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Breaking: Prince Harry to marry Meghan - Part 2

The first thread is full, my darlings, but we've only just begun. I am impossibly fabulous but I want this to be for and about YOU. So please, tell me everything you adore about me.

by Princess Sparklereply 14912/10/2017

I don't know why people keep saying she's so attractive, she looks like Pippa Middleton. Her nose is weirdly squished looking and her eyes are too close together. I wouldn't even have known she was mixed race if she didn't say anything, she just looks like a tanned white girl.

by Princess Sparklereply 111/28/2017

She's pretty. Let's stop pretending and just get that out of the way. She wouldn't be main love interest in TV series if she wasn't. She's not run-of-the-mill or just attractive, she is pretty by Hollywood standards. Maybe not the most beautiful girl ever but she's pretty much the top of the totem pole for the British Royal Family.

by Princess Sparklereply 211/28/2017

The more I see of her the less pretty I think she is. She looked awful in the engagement pictures, just ragged when outdoors in natural light, and when she turns to one side her nose shape is just bizarre- but a lot like his. Like the Grinch.

Also, her eyes are really close together (just like his) and one kind of angles inward; I think it's called a "wall eye."

Someone on another site also noticed how much they looked alike and did a mashup of their faces superimposed, and it's true - they share many of the same features and proportions, and the shape of their faces are similar.

Then her legs are so incredibly thin and from behind it looks like she has calf implants. The Tumblr freaks call her SpongeBob because of the square torso and pencil legs, and it kind of fits.

I think this might implode before the wedding. The Brits on the DM are grumbling, and they're possibly the most loyal to the RF, so when they get upset I bet even the queen takes notice. Which would be too bad because it is possibly the best opportunity in years for endless snark.

by Princess Sparklereply 311/28/2017

She needs to STFU. She's way too chatty.

by Princess Sparklereply 411/28/2017

They don't look anything alike. And he looks very happy. She's not going to be a queen or even a princess, so what's the big deal? She converting to Anglicanism, just like all the Dutch and German families who married into the British Royal family.

King John murdered his nephew, tried to overthrow his brother, raped the wives and daughters of his nobles and took great pleasure in torruring people, like the families of his former best friends,.

Henry VIII had 6 wives. He killed many of them. He and his two daughters killed 10s of thousands of people over religion.

Richard III murdered his nephews.

The list of rotten, incompetent, stupid, venal, treacherous Brotish royals goes on and on through the centuries. But the English people are pissed because someone who will never be King is marrying a divorced foreigner?

Bitches, please. Get a grip on yourselves. Your royals have been marrying foreigners since they came into existence. Eleanor of Aquitane was divorced when she married the King of England (they called it an annulment but come on. She'd been married for 15 years and gave birth to several children before she married Henry II)

by Princess Sparklereply 511/28/2017

She's not that pretty, especially for someone who's biracial. Let's be honest. There are biracial people whose looks are just extraordinary, out of this world, she's meh.

by Princess Sparklereply 611/28/2017

I can't wait for Tracy Ullman to put her two pence in.

by Princess Sparklereply 711/28/2017

Richard III did not murder his nephews. That is a "fake news" that the Tudors propagated to bolster their (distant) claim to the throne.

by Princess Sparklereply 811/28/2017

I think she’s pretty but not stunning especially for an actress. But that’s fine. None of the royals are that good looking.

by Princess Sparklereply 911/28/2017

Meghan will not be a princess because she was not born royal. Diana was not actually "Princess Diana." She was Diana, Princess of Wales. Only those born royal are allowed to have the title "Princess" before their forename such as Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie. But Kate Middleton, Sarah Ferguson and Sophie Sophie Rhys-Jones all have their titles after their name: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Sarah, Duchess of York and Sophie, Countess of Wessex.

by Princess Sparklereply 1011/28/2017

The couple was just on BBC News on PBS. She is dumb. She said "boots on the ground" when referring to living in the UK. Now that she's "boots on the ground" in Britain she has a lot to learn, she said.

Hon, that's not what "boots on the ground" means.

But... He doesn't seem any brighter than she is.

by Princess Sparklereply 1111/28/2017

Harry is a complete moron. Like, borderline "challenged."

by Princess Sparklereply 1211/28/2017

Maybe she meant "boots on the ground" as in she's in the UK, she's officially engaged, she's got to get to work for the people of the UK.

And I think she's TV pretty, which is pretty much more attractive than anyone who isn't on tv. That being said, at 36, she's not going to get any more attractive.

by Princess Sparklereply 1311/28/2017

The members of royal family are at best very ordinary looking and at worst just plain ugly. Both Kate and Meghan are far better looking than any of that lot, let's be fair. Even if there are far more beautiful girls out there, Harry and William are still punching above their weight.

by Princess Sparklereply 1411/28/2017

I just saw Camilla being interviewed about it, that horse face shouldn't even be allowed out in public!

by Princess Sparklereply 1511/28/2017

[quote]Richard III murdered his nephews.

Conjecture. Neither proven nor globally accepted by historians.

by Princess Sparklereply 1611/28/2017

[quote] I just saw Camilla being interviewed about it, that horse face shouldn't even be allowed out in public!

"Plain" is an overstatement of the Duchess of Cornwall. This family is not known for its beauty.

by Princess Sparklereply 1711/28/2017

I wonder if it's dawned on her that she'll never really ever be alone again. Or even feel like she's alone. Would you ever really believe that someone wasn't watching you or that there wasn't a member of staff around the next corner of your own house or the paparazzi hidden in a hedge outside your hotel room or that your phone wasn't taped. The idea that maybe I was never really alone, not even in my own bedroom, would be suffocating.

by Princess Sparklereply 1811/29/2017

I'm just here to back up R8 and R16.

