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What is the best thing you have eaten?

I’ll never forget a chocolate soufflé I had in Pasadena.

by Yummy reply 12104/15/2019

Your mom.

by Yummy reply 104/08/2019

My husband's ass.

by Yummy reply 204/08/2019

I, too, had the most fabulous chocolate souffle years ago on the UES, at a wine bar . .. .PERFECTION!

by Yummy reply 304/08/2019

An apple

by Yummy reply 404/08/2019

I had a crab souffle at a resteraunt in Pittsburgh, of all places. Don’t know the name of the place. Anyway, it was phenomenal. Very surprising.

by Yummy reply 504/08/2019


by Yummy reply 604/08/2019

OP, where in Pasadena?

by Yummy reply 704/08/2019

The sweetbreads at this long since closed restaurant in Sonoma, I can't remember the name now. Every bite was heaven. I've had sweetbreads since, but they have all disappointed in comparison.

The beef ribs at Mr Powdrell's Barbeque in Albuquerque. SO meaty (rare for beef ribs) perfectly cooked. I think about those fucking ribs every day.

by Yummy reply 804/08/2019

Im not a burger person at all but the burger at the pool bar at the Kahala hotel in Oahu was the best thing ever.

by Yummy reply 904/08/2019

Flan at a restaurant in NYC called BRAZIL BRAZIL. I was never big on flan and have only had it a few times in my life but this was EXCELLENT. I don't know if it's the best thing I've ever eaten but it was one of the best deserts I've ever had.

by Yummy reply 1004/08/2019

Tortilla soup at the Blue Moon in Tulsa.

by Yummy reply 1104/08/2019

I think it was called Jacques but I can’t remember exactly as it was in the 1990’s. It was actually called Chocolate Soup. It was amazing!

by Yummy reply 1204/09/2019

Creme Broule - I did two different versions. One where I didn't strain it, the other where I did. Both were excellent but the latter was in two words, fucking awesome.

by Yummy reply 1304/09/2019

Big Mac

by Yummy reply 1404/09/2019


by Yummy reply 1504/09/2019

New England clam chowder in the famous Boston plantation-style restaurant where you eat upstairs. Legal Sea Food was also excellent, but preferred the old-style place. Any ideas? Blanking on name (Google not helping).

by Yummy reply 1604/09/2019

I think this belongs in the Rachel Ray is FAT! thread.

by Yummy reply 1704/09/2019

Fantastic eclairs at some patisserie in Paris near George V, and I have no idea which one it was. The best eclairs I’ve ever eaten.

by Yummy reply 1804/09/2019

Hawaiian food in Encinitas it was called Khalanis. The best rice, macaroni salad and Katsu Chicken.

by Yummy reply 1904/09/2019

R15 that’s funny! Homer will eat donuts with a Diet Coke.

by Yummy reply 2004/09/2019

Chicken tortilla soup at The Mansion on Turtle Creek in Dallas

by Yummy reply 2104/09/2019

A tic tac

by Yummy reply 2204/09/2019

oysters bisque my dad made years ago. The texture, the flavor was just perfect.

by Yummy reply 2304/09/2019

Cheryl’s Bearded Clam Sandwich

by Yummy reply 2404/09/2019

Crème brûlée, R13. There's no "o".

by Yummy reply 2504/09/2019

Farmed New Zealand venison in cherry brandy sauce with sautéed root vegetables at the Top of the Tower, Birmingham, Alabama.

Close second: Eggs Benedict, Sheraton Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Even the exquisite cooking in New Orleans didn't compare (at least at that time).

