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Dog lovers of DL, what's your favorite breed?

...and I'm not talking about the breeding you nasty slut tricks do on your off time, so save me the jokes. I never liked pugs, or any dogs really, then my mom got one that I eventually got roped into keeping (so he'd stay in the family) and now I can't see myself with any other breed of dog. He's a lovable asshole who does what he wants and provides endless hours of entertainment. He's also very vocal and expressive and doesn't suffer fools. I truly love him to pieces. What's your go-to dog breed?

by New dog loverreply 270Last Thursday at 3:01 PM


by New dog loverreply 112/20/2018

Chocolate lab. Loyal, sweet, even-tempered.

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by New dog loverreply 212/20/2018

Someone once told me most gays prefer cats to dogs because dogs are messy and cats are clean

by New dog loverreply 312/20/2018

Chow Chow

Saint Bernard



by New dog loverreply 412/20/2018

Dog breed that fascinates me the most, but which I will never own: Tibetan mastiff

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by New dog loverreply 512/20/2018

Ones that don't piss everywhere.

by New dog loverreply 612/20/2018

Pugs. I just think that they are the most comically adorable dogs out there. My ex had one - I liked the pug more.

by New dog loverreply 712/20/2018

Dandie Dinmont Terriers. The cutest dogs EVAH!

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by New dog loverreply 812/20/2018

My favourite? Good old-fashioned mutts. Rescued from shelters.

by New dog loverreply 912/20/2018


Boston terrier

Border Collie

by New dog loverreply 1012/20/2018


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by New dog loverreply 1112/20/2018

Siberian Husky. This one looks just like my Zia.

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by New dog loverreply 1212/20/2018

Love pugs. Have them since the early 80’s. The main problem is that they usually have many health problems when they get older. The breed standards (flat nose, bugling eyes, .) could be considered cruel today.

by New dog loverreply 1312/20/2018

Yellow Labs. Chocolate labs are too crazy.

Great Danes are wonderful, but they have such short life spans.

by New dog loverreply 1412/20/2018

Irish Setter

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by New dog loverreply 1512/20/2018

Weimaraner-Lab mix. We had one as a kid, and that dog took a rattlesnake bite for us.

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by New dog loverreply 1612/20/2018

My friends have the loveliest little Border Terrier. She's so gentle and affectionate.

Also, I hear that Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are particularly sweet-natured dogs, in addition to looking very regal.

by New dog loverreply 1712/20/2018

R4, chow-chows have a rather notoriously ornery disposition, no?

by New dog loverreply 1812/20/2018

I've heard chow-chows are kind of psychotic and can turn on their owners.

by New dog loverreply 1912/20/2018

R19, I'm not sure if it goes that far. My aunt had a chow chow who only took to her and didn't much appreciate anybody else getting too close. Come to think of it, maybe their disposition is closer to that of a cat. They're darn cute though, like mini-bears.

by New dog loverreply 2012/20/2018

Chow-chows are one-person dogs. Why anyone would get them, Dobermans or pit bulls is beyond me.

by New dog loverreply 2112/20/2018

Japanese Chins. Fabulous dogs, and very low maintenance.

by New dog loverreply 2212/20/2018

Dachshunds. I have two. I smile when ever I see one

by New dog loverreply 2312/20/2018

R23 i have a dachshund as well. Love her to death, she's so loyal... but they're so neurotic sometimes lol Definitely a breed (I personally) found to be an acquired taste, but fell in love once I did.

My favorite breed, just from experience with them, is the King Charles spaniels. You're lucky if they bark, they are patient (though hunting dogs, they have to wait for the hunter, before kicking up fowl. That's serious self control.) They love people, loyal, and just good damn dogs. And that's what I've noticed with every one I've met, from a shelter, or breeder, didn't matter... Mind blowing really.

by New dog loverreply 2412/20/2018


by New dog loverreply 2512/20/2018

Cocker Spaniels. They are gentle family dogs, loyal, friendly, and live long (14-18 years). But the have very deep ear canals that get infected if not properly cleaned, and recessed vulvae, which, if you have a bitch, can cause problems. They do not shed, so you have to have them groomed frequently. Cocker spaniels are bird dogs historically and they do not have territoriality problems some breeds have. They want to be near their loved ones all the time.

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by New dog loverreply 2612/20/2018

Boxers - My friend has one that does a bed check on her children every night. Big enough to offer some security, but goofy as hell. Very playful dogs, great with families.

by New dog loverreply 2712/20/2018

People who have pugs - how often do you/did you bathe them?

My partner had two pugs when we got together. They're pretty good natured - very friendly and people oriented. Total daddy's boys. But they smell. They also cost a fortune in vet bills.

by New dog loverreply 2812/20/2018

All dogs are awesome. I do have a particular affinity for toys though.

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by New dog loverreply 2912/20/2018


By far the best.

A real man’s dog.

Men love ‘em.

by New dog loverreply 3012/20/2018

Miniature Pinscher

Currently what I have. She is very lively, thinks she's as big as the biggest dog she's met. Spends a lot of time in my lap. True to the breed, she must sleep under the blankets. A very loving dog--so sweet. I walk her every day and she has such a demeanor that people must pat her. I've gotten to know most of the neighbors because of this charmer.

by New dog loverreply 3112/20/2018

I had one of the original gorgeous Labradoodles, smart as hell, very loyal and funny adorable pooch. Loved her so very very much. A former roommate had a dog that looked like this, black and white Chihuahua, funny as hell, very comical little guy. Would do crazy things to amuse himself a total riot. I found myself becoming enamored - but I prefer a doodle I think.

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by New dog loverreply 3212/20/2018

Golden Retrievers, duh!

by New dog loverreply 3312/20/2018

Standard Poodles

by New dog loverreply 3412/20/2018

I love French bulldogs. We had one when I was young, way before they became trendy and overbred. No one knew what breed he was. Everyone always guessed Boxer or Pit Bull.

My brother has an Irish Jack Russell terrier and she’s a great little dog. Very smart and affectionate.

by New dog loverreply 3512/20/2018

Who can resist the puppy dog eyes of a corgi?

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by New dog loverreply 3612/20/2018
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by New dog loverreply 3712/20/2018

When I was 8 I asked my parents for a puppy. My mom said I could have one as long as it didn't have a butthole. True story.

by New dog loverreply 3812/20/2018

Greyhounds are the ideal canine companion.

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by New dog loverreply 3912/20/2018

Dachshunds. I have 2 right now. A smooth coat red miniature female. A male long-haired standard male with red hair with black tips.

Both are stone cold hunters. Loud mouths, but that is okay.

by New dog loverreply 4012/20/2018

Greyhounds take two

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by New dog loverreply 4112/20/2018

Why won't my images post?

by New dog loverreply 4212/20/2018


by New dog loverreply 4312/20/2018

Another fan of Miniature Pinschers. Loyal to the point of extreme jealousy. Smart, easy to walk, easy to feed.

by New dog loverreply 4412/20/2018

Australian shepherd...hard-working and loyal. Although high energy and almost too smart for their own good, what with the herding and maintaining the perimeter. But I love them.

