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Today is International Transgender Day of Visibility

How are you celebrating?

by Innernatural Velvettereply 36004/16/2019

How many fucking days do they get?

by Innernatural Velvettereply 103/31/2019

I'm celebrating by reaffirming my complete resistance to the "trans" menace.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 203/31/2019

Probably by blocking more of those fuckers on my Grindr grid.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 303/31/2019

By trolling trannies on Grindr!

Some of them go crazy when you ask “do you have a pussy?”

by Innernatural Velvettereply 403/31/2019
by Innernatural Velvettereply 503/31/2019

That person in the thumbnail from OP's article looks like Sandra Bullock in a blonde wig

by Innernatural Velvettereply 603/31/2019

An easy way to make them visible is to mention women in any way that does not center them. Try it on twitter!

by Innernatural Velvettereply 703/31/2019

Yeah, visible? They never shut the fuck up. I'd like a day without hearing from them.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 803/31/2019

I'm wearing my rattiest wig and finding local women's shelters and teen girls sports organizations...

And shutting them down.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 903/31/2019

How am I celebrating? I'm not. Made some fried eggs, fried onions and sausage. Drank a couple quarts of coffee. The usual Sunday.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 1003/31/2019

I'm taking a pee!

by Innernatural Velvettereply 1103/31/2019

Well I'm peeing while sitting. Or maybe standing. Because I can.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 1203/31/2019

It's mothers day in the UK, so you could celebrate that. Transwomen love to be reminded that only biological women can carry a foetus, give birth, and breastfeed.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 1303/31/2019

Trannies claim to be able to breast feed.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 1403/31/2019

As a woman with a penis I will be wearing my crotchless panties and micro-miniskirt for complete visibility.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 1503/31/2019

R14 one of them squeezed out some liquid with the help of medication. It's not really the same thing as breastfeeding, seeing as many babies have only their mother's milk for the first few months of life.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 1603/31/2019

R15 haha I love u

by Innernatural Velvettereply 1703/31/2019

Is OP’s photo of Britney Spears?

by Innernatural Velvettereply 1803/31/2019

And to have periods R14.

Don't forget that.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 1903/31/2019


by Innernatural Velvettereply 2003/31/2019

Day of Visibility? Honey, 99% of the MTFs are visibly transgendered from 100 paces away.

This is another delusion. Honey, people do NOT think you are a woman! Even those with tons of plastic surgery have something 'not right' about them.

You are visibly already - trust us.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 2103/31/2019

Let's celebrate by misgendering every one of them.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 2203/31/2019

I'm eating a bowl of Wheaties

by Innernatural Velvettereply 2303/31/2019

"Mommy, why is that man dressing like a lady?"

by Innernatural Velvettereply 2403/31/2019

[quote]That person in the thumbnail from OP's article looks like Sandra Bullock in a blonde wig.

You know who they look more like? A man in a blonde wig.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 2503/31/2019

I thought the tranny goal was to blend in? That's hard to do when you constantly put on blast that your whole identity is wrapped up in being a tranny.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 2603/31/2019

How ironic considering it's Mother's Day... A day for women.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 2703/31/2019

I'll be dilating my new fauxgine, of course!

by Innernatural Velvettereply 2803/31/2019

...I don't know him....

by Innernatural Velvettereply 2903/31/2019

When you mean girls get done with your mocking, you might remind yourself these are human beings. Regardless of which side of the issue you come down on, we should be able to agree these are people who need help, not the kind of scorn, shame and ridicule that every LGB person is all too familiar with from homophobes.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 3003/31/2019

Humorless (and no doubt physically hideous) trans troll alert at r30

Straight cross dressers who prey on bio women don’t deserve to be validated in their delusion. Nice try.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 3103/31/2019

Then act to protect women and get mental health services for these men. But acting gay-panicked frat boys in a pack bullying others is no way to behave regardless of your opinion of trans people.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 3203/31/2019

Go dilate your wound r32

by Innernatural Velvettereply 3303/31/2019

Thanks for the mature, reasonable response. You confirmed my abysmally low opinion of you.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 3403/31/2019

I'm going to watch "Dressed To Kill".

by Innernatural Velvettereply 3503/31/2019

R32 Hey cuntless wonder, they cannot change sex, indulging a mental delusion is ridiculous and dangerous

by Innernatural Velvettereply 3603/31/2019


by Innernatural Velvettereply 3703/31/2019

R34 I don’t debate with trannies on the weekend. Only make fun of them. Mentally ill attention seeking people are not my concern.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 3803/31/2019

Spoken like any number of deplorables about the people they hate, including you.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 3903/31/2019

[quote]But acting gay-panicked frat boys in a pack bullying others is no way to behave regardless of your opinion of trans people.

You shouldn't assume there are only males here.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 4003/31/2019

You are not convincing me r39

In the mean time, I have trolled several trannies on Grindr today. So mentally fragile. A faceless anonymous stranger causes them to go crazy with rage and shame. They know what they are.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 4103/31/2019

Since the many threads about her kept getting deleted, let’s bring some visibility back to this brave “ma’am”.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 4203/31/2019

Good strategy for dealing with the "mentally fragile". How do you treat the elderly, the challenged, and sick?

by Innernatural Velvettereply 4303/31/2019

Meanwhile, Ole Cyclopath is boiling with rage as always, and wants to watch the non tranny world burn ( in a grease fire, apparently) Happy Visibility Day!

by Innernatural Velvettereply 4403/31/2019

I hold doors open for the elderly, I assist the sick, and I am kind to the retarded r43.

But trannies, through their narcissism, and their focus on ME ME ME, are parasites. Assholes are assholes, no matter if they’re in a dress and a ratty ass wig.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 4503/31/2019

May I suggest you let the assholes that are trans occupy less space in your head for your own mental health. Your vitriol for them is turning you into a petty, cruel deplorable.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 4603/31/2019

By starting a movement to make today International Blindfold Day.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 4703/31/2019

Thank you for your suggestion r46. I will ignore it...but you knew that. I wonder why you spent the time writing it?

by Innernatural Velvettereply 4803/31/2019

I will cover myself in a black veil, may that save from horrifying sights! MARY!

by Innernatural Velvettereply 4903/31/2019

I'm pretty sure Trans Visibilty Day was two months ago.

A few of my friends were pressured to go to some event because no one had rsvped.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 5003/31/2019

I’m taking a MASSIVE Taco Bell dump. Viva la Tranny!!!

by Innernatural Velvettereply 5103/31/2019

[quote] I'm pretty sure Trans Visibilty Day was two months ago.

I think that was another Trans day -- one that sounds suspiciously like this one. But, is different.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 5203/31/2019

I think the last one was trans rememberance day.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 5303/31/2019

By ignoring them completely.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 5403/31/2019

Seriously, did anyone think this thread would turn out differently.

Or in a more sinister vein, did anyone stop to think that, knowing this would turn out this way, someone wanted to create a thread and in order to point to it to prove a particular point?

by Innernatural Velvettereply 5503/31/2019

Who cares r55?

by Innernatural Velvettereply 5603/31/2019

I’m not transphobic like so many on this thread. I support all of our queer family members- LGBT and otherwise.

My one wish is that they would create a new app for trans hookups as Grindr has been taken over by them. Grindr was a space for gay guys, not all queer people. Maybe it has evolved into that now, but we should be provided with filters to sort out who we’re looking for.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 5703/31/2019

DL fave Chrys Tran finds the whole thing exhausting. I assume xe has repaired to the couch for a Full House marathon and a case of Funyuns:

[quote]i don’t know how to feel on #TransDayOfVisibility other than exhausted. i don’t know how to make sense of the conditional joy that visibility offers. i don’t know how to celebrate visibility when it’s made my life increasingly harder and harder.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 5803/31/2019

R57 Transpobic? Living in reality is not phobic. Laughng in the ugly face of these mutts is not phobic.

Now go fuck one if you are so open? Oh you are complaining about not ever wanting to fuck them? Now that really IS transphobic

by Innernatural Velvettereply 5903/31/2019

I jerked off with my penis and was really grateful about it! Then like r51 I also took a huge Taco Bell dump!

by Innernatural Velvettereply 6003/31/2019

So I have not been on grinder in several years. Is this really true that the trannys have taken over grinder too? Also this was the funniest thread of the day! Thanks everybody.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 6103/31/2019

R61 Since the demise of Craigslist personals, tranny whores are all over Grindr. The majority of them are quite grotesque.

And the non whore trannies, enbies, rock stupid twinks , and general freaks make up the largest contingent on Grindr. I use Grindr exclusively to troll, because there’s not a decent guy to be found on the app. I cannot imagine paying money for Grindr, and I bet the trannies aren’t paying anything either. Grindr is an outdated dinosaur and I look forward to seeing it go down the shitter.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 6203/31/2019

What happens when a tranny meets up with a Grindr hook up, and they show up in person with butchered breasts and no cock?

by Innernatural Velvettereply 6303/31/2019

R63 the whores advertise themselves as trans, so the customers know what they’re getting into: a stinking mass of insanity, hormones, and narcissistic entitlement.

And an intact dick. Always.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 6403/31/2019

[quote]I use Grindr exclusively to troll, because there’s not a decent guy to be found on the app.

The guy that fisted Chris Burrous seemed decent. At least he stayed to do CPR.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 6503/31/2019

Definitely husband material.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 6603/31/2019

Thanks R62. I think the bathhouse is still the best way to go because you see what you are getting right there. No going to someone’s crazy house.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 6703/31/2019

Here are some CUTIES! Go get 'em, boys!

by Innernatural Velvettereply 6803/31/2019

Was that burly he-beast who demanded to be called 'Ma'am' ever identified?

by Innernatural Velvettereply 6903/31/2019

R57 jokes on you, the genderists have abolished same sex attraction!! Hearts not parts!! Welcome to 2019, where same sex attraction is transphobic and the qweer love between two straights with bad haircuts and odd pronouns is celebrated

by Innernatural Velvettereply 7003/31/2019

I’m going for a ladies’ swim with rubbish transvestite Emily Howard.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 7103/31/2019

If trans people are whining and crying about how mean people are to them, just remember, you picked your stupid fake day on MOTHER’S DAY.

To sum up, you’re assholes, and nobody cares.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 7203/31/2019

That Miss Tiffany Moore of Albuquerque, Mew Mexico, R69

by Innernatural Velvettereply 7303/31/2019

R30 Most of them are homophobes

by Innernatural Velvettereply 7403/31/2019

Most trannies are homophobes, I agree, R74.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 7503/31/2019

Drop the evil T!!

by Innernatural Velvettereply 7603/31/2019

It's Mother's Day in England too, but... a Transgender man who gave birth wants the court to change her designation to "father"!

[quote] A transgender man wants to be listed as his baby's father or parent after being told he had to be named the mother because he gave birth to the child. The High Court was told he was born a woman but had legally become a man by the time of the birth. He is challenging a law which requires people who give birth to be registered as mothers. If successful, his child could become the first person born in England and Wales to not legally have a mother.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 7703/31/2019

[quote]Celebrate trans day of visibility by licking another trans woman's balls and asshole

by Innernatural Velvettereply 7803/31/2019

Chopping my 10 year old son's dick off cause Barbie dolls.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 7903/31/2019

R78 Is that the one who shoves pens and pencils up his ass?

