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Buying eyeglasses online

Have any of you ever purchased prescription eyeglasses from an online store? I've a optometrist appointment next week, and my glasses are typically over $100.

A few friends have recommended taking my script and ordering online. I've browsed online at Zenni Optical, and Payne Glasses. They have good reviews, but can a $5-40 pair of glasses actually match my prescription, and be of sufficient quality to not break after a few days or weeks? Is it too good to be true, and would you recommend them or any other online glasses store? Thanks!

by Hope that wasn't too longreply 3604/16/2019

Zenni Optical link at op and Payne Glasses link here.

These are the two online places I've checked out.

by Hope that wasn't too longreply 104/14/2019

Yes I have. The only drawback I found was that you couldn't try them on first. I dunno if you can upload a photo of yourself and then superimpose the specs over the photo to see if they would suit you?

by Hope that wasn't too longreply 204/14/2019

Yes, last year I bought an expensive $150.00 pair at Lenscrafters, then I took the prescription and bought a couple pairs of cheap ones from Goggles4u, just to have around. The cheap ones are more comfortable, and the lens are just as good.

by Hope that wasn't too longreply 304/14/2019

I've mostly bought frames (Classic Specs and Warby Parker), then had my local optician do the lenses, as I get progressive lenses, which they didn't offer at first.

I bought a pair of single-prescription sunglasses from Classic Specs. They were having a ridiculous sale, $49 per frame IIRC. They're so wonderful to wear, I wish I'd bought Rx sunglasses decades ago.

by Hope that wasn't too longreply 404/14/2019

Yes, I've bought 4 pair from Zenni's and been very happy. Each under$100 with progressive, UV, chromatics, and easy clean. Highly recommended.

by Hope that wasn't too longreply 504/14/2019

r5 What are "chromatics"?

by Hope that wasn't too longreply 604/14/2019

Oh yes. I get mine from I found them to be the best and cheapest. Because they are so cheap I now have about six pairs of glasses and love it. I got nice frames, ground down really thin, with protective coating, I've also gotten glasses with the eye protection for when you are on the computer, and sunglasses. Love it. I never paid over $75.00 a pair. The $75.00 was for the special computer lenses. The rest were 50 bucks max.

by Hope that wasn't too longreply 704/14/2019

R3 funny you mention that. A friend of mine did the same thing.

He purchase a pair of $500 glasses from his Optometrist and then decided he wanted a few back up pairs to have around. He purchased from Goggles4U, I think GlassesUSA and Walmart Online (I didn't know there was such a thing).

Anyway, he has a really tough prescription and was shocked that he could get them from the online places for under $30/pair. The ones from Goggles4U, I think were under $15, with the prescription, etc.

Turns out he never wears the $500 pair because the cheaper ones, especially the $15 pair are not only more comfortable, the prescription seems to be a more accurate.

by Hope that wasn't too longreply 804/14/2019

Yes, from $39 glasses, paid significantly more for Transitions though. I'd buy from them again.

by Hope that wasn't too longreply 904/14/2019

OK I'm not the OP but I'm glad to hear good things about Zenni because last week I snapped my four year old Lenscrafters glasses in half and ordered two pair from Zenni because they're cheap. Nervous but hope they look good and I can see!

by Hope that wasn't too longreply 1004/14/2019

R6, the generic for Transitions, where the lens darkens or lightens in response toconditions.

by Hope that wasn't too longreply 1104/14/2019

Thanks, r11.

by Hope that wasn't too longreply 1204/14/2019

I've bought them from $39 Glasses. They were fine. The main thing you have to be careful about is measuring the correct distance between the center of your eyes so your lenses will line up with them.

by Hope that wasn't too longreply 1304/14/2019

My friend wears high index lenses, they are expensive. where you you buy them online?

by Hope that wasn't too longreply 1404/14/2019

Love Zenni, they are so reasonable. The lenses are always accurate and they ship pretty fast

by Hope that wasn't too longreply 1504/14/2019

I've a very high prescription, -15.-16. For lenses alone (high index, etc) I was quoted 420 euro. This is in Ireland. I decided to look online. Frame, lenses, coatings, etc about 80-90 dollars. From Zenni. The lenses were fine, the frames were pretty good quality if a little bit plasticy or brittle. Make sure you get spring hinges.

by Hope that wasn't too longreply 1604/14/2019

Checked out this thread, and now all my Facebook ads are for online glasses stores.

Big Brother is watchin' us, y'all.

by Hope that wasn't too longreply 1704/14/2019

Costco has a very good reputation for glasses. However, their selection of frames is somewhat limited.

by Hope that wasn't too longreply 1804/14/2019

R16, 420 is indeed a rip off.

by Hope that wasn't too longreply 1904/14/2019

R17, yes, happened to me many, many times.

by Hope that wasn't too longreply 2004/14/2019

Eyebuy direct has always been great. You can upload a picture and try on as well.

by Hope that wasn't too longreply 2104/14/2019

Zenni has been pretty reliable. They buffed one lens too hard in one pair I had, which they will replace but only if you notify them within 30 days of receipt. I discovered this when I waited too long to call, having forgotten the fine print. I think I'll check out Eyebuy Direct, based on what you all are saying.

