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Jackée Harry and Dixie Carter did NOT get along. At all.

Jackee is great on Twitter and this is an example of why. I didn’t even know she had been on Designing Women, much less that she and Dixie bumped heads.

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by Tony Woodard reply 14401/26/2020

I wish Dixie was alive and could tweet back

by Tony Woodard reply 111/13/2018

Come on, Jackée, spill it!

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by Tony Woodard reply 211/13/2018

I just dont get this shit of putting down someone 20 years after they are dead and buried. Why not be a bigger person and let people have their fond memories of someone .Why is all this shade being cast even relevant ? They're dead,for gods sake !

by Tony Woodard reply 311/13/2018


by Tony Woodard reply 411/13/2018

It's hard to imagine those two getting along.

by Tony Woodard reply 511/13/2018

r3, Dixie died 8 years ago,not 20.

by Tony Woodard reply 611/13/2018

Jesus r3 they didn't get along, so what? She didn't excavate Dixie's skeleton and piss on the bones. People don't get along, it happens when humans interact - everybody doesn't have to get along

by Tony Woodard reply 711/13/2018

I eat old people’s excrement.

by Tony Woodard reply 811/13/2018

Someone asked her if she was supposed to be a regular on Designing Women and responded with this. Sounds like Dixie might have played a part in her not returning.

Another comment on Dixie.

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by Tony Woodard reply 911/13/2018

Dixie fought with Alice Ghostly from day one, I don't think she got along with any cast members.

by Tony Woodard reply 1011/13/2018

I wonder if Dixie got along with M.

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by Tony Woodard reply 1111/13/2018

Alice stunk as Bernice, esp when they made her a main cast member.

by Tony Woodard reply 1211/13/2018

I loved Bernice.

by Tony Woodard reply 1311/13/2018

Jackee didn't get along with anyone, either. Marla Gibbs couldn't stand her.

by Tony Woodard reply 1411/13/2018

R14, Jackee is still on good terms with Tia and Tamera from Sister, Sister. But Kym Whitley did say Jackee was difficult when she worked as her double on 227. They ended up burying the hatchet later on.

by Tony Woodard reply 1511/13/2018

R14 that's because 227 was SUPPOSED to be centered around Gibbs but like Family Matters became about Urkel, 227 started being more focused on Jackeé Harry....who became the central star (and just billed as Jackeé). Marla was NOT amused. I always thought it was odd that Jackeé had a guest spot on AMEN....and not Marla Gibbs who could starred on "The Jeffersons" (AMEN starred Sherman Hemsley who played George Jefferson).

by Tony Woodard reply 1611/13/2018

^^^who HAS not who could

by Tony Woodard reply 1711/13/2018

Who could not love Alice (Bernice)?

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by Tony Woodard reply 1811/13/2018

[Quote]Dixie fought with Alice Ghostly from day one

WHAT? I've never heard any talk about that! What was the bone of contention between them?

by Tony Woodard reply 1911/13/2018

Dixie caught Alice going down on Hal Holbrook. And Hal later confessed she was amazing!

by Tony Woodard reply 2011/13/2018

Remember Dixie didnt get along with Delta Burke either so it was just a clash of egos. Having said that- adding Jackee to the show certainly wouldve been interesting and might have given the show a couple more seasons.

by Tony Woodard reply 2111/13/2018

That's why I had her fired

by Tony Woodard reply 2211/13/2018

Meryl and I were simply on a different level than the others, R11. Dixie and the colored woman were sitcom “stars”, we were actresses. Artists of the theatre.

by Tony Woodard reply 2311/13/2018

What role exactly was Jackee going to fill? I assume they were considering her as a girlfriend for Anthony, or was she a replacement for Delta once she’d left.

by Tony Woodard reply 2411/14/2018

All fingers point to Julia Duffy.

by Tony Woodard reply 2511/14/2018

Dixie was very close to Delta until Delta got into a public war of words with the Thomasons. Dixie sided with the Thomasons.

I’m certain there was major fault on both sides but Delta was bananas at the time, by her own admission.