I always find it interesting that the trans 'leaders' like Julie and Shan and Cailtin and Zinnia and Mock never cut their cocks off. Almost as if they did a google image unsafe search and realized how disastrously it ends up cutting ya cock off

by Innernatural Velvettereply 8003/31/2019

R69 he was and had a long rep sheet as a con artist. It was posted all over the internet with mugshots and felony conviction a. He was married with a child but know calls himself a she.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 8103/31/2019

By going to the pool.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 8203/31/2019

What is it about being a man with XY chromosomes dressing as a woman but choosing not to have the full snip does this guy not get?

by Innernatural Velvettereply 8303/31/2019

....and, my other favourite. “ I am a (man) woman in love with a woman so I am a lesbian!” (No, you’re a hetero guy in drag , dick still attached, in love with a dykey woman who just happens to have $ millions) Sheesh.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 8403/31/2019

R84 Their view of women seems to be barbie whore, and those seem to be the acceptable trannys to the straight world. Which says alot about their view of women

by Innernatural Velvettereply 8503/31/2019

Check out which is used in Europe and is way better than grindr.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 8603/31/2019

^ you can also filter Trans and gay

by Innernatural Velvettereply 8703/31/2019

DL fave Magdalen Berns had a wonderful response to that nonsense at R84:

by Innernatural Velvettereply 8803/31/2019

R88 Goddam, I love Mags, she is golden

by Innernatural Velvettereply 8903/31/2019

[quote]Men posing as women love to be reminded that women carry a foetus, give birth, and breastfeed.


by Innernatural Velvettereply 9003/31/2019

James Nicholas Pritzker is a powerful billionaire who transitioned in 2013 and has been pouring money into this movement ever since. He is a Republican and gives a lot of money to the NRA.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 9103/31/2019

Is Max Emerson transitioning?

by Innernatural Velvettereply 9203/31/2019

Meow Meow:

by Innernatural Velvettereply 9303/31/2019

They blend in so well, of course they need a day of visibility, these invisible darlings.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 9403/31/2019

R58 Chrys Tran: "Be more visible, eat another Krispy Kream!"

by Innernatural Velvettereply 9503/31/2019

So many are you are complaining about the semantics of trans visibility day; would you be happier if they had called it trans pride day?

Cisgender people are celebrated every other day of the year. Would it be so difficult to be there for our trans brothers and sisters? It’s the LGBTQ COMMUNITY- maybe we can live up to our name and support family.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 9603/31/2019

R88 How is Mags doing these days?

by Innernatural Velvettereply 9703/31/2019

R96 Are you new here? DL has little time for these fucked up cuntless wonders and their endless bullshit and homophobic fabrications.

And shove cis up ya ass, as you have no vagina

by Innernatural Velvettereply 9803/31/2019

[quote]It’s the LGBTQ COMMUNITY

No, it ISN'T.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 9903/31/2019

I am not trans, R98. I’m a cis gay/queer man. I’m proudly gay and supportive of all my queer family members, including lesbians, bi people and trans. We are a community. There is fellowship and more will be accomplished fighting together than fight apart.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 10003/31/2019

We will never be part of "cis" or "queer," asshole.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 10103/31/2019

When lesbians cease to be bullied for sex then you can talk about fellowship r100.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 10203/31/2019

Happy dude in a wig day

by Innernatural Velvettereply 10303/31/2019

Actually, all the gay men I’ve met don’t have a problem with cis or queer at all. We are a more evolved generation and believe strongly in inclusivity.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 10403/31/2019

Another horrible thread.

With all of the racist, sexist, anti -trans, anti-rich, anti-rural, anti -third parties, trashing disabilities (the r word is seen too often here) I'm amazed we have any friends/allies at all.

Just because several trans women have done some horrible things is no reason for all of this ugliness.

It reminds me of what the religious right used to say about us back in the 80s.

I guess we aren't so different from them after all.

Maybe the DL demo is why anti gay hate crimes are in the Top 5 of hate crimes here in the US.

After the Smollett scenario & the tone on many gay boards, I'm not so sorry for gay/lesbian hate crimes victims like I used to be.

Maybe many of them mouthed off to the wrong person like many on this thread.

If the repub person at R91 read this thread, i wouldn't blame them for wanting a gun to protect themselves.

I hope this one gets deleted soon.

Muriel, why aren't the anti trans folks blocked from this site after they were going to start their own thing?

At the very least, they should be listed as trolls with your red lining.

I don't get it.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 10503/31/2019

Fuck you r105. As a lesbian who is now a 'transphobe' because I rejected numerous transbians I am sick of their shit. Apparently I am a vagina fetishist because I don't like dick. I was a supporter once. That was before our safe spaces, sports, awards, name, dressing rooms and toilets were taken over by men who get off on being seen as a women. I am not a 'womb haver.' I will not deny I have periods because it might trigger someone.

So again, r105 fuck you. Trannies are no different to men's rights activists - just wearing wearing different clothes.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 10603/31/2019

"Fuck you [R105]. As a lesbian who is now a 'transphobe' because I rejected numerous transbians I am sick of their shit. Apparently I am a vagina fetishist because I don't like dick. I was a supporter once. That was before our safe spaces, sports, awards, name, dressing rooms and toilets were taken over by men who get off on being seen as a women. I am not a 'womb haver.' I will not deny I have periods because it might trigger someone.

So again, [R105] fuck you. Trannies are no different to men's rights activists - just wearing wearing different clothes."


by Innernatural Velvettereply 10704/01/2019


by Innernatural Velvettereply 10804/01/2019

'Just because several transwomen have done horrible things'

It's more than just 'several' though. It's numerous. It may not affect you, but it affects other people, specifically lesbians, women in refuges, women in prison and hospitals, women and girls sports and sports related scholarships, the list goes on. And that's before we even start on all the gender non conforming boys and girls who are being brainwashed to think it's better to have harmful drugs and surgery than to grow up to be healthy functional gay men and lesbian women.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 10904/01/2019

[quote] Cisgender people are celebrated every other day of the year.

Santa Clause is "cisgender" now? What about the Easter Bunny? Is it trans-species? Or is it a "he"... Did I just misgender the Easter Bunny?!

[quote] Would it be so difficult to be there for our trans brothers and sisters?

Many Trans loons around the world don't give a heck about the rest of the LGB. In South Asia, the Trannies lobbied for a law that affords ONLY THEMSELVES legal protections and rights - while normal gays are still criminalised. The Trannies are narcissists and self-obsessed opportunists.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 11004/01/2019

I can tell transwomen are men - because if they were women r105 wouldn't give a fuck about them.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 11104/01/2019

How exclusive of them.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 11204/01/2019

It seems that it is time to mention again:

Everyone should be able to agree that no one should be subject to any violence for living their life as they see fit. And, no one should be discriminated against in housing or employment for who they are. Simple enough. But then you move into other, trickier areas where there is a clash of rights that are not as easily capable of solution. So, women's locker rooms, women's sports teams, women's homeless shelters, for example. What people resent is the directive to "just get over it" and "get with the program" because this is the 21st century and we support "trans rights." But, what exactly does that mean?

Moving beyond that is this whole notion that the rest of the members of society, gay, lesbian, bi, and straight, have to begin labeling themselves as "cis" for some unexplained reason – whether they want to or not – and should be displaying for everyone to see (how "woke" they are) their "pronouns."

Add into that is the insidious takeover of LGBT organizations that transform themselves – in conformity with their new leadership – into being principally about trans issues and visibility. And the companion piece to that is the rewriting of LGBT history to elevate the trans community into the most prominent position and de-emphasize people who are LGB.

Finally is the bizarre notion that we are supposed to be encouraging – indeed applauding – young children – kids who are too young to vote, drink, marry, enlist, or give sexual consent – to change their "gender" or "sex" (pick your term).

These are debates we should be having but likely never will because to simply inquire about any of this is to be labeled a bigot. And, quite amazingly, you can question the orthodoxy and still not be a reich-wing Trump lover.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 11304/01/2019

WE celebrate by converting every gay man to fluid/pan/ or bi. Most of your gay identified pornstars are already leading the way

by Innernatural Velvettereply 11404/01/2019

R57 Not really. The issue are the tranny chasers that have blown up on the app. Unbelievable that the number of guys decreased because there’s a “str8” women with penis chasing or man with pussy chasing perv using OUR space and what we BUILT to his own enjoyment

by Innernatural Velvettereply 11504/01/2019

Once Grindr offered the options to put your 'identity' and 'pronouns' into your bio, it was over.

Let them have it, there are much better options out there.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 11604/01/2019

R68 is everything you need to know about trannies

by Innernatural Velvettereply 11704/01/2019

By “evolved” r104 means “brainwashed.”

by Innernatural Velvettereply 11804/01/2019

Agreed r116. Grindr is a technological dinosaur. Scruff leaves Grindr in the dust.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 11904/01/2019

[quote]Just because several trans women have done some horrible things is no reason for all of this ugliness.

Hahaha. Oh my sides.

Well at least you concede “several” trannies have victimized or killed women & children.


- It’s impossible to change sex.

- Anyone born XY will die XY.

- Transwomen are males.

- 90% of all homicides are committed by males.

- Three women are killed each day in the USA.

- It’s impossible to identify out of male pattern violence.

Allowing Ts in women’s bathrooms will enable & increase violence against women.

Locking men up with women is a violation of human rights.

There is no such thing as a male lesbian

by Innernatural Velvettereply 12004/01/2019

[quote] So many are you are complaining about the semantics of trans visibility day; would you be happier if they had called it trans pride day?

Well, sweetheart, they already have a Pride Day, it's the one they muscled into that gays and lesbians used to be able to celebrate and now find themselves more and more excluded from. So that then begs the question- Why do they need another day? If they want to be separate, then get the fuck out of Gay Pride. If they want to share, then I say we crash their fucking "visibility day" and take it over just like they did to us.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 12104/01/2019

So what are the solutions you are advocating for besides mocking them on social media? Extermination? Camps? Institutionalizing them in mental health facilities? Sex defined spaces enforced? Strict laws prohibiting trans expression in public? How would implement your solution?

by Innernatural Velvettereply 12204/01/2019

I'd start with morons like you, R122.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 12304/01/2019

R122 Re-educate society (and parents) about socially-inculcated gender stereotypes so that future generations can grow up free from and unaffected by them. Then the entire "trans" nonsense becomes unnecessary and disappears *poof*.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 12404/01/2019

Thank you for a serious answer. So we stop validating it as an option. If you have these trans feelings, you are on your own for figuring out why you feel like that and your goal should be not to feel like that. Basically, the same idea behind gay conversion therapy.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 12504/01/2019

[quote] Thank you for a serious answer. So we stop validating it as an option. If you have these trans feelings, you are on your own for figuring out why you feel like that and your goal should be not to feel like that. Basically, the same idea behind gay conversion therapy.

Umm, why would THAT be an option? If someone is truly trans, then they are trans. Yes, let them figure it out, and if they are under 18, don't push them into anything or make them think they're trans because you don't want a gay kid. And don't allow them to do anything that would be irreversible.

I think the reason most gay and lesbian people have issues with trans is not because they ARE trans, but because, unlike any minority that's come before them, they are actively working to erase identities and rights for others in favor of their own. Gays, lesbians and women should not have to be marginalized (no one should) in order for trans to have everything they want. THAT is the big problem. But of course, you can't tell an SJW that. Reason and logic aren't in their wheelhouse.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 12604/01/2019

in what way do you see homosexuality marginalized by trans people? Or what right's do they want to take away?

by Innernatural Velvettereply 12704/01/2019

R125: stop relying on other people to make you happy.

You have no control over other people. Accept that.

The only person you can control is yourself. Focus on that.

You give all your power away when you rely on other people to “validate” you.

You don’t NEED validation from other people. Which is good because you will NEVER get it because you can’t CONTROL other people.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 12804/01/2019

R128 you feel that is my issue or the issue with trans people?

by Innernatural Velvettereply 12904/01/2019

R127, that question has been answered millions of times here.