Justice for Richard!

by Princess Sparklereply 1911/29/2017

r15 Yes, Cammie said ""America's loss is our gain" I thought, "Yeah right bitch, you and Charles are privately having a snit fit over this whole match."

by Princess Sparklereply 2011/29/2017

Has Phillip croaked yet???

by Princess Sparklereply 2111/29/2017

Wow. Meghan will be in for all the doings. Phillip's funeral, The queen's funeral. The coronation of Charles, the installation of William as Prince of Wales. So much pomp and so many dresses!

by Princess Sparklereply 2211/29/2017

Meghan also have to curtesy to every royal and their dog for all eternity. Apparently if Harry isn't there she needs to curtesy to all more senior royals, which would be every other royal under the sun. If Harry is there she'll still need to curtesy to the Queen, Philip, Charles and Camilla. Although apparently Camilla is less stuffy about these things and is prone to tell people she likes not to bother.

by Princess Sparklereply 2311/29/2017

To whom would Meghan have to curtsey? Just the Royals who precede her husband in the line of succession to the throne, right? Because otherwise that sounds like way too much bowing and bending.

by Princess Sparklereply 2411/29/2017

I wonder if all her phone calls will be monitored? Secretly, I mean.

After Diana and Charles had their cell phone messages snatched, there are certainly ways to do that. And, of course, anything coming out of Kensington Palace could be monitored. There is no way the RF is going to risk any unfortunate leaks.

Probably means then end of the scoops for her gossip column pal, too.

by Princess Sparklereply 2511/29/2017

Would she have to curtesy to baby George? Do they curtesy to children?

by Princess Sparklereply 2611/29/2017

R24, when Harry isn't there, she'll have to curtesy to a whole lot of royal-borns (Elizabeth, Anne, Charlotte, Beatrice, Eugenie, some of the Queen's female cousins, and then Camilla and Kate who are ahead of her in precedence). They changed this to put royal-borns up top a few years ago because Anne hated being behind Kate in royal precedence. When Harry is there then she'll be in line with him. Yes, it is all bonkers.

by Princess Sparklereply 2711/29/2017

So when Harry isn't around is she really expected to curtesy to a 3 year old? The indignity of it.

by Princess Sparklereply 2811/29/2017

R27- I always thought they changed it because of Andrews girls. I think it was around the same time Charles started talking about streamlining the monarchy. Andrew put up a stink about his daughters getting royal apartments and them being princesses of the blood. When William is not around Kate has to curtesy to those two fuggos.

by Princess Sparklereply 2911/29/2017

There is a really long complicated set of rules on this called Orders of precedence in the United Kingdom. Better to look at The Wikipedia than the actual document.

by Princess Sparklereply 3011/29/2017

[quote]Harry is a complete moron. Like, borderline "challenged."

Yeah, she is definitely the comparatively intelligent one.

by Princess Sparklereply 3111/29/2017

Back in the day there was a scandal when it was alleged - by a laid-off teacher, tbf - that the teachers did most of the work to get him to pass the entrance exam at Eton and then again his two A levels that he needed to go to the military academy. One of them was art, and that's the one the teachers helped him with, she said - he painted and they did the explanatory / critical writing bit. He also barely passed geography. And never went to university. He seemed happy as one of the lads in military service. If he weren't born into the RF you could see him being one of the blokes working at the local garage and breaking at 5 for a pint at the pub with his mates.

That's not a criticism of him, exactly, more about how the inherited bloodlines thing maybe isn't the most effective strategy for picking leaders. That's assuming he even has the so-called "royal blood" given persistent rumors about his paternity. The whole British monarchy is a cobbled-together fable anyway, from minor German "royalty" that originally stole the land blah blah blah.

by Princess Sparklereply 3211/29/2017

[quote]That's not a criticism of him, exactly, more about how the inherited bloodlines thing maybe isn't the most effective strategy for picking leaders.

Yes, Britain decided that a LONG time ago. That is why the Royal family is a ceremonial tradition that is ultimately meaningless in the actual running of the country.

by Princess Sparklereply 3311/29/2017

The Royal family aren't exactly known for the intelligence or intellectual curiosity, although I'm not sure Harry is as dim everyone is making out. He might have been lazy rather than totally stupid. If you know people will carry you through school and you never have to apply for work or prove yourself in life what motivation do you have to try all that hard. At anything, ever.

by Princess Sparklereply 3411/29/2017

[quote] ...more about how the inherited bloodlines thing maybe isn't the most effective strategy for picking leaders.

This was also true about military leaders who (in the past, anyway) were from the upper classes. One of the reasons so many of that class were killed in WWI. As the young officers, they died along with their units.

Napoleon's officers, though, were frequently promoted because of their skill, rather than their family.

by Princess Sparklereply 3511/29/2017

Technically Katherine Cambridge has to cursty to Beatrice and Eugenie. Now where's the justice in that?

by Princess Sparklereply 3611/29/2017

Only If The Duke of Cambridge (Prince William) is not present. I doubt that she would meet them socially without him? She doesn't appear to be close to either of 'The Ugly Sisters'

by Princess Sparklereply 3711/29/2017

Are people meant to curtsy for us?? No one ever has! Not Kate, not Meghan, not the butler, not the maid, no one. We can't even get the corgis to heal.

by Princess Sparklereply 3811/29/2017

Harry is quite a dim bulb. When the scandal about him wearing a Nazi armband as part of his "costume" for some party (later his action was explained as a "poor choice of costume") broke, it was said that he had no idea that what Nazis really were and was completely ignorant about them. I tend to believe that. He's done some REALLY dumb things. And maybe getting married to a D-list actress is one of them.

by Princess Sparklereply 3911/29/2017

Wasn't it a "bad taste" costume party r39, where everybody dresses in something shocking or offensive? So he must have had some idea who they were. It was meant to be a private party that the public wouldn't know anything about, but of course some other spoiled rich prat couldn't help taking a photo and selling it to the tabloids. Harry probably thought it was easier to play dumb, then to admit he deliberately wore something so offensive to fit in with his peers.