Dixie should have stayed out of it like the other cast mates did.

by Tony Woodard reply 2611/14/2018

She would not have been good on the show.

by Tony Woodard reply 2711/14/2018

The DW set was a powder keg.

by Tony Woodard reply 2811/14/2018

r3 Saying you didn't get along with someone is hardly "putting someone down."

by Tony Woodard reply 2911/14/2018

I doubt Dixie had that much clout to keep Jackee from being main cast. Maybe she didn't test well with audiences or the networks didn't think she'd be a great fit.

by Tony Woodard reply 3011/14/2018


When I was on the show it ranked #6 for the year. That was the highest rated season. When I left, the show tanked.

by Tony Woodard reply 3111/14/2018

Yeah, this whole business is weird - weird for Jackee to share that, honestly.

Dixie might have thought Jackee was a vulgar, one note spectacle, though.


by Tony Woodard reply 3211/14/2018

WHET Jackee

by Tony Woodard reply 3311/14/2018

R3 wandered onto the wrong message board . . .

by Tony Woodard reply 3411/14/2018

I'll actually never understand the hate when Julia Duffy and Jan Hooks came on. I liked them quite a good deal and the show seemed to become a bit less preachy and more funny.

by Tony Woodard reply 3511/14/2018

Jan Hooks was hilarious, Duffy not so much. They made her character too mean then changed her into a wuss with hardly no lines. They just didn't know what to do with her character.

by Tony Woodard reply 3611/14/2018

Jackée was on toward the end of the Julia Duffy season as Anthony's girlfriend. They went with Sheryl Lee Ralph for the execrable final season with Stammerin' Judith Ivey.

by Tony Woodard reply 3711/14/2018

She better not tweet about me.

by Tony Woodard reply 3811/14/2018

I liked how mean Julia Duffy was. I found it hilarious. They shouldn't have tried to soften her up. She was a nice counterpoint to the other women.

by Tony Woodard reply 3911/14/2018

She wasn't shit!

by Tony Woodard reply 4011/14/2018

I always thought "Etienne" was an odd name for a female character.

by Tony Woodard reply 4111/14/2018

Jackee recently got into a Twitter war with Eureka, one of the RuPaul Drag Queens. On the TV show, Eureka (white) got into a fight with Vixen (black) and Vixen called Eureka a racist. Vixen's fans piled on Eureka, calling her a racist, too. Jackee....a grown woman with grown woman's concerns.... posted nasty things about Eureka online.

Is Jackee a drunk?

by Tony Woodard reply 4211/14/2018

Jackee is trying to put together the final dying vestiges of her career.

And failing.

by Tony Woodard reply 4311/14/2018

R42, Yes, she's a drunk. She even had an infamous WWHL appearance where she was drunk off her ass the whole time. She's messy as hell and can't get work anymore because of it.

by Tony Woodard reply 4411/14/2018

Etienne is Sheryl’s son’s name. I don’t think that Sheryl was a good match for the show at all. And Dixie as Julia was so shrill and sanctimonious that I’m surprised they didn’t give her a soapbox and a klieg light focusing on her only, whenever she did one of those dreadful soliloquies Linda Bloodworth wrote for her. It must’ve taken real acting chops to say some of that stuff, seeing as though Dixie was slightly to the right politically.

The show never really recovered from the loss of Delta and Jean.

by Tony Woodard reply 4511/14/2018

Dixie was sanctimonious and self-important, always getting songs Dixied into the script so she could "sing" on the show, and not really that good an actor. In sitcoms she was fine playing a variation of herself, but she was definitely weak tea with any kind of transformational acting, like when she took over as the third Callas in MASTER CLASS on Broadway (she followed Zoe Caldwell and Patti LuPone). Did anyone see her in Thoroughly Modern Millie?

by Tony Woodard reply 4611/14/2018

Oh, pish. Dixie was fine.

She was great in the first few years, and was still pretty solid as the comedy got broader - she could do broad.

But the writers changed, Delta and Jean left, and character of Julia was made out to be either a bitch or a fool in seasons 6 and 7. I can imagine Dixie was not having it at ALL.

I loved Bernice but having to play second fiddle to a short elderly woman yelling "Black man, black man, where have you gone to" every fucking episode would wear on MY nerves, too.

by Tony Woodard reply 4711/14/2018

The one saving grace of the awful final season was that they said "fuck it" and let Bernice go completely off the rails.

by Tony Woodard reply 4811/14/2018

Eureka O'Hara deserves every bit of scorn thrown her way.

by Tony Woodard reply 4911/14/2018

I loved the episode with Bernice when the hurricane rip off roof off and she goes on a date with that old hick from the deliverance episode.

by Tony Woodard reply 5011/14/2018

[quote]WHET Jackee

She's playing Mrs. Bennet in "Pride and Prejudice - Atlanta."