Ts are calling gays “queer” & “cis” against our wills.

They are also saying we are genital ferishists because we are homosexual.

Dana Rivers, a straight white man, murdered two lesbians and their son. To little outrage from the gay community because Dana is trans.

Today there is a thread about a Wisconsin Gay couple being forced to remove their gay pride flag. Do they have any advocacy from HRC or GLAAD? No. Gays are now on our own. Ts have taken over ALL of our organizations.

Ts have boycotted gay events. Ts have burned rainbow flags & vandalized gay memorials.

Ts are brainwashing likely gay children into mutilating their healthy sex organs & delaying brain growth.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 13004/01/2019

R125 The "trans" nonsense exists due to social stereotyping. Remove that and "trans" ceases to exist. It's no coincidence that men pose as women using the worst societies notions of what female and femininity are.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 13104/01/2019

Exactly r131.

Straight men invented the female gender stereotypes.

Transwomen strengthen the patriarchy.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 13204/01/2019

Tomorrow, the Equality Act AKA the Gay Erasure Act is going to be the subject of hearings by US House Judiciary Committee.

If passed and signed into law, the outrageously-named Equality Act will change the definition of "sex" to include "gender identity"

Gays will lose the ability to define themselves as a legal category because if there is no concrete definition of "sex" there is no concrete definition of "sexual orientation." Gay rights will be stopped in their tracks.

Laws and rulings already passed to protect gays, like the job discrimination ruling last year, will be meaningless, because they are on the basis of sex.


by Innernatural Velvettereply 13304/01/2019

R130 I'm sorry you think this obvious. I've not experienced any of the things you describe so I'm trying to understand how pervasive those problems are. If they they are a just a few militant activist reactionaries or the existential threat you claim but never offer any evidence beyond specific anecdotes.

R133 That does sound scary but doesn't line up with the people I have spoken with. Do you have a legal degree? Can you point me to someone who has a legal degree and either agreed with you or who doesn't agree and refute their arguments.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 13404/01/2019

R134, do you have a medical degree?

Can you point me to someone who has a medical degree and says that it is possible to change sex?

Johns Hopkins is considered the best hospital in America. Did you know that they stopped performing “sex change” surgeries due to poor outcomes? Turns out surgery does nothing for mental health issues. Post-ops commit suicide at the same rate as pre-ops. Plus they endure a lot of pain that costs a lot of money.

All for something that is impossible: changing sex cannot be done.

Sure, people can get cosmetic surgery to emulate their opposite sex.

But men cannot magically become women. Show me one medical doctor who says otherwise.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 13504/01/2019

Lawyer Kara Dansky of WoLF has sounded the alarm on the Equality Act for years, she has impressive PROGRESSIVE credentials, R134, including being the Senior Counsel at the ACLU and the Executive Director of the Stanford Criminal Justice Center.

But anyone with even a modicum of sense can see what will happen when "gender identity" is added to the definition of "sex." People who are exclusively same-sex attracted cease to exist, because there is no clear definition of sex.

Call your congressperson and tell them that you are gay and tell them NO to sex being changed to include gender identity in the Equality Act or in any legislation.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 13604/01/2019

I am not trans or trans activist. I am trying to understand something that is beyond my comprehension on both sides

by Innernatural Velvettereply 13704/01/2019

So why do you think a bill would be created that would decimate millions of gay votes and gay fundraising potential for the politicians to cater to a few thousand trans who likely have limited means because of their condition?

by Innernatural Velvettereply 13804/01/2019

I’m beginning to suspect that r137 is much more subtle Russian troll.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 13904/01/2019

[quote]to cater to a few thousand trans who likely have limited means because of their condition?

"Trans" means are not "limited" in the least. The "trans" agenda is being supported and promoted with 10s of millions of both private and public funding. THAT'S why it has escalated so quickly.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 14004/01/2019

The vitriol aimed at trans people is so eerily similar to right wing hysteria about gay marriage and sharia law in past elections it's hard not to suspect that the right is trying to use this as another wedge issue.

And quoting the Federalist doesn't lessen that suspicion. Why were the trans able to mobilize and become such a power in a few years when it millions more gays decades?

by Innernatural Velvettereply 14104/01/2019

R139, I agree that r137 is not being honest.

T ideology is all about being stealth & deceptive.

Transwomen never talk about the erections they get from wearing women’s clothes or by being in women’s spaces.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 14204/01/2019

R141, vitriol is not violence.

The violence from trannies is scary, dangerous & very real.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 14304/01/2019

LOL at the Troll at R134. So painfully earnest. So eager to learn.

Transgenderism isn't real. It is a cultural concept created by a society that still demonizes homosexuality and subjugates women.

We are no longer in the Transsexual era when mentally ill people went through a years-long process ending in sex changes...and when we recognized Transvestites for the fetishists they are. And we are no longer in the time of the Trannies...who were part of the gay community because they were the most damaged of gay men. Largely poor, non-white and from conservative families, religions or cultures where being homosexual was unacceptable. Those Trannies were gay men who may have said they were ladies...but never thought they were women.

Trans rights are not compatible with women's rights or gay/lesbian rights. Both sides can't be right. Either biology determines whether we are male or female...or behavior does. Using the cultural standards of masculinity and femininity to determine who is male or female should terrify everyone...but particularly women, gays and lesbians.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 14404/01/2019

Is there no medical certification that these people are transitioning?

by Innernatural Velvettereply 14504/01/2019

R138, that is the Million Dollar Question - why are gay organizations, etc., throwing over gays for the benefit of a relatively few disordered people?

There are many smart people working to solve that puzzle, R138, but the initial guesses are:

- lawmakers have no idea what they're doing - they literally haven't thought this through.

And they think because the Transgender Lobby has effectively cemented themselves to the hard work of gay activists, that gays are behind whatever gay organizations are endorsing, in this case the Equality Act.

HRC is making tours of congressional offices dragging around trans kids and their sob stories. For lawmakers, it's empty virtue-signaling.

-pharmaceutical companies, which give about $2.5 billion to Congress each year, and the Medical Industrial Complex in general are going to make bank - Lupron the puberty blocker is about $9000 for a two month supply. Those kids will be on cross-sex hormones for life. A short life, because the puberty blockers and hormones are incredibly dangerous, but life.

- broader picture could be the destabilization of society. We don't know what we are, so how can we organize to fight the 1%?

If we can be anything we think we are, there is no material reality -

I could go on, but suffice it to say that the Equality Act is the tip of the iceberg - the laws stealthily being passed on the state level are just as damaging and no one knows they exist.

And the backlash will destroy gays and the Democrats chances for 2020 and beyond.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 14604/01/2019

I think it's a perfect storm R146, of possibly all those things and more. It's helped so much by the transcultist piggybacking on other actually progressive agendas and the fact that most people (especially in the hetero-mainstream) haven't thought any of this through and legislators want an easy win.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 14704/01/2019

Exactly, R147, all the lawmakers know is that their cute little lgbTQ +++ liaison, brainwashed by the Queer Theory / Post-Modernist bullshit that "gay" rights organizations and academia have now been pushing on students for about a decade, is telling them that Transgender rights are the latest battle in the Civil Rights movement.

It's up to us to educate lawmakers so get on the phone to congress: No changing the definition of "sex" to include "gender identity"

Not only will it be disaster for gays and women, it will lead to the GOP and Dump cementing their hold on the US, and possibly the end of the world, because we cannot ignore climate change for another five years.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 14804/01/2019

[quote]The vitriol aimed at trans people is so eerily similar to right wing hysteria about gay marriage and sharia law in past elections it's hard not to suspect that the right is trying to use this as another wedge issue.

What is eerily similar is that "trans" and Muslim apologists troll together, defending regressive, authoritarian, homo-hating, misogynist ideologies.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 14904/01/2019

Hetero mainstream, and I would add gay mainstream haven't thought it through because like myself it isn't part of our reality. Everything I know about trans is from the constant spam on this board that resembles more chicken-little screaming the sky is falling which is straight out of the right-wing playbook.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 15004/01/2019

Right, so if you've just admitted you know nothing else about it and haven't bothered checking anything because it doesn't intrude on your own little world then how on earth do you 'know' that people posting on here are wrong R50? you don't obviously. Concern can look like hysteria if you don't know the context. Trust me, I had no idea what was going on until I did my own research, and read how the laws are changing/what was proposed/the concerns raised by women's groups, prison psychologists and officials, and even the British Society for Gender Identity here in Britain.

It's partly because of people like you, who don't care to educate themselves but shout everyone else down, that sex-offenders are being put in women's prisons and men are threatening to take over women's sport. Being proud of your own ignorance isn't a virtue.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 15104/01/2019

Homo-hating trans people? I've never experienced that. They hate us but decided to ally themselves with us?Misogynist? They want to be women but hate them. My experience has been lesbians have a large presence in gay organization and they are adamant watchdogs (is that offensive?) of misogyny. The logic isn't there from the name-callers, which again is very typical of right wing assaults on liberals, gays, blacks, Muslims etc.

If there is a legitimate threat to the gay community here. Some of you are the worst, hyperbolic, shrill, spamming messengers a cause could have. If all is true and I believe some of it is your immaturity and clumsy hysteria are failing the community.

And if you are just right wing divisive Russian trolls. Fuck you for making suspicious of innocent people.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 15204/01/2019

I would do R48 but I'm not in America, I have been to see my MP (member of parliment though. Nerve racking but worth it! The young man sitting with her is onboard with the transcult though I think so he sat through the whole thing stony-faced and at one point seemed to sneer. Fuck him! I said my bit and she agreed.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 15304/01/2019

Your British now I have a bigger perspective. Are you Andrew Sullivan? Regardless, you people are seriously fucked. I's be screaming like Chicken Little too if I were in that mess. Muslims, trans, Meghan. You've all kept your stiff upper-lip so long and it's all crumbling, there aren't enough targets for all your anxieties.

Thing aren't much better here in the states but we are bigger and have a more robust economy to insulate us from some of the jolts.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 15404/01/2019

By proudly being a real woman. Something they can never be. They have my deep sympathy and concern.

[quote] Let's celebrate by misgendering every one of them.

You got that backwards. THEY are misgendering themselves.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 15504/01/2019

Yes R152 - some male people who identify as trans say they want to be women but also hate us, is that so hard to believe? well I suppose I would have found it odd too if I hadn't read what I have read. Look up 'cotton-ceiling', look up what some males who identify as trans lesbians say about the lesbians who don't want to their penises in their beds, see what threats they make to/about women who want to talk about the effect on us of making 'women' a merely discursive term.

The hatred from some individuals who want to be women can be huge, borne of jealousy and male entitlement. I am NOT talking about all transwomen here, but a probably small proportion who are very vocal and are allied with some women who have been turned against their own sex and misogynistic/oblivious men. When I talk about transactivists, it is this group that I mean - not only is it NOT a claim that all trans people do this, it is not even that all these people are trans.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 15604/01/2019

R154 (not sure if you're also R150?) so you're mocking women's concern about sex-offenders in women's prisons as 'chicken-little' but you're also islamphobic? jesus, I have better things to do with my time than this. I'm blocking you so I'm not tempted to reply to anything else. Need to get back to work and this is a waste of time.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 15704/01/2019

[quote] They hate us but decided to ally themselves with us?Misogynist? They want to be women but hate them

Yea this isn't rocket science. Oh wait, I forgot you are a science denier. Many people resent those who naturally are what they want to but cannot be. It usually starts in junior high.

Allies? You mean usurpers. Quislings.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 15804/01/2019

If I understand what you are saying. There are some "trans" women whose intention is to not transition and keep there penises and continue to have sex with women, claiming to be essentially women with penises.

