in Starting Over; hilarious when she thought she could sing. I've never seen Manhattan. I thought Barrie was touching and strong in Breaking Away.

Even if Kate didn't win, she would have gone on to get other great roles. It's too bad. She's a terrific actress.

I don't know whose idea this was, but it was terrific and tasteful given the occasion.


Offsite Link
by Bri's Pinto reply 18907/10/2020

R188 I guess during her marriage with Andrew Stevens she had a lot of money but certainly nothing compared to what a big movie star had. Yes, initially Kate got 10,000 $ per episode (not a lot in Hollywood terms) while Farrah and Jaclyn got 5,000 $ each. This was fitting because Kate was already an experienced actress with a couple of films and "Dark Shadows" and "The Rookies" under her belt. She was a pro. While the other girls had to learn their stuff on the show in the course of time. Also Kate was the co-creator of Charlie's Angels. It was her who had come up with the idea to call them Angels and their mysterious boss. Of course Kate never got credited for that. Spelling/Goldberg never paid her anything for her crucial ideas for the show. Without her there'd never have been a show called "Charlie's Angels".

by Bri's Pinto reply 19007/10/2020

R189 I so agree with you! Kate would have been awesome in "Kramer vs. Kramer". Her range of acting skills was so terrific. Even given the weak scripts on Charlie's Angels she showcased her talent for comedy and drama. And also in action scenes. She even did a lot of her own stunts. I also loved the subtleties in her acting. She never was boring and owned the screen.

Absolutely, even if Kate didn't win the Oscar, that role would have led to other roles and that's the tragedy about it. She wanted to give her very best as an actress and explore different roles. I can see how not being allowed to do "Kramer vs. Kramer" must have been devastating. The CA executives should really have been ashamed of themselves for doing this to Kate.

The 2006 reunion was wonderful and touching.

by Bri's Pinto reply 19107/10/2020

[quote]r191 The CA executives should really have been ashamed of themselves for doing this to Kate.

Why should they sacrifice their investment in their own show so she could go work for someone else?

If you want to blame someone, blame the Kramer team for not shooting in the summer (or whenever her show was on hiatus), when Jackson would be available.

by Bri's Pinto reply 19207/11/2020

r94 We can use the Villages in Florida for the retirement community...they never have to go outside the gates to find, sex, drugs, STDs and racism.....a whole season of shows!

by Bri's Pinto reply 19307/11/2020

[italic]Charlie's Retirees

by Bri's Pinto reply 19407/11/2020

Or 192, split the difference; Joanna wasn't in the film that much.

The courtroom scenes, she walks out, the coffee shop, the end of the film; it's too bad. I think if Kate had tacked on another two years to her Angels contract (which might never have been exercised), then she could have negotiated getting off Thursday afternoons for a few months; she could have filmed Kramer Friday, Sat and Sun and then back to helping Kelly and Kris solve the crimes on Monday morning.

I remember when she played the smoking bitch woman who wanted to adopt Kelly's 'baby' in one episode.

The bad guys were horrified by her.

by Bri's Pinto reply 19507/11/2020

LOVE that episode, R195!!

Offsite Link
by Bri's Pinto reply 19607/11/2020

It’s Saturday now, can you put it away for another week please.

by Bri's Pinto reply 19707/11/2020

[quote]r195 she could have negotiated getting off Thursday afternoons for a few months; she could have filmed Kramer Friday, Sat and Sun and then back to helping Kelly and Kris solve the crimes on Monday morning.

That would have involved flying back and forth to NYC every weekend. Not only would she have been exhausted, but it would put both projects in jeopardy if either had to shoot late, a flight was cancelled, etc.

by Bri's Pinto reply 19807/11/2020

R198 I’m sure that bitch Candy was behind putting her foot down and saying “No way, Jose!” to that idea.

by Bri's Pinto reply 19907/11/2020

R199 Who is Jose?

by Bri's Pinto reply 20007/11/2020

Sorry, I just imagine Candy Spelling as being very much like Kath & Kim since she has a similar relationship with Tori as does Kath with Kim.

by Bri's Pinto reply 20107/11/2020

Warhol wrote of Kate in his diaries... SHADE. Warhol thought she was a sentimental cornball...

by Bri's Pinto reply 20207/11/2020

They could have brought on Tori as The Littlest Angel (Jill and Kris' baby sister) while Kate was gone.

Missed opportunity!

Offsite Link
by Bri's Pinto reply 20307/11/2020

FUCK OFF, R197!!

Also.....that was sort of funny.

by Bri's Pinto reply 20407/11/2020

R204 On Wednesdays we wear pink and on Fridays we discuss Miss Kate Jackson!

by Bri's Pinto reply 20507/11/2020

R198 they did a lot of coke then no big deal.

Oh do tell r202. Although tbh anyone Warhol hates I consider to be a compliment.

by Bri's Pinto reply 20607/11/2020

Oh and I'm reading in the Enquirer about Kate Jackson and Andrew Stevens. Kate was out with us at Halston's in Montauk this past weekend.

