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Tommy & Gio are Goals! Thread 18! #goals #squad #glutenfree #vegan #plantbased #mensfashion #mensfitness #instagay #prestetarian

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by David Muirreply 60012/31/2017

They are turning into lesbeens!

by David Muirreply 109/23/2017

Posing with a sailboat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!⛵️⛵️⛵️🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

by David Muirreply 209/23/2017

I have never seen less sexual spark in a couple of any kind.

Are they both bottoms?

by David Muirreply 309/23/2017

Who are these guys and do they have jobs? They always seem to be on vacation.

by David Muirreply 409/23/2017

[quote]Are they both bottoms?

No, read his bio.

by David Muirreply 509/23/2017

Yeah, who are they? And why are they posted here?

by David Muirreply 609/23/2017

R1 is right. They do look like lesbians now. With a hint of flannel.

by David Muirreply 709/23/2017

Oh dear. There seem to be [bold]two[/bold] Part 18 threads. What are we supposed to do?

by David Muirreply 809/23/2017


by David Muirreply 909/23/2017

No thanks, r5.

A bio is not where I go for the truth about “celebrities.”

by David Muirreply 1009/23/2017

His bio of his job duties is listed in the OP.

by David Muirreply 1109/23/2017

Seems like two bottoms to me.

by David Muirreply 1209/23/2017

Seems like two threads to me!

by David Muirreply 1309/23/2017

[quote]Seems like two bottoms to me.

No, they're actually two tops, which is actually quite a problem in a committed relationship. But they make it work creatively.

by David Muirreply 1409/23/2017

[quote]Seems like two threads to me!

We'll just go with the thread that was started first and has more replies, which is this one.

by David Muirreply 1509/23/2017

They’re....two tops??


My sides!

by David Muirreply 1609/23/2017

Yes, it was verified that they're both tops.

by David Muirreply 1709/23/2017


by David Muirreply 1809/23/2017

R15 Okay, your loss. Lots of photos on the other thread!

by David Muirreply 1909/23/2017

I wish there was a way I could automatically set these Tommy and Gio threads to "Ignore." But like before the OP clicks "Post."

by David Muirreply 2009/23/2017

R19, lots of photos from years ago clogging up that thread. It's like a throwback album with no disscussion.

by David Muirreply 2109/24/2017

They don't engage in penetrative sex, so a discussion of their sex "roles" is moot.

by David Muirreply 2209/24/2017

How can two tops not engage in penetrative sex? They just need to find a hole.

by David Muirreply 2309/24/2017

Two tops!?! I just spit my matcha onto the keyboard.

by David Muirreply 2409/24/2017

I'm sorry but our boys are NOT bottoms!

by David Muirreply 2509/24/2017

So they're both tops who roam the earth for bottoms to plug?

by David Muirreply 2609/24/2017

Is Tommy plant-based?

by David Muirreply 2709/24/2017

Our boys!!

by David Muirreply 2809/24/2017

Please welcome Motown singing sensations...

The Two Tops!

by David Muirreply 2909/24/2017

Featuring their band, The Air Quotes!

by David Muirreply 3009/24/2017

Tommy does fill a shirt really well, regardless.

by David Muirreply 3109/24/2017

With all those plants he eats he probably fills his pants also.

by David Muirreply 3209/24/2017

In case anyone missed it on the last thread, OP's picture depicts Gio using his mouth and tongue to show what Tommi's patulous rectum looked like after a few days recently in West Hollywood.

by David Muirreply 3309/24/2017

He can fill a shirt, but not a hole.

by David Muirreply 3409/24/2017

They dress very badly.

by David Muirreply 3509/24/2017

Do these boys still have active grindr profiles?

by David Muirreply 3609/24/2017

They never had Grindr profiles. They're not wholes, darling. They only have Instagram profiles and high society NYC profiles.

by David Muirreply 3709/24/2017

[quote]They dress very badly.

Uh, no, nice try. Tommy is the authoritative voice on men's fashion.

by David Muirreply 3809/24/2017

Tommy follows 682 people on instagram, one of whom is the Evening Punctuationist! He also follows Randolf. They do "legs" together on Tuesdays and Fridays at a swanky members' only gym for big shots with fans and shit like that.

by David Muirreply 3909/24/2017

Tommy, gluten free anonymous meets Wednesday's at the Episcopal Church. Use the side door entrance.

by David Muirreply 4009/24/2017

I understand Tommy has a PhD in Animal Husbandry. His specialty is dairy cows, I believe.

by David Muirreply 4109/24/2017

R41 — That should come in handy when he milks Gio's prostate.

by David Muirreply 4209/24/2017

Doesn't Tommy have multiple PhDs? He's so smart!

by David Muirreply 4309/24/2017

Who is the Evening Punctualist?

by David Muirreply 4409/24/2017

It is so sweet how they met on Grindr when Tommy was trolling.

by David Muirreply 4509/25/2017

WRONG LOOSER @r45. They met on instagram. Tommy came upon Gio's profile. Gio was headed out on a dangerous assignment. Tommy wished him good luck and and wished him a safe journey. Gio thought he was aborbs. And the rest is history. They do not and have never had grindr accounts. Only whores have those.

by David Muirreply 4609/25/2017

They have since deleted their Grindr accounts but we all know that is how they met.

by David Muirreply 4709/25/2017

Link, please, r47.

by David Muirreply 4809/25/2017

[quote] R44: Who is the Evening Punctualist?

Oh, for heaven sake! First, it's "Punctuationist", and you ask on the heals of National Punctuation Day, no less! You must be Gio. Tommy knows his commas from his hedgehogs, I have no doubt. You may educate yourself by perusing the link.

by David Muirreply 4909/25/2017

"… on the heals of National Punctuation Day…"

by David Muirreply 5009/25/2017

R49 I always find it ironic that homos can't do homophones.

by David Muirreply 5109/25/2017

I missed the entirety of season 17. Can someone catch me up?

by David Muirreply 5209/25/2017

R52, previously last season on Tommy on Gio, Tommy rented a Buick to cruise the Jersey shore with 4 aging queens (Sam Champion included) looking for gluten-free and vegan snacks. Tommy is so thirsty and discovers the great taste of SmartWater. He then reveals a hint of fall in his wardrobe by flashing a pop of color in his underwear waistband of fushia pink. Gio comes to the shocking discovery that Tommy is sentient plant-based lifeform like Groot. #plantbased #mensfashion #season17

by David Muirreply 5309/25/2017


by David Muirreply 5409/25/2017

[quote] I missed the entirety of season 17. Can someone catch me up?

Gio had several brushes with death in Florida while waving his arms wildly on a hotel balcony during Hurricane Irma. But nobody suffered more than poor Tommy, who had to sit at home in their New York City apartment and watch the drama unfold on TV. Gio and Tommy were both shaken to the core by the hurricane's devastation, a feeling of utter despair that lasted for several days, until they left for a vacation in California.

by David Muirreply 5509/25/2017

Giovanni realky has to STOP with the flailing arms. He looks ridiculous with the arms whirling around like that.

by David Muirreply 5609/26/2017

Yeah, he looks like one of those huge blow-up things that flail on poles at used car lots.

by David Muirreply 5709/27/2017

When did they become goalies? Soccer or hockey?

by David Muirreply 5809/27/2017

Why are they still relevant?

by David Muirreply 5909/27/2017

I wonder if Gio still dreams of the ripe, musky scent of sex and testosterone that emanated the frat house he seemed to live in while he covered that hazing story a while back.

by David Muirreply 6009/27/2017

Gio =

by David Muirreply 6109/28/2017

R61 LOL! That is Gio alright!

by David Muirreply 6209/28/2017

Thank you, R33, for the phrase "patulous rectum." Hopefully it will enter the DL vernacular like "nacreous layers of permacum."

by David Muirreply 6309/28/2017

Gio =

by David Muirreply 6409/28/2017

Can someone post a link to Gio’s arm waving?

