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Grey's Anatomy

I am rewatching Seasons 1-4 and this show is soo hammy but addictive. Any gossips about on-set shenanigans and behind the scenes drama? Words on T.R. Knight's hookups? Was Eric Dane a major druggie? Was Heigl hated by other actors or just Shonda? Also share your opinions on characters. I gotta say no one snark like Cristina. She's DL incarnate in female Asian form.

by Concerned Citizenreply 15804/02/2018

Well you know about the whole outing of TR by that one actor don't you op?

Heigel got along with the actors. I've heard the one who plays Merideth defend her on shows. TR and Heigel were close.

There was a naked video leaked of Dane and his wife smoking crack.

by Concerned Citizenreply 111/24/2017

I always liked Meredith because she was so "I don't give a fuck."

But I hate when she let Derek shit on her. She needed to tell him and his shiny hair and small cock to fuck off

by Concerned Citizenreply 211/24/2017

WHET Heigel's character on the show? Did they kill her off? They seem to kill everybody. What about Dane's character?

I know they killed off Dempsey and TR's characters.

by Concerned Citizenreply 311/24/2017

I still wished that they hadn't fired Brooke Smith from the show. She was entertaining as Dr. Erica Hahn. So deliciously bitchy.

by Concerned Citizenreply 411/24/2017

I hated how many characters ended up sleeping with each other. It was like a hetero Alice's chart from L Word. I didn't get how so many women were eager to jump into Alex's bed and then willing to have a relationship with him given the fact he was a total asshole, socially awkward and looked like a Russian thug.

by Concerned Citizenreply 511/24/2017

Am I the only one who didn't think Mark was THAT handsome and sexy?

Jackson was the hottest guy.

by Concerned Citizenreply 611/24/2017

They should just pull the plug. Any suggestions on how to end it?

by Concerned Citizenreply 711/24/2017

I turned the show off during the first episode and have never regretted it. But I do know the Eric Dane naked drug tape was him, his wife Rebecca Gayheart, and another lady Kari Ann Peniche. The puzzling thing is why leak the drug video and not the sex video instead.

by Concerned Citizenreply 811/24/2017

bottom drama

by Concerned Citizenreply 911/24/2017

the other girl leaked the tape r8 and then coincidentally was caught by TMZ filling up her car at a gas station the next day.

by Concerned Citizenreply 1011/24/2017

Apparently Patrick Dempsey aka McDreamy had an affair with someone from set and this is why his contract was terminated and his character killed off.

I heard it was an intern but I am not sure.

by Concerned Citizenreply 1111/24/2017

I was devastated when I saw Dane's penis.

by Concerned Citizenreply 1211/24/2017

I don't know any inside rumors, but I always suspected Shonda must have hated both TR Knight and Chyler Leigh because of how their characters died. TR was pretty much a glorified extra in his last season and then was hit by a bus, while Lexie's body was eaten by wolves following her death in a plane crash. Which was stupid as hell. Remember Arizona's chopped leg?

by Concerned Citizenreply 1311/24/2017

r4 Hahn was hated by viewers but I liked her. Brooke Smith is great at playing characters who get under your skin. She was very effective in Silence of the Lambs, refusing to play the standard victim. She was mouthy and resourceful. I loved when Jodie Foster's character finds her and Smith calls her a bitch because she won't get her out of the pit fast enough.

Grey's is nowhere near ending. The show is still one of ABC's top shows and still gets strong ratings. It has weathered the loss of one of its leading stars (Dempsey) and multiple exits (Washington, Heigl, Dane, Knight, etc.).

I never got why Sara Ramirez was so popular with viewers. She's unbearable. And this new interview with just proves how insufferable she is. Such a humourless, pretentious cunt.

by Concerned Citizenreply 1411/24/2017

R14 That photo belongs to Orange is the new Black. 'Butch' doesn't quite cover it.

by Concerned Citizenreply 1511/24/2017

I actually liked the original Meredith-Christina relationship and I think it was the center of the show, not Meredith-Derek.

I really miss Lexie. She was one of the rare characters who were genuinely likable and goodhearted. Too bad showrunners saddled her with the annoyingly 'on again, off again' with nearly two decades older Mark and carrying on an affair with that douchebag Alex. She was the best when interacting with Meredith and bantering with Cristina, and then April.

by Concerned Citizenreply 1611/24/2017

Miss how ridiculous this show was

by Concerned Citizenreply 1711/25/2017

I don't think the show was ever as good once Christina left.

The reruns are on Lifetime but never past the season when Christina leaves. Hulu won't show anything past that either. I contacted Hulu and asked why. I was told ABC will not allow anything past that to be shown. I don't get it.

by Concerned Citizenreply 1811/25/2017

[Quote] while Lexie's body was eaten by wolves following her death in a plane crash.

Poor thing ☹️

by Concerned Citizenreply 1911/25/2017

I don't remember anyone being savaged by wild animals. Are we sure we watched the same show?

by Concerned Citizenreply 2011/25/2017

Christina told how the animals went after Lexie's body when she finally was able to speak about what happened. She also said she had no sleep for 4 nights and had to drink plane fuel and her own urine.

I always wondered how they did that thing with Lexie's eyes at the moment she died. You can actually see the life go out of them. Was it contacts or a camera trick or something the actress was able to do?

by Concerned Citizenreply 2111/25/2017

Lexie's death was pretty grisly.

by Concerned Citizenreply 2211/25/2017

How did she die? Internal injuries? Then how Cristina and the rest survived?

by Concerned Citizenreply 2311/25/2017

23 comments and no one has mentioned DENNY?

by Concerned Citizenreply 2411/25/2017

If it makes you happy, DENNY's!

by Concerned Citizenreply 2511/25/2017

Nobody needs to mention Denny because JDM is stinking up The Walking Dead with his hammy acting.