Very close competition is the Red Beans & Rice, Natchitoches Meat Pies at Lasyonne's, Natchitoches, Louisiana.

by Yummy reply 2604/09/2019

I have had ribs from Powdrell's, too, R8. Splendid. I had an amazing lobster bisque at a hotel in downtown Washington D.C., on Christmas Eve day about 12 years ago. Creamy, boozy, lobster-y perfection.

by Yummy reply 2704/09/2019

Tom's ass.

by Yummy reply 2804/09/2019

Steak at Gotham in NYC. It was like velvet and so juicy with a port or red wine glaze.

by Yummy reply 2904/09/2019

Bread Pudding with whiskey sauce at the Sonoma Hotel on the square.

by Yummy reply 3004/09/2019

Meh, Lance.

Five Guys Burger with rings.

by Yummy reply 3104/09/2019

Damn fine cherry pie and coffee at the Double R diner.

by Yummy reply 3204/09/2019

In and Out Burger double double with extra cheese and spread.

by Yummy reply 3304/09/2019

Simple crab cake breakfast on a pier in Monterey. Delicately spiced, generous sized patties with huge chunks of fresh crabmeat with a sauce that seemed to be a variation on hollandaise and which the cook would not give me.

I had to go a second time before I left.

by Yummy reply 3404/09/2019

R16 do you mean Durgin Park? Sadly they are closing. End of an era.

by Yummy reply 3504/09/2019

Any waffle from a waffle stand in souther Holland. Crunchy, sweet, savory Heaven

by Yummy reply 3604/09/2019

I was in hospital several years ago for kidney surgery and the food was typically gross. Then one day they brought me a broccoli cheese omelet and, to my surprise, it was the best thing I’ve ever eaten. True story.

by Yummy reply 3704/09/2019

Chicken Fried Steak with cream gravy at Babe's Chicken.

by Yummy reply 3804/09/2019

I don't eat much meat, and very rarely ever eat steak, but I would have to answer Prime Rib. Done right it is probably the best thing I have ever ate and I have a huge sweet tooth.

by Yummy reply 3904/09/2019

My mom’s mashed potatoes, range free chicken and Caesar salad.

by Yummy reply 4004/09/2019

A perfectly steamed lobster at papas brothers in Dallas. Heaven

by Yummy reply 4104/09/2019

The Golden Bowl at The Grit in Athens , GA.

by Yummy reply 4204/09/2019

Ricotta cheese gelato with candied orange bits, Siena

by Yummy reply 4304/09/2019

r39 Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! Sadly, finding it properly rare (and it better be fucking rare) is hard to find. I'm in the SF Bay Area, and the good Prime Rib houses are insanely expensive, but they still tend to fuck it up.

by Yummy reply 4404/09/2019

Yes, R35! That's it. Thank you.

Absolutely spectacular... the brown bread, the oysters, the lobster and steak (though I didn't indulge in that) and the overall atmosphere brought you back to the 1900s.

But, the clam chowder... words don't do it justice. Best anything ever.

by Yummy reply 4504/09/2019

My mom's devils food cake with seven minute frosting. She made this cake for my birthday every year.

by Yummy reply 4604/09/2019

A Belgian waffle from a street vendor in Brugge - hot, fresh, and incredibly delish.

by Yummy reply 4704/09/2019

This is so hard to answer without categories (best pizza, best French, best Italian, best burger, etc...)

I had a savory crepe in Montreal with chicken in mushroom sauce that has to be in the top 10 for me... not sure if it was the best, but it was pretty amazing. I got the dessert crepe after (was not planning that) - but I was in love. It was also very good.

Giordano's stuffed veggie pizza (20 years ago - mildly changed now). It's still pretty good from Rush street only, though.

by Yummy reply 4804/09/2019

Seafood in Sai Kung out of Hong Kong. Now years later, I’m horrified at the idea of picking your dinner.

by Yummy reply 4904/09/2019

r23 made me cry. I know, MARY! But my dad made the same incredible thing as you describe. I have tried to reconstruct it a hundred times. Total hockey buzzer.

I really miss him.

He also used to make fried bologna cups that had the most creamy scrambled eggs inside with a bit of green onions in them.

