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What holds her back from entering the pantheon of DL faves?

by Rifkin reply 8512/07/2017

Ask Margot Kidder.

by Rifkin reply 112/01/2017

I liked her Too-Close version of "The Tide is High" better than Blondie's. old was the character of Muriel when she gave birth to that shark-jumping baby?

by Rifkin reply 212/01/2017

She and her lover Karen Morrow are very mediocre talents. Reminiscent of others but not very singular.

by Rifkin reply 312/01/2017

Umm get it right. It's is BROADWAY'S Nancy Dussault.

There isn't a gay man worth his salt that isn't obsessed with her performance on the Bajour OBCR. Her big duet with Chita is hilarious and her opening number, "Where is the Tribe for me?" is a riot as she keeps adding more and more jungle noises.

She is in lovely voice on Do Re Mi singing such favorites as "Make Someone Happy" and "What's New at the Zoo."

by Rifkin reply 412/01/2017

Muriel Rush was 41 when she popped our little Andrew

In fact, the shark was jumped to begin season 2, 20 episodes into the run!

Did Nancy have a bun in the oven IRL?

by Rifkin reply 512/01/2017

Check that:

Muriel found out she was pregnant on her 42nd birthday

by Rifkin reply 612/01/2017

I've always loved her. She was great on GMA, too.

by Rifkin reply 712/01/2017


by Rifkin reply 812/01/2017

I’ve met her at singing camp back in 2004! I took a nine day musical theatre class which she taught.

by Rifkin reply 912/01/2017

Nancy has no children. And she and Karen Morrow aren’t lovers. Nancy’s been happily married to a lovely man for 30 years. She and Karen close friends for a while, but aren’t nearly so close anymore.

by Rifkin reply 1012/01/2017

Jewish I assume?

by Rifkin reply 1112/01/2017

She used to be on Good Morning America as co-host!!

by Rifkin reply 1212/02/2017

Why? Speaking for myself alone, why would she need data lounge? She has always come across as her own biggest fan. I have no motivation to watch anything with her name attached, including TCFC. The poster who yawned upthread --said it all.

by Rifkin reply 1312/02/2017

Some performers have buzz, some don't. It's just the way the world works, OP.

by Rifkin reply 1412/02/2017

She was always so flirty with Monroll

by Rifkin reply 1512/02/2017


by Rifkin reply 1612/02/2017

It was always more like MONROLL!

by Rifkin reply 1712/02/2017

You mean Monroe. Jm J Bullock. Whatever happened to her?

Anyways. Loved Nancy.

by Rifkin reply 1812/02/2017

It always sounded like ted knight was saying ‘Monroll’

Last I knew, JM J was doing a talk show with Tammy Faye

by Rifkin reply 1912/02/2017

r12 see r7

by Rifkin reply 2012/02/2017

Do they still name little girls, Nancy?

by Rifkin reply 2112/02/2017

"They" will when "they" find out it's the name of a place.

by Rifkin reply 2212/02/2017

It took 23 posts to ask WHO?

Cuz there's your answer.

by Rifkin reply 2312/02/2017

How do people pronounce her name?

by Rifkin reply 2412/02/2017


by Rifkin reply 2512/02/2017

TCFC debuted with the shark already well behind it. Worst "comedy" ever.

by Rifkin reply 2612/02/2017


Ted Knight & JM J Bullock were an 80s version of Laurel & Hardy...

by Rifkin reply 2712/02/2017

A few years back Adam Scott was doing very funny re-creations of Eighties TV shows credit sequences, and he did one for "Too Close for Comfort." It was his weakest one, except Catherine O'Hara perfectly got how tightly wound Dussault is as a comic actress.

(The parody of "Hart to Hart" with Amy Poehler as Stefanie Powers is a thing of genius)

by Rifkin reply 2812/02/2017

They didn’t get that crazed look after Henry spills out of the back end of that couch.

by Rifkin reply 2912/02/2017

R26 it really was. I love a lot of shows of that era probably more than I should but Too Close really epitomized the 70s/80s shitcom.

by Rifkin reply 3012/02/2017

She may have been good in BAJOUR, but she was stiff and struggling to keep up when she was a replacement Witch in the original Broadway production of INTO THE WOODS. I was hoping she would serve up that Golden Era of Broadway professionalism, and perhaps I got it, but there was no side order of excitement.

by Rifkin reply 3112/02/2017

I'm laughing reading this thread, thinking of my dad, who was an exec at the company that produced TCFC. Although he wasn't directly involved in the production, he was obligated to attend the TCFC/Ted Knight Show tapings, as the W. Coast corporate guy (company based in NYC).