I would love to see that.

by David Muirreply 6509/28/2017

You're quite welcome, R63. It's a word that's used too seldom, but in the cases of the Patulous Princes, it probably applies.

by David Muirreply 6609/28/2017

Will Tommy and Gio be making a cameo on "Will and Grace?"

by David Muirreply 6709/28/2017

Tommy will have a major story arc on W & G. During their recent trip to CA, the producers caved in to Tommy's salary demands. They didn't want to lose him to another vitamin convention.

by David Muirreply 6809/28/2017

You're right, R68. I understand that as a compromise, Tommi will appear on W&G and do a Vitameatavegemin commercial. The episode will be called, "I Love Lousy."

by David Muirreply 6909/28/2017

Where are the Precious Princes off to this weekend?

by David Muirreply 7009/29/2017

Why does Gio flail his arms in every report? It's highly distracting. I'm surprised no one at ABC sat him down and said listen, you look and sound ridiculous and viewers are making fun of you.

by David Muirreply 7109/30/2017

They can't tell a gay to degay himself. HR would never allow that!

by David Muirreply 7209/30/2017

Isn't it time that these two take another vacation?

by David Muirreply 7310/01/2017

Will Gio be sent to Las Vegas to cover the news or will he do an in-depth consumer look at Teflon coat hooks?

by David Muirreply 7410/02/2017


by David Muirreply 7510/02/2017

Here's a fun picture of our Tommi. I think it was taken either before or after he upchucked.

by David Muirreply 7610/03/2017

He’s so ugly.

How can Gio bear to look at that hideous potato face every day?!

by David Muirreply 7710/03/2017

Has Tommy made the Las Vegas shootings all about him yet?

by David Muirreply 7810/03/2017

I think he's writing a book report about them as we speak.

by David Muirreply 7910/03/2017

Serious question: who IS the person that Tommi & Geo (particularly Tommi) bring along to photograph their every movements?

by David Muirreply 8010/03/2017

R80, that was covered in another thread. His name is Dennis something. Tommy gave him photo credit in some pics, such as "📸 by Dennis Sxxxxxx"

by David Muirreply 8110/03/2017

R76, why does Tommy pluck his eyebrows into a straight line like that? Looks very feminine slash drag queen. Wait, does Tommy do drag on the side. That would explain his face.👸🏼

by David Muirreply 8210/03/2017

R81 Dennis gets all the excitement!

by David Muirreply 8310/04/2017

Have you ever fantasized what it would be like to have Tommy deeply inside you? Well, I have. I bet he's all Italian below the waist. Gio is a very lucky wife.

by David Muirreply 8410/04/2017

R84 Never! But Gio’s uncut pinga on the other hand.....

by David Muirreply 8510/04/2017

Cuban men are not large. I rather have Tommy's 9-inch cut cock in me that Gio's uncut 5-incher.

by David Muirreply 8610/04/2017

Tommi & Geo — the smegma twins.

by David Muirreply 8710/04/2017

[quote]Cuban men are not large. I rather have Tommy's 9-inch cut cock in me

Hahahah, Tommy does not have more than 5 inches 😂😂😂😂5️⃣📏

by David Muirreply 8810/05/2017

Gio looking handsome!

by David Muirreply 8910/05/2017

Tommy as a top???

by David Muirreply 9010/05/2017

So now Tommi is in New Orleans, trying to revive the spirit of Katrina so he can make it about himself.

by David Muirreply 9110/06/2017

Poor whittle Tommy’s feelings got hurt on instagram. Words hurt his feewings.

by David Muirreply 9210/06/2017

Why was no one on hand to take a picture of his feewings getting hurted?

by David Muirreply 9310/06/2017

Bestie's in Paris. The Eiffel Tower. How original! Tommy commented on his pic.

by David Muirreply 9410/06/2017

Tommi seemingly can't walk 50 feet on a public sidewalk without being photographed in his trademark stilted pose and smirk. The photographer is obviously everywhere that Tommi is. Who is this photographer? Don't Tommi's myriad "friends" think it weird that Tommi has this photog perpetually shadowing him? How can anyone, even Tommi, not realize how utterly stupid/self-serving/narcissistic he comes off as?

by David Muirreply 9510/08/2017

Tommi’s a loser. A wanna be mogul with 14 thousand careers. Most people laugh at him. #pescatarian #loser

by David Muirreply 9610/08/2017

Do we just make fun of these guys? What’s the point of these threads? How do I post? I think I make fun of them.

by David Muirreply 9710/08/2017

R97 — Tommi & Gio actually do a pretty good job of making fun of themselves. Problem is, they are too wrapped up in their own egos to know it.

by David Muirreply 9810/08/2017

Gio seems fairly bright. How can he NOT see what a vapid, egotistical mess Tommi is?

by David Muirreply 9910/08/2017

How can you NOT see what a vapid, jealousing, envious mess you is, R99?

by David Muirreply 10010/08/2017

The difference is, I don't have a paid photographer following me around to capture my every sidewalk nuance, mood, smirk or fart. Jealous/envious? Oh, I don't think so. Not of that narcissistic creep.

by David Muirreply 10110/08/2017

Exactly R101 Tommy is a moron. No jealousy here either. I would never ever want to be Tommy. Not in a trillion years. He’s such an idiot.

by David Muirreply 10210/08/2017

Tommy is a complete embarrassment. Gio’s no prize, but he sure married down.

by David Muirreply 10310/09/2017

Just goes to show you that meeting on Grindr isn’t always a good thing.

by David Muirreply 10410/09/2017

They did not meet on Grindr, you whores. Just because your a barebacking whore doesn't mean our boys are too.

by David Muirreply 10510/09/2017

Q: What is Tommi's favorite appetizer?

A: Guaca-MOLE-e.

by David Muirreply 10610/09/2017

Honestly no r84, as objectively hot as Tommy is he manages to exude zero sex appeal.

I'd much rather roll around with Gio.

by David Muirreply 10710/09/2017

You can have both of those losers. I'll have Matt Gutman.

by David Muirreply 10810/10/2017

Matt Gutman is married, you fool.

by David Muirreply 10910/10/2017

So are Tommy and Gio.

by David Muirreply 11010/10/2017

I meant real married,

by David Muirreply 11110/11/2017

Tommi will never dump Gio because he knows a meal ticket when he sees it; Gio will never dump Tommi because he apparently can't tell the difference between fake platitudes/complete narcissism and realism.

by David Muirreply 11210/11/2017

What was Tommy doing for meals 2 years ago? He had no job, no means of support. How was he getting food?

by David Muirreply 11310/11/2017

Tommi was surely on Grindr hooking up, just like when he messaged his meal ticket on Grindr.

by David Muirreply 11410/12/2017

Tommi's been strangely quiet today…

I wonder if he's having his period?

by David Muirreply 11510/13/2017

They met on Instagram, not grindr. Gio was about to set out on a dangerous assignment. Tom came across Gio's profile and wished Gio a safe and speedy return. Gio thought that was adorbs, and the rest is history.

by David Muirreply 11610/13/2017

[quote] Gio was about to set out on a dangerous assignment.

Not true.

by David Muirreply 11710/13/2017

The most dangerous assignment Gio was ever sent on was a story about malfunctioning zippers that were snagging mens' peens.

by David Muirreply 11810/13/2017

R116 His employer put him in danger?

by David Muirreply 11910/13/2017

Tommi discoveed a pumpkin spice anal douche product that he's going to try out for Gio. Stay tuned for the book report next week.

by David Muirreply 12010/14/2017

David Muir, in ABC newsroom: "Who farted? It smells like pumpkins in here."

by David Muirreply 12110/15/2017

God bless Baby Gutman!

by David Muirreply 12210/15/2017

Whatever happened to the Abuela? Is she still giving Tommi enemas?

by David Muirreply 12310/16/2017

Is the Disney Organization mad at T & G? The Dizzy Princes haven't had a Disney vacation in weeks. And after all the trauma they've been through these days—in-depth, hard-hitting reports of faulty car alarms, the arrival of autumn and sweater weather, etc.—our boys need a holiday. If there's real news, I'm sure Matt Gutman can handle it. And it's time for Tommy to show off his perky nipples again on the [italic]It's a Small World After All[/italic] ride.

by David Muirreply 12410/18/2017

That IG story of how they met, I believe told by Gio himself, sounds like a spiel from a PR person. They actually met at the West Side Club.

by David Muirreply 12510/18/2017

More pictures of Tommy! Don’t bother posting Gio pictures. Ty.

by David Muirreply 12610/18/2017

[quote] They actually met at the West Side Club.