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by New dog loverreply 4512/20/2018

I bathe my pug once ir twice a month in addition to monthly groomers visit. He can get pretty stinky and his paws smell like corn chips if he goes too long without a bath. And he is a black hile of vet bills, but I love him so much.

by New dog loverreply 4612/20/2018

Shih Tzu

English Bulldog

French Bulldog

by New dog loverreply 4712/20/2018

I just lost my pug Ned on October 18th. I truly look like that guy who just lost his best friend.

by New dog loverreply 4812/20/2018

Rottweilers and German Shepherds

by New dog loverreply 4912/20/2018


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by New dog loverreply 5012/20/2018

I'm sorry for your loss R48. : (

by New dog loverreply 5112/20/2018

I can commiserate with your mom, R38. Cleaning up after them is my number one deal-breaker. Does anyone have a Shiba inu? I think I might like one. They are apparently almost cat-like as far as being clean and independent.

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by New dog loverreply 5212/20/2018

In love French bulldogs. So loving and cute and happy to be left alone all day in the apartment

by New dog loverreply 5312/20/2018

English Bulldogs are cute when young but then why scary looking when older.

by New dog loverreply 5412/20/2018

We have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Best and most lovable dogs ever!

by New dog loverreply 5512/20/2018
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by New dog loverreply 5612/20/2018

R54 They can be scary looking, but they have the sweetest disposition.

by New dog loverreply 5712/20/2018

Bernese are great, but too much upkeep. Pugs hit the sweet spot.

by New dog loverreply 5812/20/2018

English Shepherds and Border Collies


German Shepherds

I've had dogs from all of those breeds and I love all of them.

by New dog loverreply 5912/20/2018

Definitely a cat person. But if I ever contemplated getting a dog, it would be one of these. Smart, loyal, excellent guard dogs, low maintenance. And one of the few breeds that don't take shit from cats.

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by New dog loverreply 6012/20/2018

I've only had retired racing greyhounds, and that's what my next dog will be.

They are so sweet, charming, and easy to care for. Of course they have to be taught to climb stairs, and can't swim, jump, and rarely can catch a ball, but they are wonderful pals, and very loving dogs. Most are totally non-barking, which is a nice plus.

by New dog loverreply 6112/20/2018





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by New dog loverreply 6212/20/2018

I love our old man labradoodle. But training him was not for the faint of heart.

I also love dogs and cats.

by New dog loverreply 6312/20/2018

Greyhounds for sure. They are quiet in the house and run around outside. Their major drawback is that they are usually not trustworthy off leash except in fenced areas because of a high prey drive. They do best in a home with another dog.

I've gotten some as adults and others as puppies and the personalities are different when they are raised in a home.

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by New dog loverreply 6412/20/2018


by New dog loverreply 6512/20/2018

Heartening to see all the posts about greyhounds they are wonderful quiet elegant low maintenance companions except the off leash issue. I adore all hounds

by New dog loverreply 6612/20/2018

Pug. Ours is built like a brick - 35lbs of muscle. His face isn't as smushed as a typical pug and his eyes not as bulging. I'd swear he's missed with something else, but he looks unmistakeably like a pug. He's like Velcro - always must be laying on me.

by New dog loverreply 6712/20/2018

Bull Mastiff. Big, lazy, lovable lug. Surprisingly low maintenance for a large dog. Great with kids and most other animals. Occasionally aggressive to other large dogs so not a great idea to bring them to dog parks.

by New dog loverreply 6812/20/2018

Anyone been to greyhound races ?

by New dog loverreply 6912/21/2018

Border Collies and Australian Shepherds. Scary smart, loyal, and fun.

by New dog loverreply 7012/21/2018

[quote]Does anyone have a Shiba inu? I think I might like one. They are apparently almost cat-like as far as being clean and independent.

I like Shiba Inus, but I understand they are VERY high-maintenance. A neighbor has one and tells me they can climb almost any kind of fence to escape; they seldom bark or make noise, but when they do, they SCREAM; and they're extremely fussy eaters. I'm a total dog person and get along with all breeds, but most of the Shibas I've encountered have a general "fuck you" attitude and couldn't care less about become g friends. Other than that, I really like the breed, but am sticking with my Siberian Huskies.

by New dog loverreply 7112/21/2018

I researched Shibas because I was interested in getting one and apparently most don't like cuddling or being petted, however I encountered one at a dog show who was really friendly and loved being petted by strangers, so it is possible to find a cuddly one. Unfortunately, you can't tell from their puppy behavior how they'll turn out as adults. They tend not to tolerate things that displease them and will snap at you if you annoy them.

by New dog loverreply 7212/21/2018

R51 Thanks, very much!

by New dog loverreply 7312/22/2018

I've always had mastiffs or German shepherds, both as a child and as an adult. Currently have two bullmastiffs, which are probably my favourite breed, for all the reasons R68 gives. On a cold night, being the middle spoon in a bullmastiff sandwich warms even my heart, shrivelled and blackened as it is.

I'm currently sitting on the sofa with my feet on the coffee table. To my right, there is one bullmastiff, fast asleep on her back. To my left, the other one is also fast asleep, and the laptop is partially balanced on her head.

I'm quite happy.

by New dog loverreply 7412/22/2018

german short hair pointers......but any sporting breed really...labs, brittany spaniels etc

by New dog loverreply 7512/22/2018

Italian greyhound.

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by New dog loverreply 7612/22/2018

Gotta go with Boxer, but I had the cutest little male Westie for 17 years!, No more little "whippersnappers"!

by New dog loverreply 7712/22/2018


Their eye contact when smiling at you . . . no other breed possesses this ability to connect in such a sincere, loving manner.

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by New dog loverreply 7812/22/2018

I love Jack Russells! I’ve always had females and currently have 2. They get a bad reputation for being snappy but mine are the most loving, gentle, clever little dogs you could meet. I go for the longer legged ones as the short stumpy ones are too unappealing. I refuse to buy from puppy farms and the likes because they are so open to inbreeding and cruelty towards the animals. They’re also really handy for where I live as we get a lot of vermin and can kill rats, mice etc.

by New dog loverreply 7912/22/2018

Another golden retriever lover here. Hi, R33.

by New dog loverreply 8012/22/2018

R74 Can I come by?

by New dog loverreply 8112/22/2018

Boxers. Hands down.