I'm teary. I know. MARY! But he loved me no matter what.

by Yummy reply 5004/09/2019

R44 I haven't had Prime Rib in a restaurant in several years because that is just expensive. It is way cheaper but still expensive to just make it yourself. It is probably one of the easiest things ever to fix, it has such great flavor naturally that it really isn't necessary to do much except bake/roast it.

Only time it was't just perfect, when I made it myself, was when I followed the directions and inserted a meat thermometer and cooked to the correct internal temperature which resulted in it being over cooked and not pink in the center. It was still a great meal just not as good as normal.

by Yummy reply 5104/10/2019

r51 That is exactly why I am afraid to cook my own. I love it really rare, but every recipe I have read, I can tell it would turn out overcooked, and that is an expensive mistake I can't afford. This is also why I never use meat thermometers.

Could you please give us your recipe/method?

by Yummy reply 5204/10/2019

R52, I just follow whatever directions are on the label that comes with the roast which is just the number of hours to cook for however many pounds the roast is, I cook it for the recommended time but not the recommended internal temperature because that will not give you that pink tasteful center. I do nothing to the roast other than cooking, no seasonings at all, IMHO Prime Rib doesn't need any seasoning except a little salt at the table, last thing I want is to cover up the favor of the Prime Rib.

If you buy Prime Rib from a butcher that isn't pre-packaged you can look up recommended cook times on line I am sure. I do use one of those plastic cooking bags but I do that mainly to make clean up easy.

I normally buy a large roast, because Prime Rib leftovers can be frozen, thawed and reheated under a broiler and still taste just as good as fresh. I just recently finished my Prime Rib from Christmas. Mmmmm Good.

by Yummy reply 5304/10/2019

Thanks r53! And you are cooking bone-in roast correct?

by Yummy reply 5404/10/2019

Correct R54. Let us know how it turns out.

by Yummy reply 5504/10/2019

Entenmanns holiday cupcakes

by Yummy reply 5604/10/2019

Peanut Butter Pie. I remember this restaurant downtown. I remember the day that I had it just like I remember yesterday. The waitress, her name was Sonya, I remember she had B.O. She handed me the pie -- this is true -- I took one bite and I swear... time stood still. I remember that day like some people remember Kennedy's death!

by Yummy reply 5704/10/2019

The Chinese food that should be delivered within the next half hour.

I haven’t eaten a thing all day and I’m starving.

by Yummy reply 5804/10/2019

Once had a black bottom pie experience like that r57.

by Yummy reply 5904/10/2019

Oysters Rockefeller at a now-closed restaurant downtown, Just a few ingredients, perfectly balanced, and the oysters were just done, but not overcooked.

by Yummy reply 6004/10/2019

[quote] Peanut Butter Pie. I remember this restaurant downtown.

Which city's downtown was this exactly?

by Yummy reply 6104/10/2019

There used to be a little French place in midtown that was like a fast food lunch place. It had the best damn quiche ever. It was baked in a rectangular dish and you’d get a big fat square of it, with chunks of ham and only a little bit of cheese. It was so custardy and creamy. The place is gone now, but I still think about it often.

by Yummy reply 6204/10/2019

When I was working for AT&T, I went to Paris for a meeting. Never could have afforded to go there back then (the 90's). I had an incredible ham and cheese sandwich on a baguette sold by a street vendor. I've tried to replicate it but can't get it right. There was hard boiled egg, smoked ham, some light cheese like brie and some type of dressing. The company sent me out to dinner at great restaurants for the five days that I was there, but that fucking sandwich was the best thing I ever tasted.

by Yummy reply 6304/10/2019

I just had an incredible steak at a restaurant in Venice, right off Piazza San Marco. I was skeptical, since it was so close to such a tourist center, but such a perfect steak!

by Yummy reply 6404/10/2019

[R39], [R44] Love their prime rib...and the creamed spinach (guess that makes *two* of the best things I've eaten)!

by Yummy reply 6504/10/2019

A big piece of Dutch chocolate cake and a cup of the richest, darkest, coffee you can imagine from a street vendor in Amsterdam. I hadn't eaten or slept in over 24 hours, and that cake and coffee hit me like a charge of electricity. I had to sit down for several minutes while my body came to terms with that jolt of chocolate, sugar and caffeine.