Is that a bathhouse?

by David Muirreply 12710/18/2017

Going gator huntin'.

by David Muirreply 12810/18/2017

Tommi looks like he's hung like a chipmunk. Is he on steroids?

by David Muirreply 12910/19/2017

In college, I separately nursed two different people through a bad trip and too much to drink. The guy on the trip pounced on me that night, lol. He was closeted, at least to me, until then. After he kissed me, and got off of me, he said “wait a minute, wait a minute, are you Gay?” Ahh, Youth!

by David Muirreply 13010/19/2017

R127, the West Side Club is an exclusive membership-only social networking club for NYC A-gays. The East Side Club the the Jewish version on the upper East Side.

by David Muirreply 13110/19/2017

Sorry, wrong thread.

by David Muirreply 13210/19/2017

R131, it looks like it’s only $40 a year. Open 7x24. Doesn’t sound exclusive to me.

by David Muirreply 13310/19/2017

It's a place for filthy poz ppl to hook up with each other and create new drug-resistant strains of HIV.

by David Muirreply 13410/19/2017

R133 — Hey, $40 a year is $40 a year to the likes of professional parasites like our Tommi.

by David Muirreply 13510/19/2017

R129 it certainly seems like it. I would also wager to say that he's bulimic, too. He has that puffy face that reminds me of Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino from Jersey shore, who both juiced and threw up his food.

by David Muirreply 13610/20/2017

I wonder if you can get gluten-free, pescaterian steroids?

by David Muirreply 13710/20/2017

Shut up, r137! Shut you're stupid looser mouth!

by David Muirreply 13810/20/2017

Yeah, R137. Tommi only does steroids he buys at Spike's Gymnasium in Yonkers. The only problem with them is that his peen is now getting very, very tiny and his balls are the size of M&Ms. Also, his farts smell like the Pfizer factory at high noon.

by David Muirreply 13910/20/2017


by David Muirreply 14010/27/2017

Hey, isn't it Gio's birthday?

by David Muirreply 14110/30/2017

R130 = Anthony Rapp

by David Muirreply 14210/30/2017

How come we never hear about the Abuela any more?

by David Muirreply 14310/31/2017

Didn't Abuela get swept away by the hurricane?

by David Muirreply 14411/01/2017

Abuela gives the enemas to our Tommi.

by David Muirreply 14511/06/2017

God, the muffin book report. Tommy is truly a frau.

by David Muirreply 14611/06/2017

Thank you for posting the link. It will be nice to have it down to one again.

by David Muirreply 14711/12/2017

Can I say I hate OP's photo choice? There's a reason this thread is less used.

by David Muirreply 14811/12/2017

I agree, but if we don't use it up, it's still going to exist as an adjunct, which, if you have a limited attention span (as Tommi/Gio fans are wont to do), it's just going to fuck things up, as it has been doing.

by David Muirreply 14911/12/2017

I DEMAND to be called Mrs. Tommy Benitez henceforth.

by David Muirreply 15011/13/2017

ok so i just got to know those two and have a question - why would a serious inteligent journalist marry an empty blogger?

by David Muirreply 15111/13/2017

Serious intelligent journalist?!

Bitch, please!!!

by David Muirreply 15211/13/2017

They met on Grindr.

by David Muirreply 15311/13/2017

[quote] why would a serious inteligent journalist marry an empty blogger?

He wouldn’t. But Gio Benitez would.

by David Muirreply 15411/13/2017

Why no staged pictures of Tommi and his too-tight togs today?

by David Muirreply 15511/14/2017

Have we finally given up our morbid fascination with these narcissistic creeps?

by David Muirreply 15611/17/2017

So curious!

by David Muirreply 15711/17/2017

Table of gays

by David Muirreply 15811/17/2017

Wow. Gio is following in Tommy's footsteps and promoting items on Instagram.

by David Muirreply 15911/17/2017

OMG. Whole Foods is now paying Tommy to plug their products.

[quote]tommydidarioI’m hosting Thanksgiving & the prep is in full effect! Thanks to the holiday catering menu at @wholefoodsnyc, I have a little help with the cooking. This is their gluten-free mushroom lentil stuffing. Who said Thanksgiving can’t have some healthy options? 😍💪🏻 #WholeFoodsMarket #sponsored

by David Muirreply 16011/17/2017

Gio’s pussy: Does it stink?

by David Muirreply 16111/18/2017

One of the comments on Tommy's IG post at R160:

[quote] brianlally1977 Your a man of many talents Tommy. You and Gio are hard working people. Always the best to you both. Happy Thanksgiving to you both🍁🐓🍂

That's Tommy. A hard-working man of many talents.

by David Muirreply 16211/18/2017

Aaaww so sweet:

by David Muirreply 16311/18/2017

These two narcissists met on the Instagram, right? IG is catnip for narcissists.

by David Muirreply 16411/18/2017

tommydidarioChecked into the @ritzcarltonbalharbour & the zen is so real 🙏🏻 #RCMemories

by David Muirreply 16511/18/2017

They met on Grindr. Used insta as a cover up. They didn’t want everyone to know they were using grindr.

by David Muirreply 16611/18/2017

Pops of yellow foliage!

[quote] tommydidario Feeling festive with pops of yellow foliage 🍂 Hope everyone’s Thanksgiving preparations are off to a good start 🍃

by David Muirreply 16711/22/2017

Tommy looks like he has to take a shit in the pic above. His healthy brekkie must have been sliding out.

by David Muirreply 16811/22/2017

Tommy is getting so desperate for attention he’s sporting moose knuckle now at R167 instead of the usual arms and pecs.

by David Muirreply 16911/22/2017

If those stupid pants were any tighter, Tommi wouldn't even be able to fart.

by David Muirreply 17011/22/2017

Aloe vera ✔️ Peach leaf extract ✔️ This @blackwoodformen body wash feels & smells so good 🕺🏼 (and it’s 50% off on Black Friday so treat yourself 🙃) #fitness #mensfashion #menswear #plantbased #healthylifestyle #fitnessmotivation

by David Muirreply 17111/22/2017

[quote]tommydidarioBack in the cold, but my mind is still in the Miami heat 😎 (until I have to start prepping the Thanksgiving menu tonight 😂).

tommydidario#fitness #plantbased #healthylifestyle #mensfashion #menswear #fitnessmotivation

by David Muirreply 17211/23/2017

R171 someone takes pictures when he is in the shower?

by David Muirreply 17311/23/2017

Tommy’s Book Report on Chelsea Boots!

[quote]The Chelsea Boot Published on November 8, 2017 written by tommy *This post was sponsored by Zappos

Never underestimate the power of footwear, especially great boots. I just can’t live without them. Here’s why: Strong statement shoes add the finishing touch to your outfit, and trust me, that doesn’t go unnoticed. Boots add an elevated and seasonal feel to your outfit that, when done right, can pull your entire look together. They’re so multi-functional that you can wear them with denim, chinos or even full suits. You can tuck the pants in for a more rugged look or keep the pants over the boots for a dressier feel. Depending on the vibe of the outfit, there are so many ways to play with styling boots during the fall and winter months. You can get so many looks out of them!

I’ve been wearing Steve Madden boots for years. Their lace-up combat boots (in both black and brown) are staples in my wardrobe because they are comfortable and versatile enough to wear with everything. Now I have a new Steve Madden style to add to my collection: the Chelsea boot. I ordered the boots from Zappos, which is always such an easy experience. Shipping is free and fast. Plus, if you are as indecisive as me, they have a 365-day return policy, which takes the pressure off of having to make decisions too quickly. The Chelsea boot is one of my favorite styles because it’s both casual and formal. They don’t have laces, and the sides are elastic, creating a sleek and modern silhouette. That’s why they pair perfectly with a slim style of pants. Remember: the fit matters. They shouldn’t be loose.

When it comes to shoe brands that deliver solid quality at an affordable price point, Steve Madden is one I often refer to my fellas. They have a variety of fashion-forward fall styles that you can filter through on Zappos, based on your own personal style. They come in a variety of different fabrics (leathers, suedes, etc.), textures, and colors. Most importantly, they feel so comfortable when I’m running through New York City every day. I rarely sacrifice comfort for style, so it’s refreshing to see that a brand I’ve been wearing for years doesn’t change the impressive quality of their footwear. Take advantage of the cozy seasons and get those boots ready for months of styling!

by David Muirreply 17411/23/2017

These boots are made for Posing!

by David Muirreply 17511/23/2017

Chelsea baby!

by David Muirreply 17611/23/2017

Suede is leather.

