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"Being Melania: Thee Feirst Ladie Do Dammage Controll Befour Midterm Election"

I'am KNOT a freek !

by Love, Melania!reply 1710/12/2018

She's a CUNT. Until she's bullied by the President of the United States on Twitter for everyone to read, she doesn't know the meaning of bullying. She's only trying to make her own bullying prick of a sugar daddy hubby look less horrible.

I repeat: She's a CUNT.

by Love, Melania!reply 110/12/2018

Be Cunt!

by Love, Melania!reply 210/12/2018


by Love, Melania!reply 310/12/2018

Now we know why she skittered over to Africa. So she'd look like she was a 'working hard First Lady' when she sat down for this all-important, pre-election interview. Republican women will all forgive her because: 1) she is still pretty in her late forties and; 2) they've all 'been there', looking the other way concerning their cunthound hubbies.

Mother of the Year of course left The Barron with the nannies.

by Love, Melania!reply 410/12/2018


by Love, Melania!reply 510/12/2018

Cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt CUNT!

by Love, Melania!reply 610/12/2018

We republican ladies also relate to melania as we too are all beautiful model types. Plus we wish the Donald would grab us by our pussies, lol!

by Love, Melania!reply 710/12/2018

^Blacks for Trump--all four of them.

by Love, Melania!reply 810/12/2018

Yeah, agreed. CUNT.

by Love, Melania!reply 910/12/2018

Ez I heph rilli beeg problims weet te Ingleesh lengwech, heer is wot I woz finkink oph kalleenk my trimeendoosli sakseessphul kampeen:

BitiKurba (Bee Hooka een Ingleesh)

Aphta all, tiz iz wot I eem RILLI gud at, ju kno!

by Love, Melania!reply 1010/12/2018

She is a "Professional Foreigner." Melanaia should go to school to dump the Eastern European accent.

by Love, Melania!reply 1110/12/2018

>Mother of the Year of course left The Barron with the nannies.<

She probably dumped him at her grandparents'.

by Love, Melania!reply 1210/12/2018

*shouldn't be LEFT ALONE with

by Love, Melania!reply 1310/12/2018

Related thread....

by Love, Melania!reply 1410/12/2018

Hi DL! Don't worry about me, I'm fine! Now that Mom is in Africa sucking dick, I can play with my own one on my own.


by Love, Melania!reply 1510/12/2018

[quote]own one on my own

Proof that a twelve year old wrote that! It's him y'all!

by Love, Melania!reply 1610/12/2018

Live on TV now. Being Melania!

by Love, Melania!reply 1710/12/2018
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