He thought it STUNK from day-one! He was amazed that anyone watched it (even if it did air right after Three's Company, that first year ) , let alone that it hung on for as long as it did. (into the Ted Knight Show re-tooling)

Don't get me wrong....he was THRILLED! Many people's livelihoods depended on it, including his. He was just very, very surprised.....because it was so very, very bad!

by Rifkin reply 3212/02/2017

I couldn’t get into that show. I only stuck around to listen to the theme music.

by Rifkin reply 3312/02/2017

Both Karen Morrow and Nancy Dussault were both excellent stage performers but had bad luck with the unsuccessful Broadway shows they originated.

by Rifkin reply 3412/02/2017

Maybe because Muriel never quite looked at Monroe in the same way after the whole rape episode....

by Rifkin reply 3512/02/2017

Where is the tribe for her?

by Rifkin reply 3612/02/2017

Well, no one could accuse her of underselling it.

by Rifkin reply 3712/02/2017

Love her, she has ginger-Jennifer Darling quality about her.

by Rifkin reply 3812/02/2017

I recognize her and her name, but I must have always changed the channel.

by Rifkin reply 3912/02/2017

R32 actually Three's Company holds up surprisingly well. Especially the later Furley / more slapstick less sexcom episodes.

Most episodes are still very enjoyable to watch .

by Rifkin reply 4012/02/2017

She ruined the Andy Griffith Show, I always hated her

by Rifkin reply 4112/03/2017

TCFC was a horrible adaptation of "Keep It In The Family"

by Rifkin reply 4212/03/2017

I still remember an entertainment reporter talking about TCFC. This was during the Suzanne Sommers's TC days when she was relegated to a minute or so at the tag. The ratings were down and the reporter suggested that the audiences wanted her back and it was hurting the night's real loser, TCFC. He then said "Ted Baxter (sic) is a lousy actor but Nancy Dussault is lousier."

by Rifkin reply 4312/03/2017

r21 "Nancy" used to be a diminutive of "Ann," but at some point it became a given name in its own right. (Like Margaret = Peggy.)

by Rifkin reply 4412/03/2017

She once declared Mariette Hartley as a bigger rival than Linda Lavin...

by Rifkin reply 4512/03/2017

Did the carpet match the drapes?

by Rifkin reply 4612/03/2017

R13 really knows who Nan's 'biggest fan' is

by Rifkin reply 4712/03/2017

Did she ever film a Bukake video? I'd pay good money for a glimpse of that.

by Rifkin reply 4812/03/2017

Neither of the daughters knew how to act. The blonde one appeared to be almost retarded.

At some point, they brought in Henry's cousin April. When I was a kid, she was already on the show when I started watching. They got rid of her the following year. It was too bad, she was a good foil for Henry, in a different way from Monroe. I hear the cast hated her, likely because she was actually good unlike the two daughters.

by Rifkin reply 4912/03/2017

April was shrill and annoying

by Rifkin reply 5012/04/2017

They also brought in the legendary brassy broad Audrey Meadows to be the ball bustin’ mother-in-law

by Rifkin reply 5112/04/2017

It's threads like these that keep me coming back. Where else on the web can you get Nancy Dussault discussion?

by Rifkin reply 5212/04/2017

Who knew she could dance?

by Rifkin reply 5312/04/2017

Aging gracefully...

by Rifkin reply 5412/04/2017

So I just googled Too Close For Comfort out of curiosity.

Things I remembered about the show: aired on ABC on Tuesdays, after Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, and Three's Company. I remember Cosmic Cow, that Muriel was pregnant, the daughters lived downstairs after the neighbor - discovered to be a cross-dresser - dies. I remembered Monroe who became the Urkel of the show. That it got cancelled quickly - I would have guessed after two seasons, but it was on ABC for 3 years.

Things I didn't remember: Monroe wasn't a regular from the start, and wasn't even on the first episode. Deena Freeman joins in S2 as Ted Knight's niece, then Audrey Meadows as his mother-in-law in S3. Totally didn't remember the show ran in syndication for three more seasons after ABC cancelled it. And it switched its name to The Ted Knight Show near the end.

Conclusion: While I remember seeing the show as a kid, I must have thought it sucked and not paid much attention.

by Rifkin reply 5512/04/2017

On IMDB Nancy's agent has a short client list and three or four of the people listed are dead.