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by New dog loverreply 8212/22/2018

Golden retrievers, poodles, and Basset Hounds.

by New dog loverreply 8312/22/2018

If you have children. The Newfoundland is the dog for you. But of course the English Springer Spaniel has had much love over the last 30 years. Thankfully we have both.... Clara 9 year old Springer (Liver and White) and Sophia 5 year old Newfoundland (Black).

by New dog loverreply 8412/22/2018

I like mixed mutts, and the best dog I ever had looked like Benji. A bit of this, more of that, and a whole lot of love and intelligence.

by New dog loverreply 8512/22/2018

I had a mutt that was part dachshund and basset. Had a lot of health problems but was dearly loved.

by New dog loverreply 8612/22/2018

I prefer to be petless, but if I was going to get a dog, I like a Lakeland terrier's looks.

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by New dog loverreply 8712/22/2018

R68, you're most welcome to drop by. Bring carrots. Their favouritest thing evah is to chew a carrot into tiny pieces and spread it all over the floor.

by New dog loverreply 8812/23/2018

I like beagles. They have really, really soft ears & they're friendly.

by New dog loverreply 8912/23/2018

The welsh terrier. Adorable, but also mischievous and stubborn.

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by New dog loverreply 9012/23/2018

We have a beagle and they are a great breed. As long as you don’t mind some occasional howling.

by New dog loverreply 9112/23/2018

I was a dog groomer and came to love everything from the tiniest Yorkie to the biggest Great Dane. I have 2 French Bulldogs currently because they are great condo/apartment dogs, but would consider any breed or mix that would suit my situation when it's time to get a new companion. I had a pug for 13 years and he was unbelievably smart. My Frenchies are sweet and funny, but are about a Jessica Simpson on the scale from Britney to Einstein.

by New dog loverreply 9212/24/2018

Siberian Husky and Collies

by New dog loverreply 9312/24/2018

r92, Do you think your Frenchies are really stupid or are they just stubborn and refuse to do things that don't interest them? I'm interested in getting a Frenchie but I really don't want a dumb dog.

by New dog loverreply 9412/24/2018

R94. Get a corgi instead. They are about the same size and they are herding dogs so they are the same scary smart as border collies or aussies.

They are extremely loveable, but very energetic and need their walkies regularly.

by New dog loverreply 9512/24/2018

Great to get the perspective of a professional, R92. What was your take on the Shiba inus? I've always liked the looks of French bulldogs as well, but wouldn't be thrilled with a Jessica-level intellect.

by New dog loverreply 9612/24/2018

Thanks for the suggestion, r95! Never knew that Corgi's were as smart as aussies, will have to check them out.

by New dog loverreply 9712/24/2018

Oops, I meant *corgis*, not *corgi's* (in case someone's about to accuse me of having a Jessica-level intellect myself).

by New dog loverreply 9812/24/2018

R92 here. Frenchies are notoriously stubborn, which can be both charming and exasperating. My female is personality -plus, but not terribly resourceful or particularly trainable (but is charmingly bitchy). My boy is SUPER sweet and has perfect conformation, but is just kind of dumb. I like their "chill" demeanor and lack of barking, as well as not needing a ton of exercise. But they are not a good choice for those that are more controlling and want something super-obedient. Truly terrible watchdogs--hilariously so. If they were people, they'd be affable stoners.

The other thing that can't be stressed enough is that they have very specific health issues, especially when it comes to temperature tolerance--can't take too much heat or cold. Also need to make sure that the parents are screened for congenital disorders. Definitely not a breed to get from an amature breeder. Their surge in popularity has opened a Pandora's box of health issues. Definitely a "do your homework before you buy" dog.

by New dog loverreply 9912/24/2018

Boston Terrier, Rat Terrier

by New dog loverreply 10012/24/2018

I saw this video of a Frenchie being trained to do amazing things at only 12 weeks of age, so I guess individuals run the gamut of intelligence.

Offsite Link
by New dog loverreply 10112/24/2018

You're a typing French bulldog, aren't you R97/R98?

by New dog loverreply 10212/24/2018

The most beautiful, but absolutely 100% stupidest dogs I have ever been around, were Irish setters.

by New dog loverreply 10312/24/2018

I love Jack Russells and the Finnish Spitz. I do a lot of hiking, and they are both great dogs - active, outdoorsy. Perfect.

Offsite Link
by New dog loverreply 10412/24/2018

Shelties have fallen out of favor, but they are amazing companions. I've had two rescues. One was the most beautiful dog who was from a top breeder that bred for their coats, and he was left tied to a post in his old back yard. The most gorgeous dog, but dumb as a box of rocks. Shelties are notoriously smart. Not this one. The other was a breeder from a puppy mill and so fragile. She was a wonderful dog though. Just wanted to be by my side.

Offsite Link
by New dog loverreply 10512/24/2018

My brother has a Wheaten Terrier - VERY good-natured, loving and lovable dog. Unfortunately, the breed is super prone to digestive diseases and renal diseases. Doesn't shed - HUGE plus for me. Another brother always gets border collies - extremely intelligent dogs, but demanding and their desire/penchant for herding can be annoying. They tend to be a one-person dog unless they have been trained to be social with other humans. They need a lot of training and a lot of attention. I like dogs, but have no desire to get one. However, I'd opt for a pretty mutt rescue, if I were in the mood to get a dog. . Mutts tend to be healthier, fewer congenital diseases or breed-specific diseases, usually better natured. Probably a mix of three breeds would be ideal, as a mix of two might end up with all the specific defects associated with one of its parents. Some great pics/inspirations below.

Offsite Link
by New dog loverreply 10612/24/2018

If you think you might want a greyhound, this year is the right time to do it. They are permanently closing all of the Florida greyhound tracks in 2019 and thousands of hounds will need to find homes... Or else.

by New dog loverreply 10712/24/2018

Between my mom, sister and I, we have 2 poodles, a doxle, a golden retriever, and a husky. I must say, the doxle has the best personality of all of them. Shes very smart and kind of has an attitude to her, but oh my god does she shed. Dog hair everywhere. The golden is very smart and loves to fetch more than anything in the world. The poodles are complete opposites, one is skittish and the other loves people. Neither are really smart. My husky is very laid back and just wants to lay around. Lazy girl.

So I'd say my favorite dog for personality is the Doxle.

by New dog loverreply 10812/24/2018

Matt Damon

Offsite Link
by New dog loverreply 10912/24/2018

[Quote] My husky is very laid back and just wants to lay around. Lazy girl.

Sounds like my kind of dog.