Best meal was at the old Berghoff Restaurant in Chicago years ago (not this new version, the old one). Roast duck with wild rice dressing and a wild berry sauce. creamed spinach on the side. I went back many times looking for that duck. The had it on the menu seasonally, but it was never as good as the first time.

Best dessert was a dish of sesame seed gelato from a little stand in Cologne, Germany. The flavor of the roasted sesame combined with the fresh gelato was beyond wonderful.

by Yummy reply 6604/10/2019

Sipping coffee with cream, eating a plain croissant with preserves and butter at Fig Tree’s restaurant in Venice Beach while looking at the parade is heaven.

by Yummy reply 6704/10/2019

The best ribs and brisket I ever had was at a BBQ joint that was located in the Austin airport. I was stuck there on a layover. It was so good that a few years later, I flew back to Austin just to eat there again, sadly while they still had BBQ places in the airport, but it was not the same one and it wasn't as good.

by Yummy reply 6804/10/2019

Grapefruit Pie. It was incredible. I never had it before and was hesitant eating a piece. Fantastic!

by Yummy reply 6904/10/2019

Probably the fried haddock, fries and onion rings at a take-out joint called Charlie's in Lynn Mass. I haven't been there in ages, but it's still there. Fucking awesome!

by Yummy reply 7004/10/2019

Luke Bryan's ass...mmmm, yum

by Yummy reply 7104/10/2019

OP, I, like R7, would like to know where in Pasadena?

by Yummy reply 7204/10/2019

2 things come to mind: scallops I pan seared that I caught myself diving the Channel Islands in California. Perfection. Also a piece of key lime pie I had in Key West at the place called the blonde giraffe. Still remember how it tasted.

by Yummy reply 7304/10/2019

OP, what a great idea for a thread. Bringing back a LOT of memories. Thanks!

by Yummy reply 7404/10/2019

Ethiopian, Washington D.C., DAS? I think it was Tikil Gomen and a variety of Wats that was like taking a sensory journey with spice. I LOVE Ethiopian food. I love the texture of Injera, which is chewy and spongy at the same time and you scoop up all this delicious goop with it and the spiced fats get caught up in the holes.

by Yummy reply 7504/10/2019

...and there's really nothing like honey roasted cashews in Boston.

by Yummy reply 7604/10/2019


A now-closed local Ethiopian restaurant used to serve a buffet at lunch. One of the saddest sights was a stack of forks and big bowl of white rice for westerners who could not (bring themselves to) eat with injera.

by Yummy reply 7704/10/2019

R77 But injera provides the perfect, complimenting texture to the stewed vegetables and pulses.

by Yummy reply 7804/10/2019

Best Ethiopian I have ever had is in Grand Rapids. Little Africa. Beer city has a fantastic food scene. You name it, they have it. It's not just wet burritos (the GR city food, which I don't quite get) Best Caribbean too. Chez Olga! The goat soup is fucking fantastic, and you can get it truly hot, not just "safe" hot.

by Yummy reply 7904/10/2019

So fucking pretentious is r77

by Yummy reply 8004/10/2019

36 courses of dumplings in a dumplings-only house in Xian. We didn't number enough to order the 72 courses available.

by Yummy reply 8104/10/2019

Carnitas at a restaurant on Sanata Row in CA back in 2007. Dear goodness that stuff was delicious, large chunks of super tender pork that was crispy on the outside, Mexican rice, home made flour tortillas, and guacamole made fresh at the table.