Tommy is dumb.

by David Muirreply 17711/23/2017

Good lord. Insufferable.

by David Muirreply 17811/23/2017

I count my blessings year-round, but I’m always extra reflective on Thanksgiving. So today I’m giving thanks to the guy who never makes me stop smiling. Wishing you and your loved ones a beautiful celebration ❤️

by David Muirreply 17911/23/2017

Why does Tommy have this blank, vacuous, not-quite-there look in every photo?

by David Muirreply 18011/23/2017

[quote]Tommy looks like he has to take a shit in the pic above. His healthy brekkie must have been sliding out.


by David Muirreply 18111/23/2017

His hair is perfect in the shower. He’s perfect!

by David Muirreply 18211/23/2017

Tommy makes me feel all funny...back there.

by David Muirreply 18311/23/2017

Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours! ❤️

by David Muirreply 18411/23/2017

Lovely. Perfect home. Perfect life.

by David Muirreply 18511/23/2017

"Why does Tommy have this blank, vacuous, not-quite-there look in every photo?"

Probably because he's blank, vacuous, and not-quite-there. Body by Chrysler, brains by Mattel.

by David Muirreply 18611/23/2017

Gio getting ready to report on Thanksgiving travel. ABC really trusts him with the hard-hitting stories. He may get a Peabody for this one.

by David Muirreply 18711/23/2017

Tell ya what Gio. You take Election night off and relax. We don’t need you to report any important election news. But we do need you to work on Thanksgiving while all the top talent has the day off. We need you to report on whether or not the roads are busy on Thanksgiving.

by David Muirreply 18811/23/2017

Thanksgiving 2017 Still excited over my centerpiece this year

by David Muirreply 18911/24/2017

It's a plant-based centerpiece.

by David Muirreply 19011/24/2017

#pescatarian centerpiece that Tommy made himself. He has ten trillion talents.

by David Muirreply 19111/24/2017

Tommy's a jack of all trades. Whatever happened to the screenplay he was writing?

by David Muirreply 19211/24/2017

Tommi’s the smartest man I know.

by David Muirreply 19311/24/2017

[quote] Whatever happened to the screenplay he was writing?

He's been busy! With all of his careers, he hasn't had any free time (aside from the many vacations). As soon as he has some free time, he'll finish the screenplay, and it will be a blockbuster!

by David Muirreply 19411/24/2017

Tommy was too busy gathering pine cones and doing his boot book report to write!!! Give Tommy a break!!!

by David Muirreply 19511/24/2017

Look who just got another meal comped.

by David Muirreply 19611/24/2017

I think the full text of Tommi's shirt at R196 is "I'M A TURD BURGLAR."

by David Muirreply 19711/24/2017

Tommy is ambitious with everything he does.

by David Muirreply 19811/24/2017

Especially his teeth bleaching regimen

by David Muirreply 19911/24/2017

That post at R196 makes me embarrassed to use an American Express.

by David Muirreply 20011/24/2017

Happy Thanksgiving from the gays in Hell's Kitchen

by David Muirreply 20111/24/2017

Meanwhile, over in Brussels, Bestie was celebrating Thanksgiving.

by David Muirreply 20211/24/2017

I know I already posted the video last weekend, but I just had to share these photos from our friend @nlievano_photography. For her 15th birthday, the “Quince,” my little sister @jazlynnperezz wanted to dance with me and @tommydidario. On this holiday of Thanks, I’m thankful for her beautiful heart. ❤️

by David Muirreply 20311/24/2017

Tommi looks stoned in the pic R201 posted. Somehow he looks less vacant while under the influence.

by David Muirreply 20411/24/2017

Tommi is the queen of everything! #plantbased

by David Muirreply 20511/24/2017

[quote]Tommy is ambitious with everything he does.

He's also frequently "excited" about almost everything he does! Really, all of his feelings are superlatives, just like his writing! Tommy experiences so many feelings in a day, it reminds me of a toddler who's laughing one moment, and crying the next!

This vegan madness is such a red flag for his eating disorder, the whole thing will collapse soon. No one can live in such deprivation in order to please his obvious body dysmorphia for very long without breaking down. I mean his beliefs about nutrition are so addled I cannot think he's getting proper nutrition with his work out schedule and muscle building goals. I wonder when it's all just going to break down?

I mean, I'm an actor and have done plenty of commercials, but the product huckstering is so inauthentic, and hardly dovetails with all of the other hijinks. It really just calls attention on his dopey spokesmodel persona.

by David Muirreply 20611/25/2017

Tommy's playful look.

by David Muirreply 20711/25/2017

Playful? He looks demented. Or perhaps he's tired of preening about in toddler-sized clothing. Even the shoes look ill-fitting.

by David Muirreply 20811/25/2017

Mentor sending our vibes of LOVE!

by David Muirreply 20911/25/2017

[quote]Tommy's playful look.

And by "playful" you mean "constipated", right?

by David Muirreply 21011/25/2017

More Amex Sponsorship!

by David Muirreply 21111/26/2017

I thought Tommi had grown a new facial mole at R211, but it was only a speck of something on my computer screen. Whew!

by David Muirreply 21211/26/2017

[quote]tommydidarioIt’s looking a lot like Christmas in the Benitez-DiDario household!🎄See how we string the lights over on @giobenitez’s page. 🎅🏼

by David Muirreply 21311/26/2017

[quote]giobenitez“For it is good to be children sometimes, and never better than at Christmas.” - Charles Dickens, “A Christmas Carol.” Head over to @tommydidario’s profile for more. 🎄

by David Muirreply 21411/26/2017

Ridiculous. Every move of theirs is so calculated. They come off as clueless morons.

by David Muirreply 21511/26/2017

Mentor looking hot/haggard.

by David Muirreply 21611/27/2017

Does David like the cock? Why hasn’t he cum out yet?

by David Muirreply 21711/27/2017

Mentor badly needs a haircut.

by David Muirreply 21811/27/2017

Mr. Muir is not gay. He has a girlfriend, and she's just a regular gal, not a supermodel. Next...

by David Muirreply 21911/27/2017

Yeah, just a regular gal

by David Muirreply 22011/27/2017

R219 Then why hasn’t David ever been photographed with said girlfriend?

by David Muirreply 22111/27/2017

Be afraid, Giovani. Be very Afraid.

by David Muirreply 22211/27/2017

Lol at r220.

by David Muirreply 22311/27/2017

Looks like he just unleashed a lethal fart.

by David Muirreply 22411/28/2017

That’s a healthy brekkie fart that he let out.

by David Muirreply 22511/28/2017

[quote] With a quick spray of @Tapout Body Spray from @Walmart, I’m ready to tackle the next obstacle coming at me.

OMG! Is Tommy now shilling for Walmart?

by David Muirreply 22611/28/2017

Man, fuckin Walmart, that seems so "off brand" for him. Tommy really is a total whore who will shill for anyone.

by David Muirreply 22711/28/2017

Nothing beats walking out of the gym looking primped, preened, and plastic AF.

by David Muirreply 22811/28/2017

[quote]What obstacles does Tommy even have??

There was a point where he thought he'd end up a big famous actor. His life instead is schilling for walmart and the only reason people pay attention to him is that he married Gio.

Underneath that fake goofy smile the poor thing cries at night.

by David Muirreply 22911/28/2017

Tommi can now wind up with his stupid jackass smile on one of those People of Walmart picture threads.

by David Muirreply 23011/28/2017

Look who got his wreaths.

by David Muirreply 23111/28/2017

Catch my cameo in #MyChristmasPrince, this Sunday! Keep those 👀 opened for me in the official trailer 😎 @lifetimetv @Markus_Hill @AlexisKnapp @CallumAlexandr

by David Muirreply 23211/28/2017

Tommy's cameo in the trailer

by David Muirreply 23311/28/2017

I wonder how much he got paid for the cameo/extra role

by David Muirreply 23411/28/2017

THAT is what he's calling a cameo??

by David Muirreply 23511/28/2017

Tommy has finally made it!!!!! I see an oscar in his future.

by David Muirreply 23611/28/2017

Yeah, isnt that an extra’s role? Isn’t a cameo used to describe a well known person who gets a prominent role, but appears only briefly?

by David Muirreply 23711/28/2017

Tommy DiDario is this generation's Cary Grant.

by David Muirreply 23811/28/2017

I do wonder that even with all Tommy's hustle (and he does seem to hustle), just how much CASH MONEY his marketing shenanigans really bring in each month, or is he paid in those sawdust protein bars, and godawful neckties only?

by David Muirreply 23911/28/2017

Who’s the lucky Guy who took Mentor’s pic at r231?!

by David Muirreply 24011/28/2017

Is Gio going to NBC to anchor the Today Show? lol

by David Muirreply 24111/29/2017

NBC is currently looking for a project for Tommy, since it's well-known in the industry that Tommy and Gio come as a package deal. Gio has turned down many high profile offers before when appropriate accommodations were not made for Tommy.

by David Muirreply 24211/29/2017

R235 Almost a starring role

by David Muirreply 24311/29/2017

Has Tommy ever thought about releasing a signature fragrance?

by David Muirreply 24411/29/2017

[quote]NBC is currently looking for a project for Tommy, since it's well-known in the industry that Tommy and Gio come as a package deal. Gio has turned down many high profile offers before when appropriate accommodations were not made for Tommy.