I have to ask again is the not some medical or psychological verification being done to prevent these abuses. Legitimate trans can not see these people has furthering their cause if the have no intention of transitioning.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 15904/01/2019

I'm not a science denier. I am totally on board with chromosomal definitions of sex. If all you are offering is name-calling to me and/or trans people, you are of no use. In fact you are part of the pollution that is making it difficult for well intentioned people to parse through these issues.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 16004/01/2019

about 90% of transwomen retain their penises, R159, and 80% are sexually attracted to women. It's 'most', not 'some'.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 16104/01/2019

Good Lord! Source?

by Innernatural Velvettereply 16204/01/2019

[quote]destabilization of society.

I can easily imagine Putin wanting to fuck up western society like this.

Imagine the power of being able to convince people that a huge BS lie is true — that men are women!

by Innernatural Velvettereply 16304/01/2019

R152, FUCK YOU for enabling violence against women & children.

And for upholding the patriarchy which is homophobic & misogynist.

And for sterilizing likely gay children — for NOTHING. It’s impossible to “trans” from one sex to the opposite.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 16404/01/2019

R162, the sources all listed throughout the deleted threads.

This thread will also be deleted.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 16504/01/2019

National Center for Transgender Equality 2015 survey of 28,000 transgenders

90% of transgender who think they're women keep their male genitalia

63% are attracted to women

Trans Trenders behind Trans, Inc., hate most transsexuals (that tiny fraction who actually have gender dysphoria) and call them "truscum"

by Innernatural Velvettereply 16604/01/2019

Ok that was rational. I didn't know My questions wielded so much influence in the Universe. For the record I have never sterilized any children nor would I ever think that was good idea. But you are making me reconsider that as an option in your case. Have you reproduced yet?

by Innernatural Velvettereply 16704/01/2019

I will just quietly start construction on steel-reinforced, clean, trans-exclusionary port-a-potty toilets, to be stationed wherever bathrooms that have been given over to these deranged freakshows currently exist.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 16804/01/2019

R166 Appreciate that. I wonder how many mtf intend to keep their penises or it is simply being delayed because of finances or other circumstances. Again I go back to some sort of medical certification, if transitioning is never your goal this is a problem that needs to be addressed. Does estrogen make erections difficult?

by Innernatural Velvettereply 16904/01/2019

R167, you think it’s funny that gay kids like Jazz Jennings are being sterilized all so they can conform to gender stereotypes?

Ok, you’re evil. Get off this board.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 17004/01/2019

You really are an effective advocate. I bet you have some relay healthy relationships going on in your life. Block me if you find me so horribly evil.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 17104/01/2019

[quote] you are part of the pollution that is making it difficult for well intentioned people to parse through these issues.

Unless we can agree on the science then we can't "parse" through these issues let alone get anywhere near resolving them.

Unless people accept the science that these are not women and never will be, we'll have a hard time resolving issues. THIS is the issue for trans activists. They want to deny science and strip women of legal protections women have fought hard for. If you continue to deny that trans-women are not women then you are enabling the assault on women's rights.

Trans activists are making it hard to be a sane trans - of which there are many. They are being silenced as well as women.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 17204/01/2019

So we are dealing with a subset of reactionary militants within the trans community?

by Innernatural Velvettereply 17304/01/2019

Ok, that video with Magdalen and the boy Barbie is amazing, but I am seriously confused. This man, decided he was a woman and was attracted to men, but now they're a lesbian because she, who started as a he is attracted to a woman, now?

I never saw kids in my long view, so I don't understand how one's identity hinges on ones given reproductive organs.

Another issue is that there seems to be more of an aesthetic identity or the value placed on a given genders appearance vs another than anything else, but that doesn't decipher what is or is not a woman/man or a lesbian.

I wish the Pet Shop Boys could unconfuse me with a new catchy song...

by Innernatural Velvettereply 17404/01/2019

No, r173 the “trans” community is mentally ill.

The best anyone can do for them is to encourage to love themselves exactly as they are. No expensive surgery or carcinogenic chemicals required.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 17504/01/2019

So we've been mocking, name-calling and hating on mentally ill people?

by Innernatural Velvettereply 17604/01/2019

Both Matthew Fox and Damon Wayans Jr. celebrated International Transgener Visibility Day by announcing new shows focused on transsexuals and non-binaries. Yay for straight men allies!

by Innernatural Velvettereply 17704/01/2019

R177 Oh. I presumed they were April Fools Day gags

by Innernatural Velvettereply 17804/01/2019

R174 - If you don't understand how someone's sexed body is relevant to their identity (as in their lived experience of the world) then you don't understand feminism, or what it is to be a woman, at all, or indeed homophobic oppression (although you're proabably a gay man), since homophobia is based on the idea that two people with the same genitals shouldn't share love/affection/sex. That's like a white person saying that their skin doesn't matter to their sense of identity so they don't know how it an for anyone.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 17904/01/2019


R176, the Ts are name-calling us...queers, terfs, cis, genital fetishists, bigot.

Pointing our biological truth is not hate.

Look at r68 to see what hate looks like.

The T cult have been cutting up, drugging, robbing & sterilizing the mentally ill.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 18004/01/2019

If trans are mentally ill, perhaps they should locate their political struggle with theADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) rather than suing women’s rape crisis centers for not hiring them as counselors which was what happened in Vancouver.

I am a woman who has always been a friend and ally of transsexuals and I have been vilified and blocked here for daring to question the very real consequences of transgender ideology on women and girls. I am also worried about lesbian erasure. Lesbians have a right to exist. So do gay men.

Defunding a rape crisis center: how much crueler can you get?

I disagree with mocking or harming people who refer to themselves as transgender, but I refuse to accept the political erasure of biological women, lesbians, or gay men. Trans women are trans women and there should be no shame in saying so. I don’t need to degrade them or insult them, but I will always fight for women’s rights and I refuse to be intimidated.

I’m also very worried about the medicated lives trans children will be forced to lead. This is really a coup for the Pharma industry. Why can’t people see that?

by Innernatural Velvettereply 18104/01/2019

R179, why is it ok for men to wear woman-face, but not ok for whites to wear black-face??

by Innernatural Velvettereply 18204/01/2019

I'd rather eat my candy than HIDE it!

by Innernatural Velvettereply 18304/01/2019

Meet Michael (he refers to himself as Michelle) , who identifies as a lesbian ( a straight man). "Michelle" not only believes he's a woman, he also thinks he's a 1950's housewife & thinks the government should him for his duties. Apparently, the trans crowd are time travelers!

by Innernatural Velvettereply 18404/01/2019

Poor MIchelle. Someone needs to tell him you don't attach a pillbox hat to your head with a chin strap - no matter how many chins you have.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 18504/01/2019

Isn't 'Michelle' just a rubbish drag queen/transvestite? I mean why does he have to pretend, or anyone pretend he's an actual women just because he likes pillbox hats and pearls and aprons? I do suspect there's a sexual element to this because there often is, which isn't something I want to dwell on, but why can't he do everything he does and accept he's a man? this is what makes no sense.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 18604/01/2019

[quote]I do suspect there's a sexual element

Quite shockingly, nobody talks about that. They talk about everything else under the sun BUT sex.

How much porn do trans-identified males (TIMs) consume? How does it compare to the porn habits of females? (Frequency, genre, etc)

Do TIMs think it’s ok to masturbate in public restrooms?

How many of them get turned on by dressing up like women?

by Innernatural Velvettereply 18704/01/2019

Bravo R144. Great summation

by Innernatural Velvettereply 18804/01/2019

A good percentage of current Trans Trenders are autogynephiles, meaning that they don't suffer from true gender dysphoria. Instead, they get sexually aroused at the idea of themselves being a woman. They get turned on by wearing frilly knickers, but also by listening to women urinate and by stealing women's tampons.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 18904/01/2019

R104, then you need to know a better class of gay men.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 19004/01/2019

Sounds like there are a multitude of variety of trans. Do I 'm again confused how this diverse group of very personal issues has managed to become so powerful and threatening to what I always perceived as a strong LGB alliance built over decades and including some incredibly wealthy, powerful people.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 19104/01/2019

Big Pharma, that’s how. Fully medicated lives. Look at the Sackler. They’ve now killed hundreds of thousands and profit off both the disease and the cure.

Pure evil.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 19204/01/2019

R113, Muriel should automatically copy and paste your reply to ever trans thread. One addendum: autogynephiles vs homosexual trans is an important distinction. The fetishists have taken over the trans movement.

Dear trans people, either shit or get off the pot and stop going on and on about transitioning which is supposed to be a temporary phenomenon—you’re betraying your own cause by being psychotic and it’s hard to support you.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 19304/01/2019

From the sound of it, they’re everywhere, invading women’s spaces at break-neck speed, but at the same time people complain that because they are a tiny minority, we should not accommodate them. Which is it?

Anyhow, I wonder if there are clusters of autogynophiles pursuing lesbians only in certain regions, or if it’s primarily a problem on dating sites, because the metro area I live in, there are relatively few trans people in LGBT circles. Maybe they keep to themselves. I know a few coupled up with other trans people, so contrary to popular belief they DO date each other, at least where I live.

That being said, I am fearful of the Buffalo Bill types. Please tell me what regions/countries to avoid, lol. The U.K. sounds bad, judging by the feminist protests over there.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 19404/01/2019

R167, you are convincing nobody. Kudos for being able to suppress your rage for so long, though! (Impressed you finally cottoned on to the idea that any undecided people reading through this debate will automatically side against crazy TRAs but the genie has left the bottle. #ItsAFetish.)

by Innernatural Velvettereply 19504/01/2019

Well the biggest gay organizations are actually being overtaken by trans and trans-issues so for many, that is the greater worry. I’m talking HRC, GLAAD, some gay organization in Baltimore that just kicked out the only lesbian and bio-female in the group (due to a conflict with a trans woman member), as well as in the UK with the Stonewall organization.

So, lesbian erasure and is happening at that level.

The other incidents happen all over the place. There is one trans woman at my gym (I live in a major city) and she’s only been in the women’s room twice and very briefly. I’ve never seen her in the shower.

Though I’ve befriended transsexuals before and had no problem with them, I realize the transgender ideology could mean complete strangers who are biologically male could be in my dressing room. I showered my young daughter at a community pool yesterday and thought about this issue and realized that I would indeed freak if a fully grown adult male were in the shower next to us.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 19604/01/2019

I celebrated their day today instead - April 1st :). Felt very apt.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 19704/01/2019

Can’t we have a special stall at gym for trans people, much like a handicap stall? If there are no trans people, it is free to use for anyone, but if a trans person needs to shower, they will have a separate stall that makes everyone feel comfortable.

How many cis gendered people on this thread have actually ever personally seen a trans person in the locker room/shower? I’m guessing the answer is very small to none.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 19804/01/2019

[quote]I showered my young daughter at a community pool yesterday and thought about this issue and realized that I would indeed freak if a fully grown adult male were in the shower next to us.

If I had a daughter, I’d feel the same, but would also be very uncomfortable if a trans man on hormone therapy came in to take a shower next to my daughter. What if a short biological male with a slight build lies to her and says he’s an FTM? I’d say, to play it safe, anyone who looks “male” whether they’re bio men or FTM, should use the men’s facilities, period. Also, R198 ‘s suggestion of a seperate stall is a good solution.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 19904/01/2019

R198 You stupid fucking cis cock, they are in the womens changing rooms indulging their fantasies, they are never in mens locker rooms cause we will totally rape them...

by Innernatural Velvettereply 20004/01/2019

"We can't let them erase us! So let's see how many posts we can spam talking about them instead of gay things">_>

by Innernatural Velvettereply 20104/01/2019

R201 If we allow them to continue there will legally be no go things. Now go earn ya virtue cookies and fuck one of the mountains

by Innernatural Velvettereply 20204/01/2019

National Organization of (wo)Men tweeted this. Either their Queer Theory major intern got hold of their Twitter account, or it's an April Fools' Day joke, or NOW is being subsidized by Big Pharma, Martine Rothblatt, James Pritzker, Jon Stryker or all of them!