Apparently Charles was livid.

by Princess Sparklereply 4011/29/2017

As someone said earlier the Nazi thing isn't that unacceptable in The UK (or The US) if it is done in a humorous way (thin Allo Allo!). The Tabloids made a big deal of it.

by Princess Sparklereply 4111/29/2017

[quote]That's not a criticism of him, exactly, more about how the inherited bloodlines thing maybe isn't the most effective strategy for picking leaders.

Well, OUR strategy hasn't been working out well for us lately lol!

by Princess Sparklereply 4211/29/2017

Have you ever seen The former Prime Minister's David Cameron's lineage? He was more Royal than The Windsor's, suppose that's how we're in the current mess.

by Princess Sparklereply 4311/29/2017

They are not compatible. she is too fake and putting on an act. If that is the real her, then I would hate her, she is annoying as fuck.

He is gonna be sick of her real soon. I bet you that he's gonna be cheating with one of his former exes within a year or two. He loves blondes, he will definitely stray. He is spoiled and gets what he wants all the time and this girl isn't gonna change nothing.

by Princess Sparklereply 4411/29/2017

I know this is mean, but those two York sisters are just totally fucking useless. They should've taken a cue from Anne's two kids, who stay in the background, have jobs and have their own lives away from the Royal Family.

by Princess Sparklereply 4511/29/2017

I think she'll miss constantly tweeting and blogging about herself. But the press will do all that for her. This is probably a good thing for the royal family. The Queen and even Charles/Camilla are too old for all the official engagements they carry out. William and Kate don't seem to enjoy interacting with the public or even leaving their home; the public considers them to be lazy. Meghan will probably love getting dressed up and attending special events where she's the center of attention. She'll bring back glamour that hasn't been seen since Diana.

by Princess Sparklereply 4611/29/2017

"Well, OUR strategy hasn't been working out well for us lately lol!"

Re American current leadership - so sad and so true, R42. Hope we make it. And then the Brits have Brexit. Maybe we should put these relatively harmless interbred dim bulbs in charge after all. Kidding, I think?

by Princess Sparklereply 4711/29/2017

[quote] attending special events where she's the center of attention. She'll bring back glamour that hasn't been seen since Diana.

That all depends. Probably not.

Diana was unique. First, she was a young English girl, shy at first, but eventually, as her personality formed, becoming a confident, striking woman. From the beginning, people were drawn to her, partly because of the "fairy tale" stuff, and the big wedding, etc. But it didn't take long for people to be drawn to her because of herself and her genuine interest in people. Her aura, I suppose one might call it. Unlike the standoffish other members of the Royal Family, she was much more personal to people. Additionally, eventually, Diana had the poise and figure and taste in clothes to become a real icon. Even today, looking at photos of the dresses that were auctioned for charity, her taste and fashion sense shine.

Sparkle is not young, nor is she English, nor is she in the least bit shy. She is a mature, previously married foreigner who will be marrying a man who is held in a special affection by many in his country because of the little boy he was. It is entirely possible that she might be viewed with some suspicion as to her motives by some, but even to those who are more open to her, can she really be so clueless as to expect that she automatically will immediately attain "Diana" status??? As if.

In addition, in the circumstances we have already seen where she appears with Harry, she has not shown any particular interest in anyone BUT Harry. Nor does she project the warmth to people that radiated from Diana.

I suspect Sparkle sees herself as stepping into Diana's shoes. Not going to happen.

Diana was unique. The crowds who gathered when she made appearances were there to see HER. Not even her husband could compete.

If Sparkle thinks she will generate the same kind of interest just by showing up, she is in for a shock.

Diana earned the attention she got and she learned to make the most of it for causes that were important to her.

Sparkle has not earned any such thing, nor will it be automatically given to her.

by Princess Sparklereply 4811/29/2017

Diana wasn't "unique." She was very ordinary, a not very bright girl who had shallow interests like partying and pop music. And her "taste and fashion sense?" Those dresses she wore were hideous! Pure 80s excess, the most glaring example being her horrid wedding gown, a "poufy monstrosity" as one observer put it. She was never "confident"; she always felt put upon and insecure. And she sure didn't have any "genuine interest" in people. When asked why she did charity work she let out an "airhead screech" and shrieked "what else do I have to do?" Diana got attention because she was young and attractive, but as a human being she was nothing more than a very disturbed woman who had no idea what to do with her life. And of course she kept getting involved with the most awful men, which ultimately led to her premature death.

Sparkle just wants to be as popular as Diana. But that won't happen. Poor Di was such a sad case. That was pa large part of her charm.

by Princess Sparklereply 4911/29/2017

[quote] [R24], when Harry isn't there, she'll have to curtesy to a whole lot of royal-borns (Elizabeth, Anne, Charlotte, Beatrice, Eugenie, some of the Queen's female cousins, and then Camilla and Kate who are ahead of her in precedence). They changed this to put royal-borns up top a few years ago because Anne hated being behind Kate in royal precedence. When Harry is there then she'll be in line with him. Yes, it is all bonkers.