Exactly what packages has Gio done with Tommy? Yes, Gio has appeared in a couple of Tommy's YouTube videos. And he certainly appears in plenty of Tommy's Instagram photos. But I'm not seeing Gio include Tommy in his reports -- Gio didn't have Tommy on camera with him at the Macy's Parade with him, doesn't include him in reports he does from the field.

What type of projects are Gio and Tommy supposed to be doing together? And what has he turned down because Tommy wasn't part of the deal?

by David Muirreply 24511/29/2017

I'm waiting for the sex tape to be released.

by David Muirreply 24611/29/2017

Gio Benitez - IN as new Co-Host of The Today Show!

by David Muirreply 24711/29/2017

^^ Gio isn't worthy to unzip Matt Lauer's fly. ^^

by David Muirreply 24811/29/2017

Hot Doc!

by David Muirreply 24911/30/2017

Some DLer needs to take Justin James up on an appointment.

by David Muirreply 25011/30/2017

wait if he's a psychiatrist why is he in the ER?

by David Muirreply 25111/30/2017

Has Tommy done anything noteworthy today?

by David Muirreply 25211/30/2017

I love ya NYC, but it’s time to escape town for a little warm getaway. 🌴Any guesses? #mensfashion #fitness #fitspo #menswear #healthylifestyle #fitnessmotivation

by David Muirreply 25311/30/2017

WTF is fitspo??

by David Muirreply 25411/30/2017

Oooh, Tommy, you're such a vacation tease! Tell us where you're going? Somewhere warm and magical, I hope.

by David Muirreply 25511/30/2017

All I care about is Tommy's book report!

by David Muirreply 25611/30/2017

R255 I bet it’ll be magical

by David Muirreply 25711/30/2017

Tommy's face looks a little bloated in his pic above. I bet he ties one on every now and then, vegan diet restrictions be damned!

by David Muirreply 25811/30/2017

I've never clicked on one of these threads before. But I love them and will be a fan for life.

In the meantime:

Gurl, where is you goin'?

by David Muirreply 25911/30/2017

and I love the TEETH


by David Muirreply 26011/30/2017

more TEETH

by David Muirreply 26112/01/2017

R251: people need psychiatric help at ER too...

by David Muirreply 26212/01/2017

Maui wowie!

by David Muirreply 26312/01/2017

18 threads! and not once did I click.

Boy, I've got a lot of catching up to do.

& I can TOTALLY see why you guys are so obsessed.

by David Muirreply 26412/01/2017

Even on my busiest days, I remind myself to #StopAtNothing & push my body even harder. 💪🏻

by David Muirreply 26512/01/2017

The tank top is ridiculous.

by David Muirreply 26612/01/2017

Tommy’s body is so weird.

by David Muirreply 26712/01/2017

R265 words of wisdom

by David Muirreply 26812/01/2017

I suppose a busy day for Tommy is posing for TWO pictures!

by David Muirreply 26912/01/2017

So they're doing their annual vacation to Hawaii. Apparently, they have a long tradition (3 years!) of going to Hawaii in early December every day. So, glad they're maintaining the tradition.

Also glad they're getting a vacation in general. It's been two weeks since they got away to Miami for Gio's sister's Quinceañera.

Last but not least, glad Tommy is being true to form, by plugging the Marriott in his Instagram.

by David Muirreply 27012/01/2017

Gio seems to be into plugging books lately. This is like the third or fourth book he's done an Instagram post about in the past 4-5 weeks.

And given by the book he's reading, he also seems to be doing some soul searching, trying to find deeper meaning to his life.

by David Muirreply 27112/01/2017

At least Gio has progressed from Harry Potter and other Disney books. These two remain insufferable assholes!

by David Muirreply 27212/01/2017

Have we talked about Tommy's latest book report on "jacket versatility"?

by David Muirreply 27312/01/2017

Oh, is that vegan ice cream made entirely from coconut milk in the middle of the rainforest on the Road to Hana? 🤷🏻‍♂️ Yes, yes it is. 🤗 #Hawaii

by David Muirreply 27412/01/2017

oh Tommy! Drawcords in outwear are to help keep warmth from escaping from your torso area where it's needed, NOT to accentuate your silhouette, you dumbass bimbo.

by David Muirreply 27512/01/2017

R270 From what is Tommy taking vacation?

by David Muirreply 27612/01/2017

Tommi’s a himbo. Dumb as dirt.

by David Muirreply 27712/02/2017

From his hard work, r276! He spends all day, every day, um.... well, he goes to the gym probably... and eats... and occasionally makes #plantbased #glutenfree cookies... all that work must be exhausting!

by David Muirreply 27812/02/2017

That ice-cream shack looks adorable.

(I'm new here, on the Tommy & Gio threads - am I allowed to say anything nice? or will it lead to insult and abuse?)

by David Muirreply 27912/02/2017

I was looking at the ice-cream shack instagram page thinking, if I post a pic of it would be best if I found a gay patron - didn't take long at all. Took a second, in fact,

by David Muirreply 28012/02/2017

[quote] From his hard work, [R276]! He spends all day, every day, um.... well, he goes to the gym probably... and eats.

And don't forget his blogging! Those book reports on the power of black tees and the versatility of jackets don't write themselves, you know.

by David Muirreply 28112/02/2017

[quote]Like Comment 4,490 likes tommydidarioExplored Black Sand Beach, which was created a long time ago when the rough surf collided with a fresh lava flow 🌋 #Hawaii (and thanks @mrturk for keeping my volcanic beach style on point 👌🏻)

tommydidario#mensfashion #fitness #menswear #fitnessmotivation #fitspo #plantbased

by David Muirreply 28212/02/2017

[quote]tommydidarioCave exploration ✔️ Black Sand Beach ✔️ Waterfall Chasing ✔️ I ❤️ Maui. #Hawaii tommydidario#mensfashion #menswear #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitspo

by David Muirreply 28312/02/2017

Tommy's bathing suit is ridiculous.

I imagine he spends the night before packing and repacking his carefully coordinated skin-tight get ups!

by David Muirreply 28412/02/2017

One family’s dream to showcase the foods of Polynesia turned into one of the best restaurants in the world on Maui’s North Shore. The fresh fish is caught and served within 24 hours. The fish on my plate, Onaga (Long-Tail Red Snapper), was caught at depths of 1,000 feet off the coast of Maui. Insanely good. The dessert: Maui Banana Macadamia Nut Crisp. 😛 With that said, time to hit the gym! 😂

by David Muirreply 28512/03/2017

Do these two dolts—particularly Tommi—realize just how narcissistic it is to post pictures of themselves EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY? They're never even doing anything, just smiling vapidly into the camera. They really don't have a clue as to how stupid they look, do they?

by David Muirreply 28612/03/2017

Exactly, R286. That’s why we’ve had 18 threads about them. They’re idiots, especially Tommy.

by David Muirreply 28712/03/2017

Tommy has great legs. Legs are really hard to develop.

by David Muirreply 28812/03/2017

Really someone ought to tell Tommy that DOING something in a photograph really enhances it!

by David Muirreply 28912/03/2017

Make no mistake, Tommy is POSING within an inch of his life in every photo. All of that Barbizon Modeling School training is NOT going to waste!

by David Muirreply 29012/03/2017

Tommy gets paid to post instagram photos

by David Muirreply 29112/04/2017

Has Tommy been offered Matt Lauer’s job yet?

by David Muirreply 29212/04/2017

Tommy is just simply very happy. He brings his joy of life to all of us.

by David Muirreply 29312/04/2017

Yeah, R293, either that or he's mentally retarded.

by David Muirreply 29412/04/2017

Like Forrest Gump.

by David Muirreply 29512/04/2017

[quote]Do these two dolts—particularly Tommi—realize just how narcissistic it is to post pictures of themselves EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY? They're never even doing anything, just smiling vapidly into the camera. They really don't have a clue as to how stupid they look, do they?

