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'Boyfriend' films

No, not the vids you delete off your phone. These hour-long compilation films are made for the enjoyment of women who want to bask in the talents of 'idol' or popstar actors & musicians, and see them as 'boyfriend material' more than an untouchable star. It's pure indulgent silliness, and I haven't laughed this much at something so earnest in ages. Just imagine Chalamet doing one of these movies. Wonder why haven't they ever caught on in the West?

For DL edification here we have a typical example, titled 'Peacemaker' (vol. 3 from the series 'D-BOYS: BOYFRIEND', for the sake of scholarship). In it our hero: takes the lead in a tense psychologically-complex short film; dons a Yukata and visits a Buddhist temple (Senso-ji in Asakusa); helps take care of kindergartners in a day at a nursery (and falls asleep with them during naptime); cooks and eats okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake); rides in a rickshaw; plays soccer with some kids in a park; and happily responds to a Q&A interview while taking a boat-ride...somewhere. Also we see him: taking a shower (??); sweating through a 100 push-up challenge (after the shower...); playing squash by himself inside a house; and listening to a chorus of birds during peaceful moment amid the ironwork in a flowering garden. It's like an audition tape for 'nice, normal outgoing cute guy with family values and emotional range'.

by Anonymousreply 2Last Monday at 3:47 AM

Hahaha, it’s weird to seen this on DL. I’ve seen a ton, mostly in my past-life lurking LJ with weeb fans. There is something appealing if also bizarrely sad about them.

Back in the 00s management executives of these idols actually made a ton of money selling DVDs of these movies and the exposure helped the idols’ career to get off the ground. The five people in the West who wanted to see these at the time just bootlegged them or exported them at huge expense.

As to why they weren’t popular in this hemisphere, I don’t know. It isn’t like we sexualise and promote teen idols all that differently -think of boybands from that era and even up to the early years of this decade. I think though such films are an obsolete promo tool in the days of Twitter & YT though, honestly. Why bother going through the objectification just so your agent can swoop in and take all the profits?

by Anonymousreply 110/12/2018

Hilarious that they let a camera crew follow a giggly twink around SensoJi to make this. Does Shinto need the Yen?

by Anonymousreply 2Last Monday at 3:47 AM
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