Debra Van Valkenburg leaning against the door and laughing has to be one of the great opening credits moments. It's clearly not from an episode and shot specially for the credit sequence. I imagine some assistant director putting her there thinking, "I know...we'll shoot her in front of the door!" placing her there, and screaming "Laugh! Debra! Laugh!" as the camera rolled and he tried to get her to be natural. What we see is as good as it got that day.

by Rifkin reply 5612/04/2017

Didn't she do a production of Follies? I think she was Sally.

by Rifkin reply 5712/04/2017

She is part of the Ladies Who Lunch, a group that meets at a French Bistro in West Hollywood for lunch every Tuesday. Others include JoAnne Worley and Carole Cook.

by Rifkin reply 5812/04/2017

At 80, JoAnn is the youngster of the group

by Rifkin reply 5912/04/2017

[quote]Debra Van Valkenburg leaning against the door and laughing has to be one of the great opening credits moments.

As great as my “Falcon Crest” twirl?

I think not.

by Rifkin reply 6012/04/2017

Nancy’s 80 as well. And she looks great, more like she’s 70ish.

by Rifkin reply 6112/04/2017

Here are Debra and Lydia at a trade show in 2012

by Rifkin reply 6212/04/2017

I always got Nancy confused with Anita Gilette.

by Rifkin reply 6312/05/2017

You and me both, r63!

by Rifkin reply 6412/05/2017

I always get her name mixed up with Nancy Marchand.

by Rifkin reply 6512/05/2017

Lydia and Deb have aged very nicely...unlike many others.

by Rifkin reply 6612/05/2017

Interesting factoid: Nancy Dussault’s college boyfriend was Warren Beatty!

by Rifkin reply 6712/05/2017


Which bet did Warren lose for that to happen?

by Rifkin reply 6812/05/2017

How bad were the girls that they got demoted behind JM J and Alice Kramden and that horrible APRIL.?

by Rifkin reply 6912/05/2017

I wonder how much that house in SF is worth today?

by Rifkin reply 7012/05/2017

She’s friends with friends of mine. Posts very liberal comments and a lot of animal rights stories on Facebook. I get the impression she is very well liked.

A lot of people like her Witch in ITW. There’s a video bootleg “out there” of her in the show

by Rifkin reply 7112/05/2017

“Last Midnight”

by Rifkin reply 7212/05/2017

“Stay With Me”

by Rifkin reply 7312/05/2017

r63 I always get Anita Gillette confused with Penny Fuller.

by Rifkin reply 7412/05/2017

r62 When did Debra turn into Julia Sugarbaker?

by Rifkin reply 7512/05/2017

TCFC was such a cheap-looking show!

by Rifkin reply 7612/05/2017

r67, if that's true, then it looks like he was subconsciously looking for someone who resembled his sister.

This show wasn't the worst show of the 80s, but it didn't really become memorable until Jm J Bullock joined the cast. I remember seeing an, E! True Hollywood Story (or some similar tabloid biography show) episode about TCFC. Jm J Bullock talked about how his character increased gay visibility. Even though the character of Monroe wasn't gay, Bullock's performance tripped the gaydars of people who never even knew they had gaydars before seeing TCFC. Bullock said that the producers spoke with him--at Ted's request--and asked him to tone down the gay.

by Rifkin reply 7712/05/2017

I saw Nancy Dussault in a replacement cast of "Side by Side by Sondheim"; she was wonderful, along with a terrific cast of Larry Kert, Georgia Brown and Hermione Gingold. Dussault was also the 1st or 2nd replacement for Mary Martin in the original production of "The Sound of Music"; she had a beautiful trained voice.

by Rifkin reply 7812/05/2017

Straw man argument

by Rifkin reply 7912/07/2017

Her Dorothy Hamill Bundt Cake hair was a minus, Linus.

by Rifkin reply 8012/07/2017

Maybe next year.

by Rifkin reply 8112/07/2017

[quote]R31 BAJOUR, but she was stiff and struggling to keep up when she was a replacement Witch in the original Broadway production of INTO THE WOODS.

So funny...I remember seeing her name on the poster, registering it as Bonnie Franklin, and thinking, "Wow, they are really getting desperate."

All these years I've thought it was that fellow-sitcom redhead Bonnie who schlepped into the 15th rotation of the cast, not Nancy!!

by Rifkin reply 8212/07/2017

Did TCFC ever do any dinner theatre like the Brady’s did?

I could see Nancy doing her cabaret act with intermittent comedy vignettes from Ted & JM J...

by Rifkin reply 8312/07/2017

Corny mediocrity.

by Rifkin reply 8412/07/2017

[quote]Even though the character of Monroe wasn't gay, Bullock's performance tripped the gaydars of people who never even knew they had gaydars before seeing TCFC.

Gaydar? To see him? That's like saying you need radar to see the Empire State Building from 34th Street Manhattan.

by Rifkin reply 8512/07/2017
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