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Until effective suit is brought against the pharmaceutical industry and the doctors for harms such as: early death , suicidal reaction, loss of work capacity, loss of ability to reproduce, third party harms and injuries, etc. it will go on.

Lots of money to be made when the medication is for a lifetime and someone else pays. And all voluntary in reality.

Worst: not only not proven to lift the obsession, but makes it worse and suicide rates go further up not down.

All lies and “LGBT activists”/the rights industry most to blame. They have hijacked Gay centers across America and many other Gay organizations- trannies or tyrannies are not gay!! True trans something different. And 70% are and remain straight like Bruce Jenner in his fetish fantasy. Alter ego - Caitlyn.

by Anonymous reply 12Last Monday at 5:54 PM

I completely agree. There is no trans without big pharma.

by Anonymous reply 1Last Monday at 4:49 AM

Trans troll

by Anonymous reply 2Last Monday at 5:03 AM

Trans realist with facts. Try reality it will set you free!

by Anonymous reply 3Last Monday at 5:06 AM

Staff at a UK "gender clinic" quit because they fear that "homophobia is driving a surge in ‘transgender’ young people"

by Anonymous reply 4Last Monday at 5:35 AM

What a fascinating, fresh topic to bring to DL. Thanks OP!

by Anonymous reply 5Last Monday at 5:35 AM

OMG it's like the scales have fallen from my eyes.

by Anonymous reply 6Last Monday at 6:51 AM

I don’t know how to thank you for this. I’m so grateful. We’ve got to get this trans situation under control.

by Anonymous reply 7Last Monday at 7:31 AM

I see the Trans troll has once again cleared their cookies.

by Anonymous reply 8Last Monday at 9:01 AM

The T in LGBT was put to protect and give awareness to the androphilic Transwomen, not the gynephelic "ma'am macho man" white trans. Yes, the vast and disproportionate amount of gynephelic transwomen are straight white men. Moreover, It seems like paraphilia disorders affects straight white men the most.

by Anonymous reply 9Last Monday at 11:56 AM


The irony is that we helped the Ts, and they harmed us in return.

And we will get blamed for the T craze after it runs it's destructive course.

by Anonymous reply 10Last Monday at 1:45 PM

I love that you have condensed your title down to just "trans." Next time do that in the title and the OP. Saves us all a lot of time.

by Anonymous reply 11Last Monday at 1:47 PM


by Anonymous reply 12Last Monday at 5:54 PM
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