Offsite Link
by Tony Woodard reply 5111/14/2018

R48 What episode was that in?

by Tony Woodard reply 5211/14/2018

I worked with Jackée Harry at the Negro Ensemble Co. When I first met her, I thought she was man. Second impression was lesbian. The cupie doll persona is an act. He voice is much, much lower and she is much more butch.

by Tony Woodard reply 5311/14/2018

R53, about what year was that? (Or what decade?)

Back when she was young and on TV?

by Tony Woodard reply 5411/14/2018

I enjoy Jackee on TV. Enjoy her on Twitter, too.

But I knew Dixie. She was no less vain or serious about her career and image than any other professional actress seeking longevity, but a mean bitch she wasn't - not by a long shot. And when she's vilified for being a Republican, remember that we're talking Reagan-era Republican, when the party was nowhere near as horrific as it is now.

Most of Dixie's close friends were gay. She was an artist, as is Hal Holbrook, and they were more bohemian than you might think.

I'm guessing Jackee sashayed onto that set like she owned it, and that her presumptuousness rankled the regular cast members, Dixie included. We don't know what Jackee's work habits are, either. Dixie might have good reason to dislike her.

by Tony Woodard reply 5511/14/2018

Hear hear, R55.

by Tony Woodard reply 5611/14/2018

If Dixie were alive today, I'd be willing to bet she'd have switched parties.

by Tony Woodard reply 5711/14/2018

It's a joke how a whole bunch of people on that Tweet thread are all now, "Oooh, I knew Miss Dixie was a racist!"

Bitch, two words from a drunk and they are OFF TO THE RACES, projecting all this shit on Dixie. Mob mentality.

by Tony Woodard reply 5811/14/2018

Dixie was a lousy singer...when I heard her and Bonnie Franklin’s voices, I was nonplussed. These bitches had stage careers with THOSE voices?

by Tony Woodard reply 5911/14/2018

The real question is....what did Rachel Cory and Ada Hobson think of Jackeeeeeeeeee's ass?

by Tony Woodard reply 6011/14/2018

I loved Dixie Carter: who can play a Julia Sugarbaker today?

Annie Potts said in some interview I watched a few years back that everytime she approaches a role of the "strong Southern woman type", she asks herself how Dixie would have played it.

by Tony Woodard reply 6111/14/2018

Of the actresses around and with name-recognition at the time, I thought Dixie would have been an excellent Endora if it ever went to film.

by Tony Woodard reply 6211/14/2018

When Faye Dunaway was getting ready to do her short lived sitcom It Had to Be You, she hung out on the Designing Women set for a week to learn the ropes of sitcom making.

I would love to hear some stories from Annie Potts and Jan Hooks about what went on that week.

by Tony Woodard reply 6311/14/2018

I'd forgotten Jackee was on Designing Women, part of a series of bitchy girlfriends for Anthony. Jackee was the only funny one and I wondered why they didn't make her a regular. Now I know, Republican cunt Dixie got her fired.

by Tony Woodard reply 6411/14/2018

R63, let's pop out a Ouija board and ask Jan.

by Tony Woodard reply 6511/14/2018

Strangely enough, I was at brunch in LA this weekend and was talking about designing women. The guy at the next table worked as a designer on the show and said that Dixie was indeed awful to work for and with.

by Tony Woodard reply 6611/14/2018

Jackée was conceited around that time, something she admits to today. She was considering herself an all-out sexy actress when she got a dose of reality - she was offered a role as a mother in the show "Sister, Sister."

She thought she was too young and cute for that, but with no other offers coming her way, she took the part. Luckily for her, it was a popular show, and many fans of that show have fond memories of the mom character she portrayed.

by Tony Woodard reply 6711/14/2018

R66, Marc Cherry got his start in the business working as Dixie's personal assistant and he never had one harsh word to say about her. He even cast her in "Desperate Housewives" years later.

The guy at the table next to you was full of shit.

by Tony Woodard reply 6811/14/2018

R66 if you are not Marc Cherry how do you know what he’s said privately about Dixie? And people cast people they may not personally like all the time - it’s Hollywood.

by Tony Woodard reply 6911/14/2018

Absolute horseshit, R69.

I work in Hollywood. I guarantee you that if Cherry privately disliked Dixie, he would NEVER have hired her. He would have had no incentive whatsoever to do so. She was not a major "get" by the early 2000s and every other 60+ actress in town would have been clamoring for her DH role.

