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Big-box home improvement garden centre hell

Well there were a few hot guys. But otherwise, I felt like a zombie wandering through a post-apocalpytic hell of shitty tawdry consumer goods. Maybe the lighting was off? Didn't help that it was a cold dreary dark afternoon on a commercial strip highway outside Geneva. All the Christmas decor was total crap on fake sale. The cheap orchids in the vulgar usual colors. Ugly cache pots even a retired librarian would snub. The hideous fixtures in lighting. Bicycles that will please no one and fall apart in a few years. Heinous carpets and bathroom decor. Etc. I got what I needed but nearly slit my wrists for the grisly ambience. Felt like those late night visits to 24hour supermarkets on American big-box fast-food strips. I guess the entire world has gone to hell in a hand-basket. Or at least big-box stores in all the countries in the world.

by Holliday cheer? Twinkling lights? Bah humbug. reply 112/06/2017


by Holliday cheer? Twinkling lights? Bah humbug. reply 112/06/2017
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