Gurl, they've been doing it for 18 threads so they must be doing something right to have held so much attention for so long.

I'm only sorry I've only just discovered them.

The thread is great fun, as are the pics. The whole thing.

by David Muirreply 29612/04/2017

& Gio is a serious news reporter for ABC.

Love him in a tie and jacket.

by David Muirreply 29712/04/2017

We won't have to wait much longer before tommy tells us about how sexually assaulted he was by someone in show business....which he thinks he's actually in!


by David Muirreply 29812/05/2017

Actually, it's #MEMEME!!!!

by David Muirreply 29912/06/2017

[quote] We won't have to wait much longer before tommy tells us about how sexually assaulted he was by someone in show business.

Tommy will probably claim that he was sexually assaulted, which is what caused him to leave show business. If it hadn't been for the sexual assault, Tommy would be a big Hollywood star today!

by David Muirreply 30012/06/2017

R299 LOL!

by David Muirreply 30112/06/2017

[quote]The dessert: Maui Banana Macadamia Nut Crisp. 😛 With that said, time to hit the gym! 😂

Does Gio have an eating disorder? Is he bulimic? He eats one nut crisp and he's freaking out about going to the gym to work it off. Geez, you're on vacation. You're allowed to eat.

by David Muirreply 30212/07/2017

Gio is determined to stay trim for his inevitable move to NBC to take over The Today Show. Expect an announcement soon.

by David Muirreply 30312/07/2017

Gio and Tommi are in negotiations to co-host The Today Show together.

by David Muirreply 30412/07/2017

R289, Tommy doesn’t have to do anything. Though, I would like to see him working out.

by David Muirreply 30512/07/2017

Did Tommy get a happy ending?

by David Muirreply 30612/07/2017

Mentor on Fire!

by David Muirreply 30712/07/2017

Tommy is the star of SunWarrior's latest ad for its plant protein bars!

by David Muirreply 30812/09/2017

Tommy’s so god damned DUMB!

by David Muirreply 30912/09/2017

I wish Tommy could post more pictures. With him nothing’s enough for me. I want more!

by David Muirreply 31012/09/2017

Oh hi Tommy at R310!

by David Muirreply 31112/09/2017

How has GMA survived without Gio?

by David Muirreply 31212/09/2017

I finally figured out who Tommi looks just like.

A few years ago, [italic]Mad TV[/italic] did a parody of [italic]Hollywood Squares,[/italic] which featured Michael McDonald as John Ramsey, father of the late JønBénèt Ramsey, and his late wife, Mrs. Patsy Ramsey, formerly of Boulder, CO. Watch this clip and see if "John Ramsey" isn't a ringer for our Tommi.

by David Muirreply 31312/09/2017

Is being plant based the cause of Tommy's constant vacant look on his face?

by David Muirreply 31412/09/2017

The photo at r308 is a definite photoshop job.

by David Muirreply 31512/09/2017

SO is Gio finally being taken seriously at ABC?

by David Muirreply 31612/09/2017

I was going to say he looks dumb but cute at R308.

Related: why do they look more like friends than husbands in their pics together? It's like they're trying to play it safe (can't be too affectionate) for IG, but they've gone too far. It's posed, slightly leaning into each other, "cheese!" just about every time.

by David Muirreply 31712/09/2017

It's because they haven't consummated their relationship yet. They are really just best friends. Maybe they're kissed each other on the cheek, at most.

by David Muirreply 31812/09/2017

They're past that already R318

by David Muirreply 31912/09/2017

R319 so beautiful

by David Muirreply 32012/09/2017


by David Muirreply 32112/10/2017

Bestie with "friends"

by David Muirreply 32212/10/2017

OMG! Tommy has another "super exciting project" that he'll be announcing today! What could it be? Maybe a new line of ties for the holidays? Maybe he's relaunching his YouTube channel? The suspense is killing me!

[quote] tommydidario Winding down from the magic of Hawaii. Back in NYC and ready to start a new week with a super exciting project tomorrow. Stay tuned 😎

by David Muirreply 32312/10/2017

Career number 1,167. Tommy literally does everything! #soamazing #plantbased

by David Muirreply 32412/10/2017

I hear the Today show is looking for a new host.

by David Muirreply 32512/11/2017

Gurl, that's TAKEN!

by David Muirreply 32612/11/2017

He's announcing a new collaboration with THEM, the magazine for Them!@

by David Muirreply 32712/11/2017

Rhoda Young has a screw loose!

by David Muirreply 32812/11/2017

Well, whatever the project, you can be assured that it'll be underwhelming and come with a hefty serving of humble bragging.

by David Muirreply 32912/11/2017

Doesn’t Tommy change focus like, everyday? He never seems to stick with 1 thing. His projects always seem to fail. Just sayin’.

by David Muirreply 33012/11/2017

True, whatever happened to the vials of personally-harvested semen he used to sell under the brand name "SMEG"? Did he shift focus to a lime-green toaster line?

by David Muirreply 33112/11/2017

I'm still waiting with baited breath for Tommy to finish his screenplay.

by David Muirreply 33212/11/2017

He's working on a cross-promotional musical collaboration with North Morgan as we wait with bated breath, R332!

by David Muirreply 33312/11/2017

Hot Doc - serving that exhausted-by-work-but-still-SEXAY look!

by David Muirreply 33412/11/2017

Tommy was on the Rachael Ray show!!! And it was amazing! He's a star! (Did Rachael Ray run out of real celebrities to have as guests?)

[quote] Amazing day on the @RachaelRayShow! Stay tuned for when the fun segment airs after the holidays 🙌🏻

by David Muirreply 33512/11/2017

Tommy will replace Matt Lauer.

by David Muirreply 33612/11/2017

Since Tommy is plant-based, will Rachel use him in one of her recipes?

by David Muirreply 33712/11/2017

Tommy would KILL for fame.

by David Muirreply 33812/11/2017

Ohhh, Rachael, gurl, watch your back. Tommy is in the house.

by David Muirreply 33912/11/2017

The thirst is real for our Tommy.

by David Muirreply 34012/11/2017

Who's that guy with Rachael Ray? Is he a gay?

by David Muirreply 34112/11/2017

Why does the doc always look glassy eyed in every pic, like he's stoned all the time.

by David Muirreply 34212/11/2017

OK, Tommy just announced his special project. Are you ready for it? Spoilers......

. . . . . . . . .

He's going to be starring in a Hallmark Christmas movie on Lifetime called My Christmas Prince! I'm assuming he plays the prince.

by David Muirreply 34312/11/2017

Tommy's gonna be famous

by David Muirreply 34412/11/2017

This one's hysterical.

by David Muirreply 34512/11/2017

So, Tommy is now the Lifestyle Expert for Rachael Ray, according to his Instagram.

Wonder what strings Gio pulled to get Tommy that gig? Now Tommy can give his book reports on live TV.

by David Muirreply 34612/11/2017

so basically Tommy faked it until he made it. He's a BS expert that's for sure. I wonder if this will be a 1-off or he'll be on tv more and more.

by David Muirreply 34712/11/2017

What are the Rachael Ray people smoking? Have they not looked at his Instagram and found out he was a phoney who doesn't have any insight or knowledge to share about anything? How could they be fooled like this? Shame on Rachael!

by David Muirreply 34812/11/2017

Tommy will flop on Rachael. Bet on it.

by David Muirreply 34912/11/2017

Tommy is now officially a TV star! He'll be sharing his #plantbased wisdom and pops of color with the fraus who watch Rachael Ray. I wonder if the Rachael Ray "Lifestyle Expert" gig will last longer than his YouTube channel did.

by David Muirreply 35012/11/2017

I'm sure there's a gay guy on Rachael's staff who knows Gio and that's probably how Tommy got on.

by David Muirreply 35112/11/2017

What does Tommy know about lifestyle?

by David Muirreply 35212/11/2017

Look at Rachel in that pic! She's standing too close to Tommy and caught his dead-eye zombie stare!!

by David Muirreply 35312/11/2017

Who took the photo at R345? Tommy told him to drive a mile out before taking the shot.

by David Muirreply 35412/12/2017

I guess Tommy will never get to that screenplay now *sigh* And since Tommy has all the personality of a turnip, I can't see this ending well, though it will be fun to watch him try to move on set in his tiny outfits.

by David Muirreply 35512/12/2017

Tommy has the most horrible voice with a fake cadence. It would be grating to hear him try to fake talk for more than a minute.

by David Muirreply 35612/12/2017

[quote] Tommy has the most horrible voice with a fake cadence.