She was with

by Bri's Pinto reply 20707/12/2020

^^ WARHOL google books wouldn't paste into the link ^^ Warhol just mentions Kate was with Yul Brenner's son, ROCK BRENNER

Offsite Link
by Bri's Pinto reply 20807/12/2020

Is Andrew Stevens now a lesbian?

Offsite Link
by Bri's Pinto reply 20907/12/2020

R202 R206 R207 Andy Warhol wrote of Kate in his diaries: Monday, July 20, 1981 ."...Kate was out with us at Halston's in Montauk this past weekend. She was with Rock Brynner, Yul's son. Kate will do things like look at the ocean and say how beautiful it is, or go out alone and stare at the moon or walk along the beach alone and pick up a rock and throw it. (laughs) I'm serious! That kind of corny thing. I don't know. She's from the South, but still..."

I like that! I'm like Kate. I do those things. What's wrong with that? And what does that have to do with being from the South? Warhol's remarks are weird.

by Bri's Pinto reply 21007/12/2020

Yer right R210. It's "weird" as in "exceptional." The Warhol Diaries are literally word-for-word and often catty phone chats that Warhol made to Brigid Berlin the morning after a night out. That's just Warhol blathering on — AFTER Warhol dropped names about who was with whom at Halston's party. It's a detail that caught Warhol's eye that he felt worth mentioning. DID YOU SEE THE PHOTOS from Halston's party? Didn't see Warhol in the images tho

by Bri's Pinto reply 21107/12/2020

R211 Thanks a lot for the insight! Oh okay. Well, I'm certainly grateful for Warhol to tell these things about Kate. I love it. No, I didn't see the photos of Halston's party? Where can I see them?

by Bri's Pinto reply 21207/12/2020

Well, it's Friday. Start talking about me, gays!

by Bri's Pinto reply 21307/17/2020

She was on an episode of Match Game '76 on Buzzr TV today.

by Bri's Pinto reply 21407/17/2020

Kate never gets any love for her short-running sitcom, Baby Boom. 22 minutes of laughs isn't her thing. But the network must have believed in her, because surely the series rights to a big film like that didn't come cheap, and neither did she, with multiple hit shows under her belt.

by Bri's Pinto reply 21507/17/2020

The rumors, etc must be hard to accept and face publicly. Over the years, though, the public has been kinder to celebrities who are humble and honest with their missteps and difficult times. There's no reason for pride to hamper her indefinitely.

While she may enjoy living out of the public eye, after she dies she won't have a chance to tell her side of things. The rumors will come back kicking, and I would hate to see her life and career reduced to some troubled years.

We are all capable of falling apart, there's no shame in that. She could reach others who have had difficult times need inspiration finding their way through.

by Bri's Pinto reply 21607/17/2020

^The problem is, I don't think she's found her way through, yet.

by Bri's Pinto reply 21707/17/2020

Is this all because her husband was gay in the movie?

by Bri's Pinto reply 21807/17/2020

Say what you will, but she dodge a bullet by not being slapped by Dustin Hoffman.

by Bri's Pinto reply 21907/17/2020

Oh, Match Game! Kate avoids being kissed by Gene while Fannie looks on jealously.

Offsite Link
by Bri's Pinto reply 22007/17/2020

Bring back Kate for Match Game 2021, Alec Baldwin!

by Bri's Pinto reply 22107/17/2020

Part of the reason I suspect she's had problems these years she has been a recluse. She had a lucrative deal to write her autobiography. The title was "The smart one". This was on the Publisher's release schedule for 7-years, it kept being bumped because, Kate could not get it together even with a ghost writer.

by Bri's Pinto reply 22207/17/2020

R220 Kate is so beautiful and cute in this show. So young.

by Bri's Pinto reply 22307/18/2020

It’s Saturday, time to put this thread away for another week.

by Bri's Pinto reply 22407/18/2020

Hey wait a minute! I haven't even had the time to join the discussion yesterday. I need my Kate fix.

by Bri's Pinto reply 22507/18/2020

R219 I guess you could be right.

Check this out. Hoffman briefly talks about Kate!! I like that! Looks like many people had no idea it was initially her role.

Offsite Link
by Bri's Pinto reply 22607/18/2020

First day, first movie, first scene and slap! Would he have done it to Kate?

Offsite Link
by Bri's Pinto reply 22707/18/2020

R227 I don't think so. I can't explain why, it's just a feeling.

by Bri's Pinto reply 22807/18/2020

R227 Kate actually hit Michael Ontkean in "Making Love". But they worked hard on that scene with the director so it didn't just happen out of the blue.