And the Denny ghost story was the show's worst story. I think it's amazing the show was able to survive that rather than Dempsey leaving.

by Concerned Citizenreply 2611/25/2017

This show needed more gays.

by Concerned Citizenreply 2711/26/2017

[quote]I never got why Sara Ramirez was so popular with viewers. She's unbearable. And this new interview with just proves how insufferable she is. Such a humourless, pretentious cunt.

I never got that either. Ramirez sucks at acting and her character Callie annoyed me more than the rest of the other characters. Ramirez is an oddball. She came out as bi only after leaving Grey's Anatomy and then suddenly turned into a butch with the haircut and clothes. I wish some journalist would ask her why she was in the closet so long if she is so proud of being bisexual. LGBT organizations shouldn't be honoring that fucking try hard cunt.

by Concerned Citizenreply 2811/26/2017

KH was great with the Denny storyline but they jumped the shark by having her continue to work there afterwards.

by Concerned Citizenreply 2911/26/2017

I still think the Code Black episodes are absolutely brilliant, embarrassing as it is to say that.

by Concerned Citizenreply 3011/26/2017

I love the Denny/Izzie love story. It's one of my favorites on the show. I look forward to it on every rerun of the series. I think KH deserved the Emmy.

by Concerned Citizenreply 3111/26/2017

I lost interest when Izzie (Heigl) got written out. One of my favorite tv characters.

by Concerned Citizenreply 3211/26/2017

Was there even a gay character on the show? All I remember was a bunch of bisexual women and lesbians. Random extras and patients don't count.

by Concerned Citizenreply 3311/26/2017

Seasons 1 and 2 were generally ok...but the show quickly descended into soapy melodrama.

And that's because Shonda Rhimes is a trashy soap writer at heart, the TV equivalent of a Harlequin romance writer. Nothing is earned in her writing. Her characters hooked up, broke up, and died at the drop of a hat, without any attention paid to adequate setup and realistic characterization, so you quickly stopped caring about anything that happened.

by Concerned Citizenreply 3411/26/2017

It was good before they de-gayed the show. Yes, I know about the lesbians, but I'm still pissed about how the show treated their gay male characters.

by Concerned Citizenreply 3511/26/2017

[quote]And that's because Shonda Rhimes is a trashy soap writer at heart, the TV equivalent of a Harlequin romance writer. Nothing is earned in her writing.

I agree with this. I liked the early seasons of Grey's Anatomy even though it was and still soapy. It's just got very messy later on. But, I never got how so many people act like Rhimes is a great writer. I'm curious about kind of shows she will do at Netflix. She has said left ABC for Netflix because Netflix will allow her more creative control. I could see her being worse on Netflix. If her shows are critical flops at Netflix, the execs will kick themselves as they are already in massive debt.

by Concerned Citizenreply 3611/26/2017

How many secret sisters Meredith has? Them appearing out of nowhere is more contrived than surgeons being sex crazied mental basket cases with emotional capacity of a 8th grader

by Concerned Citizenreply 3711/27/2017

R37 I think she had 2 or 3 secret half sisters. I also really liked Lexie.

by Concerned Citizenreply 3811/27/2017

Here's MY suggestion on how to end it: blow up the hospital with ALL the characters in it. It would be such a fitting end.

by Concerned Citizenreply 3911/27/2017

I heard Chyler Leigh was originally brought in to show Pompeo that "Grey's" could go on without her as they could simply refocus the show around Lexie. Later, after realizing the show truly NEEDS Meredith to survive, Pompeo demanded Lexie be written off.

by Concerned Citizenreply 4011/27/2017

[Quote] Her characters hooked up, broke up, and died at the drop of a hat, without any attention paid to adequate setup and realistic characterization, so you quickly stopped caring about anything that happened.

Ugh you just reminded me of George/Izzie. I mean, was anyone actually dying to see that?

[Quote] Pompeo demanded Lexie be written off.

Damn that's cold.

by Concerned Citizenreply 4111/27/2017

Well I'm interested to see how closet case Matthew Morrison will pull off the role as Jo's abusive, macho ex.

by Concerned Citizenreply 4211/27/2017

God, I wish they'd kill Bailey off. A more abrasive, unappealing, obnoxious, unlikeable character cannot be found.

by Concerned Citizenreply 4311/27/2017

R40 The actress left the show because she wanted to spent more time with her family and because of the budget reasons. They also let go off the actors playing Sloan and Teddy because of the financial cost.

by Concerned Citizenreply 4411/27/2017

Another round of applause for Dr Erika Hahn the only competent and sane doctor working there.

by Concerned Citizenreply 4511/27/2017

Do they have actually doctors and nurses as consultants because they sure veer from the reality of a hospital and doctors?

by Concerned Citizenreply 4611/27/2017

R43 I never understood how a woman with Bailey's looks and character was able to attract all those hot guys.

by Concerned Citizenreply 4711/27/2017

I’m working with Sandra Oh right now, on a British series.

She’s very... American.

by Concerned Citizenreply 4811/27/2017

Details please R48

by Concerned Citizenreply 4911/27/2017

[quote]I never understood how a woman with Bailey's looks and character was able to attract all those hot guys.