Sparkle ain't gonna curtsey. She'll be like "... don't let it get you down, girls, I'm only an American."

by Princess Sparklereply 5011/29/2017

[quote] I suspect Sparkle sees herself as stepping into Diana's shoes. Not going to happen.

Sparkle doesn't wear hand-me-downs. She could not be more different from Diana. She is about the age Diana was when she was killed, but Sparkle is overflowing with confidence whereas Diana was painfully insecure her whole life. Sparkle has already conquered and she will not be easily handled by those who would thwart her ambitions. However vague those ambitions are at the moment.

by Princess Sparklereply 5111/29/2017

[quote] Sparkle has already conquered and she will not be easily handled by those who would thwart her ambitions.

Since Prince Charles has been taking on more responsibility, particularly since his father bowed out, the balance of power is shifting toward Clarence House and Charles' staff.

Sparkle has conquered none of them. As for being easily handled, given his hard won experience with Diana, Charles and his team will have no trouble handling a middle aged actress from a 2nd or 3rd rate cable show.

by Princess Sparklereply 5211/29/2017

Oh look, its one of the deranged anti Diana loons at r49. It identifies with Camilla because it's as hideous as Camilla. The very opposite of Diana!

by Princess Sparklereply 5311/29/2017

^It is the 'handling' that will cause problems r52. You are right. The RF is known as "the firm" for a reason. Millions of pounds of public money are managed by it and spent by it, for the benefit of those key players born into it. These senior royals all have their own staff to run their households as departments which have been well reported to be political hotbeds of protection and promotion of vested interests. During the couple's TV interview Meghan gave the impression of being on Ellen, promoting her show, with Harry following her lead. She may be indulged initially but she too will be managed and will need to adapt. They will not risk loosing the post Diana goodwill (and continuing financial support) they have achieved. No one likes a Pushy Princess.

by Princess Sparklereply 5411/29/2017

[quote]To whom would Meghan have to curtsey?

Me, for a start. Oh, and the ugly sisters, too.

by Princess Sparklereply 5511/29/2017

The guy who she left for Harry is very attractive. Way hotter than the prince.

by Princess Sparklereply 5611/29/2017

Some of the "fonts" on LSA are upset that Sparkle has an all-white life. They've been going through her social media and claim that the only black "friend" she has is Serena Williams. Can I get a, "Hallelujah!"?

From LSA: [quote]When was the last time this chicken legged square built sway backed heiffer wore her natural curls? The 90s?

She's whitewashed and them lizards can have her! Also I thought her escort tea was spilled on here years ago when she was a nobody...that Soho House dude seems like a of those women are her pimp too.

Meanwhile, some of the anti-Markle brigade on the DM have taken to calling her "Wallis" and the chef she two-timed with Harry has posted a video of a chicken endlessly roasting. The joke apparently being that Me-Again claims that she and Harry, despite her self-proclaimed vegan-ish diet, were roasting a chicken when he proposed.

by Princess Sparklereply 5711/29/2017

Diana has a natural charm about her, she was real and genuine. This girl isn't. She is putting on an act. really fake. I don't like her and she is too hungry for fame.

by Princess Sparklereply 5811/29/2017

Sorry forgot to post the LSA thread link. Let's try the quote function again. From LSA - got Crazy?

[quote]When was the last time this chicken legged square built sway backed heiffer wore her natural curls? The 90s? She's whitewashed and them lizards can have her! Also I thought her escort tea was spilled on here years ago when she was a nobody...that Soho House dude seems like a of those women are her pimp too.

by Princess Sparklereply 5911/29/2017

Cheagan = Cheating Vegan.

by Princess Sparklereply 6011/29/2017

I agree r49. She was a person with strong points and faults like everyone else. People who make her a saint are being unfair. No one can live up to that. She wasn't especially bright, but her emotional intelligence was through the roof so she could play the public like a fiddle, something Charles never worked out how to do. But she was really just an ordinary woman in an extraordinary situation. That's it.

by Princess Sparklereply 6111/29/2017

Curtsying to a minor born princess is just a little bob. Now when Anne greeted the Letizia, she did the full knee to the floor. It's perfunctory. Truly a NBD.

by Princess Sparklereply 6211/29/2017

Diana was the most beloved human being in the world! There will never be another Diana.

by Princess Sparklereply 6311/30/2017

Would this Z-list actress make the cover of Elle France on her own merits?

by Princess Sparklereply 6411/30/2017

The Markle Family Tree.

by Princess Sparklereply 6511/30/2017

Considering publication times, how is it that Elle France already has her on their cover, heralding their engagement?

by Princess Sparklereply 6611/30/2017

A sense of foreboding...the glory of Meghan Markle.

My prediction: with her overconfident swollen head, she'll want to become the new Diana or maybe win the Nobel Prize for her charitable work.

by Princess Sparklereply 6711/30/2017

R67, that is the picture, when i saw that, i thought "wow, so fake!" she is totally acting! she has no boobs, no beauty, merely average in looks. not sure about her ass and she's not his type. he's dated blondes all his life. he's an idiot anyways if he's happy, then fine. she's just another fame whore, typical actress.

by Princess Sparklereply 6811/30/2017

R67 - Wave photo caption=

Hi, I'm Miss Markle and I SPARKLE. Look what I've snagged! You'll be seeing a lot of me so get used to it, bitches! See ya!

by Princess Sparklereply 6911/30/2017

Who the fuck would find her turned up Bob Hope nose attractive?

by Princess Sparklereply 7011/30/2017

If she's so confident and ambitious now, I can only imagine what she'll be like with a royal title and all of the privilege. She already thinks she's a special snowflake.

by Princess Sparklereply 7111/30/2017

R70, it's not her real nose. she got a nose job.

by Princess Sparklereply 7211/30/2017

R72 - I know. It's not even a good nose job and some women are now requesting the "Meghan Nose".

by Princess Sparklereply 7311/30/2017

She's an actress with only bit parts and then lands a producer to help her get bigger parts = TV show Suits. Divorces husband after only 2 years.