He hired her because he liked her, and he liked her because she was far from the hateful shrew some of you know-nothing, ignorant posters claim she was.

by Tony Woodard reply 7011/14/2018

Jackee was supposed to get the spot that went to Judith Ivey. Anthony was going to get married to Vanessa and his wife was going to have a share in the company. That's why they had her character introduced in such a big way. When things didn't work out, they rewrote the storyline and had Julia lose the business to BJ Poteet who gave it back to them as long as she could be a partner.

by Tony Woodard reply 7111/14/2018

While we're on the subject of DW, what was the cause of Stammerin' Judith Ivey's stammering? There's no question she's an excellent actress, but there are so many line flubs from her in the final, aired versions of her episodes. Why didn't they go back and do pickups to get clean takes on her lines? Were they shooting in front of a live audience and felt they didn't want to lose the "live" feel by adding inserts of her speaking her lines correctly? Or did they just not care on tape day and wanted to get home asap since it was the last season? Or is that just as good as it got, and what we see ARE the retakes?

by Tony Woodard reply 7211/14/2018

Team Jackee.

by Tony Woodard reply 7311/14/2018

I don't remember her having line flubs but maybe I blocked it out since that season was so bad.

by Tony Woodard reply 7411/14/2018

I remember the flubs and the stammering.

by Tony Woodard reply 7511/14/2018

R55 Reagan era repubs gave us the Trump led party of today. Face it, Dixie had more than 1 issue with the dems.

Both reagan & nixon urged donald trump to run for president.

nixon moved to NY & kept in touch with trump until he died in the 90s.

See 49:01 for most of it =

Offsite Link
by Tony Woodard reply 7611/14/2018

Jackee's mop stank, and I wasn't going to stand for it!

by Tony Woodard reply 7711/14/2018

Dixie and Delta were the best of friends, but Dixie betrayed Delta. She should’ve stayed out of it. Even though Delta and Dixie made up, Dixie was a two faced back stabbing cunt.

by Tony Woodard reply 7811/14/2018

Jackée's always been a drunken cunt. She arranged to accept the Emmy in 1992 if the best actress winner wasn't present , and when Dixie lost, she sailed onstage and accepted the award and backstage she smirked victoriously as she passed the shocked Ms. Carter. Ms. Ross never received her Emmy; Jackée pawned it for booze and dope within weeks.

Offsite Link
by Tony Woodard reply 7911/14/2018

[quote] I thought Dixie would have been an excellent Endora if it ever went to film.


by Tony Woodard reply 8011/14/2018

I think he is drunk Nic at r80, he clearly meant "Aurora" from Terms of Endearment.

by Tony Woodard reply 8111/14/2018

R79 what fiction is this? Who is the Ms Ross you’re referring g to? Candace Bergen won.

by Tony Woodard reply 8211/14/2018

^Dixie Carter wasn’t even nominated.

by Tony Woodard reply 8311/14/2018

I don't see what was so awful about what Jackee said.

by Tony Woodard reply 8411/14/2018

[quote]And when she's vilified for being a Republican, remember that we're talking Reagan-era Republican, when the party was nowhere near as horrific as it is now.

Yes, they just ignored gay men with AIDS.

by Tony Woodard reply 8511/14/2018

I thought I read somewhere that Dixie contributed to Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign. I think the Thomasons had an influence on her.

by Tony Woodard reply 8611/14/2018

Dixie clearly wasn't antigay.

There really were people who, pre Reagan, were really just more fiscal conservatives.

by Tony Woodard reply 8711/14/2018

she don't say a dam thing, she scared to?

never dug her, she bad vibes, big fat old booga boo attitude, honey most of us aint big loud and obnoxious sterotypical like u. go way

by Tony Woodard reply 8811/14/2018

saw dixie do Master Class in nyc.

she was awesome! shocked me, she was dam near as good as the thespian who originated it, zoe Caldwell, she was good, fab voice.

all I seen jack ayyyyyyy do is blibber blabber and mop da floor wid her big ole mouf

by Tony Woodard reply 8911/14/2018

saw Jackee do a master cleanse on Celebrity Fit Club On VH1.

by Tony Woodard reply 9011/14/2018

I want to hear more about this Emmy pawning nonsense.

by Tony Woodard reply 9111/14/2018

who is this jackee hog?

by Tony Woodard reply 9211/14/2018

She was on a Celeb Wife Swap where she swapped with Traci Lord and Jackee's dude's flames can be seen from space. Her friends were a little bitchy to Traci because of the porn star shit but she seemed to come around and be cool. Traci's dude is hot and she's a little stay at home wifey who gets up to pack his lunch and calls him about what to make for dinner. Very suburban frau and loves it.

by Tony Woodard reply 9311/14/2018

Sorry, link if anyone cares.