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by Bri's Pinto reply 22907/18/2020

R216 You are right! And yet I don't know. Of course it would be wonderful if she finally told her side of things. Because it would really bother me to see her life and career reduced to those troubled years. That would be awful. She may have come to terms now and live a good life without the nasty tabloids pestering her. Giving that up now? I imagine it would take a lot of energy and at 71 things are different than when she was a young energetic rising star. I also remember reading that even when she was young all the Charlie's Angels celebrity craziness was getting too much and she was relieved to finally be out and have a low profile for quite a while to finally come down. And even during her heyday she preferred to spend an evening with an intimate circle of friends rather than going to a big Hollywood party (although she did that occasionally). But dang I so want to read her memoirs but I guess it's not going to happen.

by Bri's Pinto reply 23007/24/2020

TGIF to all of Kate Jackson's DL fans!

by Bri's Pinto reply 23107/24/2020

I slept late this morning & missed Charlie’s Angels on Cozi.

by Bri's Pinto reply 23207/24/2020

One of you bitches must subscribe to Star Magazine so we can get the latest scoop from this week's issue!

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by Bri's Pinto reply 23307/24/2020

R233 The cast of Cocoon 3.

by Bri's Pinto reply 23407/24/2020

R233 If those three women did a project together, I would watch the hell out of it. Caruso, not so much.

Kate was clearly caught off guard in the photo, but she looks good to me. I hope she doesn't go get fillers or more surgery. With hair and makeup done, she'd be camera ready. She should get a stylist she trusts if she wants to return to public life.

I wonder if there are more photos of her inside the magazine.

DL, report back!

by Bri's Pinto reply 23507/24/2020

R235 you defend Kate to no end. It's time you stop that now and face the truth.

No, it wasn't a bad camera angle on the picture.

Kate was on a 16 day meth binge and the paparazzi caught her out by the trash cans dumpster diving!

It is the only logical explanation for THAT photograph.

by Bri's Pinto reply 23607/24/2020

I'm with R235 Kate looks good! The next moment she may have smiled and it would have been a different pic. All she needs is some makeup and the hair done for a public appearance and she'd look great. Always considering her age. Most of us looked our best in our twenties and thirties. It's just a fact, it's life. So the mostly unflattering photos those rag sheets post of elderly celebs just living life are totally unfair. We still remember them from their glory days when they were young and beautiful. And the paparazzi and tabloids want to make us believe that something is wrong with those celebrities because they're older now and not their youthful self anymore? Oh come on now!

by Bri's Pinto reply 23707/24/2020

See what you did, M? I hope you're happy. Not that you were miscast as a selfish mother.

by Bri's Pinto reply 23807/24/2020

"Making Love" - Roberta Flack

This is such a beautiful song. It was a Top-20 hit in 1982. Written by Burt Bacharach, Bruce Roberts, and Carole Bayer Sager.

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by Bri's Pinto reply 23907/25/2020

I looked at the Star Magazine on my town's digital library site. It was just one little blurb, no new info, and no new pictures, just the one from Farrah's funeral.

by Bri's Pinto reply 24007/27/2020

R240 See, that's how the fucking rag sheets work! They put a photo on the cover (preferably not a flattering one) and make you believe they have news about a big scandal! And when you buy that stuff. Nothing! Or old stuff or mostly lies!! I don't know when they took that pic of Kate but I bet it wasn't this year. I'm pretty sure they don't have a clue where she is. Definitely not in Hollywood anymore. Well done, Kate! The creeps can't find you haha! Kick their asses the way Sabrina did! Kick 'em hard!! You go girl!

by Bri's Pinto reply 24107/27/2020

R241 what is your diagnosis? What was the highest level of education you completed?

by Bri's Pinto reply 24207/27/2020

I love you, too. I really do.

by Bri's Pinto reply 243Last Friday at 7:58 AM

Today’s ‘Angels’ episode is the one where Sabrina gets a bomb belt strapped around her waist!

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by Bri's Pinto reply 244Last Friday at 8:15 AM

What happened to Kate's eyes? I mean they were always cat like - loved her look back in the day - but now she looks Korean.

by Bri's Pinto reply 245Last Friday at 8:36 AM

R244 The climax is cool. Sabrina running and jumping into a cold pond to save her life!

by Bri's Pinto reply 246Last Friday at 10:26 AM

The "boom-boom belt", I remember that one! Fun Fact: Stanley Kamel (Dinsmore) appeared in all three of Kate's shows -- The Rookies, Charlie's Angels, and Scarecrow & Mrs. King.

I also remember it for Kris' fringed, suede halter top which I coveted.

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by Bri's Pinto reply 247Last Friday at 11:21 AM

R239 Beautiful and touching song by Roberta Flack. To me it will always be connected with the last scene of "Making Love". You can see and feel that Zack will always be Claire's big love even though she is married and has a child now and says she's happy. But that look on her face gives it all away. So subtle. That scene gets me every time I watch it.

I also love this video with the instrumental of that song. And photos telling the story.

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by Bri's Pinto reply 248Last Friday at 3:35 PM

When she played the nurse married to the cop on THE ROOKIES, her character got taken hostage on an almost weekly basis.

by Bri's Pinto reply 249Last Friday at 3:37 PM

I think the writers for The Rookies had to find ways to get Jill in the story because she was popular with the viewers.

Loved the boom boom belt episode. The bad guy was kinda hot.

by Bri's Pinto reply 250Last Friday at 7:59 PM
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