She starts dating a chef = creation of a food and lifestyle blog called The Tig.

She's older and realizes that the acting jobs will soon dry up so branching out in philanthropy sounds like a good career move = dump the chef and play a Prince like a violin. Voila royal engagement!

It could all be a coincidence but it looks like a pattern to me.

by Princess Sparklereply 7411/30/2017

Princess Anne looks perfectly deranged. First class bitch, too.

by Princess Sparklereply 7511/30/2017

you bitches are just haters!

by Princess Sparklereply 7611/30/2017

Hey Princess Sparkle since youre not a virgin maybe you could wear green on your wedding day so that those haters will feel envious all over again.

by Princess Sparklereply 7711/30/2017

I love the Princess Anne curtsey at r75.

by Princess Sparklereply 7811/30/2017

A longtime friend and a maid-of-honor at Meghan's first wedding has a very telling observation about Meghan in this Daily Mail article. Her friendship with Meghan turned cold after she split from her first husband.

"All I can say now is that I think Meghan was calculated — very calculated — in the way she handled people and relationships. She is very strategic in the way she cultivates circles of friends. Once she decides you’re not part of her life, she can be very cold".

"It’s this shutdown mechanism she has. There’s nothing to negotiate. She’s made her decision and that’s it."

As I suspected, she uses men for her own benefit. She said herself that she's "ambitious" and I think we should believe her. I have no doubt that Miss Sparkle wouldn't give Harry the time of day if he wasn't a Prince.

by Princess Sparklereply 7912/02/2017

Meghan Markle is just like Grace Kelly giving up her fabulous Hollywood career to marry a prince.

by Princess Sparklereply 8012/02/2017

yes, i can tell she is calculating, from the interview with harry and that photo op. so fake. i don't feel sorry for harry, he's an absolute idiot. she will probably grow to hate being a royal, all day just go to some bs function and shake hands, takes selfies, so fucking boring.

by Princess Sparklereply 8112/02/2017

She'll have children.

Make friends.

They'll have wonderful homes.

They'll travel a lot.

She'll have her causes.

She won't be EXPECTED to do as much as Kate, if she hates functions.

by Princess Sparklereply 8212/02/2017

Hmm, royal dish just closed their Harry and Meghan section due to accusations of racist name calling. Not that there was anything there with much substance, but it was interesting to read the salt vs sugar perspectives from the posters over the last couple of days.

I am in the salty camp. Harry is definitely no prize but his PR seemed to have done a good job rehabilitating his image over the last few years, and now he's gone and let his work be overshadowed by his girlfriend. I've been sort of following the couple since last fall's awkward "LEAVE HER ALONE" statement. The irony is hardly anyone knew her, and she had been the one putting up thirsty "clues" posts on Instagram - ie the bracelet, teapot, bananas etc. I get the same artificial, self-promoting vibe from her that many other posters do. Most celebrities and Instagram "influencers" are like that so I can't complain, but the quasi humanitarian shtick really left a bad taste in my mouth, and the opinion/essay pieces she wrote about the volunteerism and the dishwashing campaign were the final straw. Good luck to the pair, but I won't be watching as I have seen enough cringe to last me a lifetime.

Oh and: even though her former best friend sold her out, I liked seeing those old photos. Meghan looks the same now (still beautiful) but she seemed like a normal human being back then, with a normal friend network. How did she change so massively in couple of years? How does a relatively unknown cable TV actress meet the A+ list? Teach me the game of networking, Meghan!

by Princess Sparklereply 8312/02/2017

i think her series suits was quite popular in the UK.

by Princess Sparklereply 8412/02/2017

Oh look, its one of the deranged Diana fangurl loons at R53. It identifies with Diana because it's as mentally deranged and stupid as Diana. Diana and R53: both mentally ill and imbeciles.

by Princess Sparklereply 8512/02/2017

I'm relieved that the Daily Fail isn't being too harsh on her, and people seem to be welcoming to her. Regardless, I will divert you to the loveliness that is Andrew Chatto.

by Princess Sparklereply 8612/02/2017

Good God! - a Royal with a Muscle Mary Instagram page! What next?

by Princess Sparklereply 8712/02/2017

I'm glad she's calculating, I think you need to be with the bunch of narcissists that are The British Royal Family.

by Princess Sparklereply 8812/02/2017

I don't blame Kate & William for being a bit lazy.

Their lives are going to change dramatically in the next 10 -20 years (if Charles lives that long?). When The Queen dies and he ceases to be Heir Apparent and becomes Prince of Wales and then King nothing will ever be the same.

Let them have a normal(ish) family life for a while.

by Princess Sparklereply 8912/02/2017

[quote]Meghan Markle is just like Grace Kelly giving up her fabulous Hollywood career to marry a prince.

The only thing Meghan has in common with Grace is that they're both tramps. Grace, however, was a high class courtesan compared to this Wallis Simpson wannabe.

by Princess Sparklereply 9012/02/2017

Meghan spent literal years planning and circling the UK rich society like a vulture.

by Princess Sparklereply 9112/02/2017

Who cares. No one was ever going to meet Harry by accident. He wasn't exactly going to meet Tracey from Wessex at the pub.

by Princess Sparklereply 9212/02/2017

There are theories that she used to be a kept woman of some powerful men in high positions or that she was a high class escort who probably shagged powerful rich men. I will not be surprised if harry was one of her high class hook up client, he just happen to be one of the few men that took it further.

by Princess Sparklereply 9312/02/2017

I hope she starts wearing pants and/or long dresses, because her legs leave a lot to be desired.

by Princess Sparklereply 9412/02/2017

[quote]Meghan spent literal years planning and circling the UK rich society like a vulture.