I never got that either. It would have been more believable to pair her with dorky looking doctors.

by Concerned Citizenreply 5011/27/2017

Apparently Patrick D is a major ass and was conflicted with half of the cast, including Sandra.

Also, more details R48

by Concerned Citizenreply 5111/27/2017

Really? I adore Bailey, and Callie too. But I will add that both characters were alot more fun the first 4 to 5 seasons. George was the one I could never understand having so many beautiful women falling for him.

My biggest gripe with this show is that no one is allowed to be happy longer than one episode. It's formulaic and tiresome at this point. And there is NO excuse for having not one gay male on staff.

by Concerned Citizenreply 5211/27/2017

Patrick must have been an ass for Shonda to kill him off. The show survived losing Burke, Izzie, George, etc. but killing off Derek was new territory for the show.

I'm sure Isaiah was high-fiving when he heard about Patrick.

by Concerned Citizenreply 5311/27/2017

I think George should have been written as gay in the first place. This way the show would've avoided the embarrassing cheating with Izzy and sleeping with Meredith storylines. Maybe even had him being in a closet and crushing on Meredith but then realizing he prefers men. Lexie could be his faghag. Callie would be the friend who sets him up with her attractive male interns.

by Concerned Citizenreply 5411/27/2017

In reality both Mark, Alex and Arizona would be slapped with sexual lawsuits. At least Meredith had decency to sleep with random guys, neither patients, nor coworkers.

by Concerned Citizenreply 5511/27/2017

Looking back, I think the plane crash is when the show jumped the shark. Season 9 is so depressing.

by Concerned Citizenreply 5611/27/2017

I agree, R54, George should have been a gay character. I never found him to be even a little believable as a straight guy. His love scenes with Izzy sure clinched that deal. To this day I will fast forward all George love scenes, because I just cannot. And it's a shame too, because he would have been cute doing big puppy eyes for Mark Sloan.

by Concerned Citizenreply 5711/27/2017

Speaking of season four, I really loved the early relationship between Meredith and Lexie. Lexie was so endearing and well adjusted, and just wanted to get to know her big sister. I loved that Meredith wasn't having any of it. I felt bad for Lexie but completely understood where Meredith was coming from, and I liked that it pained her to see a Grey with the loving family that she never really had. I thought that dynamic was interesting but the show never quite followed up on it after season four. They still had some fun interaction over the years, but I thought there was some wasted potential there.

by Concerned Citizenreply 5811/27/2017

It would have been so nice if Kate Walsh had stayed on Grey's. I don't know how many seasons Private Practice lasted--because I thought it was a terrible show--but Addison would be the rock star of GA by now.

by Concerned Citizenreply 5911/28/2017

I hate how there is no more new hot guys on the show. The newest batch of interns are just SJW with dorky guy, ugly hipster guy, fat blonde girl, random latina girl, and a muslim girl. None of them is endearing enough to care about. At least Shonda did not showhorn another smart black girl to the cast like the last season. At this rate, they will all be lesbians with each other.

by Concerned Citizenreply 6011/28/2017

Patiently waiting for the inevitable random TRANS characters to pop up

by Concerned Citizenreply 6111/28/2017

McSteamy = McDreamy

Patrick Dempsey = Leprechaun

by Concerned Citizenreply 6211/28/2017

Mark should have been gay and continue his manwhoring ways with Jackson. He was wasted with that naive and overly emotional Lexie and neurotic Teddy. I actually think that out of all love interests he had, he only has chemistry with Adison.

by Concerned Citizenreply 6311/28/2017

I stopped watching this dumb show after season 2 but I noticed this guy has been added and almost started watching it again. Then I realized watching something this awful only because an actor is hot is....a very DL thing to do.

by Concerned Citizenreply 6411/28/2017

I just re-watched season 5 (again), and I'm convinced that before Shonda decided to punish Katherine Heigl through Izzie, Shonda considered Izzie to be the heart of the show. She was consistently portrayed as the most loving, and the most in touch with her patients' emotions. Now I know that some think George was the heart, but consider the differences in their "deaths"

by Concerned Citizenreply 6511/28/2017

I thought I'd gotten over the Mark hate because of his love for Sofia. Wrong. I just watched the episode when they're planning a goodbye party for Callie and Arizona. Apparently Mark wants the party to be huge, and points out - this isn't a baby shower for some nurse who can't keep her knees together. HATE. He was a huge man-whore. In fact, he's the biggest whore in the history of the show. And let's not forget that he knocks up Callie during casual sex. Too bad Lexie didn't break his penis for good.

I strongly disliked him when he came on the show. I hate that he shamed Rose into having sex with Derek. He's a huge misogynist asshole and he probably wouldn't ever change, he would have simply made an exception with Sofia. Even Donald Trump adores his daughter (at least one of them).

I appreciated Mark's humor in the later seasons, but his death was so over the top. I would say he got the best death in the history of the show. I'm sure a new viewer would assume that Mark Sloane was a loving and kind man, as well as supremely professional. He was a pig. RIP.

by Concerned Citizenreply 6611/28/2017

I guess I like piggies. But this clip should give you some satisfaction, R66. Christina's guffaw should have been patented.

by Concerned Citizenreply 6711/28/2017

I always find it amusing that Lifetime stops the reruns when Christina leaves and starts at the beginning.

by Concerned Citizenreply 6811/28/2017

Agreed with R63, Mark and Avery should hook up and become the gay couple of GA.

by Concerned Citizenreply 6911/28/2017

Here's an old thread with some gossip on Brooke Smith bring fired. I liked Hahn apart from that excruciating "glasses" coming out speech.

by Concerned Citizenreply 7011/28/2017

[Quote] In reality both Mark, Alex and Arizona would be slapped with sexual lawsuits. At least Meredith had decency to sleep with random guys, neither patients, nor coworkers.