Offsite Link
by New dog loverreply 11012/24/2018

Hounds. Particularly the kind used for hunting... Treeing Walker Coonhounds and Foxhounds and the like. They are exceptionally gentle, and even before they are trained, they are especially well behaved. It's like they have a sixth sense about those sort of things. They are really great with children, even babies, even when they are untrained. My boyfriend and I rescued a hunting dog when she collapsed on our property from starvation. She was our first dog, and we had no intentions of getting a dog, but she was so sweet, we just fell in love with her.

by New dog loverreply 11112/24/2018

R111 good on you!

by New dog loverreply 11212/24/2018

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

by New dog loverreply 11312/24/2018

My heart belongs to my Boston. But I've been thinking about adopting a Maltese. Also, I'm surprised no one mentioned Yorkie.

by New dog loverreply 11412/25/2018

This thread makes me want to adopt 50 dogs.

by New dog loverreply 11512/25/2018

Maine Coons

Offsite Link
by New dog loverreply 11612/25/2018

Healthiest dog I ever had was a basset hound. Just be sure to do routine ear hygiene.

by New dog loverreply 11712/25/2018

My favorite dog breed is definitely a pit bull. So snuggly and affectionate!

Offsite Link
by New dog loverreply 11812/25/2018

I love labs for their handsome, smooth coats and gentle dispositions.

Boxers and dachshunds for their senses of humor and stubborn natures.

Pit bulls for their loyalty and affectionate natures (yes, we know the issues, I'm talking about well trained and socialized ones)

But to me the most beautiful dog is a viszla, a dog that is apparently part of the pointer family. I think they're regal and lovely, and they love their owners. The downside is that they need exercise for at least 2 hours a day. And not a walk....these dogs need to RUN.

Offsite Link
by New dog loverreply 11912/25/2018

Min Pins

by New dog loverreply 12012/25/2018

Standard poodles

Offsite Link
by New dog loverreply 12112/25/2018

Beagle. Then Labrador, Corgi. No fluffy hair.

by New dog loverreply 12212/25/2018

R114, my experience with 3 different friends who have Yorkies is that they are stubborn as hell and practically impossible to housebreak. I wouldn't want one for anything. Cute, but...

by New dog loverreply 12312/25/2018

I want a Pharaoh dog someday. My sister has a Kerry Blue Terrier. Super smart but obsessive compulsive and dangerous. They will kill small animals including other dogs and cats.

Offsite Link
by New dog loverreply 12412/25/2018

My little 16 year old Chihuahua is the light of my life. Loyal, funny, affectionate, doesn't shed or stink. Loves to cuddle. We're so in love.

by New dog loverreply 12512/25/2018

Newfoundland’s are amazing, goofy, lovable, though not for elderly/disabled/anyone unsteady on their feet, as they like to lean into people. Aside from their coats which should Be brushed frequently to avoid dreadlocks that can easily form, they are fairly low-maintenance. My girl can get very playful but generally prefers to lie around. Short spurts of energy that can be easily mitigated with two short walks per day. Oh, and you gotta be cool with the drool.

Offsite Link
by New dog loverreply 12612/25/2018

We've had three Pembroke Welsh Corgis ( the ones with dockdd tails) over the years. The males were affectionate and engaged with us but the female was very aloof.

by New dog loverreply 12712/25/2018

[quote]Oh, and you gotta be cool with the drool

Gross. Drool is a showstopper.

by New dog loverreply 12812/25/2018

R92 bang on with the frenchies intellect your rating scale is hilarious

by New dog loverreply 12912/25/2018

My 15 year old miniature dachshund is the light of my life and he is as active as a puppy.

Dachshunds rule.

by New dog loverreply 13012/26/2018

I am allergic to the lot of 'em, but if I could - I'd have a couple of chocolate labs.

I'd either be dead or finally skinny in a year, but what a fucking year it would be.

by New dog loverreply 13112/26/2018

Mutts, mutts and more mutts, please.

by New dog loverreply 13212/26/2018

Vizsla. Known as the Velcro dog as they always want to be with you. If I let mine out, he will not leave the patio. They lean hard against you and always want your love. He never wants to be alone and would never run off . He is my copilot it has just been diagnosed with prostate cancer. I’m devastated.

by New dog loverreply 13312/26/2018

Parson Russel Terrier

Offsite Link
by New dog loverreply 13412/26/2018

Viszlas are gawjus, but they need lots of exercise and hate being away from their pack, even for a few minutes. Such gentle and affectionate dogs, though. Sorry for your heartache, R133.

by New dog loverreply 13512/26/2018

R133 Oh, I am so sorry.

A hug from me for your sweet boy.

by New dog loverreply 13612/26/2018

I've one purebred (Afghan hound - total crazed bitch from hell), and 3 rescues. The first was a cockapoo (poodle, cocker spaniel mix). Total sweetheart. Second was a Jack Russell/dachshund/chihuahua mix. Another great dog, smart as a whip. The first two were males. Current pet is a chihuahua/min pin mix, female. IMO the female is more affectionate with us than the males were. Long story short; rescues make the best pets. They do come with some issues, but they're worth working thorough. They will love you to death and break your heart when the end comes.

by New dog loverreply 13712/26/2018

R133 all the best for a positive outcome

by New dog loverreply 13812/26/2018

I'm afraid of rescues because so many of them are Pit mixes and they won't tell you the truth.

by New dog loverreply 13912/26/2018

Pit bulls by far. So sweet and so loyal. I bet I could get mine to rip the face off the fag at R139 and then cuddle while watching a movie.

by New dog loverreply 14012/26/2018

For R140.

Sorry, Gurlfriend. You asked.

Offsite Link
by New dog loverreply 14112/26/2018

Let's leave the toxic pit bull discussion on the current cesspool of a thread elsewhere on this site, shall we?

by New dog loverreply 14212/26/2018

^^ No.

by New dog loverreply 14312/26/2018

R142, Pit owner, and an Idiot.

by New dog loverreply 14412/26/2018

R144 Not a pit owner, nor a caftan flapping prisspot like some of the queens on that thread. But thanks for checking in.

by New dog loverreply 14512/26/2018

Italian Greyhound

Offsite Link
by New dog loverreply 14612/26/2018

Boxers can be so silly!

Offsite Link
by New dog loverreply 14712/26/2018

I had Cocker's from the time I was a toddler until my late 20's. They're the nicest dogs, but the grooming and ongoing health issues they can be very costly. I know have 2 dachshund sisters Thelma and Louise. They're going on 16 and may be the last dogs I own. I can't see replacing them.

by New dog loverreply 14812/26/2018

The main challenge with all dogs is that owners generally outlive them.

But, as my mother used to say, “Better we should outlive them than they should outlive us”

Too true.

by New dog loverreply 14912/26/2018

Every Cocker I ever knew was a biter. Their bites may not be as serious as pit bites, but they do require a visit to the ER.

by New dog loverreply 15012/26/2018

My son just got a Cavalier King Charles. So adorable and I have never met a sweeter dog. He's such a love bug. He'll cuddle with anyone. His puppy trainer suggested signing him up to be a therapy dog.

One weird thing about him though is he does not lift his leg to pee. He's 8 months old and he just runs outside and squats or he stands there and let's loose with a weak stream-- sometimes he even starts walking while he's still peeing. I've never seen this before. Every male dog I've ever known sniffs around for something vertical to pee against and they are particularly interested in places where another dog has recently peed. This dog doesn't do any of that. Could he have a bladder problem?

by New dog loverreply 15112/26/2018

I knew a male sheltie who never lifted either leg to piss, r151. He would walk to the right place, usually the alley behind our apartment building, without waiting to find a grassy patch, and stop moving. Then he would piss, right in place, neither leg going up.