Hey, R201, in California and NYC it's illegal to misgender a trans person. Now imagine forcing a Black person, under penalty of jail or a $250,000 fine, to call and treat a White person as "Black" - and imagine also calling the Black person a "bigot" if they don't call a White person "Black" and threatening them with rape/death/acid attack and getting them fired from their job.

The bigots are the ones who are enforcing the Trans' attack on science, free speech, gays, women, parents, and children.

Call Congress, the House Judiciary Committee's Equality Act Hearings are tomorrow, April 2nd.

Tell them you are gay and you do not support changing the definition of "sex" to include "gender identity" because it will erase exclusively same-sex attracted people as a legal category, and their sex-based rights.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 20304/01/2019

Thanks for posting something constructive that can be done amidst all that hyperbole and fear-mongering. You forgot to post the tweet that that triggered your screed.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 20404/01/2019

I still don’t understand how we got to this point. Gays and especially lesbians are now told to shut up and bow down when we raise a concern or disagree.

I’ve become completely disillusioned with the left and increasingly horrified by the right. I’m happily a centrist, but I feel almost alone as I look at both extremes.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 20504/01/2019

Tweet from the National Organization of Women in celebration of Trans Day of Visibility that prompted screed at R203

Remember, no concrete definition of sex = no concrete definition of "sexual" orientation = no exclusive same-sex orientation = no gay people & the Queer/Trans takeover is complete!

by Innernatural Velvettereply 20604/01/2019

[quote]Hey, [R201], in California and NYC it's illegal to misgender a trans person. Now imagine forcing a Black person, under penalty of jail or a $250,000 fine...

That’s an alarmingly high fine. I looked it up, and found that the NYC law was passed in 2015, but could not find stats on how many have been prosecuted under it, have gone to jail, or how much they had to pay out. Does anyone know?

by Innernatural Velvettereply 20704/01/2019

Seems brazenly unconstitutional.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 20804/01/2019

The CA law was brought into the universe by the self-proclaimed lgbTQ state lawmakers, TweedleDee and TweedleDum, Scott Wiener and Toni Atkins.

Wiener brought California into the 21st Century with their Throw Granny Under the Tranny bill, SB219, signed into law by Governor Moonbeam which will force nursing homes and longterm disabled care facilities to allow men who claim to be women into women's room and penalize women who refuse to call men women or who use male pronouns.

Scott Wiener then successfully got a law passed that reduced the charge for knowingly infecting someone with HIV or knowingly donating blood when HIV + from a felony to a misdemeanor.

So in California, an woman can go to jail for refusing to call a man a woman, but a person can knowingly infect another person with a disease that requires expensive lifelong treatment and get a slap on the wrist.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 20904/01/2019

You really don't know how to compose a post without disparaging name-calling, do you? If you are R205, there is your answer. If you can't express your concern like an adult with respect for both sides, you are going to be ignored and told to shut up.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 21004/01/2019

R209 Cannot wait til some old tranny with dementia in a nursing home has to be told every morning why his body is now a disaster zone...

'I did this to myself? Willingly? I believed I was a woman? Am I insane?' 'Yes, ma'am, you are insane'

by Innernatural Velvettereply 21104/01/2019

There is no "both sides," R210.

Biological sex is immutable; we have a 1st Amendment right to free speech no matter what compelled totalitarian speech the Transgender Lobby is trying to force on us; women and gays are both traditionally vulnerable groups, not because of how they "identify" but how they are identified by others.

How a person feels in their head is not a good basis for public policy, much less a good basis for denying science, shutting down the rights of gays, parents and women, and destroying one of the most important things the US has, the right to free speech.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 21204/01/2019


by Innernatural Velvettereply 21304/01/2019

There is no debate.

Language is mandated.

1984 arrived 35 years late, but it’s here.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 21404/01/2019

R212 You seem like a lot of fun. We should hang out some time.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 21504/01/2019

I just heard today from someone (major TRA) that a trans person can identify as he/him while at the same time be classified as a Lesbian. That's insane. You can't be lesbian and male, that doesn't compute. And that is lesbian erasure.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 21604/01/2019

I love the comments on the NOW FB page. Mostly all commenters aren't having it.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 21704/01/2019

Trans women are biological women!! Trans women were not born men!! Cats are lizards !! The sky is green!! You are whatever you identify as and science is transphobe!

by Innernatural Velvettereply 21804/01/2019

Julia Beck, the lesbian kicked off of Baltimore's lgbTQ+++ committee for being a lesbian, is testifying before the House Judiciary Committee tomorrow about how the Equality Act will harm women.

Watch live at link: 10 AM Eastern, TOMORROW, April 2

by Innernatural Velvettereply 21904/01/2019

I guess I don't know what a trans women is.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 22004/01/2019

R220 a woman sans ovaries, and /or uterus (not by partial or whole hysterectomies) but instead has a prostate and/or penis seems to be the logistical definition but that's probably 'something '-phobic.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 22104/01/2019

R221 didn’t you just describe a male?

by Innernatural Velvettereply 22204/01/2019

R222, not if right is wrong,

by Innernatural Velvettereply 22304/01/2019

Julia Beck could easily increase her following enough to create her OWN organization, minus “T.” However, once the tables are turned, and other orgs diplomatically exlude “T” (by citing that they would be better served by forming their own groups), here’s what is bound to happen:

Rather than forming their own groups, Ts will start identifying as L, G or B rather than be subdivided into a tiny, poorly functioning community. You can’t “test” for sexual orientation, so dropping the “T” won’t make them disappear - they’ll simply re-identify as one of the other letters.

If the Equality Act is defeated, FTMs, MTFs, and everything in between who are not attracted to the same biological sex, will claim bisexuality to keep their foothold in the community. How do you prove or disprove sexual orientation? This is why there is a correlating movement by anti-trans activists to drop the “B” as well, which has little to do with antagonism towards bisexuals, per se. It will be very interesting to see how this shuffling of various identities plays out.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 22404/01/2019

R216 That's having your cake and eating it too. Hiding in plain site from the homophobes, but your community knows who are and accepts you and plays along.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 22504/01/2019

Here's a writer crowing about the New York Time's Op Ed she wrote for Trans Day of Visibility that bashes TERFS.

The New York Trans is more like it, the paper publishes piece after piece spouting the Transtapo Narrative

[quote] A day late for #transdayofvisibility, here's some TERF-bashing I just published in the @nytimes.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 22604/01/2019

[quote]I just heard today from someone (major TRA) that a trans person can identify as he/him while at the same time be classified as a Lesbian. That's insane. You can't be lesbian and male, that doesn't compute. And that is lesbian erasure.

Is this a bio female who’s attracted to women, but transitioned to FTM with surgery and / or male hormones? If so, it’s sounds like she’s partially re-identifying as a woman to regain her lesbian dating pool after discovering that most straight women will not date FTMs. And they certainly will not date other women who still have tits and vagina, even if they claim to be “he.”

And what happens to a lesbian if she gets permanent physical changes like a deep voice, facial hair, baldness? Yikes. I’ve seen butch lesbians who always seem on the verge of transition because they buzz their hair and bind their chests - a dangerous, unhealthy thing to do - so I’d guess they have some kind of mental illness or body dysmorphia, but do not identify as men or as trans because they want to remain part of the lesbian community.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 22704/01/2019

R198, how would you know? You think grandmothers are going to post pics to Reddit?

by Innernatural Velvettereply 22804/02/2019

Fuck off r199

How about PEOPLE WITH FEMALE SEX ORGANS, regardless of how they look, dress, or identify, use the WOMEN’S FACILITIES.

And people with the opposite reproductive systems - I,e., PEOPLE WITH MALE SEX ORGANS, regardless of how they look, dress or identify, use the MEN’S FACILITIES.

What a radical concept! Sex segregated bathrooms!!! Safety for women & girls no matter what they call themselves.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 22904/02/2019

Women should NEVER negotiate access to their space with men.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 23004/02/2019

[quote]How about PEOPLE WITH FEMALE SEX ORGANS, regardless of how they look, dress, or identify, use the WOMEN’S FACILITIES

With all due respect, I’d imagine that FTMs with muscles and hairy bods, even if they have not had “the surgery,” would be pretty startling to girls and women in locker rooms, bathrooms, showers, etc. and should use other facilities. As was said, it also opens the door to bio males who claim to be FTMs on hormones to use womens facilities. On the other hand, MTFs rarely pass and would also be seen as a threat to women, so both groups should use male or gender neutral facilities because men don’t have to worry about being harassed or assaulted by them.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 23104/02/2019

R231, stop pretending you care about what startles women.

You don’t think the hulking “IT’S MA’AM” dude would startle women in the bathroom?

I saw a petite young woman with ample breasts & facial hair a la Justin Bieber at my nail salon. S/he sounded like a chipmunk.

If you think FTMs actually pass as men, you’re deluded. L

Women are safer around butch women than effeminate men. Because PENIS

by Innernatural Velvettereply 23204/02/2019

[quote]You don’t think the hulking “IT’S MA’AM” dude would startle women in the bathroom?

Re-read my post, R232 - I clearly state that MTFs should use men’s or gender-neutral facilities ALONG with “passing” FTMs. Your reading comprehension is abysmal.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 23304/02/2019

[quote]If you think FTMs actually pass as men, you’re deluded.

You must leave in the boondocks, my friend, if you don’t know the startling changes that massive doses of testosterone can do to a woman’s body. It’s the same fallacy that all toupees are fake-looking... the “good” ones are simply undetectable.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 23404/02/2019

I mean “live” not “leave” in the boondocks.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 23504/02/2019

They may pass in photos or on the street, R234, but they can't escape their female socialization. Once they start speaking and gesturing, it's obvious they weren't born male.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 23604/02/2019

Your biology comprehension is abysmal, r233.

It’s biologically impossible to change sex.

Transwomen are men. They can use the men’s room.

Transmen are women. They can use the women’s room. They do not have male pattern violence. Nor do they have penises to jerk off, rape & impregnate.

Because science.

It does not matter how someone looks. Sex is not based on look or feelings

by Innernatural Velvettereply 23704/02/2019

True, R237 - people can’t biologically change sex, but women on adrogens can look surprisingly male. They may be short, pudgy and effeminate, but so are many millennial men. (Hormones in the food supply? Soy?) Not only would they make other women in locker rooms uncomfortable, even fearful, they would put themselves in danger of being screamed at, maced, or beat up by an angy father or BF. Same goes for MTFs: they are biologically male and should use men’s or unisex bathrooms.

Hell, even butch lesbians have complained of being harassed in female bathrooms, so I don’t see why you would object to them using male or gender neutral facilities, unless you are terrified of their hairy manginas, lol. And no one said biological men who identify as women should use female restrooms - the goal is to protect women from both groups. Men can fend for themselves.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 23804/02/2019

Ftms are a red herring. It's not an ftm who fantasized about strangling little girls and whom is being foisted on women today. That kind of lunacy only comes from men.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 23904/02/2019

[quote]they would put themselves in danger of being screamed at, maced, or beat up by an angy father or BF.

That’s exactly why FTMs don’t want to shower with or be imprisoned with men: male violence.