Offsite Link
by Tony Woodard reply 9411/14/2018

How would you like to have two little blue eyed black chiidren?

by Tony Woodard reply 9511/14/2018

You have to watch Jackee on Hey Qween. She is great. She reveals a lot of interesting info. I'm a soap gay and she talks about Constance Ford on Another World.

Offsite Link
by Tony Woodard reply 9611/14/2018

R96 that was a hilarious appearance - loved her there.

by Tony Woodard reply 9711/14/2018

You may work in Hollywood, R70, but you don’t know Marc Cherry.

I grew up with the guy - asshole. Funny, caustic, but an asshole.

I knew him back then and he claimed Dixie was a fucking bitch. The ONLY reason he hired her on DH was to lord his success over her, now that hers had come and gone.

He said so.

by Tony Woodard reply 9811/14/2018

R98, highly doubt R70 works in the "industry." Saying he works in "Hollywood" is a dead giveaway that he is full of it. If by working in "Hollywood" he means working at one of those gift shops on Hollywood Blvd, that might be believable.

by Tony Woodard reply 9911/14/2018

Jackée Harry is a gay ICON!

by Tony Woodard reply 10011/14/2018

[quote]I'd forgotten Jackee was on Designing Women, part of a series of bitchy girlfriends for Anthony.

Vanessa (Olivia Brown of [italic]Miami Vice[/italic] fame), the one with the Tina Turner hair, was sweet but dumb.

by Tony Woodard reply 10111/14/2018


You're right, I saw an interview with Jackee and she said, that there is no fued with Marla Gibbs. She said, they had long talked that through and were now friends again.

She said, when she was cast on 227, she was only supposed to be on for five episodes. She said that coming from Broadway, she saw the five episode shot as a chance to show what she could do. So she overplayed the role, making Saundra "larger than life" and overshadowing the Mary character, something she knew was wrong, but she figured that since she was only going to be on five episodes, it didn't matter.

Then when the character was re-written to be a regular she continued instead of toning it down, thus the tensions between her and Marla Gibbs. She said, Alaina Reed. who played Rose, was the stabilizer between them. Because Saundra was popular, the writers would have Mary say lines to Saunra, and Alaina would point out, that Mary doesn't like Saundra, Mary would say that to her friend, not Saundra. So have her say it to me and if you want Saundra for conflict, have another reason to bring her into the scene.

by Tony Woodard reply 10211/14/2018

[quote]While we're on the subject of DW, what was the cause of Stammerin' Judith Ivey's stammering? There's no question she's an excellent actress, but there are so many line flubs from her in the final, aired versions of her episodes.

I had never heard of her before she joined the cast, and she flubbed so much that I wondered where the hell they got her and why they couldn't find somebody better.

That whole last season was a shitshow in general, an example of which was the stupid episode where Mary Jo discovered the face of Elvis in a shovel in her garage. Julia basically became a cardboard-cutout version of herself, with Dixie shouting her lines most of the time ("Have we ALL comPLETEly LOST our MINDS?"). Alice Ghostley made the most of what she had to work with, bless her heart.

Oddly, David Steinberg directed most of the episodes that season, so you'd think they would have been better.

by Tony Woodard reply 10311/14/2018

I honestly don’t remember Judith Ivey flubbing her lines and I’ve watched the show in reruns for years! Can someone find a scene on YouTube? I need to see this.

by Tony Woodard reply 10411/15/2018

[quote] I honestly don’t remember Judith Ivey flubbing her lines

Yeah, I don't know why someone is going on about this. Never heard of it and don't remember, and I watched every episode.

by Tony Woodard reply 10511/15/2018

Re: politics of 30 years ago, there was much more nuance. Like someone upthread mentioned, you could be a fiscal conservative and that's why you were a Republican. Also, belonging to a political party didn't dictate your vote. There were people who were Republicans - like my parents - because of local government issues. They picked their party based on the town's First Selectman, Comptroller, Treasurer, etc. But then in National elections would often vote Democratic.