He was owned by two women, and I used to wonder if that had anything to do with it.

by New dog loverreply 15212/26/2018

Shitz Poo, a Shih Tzu/ Poodle combo.

by New dog loverreply 15312/26/2018

Bichon Frise

by New dog loverreply 15412/26/2018

Staffordshire Porcelain.

All others may be shipped to Korea.

by New dog loverreply 15512/26/2018

I really want a Cavalier but the breed is so popular in my country that you have to wait years to get one. The breeders literally have waiting lists.

by New dog loverreply 15612/26/2018

If you're going to go with a Cocker Spaniel it should be the American version as it's much cuter than the English kind.

by New dog loverreply 15712/26/2018

Cavaliers are predisposed to chronic, degenerative mitral valve disease (MVD) and have much shorter average lifespans than other similarly sized breeds. But yes, they are wonderful dogs.

by New dog loverreply 15812/26/2018

I’m collecting a large number of Dalmatians at the moment.

by New dog loverreply 15912/27/2018

Had cocker spaniels growing up, wouldn’t recommend them.

by New dog loverreply 16012/27/2018

Airedale Terrier for me

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by New dog loverreply 16112/27/2018

Bull terriers (clowns like pugs)


by New dog loverreply 16212/27/2018

[Quote] I know have 2 dachshund sisters Thelma and Louise.


by New dog loverreply 16312/27/2018

[quote]Bull terriers

The only truly ugly dog.

by New dog loverreply 16412/27/2018

[quote]One weird thing about him though is he does not lift his leg to pee.

It's not uncommon, R151, particularly with young dogs.

by New dog loverreply 16512/27/2018

I prefer large mutts, but if i had to choose a full breed, German or Belgian shepards .

by New dog loverreply 16612/27/2018

Bernese mountain dog

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by New dog loverreply 16712/27/2018

If you're a droolophile, r167.

by New dog loverreply 16812/27/2018

Basenjis! They don't smell. They barely shed. And they always look worried. I love them.

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by New dog loverreply 16912/27/2018

German Shepherd

by New dog loverreply 17012/27/2018

I love Basengi's too. I would get one if they weren't known for being cunning escape artists. They are runners and difficult to catch if they get out or off leash.

by New dog loverreply 17112/27/2018


by New dog loverreply 17212/27/2018


by New dog loverreply 17312/27/2018

Husky/Wolf hybrid from Canada.

by New dog loverreply 17412/27/2018

R116 most cats can be taught to retrieve. Ask me on another thread how

by New dog loverreply 17512/27/2018

If you are determined to have a purebred, but also want a rescue, a greyhound is the way to go. I could never get a dog who wasn't already needing for a home when so many incredibly loving dogs are already looking for you!

Plus they have super short fine hair that doesn't need grooming, other than an occasional bath, and the rarely barking thing is a life saver in an apartment. They love to walk and run around a bit, but are then generally exhausted for hours after and take lots of naps.

by New dog loverreply 17612/27/2018

R62, yes the pomsky. Lots of Siberian Huskies in death row because lazy shits can't keep up.

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by New dog loverreply 17712/27/2018

Wolf hybrids explained

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by New dog loverreply 17812/27/2018

I have a siberian/grey timber/arctic mix in Canada home

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by New dog loverreply 17912/27/2018

Only canadian breeder would i trust. Don't have to pay. They end up in pounds and on petfinder on the reg but wolf part isn't mentioned. Use your eyes to discern as illegal in some places

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by New dog loverreply 18012/27/2018

I understand pitbulls are great for looking after children.

by New dog loverreply 18112/27/2018

NJ wolf hybrid for sale. Only go with if Canadian is involved in operation at these places. Seriously

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by New dog loverreply 18212/27/2018

Who is the wolfdog nutcase on this thread.

by New dog loverreply 18312/27/2018

I just put my beautiful silky terrier boy down last night. A wonderful companion of 17 years.

by New dog loverreply 18412/27/2018

Ohhhh...poor you r184. 17 is a great number of years, though. We gays are so good with our pets.

by New dog loverreply 18512/27/2018


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by New dog loverreply 18612/27/2018

I have never met a friendly Dachshund.

by New dog loverreply 18712/27/2018

I have a husky mix who probably has some wolf in there. Best dog I've every had. But my favorite breed hands down is the handsome, loyal, highly intelligent German Shepherd. Unfortunately I've never known one who didn't develop crippling pain from the hip dysplasia the breed is known for, so I'll probably never have another one.

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by New dog loverreply 18812/27/2018

Thankyou r185. The loss feels unbearable.

by New dog loverreply 18912/27/2018




by New dog loverreply 19012/27/2018

Just a tip everyone - the next few months are a great time to get purebreed dogs cheap at your local county shelters. People recieve dogs for Xmas they weren't prepared for and inevitablely surrender them to the pound when it becomes too much for them. Purebreed dogs at mutt prices, it's great!

by New dog loverreply 19112/27/2018

R177 that's.....good to know.

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by New dog loverreply 19212/27/2018

I realize the heart wants what it wants, but a couple of comments on some of the breeds mentioned:

Basenjis - I had one. Never again. Stubborn, willful, and bit several people for no good reason, tho not me. Cute as hell, but there are many cute dogs that are easy to live with. Basenjis are perfect for those people who think they want a wild animal.

Pharaoh hounds - nice dogs but they bark,bark, bark, bark, bark!

American cocker spaniels - nice, big a little hyper, but a lot of health issues in some of them.

Lastly, why the fuck are all wolf hybrids mixed with huskies? Huskies are fine dogs but very independent. Wouldn't it to be easier to live with a hybrid if one parent was a poodle or a lab or some other generally obedient breed?

by New dog loverreply 19312/28/2018

that wolf woman in r178 is cray.

She's got one of her pets there who attacks her female dogs and killed her Pomeranian.

by New dog loverreply 19412/28/2018

[quote]Stubborn, willful, and bit several people for no good reason, tho not me.

He should have bitten you, for typing "tho."

by New dog loverreply 19512/28/2018

All breeds have their good points, and most are specialized for one or more jobs (guarding, herding, killing rodents, sitting on their owner's lap snarling at anyone who comes close, etc) but imo the best overall dog is the golden retriever: smart, beautiful, loyal, and the perfect size to play and cuddle with.

by New dog loverreply 19612/28/2018

Collie dogs!

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by New dog loverreply 19712/28/2018

R139 speaks truth. We adopted from the county shelter. All the pics were of his schnozz and neck at strange angles. I said to my bf out loud, "Why didn't they take any of those dozen pictures from the top of his head?" The shelter said he was a "blue heeler x black lab mix."