Last i checked McDreamy and George were Meredith's coworkers.

by Concerned Citizenreply 7111/28/2017

That Brooke Smith thread is really interesting.

I liked Hahn. To me, she seemed like an actual doctor. Her demeanour reminded me of read doctors. She really captured the arrogance. I think the problem was that Smith was probably too realistic and grounded in her portrayal and she didn't click with viewers. Her character was perhaps too unlikable. Even in Silence of the Lambs she doesn't simply play the victim, but a strong, resourceful woman who will do anything to get out of her predicament, even calling Jodie Foster a bitch.

by Concerned Citizenreply 7211/28/2017

R70, thanks for the link, it was a kick to read old gossip from today's perspective.

by Concerned Citizenreply 7311/28/2017

Hahn was as close to how many surgeons carry themselves as possible. Izzie, Sloan and Arizona were the most unrealistic ones. I work in a hospital and can guarantee you than flirting, pestering patients or scolding them wouldn't fly. And yes, we had cases of sexual harassments and even one one attending being fired because of the inappropriate behavior. When I see how many interns x residents x attending specialists romances there are I can't help but roll my eyes.

by Concerned Citizenreply 7411/28/2017

According to the Hahn gossip thread, Oh and Knight were the most well liked actors on set and thus their storylines were meant to be expanded. But then Knight was sidelined during most of the season and died in the finale. I call bs.

by Concerned Citizenreply 7511/28/2017

Why did Knight leave again? Did he quit or did he and Shonda have a falling out? They obviously still like each other as she gave him a role on The Catch but it seemed odd that George was sidelined and then eventually killed off when he was well liked.

by Concerned Citizenreply 7611/28/2017

The rumor is Shonda didn't want to fire Washington but was pressure by the suits when the scandal broke and later took it all on Knight, turning him into a cheater and sidelining him just before his character was killed off.

by Concerned Citizenreply 7711/28/2017

Grey's is good for shocks.

The episode with the shooter roaming the halls as the doctors hid and cowered was especially well done. When that first intern took a shot to the head and dropped dead to the floor? Jesus, I woke right up. And the suspense just snowballed from there, who's gonna live? Who's gonna die? Why are Meredith and Yang blissfully ignorant and walking around like it's Sunday in the park? Don't you see the halls are empty? Such self-absorption. Great episode.

by Concerned Citizenreply 7811/28/2017

ITA R78. I was one who likes the plane crash episodes and the aftermath. Hell, Lexie did the best death ever on TV. That moment alone is worth watching those episodes over and over again.

I think the moment dying George writes 007 in Meredith's hand and she realizes who John Doe is another great moment.

The bomb episode didn't do it for me too much. It was too contrived and Meredith made into too much of a hero. I did like the way Burke handled things.

Didn't the actor who played Burke make some homophobic remark about the actor who played George and that's what got him fired? It's sad if standing up for himself is what got the actor who played George fired.

by Concerned Citizenreply 7911/28/2017

Isaiah Washington, that preening bigot peacock, dug his own grave when he called T.R. Knight a faggot, twice.

There's alot of info to read; here's a bit from Cosmo that encapsulates much of it. Google the rest yourself.

Most galling is his self-pity that suddenly, offers dried up and, boohoo, he had no work. BUT, he says, he is now a better person, a better father, a better husband. Oh kiss my ass.

Shonda Rhimes should have kept Knight and given George a coming-out storyline.

But who am I kidding. Rhimes would have messed that up as well.

by Concerned Citizenreply 8011/28/2017

And Rhimes brought him back, R80. Like a stinking case of toe rot Shonda Rhimes brought Washington back.

by Concerned Citizenreply 8111/28/2017

I want to know more about what the poster upthread experienced when he says Sandra Oh was... American.

by Concerned Citizenreply 8211/28/2017

^^^ referring to R38 post.

by Concerned Citizenreply 8311/28/2017

[quote]Shonda Rhimes should have kept Knight and given George a coming-out storyline.

[quote]But who am I kidding. Rhimes would have messed that up as well

Recently, Rhimes made some comment that there should be better LGBT representation in Hollywood. I laughed at that. The gay storylines on her shows usually suck and some lesbians slammed the bisexual Callie and the later storylines with Arizona. I have read speculation that Rhimes is a closet case lesbian. If she is one, I'm guessing she is another Queen Latifah type. They don't come out of the closet, but make pro-gay comments just people can praise them.

by Concerned Citizenreply 8411/28/2017

Isaiah probably would have kept his job if he didn't fuck it up by saying at the Golden Globes "No, I did not call T.R. a faggot" when the cast and Shonda were at the podium. Shonda just stood there and smiled and looked like a deer caught in headlights. Isaiah was either looking to revisit the matter, start a fight or was trying to defend himself but whatever the case, even just uttering the word faggot at the Golden Globes was a stupid movie. It was embarrassing for the cast, T.R. specifically, and Isaiah embarrassed himself. The show had no choice but to fire him.

It looked like they were trying to contain the behind-the-scenes drama but Isaiah chose to put it out there.

by Concerned Citizenreply 8511/28/2017

All I know is, Rhimes is a chickenshit.