Well, Rachael Ray's voice isn't exactly music to the ears either. Though I can't really see Rachael and Tommy having any kind of rapport or chemistry.

by David Muirreply 35712/12/2017

Tommy will be taking over Rachael’s show. He’s THAT good!

by David Muirreply 35812/12/2017

Look for the show to be renamed TOMMY!! in early September, just in time for the start of the new season.

A year from now, people will be saying, "Rachael who?"

by David Muirreply 35912/12/2017

R359 Exactly!! A year from now Tommy will only be known as “Tommy”. No last name needed!

by David Muirreply 36012/12/2017

I'm the original Tommy, bitches!

by David Muirreply 36112/13/2017

If you throw enough shit against the wall, somethings going to stick eventually.

by David Muirreply 36212/13/2017

R342: no, not stoned, just sleep deprivation caused by extreme hard work.

by David Muirreply 36312/13/2017

What kind of doctor keeps posting selfies while at work? Must not be that busy. Does the hospital even allow that? The last pic wasn't a selfie. He asked someone to take it. His patient?

by David Muirreply 36412/13/2017

[quote] What kind of doctor keeps posting selfies while at work?

Joan Rivers' doctor

by David Muirreply 36512/13/2017

[quote]He's going to be starring in a Hallmark Christmas movie on Lifetime

Sweetie, Hallmark Christmas movies air on HALLMARK, not Lifetime.

by David Muirreply 36612/13/2017

Rachael wears black a lot. Maybe Tommy was hired to help give her a pop of color!

by David Muirreply 36712/13/2017

Tommy should do a soap. He was meant for that genre.

by David Muirreply 36812/13/2017

I see that ABC continues to give Gio the hard hitting stories. Today it was about safeguarding your packages delivered to your home because they could get stolen. There was no NEW info or tips given during this oh so informative journalism. No respect for Gio.

by David Muirreply 36912/14/2017

What were his tips, because my Amazon packages keep getting stolen.

by David Muirreply 37012/14/2017

r371 Hire Tommy to guard your front door.

by David Muirreply 37112/14/2017

R370 Get new neighbors.

by David Muirreply 37212/14/2017

Alex, the boyfriend of ABC Foreign Correspondent James Longman posted this:

by David Muirreply 37312/15/2017

And check out Gio AND Tommy’s comments:

by David Muirreply 37412/15/2017

A future Foursome....?

by David Muirreply 37512/15/2017

Gio and Tommy are both so busy all day long with their high-powered careers. How do they find the time to post inane comments and emoji on every mo's photos on Instagram?

by David Muirreply 37612/15/2017

Not only does Tommy have dozens of careers. He also has dozens of "passions." He seems to be passionate about everything, especially when it's a paid sponsorship.

[quote] Fitness (💪🏻) & music (🎵)are two of my passions and with this @armaniexchange smartwatch, I can control my tunes & track my steps. Let’s get moving 😎 #AXConnected #AXtime

by David Muirreply 37712/15/2017

Now Tommy's stalker is sending him cards. Be very careful when opening your mail, Tommy!

[quote] collin_newton_davis_1972c Good morning Tommy have a great and bless day. Love you. Did you all get my card.

by David Muirreply 37812/15/2017

#RachaelRay -= #TommyBenitezShow

by David Muirreply 37912/15/2017

Tommy has now added "Lifestyle Expert" and "On-air Contributor" to his list of careers and passions on his Instagram profile! And he's finally learned to spell "contributor" correctly. I guess that's progress.

[quote] Tommy DiDario Lifestyle Expert • On-Air Contributor • GQ Insider • Health Contributor • Advocate for ❤️ ✉️:

by David Muirreply 38012/15/2017

Tommy is leaving out some of his 467 other careers. Where is #HorrorMovieWriter #YouTubeSensation for example?

by David Muirreply 38112/15/2017

Well, he is definitely passionate about striking cliche modeling poses while sporting a completely blank look.

by David Muirreply 38212/15/2017


by David Muirreply 38312/15/2017

Hot Doc in da House!

by David Muirreply 38412/15/2017

Huge role in a Lifetime movie! Co-hosting the Rachael Ray show! Tommy's a star of TV and film! You know you bitches are jealous.

[quote] tommydidario When you’re asked to shoot a cameo in a @lifetimetv Christmas film, you do it 🎄😍 Catch #MyChristmasPrince again tomorrow at 10:15pm EST & catch me in a couple scenes! @heycallum @alexisknapp @markus_hill_

by David Muirreply 38512/15/2017

Was Tommy nominated for a SAG award? What about a Golden Globe? Surely he must have been nominated! #AwardWinningActor

by David Muirreply 38612/15/2017

He was asked to shoot a cameo? Or did he see a call for extras posted on Craigslist?

by David Muirreply 38712/15/2017

I’m sure that thry contacted the much in demand Tommy’s agent to see if he would consider shooting such a menial role. Tommy is surely way above some cameo in a low budget tv movie. He is a STAR!

by David Muirreply 38812/16/2017

LOL he acts like being asked to do Lifetime move is like Scorcese calling! They may have very well asked Tommy to do a cameo, however, when they realized that he couldn't convincingly emote in a way that was even vaguely human, he was reduced to a walk-on

by David Muirreply 38912/16/2017

Did Tommy have to submit to the advances of one of our notorious Sex Pests in order to be cast in those demanding roles?

by David Muirreply 39012/16/2017

Tommy poses shirtless to show off his dairy-free, flour-free (and taste-free) pumpkin protein cinnamon brownies!

[quote] tommydidario Health time! Wake up with my Pumpkin Protein Cinnamon Brownies (dairy & flour-free)! 💪🏻 Click the link in my bio to check out the recipe over on @sunwarriortribe 👌🏻

by David Muirreply 39112/16/2017

Why is he (and Gio) so fucking obsessed with dairy-free and gluten-free food? As far as I know, neither one of them is lactose-intolerant or has Celiac disease. There's something pathological about these two.

by David Muirreply 39212/16/2017

[quote] Why is he (and Gio) so fucking obsessed with dairy-free and gluten-free food?

Because dairy and gluten contain TOXINS!

by David Muirreply 39312/16/2017

Jesus H. Christ, those moles!

by David Muirreply 39412/16/2017


by David Muirreply 39512/16/2017

What he's doing is not a cameo. A cameo is First Lady Betty Ford or Walter Cronkite appearing on the Mary Tyer Moore Show, or Liz Taylor playing a charwoman on All My Children. Yes, I'm dating myself as an eldergay with those references, but you get the point. Tommy is a nobody, and what he is doing is being a background extra. Is he so full of himself that he thinks anyone would want him to do an actual cameo?

by David Muirreply 39612/16/2017

The pic at R391 reveals that Tommi's tits are a good foot or so below his neck—in fact, they're damn near mid-torso. That's just…freaky. Shouldn't that pic be posted on the "Celebrities With Physical Oddities" thread? Oh, wait…he's not a genuine celebrity, so I guess not.

by David Muirreply 39712/16/2017

[quote] Tommy is a nobody,

Tommy is hardly a nobody. Tommy is an internationally known social media influencer with 89,000 followers on Instagram, a blogger, a YouTube sensation, a lifestyle expert, a fitness expert, a nutrition expert, a travel expert, a fashion expert, an on-air contributor for "The Rachael Ray Show," a GQ Insider, a tie designer, a clothing stylist, a SunWarrior spokesman, a Buick driver, a model, an actor, a screenwriter, a two-time host of "Broadway Sings for Pride," and an advocate for ❤️. You're just jealous of his many accomplishments.

by David Muirreply 39812/16/2017

And someday he'll be an Oscar winning screenwriter.

by David Muirreply 39912/16/2017

He’ll win an Emmy for his guest starring role in the Lifetime Movie.

by David Muirreply 40012/16/2017

How is he able to pursue all these careers, and yet have the time to obviously spend hours in the gym each day? Hell, I have only one job that takes up much of my time, and I barely make it to the gym once a week, if that. Has Tommy been blessed with having more than 24 hours in a day?

by David Muirreply 40112/16/2017

He certainly wasn't blessed with more than 24 brain cells.

by David Muirreply 40212/16/2017

Or more than one facial expression...

by David Muirreply 40312/16/2017

Tommy is one thirsty bitch.

by David Muirreply 40412/16/2017

Is Tommy transitioning to TV from film?

by David Muirreply 40512/16/2017

R405 Let’s hope so!

by David Muirreply 40612/16/2017

Nothing says healthy eating like posing in too tight sweatpants pulled halfway down to show a waxed pubic area and hint of VPL.

by David Muirreply 40712/16/2017

I bet very soon Tommy will be a guest bartender on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live show. Maybe along with Gio, or Gio might be 1 of the night's guests.

by David Muirreply 40812/16/2017

Gio asking the tough questions no other journalist would have the balls to ask.

by David Muirreply 40912/16/2017

Gio is ABC’s go to Journalist!

by David Muirreply 41012/16/2017

Think again, r410! Think again, bitch!

by David Muirreply 41112/16/2017

David Tyler Muir is just a newsreader. Gio is a journalist. Big difference.

by David Muirreply 41212/16/2017

[quote] Gio is a journalist.