Maybe she got some tips from Waitey Katie, who made sure she enrolled in the same University as William and stalked him relentlessly. All with the help of Mother Dearest, of course.

by Princess Sparklereply 9512/02/2017

That chef she dumped - Cory V. - is gorgeous. I wonder if he gets invited to the wedding?

by Princess Sparklereply 9612/02/2017

yes, i believe she could have been a whore. many actresses esp c listers like her and models are available for sale.

by Princess Sparklereply 9712/02/2017

Now she's a hooker?

I don't get why you're assassinating her to such a degree.

Are you all really THAT jealous?

by Princess Sparklereply 9812/02/2017

R98 Maybe people see through her public image

by Princess Sparklereply 9912/02/2017

No, I think you Bitter Betties are just jealous, and are even going so far as to invent whole scenarios to justify it in your heads. It's not YOU that's horrible, it's her! What, she hasn't done anything particularly bad or off-putting? What about THAT expression, or her thoughts, which I can clearly read from her mind! How dare she think I'm a useless twat! That bitch!

by Princess Sparklereply 10012/02/2017

Chill, R100. This is DL. It's what we do.

It's interesting to speculate how Diana would have reacted to Meghan. Jumping up and down with excitement, as Harry said, or saddened because of the phoniness and the obvious social climbing.

by Princess Sparklereply 10112/02/2017

Wedding Thread, OP.

by Princess Sparklereply 10212/02/2017

Why has no one commented on her evil plan to wrest control of the crown from Duke Ellington and the Queen and use it for her long term hustle of taking over Western Europe and installing indoctrination schools in every town and village, all teaching the horrible chant that will raise Yog Soggoth from the depths of the abyss to reclaim his dominion o'er the earth!??!!!!

by Princess Sparklereply 10312/03/2017

[quote]Chill, [R100]. This is DL. It's what we do.

No 'we' don't.

'We' do not talk like this about everyone AT ALL. In fact 'we' can be incredibly PRO some people...

This is obviously the way it's always going to be RE Meghan. The Yoko Ono of Datalounge.

by Princess Sparklereply 10412/03/2017

[quote]Wedding Thread, OP.

Too soon for that.

They just got engaged.

One step at a time.

by Princess Sparklereply 10512/03/2017

Then I guess you just need to get over it, R104, because it won't stop.

by Princess Sparklereply 10612/03/2017

[quote]Then I guess you just need to get over it, [R104], because it won't stop.

Yes. I realise that.

by Princess Sparklereply 10712/03/2017

The escort theory was discussed on lipstick alley and I don't actually think it can't be possible. I don't think most people commenting are envious it is just that there is still a mystery how they met. Something just isn't right about how they started dating. The person who came up with the high class escort theory was specific about how she probably had British upperclass female madam type boss who might have hooked her up with Harry. Now it might not be female madam it might be an agent.

by Princess Sparklereply 10812/03/2017

R108 - both Harry and Sparkle were pretty "coy" on who introduced them. They didn't want anyone to get any ideas that either of them were in a relationship at the time and screwed around (hint: Meghan and the chef).

R79 - it will be interesting to see if she retains any of the friends she made while working in Toronto. She may keep in touch with the Mulroney and Trudeau women because they have powerful connections but I have a feeling that the rest of them are toast. They're no longer required.

by Princess Sparklereply 10912/03/2017

"No, I think you Bitter Betties are just jealous, and are even going so far as to invent whole scenarios to justify it in your heads. It's not YOU that's horrible, it's her! "

Oh shut UP, you blithering buffoon. Go ahead and swoon over Sparkle all you want, but not everyone is as enamored of her as you. Some people see her for what she is; you see her as a fairy tale princess. That is indeed fucked up.

by Princess Sparklereply 11012/03/2017

Black American women celebrate falling barriers as Meghan Markle joins royals:

by Princess Sparklereply 11112/03/2017

Harry not marrying until well after thirty plus marrying an old bag of 36 = HARRY IS 'MO!

by Princess Sparklereply 11212/03/2017

But since Harry was not sired by the royal blood line it probably does not matter much.

by Princess Sparklereply 11312/03/2017

r110 see, you just invented a bunch of shit I didn't say or think. I don't think she's god's gift, but I'm not going out of my way to invent ridiculous stories and look for every flaw and pore like some of you twats. At least wait until she trips and falls or accidentally calls the Queen "mom" before you bring out the pitchforks. I think you, r110, need to get fucked, and bad.

by Princess Sparklereply 11412/03/2017

[quote] Meghan Markle is just like Grace Kelly giving up her fabulous Hollywood career to marry a prince.

OK. This comment gives me a chance to ask a question I've been wanting to ask.

Prior to becoming attached to Harry, was Sparkle famous? On her own, famous? Unable to walk the street without crowds gathering famous? I mean really, really famous? Was her career all that? Were motion pictures pounding at her door famous? Or was she a "Aren't you so and so on the TV show, um, what is it called, I'll remember in a moment" famous?

Grace Kelly certainly was famous. She was big time famous. Oscar winning famous. Hitchcock directed famous. Worked with the top male stars (Gary Cooper, Ray Milland, Cary Grant, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, etc. etc.) famous. Cover of Life Magazine famous - and THAT WAS WORLD FAMOUS.

