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Gap In-Store Playlists 1992 to 2006 and Beyond

Endless thanks goes to the DL for helping me find others who saved GAP In-Store Playlists from when they also used to work at GAP.

If anyone out there is reading this for the first time and saved their stores monthly paper playlists, please contact me at my Gap In-Store Playlists blog.

In this thread, I will be highlighting individual playlists in order to show what kinds of great music were played at GAP during those years.

by GAP Playlists Guyreply 27Last Thursday at 3:12 AM

This first playlist is from October 1992 and, alas, is not a true complete playlist. I have reconstructed thirty songs from memory and in, mostly, the correct order. But I really need the actual playlist! Check it out!

by GAP Playlists Guyreply 103/24/2019

My oldest physical copy playlist is September 1993, and it's a great mix of House, Acid Jazz, R&B, New Wave, and Alternative Rock.

by GAP Playlists Guyreply 203/24/2019

The November 1993 GAP In-Store Playlist was a novelty playlist: many of the tracks are TV and Movie Themes. But it works well with the other songs mixed in.

by GAP Playlists Guyreply 303/24/2019

I'm thrilled to have four playlists again from 1994 after having all of them until 2006 when I lost them.

February 1994 has two of my favorites: Rozalla's cover of "I Love Music" and "Rubberband Girl" by Kate Bush!

by GAP Playlists Guyreply 403/24/2019

As a big Kate Bush fan, I love how the March 1994 GAP In-Store Playlist begins with her "Eat The Music."

Also love Lonnie Gordon's "Bad Mood" on here!

by GAP Playlists Guyreply 503/24/2019

The April 1994 GAP In-Store Playlist features "Constellation Of The Heart" by Kate Bush, "Spin The Bottle" by The juliana Hatfield Trio, and "Tones Of Home" by Blind Melon.

by GAP Playlists Guyreply 603/24/2019

The March 1995 Gap In-Store Playlist features two of my faves:

"Curious" by The Innocence Mission

"The Gentleman Who Fell" by Milla Jovovich

by GAP Playlists Guyreply 703/25/2019

The May 1995 GAP In-Store Playlist is full of jazzy songs.

by GAP Playlists Guyreply 803/25/2019

The August 1995 GAP In-Store Playlist features the incredible "Ain't Gonna Cry No More" by DL Fave, Danielle Brisebois!

by GAP Playlists Guyreply 903/25/2019

If you used to work at GAP and saved the paper playlist inserts that came with each month's CD/tape, please share them with me so I can put them on my blog for everyone to enjoy.

Contact me at the email address on the blog:

by GAP Playlists Guyreply 1003/25/2019

Is this a parody thread?

by GAP Playlists Guyreply 1103/25/2019

You did this already, OP

A lot.

by GAP Playlists Guyreply 1203/25/2019

The June 1996 GAP In-Store Playlist contains great music by Jamiroquai, Poe, Guru, Portishead and more!

by GAP Playlists Guyreply 1303/26/2019

The July 1996 GAP In-Store Playlist is perfect!

by GAP Playlists Guyreply 1403/27/2019

Check out the September 1996 GAP In-Store Playlist!

by GAP Playlists Guyreply 1503/28/2019

"Sitting Down Here" by Lene Marlin is a highlight of the March 2000 GAP In-Store Playlist.

by GAP Playlists Guyreply 1603/29/2019

Last month, I received two Banana Republic In-Store Playlists for August & September 2001 - check them out!

by GAP Playlists Guyreply 17Last Monday at 3:25 AM

Who is the guy in R17? Sad to think he is old AF now.

by GAP Playlists Guyreply 18Last Monday at 3:29 AM

Will this priceless collection go to the Beinecke at Yale, the Smithsonian, or the Library of Congress?

by GAP Playlists Guyreply 19Last Monday at 3:43 AM

The April 2000 In-Store Playlists for both GAP and GapKids are incredible music mixes! Check them out!

by GAP Playlists Guyreply 20Last Tuesday at 1:57 PM

R18 I keep wondering the same thing every time his pic turns up, wouldn’t mind seeing more of him.

by GAP Playlists Guyreply 21Last Tuesday at 2:02 PM
by GAP Playlists Guyreply 22Last Tuesday at 2:06 PM
by GAP Playlists Guyreply 23Last Tuesday at 2:06 PM

Listening to the groovy May 1997 Gap In-Store Playlist!

by GAP Playlists Guyreply 24Last Wednesday at 3:21 AM

The April 2004 In-Store Playlists for Gap and GapBody are excellent captures of the sounds of Spring 2004!

by GAP Playlists Guyreply 25Last Wednesday at 3:12 PM

If you worked at Gap and saved any of the paper playlist inserts that came with each month's CD/tape, please contact me at the email address on the blog:

by GAP Playlists Guyreply 26Last Wednesday at 3:47 PM

The February, March and April 1994 Gap In-Store Playlists have that Early 1994 sound to them. Check 'em out!

by GAP Playlists Guyreply 27Last Thursday at 3:12 AM
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