As mentioned, the main thing to have besides your prescription is the pupillary distance measurement. Many optical shops won't provide it, since they know what you're going to do with it. One shop I knew would measure it and give it to you for $10, no exam required.

by Hope that wasn't too longreply 2204/14/2019

Here's the thing about glasses - most of it is polycarbonate now and really easy to mold or carve to a prescription.

So I don't think there's a quality issue. It's just the eyeglass market in the U.S. has been overtaken by a rapacious company.

by Hope that wasn't too longreply 2304/14/2019

I purchase many different styles and moved around a lot, so I've used Zenni and never had a problem. You can get prescription sunglasses too by adding the darkest tints to the lenses. Most have lasted for quite some time. It's useful to also have a cheap pair as a potential 'throwaway' to take on trips just in case, and even the $10 - $20 ones lasted a while. The only thing is the wait time can be up to 2 weeks or more to receive the shipment even with 'expedited shipping'. Sometimes you need to have the fit adjusted, but simply take them into any nearby eye clinic (such as the dreaded Walmart or inside malls) and they will adjust for free or a few dollars.

by Hope that wasn't too longreply 2404/14/2019

[quote] The main thing you have to be careful about is measuring the correct distance between the center of your eyes so your lenses will line up with them.

My optometrist told me that's the biggest problem with ordering them online, because you can't accurately measure that.

by Hope that wasn't too longreply 2504/14/2019

I can’t say enough about EyeBuyDirect. A work buddy suggested them and now I’m hooked! My most recent pair of glasses were super expensive, even after my insurance. I got two extra pairs from EBD, and the final cost was half of my original frames. So now I can switch my lewk, every day. 😮😍😉

by Hope that wasn't too longreply 2604/14/2019

SEriously I know. For a while I WAS HOOKED on buying from eyebuydirect. I even bought a pair I only wear at home and they crack me up. The big honking homer simpson glasses.

by Hope that wasn't too longreply 2704/14/2019
by Hope that wasn't too longreply 2804/14/2019

I don't see ads on Facebook - or anywhere else. I use Adblock Plus.

by Hope that wasn't too longreply 2904/14/2019

Bump for sight

by Hope that wasn't too longreply 3004/16/2019


by Hope that wasn't too longreply 3104/16/2019

What's the smallest letter you can read?

by Hope that wasn't too longreply 3204/16/2019

Costco sort of splits the difference. Full-service optical but for a good price. I think my last pair were $110. Would have been $160 if I wanted the most expensive frames from the case. Glasses were delivered back to the store within a week. Last time I bought, you could get a second pair for $35 if bought on the same day.

Same style and options would have been $300-$400 at LensCrafters. I think my last pair there was $385 for single vision lenses (and that was 4 years ago).

by Hope that wasn't too longreply 3304/16/2019

Is anyone else wanting to revert back to regular bifocals? So-called progressive lenses have never really worked for me. If I need to read anything close-up, like a book, a magazine, or a menu, I have always needed to take my glasses off.

by Hope that wasn't too longreply 3404/16/2019

I'd only do it if their shipping/return policy was like Prime or Zappos where you can just order a bunch, receive them quick, try them on and return for a quick refund.

by Hope that wasn't too longreply 3504/16/2019

I actually did this 6 or 7 years ago and I will never go back to buying full priced frames and lenses from an optician or eye wear shop. I too purchased an expensive pair from a shop nearby for around $600. I like having backup pairs but kinda shot my wad on that one. One of my acquaintances suggest globaleyeglasses. Hers were ugly as sin, but the kicker is that you could find eyewear, prescription and frames, for under $20. If you wanted trendier, cuter frames, the price did go up, but not significantly, and rarely over $100. So I bought three sets, including one pair of prescrip. sunglasses just to test them out. The regular eyeglasses were fantastic, super comfortable, surprisingly cute and very wearable for the longterm purposes (I am currently wearing one pair right now with cute wooden temples). The sunglasses (which were around $10 I believe) were a miss. The lenses weren't done right, so when I put them on, my eyes need to adjust for about a minute to be able to see properly. But once they do, I can see fine. I also noticed that the sunglasses were actually labeled with the H&M logo on the inside, so they basically just took a cheap pair of sunglasses from a cheap store and put in lenses. I also grossly misjudged the look so they basically look like giant Elton John glasses. But all in all, it was a win. I don't know if Global is still in business, but I had great success there.

I actually spoke to an optical person about the experience once (I do get kind of embarrassed for wearing such ridiculously cheap frames), and she actually told me that the process of making eyeglasses really isn't nearly as complicated or personalized as one would expect (albeit more severe prescrips do require a bit more work). So she said that those websites run in Asian countries are perfectly capable of doing what your optical shop does (apparently it's all computerized). Thanks for all the recs, I need to look into getting more frames soon.

by Hope that wasn't too longreply 3604/16/2019
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