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Did you buy a horse and regret it?

My sister and BIL bought what seemed like a great horse back in April but it's turned into a money pit.

So far they've spent close to $110 just from the pizza he orders, his home shopping club orders, , not to mention his hay. Did I also mention he talks incessantly?

As they were doing the retraining of all his issues and now the horse started appearing on TV . He's threatening to claim sexual harassment if we don't pay him $15,000.

My sister is livid because they were fine in their dog but my BIL wanted a big horse in a mature neighborhood and thought buying from an elderly couple would mean getting a well cared for horse.

They've burned through their savings and now my BIL wants to get a second horse, and he's convinced that the horse will double in value and help to make the first chatterbox horse shut up. They'll have lots of equines after the new purchase.

by Wilbur Postreply 612/06/2017

Thread Closed.

by Wilbur Postreply 112/06/2017

His name was Paul Revere.

by Wilbur Postreply 212/06/2017


signed, Prince Charles

by Wilbur Postreply 312/06/2017

Who thought this would be a funny thing to post?

by Wilbur Postreply 412/06/2017

OP, obviously, you dullard.

by Wilbur Postreply 512/06/2017

- ∞ / 10

by Wilbur Postreply 612/06/2017
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