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Tom Hiddleston’s bulge

This mouthwatering picture is making me so hungry. So much so I needed to share. I know you bitches don’t give a fuck about him but, this man is mouthwatering.

by Anonymous reply 4512/08/2017

tom is uggo fuggo.

by Anonymous reply 111/17/2017

What a pained expression he has there. Did the photographer show him a blow-up of a photo of his romp in the surf with Taylor Swift wearing the I "Heart" Taylor t-shirt before snapping?

by Anonymous reply 211/17/2017


by Anonymous reply 311/17/2017

More of a bump, not a bulge.

by Anonymous reply 411/17/2017

It is a British bulge; they are always demure.

by Anonymous reply 511/17/2017

I know he's alleged to be good looking, but I just don't see it.

by Anonymous reply 611/17/2017

More camel toe than bulge

by Anonymous reply 711/17/2017

The photographer should have fluffed him more because that is one sad bulge.

by Anonymous reply 811/17/2017

He had a bulge in parts of the latest Thor movie, but I’m not seeing it here.

by Anonymous reply 911/17/2017

But you can see outline. If there was nothing there at all then I would worry. You girls are crazy.

by Anonymous reply 1011/17/2017

And feel free to post men with bigger bulges if you feel so inclined. I ❤️ Hiddleston but love bulge better.

by Anonymous reply 1111/17/2017

I’m with you op. I found him tantalizing in The Night Manager. I’d like to smoke his sausage

by Anonymous reply 1211/17/2017

R10 You're the one who literally called it a bulge, and now you're getting pissy we're complaining about lack of bulge?

by Anonymous reply 1311/17/2017

I'd do him

by Anonymous reply 1411/17/2017


by Anonymous reply 1511/17/2017

He's shown a nice bulge many times. Not really in these pics but I post them just because he looks so nice in them. He'd be super hot with a slightly different personality. He's just trying so damn hard to be likable which makes him seem desperate.

by Anonymous reply 1611/17/2017

Here's some dick.

by Anonymous reply 1711/17/2017

When is he going to come out of his Taylor swift closet. Answer if you get my joke.

by Anonymous reply 1811/17/2017

I think that was “padding” R9

by Anonymous reply 1911/17/2017

It always sort of curves left R17. I hate a curved dick. I like nice thick straight dicks. Is that weird? Does anyone here like curved dicks? No shame. I’m not judging.

by Anonymous reply 2011/17/2017

Watch the sweatpants. I think he's commando here.

by Anonymous reply 2111/17/2017

He looked better on Night Manager than he usually does. Flattering lighting, gorgeous beaches, Hugh Laurie didn’t look half bad too.

by Anonymous reply 2211/17/2017

It looks like one of those Circus Peanut candies my mother used to be so fond of.

by Anonymous reply 2311/17/2017

That's no bulge. That's a nubbin.

by Anonymous reply 2411/17/2017

Probably not circumcised

by Anonymous reply 2511/17/2017

Damn R21 that thing with him in bed with the other dude was hot! His personality seemed cute, too.

by Anonymous reply 2611/17/2017

Mouth watering? Girl, no. If he withers any further, he will collapse into a pile of dust.

by Anonymous reply 2711/18/2017

R16 if you can't show much in tight shorts made of thin white cotton then there ain't much to see.

by Anonymous reply 2811/18/2017

R20, you don't like them to curve upward? That's "normal" to me.

by Anonymous reply 2911/18/2017

Thanks, OP. Love Hiddleston. Comes across as intelligent, eloquent, inquisitive, well-mannered. Perhaps over-eager / desperate to push through his career. But that's how you make it in showbiz.

He has a very soothing, velvety voice - if his career fizzles out in the future, he should narrate audio-books.

But he's almost 40. No wife or kids, not even a significant long-term partner (at least in public). What's his deal? Did anyone hear any rumours about him?

by Anonymous reply 3011/18/2017

He strikes me as a donglover, though I have never read any evidence. And no, DL assertions do not equal "evidence."

by Anonymous reply 3111/18/2017

His publicist, Luke Windsor, is gay. Any DLers know Mr Windsor? C'mon, someone must have some insider scoop. London's gay scene is pretty interconnected.

by Anonymous reply 3211/18/2017

Isn't he a bottom?

by Anonymous reply 3311/18/2017

You mean VPL not bulge OP. But man, that suit is ugly.

by Anonymous reply 3411/18/2017

He once took a male friend as his date to the premiere of a film he didn't star in. And during Hiddleswift he was outed by a VF journalist and Perez, though without proofs.

by Anonymous reply 3511/18/2017


by Anonymous reply 3611/18/2017

[quote]He once took a male friend as his date to the premiere of a film he didn't star in.

Did they have sex?

by Anonymous reply 3711/18/2017

R37 His name is Joh Macmillan. They starred in a short film together and for a while were inseparable.

by Anonymous reply 3811/18/2017

What bulge?

by Anonymous reply 3911/18/2017

For R30:

Hiddleston has been rumoured to be gay or bi forever and long before Hiddleswift happend. Former RADA insiders claimed that it was "known" there that Kenneth Branagh was Tom's "mentor" and that Branagh didn't took interest in back then 20 year old Hiddleston just because of his acting talent. Prior to the first Thor movie every single acting credit Tom had was somehow linked with Kenneth Branagh. People who work/ worked in the London theater scene also said that Tom is gay and deeply ashamed about it. There are two big and longstanding rumours regarding Tom's partner(s); that he's in a LTR with Kenneth Branagh or that he's in a relationship or secretly married to his gay publicist Luke Windsor. Rumour also had it that Tom had an eating disorder around 2013, that he's a grower and a top.

by Anonymous reply 4012/07/2017

Twinky Tom.

I didn't realize he's actually a ginge.

by Anonymous reply 4112/07/2017

I don't even care about Tom H. but r40 has some GREAT gossip! Thanks for that! Anything on Dominic Cooper by any chance? :)

by Anonymous reply 4212/07/2017

He was FRIGHTENINGLY thin around 2013. He always slims down when he's filming as Loki, but IIRC he looked his worst well after the second Thor film had wrapped and been released.

I don't think he's gay, but I think spending his life in boarding schools + his parents' divorce have left him pretty fucked up and clueless when it comes to staying in relationships for more than a few months.

by Anonymous reply 4312/07/2017

Why do you think he’s not gay R43?

by Anonymous reply 4412/08/2017

He's not a good looking fellow. His unattractiveness was actually distracting in the new Thor movie.

by Anonymous reply 4512/08/2017
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