She wants more gay representation? Show me your gay male series regulars. Show me TWO of them, minimum. She wants to champion us? Show me FOUR.

Show me open-mouthed, well-lit kissing with the gays same as with the hets.

I think you're right, R84, she's all about receiving praise but when it comes to delivering...

by Concerned Citizenreply 8611/28/2017

Mel Gibson plays Solomon to this mess with Knight, Heigl and Washington.

by Concerned Citizenreply 8711/28/2017

Ramirez had the hot gay swagger down pat.

The way she drops that pizza slice and kicks out Sloan with a click of the tongue and a thumb to the door? Supremely sexy dismissal right there.

by Concerned Citizenreply 8811/28/2017

Is Meredith the angel of death (or Angela Lansbury)? All of her co-workers and family and even husband end up dying. Has anybody ever faced this much death in so few years before? Her coworkers gets hit by a bus, die in plane crashes, shot by guns, her sister gets eaten by wolves, her husband gets hit by a car. Maybe the common denominator is her.

by Concerned Citizenreply 8911/28/2017

That's what we're supposed to think, R89.

But look closer.

The one common denominator is and always has been this woman, Paramedic Nicole Cummins.

This is your angel of death. This is your dark reaper.

by Concerned Citizenreply 9011/29/2017

R89 my sentiments exactly. How is she not having a nervous breakdown, struggling with deep depression or simply leave everything behind and go somewhere safer is baffling. I know it's a show but irl I imagine someone like her would at least ditch an environment/job that reminds her of all these loses.

by Concerned Citizenreply 9111/29/2017

Out of all characters, I liked Yang, Izzie and Owen the most.

Heigl and Oh had the best comedic timings and could handle dramatic storylines as well. The patient Denny storyline should have never happened or ended differently. Izzie was the best snarking with Alex and Yang or standing up to herself and being a badass doctor than crying her eyes out because of another man not loving her and/or dying.

George should have been written as gay from the start. They could go with the classic 'coming out against parental pressure' storyline. He worked the best as a friend to Meredith and Izzie, not someone who is crushing on either of them.

Mark was a one-dimensional character and I found his change from a sleazy manwhore to a dutiful family man contrived. Should stay being an ass or run away with Addison.

I never bought Callie turning into a pussy lover. The actress had the most chemistry with other male actors, aside from George. Her conflict with Bailey over the chief resident position was interesting at first but then went nowhere, since she was less interested in work than in her messy personal life.

I liked Lexie but she was criminally underused and wasted in unnecessary romantic storylines. I was confused how she started calling Alex her boyfriend just after one night stand and telling a random patient how she really liked him, then had this big crush on George, and finally jumped on Mark's decades older dick with the contrived 'teach me' Lolita act. I get Meredith sleeping around because she was written like this from the start and had tons of personal issues due to parental abandonment, but Lexie was loved and cherished by both of her parents and raised well, and her dad only started drinking heavily when she was already an adult. Her being so desperate for love and to be loved didn't make any sense.

Addison was, by all means, the most fascinating character on the show. She had charisma, chemistry with pretty much anyone, and was a great foil and rival to Meredith. I loved her 'You must be the woman sleeping with my husband' introduction. Every quality soap opera needs a villain and she played this part perfectly.

by Concerned Citizenreply 9211/29/2017

[quote]She wants more gay representation? Show me your gay male series regulars. Show me TWO of them, minimum. She wants to champion us? Show me FOUR.

[quote]Show me open-mouthed, well-lit kissing with the gays same as with the hets.

I remember she mistakenly got praise for the gay content on How To Get Away With Murder. People thought she was the creator of the show, but it was Peter Nowalk.

I agree, she needs to deliver if she was more or better gay representation. She keeps claiming that the reason she signed that deal with Netflix is because she would more creative control and wouldn't have to deal with censors or s&p. Maybe, there is a slight chance she'll create shows for Netflix that feature more gay male characters and show more graphic sex scenes. But, as another poster upthread said she'll likely screw up at Netlix.

With more creative control, she's bound to do more over the top storylines and that's shit turns off TV critics after awhile. Some TV critics already hate Shonda's ABC shows. Shonda has always been overrated and I thought in the early seasons Chandra West was also overrated as a performer and didn't deserve Emmy nominations. I suspect Shonda probably signed the Netflix deal as a way of getting awards glory. Not all streaming shows become Emmy or Golden Globe favorites. Some of the best Netflix shows turns to crap after a few seasons and Hulu is starting to become a serious competitor. I can't see someone like Shonda Rhimes have a Handmaid's Tale type success show.

by Concerned Citizenreply 9311/29/2017

Why Shonda has so many feuds with her actors? That's not healthy.

by Concerned Citizenreply 9411/29/2017

Kevin McKidd sticks out like a sore thumb on this show. He's such a good actor; he doesn't BELONG on a shitty soap opera. He should be doing interesting film roles instead of this crap.

Were there ever any gay men on show? Oh, it's always been loaded with ready and willing lesbians, but I can't seem to recall any gay male characters. Maybe Rimes thinks her audience would be offended by men engaging in hot sex, but lesbians getting it on are "safe", so it's ok to see them going at it.

by Concerned Citizenreply 9511/29/2017

No, R96, there has never been a gay male series-regular on the show.

Alex is the one that pings for me. Self-hating, violent and abusive closet case. Come on out, Alex.

by Concerned Citizenreply 9611/29/2017

I heard rumors Ellen P was a raging alcoholic during the first two seasons. She mellowed out after she got pregnant but producers were on the verge of writing her out in Season 4 and 5.