So you’re saying fathers & boyfriends will be mad at FTMs being in a woman’s bathroom, but not at MTFs, who are actually men?


by Innernatural Velvettereply 24004/02/2019

R240 Of course fathers & boyfriends would be mad at MTFs! That goes without saying, and I even stated TWICE in my post that biological males should NOT use women’s facilities, but you apparently either have A.D.D. or very limited English skills.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 24104/02/2019

Mad, r241...or amused? 😂

by Innernatural Velvettereply 24204/02/2019

[quote]That’s exactly why FTMs don’t want to shower with or be imprisoned with men: male violence.

As far as FTMs being in danger of being the victims of male prison violence, well guess what: so are male prisoners! If you commit the crime, you’ll do the time; if you wanna be male, avoid the jail.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 24304/02/2019

Spoken like a true misogynist, r243.

By all means do what you can to enable male violence against women.

We see you.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 24404/02/2019

I remember seeing “Born Innocent” where Linda Blair was thrown into juvie and is raped with a plunger by a gang of butches - it scared the heck out of me as a kid. But really, there should be a sepererate wing for FTTs and lesbonics with penis envy. They can be as bad as the men when given the chance.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 24504/02/2019

Apparently r245 doesn’t can’t discern between male fantasy & reality.

You wish lesbians raped women. Cause you’re a tranny

by Innernatural Velvettereply 24604/02/2019

^^Wow - you’re transing ME because of my opinion? Does it not align with my birth gender? I’m perfectly happy with the sex I was born as. Stop projecting your dysphoria onto me, Mole McHenry.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 24704/02/2019

Stop projecting male fantasy into women’s rights, r247.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 24804/02/2019

“Born Innocent” was a cautionary tale about the horrible realities of prison, much like “Scared Straight.” If you believe a brutal gang shower rape with a plunger handle is a male “fantasy,” YOU doth project too much, R247.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 24904/02/2019

If you remember "Born Innocent" then you must remember "Porkies" - now the Democrats, under the spell of the Transgender Lobby and their "Queer" TransMaidens, as well as $$$ from cross-dressing billionaires and the Medical Industrial Complex, are going to make "Porkies" a reality for every red-blooded American male!

by Innernatural Velvettereply 25004/02/2019

[quote] are going to make "Porkies" a reality for every red-blooded American male!

Not either of the people debating "Born Innocent" (as I have no idea about it), but this made me laugh because it seems like such a non sequitur.

I've seen the movie, but guess I belong on the short bugs because I have no idea how or why this fits, makes sense or becomes a clever or even logical retort.

But, thanks for making me laugh.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 25104/02/2019

Beulah has got this. You girls are safe.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 25204/02/2019

R247 thinks butch lesbians gang rape women in prison because he saw some stupid movie eons ago.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 25304/02/2019

I remember a recent study showing that female-on-female sexual assault on prison was very under-reported, (including female guards who commit rape and harassment), but nowhere near as high as male-on-male assaults. Of course, putting biological men who “identify” female in women’s prisons would make those numbers skyrocket.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 25404/02/2019

I see in the news every day about female prisoners being assaulted or worse by male guards, r254.

I also saw in the news how a convicted rapist MTF was impriosned with women and that he assaulted four of them.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 25504/02/2019

The boys in Porkies drill a hole to see into the girls' showers, R251.

The Transgender Lobby has successfully and stealthily passed laws on the state level that allow biological men to self-identify as female and access all facilities in which women are naked and semi-naked.

So now there's no need to drill a hole into the girls' shower, as in Porkies, just say that you're a gal and you can walk right in.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 25604/02/2019

The damsels are in distress.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 25704/02/2019

The wolves are licking their lips.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 25804/02/2019

If only there were some patriarchal chivalrous knights to save them.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 25904/02/2019

Seriously, guys - don’t go through all the trouble of taking hormones, having your bits chopped off, and legally changing your name to gain access to women’s spaces. Just become a camp counselor, a prison guard, or a male nurse. There are no laws that gender-segregate those professions.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 26004/02/2019

TSA Agent.

Already happened when a transgender at JFK around Christmas demanded a female agent to pat down his lady parts.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 26104/02/2019

Don't forget fashion designer and beauty pageant promoter.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 26204/02/2019

[quote]Don't forget fashion designer and beauty pageant promoter.

Good one, R262

by Innernatural Velvettereply 26304/02/2019

R259, “gentlemen” are a thing of the past.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 26404/02/2019

The gays are gonna be in distress when laws preventing job discrimination against gays like this one are made null and void because there's no concrete legal definition of "sex" thanks to the Equality Act and similar state laws.

2nd Circuit Court of Appeals 2018

[quote] the majority wrote in an opinion led by Judge Robert Katzmann. "We can therefore conclude that sexual orientation is a function of sex and, by extension, sexual orientation discrimination is a subset of sex discrimination."

by Innernatural Velvettereply 26504/02/2019

If only someone would annoyingly spam DL threads with transphobic posts we might all be saved.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 26604/02/2019

[quote]The gays are gonna be in distress...

You do realize this here is a GAY forum, don’t you, Vladimir? Maybe you can be a little less tone-deaf when you post here, da?

by Innernatural Velvettereply 26704/02/2019

[quote]The boys in Porkies drill a hole to see into the girls' showers, [R251].

That is a very long and winding way to go for a tiny payoff.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 26804/02/2019

Agreed, r268.

And yet...

by Innernatural Velvettereply 26904/02/2019

[quote]The boys in Porkies drill a hole to see into the girls' showers, [[R251]]. That is a very long and winding way to go for a tiny payoff.

The cellphone camera had not yet been invented.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 27004/02/2019

When I was a teen, those "Porky's" movies were very popular, I was too young to see them. Years later, I saw one of these movies on cable, it was dumber than dog shit! The movie had a curious amount of bare male bottoms in it, surprising as it was clearly aiming for a straight male audience.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 27104/02/2019

I so desperately wanted to see Meat in all his glory...

I wished they would have shown just quick peak from the front.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 27204/02/2019

Instead of frat boys drilling holes into gym showers, it’s creepy guys in jogger pants and hoodies lifting up their phones to uncovered windows (where I live) and they are incredibly brazen. They’ve even been captured on home security cameras, but don’t seem to be concerned, as the cops in my city don’t put much effort into pursuing cellphone voyeurs.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 27304/02/2019

We were talking about movies from that era, a topic that I didn't start. But how the Democrats can think that it's sane public policy to legally allow all & sundry to get their ya-yas out and enter women's showers by just claiming to be women, is somewhat germane to Porky's, and how in a saner era, it was acknowledged that (most) men just want to see naked women and will do all sorts of things to achieve that goal.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 27404/02/2019

You can see Meat's glory as they are being chased out of the prostitutes shack by her large African American boyfriend.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 27504/02/2019

[quote](most) men just want to see naked women and will do all sorts of things to achieve that goal.

There are many ways to see naked women - internet porn, a life drawing class at the local college, hiring a prostitute. Expensive and inconvenient, you say? Not really, compared to buying a complete wardrobe of women’s clothing, voice training, hormone pills, electrolysis and god knows what else trans people do.

The truth is, most men HATE wearing women’s clothes, and only a tiny percentage believe they were born in the wrong body, or are autogynophiles who get their kicks from cross-dressing while spying on women.

That you think a significant number of men would put on dresses and lipstick and risk getting the living shit beat out of them to gain access to the ladies’ rooms is a worldview straight out of a madcap 50s comedy film, or a WWII era Bugs Bunny cartoon.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 27604/02/2019

R276, you don't get it... Voyeurs & rapists don't want to view or have sex with willing women, they get off on harming, frightening & humiliating unwilling victims.

You are also assuming that trans "lesbians" are logical beings, someone who imagines that putting on high heels & lipstick makes you a woman is highly illogical.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 27704/02/2019

[quote]you don't get it... Voyeurs & rapists don't want to view or have sex with willing women, they get off on harming, frightening & humiliating unwilling victims...

True - but the point is that very few of them identify as trans or dress in women’s clothes because the best way to corner a potential victim is to appear as “normal” as possible and to strike when the victim is alone. A man in drag does not look “normal.”

by Innernatural Velvettereply 27804/02/2019

Do keep up, R278

It's no longer necessary to effect any of the trappings of stereotypical femininity to consider yourself, and be considered, a transgender "woman" - nor do you need to suffer from gender dysphoria - all that is rather passe among Trans Trenders.

Now, all you do is declare yourself a transgender "woman" and you are, as evidenced by most Trans Trenders not even bothering to scrape a razor across their faces.

Past that, sexual predators will use any trick in the book to get to victims. Slapping on a dress for a few minutes would probably just turn them on.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 27904/02/2019

R278, if you’re male, you have no skin in this game. You risk nothing by allowing men in women’s restrooms.

Women don’t want penises in their intimate spaces. They don’t need to explain to you why. They don’t need you to agree with them. And they certainly don’t need you to pat them on their little heads & tell them not to trust their survival instincts & let some hulking dude in lipstick & a wig in their spaces.

If you’re not female, then STFU about who gets to use female spaces. Only females get to decide.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 28004/03/2019

And I'd add to R280 that females- the loud Lib Fem, "Queer" and moral exhibitionists - who claim to be comfortable with naked men in their spaces, can go hang with the boys in their locker rooms.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 28104/03/2019

R278 it’s really very simple, keep to the facilities designed for your plumbing.

Because some men desperately want to be women doesn’t mean they are women, they’re just men. Because some men get off on forcing women to comply with their fetish doesn’t mean they are women, they’re just men. Because some men fetishize female appearance doesn’t mean they are women, they’re just men. Because some men are violently misogynist sex offenders doesn’t mean they are women, they’re just men.

None of these men have any right to impose themselves into sex segregated spaces. They have no right to burden females with their need for validation or domination. Women are not responsible for men’s feelings.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 28204/03/2019

[quote]It's no longer necessary to effect any of the trappings of stereotypical femininity to consider yourself, and be considered, a transgender "woman" [...] Now, all you do is declare yourself a transgender "woman" and you are, as evidenced by most Trans Trenders not even bothering to scrape a razor across their faces.

You believe that the transgendered have an obligation to who reinforce “stereotypical femininity?” Check out Janice Raymond’s book The Transsexual Empire, to see exactly why conforming to the male ideal of “femininity” is harmful to women. You also think that if men shave their beards or otherwise conceal their masculinity to perform as women , that makes them “safe” or “acceptable?” Read “Little Red Riding Hood,” dear, and get back to me.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 28304/03/2019

Then why are so many women from NOW, the Democratic Party and other organizations supporting this? Why do they want these penises in women private spaces?

by Innernatural Velvettereply 28404/03/2019

I don't get it, R284. Stupidity? Unaware of what it is all about? Fear of losing their job as the organization has been infiltrated and taken over by women-hating cross-dressers?

I do not understand how any woman or homosexual could support the T push.

This issue truly shows who is stupid and who is not.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 28504/03/2019

I feel sorry for real Trans people as their movement got hijacked by the Transtrenders and white liberal TRAs. I feel like there is an insidious movement on top of that to erase sexual orientation and just enable the no-labels fluidity concept. Which in this current society will just reverse LGB right.

We can drop the T but the T will stay because they will still identify ironically of course to their sexual orientation. What we really need to get rid of are the trenders, queer identified and other tumblr orientations and identities. Those joke categories and the accompanied outrage culture with it is destroying the original LGB(T?) movement

by Innernatural Velvettereply 28604/03/2019

I don't understand why women's organizations aren't more supportive of women and our spaces and identity.

This "transwoman = woman period' insult ACLU is hurling.