We've fallen into a trap with the two-party system of creating two groups of people: "Them" and "Us". We've created an environment where we don't let people think for themselves... if I take a position on a topic that doesn't align with the Democratic Party (I'm all for decreased spending/budget cuts, and reducing the size of the federal government to put more responsibility at the state/local government level), I'm immediately cast out as a "Rethug" or "Trumpster". Which is ironic, because Trump and most Republicans aren't doing a damn thing to bring the budget under control or reduce the size of the federal government.

Sorry... back to Jackee.

by Tony Woodard reply 10611/15/2018

what is this fat black pig known for???

by Tony Woodard reply 10711/15/2018

[quote]When Faye Dunaway was getting ready to do her short lived sitcom It Had to Be You, she hung out on the Designing Women set for a week to learn the ropes of sitcom making. I would love to hear some stories from Annie Potts and Jan Hooks about what went on that week.

I'd never heard this before and visual I'm getting from it is HILARIOUS. There's some comedian who does a bit about Faye calling him for tips on how to play comedy right before she had an audition. His name escapes me right now, but I know someone here will remember. It seems like she just never got it, as if the whole concept of comedy was completely beyond her.

In any case, I wonder if this scenario influenced Jan's portrayal of Faye in the "Models Amalgamated" sketch she did for The Martin Short Show special. It was hilarious and so spot on.

by Tony Woodard reply 10811/15/2018

R 108, It was Michael McDonald from Mad TV. Sorry, no links.

by Tony Woodard reply 10911/15/2018

R108. Sorry about that.

by Tony Woodard reply 11011/15/2018

Thank you, R109! I found it on YouTube. DO THE LINES!!!

by Tony Woodard reply 11111/15/2018

Jackee was always a tacky clown. A fat tacky clown

by Tony Woodard reply 11211/15/2018

I listened to the MacDonald bit and have a question for the Hollywood people here--

Is it normal for an actress/actor who is super famous to call minor actors they don't know for help with roles?

by Tony Woodard reply 11311/15/2018

I've known famous actors who did just that in both NYC and LA, R113, sometimes if only to have an outside eye and to have someone babysit them to make sure they do the necessary prep.

by Tony Woodard reply 11411/15/2018

R114, thanks for answering.

I always had this notion that Hollywood/acting was this cutthroat kind of place: it's nice to see that there's some camaraderie.

by Tony Woodard reply 11511/15/2018

I loved Judith Ivey on "The 5 Mrs Buchanans" and I saw what they were going for with her BJ character (someone who could stand up to Julia without looking ridiculous) and it should've worked, but the Friday night death slot was the undoing.

by Tony Woodard reply 11611/15/2018

Who would win in a fight? Julia Sugarbaker or Murphy Brown?

by Tony Woodard reply 11711/15/2018

jakee aint good enuf to kiss the dirty smegma from dixie's dick...

by Tony Woodard reply 11811/16/2018

I read that Dixie Carter would agree to do a liberal monologue in an episode only if she was allowed to sing in a future episode

by Tony Woodard reply 11911/16/2018

[quote]When Faye Dunaway was getting ready to do her short lived sitcom It Had to Be You, she hung out on the Designing Women set for a week to learn the ropes of sitcom making.

THIS would have made a better sitcom than either show.

by Tony Woodard reply 12011/16/2018

R119 That is absolutely true.

When you have a voice like Dixie's, you have to bribe people to let you use it.

by Tony Woodard reply 12111/16/2018

[quote]She arranged to accept the Emmy in 1992 if the best actress winner wasn't present , and when Dixie lost, she sailed onstage and accepted the award and backstage she smirked victoriously as she passed the shocked Ms. Carter.

Atta girl!

by Tony Woodard reply 12211/16/2018

Jackee was, is and ALWAYS will be trash.

by Tony Woodard reply 12311/16/2018

Dixie failed magnificently every time she rose to give one of magnificent Sugarbsker grande dame put downs.

by Tony Woodard reply 12411/16/2018

Faye also consulted with DL favorite Debra Winger who told her that her performance in Mommie Dearest was like "kabuki" theater and was impressed with it per Faye's autobiography.

She also sought acting counsel from Roseanne Arnold as well.

by Tony Woodard reply 12511/16/2018

[quote] Dixie SLAYED magnificently every time she rose to give one of those magnificent Sugarbaker grande dame put downs.