I never heard of Sparkle before the "Stop bothering my girlfriend" comments and then the "We're in Love" Vanity Fair article. Those both struck me as self promotion.

And I never even heard of "Suits" before. Was she the star of that show? Was hers the main character? Were fans demanding more and more Sparkle?

An actress who has not hit the really, really big time by her age is not going to make it that big. She is just too old.

So, did I miss a tidal wave of pre-Harry Sparkle fame?

Or are these claims to fame I keep reading about all BS?

Some of these UK newspaper stories seem to be wildly inflating her accomplishments (and importance).

by Princess Sparklereply 11512/03/2017

r115 and vice versa. Just because you weren't aware of a television show doesn't mean others (and in other countries) weren't. She wasn't particularly famous aside from Suits, but she was a working actress - one of the main characters (and the romantic female lead) - in a long-running (7 seasons so far) TV show that had strong ratings, and she was there since the beginning of the series. She'd hit it big, for TV. The only step up from there would be headlining her own show. She's been in Suits since she was in her late 20's. She's pretty and has a great body, but she's not a typical cover model. She has an interesting genetic background and it gives her a different look than a lot of what's out there.

She's definitely more famous now because of marrying Harry than she would have been otherwise, though. Is that what's troubling you? I'm failing to see the issue here. Was she required to be an A-list Hollywood actress before she would be acceptable to marry Harry?

I'm no raving Suits fan, or raving Meghan Markle fan - I watched the first three seasons before I got bored with it - but she's a major part of it, or was, and was well known for that. And she's done other things as well, which I'm sure you know about. She wasn't going to win any Academy awards for her acting, but she is a decent actress and she seems pleasant enough.

Not sure why you seem so suspicious of her. Do I think she has an agenda? Of course, who doesn't have plans? Does that make her some sort of golddigger who will undermine the British Monarchy while bringing back wooden clogs and nude breakdancing? I hardly think so.

I think the UK press is just excited to have something fresh and new to write about other than Brexit or how lazy Kate and Wills are. And Harry's always been the "fun" prince, so there's that. I am sure that if something sordid turns up in her past that they will be all over that, too, and judging by the bitchy/grumpy/curmudgeonly comments on the Mail Online and here there's a sizable portion of people who hate her already just for existing and being perky.

by Princess Sparklereply 11612/03/2017

No, she wasn't well known. 99% of Americans had never heard of her before Harry. She wasn't even C-list level, promoted on Just Jared levels of fame. She was like a notch above a daytime soap actress.

by Princess Sparklereply 11712/03/2017

R117 since you didn't even know about the show, how do you know 99.9% of Americans didn't know? Maybe you're just ignorant.

Regardless, who the fuck cares? She wasn't an A-List actress. She was a reliable main character on a long-running series. So?

by Princess Sparklereply 11812/03/2017

Comparing this very average and well used old bag to Grace Kelly in 1956 is like comparing a gold purse to a sow's ear!

by Princess Sparklereply 11912/03/2017

R118, you seem to be taking Sparkle VERY VERY seriously. She was a no-name actress on a basic cable show almost nobody had ever heard. Those are the facts. Sorry that seems to be bothering you so.

by Princess Sparklereply 12012/03/2017

R115 Nailed It. Never. Ever. Heard. of. Meghan. Markle. Lived in Ottawa, Canada a few years, traveled the world literally, lived overseas 10 years, on Social Media, 2 University degrees, Use Internet for Work - Never. Heard. Of. Markle. Until Harry arrived on the scene.

So, MM was/is basically unknown. Even today.

by Princess Sparklereply 12112/03/2017

So what you're saying, Canadian, is that you never heard of her? Just wanted to clarify.

Again, who cares?

by Princess Sparklereply 12212/03/2017

r120 it's interesting that you seem so invested in saying no one's ever heard of her, and yes obviously by comparison I am invested in saying you're full of shit. Regardless. They've heard of her now, haven't they?

by Princess Sparklereply 12312/03/2017

[quote] Again, who cares?

When people compare Sparkle to World Famous (before her marriage) Grace Kelly - it is completely fair to ask if those comparisons have any validity.

When newspapers write that she is a very famous actress and giving up a big career in the US and/or Canada - it is completely fair to question those comments to determine if there is any truth there.

When an actress is very famous, even those who have not seen her work know who she is. Because the fame itself feeds on itself.

Cable TV shows by their nature have a much smaller audience than TV shows did back when the US had 3 major networks and no cable. At that time, stars of a show could achieve big fame by appearing weekly (for 23 - 26 weekly shows). The audience numbers of any cable shows are significantly lower than that.

So if Sparkle has only become this famous AFTER the "Leave my girlfriend alone" comments, that means her "big fame" is due to her association with Harry.

I know the names of many, many supporting actors and freely acknowledge that many people might find them vaguely familiar without knowing who they are. That is not the kind of big fame that I am seeing attributed to Sparkle from the UK newspaper articles.

by Princess Sparklereply 12412/03/2017

I’m an American and the first I’d heard of her was the engagement. I don’t watch most tv shows.

But that doesn’t matter, and I’m not going to pretend it does. She’s from a mixed race family who were of very modest means, she’s a celebrity in her own right (and not just for being an upwardly-mobile striver like Kate), she does humanitarian work and she’s exquisite (feel free to pretend otherwise if it makes you feel better).