I was at the gym today in the locker room when another woman came in. I shudder to think some guy can walk in because he's entitled to be there.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 28704/03/2019

But R286, how many 'real trans" can there be? Even removing the "identifiers" with wigs, how many people were truly born with the wrong genitalia?

To me, that was my first clue this was bs. There simply cannot be that many true transexuals.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 28804/03/2019

There is no such thing as “true trans”. It is not possible for you to have the wrong body. Your body just *is*. There’s no right way to be. If you think your body doesn’t match how you feel about yourself then the “wrongness” is in your mind.

I feel truly sorry for those genuinely suffering from dysmorphia but removing women’s rights to privacy and safety is not the answer. The current fad for self identification is incredibly harmful. The fetishists, attention whores, MRA assholes, SJW crybabies, blue haired fatties and the perpetually offended who have glommed on to the real medical diagnosis of dysphoria or intersex are destructive misogynists.

It’s not just men pretending to be women of course, the girls pretending to be guys are a problem too but nothing like on the scale of the men. For a start, nobody is afraid of a 5’3” whispy whiskered munchkin.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 28904/03/2019

R288 That’s most likely true. I believe most Trans are just gay or bi people take the opposite sex roles to the extreme. Only a few should be truly in gender dysphoria. Way to many people transitioning from the supposed percentage of true transgendered people.

I blame lack of representation for all types of LGB people and how they take on roles or live their life.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 29004/03/2019

[quote]But [R286], how many 'real trans" can there be? Even removing the "identifiers" with wigs, how many people were truly born with the wrong genitalia? To me, that was my first clue this was bs. There simply cannot be that many true transexuals.

It’s also hard to empirically prove someone is gay, short of attaching sensors to our genitals while we watch porn, lol. You either have to take someone’s word for it, or observe their behavior long-term. Even then, look at all the “gay” people of past generations who claimed to be hetero or were in marriages with the opposite sex for decades; are they gay people who lied for straight privilege in the past, or are they straight people who are lying for oppression points now? And now, Q has reared its ugly head.

As far as gendered-spaces, base that on biology when necessary (locker rooms, sports, etc.) Sex, unlike gender identity, CAN be empirically proven.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 29104/03/2019

[quote]I believe most Trans are just gay or bi people take the opposite sex roles to the extreme.

R290 Are you out of your gourd? Being gay is NOT “taking the opposite sex role”, nor is it on the spectrum of gender identity disorders. I hate that the two are conflated. You sound like a Republican who time-traveled from the Eisenhower years.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 29204/03/2019

R284, why did all those people go to Jonestown?

T = mass delusion

Don’t drink the T

by Innernatural Velvettereply 29304/03/2019

R286, get real. It’s impossible to change sex. No such thing as “true T.”

by Innernatural Velvettereply 29404/03/2019

R290 very few men who transition to transwomen are gay or bi.

They're sexual fetishists who get off on being the woman who is being fucked. Extra sexy if she's fucking another woman!!1!1

It's called autogynephilia. J. Michael Bailey did a detailed case study of an autogynephile in Chicago in "The Man Who Would Be Queen" if you google you can find the pdf for free online.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 29504/03/2019

The easiest way is to have a special changing stall for transmen and transwomen. Cis men and cis women can still have the main changing areas, and give the trans people a private bathroom in which they can change.

We need to realize there are four group now and not just two. It’s not just cis men and cis women anymore.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 29604/03/2019

But I’m not cis nor trans, r296.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 29704/03/2019

[quote]Very few men who transition to transwomen are gay or bi.

R295 - THIS. The notion that trans women are gay men because they “feel like women” is ludicrous, and an insult to gay men.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 29804/03/2019

R297, I guess I should have also included gender non-binary, which I assume you are?

by Innernatural Velvettereply 29904/03/2019

R299 they're saying that gender isn't real and they don't use any labels connected to it.

Your bathroom idea would be a good compromise, except trans people are not fighting to be accepted as trans, they want to be legally recognized and undifferentiated from people of the sex they're impersonating.

Anything less than that is a denial of their civil rights.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 30004/03/2019

Well, then I disagree with that R300, but I don’t think we should call transwomen men either. Transwomen are not (cis) women. They will never be cis women. They are their own category: transwomen. I’m willing for the right for them to be accepted as trans and protected under the way as such. Give them a private bathroom to change in and all that jazz.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 30104/03/2019

I think the private bathrooms/stalls are also a service to the socially phobic - it’s about time that was an option for people who don’t like to be nude around EITHER gender. For instance, the “all gender” single-stall bathroom at my job is 100% used by those who can’t take a whizz or a dump in the presence of others, since no trans people work there.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 30204/03/2019

The Medical Industrial Complex is pouring huge dollars into normalizing the T across law and society globally because there are trillions to be made.

This twitter account is very good at exposing the really sinister stuff behind the Transgender Lobby funding. The author was the writer of the Federalist article that investigated who was funding the Trans Lobby.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 30304/03/2019

The Federalist, R303 - Really? They are an anti-gay, anti-feminist, anti-choice media outlet. Talk about making a deal with Satan. Are you willing to sacrifice all anti-discrimination protection and Roe V. Wade for the support of those big, strong, white republican men? It’s sad that we have come to that.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 30404/03/2019

Transgender Lobby laws passed on the state and local level have already destroyed women and gay rights, R304 / Trans Troll.

Gays are being very deliberately erased by gay organizations, lawmakers and society in general in favor of the T - why? Because SPAYING AWAY THE GAY, and other confused souls, will make trillions for the Medical Industrial Complex.

The woman who runs the twitter account at R303 is full of information, so that's why Trans Troll @ R304 wants to gaslight her and it.

This is a great sub Reddit - formerly gay media outlets are pushing the meme hard that the Trans were responsible for gay liberation, and this sub Reddit is calling the T propaganda out.

It's LGB Dr*p the T

by Innernatural Velvettereply 30504/03/2019

[quote]Because SPAYING AWAY THE GAY, and other confused souls, will make trillions for the Medical Industrial Complex.

Excuse me, R305 : gay people aren’t “confused souls” who are trannies. Get your facts straight, deplorable. You make it sound like this annoying percentage of a percent of the population are swarming like flies, and that they are made up of “weak-minded” lesbians and gays who can’t fight off that CRAZY gender dysphoria that we homos have!

Believe me, gay men and lesbians have to work 3-5 times as hard as your sad, hetero, soyboy ass to survive, so it’s funny how you don’t mention that most trans “women” are straight men. So who is really getting spayed here? If straight breeders wanna do it to themselves, GOOD.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 30604/03/2019

I didn't say that gay people were "confused souls," R306 - I said that other confused souls were also being spayed along with gay children.

Kids with autism, ADHD, history of self-harm and depression, history of sexual abuse, are disproportionately found in the other kids being spayed by the Transgender Lobby's medical henchmen.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 30704/03/2019

R304, fuck off. T is evil.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 30804/03/2019

[quote]I didn't say that gay people were "confused souls," [R306] - I said that other confused souls were also being spayed along with gay children.

No - R307 - you did NOT mention children anywhere in post R305.

Adjust your meds, and turn that gaslight down, sweetheart.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 30904/03/2019

[quote] The easiest way is to have a special changing stall for transmen and transwomen. Cis men and cis women can still have the main changing areas, and give the trans people a private bathroom in which they can change.

NO! We don't want them in our spaces at all. Not in spaces where we are vulnerable. I do not want to have to worry about safety in those spaces. You really don't get it.

This changing stall idea WITHIN a female space is because facilities are cheap ass. If that's all it's about then put those stalls in the appropriate biological sex space. And if anyone is naïve enough to think the majority of today's transgender "women" will comply with that then you are gullible as hell. Most of them don't want privacy - they want attention and they want to show off and make you feel uncomfortable or threatened.

Isn't there anyone lobbying FOR WOMEN on HR 1585 – the Violence Against Women Act - which will require the Bureau of Prisons to develop rules under which a transgender prisoner’s sex is determined according to the sex with which they identify. Since NOW has abandoned women who will take up the mantle.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 31004/03/2019

Are all the T fetishists straight? Or do some gay men who are T get off on dressing as a woman?

by Innernatural Velvettereply 31104/03/2019

r305 Dropping the T involves them rushing and taking over the B (along with the pansexual/fluidity freaks). We must be reasonable

by Innernatural Velvettereply 31204/03/2019

If the T are cut off from the actual sexual orientation group who will they scam for money? It’s not like many of them seem to have paying jobs.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 31304/03/2019

R312 What do you mean?

by Innernatural Velvettereply 31404/03/2019

r314 Despite a good number of T being hetero men, there are still numerous T that have sexual orientations as well ( don't start me on that!). Majority apparently identify as Bi and Pan. They'll just hijack the bi movement and make it trans orientated. Well it's already partially been hijacked. But still

by Innernatural Velvettereply 31504/03/2019

They have to be kicked out of L&G and they can go with pan and ped and incest and nullo

by Innernatural Velvettereply 31604/03/2019

Lesbians are doing it for themselves. While gay men sit around and either endorse or moan about their own erasure by the Transgender Lobby, dykes are out in force getting in the faces of the T.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 31704/03/2019

R298 - it's also, more so, an insult to actual women.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 31804/04/2019

R317 Lesbians were always on top and making things happen always cared for the gays and tolerated the bi.

If they’re mobilized it means they care for the future of their community. Increasingly gay men are getting easily conned by the queer movement and the self loathing and homophobic propaganda infiltrating their media consumption and culture which includes gay porn that is the most damaging

by Innernatural Velvettereply 31904/04/2019

[quote]Lesbians were always on top and making things happen always cared for the gays and tolerated the bi

R319 : First off, you are obviously neither lesbian or gay, judging by the use of your language. You sound exactly like another straight, male, conservative trying to divide the LG community for your own gain. Who are you to say that lesbians dominate gay men and only “tolerate” bi people? Nice way to group gay women into a hive-mind and then mansplain their experience.

Second, conservative men’s “concern” over Ts is a disingenuous ploy to lure more left-leaning women to the other side, under the guise of ensuring female safety and protecting their rights. What a joke, considering the conservative movement supports oppression and endangerment of women in all other aspects of life. (Oh yeah - men on the right also “care” so much about the lives of innocent beh-behs; it’s not like they oppose abortion to control wimmen!) Give me a break.

Unfortunately, the reason Julia Beck and other radical lesbians are defecting to Trumplandia is that the LG community, in general, IS ignoring legitimate concerns about biological males invading women’s sports teams, changing rooms, and of male-socialized MTFs scooping up scarce job opportunities and grant money allocated for women in STEM and other male-dominated professions.

Seriously - we need to get our act together before the goons from Focus On the Family, The Heritage Foundation, and media outlets like The Federalist, Free Republic, Daily Signal/Caller/Wire (and a multitude of other organizations) co-opt gay, lesbian, and women’s rights in order to take them away through removal of anti-discrimination legislation and passage of “religious freedom” bills.

The Repugs are experts at subterfuge who are using the T problem to lure us into extinction. SHAME on all of you who have given your alliance to these devils.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 32004/04/2019

R320, Julia Beck is not "defecting to Trumplandia"

Julia Beck and the many other lesbians, straight women and gay men who can see clearly that there is something very sinister going on on many levels, are simply using whatever platform they can find to sound the alarm, because the Democratic party and "Progressive" media - in fact pretty much all media except for Conservative outlets- are firmly under the thumb of Gender Ideology/ the Transgender Lobby.