Fixed that for you.

Both your erroneous statement and your poor grammar.

by Tony Woodard reply 12611/16/2018

R126 is Dixie from the grave. Still deluded in hell.

by Tony Woodard reply 12711/16/2018

R127 must be Jackee's agent. Not much to do, and as pressed as the day is long.

by Tony Woodard reply 12811/17/2018

I always thought Jackee was a doofusy one note actor but she made me bust a gut laughing in Fun with Dick and Jane.

Murphy would clean Julia’s clock. Alice was one of the funniest things about DW.

by Tony Woodard reply 12911/17/2018

I knew Dixie. She was the iron fist in the velvet glove. Anything warm and fuzzy was purely superficial. The real her was hard and cold. Not that she was a bad person. She is the first person you would want on your team in a fight, and she could be incredibly generous, particularly if she thought you were beneath her. I am sure the issue with Delta was" Friends are Friends"/ "Money is Money". I imagine it wasn't so much that Dixie didn't take Delta's side as it was that Dixie did not understand why she was involved in the first place. She hated excess, which was probably why she and Alice Ghostly did not get along. I never met Alice Ghostly; so, I have no idea how much of her personality was an act, but one can see that she got under Dixie's skin and that was a great deal of the humor. Note: she also kind of homophobic in reality. In theory, she was an ally; in reality she disliked any gay man who did not act like a straight man. She hated any hint of femininity in a man.

by Tony Woodard reply 13011/18/2018

[quote]n reality she disliked any gay man who did not act like a straight man. She hated any hint of femininity in a man.

So you're saying Dixie was a typical gay male?

by Tony Woodard reply 13111/18/2018


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by Tony Woodard reply 13211/18/2018

Delta's bipolar mental illness became an increasingly untenable problem on the "Designing Women" set. She would report late, sometime not at all, and scenes and whole episodes would have to be rewritten at the last second to accommodate her. Often, Delta was a sobbing mess.

Dixie tried to soothe her, even climbing into bed with Delta to hold her and reassure her that everything would be a all right.

Learning and blocking entirely new scripts hours before filing them is incredibly stressful for actors, not to mention costly for the crew. When the Thomasons began to balk, Delta and Gerald McRaney went to the press and painted them as tyrants. That's when the real feud began, and Dixie - exhausted from the endless drama, and understandably wanting to maintain her meal ticket, sided with the Thomasons.

Of course, as we all know, Dixie and Delta buried the hatchet several years later. Delta was inconsolable at Dixie's funeral.

by Tony Woodard reply 13311/18/2018

You gotta love Jackie. She always spills the tea. I remember her saying she had a feud with the late Helen Martin who played Pearl on 227.

by Tony Woodard reply 13411/18/2018

I need more details

by Tony Woodard reply 13501/26/2020

Datalounge advertises itself as a gay gossip site, r3: not as a site for gossip except people r3 likes, because they are off limits.

by Tony Woodard reply 13601/26/2020

Jackee's more recent comments:

[quote] Before my #DesigningWomen plot line was scrapped, I was so looking forward to working with Annie Potts! She was pregnant when I filmed my episode so we never had the chance to film together, but drink together we have!

[quote] My character was to marry Anthony and invest in Sugarbaker’s.

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by Tony Woodard reply 13701/26/2020

I wonder why Dixie wasn't cast in Steel Magnolias?

by Tony Woodard reply 13801/26/2020

Any news on the limited series DW reboot happening with Delta, Annie and Jean?

Should be fun with half the original cast dead.

Will Julia or Judith pop in?

by Tony Woodard reply 13901/26/2020

Fuck, no.

by Tony Woodard reply 14001/26/2020

[quote] I wonder why Dixie wasn't cast in Steel Magnolias?

They didn't want someone who was quite so flamboyant in her acting.

by Tony Woodard reply 14101/26/2020

"remember that we're talking Reagan-era Republican, when the party was nowhere near as horrific as it is now."

Yeah, they weren't putting babies in cages, they were just letting thousands of gay men die.

It was morning in America for straight white people but death and mourning in America for the rest of us.

by Tony Woodard reply 14201/26/2020

Jackee is hilarious

by Tony Woodard reply 14301/26/2020

To be fair, Jackee did not say they didn't get along. She said they didn't get a long. The question is, a long what?

by Tony Woodard reply 14401/26/2020
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