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Was Joan Jett Overrated in her prime?

by Pat Benatarreply 3604/20/2019

Overrated? No. More like not rated at all.

by Pat Benatarreply 101/12/2018

And I'm a fan^^^

by Pat Benatarreply 201/12/2018

Even at her peak, Joan Jett was never really that big a star. She had one big hit, and maybe two or three more minor hits afterwards. She certainly was never in the same league as Benatar.

by Pat Benatarreply 301/12/2018

Though I like both Jett and Benatar, I find JJ to be very much more entertaining. The only thing that has maybe kept her from being a bigger star than PB, as I see it, is the fact that most of her hits are covers. If it weren't for that, she would be the bigger star, as she's certainly the more entertaining one, imho.

by Pat Benatarreply 402/07/2018


by Pat Benatarreply 502/07/2018

Joan Jett was one of the first bisexual women I heard in the entertainment industry who was completely. Also the movie The Runaways with Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart is actually really good, and the only movie I liked that both girls ever done.

by Pat Benatarreply 602/07/2018

It's ironic that Joan and Pat get compared to each-other so often, considering the fact that Pat infamously decided to become a professional singer after seeing Liza M. in concert and leaving unimpressed, thinking she could do better than that, while Joan decided she wanted to be an entertainer after seeing Liza in CABARET as a young girl. So, Liza is the common link between these two- but while Joan was inspired to kind of model herself after Liza in admiration, Pat was inspired to out-do Liza. The former is way sweeter. But, at the core, we have Liza to thank for them both!

by Pat Benatarreply 702/07/2018

Joan's range was fairly limited, but what she did, she did well. I think Pat is the better singer, but Joan was a more authentic rock chick.

by Pat Benatarreply 802/07/2018

They were both fabulous, but neither had a very long career. They came and went rather quickly. I'd say Pat had a similar length of fame like Gaga, and Joan like Keisha. I'm not making comparisons to actual talent, just similar time frames from what I remember.

by Pat Benatarreply 902/07/2018

Yes because her biggest hits like I Love Rock 'n' Roll, Do You Wanna Touch Me, Crimson and Clover, etc, were all covers.

by Pat Benatarreply 1002/07/2018

r9- That's a good way to describe them. However, they both still have careers though, and Joan is arguably the busiest woman in rock.

by Pat Benatarreply 1102/07/2018

She was pretty much gone after crimson and clover, correct? Damn, I forgot that song, it was lovely ;)

by Pat Benatarreply 1202/07/2018

Each I know there not gone, definitely not forgotten, but the height of their fame was rather brisk. The 70s 80s were a wonderful time in so many ways, music was a very big part of our lives. It just made things wonderful.

by Pat Benatarreply 1302/07/2018

Here's what I don't understand: so JJ's biggest hits were covers, but why do people always feel the need to point that out? I mean, even I do, but it's not really fair if you think about it...

Consider all the girl-singers of the big band era and early pop- most of their hits were standards sang by other girl singers too. Identical songs, just different singers singing them. That was very common in the 1940s and 50s, and no-one seems to think lesser of say, Dinah Shore for singing a Julie London tune or vice-versa. So, why the big deal when people in Rock and Pop cover each-other's songs? Why do we look down our noses at them, and not people like Barbra Streisand when she does the same?!

I do agree that the more original hits a musician has, the better, but why the double-standard? I think people are kinda harsh about this.

by Pat Benatarreply 1402/07/2018

r12, No... This was a[n] (original), and it was over 10 years after Crimson and Clover.

by Pat Benatarreply 1502/07/2018

I've met them both and Joan is pure rock and roll. Both very nice and humble as well.

by Pat Benatarreply 1602/07/2018

Not this EXTREMELY TIRED subject again, Joan, an authentic rocker chick versus wanna-be-Broadway star Pat Bent Guitar. zzzzzzz

by Pat Benatarreply 1702/07/2018

Benatar had it over Jett all the way. Just imagine what notes Jett couldn't hit if she tried to do a Pat Benatar song.

by Pat Benatarreply 1802/07/2018

[quote]Benatar had it over Jett all the way. Just imagine what notes Jett couldn't hit if she tried to do a Pat Benatar song.

What's the point of this argument? There is none. These two women are two very different types of singers. Your statement proves you know nothing about music. Pat is a POP singer with a powerful voice who actually had aspirations to be a Broadway star, Joan is a ROCK singer, who was originally in a 1970s all girl rock band version of a boy band, The Runaways, which was a band created by Kim Fowley. The Runaways were more about their image than technical ability.

Lots of rock singers do not have technically good or powerful voices, they are more song stylists, most have unique voices, but you'd actually need to know a bit about music to understand that. I can name many rock singers who were incredibly famous but never had what would be deemed 'great', let alone, powerful voices. Let's see, to name a few, Bob Dylan, Rod Stewart, Joe Cocker, Fred Schneider and Madonna, though I don't consider her rock, she's a pop singer. From the younger bunch, Taylor Swift, Lana Del Ray, Britney Spears, Rhianna and way too many others who technically cannot sing to save their lives.

by Pat Benatarreply 1902/08/2018

Joan said a couple years back that she doesn't like the hair-do she had during the video at r15. But, I don't see why. It was one of her better styles. She should give it a try again. I hate when stars hate on stuff about themselves that the rest of us liked; it was a good look!!

by Pat Benatarreply 2002/08/2018

If anything, she's underrated.

by Pat Benatarreply 2104/09/2019

Not a fan.

by Pat Benatarreply 2204/09/2019

I love both. Glad we have both. That was a period where women were expected to be “cute little girl” singers, but not serious competition for the guys.

JJ kicked ass. PB was the first women who sold out concerts on the same scale as men. Both are pivotal rock music figures. They are in competition with each other. They’re LIONS.

by Pat Benatarreply 2304/09/2019

So happy not be dragged into this ridiculous thread.

by Pat Benatarreply 2404/09/2019

R24. I love Chrissie. First interview I saw with her, she had a japanese print shirt, and was asked what it said . She deadpanned “Where in the f**k is Akron?”

by Pat Benatarreply 2504/09/2019

Joan wears a wig.

by Pat Benatarreply 2604/09/2019

I Love Rock n Roll was #1 for 7 weeks, it’s hard to top something like that.

by Pat Benatarreply 2704/09/2019

Wish she'd make a new record.

by Pat Benatarreply 2804/14/2019

All her songs sound the same.

by Pat Benatarreply 2904/14/2019

R29 Troll.

by Pat Benatarreply 3004/14/2019

In her prime, Joan was sexy as hell. I the video for "The French Song"...

by Pat Benatarreply 3104/14/2019

Tell us the wig story.

by Pat Benatarreply 3204/14/2019

[quote] Joan Jett was one of the first bisexual women I heard in the entertainment industry who was completely.

However the public didn't know that during her heyday. Joan had some fun with this fact. Note how she changes the lyrics at 1:15. I always loved that.

by Pat Benatarreply 3304/14/2019

I’m a sucker for any song that references photographs and retrospect.

by Pat Benatarreply 3404/14/2019

Pat Benatar and Joan Jett were completely different, IMO. Not sure why there were so many comparisons, maybe because they were popular at the same time.

I would say Pat Benatar had more vocal range and vocal talent. I really like JJ in this video for "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap."

by Pat Benatarreply 3504/14/2019

R35 Great hair in that video.

by Pat Benatarreply 3604/20/2019
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