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Homo for the Holidays?

I just saw a HOT (seriously!) strapping young guy on the news. They were doing a story on the "tent city" area, and he was interviewed, talking about how it's so hard to get and stay warm, especially in the mornings. He's blond, appears to be in his very early 20s, and very well built. Should I go look for him and offer him a warm home for the winter season? Do you think he'd give it up for some eggnog and an electric blanket? My hole is thrumming as a I type.

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 5112/08/2017

Assuming you're not a troll seeking attention, what makes you think he's gay?

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 112/06/2017

Gay? Who said anything about him being gay? He's homeless. I'm horny and in the Christmas spirit.

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 212/06/2017

If he's not gay, that is a great way to get bashed or stabbed.

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 312/06/2017

Please do. Tell us what city you're in and we can play Guess Which Obituary is Yours.

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 412/06/2017

Aw, you're all a bunch of negative nellies. Booo! He seemed sweet, and cold, and sad, like a lost (and possibly hung) puppy.

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 512/06/2017

Gurl bye. We'll see you on the next season of the First 48, "Killed By Rough Trade" special.

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 612/06/2017

Don't come here with your non-illustrated jerk off fantasies.

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 712/06/2017

Is that your way of saying this thread is useless without pictures, R7?

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 812/06/2017

Do you know if he's into men his grandad's age?

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 912/06/2017

I hope you wear your most fetching caftan for him.

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 1012/06/2017

Is this him, OP?'

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 1112/06/2017

Beware of tree-fuckers in homeless camps.

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 1212/06/2017

Are you in Atlanta by some chance? I saw the most amazing blonde guy holding up a HOMELESS sign by a freeway exit (not really an every day sight here) circa Thanksgiving day. I wonder if this is a coincidence or not. A group of homeless live by a river/creek down the street from me and tend to be harmless since so well known. But had never seen this one and he was a cutie. Not sure how he smelled but he looked amazing.

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 1312/06/2017

Maybe you can give him a makeover for Christmas!

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 1412/06/2017

The now hipster homeless guy after his makeover. A hobo George Michaels!

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 1512/06/2017

If he's uncut, you'll have a great amuse bouche for your holiday soirée.

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 1612/06/2017

The homeless feeding the hungry & thirsty. Sounds like a Hallmark Classic to me!

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 1712/06/2017

R13, he's in the Las Cruces (I know, I know; I'm in the area on business). I bet he's not from around here, and I'd love to fly him back home to LA for the winter (I commute from my other home in NY often) and would love to have him as a house guest. He's that stunning.

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 1812/06/2017

Thanks. I*m hoping MY adorable Homeless guy is one of those they catch returning to his nice apartment, all of it a ruse. A trust fund baby pretending to live on the street. My kind of hustler. And so damn cute. Too good of a haircut to be homeless too, if you ask me.

If I see him again, I'll take a discrete photo...

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 1912/06/2017


Spelling as sorry as your JO fantasies.

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 2012/06/2017

this is too funny

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 2112/06/2017

Why stop at flying him to your home in LA? Why don't you jet off with Mr. Hobo to Hawaii - there are many "un-housed" now camping out all over Honolulu. He might feel more comfortable in that milieu.

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 2212/06/2017

Plenty of hot humpy well built young blond men are looking to spend time with an old queen. I know.

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 2312/06/2017

Fuck you, cunt at R20. Spelled right enough for you? (For the record, it's probably "J.O.", fyi).

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 2412/06/2017

Takes one to know one, honey.

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 2512/06/2017

wow, the wit...

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 2612/06/2017

Atlanta hottie sounds nice! Invite him over for cookies and endless hot toddies, R19. And please DO post a photo! ;-)

Hawaii is too warm, R22. My idea is to keep the poor (sexy) boy warm by heating up his (presumably) girthy log.

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 2712/06/2017

Instead of eating at home, OP, why not just have some quick takeout? It'll satisfy your hunger just as easily, and no cleanup afterwards.

