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So apparently Francis Ford Coppola sued the kid who accused Victor Salva for five million dollars!

The young girl doing the interview is terrible but thought this was an otherwise interesting interview.

Some highlights;

Salva was a daycare worker on the side, worked with children at boys and girls clubs, did a lot of babysitting of young boys in Hollywood, worked a lot with children when he wasn't directing.

Talks about Corey Feldman around the 15 min. mark. and agrees with that Hollywood is filled with predators of all kinds.

At 18 min. he talks about he and his family never accepted a deal to remain silent or tell his story, but that Hollywood tried to discredit him anyway and that the industry tried to spin Salva's case as a "one time mistake" or a situation between two consenting adults.

At 20 min Winters says that Salva still blames him for not being able to enjoy his career.

At 24 min - Winters mentions that the industry, people who work for Salva or in his movies, are telling Salva's side of the story, but things are starting to change.

Talk about Weinstein, #metoo at 31 min and basically says victims should try and stand together and not be divisive.

I think the most stunning part of the interview is at t 37 min. when Winters says that Coppola stood behind Salva and filed a 5 million dollar lawuit against Winters and his family for breech of contract after Nathan's family went to the police and Salva was arrested.

Generally talks about children having access to resources, encouraging victims to speak up against their abusers, raising awareness about child abuse, seeking help for those that have been abused etc...learning to transition from victim to survivor. At age 12, after Victor was arrested, Nathan wrote him a letter which stated that if he ever had opportunity to abuse a child, he'd do what it takes to stop him (41 min.).

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by Anonymousreply 212/23/2017

."....and stuff."

by Anonymousreply 112/23/2017

LOL, you got that right, R1.

by Anonymousreply 212/23/2017
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