Erik D. was addicted to painkillers and crack to the point he was sent to rehab. He suddenly aged and looked unhealthy thin during his last season. The actress who played his love interest, a former drug addict herself, found this so toxic, she wanted them to broke up for good and was so disappointed when Shonda, in turn, pushed for them and gushed about them being a perfect couple, that she left. Most of the cast had some problems with either affair on set, being divas and demanding, or drugs. Ones of the rare exceptions were Sandra Oh and Justin Chambers, who were genuinely well-liked by staff and always professional.

Also, Sara R had an affair with other prominent female cast member and that's why she had to come out.

by Concerned Citizenreply 9711/29/2017

That Erika Hahn thread was juicy but most likely written by someone from Ramirez's team

by Concerned Citizenreply 9811/29/2017

R97 who's the druggie and lesbian? Spiiiiil!

by Concerned Citizenreply 9911/29/2017

Poor man's ER. This show was always corny, I can't believe it's still on the air.

by Concerned Citizenreply 10011/29/2017

That famous scene where Lexie comes to Mark's apartment and starts disrobing and imploring "teach me" is astonishingly cringeworthy. He's much older, a sleaze; also her superior at work. She flings herself at him and begs him to fuck her, which he does, taking full advantage of the very emotionally disturbed young woman that he works with. I think the fans of this show considered all this "romantic." But made me want to vomit.

by Concerned Citizenreply 10111/29/2017

[Quote] I think the fans of this show considered all this "romantic." But made me want to vomit.

Sounds like they'd also be fans of Twilight and Fifty Shades.

by Concerned Citizenreply 10211/29/2017

R97 Kim Raver? But yuck at her being with Ramirez.

by Concerned Citizenreply 10311/29/2017

Pretty sure R97 is referring to Kate Walsh. A dear friend of mind worked for her, Walsh is totally gay. Marriage was a bearding. Non-disclosure agreements don't always work, Kate.

And before anybody asks, I don't know if Walsh and Ramirez got together, and I also can't say more without outing my friend. Best I can do.

by Concerned Citizenreply 10411/29/2017

r101 are you me? I LOATHED Mark and Lexie with a burning passion almost as much as their fraus and teenage fans who thought a relationship between a manwhore and manchild in his late 40 and an emotionally needy young woman was a true love. I get it coming from old producers who dream of having cute twentysomething spreading their legs for them or inexperienced girls with daddy issues, but Shonda of all people?

by Concerned Citizenreply 10511/29/2017

I never heard any drug rumors about Raver or Walsh. That being said, Kate is totes gay and should come out.

by Concerned Citizenreply 10611/29/2017

I fucking hated the chief. he cut his favorites slack and promoted nepotism within structures and then was moaning and whining like a child over his hospital not being ranked high enough. i loved how hahn called him out on his bullshit.

by Concerned Citizenreply 10711/29/2017

Couldn't stand Meredith or her "person" Kristine, the most selfish bitch on the planet.

by Concerned Citizenreply 10811/29/2017

I really loved this show early on, but you could see the backstage tension even on screen.

Patrick Dempsey was sexy and cute but he seemed to check out after S3 or so. I got so sick of "Mer and Der" that I was glad when he died.

The whole TR thing was weird. The network seemed really involved with his leaving, as well as his return to The Catch, which he seemed to be unenthusiastic about. He gave interviews at the time of firing that were not especially complimentary to Rhimes.

Heigl made a huge mistake and bought into her own press. Thought she was more than she was. The Cybill Shepherd of the 21st century. Literally.

Always loved Oh, she could do almost no wrong. Chambers is OK but Alex has been such a wasted character.

That thread on the Dr. Hahn thing is interesting. Her lesbianism did feel very forced. I tend to think the other thread's theory may have some merit.

Kate Walsh was fun and she should totally come back.

Supposedly it's gotten more fun again, but I checked out for the most part after the plane crash. I just couldn't watch the tragedy porn fest anymore. Too much. And Scandal has been the same - started out fun and frothy and now is so ludicrous and tragedy porn-ish that I just can't.

But I will always fondly remember McSteamy being practically nude.

by Concerned Citizenreply 10911/29/2017

A moment of silence, too, for the show that used to follow Grey's.....

*puts hand over heart*

The Sally Field Programme

by Concerned Citizenreply 11011/29/2017

Shonda bragged in an interview about killing a character because the actor/actress was a major pain in the ass. Any suggestions? I know popular guess was Patrick but I think the actress playing Lexie had it worst. Wasted on pinning for a man the entire season, then gets crashed and finally literally eaten by wild animals. And she didn't even get a funeral, a tribute episode, and is rarely mentioned, whereas the fallouts after George, Mark and Derek's death were pretty significant.

by Concerned Citizenreply 11111/29/2017

It was either Mark or Lexie. Or both.

by Concerned Citizenreply 11211/29/2017

Shonda seems like a bitter cunt who takes her insecurities out on her actors.

I sense she hates Kerry Washington too because she turned Olivia from a smart, strong woman to a murderer and just nasty woman in the last few seasons. I feel bad for Kerry and Tony Goldwyn because they are saddled with shit storylines.

I actually really liked the Catch. Sexy and fun. But nobody watched it.

by Concerned Citizenreply 11311/29/2017

[quote]Kate Walsh was fun and she should totally come back.

