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Les Miserables on Masterpiece, 2019

New Telemovie.

Anybody else watching?

by Dellareply 1304/26/2019

In Russia, movie watch you.

by Dellareply 104/14/2019

Thanks for the reminder, OP!

by Dellareply 204/14/2019

Beautiful scenery.

by Dellareply 304/14/2019

Saw the whole thing back when it aired on BBC. Gorgeous scenery but the writing has no meat to it. Same problem as with that Howards End adaptation last year.

There's an earlier thread for this show but it's just posters bitching about the casting of black people, so you might as well share your thoughts here.

by Dellareply 404/14/2019

DVR'd because of GoT. I'll watch it tomorrow night.

by Dellareply 504/14/2019

Nitt loving it. But Derek Jacobi's turn was simply beautiful.

by Dellareply 604/14/2019

r6 Agreed. He really touched me with that performance. A true legend.

by Dellareply 704/14/2019

I feel like Javert was a bit too passionate. Otherwise spot on. I even hated Marius a tiny bit less than usual. Thenardier was great.

by Dellareply 804/25/2019

It's weird to me that people are complaining about a black Javert. He wasn't actually white in the book.

by Dellareply 904/25/2019

It's been done.

by Dellareply 1004/25/2019

It's really not a terribly interesting story. So, no.

by Dellareply 1104/25/2019

Stopped after 2nd episode.

by Dellareply 1204/25/2019

I have to agree with R11. The story keeps getting adaptations, one after the other. I don't know if it had something to do with the popularity of the musical, but I just don't find the story at all compelling. I honestly don't get who is reading that book and thinking, "what a great story."

by Dellareply 1304/26/2019
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