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Betty Buckley Addresses Cell Phone Ringing During Monologue in HELLO, DOLLY!

She's no Patti LuPone, but still ....

by I'da punched the fucker.reply 403/14/2019

[quote]Buckley reportedly paused and said "Is that for me?" in response to the phone going off. She paused before continuing "You know, there is a button to turn it off."

[quote]At the evenings curtain call, she also mimed talking on a cell phone.

I have to give it to her, that was funny.

by I'da punched the fucker.reply 103/14/2019

I was just calling to say Hello Step-Mommy!

by I'da punched the fucker.reply 203/14/2019

While I was watching the play [italic] “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf”, [/italic] with Katherine what’s-her-name, and a phone went off. George has been speaking but he make a long pause. It was the first time I saw how hard it is for an actor to remember his lines, deliver them, and act in front of an audience.

by I'da punched the fucker.reply 303/14/2019

Frank Langella said that when he thinks the audience is losing interest, he takes a long pause to regain their attention..

by I'da punched the fucker.reply 403/14/2019
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