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Did you call and email your US representative & Senator today to


VOTE NO on the Tax Cut and Job bill, IN ANY FORM

We can still Kill this BIll. It is so dangerous and such a mess.

TO call your ONE US Representative: 1-855-980-2350

To Call your senators: use the United States Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121

Click the picture to go to a safe reddit page for more information:

by Anonymousreply 312/06/2017

Click picture to find the contact information of your US Representative and US Senators. You can also google there names to find their own websites.

For Calls: Contact them at all their DC and district and state offices

For emailed letters: Many have an on-line form to send a letter to them.m making it easy.

New Rounds of CALLING and Emails this week because the Tax cuts and jobs bill is in the Conference Committee Phase, a new procedure phase.

TEll them all:

VOTE NO on the Tax Cuts and Jobs bill, IN ANY FORM. JUST VOTE NO.

WE can still Kill this Bill.

by Anonymousreply 112/06/2017

Shame on those who said no. It's a lousy fucking phone call. You couldn't take a few minutes to save so many lives, 13 million to start and millions more when the Republican fucks kill Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

by Anonymousreply 212/06/2017

Apparently, the Californian Republicans US Representatives are saying they might Vote No on the Tax bill NOW. Wow. just wow. This means they are getting a shitload of phone calls and emails telling them to Vote NO.




TELL THEM TO: VOTE NO on the Tax Cuts and Jobs bill, IN ANY FORM.



by Anonymousreply 312/06/2017
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