- the rapid changes in language and laws on the local, state and national level to erase gay rights, parents rights and women's rights - the takeover of gay organizations by the Gender Lobby - the change to "Queer' to erase "gay and lesbian" - the immediate drugging of any kid, but mostly gay kids, who for a second is confused about their body - the attack on science -the attack on free speech - the attack on women's athletics

Not only are Progressives ignoring these, they are cheering them on and slurring and often threatening anyone who dares to stand up for sanity.

We are in a crisis- the Transgender Lobby is getting laws passed at lightening speed, and at this moment it is imperative to get the word out in any way sane people who care about gays, women, parents, children, science and free speech can.

If we hesitate, we might, like Canada, lose the right to speak against our erasure (a Canadian man was just fined upwards of $50,000 for stating that a man was not a woman), and for sure, fucking Donnie Dump will win 2020.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 32104/04/2019

The Dems are not listening and are pushing it hard. And they will never admit they were wrong, nor will the fraud "academics."

by Innernatural Velvettereply 32204/04/2019

March 31 was Mother's Day in the UK. Now it is "Trans Visibility Day."

Because they hate women.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 32304/04/2019

Well, technically this is on the UK. Everyone knows Mother’s Day is always in May

by Innernatural Velvettereply 32404/04/2019

Way to attack someone that’s on your side r320. I am not the enemy and I was actually praising Lesbians for getting to the root of the problem.

Gay men are currently lost when it comes to the trans and queer agenda.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 32504/04/2019

R320, I now view blind progressivism as the same threat as the right-wing organizations you listed. They both have an unquestioning sense of their ideologies and won’t hesitate to enforce their will upon others given the opportunity.

We are in a 1984 scenario that will only escalate unless people stand up and call out anti-scientific and shockingly authoritarian mandates regarding language - and by extension, thought.

We laughed when they came for Michfest, but we should’ve seen the writing in the wall.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 32604/04/2019

I am older than my friends and they are all trans supporters. I consider myself a progressive liberal, but I'm also a feminist and am so disgusted and disappointed with how women are -- once again -- being dismissed and gays are going to be viewed as choosing to be gay or "identifying" as gay rather than just being.

But I am definitely in the minority. And as noted by several people, orgs like the ACLU, and politicians are all aboard.

Feeling very discouraged.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 32704/04/2019

But r316, The Federalist also is sickened by pedos & incest.

Per r304, The Federalist is satan. We are not allowed to agree with them on anything. Even pedos & incest.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 32804/04/2019

Julia Beck is a courageous woman. She’s more worthy than that stupid “woman of the year” award than Bruce Jenner.

She’s risking her neck for all of us. She will be legendary.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 32904/04/2019

The right had their Tea Party, which we (rightfully) mocked.

The left has their own T Party, which the right is mocking with good reason.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 33004/04/2019

[quote][R320], I now view blind progressivism as the same threat as the right-wing organizations you listed. They both have an unquestioning sense of their ideologies and won’t hesitate to enforce their will upon others given the opportunity.

I agree with you there, R326. Seattle’s a fantastic example of what unchecked “progressiveness” leads to: a dystopia of homeless drug addicts who are trashing the city and commiting crimes against other residents at an astounding rate, because they are drawn by government handouts, and the city council has stripped law enforcement of the power to arrest and incarcerate these cretins.

Also: that progressives are OK with kids being given puberty blockers is appalling; their brains have not fully developed, so they are not able to consent to this drastic, unnecessary, treatment that will likely sterilize them, along with god knows what other health risks. I’m surprised that the T community supports childhood transition, because in a few years, when a considrable number of these kids detransition and publically share their horror stories, the trans movement will be sent back to the stone age.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 33104/04/2019

I guess they see the kids as collateral damage for themselves getting attention NOW. Mostly, they probably don't think about them.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 33204/04/2019

[quote]Way to attack someone that’s on your side [R320]. I am not the enemy and I was actually praising Lesbians for getting to the root of the problem. Gay men are currently lost when it comes to the trans and queer agenda.

You have to forgive us, because we are not constantly harassed by “gay” FTMs who want us to deny biology and sleep with them. This may be why we have a blind spot about trans issues. On the other hand, “trans lesbians” who - considering they are “real” women - are curiously much, MUCH more sexually and socially aggressive than other “real women” (as well as trans “men”), and pressure XX chromosomed lesbians (i.e. LESBIANS) to have sex with them on a regular basis, from what I hear.

At least I’m doing my part by researching and sharing. ;-)

by Innernatural Velvettereply 33304/04/2019

[quote]But [R316], The Federalist also is sickened by pedos & incest. Per [R304], The Federalist is satan. We are not allowed to agree with them on anything. Even pedos & incest.

Riiight. A few months back, they published an article called “Pedophilia Isn’t The Main Problem With Catholic Priests, Homosexuality Is,” and if you really want an eye-opener, google “Lesbian Archives - The Federalist.”

by Innernatural Velvettereply 33404/04/2019

R331 I was just talking about this with a friend today. We're waiting for the first class action case by adults who transitioned as children against doctors/medical boards and the first case against parents. It's going to happen, but not for another few years I imagine, and not before they have irreparably damaged countless bodies in the process.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 33504/04/2019

Friends of an acquaintance, Ivy League-educated lawyers (the friends) transitioned their child. The parents are now Trans Warriors, hurling the word "bigot" at anyone not fully on board the Trans Train.

And, I kid you not, the parents think that any woman raped or assaulted in a bathroom or locker room is worth it, so that their child can use the facilities that matches the clothes in which he wants to play dress up.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 33604/04/2019

R333 there is a growing push for gay men to sleep with trans men as well as participate in bisexuality and pansexuality. They do it through porn which gay men really uphold in our community. Many “gay” porn stars are experimenting and pushing having sex with women, trans men, and trans women through guise of “fluidity”. Very insidious. Gayhoopla is quickly being a top website despite their very blatant homophobia and disregard to their gay customers and models. The porn studio own by these conglomerates (Mindgeek and NextDoor) are intensely pushing heteronormativity, hetero sex and bisexual sex through gay porn blogs and advertising but only doing this on their gay demographic. The straight sites and blogs don’t feature this stuff.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 33704/04/2019

R328 ... Guess which one of these is an ACTUAL headline from The Federalist:

“How Abortion Culture Makes Women Hate Themselves”

“Gay Marriage Is Fueling Research On Lab-Grown GMO Babies”

“The Science On Male And Female Brains Helps Explain Why Women Don’t Choose Tech Careers”

“If Child Sex Is More Common Among Gay Men, Are We Okay With That?”

“Lesbian Couple Happy To Buy A Baby But Not To Get A Black One"

“The Stigma Against My Conservative Politics Is Worse Than The Stigma Of Being Gay”

“If Kindness To Men Is Too Much To Ask, Can We At Least Save Fashion From Butt-Hugging Leggings?”

You guessed it - ALL of them.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 33804/04/2019

And here, R338, is the link to the Equality Act House Judiciary hearings, in which the Democrats treat a lesbian, pleading for the retention of women and gay rights, as if she should be burned at stake.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 33904/04/2019

[quote][R333] there is a growing push for gay men to sleep with trans men as well as participate in bisexuality and pansexuality. They do it through porn which gay men really uphold in our community.

R337 Interesting post, but I have so many questions:

Is the T lobby subsidizing trans porn that most people are not watching, and if so, where are they getting the money?

If there are no subsidies, and the free market determines porn content, does this mean Ts have a significant audience? Who is this audience?

Is gay, non-trans porn still profitable? If not, why? Are gay men no longer watching, or are many viewers also experimenting with “fluid” orientation - like the porn stars you mention?

by Innernatural Velvettereply 34004/05/2019

Sick. Guy threatened to kill the mother of his child. Becomes trans, now insists he should be housed in womens’ shelters.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 34104/07/2019

(R341) here... more about the article I posted, above. it’s a womens’ shelter for domestic abuse victims. He’s seeing a caseworker there, attends social gatherings there such as barbeques, can come and go as he pleases, and has exhibited threatening behaviour towards women at the shelter. WTF.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 34204/07/2019

r340 it's not what the free market demands but what they can get away with. Many fans let the models do anything because "they're hot". The studios honestly don't care, it's the str8 fetish but taken to a whole new level. I have no idea if the T has taken over, but there are tons of hetero women, hetero men and T within production and marketing of gay porn so no doubt they are pulling strings.

I don't think views and sales of trans and bi porn is greater than gay, but these studios are definitely pushing this and it's definitely not out of inclusiveness as they can create bi/trans blogs geared towards those categories or at least be fair and post it to the straight porn blogs as well. The fact most of these scenes include well know gay porn models instead of well known straight porn models means they know that the audience they want are mainly gay men and the ones that hang out in LGBTQIAXYZ123 circles.

Like I said I wouldn't mind, but this stuff is in EVERY gay porn blog and advertisement on every gay porn website.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 34304/07/2019

Discuss the following tweet

[quote] In honor of #TransDayOfVisibility let's remember activist and pioneer Masraha P Johnson. Marsha (+ Sylvia River) spearheaded the Stonewall uprising. Bc so many of our LGBTQ youth always struggled w/ homelessness, Marsha dedicated herself to that fight until she was murdered.

This tweeter writes for the NY Time and The Guardian. Explains a lot.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 34404/08/2019

And looks who's back. Looks like he got a stylist. He sure knows how to push all the right buttons in advancing his con while ignoring his misogynistic history.

[quote] Alyssa Milano‏@Alyssa_Milano . . . This is worth 3 minutes of your day. I’m proud to call @cmclymer my friend. She inspires many...and so it should be.

Well, maybe it’s a good thing he has befriended a witch. She can wave her magic wand and make him a woman.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 34504/08/2019

And here's Marsha Johnson, in his own voice, talking about how he didn't get to the Stonewall riot until after they were going.

Also, just days before his death, Marsha Johnson confirmed that he considered himself a gay man.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 34604/08/2019

r345 I didn't realize the guy who played Harry Crane on Mad Men became trans...

by Innernatural Velvettereply 34704/08/2019

Omg r345.

Omg. That’s so fucking sad. They have no idea what they’re doing.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 34804/08/2019



by Innernatural Velvettereply 34904/09/2019

^ “I’m not going to have that BBC claptrap on my show.”

I love her!

by Innernatural Velvettereply 35004/09/2019


by Innernatural Velvettereply 35104/09/2019

Whoa! R351. You literally just murdered a subway car full of trans.

Twitter purgatory for you.

PS can't wait to see the responses. LOL!

by Innernatural Velvettereply 35204/09/2019

Again r352? Fuck, that’s the fifth time today. The constantly being murdered completely to death several times a day must be fucking hell on the schmatta not to mention the wigs.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 35304/09/2019

R353, that's the first time I have ever used that and I quite enjoyed it.

And now you've derailed me going to twitter to see heads explode over free speech.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 35404/09/2019

Sorry r354, I didn’t mean to imply you were repeating yourself, just that trans claim to suffer extraordinary rates of mortality from the mere whisper of words.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 35504/09/2019

Pronoun badges for kids in school

by Innernatural Velvettereply 35604/10/2019

As long as we providing Muriel with possible responses to angry trans people, let us remember the great Magdalen Berns. Hope she conquers her cancer!

by Innernatural Velvettereply 35704/15/2019

I mean, they don't even try to pass. You can spot them from a block away.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 35804/15/2019

Boys cheating by running in girls' races given "Courage" award by Connecticut Sports Writers

by Innernatural Velvettereply 35904/15/2019

So Terry Miller hasn't even bothered to change his name? he 'identifies' as a girl enough to cheat but can't even be arsed to change the 'y' at the end to an 'i'. He really is laughing in the face of all the hardworking girls he competes against.

by Innernatural Velvettereply 36004/16/2019
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