All was revealed when when we went to meet him. I looked at my bf and said, "Another pitbull." The shelter employee tried to disagree and I countered, "All you have in here are pitbulls and chihuahuas." He has a lab's nose and face, but the skull and body are pitbull. He was extremely affectionate and my bf wanted to take him home immediately. The dog is doing well, behaves, and hasn't eaten any neighborhood children.

by New dog loverreply 19812/28/2018

This is OT kinda, but does anyone here owned or been around a Rhodesian Ridgeback? I think they're beautiful.

by New dog loverreply 19912/29/2018

Why are shelters full of Chihuahuas?

by New dog loverreply 20012/29/2018

My little rat baby is a schnauzer .. I’ve known a few and they’re all very smart, spirited grumpy old men

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by New dog loverreply 20112/29/2018

Westie. Jack Russell.

by New dog loverreply 20212/29/2018

My friends have had a couple of Rhodesian Ridgebacks. They're even-tempered, good-natured dogs, maybe a little willful sometimes. They get those growths on their doggy elbows, even when they sleep in dog beds. Good looking. My friends throw lots of small parties without problems; the dogs don't freak out over strangers. No excessive barking.

by New dog loverreply 20312/29/2018

I like a good mixture - your standard scruffy mongrel.

by New dog loverreply 20412/29/2018

I've had:


Lab/dalmatian mix.


Purebred lab.


The family had:

Australian shepherd.

Pit mix.

Blue tick/Walker hound.



They were all great dogs. I'm breed agnostic.

by New dog loverreply 20512/29/2018

[quote]The dog is doing well, behaves, and hasn't eaten any neighborhood children.

And he may not...or he may.

THAT is the problem with pitbulls and mixes. The breeding stock has been so infiltrated with animals bred for aggressive behaviors that it's impossible to know what you're getting. Coupled with the already unpredictable nature of all animals, and you have an unstable and uncertain situation.

It's not that they're all bad animals - if they were, there'd be stories every day of multiple maulings and fatal attacks. It's that the variability of the existing stock is so extreme that the uncertainty creates a level of risk that needs to be factored into any adoption.

by New dog loverreply 20612/29/2018

I'm getting a Presa Canario to eat the neighborhood children. They're such pests.

by New dog loverreply 20712/29/2018

My parents have a golden doodle (golden retriever mother/poodle father) and he's a great dog. Love kids, loves adults, loves other dogs, smart, easy to train, not a big barker, doesn't shed, doesn't drool.

He is a terrible watchdog though. If I'm over there and someone is at the door, he might look up at me as if to ask "well, aren't you going to get it? It could be someone fun to play with!"

Or he might just continue chewing on his toy.

by New dog loverreply 20812/29/2018

I've had two OE Sheepdogs - wonderful companions, and two loveable Bedlington terriers.

by New dog loverreply 20912/29/2018

My mother’ OE sheepdog bit me. You can keep them. So fucking ugly, besides which.

by New dog loverreply 21012/29/2018

Dalmatian, best dogs ever...

by New dog loverreply 21112/29/2018

For those with longhaired breeds -- how do the dogs keep from soiling themselves when they take a poo? Or do you have to wash back there after every movement?

by New dog loverreply 21212/29/2018

Westie Westie Westie. They’re smart as hell, not too active (I have a smaller yard), clean and cute. She wears a bark collar so I don’t make my neighbors insane. But yes, they are stubborn, you have to be devoted to daily training, but if you have a knack for training, they are easy to obey once they understand you’re the boss.

There is almost no shedding, I get her groomed about every six weeks because their nails grow fast. She loves to bury bones so expect some holes in your flower beds. Excellent watchdog. Just intelligent, playful, clean, beautiful lapdog. Adore my Lucy.

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by New dog loverreply 21312/29/2018

The best I ever had was when I lived in GA, I got a dog at a pound called a Carolina Dog. They are in the process of being recognized as their own breed. Smartest dog EVER. Highly protective, clean, barely ever barked. Many people mistake them for a basenji but they’re not (see the tail). If you want something exotic and intelligent, research this beeed, it is fascinating. If memory serves, their DNA Tree is slightly different? Maybe someone else can clarify I’m too tired to google it. I looooooooooooved that dog, she was active, tough, and loyal to the end. She was just a beautiful animal.

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by New dog loverreply 21412/29/2018

Another Carolina dog......

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by New dog loverreply 21512/29/2018

I would rather not have a dog than force one to wear a "bark" collar. Is yours electrotorture, r213, or does it spray chemicals in her face?

by New dog loverreply 21612/29/2018

It’s electric r216, and it doesn’t have a battery in it. When she wears it she knows not to bark now. When I got the collar I had never heard of them and was horrified once I realized what it did to her — I expected a little vibration or something, but it was much worse. The only good thing that’s come out of it is she learned quickly to not incessantly bark when it’s on — and she does incessantly bark. So I eliminated the actually ability of it to hurt her but still put it on or she has terrible manners and we have neighbors quite close. I think they’re terrible and could never use one knowing what I know now, but the flip side is if someone who loves dogs could save a dog from being put down but need a bark collar to keep neighbors from bitching, I’d rather the dog be saved. But you are right, it’s a terrible thing and should be avoided.

I got a new expensive one I’m going to try that delivers which tone when they keep barking,I’m going to try that.

by New dog loverreply 21712/29/2018

Echoing R26 and R148. we had two cocker spaniels over a 14 year period. With the monthly grooming and ear infections despite daily cleaning, they can be expensive. And they were very clingy - following me everywhere I went in the house. Nice companionship when relaxing and watching tv, but a pain when trying to move around the kitchen. I tripped over them many times.

Now we have a Rhodesian RIdgeback mentioned by R203. Good guard dog. But needs to go on long daily walks . Has also killed numerous opossums and squirrels in the backyard. And is the opposite of clingy - it has no need to be in the same room with me, and, in fact, leaves me at approximately 9 p.m. every night to go to bed.

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by New dog loverreply 21812/29/2018

[quote]Why are shelters full of Chihuahuas?

Because selfish cunts breed and sell them incessantly. But Chihuahuas are terrible dogs: nervous, yappy, and more vicious than most dogs 10x their size!

So idiots buy these overbred bug-eyed rats and treat them like a porcelain doll instead of a real dog, then when the monster bites their kid, the idiot dumps the dog at a shelter.

by New dog loverreply 21912/31/2018

I can't believe people think wolf hybrids are a good idea? Who ARE these people? In fact, domesticating a wild animal (which part of it is) is cruel.

Read more:

Wolf-dog hybrids fall into a special class due to their mixture of being part undomesticated. The regulation of wolf hybrids often occurs on a state-level for this reason. States like Alaska, Michigan, Massachusetts and Maryland ban their ownership. When state law is silent on this issue, some cities do incorporate wolf hybrids into their breed-specific ordinances. Notably, all three major military divisions prohibit pit bulls, Rottweilers and wolf hybrids in privatized housing.

