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How to detect spyware on an older computer?

I got an older computer hard drive from work (2014 Mac) when our office upgraded. Before I use it for myself, at home, how can I detect any spyware? Our IT guy is a bit eccentric (i.e. Aspie chub queen), and seems the type who'd like to observe coworkers' (i.e. me) personal online habits (i.e. porn).

by Mac N. Toshreply 512/08/2017

You use a hard drive at home? Huh? What gear are you talking about exactly? An external disk drive? An entire computer that you are now using at home? A hard drive for some reason you swapped into your home computer?

Why would any office let employees take old equipment anyway?

Throw that shit away and buy a new drive for yourself.

by Mac N. Toshreply 112/07/2017

The hard drive was replaced at work with a new model, so I got a three-year-old Mac for free.

A Mac mini (the big flat one, not the tiny one). Docs and stuff are on an external drive. I haven't set it up yet.

"Why would any office let employees take old equipment anyway? " They bought new stuff. Also, I work at home sometimes.

by Mac N. Toshreply 212/07/2017

If you have a Mac mini, it is not a "hard drive". It is a computer. That clears that up.

There are plenty of how-tos on wiping a Mac.

How to wipe your Mac & reset to factory settings

Discover how to wipe all your information and data and return a Mac to factory settings - perfect if you're selling an old machine or passing it on to a relative

by Mac N. Toshreply 312/07/2017

That's not the question, but thanks.

by Mac N. Toshreply 412/08/2017

Malware bytes - look it up

by Mac N. Toshreply 512/08/2017
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