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Tasteful Friends - What Do We Think of Cheyenne Jackson's Hollywood Hills Hideaway?


by Ryan Murphyreply 3212/06/2017

Guess it would look a bit dingy in the daytime

by Ryan Murphyreply 111/14/2017

No Pool?

by Ryan Murphyreply 211/14/2017

It's nice enough, and not as way overdone as a lot of places. We've seen far worse. It could still use some judicious editing, but it's not bad.

by Ryan Murphyreply 311/14/2017

I want it.

by Ryan Murphyreply 411/14/2017

Love the exteriors.

Interiors are bit much. Having tons of stuff around me, especially lots and lots of small items, tends to make me itch with the clutter. I tend to prefer a simpler, more spartan look.

by Ryan Murphyreply 511/14/2017

The walls smell like meth and ass.

by Ryan Murphyreply 611/14/2017

[r6] not to mention cat crotch

by Ryan Murphyreply 711/14/2017

It's very nice. Do not like the walls, curtains, duvet, or rug and some of the furniture, but otherwise very nice.

by Ryan Murphyreply 811/14/2017

Great "bones" as they say and a nice section of the Hills. The patio and view are everything. The wallpaper and curtains would have to go immediately; otherwise, I love it.

by Ryan Murphyreply 911/14/2017

Nice views but your cats would last five minutes there. It's a coyote buffet.

by Ryan Murphyreply 1011/14/2017

It'd make a lovely crime scene.

by Ryan Murphyreply 1111/14/2017

How weird #11, that is the first thing I felt. I hope we are not psychic!

by Ryan Murphyreply 1211/14/2017

Tiny house, overlooked by neighbours.

Odd-shaped ceilings to accommodate the air-con, half-empty bookcase.

by Ryan Murphyreply 1311/14/2017

I like it, though the interiors are far too 'busy.' Love the exterior though. Only needs a pool.

by Ryan Murphyreply 1411/14/2017

Nice place but the interiors are a bit too much, specially the black and white wallpapers.

by Ryan Murphyreply 1511/14/2017

I’m with you R9. It beats living in a gilt shithole like Trump NYC.

by Ryan Murphyreply 1611/14/2017

The gaudy wallpaper is to cover the fact that its got low ceilings and unhappy proportions.

Is this a 1950s shack?

Is it perched on a steep hillside and built low to appease the neighbours above who didn't want their view obstructed?

by Ryan Murphyreply 1711/14/2017

2 million, no pool and no city lights view. No.

by Ryan Murphyreply 1811/14/2017

That looks like heaven compared to my dumpy little apartment, so yes please.

by Ryan Murphyreply 1911/14/2017

There's no pool because there's no yard. He's on the edge of a high-slip zone.

by Ryan Murphyreply 2011/14/2017

Look at slide 11 with the houses in the far distance propped up by stilts. Doesn't look very safe.

by Ryan Murphyreply 2111/14/2017

That crazy, demonic wallpaper seems to go somehow with the actor who has looked rather crazy and demonic in the past.

by Ryan Murphyreply 2211/14/2017

So are they splitting then?

by Ryan Murphyreply 2311/18/2017

Why would they split up?They probably love being crazy together.

by Ryan Murphyreply 2412/06/2017

8 out of 10. Nicely done except for that one living room with the white fur rug. A bit much.

I'd have to see the kitchen - no pics of that at all. Overall though, it's very well done.

by Ryan Murphyreply 2512/06/2017

I would like to fuck Jackson. I would not like living in that house.

by Ryan Murphyreply 2612/06/2017

Feels cluttered and dark. Need to be re-staged.

by Ryan Murphyreply 2712/06/2017

The interiors are dreadful. Did this guy come from really humble beginnings? That’s not a bad thing at all, but the house looks horrible on the inside, and the decor is like something that you would see inside the homes of people who have zero aesthetic and new money.

by Ryan Murphyreply 2812/06/2017

I think he paid too much. It looks like something a Brady kid would live in after being in a house with no toilet.

There’s too much junk on the walls and ceiling, for a house in an earthquake zone.

by Ryan Murphyreply 2912/06/2017

Great house and landscaping but the decor literally stinks. Yes, I can smell it through the pictures it's that bad.

by Ryan Murphyreply 3012/06/2017

The living room where the sofa/chairs are too far from each other for any kind of conversation makes me sad. 'Though the vaulted ceiling is fab.

by Ryan Murphyreply 3112/06/2017

I like it better than Charlie Puth's house which is basically the same price and location.

It follow's Jackson's at Variety.

by Ryan Murphyreply 3212/06/2017
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