I loved her. I thought she was one of the better performers. Kate was on that Netflix show 13 Reasons Why and she was terrific and should have had an Emmy nomination.

by Concerned Citizenreply 11411/29/2017

It wasn't Walsh Ramirez had an affair with, it was the actress playing Maggie.

by Concerned Citizenreply 11511/29/2017

[quote] Sara R had an affair with other prominent female cast member and that's why she had to come out.

[quote] It wasn't Walsh Ramirez had an affair with, it was the actress playing Maggie.

R115, not sure the timeline fits? Is R97 talking about when Callie came out or when Sara came out? Wasn't that before Kelly McCreary was a cast member?

Just wondering.....

by Concerned Citizenreply 11611/29/2017

I think the most squicky and wtf-inducing storyline was when Callie had wanted to sleep with Erika and slept with Mark to do so. Before that, she was scared of hooking up with another woman and suddenly his magic healing dick turned her into a pussy eating machine. If the show aired this episode now, Tumblr would drag its name through filth.

by Concerned Citizenreply 11711/30/2017

I think Rhimes gets a lot of credit for Grey's when it was a huge collaboration with lots of network influence.

Scandal is more indicative of her personally, and the darker side of her.

The more fun parts of Grey's were more the voice and influence of Krista Vernoff, who was exiled from Grey's for a long time and has just this year returned. If you watch early Grey's and compare it to Wonderfalls (where Krista wrote dialogue) you can see the same funny, darkly comic sensibility.

by Concerned Citizenreply 11811/30/2017

Heigl provided great drama on and off the screen while she was on Grey's.

by Concerned Citizenreply 11911/30/2017

Shonda shades Hags here.

by Concerned Citizenreply 12011/30/2017

Sara R had also dabbled in a lady pond of the actress who played Stephanie Edwards.

by Concerned Citizenreply 12111/30/2017

Wonder about whom it is...

by Concerned Citizenreply 12211/30/2017

Kate can do better

by Concerned Citizenreply 12312/01/2017

Then the bitch needs to go and do it. She ain't done shit in a while

by Concerned Citizenreply 12412/01/2017

How Meredith has not committed suicide yet? She lost everyone there is to lost: her mom, her husband, her sister, her child (miscarriage), her bff and 'person'.

by Concerned Citizenreply 12512/01/2017

She has a magic pussy

by Concerned Citizenreply 12612/01/2017

Everyone sleeps with everyone else. What kind of workplace is this where there's no sexual harassment lawsuit? Especially the attendings sleeping with med students and residents. Hello mcdreamy and mc steamy would be Fired in real life

by Concerned Citizenreply 12712/02/2017

[Quote] How Meredith has not committed suicide yet?

She did try or at least think about it in the earlier seasons. And that was before she lost everyone lol

by Concerned Citizenreply 12812/02/2017

Oh, that's right. Wasn't that season 3? 4?

She was in the water and didn't try to swim to save herself. She was just going to die, and then Derek saved her.

She kind of lived on the edge early on. When the show was still interesting.

by Concerned Citizenreply 12912/02/2017

How did Shonda Rimes come to be? How did this fat black housewife get the opportunity to create a show for fat white fraus?

by Concerned Citizenreply 13012/02/2017

Because she wrote both Princess Diaries movies and ABC loved the female friendly vibe.

I've heard Grey's Anatomy was somewhat her idea but also had a HUGE amount of input from Steve McPherson at ABC and others. She originally proposed a show about journalists in a war zone but they had her change it to a hospital.

by Concerned Citizenreply 13112/02/2017

Eric Dane has suprisingly small penis

by Concerned Citizenreply 13212/03/2017

Recently they have taken to showing the doctors drinking in the hospital, this is the point where I realized Shonda has lost all sense of reality. I don't care if someone has a throw away line about everyone being off the clock, therew is no way a bunch of doctors sitting in a hospital lounge drinking scotch isn't completely unprofessional and against some sort of policy. Yet it has happened in five-six episodes in the past two seasons. And no, patients do not gift doctors with expensive bottles of scotch. I am really starting to think Shonda has a drinking problem as much as she glorifies alcohol.

by Concerned Citizenreply 13312/03/2017

The most unrealistic thing about this show is that there are too many black and not enough Asian doctors.

by Concerned Citizenreply 13412/03/2017

The show has never been realistic. Everybody sleeping together, drinking in the lounge, fucking in closets, etc. All of them seem to have done something completely unethical and against policy yet they remained on staff. Probably another reason why Brooke Smith didn't gel with the show. She actually seemed to be playing a real doctor and was grounded in reality while she was surrounded by a show that was based in fantasy. Only Sandra Oh has been believable as a doctor. Although I think Ellen Pompeo has been doing a good job this season.

by Concerned Citizenreply 13512/03/2017

RG has been a mess for a long time now. Ever since she had that accident where she killed that boy. ED was a known heroin addict about 10 years ago and supposedly cleaned his act up. He was good friends with Charlie Sheen and actually introduced Charlie to his ex-wife.

by Concerned Citizenreply 13612/03/2017

Why do most of the staff, from the very beginning, no lock the on-call rooms when they're in there fucking or even just sleeping???

Why do they have deep personal conversations and and arguments during surgery when they are busy looking at each other and not down at the patient they're cutting?? I hope that's not realistic.