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 2812/06/2017

Of course, if he looks anything like this, I too would be willing to make an exception. Heh

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 2912/06/2017

Ia this him at the 40 sec mark?

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 3012/06/2017

Starting again. Is this him @ 0.40?

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 3112/06/2017

YES! Bless you, R31! Thanks to your inspired web sleuthing, I even have his name now. Now I can find my beautiful (and soon to be warm and cozy) Matthew Shed and whisk him back home with me. You're a brilliant Santa's Little Helper! *MUUUUUAHHH!* I wish you many hot and heavy yule logs this Xmas!

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 3212/06/2017

Let's hope he has a big dick, because he's a double-bagger.

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 3312/06/2017

Okay, he's very cute. Keep him nice and warm, OP

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 3412/07/2017

While Momma hankers for hot cagemeat, Momma’s friend Auntie yearns for some sweet streetmeat! This drifter has Auntie’s mussy frothier than a freshly salted slug!

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 3512/07/2017

Oh he is cute indeed. AND looks a lot like my Atlanta one -- whom I fear is a crackhead since that seems to be growing around here. Or are these early 20s homeless part of that other drug epidemic we keep hearing about? Either way... be careful.

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 3612/07/2017

[quote]I*m hoping MY adorable Homeless guy is one of those they catch returning to his nice apartment, all of it a ruse. A trust fund baby pretending to live on the street. My kind of hustler. And so damn cute. Too good of a haircut to be homeless too, if you ask me.

Was Veronica Lake with him?

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 3712/08/2017

It's snowing here today. I hope he and his haircut are okay (I'm really hoping he isn't actually homeless but just hitting up the naive for money).

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 3812/08/2017

Maybe a few of us could pitch in and buy a nice house with pool, sauna, etc, for these hot homeless guys, kind of like the infamous Frat Pad house. We adoptive daddies could visit them and tend to their needs (and vice versa), and they in turn could crank out hot internet shows to fund the utilities and upkeep. Then we could all get together as a big family to celebrate the holidays, birthdays, and so on. We could help them get educated, find a job, and pay it forward with a new crop of fresh faces, bubble butts, and big dicks. We would be doing the world a service, really. I read in another thread that Abe of Sean Cody fame is homeless nowadays, so one of us in his area could maybe help rescue him.

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 3912/08/2017

R38, maybe start with something small, like offering him a cozy blanket, or a warm coat with a hood on it. Maybe bring him a good cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Then strike up a friendly conversation, just to see how receptive he is and whether you get a good vibe from him. Start from there. You never know.

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 4012/08/2017

Sorry, Darfur Orphan, but Datalounge can no longer send you money, because our charitable donations are now going toward the homeless shelter described in R39.

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 4112/08/2017

Aaaah, Matt just became a father recently...

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 4212/08/2017

Here's his baby - can the baby go with you, too, OP - you can help Matt change the nappies!

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 4312/08/2017

Heroin. He may do what you want for money, but make no mistake about it. A young blond white guy is not homeless for nothing.

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 4412/08/2017

i love my son lukis and my baby girls ellexis, and lillah

-Matthew Shed

Bonus: he is very fertile!

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 4512/08/2017

Drug addicts steal and lie. They have to.

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 4612/08/2017

What about one of those dirty, natted up hair, dog carrying, traveling Montreal street boys. They can be hot.

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 4712/08/2017

Yeah, I will start up a conversation for sure if I see him again and in the right conditions -- but I will have major Drug-dar on. Might not be heroin but sure as shit could be meth in the corridor of the city where I live. Somehow my car has always been left alone (nice bright parking lot) but don't ask me how. They are everywhere, like "Walking Dead". And, yes, mostly white.

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 4812/08/2017

My take on Black people. Either cray cray or highly creative. Sometimes both. Sometimes one because of the other. Terrible? Anyway she's both.

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 4912/08/2017

That guy is fug

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 5012/08/2017

You still want him in spite of all that spawn, OP? What a kind and giving heart you must have. You could warm him up just from an enema full of your Christmas spirit.

by Ho Ho Mo!reply 5112/08/2017
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