by Yummy reply 8204/10/2019

R82 here, sorry, typo - Santana Row

by Yummy reply 8304/10/2019

R83 If you feel comfortable telling me where you are now, I can probably point you toward a good carniceria that will have what you are looking for. I am a carnitas whore. Hard to find the perfect blend of creamy and crispy. The places that do it well also usually make the best Pico de Gallo. Oh my fucking god I am starving.

by Yummy reply 8404/10/2019

OK, go ahead and laugh... With the exception of Grape Nuts, I am in no way a cereal person. I hate sweet things for the most part, and most cereal is sickeningly sweet. Last week, my food delivery service fucked up and delivered Raisin Bran by accident. I was pissed but hung onto it. This evening I dove into a big bowl with a massive amount of whole milk. It was like kissing god. I am wearing my shame cone, so no need to rub it in. It was so fucking good though...Too, too good... *looks toward the pantry longingly*

by Yummy reply 8504/11/2019

Whale burger

by Yummy reply 8604/11/2019

Chrissy Metz cunt

by Yummy reply 8704/11/2019

The macaroni with black truffle at Epicure in Paris.

It's so sublime, life is rendered meaningless once you've finished.

by Yummy reply 8804/11/2019

Scrambled eggs with black truffle at La Belle Ferronnière in Paris after an overnight flight from New York.

by Yummy reply 8904/11/2019

McDonalds in New England sell Lobster Roll. It's only available in New England I saw it at a rest stop in Connecticut in 2017. They charged $10.99 for it.

by Yummy reply 9004/11/2019

"Love Letters" at Todd English on The QEII. They were truffle potato stuffed ravioli. I still dreams of them..

by Yummy reply 9104/11/2019

Fresh picked sweet corn at a picnic run by the Amish in Iowa, and by fresh picked I mean still on the stalk 10 minutes before. They went over and picked the corn then threw it into big metal tanks with hot water and about 20 pounds of butter floating on the top like a yellow oil slick. I knew about how the sugars start turning to starches once the corn is picked, but I had no idea how good corn could be. I know I ate at least 6 ears, maybe more.

by Yummy reply 9204/11/2019

I was about 22, female, and I weighed about 110lbs. My former mother-in-law had a clambake for my father-in laws birthday on Long Island. They brought in galvanized garbage cans full of corn on the cob, lobsters and other stuff. People ate a little but then went and got bags and bags and bags of McDonald's. I thought the hell with this. I sat down and ate 9 lobsters. They were the best ever. I did not eat any McDonald's.

by Yummy reply 9304/11/2019

Waffle House hashbrowns with two over easy eggs.

by Yummy reply 9404/11/2019

R63 I had a similar experience in Paris. I was travelling with familly in 1996. I bought a ham sandwich from a vending machine in the train station, and it was hands down the best sandwich I've ever had. It was just a simple baguette, sliced down the middle, smeared with butter with some very thin slices of ham. The quality of every ingredient was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. Normally I would have thought butter on a ham sandwich would have been disgusting, but it wasn't. The bread was so fresh and flavorful, and the ham was exquisite. It's been over twenty years, and I still think about how good that ham sandwich was.

by Yummy reply 9504/11/2019

Tiny little coquina clams on the beach in Elba.

by Yummy reply 9604/11/2019

French fries at Albert Cupmarkt in Amsterdam.

by Yummy reply 9704/11/2019

Albert Cuypmarkt, sorry.

by Yummy reply 9804/11/2019

I can’t spell the name of the restaurant but I’ll try phonetically, Jacq-oo-lay. I think that was the name and it was off Colorado Blvd on a side street. It was small and dark. I’ve googled it and I can’t find any trace of it.

by Yummy reply 9904/11/2019

Skirt Steak with mashed potatoes at the Broadway Deli in Santa Monica. It is permanently closed.

by Yummy reply 10004/11/2019

Grits at the Marriott Marquis in Atlanta.