Whether she’s good enough for them is not the operative question here, lol.

by Princess Sparklereply 12512/03/2017

R123, you have many posters, the majority here, saying Markle was a no-name actress, and yet you come off as the fucking hall monitor, screaming that she 'hit it big in TV." The facts aren't on your side.

by Princess Sparklereply 12612/03/2017

Her fame is due to her association with Harry. It is not like she was was on an Emmy winning or nominated show. Anyone that says other wise is a frau. I am familiar with c list actresses and I have never heard of her until she was discussed in the tabloid about been harry girlfriend.

by Princess Sparklereply 12712/03/2017

[quote]and she’s exquisite

That’s a funny way to spell “equine”.

by Princess Sparklereply 12812/03/2017

The person comparing her to Grace Kelly was clearly a troll. Clearly they succeeded in causing trouble.

by Princess Sparklereply 12912/03/2017

Many on DL commented that they thought Miss Sparkle's fashion choices reminded them of the late Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. Yep, you guys were spot on.

by Princess Sparklereply 13012/05/2017

That's amazing when you see those photos. She is channelling Carolyn Bessette. Which I don't see as a good thing. That wedding dress did nothing for her. Could have been a nightgown. Just blech. I like simplicity but it can go too far. A little style, a little warmth, would be nice.

by Princess Sparklereply 13112/05/2017

Carolyn knew how to do streamed down, classic minimalism. Sparkle's beige skirt looked bulky and ill fitting and the boots were a slouchy mess.

Bessette was the perfect convergence of Calvin Klein and NYC simplicity. I don't see that working for royal duties or London. Sparkle seems too fussy and sorority girl fake enthusiasm. And the ripped jeans will be a no-go from now on.

by Princess Sparklereply 13212/05/2017

Never heard of MM, until the Harry thing.

The pro-Markle big push/hype for her in the press is fairly obvious - lots of people fall for it, that's why it's done.

It feels so fake to me. Something just ain't right. It doesn't pass the smell test.

by Princess Sparklereply 13312/05/2017

R133 - the British press are notorious for praising an individual to the sky in the beginning because they REVEL in knocking them off their pedestals later. You'll see.

by Princess Sparklereply 13412/05/2017

Exactly, what I was as going to say r134

by Princess Sparklereply 13512/05/2017


To top that all off Diana was also the Princess of Wales, a future queen. Even when that part was gone after the divorce, she was still the mother of a future king.

A very specific combination of factors.

by Princess Sparklereply 13612/05/2017

Who said Sparkle thinks she can rival Diana? The gossip rags? Surely Harry has told her how it works.

by Princess Sparklereply 13712/05/2017

WTF is all this curtsy shit? So if Katie Cambridge decides she'll accept an invite to lunch with Princess Beatrice the Raccoon and Eugenie the Fat Sad Girl, and William isn't there, she has to curtsy? Sheee-it. What if she refuses. What if she simply blows it off. WTF can they do to her? Really. Stamp their feet and scream for their Daddy Andrew the Pedo to make Katie curtsy? I mean. This is so much bullshit. I can see people being decorous in the behavior and observe etiquette for the Queen & Prince Philip. Even for Charles. But the rest of them are ridiculous.

by Princess Sparklereply 13812/05/2017

Don't get your pantaloons in a bunch r138, it'll be a cold day in hell before I go to lunch with those two. What if someone sees us?? Ew. No.

by Princess Sparklereply 13912/05/2017

Back to school for Sparkle - First Lesson: Curtsey Etiquette 101.

A way to confuse the shit out of anyone.

by Princess Sparklereply 14012/07/2017

Fuck, that's all we need...another complainer in the Royal Family.

Sparkles sounds dim as a bulb. She didn't know how difficult show biz was for a woman after living in California all her life and hanging around the sets of TV shows her father was working on? WTF? Doesn't she fucking read?

These younger royals need to take some advice from the Queen: DON'T EXPLAIN and DON'T COMPLAIN. Keep calm and carry on.

by Princess Sparklereply 14112/07/2017

[quote] he's an idiot anyways

Someone who says "anyways" is calling another person an idiot? That's rich.

by Princess Sparklereply 14212/07/2017

Ginger couldn't stand to be away from Nutmeg Sparkle when they lived in different cities but now that they're engaged he's off on a private jet to kill some wild boar.

by Princess Sparklereply 14312/10/2017

While Harry is way, I'd bet Meghan is getting schooled.

by Princess Sparklereply 14412/10/2017

I don't believe this story in the Daily Fail. Meghan supposedly smokes too.

by Princess Sparklereply 14512/10/2017

When Harry is away, Meghan retreats to USA or Canada. She's too clever to get hemmed in by the Royal Sows.

by Princess Sparklereply 14612/10/2017

I also think she was a hooker. actresses and models esp low level ones are all available for hire. but they are more expensive, at least 2k-5k a night. but trust me, actresses are definitely available for hire for sex.

they met via mutual friend ....hmmm...ok!

by Princess Sparklereply 14712/10/2017

I gotta hand it to Meghan. That's some genius-level social-climbing, especially considering she's past her prime and not even all that attractive by LA standards.

I feel the same way about Armie Hammer's wife, another LA MAW (model/actress/whatever) who married way out of her league.

by Princess Sparklereply 14812/10/2017

[quote]WTF is all this curtsy shit? So if Katie Cambridge decides she'll accept an invite to lunch with Princess Beatrice the Raccoon and Eugenie the Fat Sad Girl, and William isn't there, she has to curtsy? Sheee-it.

If they go to lunch, I'm sure there is no curtsying. It's only for the cameras and protocol at formal affairs. Kate is a duchess by marriage. Beatrice and Eugenie are blood princesses. Big difference in the curtsying hierarchy.

by Princess Sparklereply 14912/10/2017
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