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Unusual Fetishes

What's the weirdest fetish you've come across in your whoring? Currently my personal favorite is a fetish this one guy has for watching someone eat gummi bears - but only after he's named them each and given them backstories. Like some sort of macrophilia thing I suppose.

by Choupettereply 804/15/2019

Microphilia, OP?

by Choupettereply 104/14/2019

Finding gay men to fuck. Wish me luck as a curious guy. My thinking: gay men are fem and willing for sex with no strings attached

by Choupettereply 204/14/2019

Hot guy who would only fuck if we met wearing tight Levi's 501s and white t-shirt and we had to get into the shower and do everything in the shower with the jeans pulled down but not taken off. Now you could imagine someone wanted to do this 1x but it was this guy's fetish and the only way he could have sex.

by Choupettereply 304/14/2019

People who request that you answer the door nude. It's not THAT unusual, but I don't really understand what's so erotic about it. Are they in that big of a hurry?

by Choupettereply 404/14/2019

Another one. Fuckbud who was into smelly sports clothes. We had to report to each other a week ahead of time what sport we were each doing and then save our sweaty clothes and drop them off in each others package box (a big box below the mail slot, in my country). Then I had to wear his sweaty clothes and he had to wear mine and do the sport again at least once. So we smelled each other. Then save the clothes. Then we had to put the clothes on again, and meet do some sport, and fuck during the sport. He was very hot, and his sweaty kit turned me on, and so did the sex, which was sometimes complicated to accomplish. I also loved his house which was OCD down to the tiniest detail - all perfectly ordered and clean. His complicated fetish was part of the OCD but also transgressing his cleanliness because it was unclean. It was safe sex by the way, but extremely hot.

by Choupettereply 504/14/2019

So not only does this guy want me to greet him nude at the door, he wants me nude and wants to watch me walk upstairs nude. I'm kind of wondering if I'm going to get robbed.

by Choupettereply 604/15/2019

I haven't ran into it in person but this site I go to for some porn has a lot of puke videos. I guess some people get off on seeing people puke.

by Choupettereply 704/15/2019

I had someone request to be my toilet and bidet. Like they wanted to eat my shit and then lick my asshole clean. I mean, it'd save on water and toilet paper.

by Choupettereply 804/15/2019
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