The wolf-dog hybrid, also called ‘wolfdog’, is an emotional trap people walk into all too often. Sometimes it's about the latest macho fashion -- a Rottweiler or a pit bull isn't good enough, you're not a real man until you have a half-wolf playing with your children. Sometimes it's about television dog trainers or romantic novels and movies, who tell us the dog is basically a dulled-down wolf, thus that a (half-)wolf becomes a dog if only you get it when it's young. Other times, it's simply the selfish wish to have the most exclusive pet in the neighborhood. All kinds of animals pay the price for these vanities, but as our archive shows, it is most of all our children who are suffering the consequences. Due to the misery and death the wolfdog phenomenon causes, both animal and human, we need some cold, hard biological facts here -- a reality check. Fact: The breeding and keeping of ‘wolfdogs’ is bad for dogs, bad for wolves, and above all bad for our human children.

As more and more research shows, the dog did not ‘descend from’ the wolf any more than you ‘descended’ from your sixth cousin. A wolf is not just some wild kind of dog, and the domestic dog is not merely some inferior or tame form of wolf. All of a wolf’s physiology, its senses, inherent motor patterns, reflexes and emotions are adapted to a rich but hard life in the wild. It took tens of thousands of years of evolution to make the domestic dog equally superbly honed for life with us. When you mix the two, you create creatures that are inferior to both wolf and dog, and that are destined to be miserably unhappy -- they fit neither in a wild world nor in our human one.

Hybrid character is generally unpredictable because it’s impossible to know which dog vs. wolf traits a particular animal has inherited. There are, however, some common behaviors almost all hybrids share. They are escape artists and roamers. They are extremely shy and may be aggressive with humans they haven’t known intimately all their lives. A hybrid often won’t let a human touch it and can respond with severe biting if someone tries -- even their owner. They don’t hesitate to kill small animals and other canids (including your neighbors’ dogs). Most tragic of all, a human infant or child can trigger the same reflexive hunting chain that a lamb does in a hungry wolf. These are genetically determined traits. You cannot socialize a hybrid into being a dog that just looks a lot or a little like a wolf.

Perhaps the worst of the lot are the breeders of hybrids. Some are extremely dishonest and uninformed, no matter their pretense of expertise. Others know what misery they’re causing, but don’t care about the animals -- wolf, dog and hybrid -- they exploit. None apparently care about the risk their product poses for the public, especially for our children. Hybrid breeding is a ruthless enterprise, based on ignorance, arrogance and love of cash.

by New dog loverreply 22012/31/2018

What this thread needs is a little German Shorthaired Pointing.

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by New dog loverreply 22112/31/2018

More GSP.

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by New dog loverreply 22212/31/2018


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by New dog loverreply 22312/31/2018

[quote] it has no need to be in the same room with me, and, in fact, leaves me at approximately 9 p.m. every night to go to bed.

LOL. That's the opposite of my parents golden doodle (at R208) who my parents call the "Bedtime Nazi" -- if they're not in their bedroom at around 10PM (when he wants to go to sleep) he'll start scolding them until they get up and head towards the bedroom and will start up again if they leave the ceiling lights on (versus bedside lamps, which he seems to be okay with.)

by New dog loverreply 22412/31/2018

German Shepherd. But you do need the time and energy to give it a life it deserves - lots of exercise and reasons for it to use its brain.

by New dog loverreply 22512/31/2018

My favorite breed is German Shepherd. We always had pure bred shepherds growing up and they are fantastic dogs.

My father found the breeders, checked the bloodlines and breeder reputations and trained the dogs himself. I wish I had that knowledge and talent around dogs.

by New dog loverreply 22612/31/2018

My mother did that, too, with GSDs, r226. She just knew how to deal with dogs. They're not my favorite breed, though. I prefer my Germans to be Shorthaired Pointers.

by New dog loverreply 22712/31/2018

I don't like white dogs. They always have dirty beards and tear stains. See R213.

by New dog loverreply 22812/31/2018

The Carolina Dog is very handsome. I would definitely consider one if they don't shed, don't bark too much and don't try to escape and run (like Basenjis)

by New dog loverreply 22912/31/2018

I grew up with a GSP and he was a very loveable goofy dog. He did have a naughty streak in that he was a good escape artist and would run away sometimes, returning hours later panting to death. He was also use to whine quite a lot but I think that’s common in pointers.

I currently have a welsh springer spaniel. She can get over excited with other dogs or kids but apart from that no problems at all, she’s the sweetest most loving dog you could hope for imo.

by New dog loverreply 23012/31/2018

I am the Carolina Dog poster. My dog literally had almost no shedding, barked very very little. I don’t recall her being an escape artist/runner. But I had her when I was in college so I had lots of free time which meant I brought her to the dog park almost daily, she received vigorous exercise all the time, so I’m sure that helped a lot with her behavior. I would definitely say she was the best dog I ever had, AND I would never recommend the breed to someone who isn’t a strong dog trainer and adept at handling a strong-willed/alpha animal.

I was extremely comfortable with that, so her training period was an absolute labor of love and paid off tremendously, everyone who met her adored her and were impressed. But if you aren’t equipped to be highly energetic and committed to an active lifestyle with the dog, probably not the right breed. Just my two cents.

by New dog loverreply 23112/31/2018

My husband got an eight-week old Jack Russell, who turns twelve in January. After forty years with a Cocker Spaniel attached to my hip or underfoot, I was unprepared for a Jack Russell. As a puppy, he played like puppies do. He was fun to be around. We took turns with him at obedience training. He is smart and learns new stuff quickly. He will make your arm fall off from exhaustion playing fetch. Even at 12, he is still indefatigable. That is the good stuff.

I like my dogs to be affectionate and obedient. This dog rarely wants to be close to us. He comes when you call him, but he turns around a goes away just as quickly. As a terrier, he prefers to burrow under something -- a blanket, pillows, throw rug. He is a touch-me-not. I asked the vet about this once, and she said that Jack Russells are known for being stubborn and treating their interactions with humans as quid pro quo exchanges. Boy, was she right! She also said that they do not tolerate any kind of abuse, which explains why he hates my mother. When he was young, she visited for a few weeks. I caught her swatting him a couple times when he did something she did not like. Every time she visits since, he keeps his distance from her. One time, he brought her shoes one by one and placed them at her feet.