Any medical people here want to rate how realistic GA is?

by Concerned Citizenreply 13712/03/2017

[quote]I think George should have been written as gay in the first place. This way the show would've avoided the embarrassing cheating with Izzy and sleeping with Meredith storylines. Maybe even had him being in a closet and crushing on Meredith but then realizing he prefers men.

r54, a man in his 20s 'realizing he prefers men'? What you're describing is a bisexual, not a gay man.

by Concerned Citizenreply 13812/03/2017

[quote] Any medical people here want to rate how realistic GA is?


by Concerned Citizenreply 13912/03/2017

Yet ER managed to be fairly accurate, same for Scrubs. But then Shonda was more interested in having her characters hook up with each other than with the actual character development.

by Concerned Citizenreply 14012/03/2017

R138 Plenty of gay men come out in their 20s. And George always seemed shy and timid around women. He had way more sexual chemistry with Burke for example than his wife Callie or Izzy.

by Concerned Citizenreply 14112/03/2017

This show is like Hillary. It's just never going to go away is it?

by Concerned Citizenreply 14212/03/2017

r141, not to argue but just to clarify what I was saying:

1 - Obviously gay men can come out at any age, that's not what I was questioning. 2 - Gay men don't suddenly realise they are attracted to men in their 20s. Gay men know they are attracted to their own sex from puberty (or even earlier), whether they accept or acknowledge this is another matter. But when a gay guy lays in bed and masturbates, he knows he's thinking of men only. 3 - If a guy is sexually attracted to men and women and then realises in his 20s that his preference lies with men then that guy is bisexual, not gay.

by Concerned Citizenreply 14312/03/2017

To me, nothing in R54 post implied bisexuality on George's part. That crush on Meredith could be interpreted as him trying to fall in love with a woman to prove he isn't gay.

by Concerned Citizenreply 14412/03/2017

Meredith is the most fucked up heroine in the history of soap operas

by Concerned Citizenreply 14512/04/2017

[Quote] Although I think Ellen Pompeo has been doing a good job this season.

She's been excellent at making Meredith utterly insufferable these past few seasons.

by Concerned Citizenreply 14612/04/2017

I find it funny that the person though Sandra Oh was so American, when she is Canadian

by Concerned Citizenreply 14712/04/2017

"All of them seem to have done something completely unethical and against policy yet they remained on staff."

It was like that on ER. Doug Ross euthanized a child, for God's sake, and NO charges were brought against him. He just had some friends pull some strings for him (what about the understandably angy father of the murdered child? Couldn't he have sued the hell out of the hospital and Doug?) and heads off to Seattle to be a doctor there. A woman on the show thinks she was exposed to AIDS so she takes all the drugs she has on hand to stave off the AIDS and ends up in the ER. She tells Abby she can't die, she has kids to take care of! So Abby lies about getting a needle stick so she can't get medication (VERY expensive medication that is only supposed to be used in emergencies) to give the woman who's afraid of getting AIDS. If I were a medical professional I'd be infuriated by these shows.

by Concerned Citizenreply 14812/04/2017

I hate to say this, (especially considering I'm a screenwriter who dreams of becoming a showrunner and I'm a huge fan) but the curse is Shonda Rhimes.

Grey's was great when they had her on a leash (S1 & S2) but they second they gave her full creative control that shit went down faster than the Titanic.

by Concerned Citizenreply 14912/04/2017

[Quote] I hate to say this, (especially considering I'm a screenwriter who dreams of becoming a showrunner and I'm a huge fan)

I hope it works out for you.

by Concerned Citizenreply 15012/05/2017

Rhimes' shows always start out well.

The problem is, Shonda writes soap, and she's ashamed that it's soap, so then she always tries to toughen it up. She tried to make Scandal Alias, and it drove many viewers (me included) away.

Grey's suffered with too many cooks in the kitchen. It's hard to tell who came up with what.

by Concerned Citizenreply 15112/05/2017

Did Oh have a falling out with someone on the cast? Like Dempsey or Pompeo?

It's just weird that there was almost a whole year, if not more, where she wasn't at Seattle Grace. Or whatever the fuck it's called these days.

by Concerned Citizenreply 15212/06/2017

I don't think Oh had any issues with the cast. I think she just really wanted to move on.

by Concerned Citizenreply 15312/06/2017

I know she left to move on, but it just seemed weird that there was, like, a whole year where she was separated from everyone else.

by Concerned Citizenreply 15412/07/2017

"You're my person." That has to be one of the dumbest lines ever uttered in tv history. But I'm sure it melted the hearts of the fans of this execrable show.

by Concerned Citizenreply 15512/08/2017

Why, it's like someone saying you're my guy or gal. They were best friends each other's person. I get that.

It is odd that since they were still best friends when Christina left we never see Meredith talk to her or text or even mention her. I know O is off the show but can't they do a one sided conversation or at least mention Christina.

by Concerned Citizenreply 15612/08/2017

Without the original 5 actors, the show has really nosedived.

by Concerned Citizenreply 15702/23/2018

Finally! For the first time since they aired on ABC season 11 is being released to the Lifetime Network. Before on Lifetime and on Hulu GA only went up to season 10 when Christina leaves and then goes back to the very 1st episode. They've been doing that for years and years.

Now, starting this Friday, April 13th they will start showing later seasons, starting with Season 11. During the day on Friday Lifetime will run a marathon of the last of the season 10 episodes from 9am. Then at 8 pm they start season 11. I have not seen them since they ran for the first time on ABC.

For some idiotic reason ABC would not part with any GA episode past the one where Christian leaves. That means we never got to see Derek die again or anything that happened after Christina left. I wonder why ABC finally let loose.

I'm actually looking forward to and have already set my DVR.

by Concerned Citizenreply 15804/02/2018
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