by Yummy reply 10104/11/2019

Escargot in Paris

Crawfish Monica at Jazz Fest in NoLa

by Yummy reply 10204/11/2019

Chicken mole at cafe poca cosa in Tucson

Chile Colorado at the little poca cosa in Tucson

Clams casino pizza at Pepe's in new haven CT

Grilled pork banh mi at banh mi Saigon in NYC

New England clam chowder at union oyster house Boston

Raw Oysters and crudo at Row 34 seafood in Boston

by Yummy reply 10304/12/2019

R99, thanks OP. I take it this was many years ago then.

by Yummy reply 10404/12/2019

A meatball omelette from The Red Gravy Cafe in New Orleans. Good God I still dream about that breakfast.

by Yummy reply 10504/12/2019

r93 I love you.

by Yummy reply 10604/12/2019

A roommate and friend cooked me spaghetti and jarred sauce, the first night I moved into my first apartment. It was delicious!

by Yummy reply 10704/12/2019

R93 I once ate 5 lobsters at a Mother’s Day brunch 3 years ago. You’re my hero.

by Yummy reply 10804/12/2019

Hawaiian pizza with extra pineapple from Papa Johns. Yum!

by Yummy reply 10904/12/2019

Yes it was quite awhile maybe 1992.

by Yummy reply 11004/12/2019

Lobster with rice, beans, butter, tortillas at Puerto Nuevo in Rosario Beach—-1983.

by Yummy reply 11104/14/2019

-All of the food in Quebec City was amazing. I specifically remember a crepe place with the richest chocolate sauce I ever tasted and a French restaurant with a perfectly cooked duck breast with some sort of port/cherry sauce that was unbelievable. -Pork Soup Dumplings (sometimes called Juicy Buns) at a now closed restaurant in midtown Manhattan called John’s Shanghai (not to be confused with Joe’s). I’ve had the same dish in several other restaurants and it is always delicious but never as flavorful. -Another closed restaurant, Le Palais in Atlantic City, had perhaps the best price-fixed meal I ever had- asparagus soup, chicken with a lemongrass/mango sauce, and cinnamon dumplings. -Believe it or not, the best steak I ever had was the Wagyu at a specialty steakhouse on a Carnival cruise ship. Better than the Palm, Peter Luger, Morton’s, etc. The rest of that meal was phenomenal as well, including an incredible tuna tartare and chocolate “globe” that turned into a soup when sauce was poured on it.

by Yummy reply 11204/14/2019

I'm not crazy about Cream Savers candy or yogurt in general but the 5 different Cream Savers Yogurts (Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Peach & Orange) drove me crazy with delight whenever they were available.

Sadly, I don't think they make any of the 5 flavors anymore.

by Yummy reply 11304/14/2019

A bowl of ramen in some tiny place in Tokyo where I chose randomly from a menu I couldn’t understand.

by Yummy reply 11404/14/2019

Local spot prawns.

by Yummy reply 11504/14/2019

My homemade Sour Cream Pancakes served with whipped butter and pure maple syrup.

by Yummy reply 11604/14/2019

Pear gelato at a store in Italy. It was like biting i to a frozen pear. I still remember it and this must have been 15 years ago.

by Yummy reply 11704/14/2019

My Russian boyfriend's ass. It always smelled and tasted great.

by Yummy reply 11804/14/2019

While were on the subject-What is the preferred word for the eating ass-ANALINGUS,RIMMING or LICKING ASS. I think ANALINGUS has a nice ring to it.

by Yummy reply 11904/14/2019

Years ago I was in Queenstown, New Zealand on vacation and found this little Indian restaurant in a mall food court. Best chicken tikka masala and butter chicken I ever tasted. I went back several times that week, and to this day I've never had Indian food that good.

by Yummy reply 12004/15/2019

R113 isn’t it amazing when two wrongs make a right? I don’t care for sour cream and despise onions, but sour cream/onion dip is delicious!

by Yummy reply 12104/15/2019
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