Compared to my Cocker Spaniels, however, the Jack Russell is relatively healthy. He sheds like a maniac, though -- short, white hairs are omnipresent. The only health problems have been benign fatty tumors that all old dogs develop. Usually I leave them alone, but one grew in his "armpit" and seemed to cause discomfort. So I had it and a couple others removed. I don't know how long he will live, but I know that I'll never get another Jack Russell. They are a one-way emotional relationship.

by New dog loverreply 23212/31/2018

Thanks r218. I think the Ridgeback is what I'm looking for. I live in the country and I walk around 3 to 4 miles a day and like having a companion with me. My elderly Dachshunds did up until they were around 12.

by New dog loverreply 23312/31/2018

R218 I love the way the Ridgeback looks but wish there was a happy medium between the clingy viszla and the aloof ridgeback.

by New dog loverreply 23412/31/2018

I've tried the kind of bark collar that makes a loud sound when the dog barks. That dog considered it musical accompaniment: "bark BEEP. bark BEEP, bark BEEP..." It made the barking even more annoying. We tossed it.

I've never owned a Ridgeback but know people who have them. They are fine, sensible dogs. They aren't clingy, but they are obedient, with more of a working dog personality than a typical hound.

by New dog loverreply 23512/31/2018

Please name the five dog breeds least interested in chasing a ball.

by New dog loverreply 23612/31/2018


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by New dog loverreply 23701/03/2019

"Fetch makes me kvetch." Dogs to match?

by New dog loverreply 23801/04/2019

Poodles are my favorite. The combo of train ability and emotional intelligence is unbeatable, plus they’re beautiful.

I think my next dog will be a Cavalier King Charles spaniel

by New dog loverreply 23902/22/2020

English Shepherd

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by New dog loverreply 24002/24/2020

I love my pugs and have had several over the past 20 years but after my latest elderly Rescue pugs go I’m thinking just a small dog mutt mix.

by New dog loverreply 24102/24/2020

Tibetan Mastiff

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by New dog loverreply 24202/24/2020

Bernese Mountain dogs. Beautiful, but with short lifespans.

by New dog loverreply 24302/24/2020

Irish wolfhound 🐺

Bitch due to whelp in 3 weeks.

Sweet, gentle, loyal and affectionate.

by New dog loverreply 24402/24/2020

I like bratty dogs better than well-behaved ones most of the time. I grew up with a bossy Yorkie. I just feel like super-obedient lapdogs have been lobotomized and have no personality like the first lady.

My sister adopted a dog who I just absolutely love through and through, though. She turned out to be a “Carolina dog” or “American dingo,” and she is just the sweetest and smartest dog. She has a little bit of brat in her, sometimes making little messes when she knows she is alone, but around people (especially me!), she’s very gentle and even calming. I’ve never been around another dog who has the same sort of serene effect. And did I mention she’s smart? My dad’s maltipoo stands at the door to the garage crying and scratching for up to an hour after my father leaves through it. My sister’s dingo dog watches anyone leave through the garage door and then gently walks to the front window and watches for the car to leave. She also can open any door with a handle (versus a knob, although she tries with knobs but obviously can’t grip them). She just reaches up and pushes on the handle and pushes the door open with her nose. I feel like she’s a person. Such a lovely creature.

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by New dog loverreply 24502/24/2020

Gordon Setters are lovely. Handsome and not as flighty as Irish Setters.

I also like Caucasian Shepherds, but they are difficult to find.

by New dog loverreply 24602/24/2020

What breed?

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by New dog loverreply 24709/13/2020


by New dog loverreply 24809/13/2020

What is the “shers” part?

by New dog loverreply 24909/13/2020

unsurprisingly, I love dogs, all dogs. I am a bit creeped out by full sized poodles. I tend to be the most in love with giant breeds and any bully breed. I like my dogs like I like my men, big, kind of dumb, affectionate, shady past, always wonder if they have a criminal record or potential for one.

I also always wanted an American eskimo. then I had one. Loved him dearly but I will not purposely have a Spitz breed again.

by New dog loverreply 25009/13/2020

We have a pug and a black lab. Both excellent dogs.

by New dog loverreply 25109/13/2020

My spoodle was a super-friendly, smart (mostly), funny dog. She would take all the kleenex out of wastebaskets and scatter them around, then come and sit and look at me like, "I have a little surprise for you!" I miss her like crazy.

by New dog loverreply 25209/13/2020

Goldendoodles and Labradoodles are popular for a reason-- they are very loving, easy to train, don't bark a lot, love other dogs, love kids and old people, don't shed. They are high energy though.

by New dog loverreply 25309/13/2020

r247 I would guess that dog is a cross between a pit bull and a Golden Retriever.

by New dog loverreply 25409/15/2020

Anything that is small, annoying, snapping, constantly yipping, biting, angry and tiny enough to be washed by stirring it with a spoon is a soup cup filled with warm water and soap.

by New dog loverreply 25509/15/2020

Apologies, I'll try that again paying closer attention: Anything that isn't small, annoying, snapping, constantly yapping, biting, angry and tiny enough to be washed by stirring it with a spoon in a soup cup filled with warm water and soap.

by New dog loverreply 25609/15/2020

This breed. Too cute and very expressive.

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by New dog loverreply 25709/15/2020

I like Goldens a lot, and also (unsurprisingly) Goldendoodles. And also Labradoodles.

Pure labs are sweet, but they want to play "fech" constantly (yes, I know it's bred in them--thus the name), and they also have that oil that comes off their coats.

by New dog loverreply 25809/15/2020

"fetch," not "fech."

Much less "felch."

by New dog loverreply 25909/15/2020

None! I would think most DLers would know better to keep a filthy animal like a dog in the house!! It will definitely get the caftans dirty!! I never in all my life.

In general dogs are nice for 30 min then become too much. Who wants to pick up poop, It'll definitely track on my caftan!

by New dog loverreply 26009/15/2020

Pomeranians and King Charles Cavalier spaniels.

by New dog loverreply 26109/15/2020

My days of dog ownership are over, though. I am quite willing to scoop pee and poop from cat litter boxes, but picking up dog shit in public is way beneath my dignity.

by New dog loverreply 26209/15/2020

Norwegian Elkhounds - healthy, smart, funny, but shed their weight in fur. They’ve found skeletons of this breed on Viking ships.

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by New dog loverreply 26309/15/2020

Imagine this monster in a shoebox size NYC studio apartment!

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by New dog loverreply 26409/16/2020


by New dog loverreply 26509/16/2020

I love dire wolves, the world's largest dogs. They might even be larger than the dog pictured @ R264!

by New dog loverreply 266Last Thursday at 1:43 AM


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by New dog loverreply 267Last Thursday at 2:50 AM

Dachshunds - friendly dogs and don't shed b/c their hair is so short. Not too big to have in an apartment.

by New dog loverreply 268Last Thursday at 3:52 AM

Biased here but Mini Aussies (aka American Shepherd per AKC) are supersmart, devoted & best suited for very active lifestyle

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by New dog loverreply 269Last Thursday at 4:08 AM


If I were rich and had a country estate I would get a Kangal.

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by New dog loverreply 270Last Thursday at 3:01 PM
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