Gio is more like an actor playing the role of a journalist.

by David Muirreply 41312/16/2017

Gio doesn’t even qualify as a reporter. And he’s surely not a journalist.

by David Muirreply 41412/16/2017

"Gio is more like an actor playing the role of a journalist."

…in a junior high school production of [italic]The Front Page.[/italic]

by David Muirreply 41512/16/2017

Humm, Tommy is being more transparent about his sponsorship deals.

In this Instagram photo, he writes at the very top, below his name, but before the location, "Paid partnership with armaniexchange"

And in two other Instagram posts this month, he also writes at the top, just below his name, "Paid partnership with sunwarriortribe"

You have to click on the photo and view the whole thing through the Instagram site to see what I'm talking about.

Wonder if Gio is making him do that?

Or if Rachael Ray is making him do it?

by David Muirreply 41612/17/2017

The FTC requires that people disclose any paid sponsorships or partnerships in their social media posts. Maybe Tommy finally realized that he could get into legal trouble if he wasn't more transparent about it.

Tommy has definitely changed his tune. He used to pretend that he was just sharing his love of products with his followers out of the goodness of his heart. Now, he seems more willing to admit that he's a shill. Do you think any of his followers will finally catch on to the fact that his Instagram page is basically a giant ad? Or will they continue to follow him as long as he poses shirtless and occasionally includes Gio in a photo?

by David Muirreply 41712/17/2017

Pop of blue.

by David Muirreply 41812/17/2017

LOL why is Tommy in the middle of the street??

by David Muirreply 41912/17/2017

He looks like a zombie.

by David Muirreply 42012/17/2017

r418 Yum!

by David Muirreply 42112/17/2017

That is a hideous outfit at R418.

by David Muirreply 42212/17/2017

[quote] LOL why is Tommy in the middle of the street??

He stands in the middle of the street, putting his life at risk, to provide beautiful photos to his thousands of followers. That's how selfless our Tommy is.

by David Muirreply 42312/17/2017

yeah he's not even hiding that practically none of his posts are genuine anymore. He's basically just advertising nonstop

by David Muirreply 42412/17/2017

Tommy is soooo smart. He knows that he is pulling one off on all of us. We’ll never see that he is photoshopping his pics. We’re too stupid.

by David Muirreply 42512/17/2017

Well, r425, Tommy IS the smartest man I know.

by David Muirreply 42612/17/2017

Wouldn't that sentence be correctly written as "a cozy sweater with a pop of blue...?" There's no such thing as a "pop of blue sweater..."

by David Muirreply 42712/17/2017

Mentor heating it up in the kitchen.

by David Muirreply 42812/17/2017

After a hard day’s work!

by David Muirreply 42912/17/2017

Did Mario sexually harass DTM?

by David Muirreply 43012/17/2017

You're on TV Tommy Didario!

by David Muirreply 43112/17/2017

Is THAT the extent of his so-called cameo??? I suppose that the only explanation is the director feared that Tommy's sheer star wattage would just eclipse the leads of the movie.

by David Muirreply 43212/17/2017

Tommy and Gio's friend Chris Rice posted that video of Tommy's "cameo."

by David Muirreply 43312/17/2017

"Cameo" is such a sadly delusional way to describe it. You were an extra dude. Really shows how insecure he is.

by David Muirreply 43412/17/2017

Tommy is walking as though he stumbled on a film set and wanted to make it into a shot.

by David Muirreply 43512/17/2017

So much for the camera obscuring his vacant stare. Even with the sunglasses, you can tell he has dead eyes.

by David Muirreply 43612/17/2017

so which appearance is bigger? Broad city or this lifetime movie?

by David Muirreply 43712/17/2017

Was he stalking them?

by David Muirreply 43812/17/2017

Broad City they actually let him speak (like three words, but still).

by David Muirreply 43912/17/2017

Tommy will SO be nominated for an Emmy!

by David Muirreply 44012/17/2017

Nothing will ever beat this

by David Muirreply 44112/17/2017

I thought one of Tommy's best acting performances was as the partying football bro in this commercial for Garnier Fructis Fiber Spikes Power Putty.

by David Muirreply 44212/17/2017

How did anyone find that commercial at R442?

Hilarious, by the way.

by David Muirreply 44312/17/2017

R431 Looks wonderful!

by David Muirreply 44412/17/2017

I never got a response, but I did email Tommy and told him about Datalounge. I wonder if he’s ever looked himself up on here? lol

by David Muirreply 44512/17/2017

Tommy's vacant, retarded facial expression was originated in that Frutis commercial when he was staring mouth agape at his flip phone.

by David Muirreply 44612/18/2017

R429, is the doctor married? Who wears a tacky green ring like that but Guidos from the Jersey Shore?

by David Muirreply 44712/18/2017

[quote]Tommy is walking as though he stumbled on a film set and wanted to make it into a shot.

His instructions were to just walk naturally in the background as any person would on the street. But Tommy started walking and stopped right in front of the stars because he wanted to make sure he's in the shot.

by David Muirreply 44812/18/2017

[quote] I wonder if he’s ever looked himself up on here?

Duh. Of he knows of these threads, it would be impossible for him not to given we live in he era of google alerts.

by David Muirreply 44912/18/2017

R447: the good doctor is still single, as far as one knows...

by David Muirreply 45012/19/2017

Tommy is so generous. He is giving his followers gifts. God bless his #sponsored heart.

[quote] Call me 🎅🏼 because I’m gifting YOU a scent I love this season, the new @PoloRalphLauren Blue EDP Collector's Edition cologne! Tag a friend below & #ralphlaurenfragrances for the chance to win - I’ll be picking a winner after 24 hours! #PoloBlueEDP

by David Muirreply 45112/19/2017

I wonder how often Tommy gets facials

by David Muirreply 45212/19/2017

Is that their pathetic little christmas tree at r450? And why he is looking off to the side?

by David Muirreply 45312/19/2017

I doubt that R450 was taken in their actual home. Most likely just a set.

by David Muirreply 45412/19/2017

r50 Wasn't his last boyfriend that interior designer Jordan (forget his last name).

by David Muirreply 45512/19/2017

R451 Lovely. One of his fans will get a present to remember for a long time.

by David Muirreply 45612/19/2017

Yes, Tommy, we know you love it because you are PAID to love it.

by David Muirreply 45712/19/2017

R455: yup, that’s right, the interior designer Mr Jordan Carlyle.

by David Muirreply 45812/19/2017

Gio on Free Shipping!

by David Muirreply 45912/19/2017

Gio on Terror!

by David Muirreply 46012/19/2017

Are Jordan and his boyfriend A gays?

by David Muirreply 46112/19/2017

A gays? Does that stand for annoying gays?

by David Muirreply 46212/19/2017

I couldn’t go to the @GQ Holiday party tonight in just anything, so luckily @PerryEllis kept me fresh with this textured suit. 😍 #GQInsider #mensfashion #fitness #fitspo #fitspiration #menswear #plantbased

by David Muirreply 46312/19/2017

God. that suit is ugly and ill-fitting. And why does Tommy always do that weird foot-lift thing?

by David Muirreply 46412/19/2017

Tommy’s outfit at R463 looks like something from an International Male catalogue.

by David Muirreply 46512/19/2017

Tommy is so strange. The awful suit aside, just tske off the glasses and look into the camera. What a moron.

by David Muirreply 46612/19/2017

What does fitspo mean? Sounds ominous.

by David Muirreply 46712/19/2017

Do you see the picture in the background of the guy painting the heart in R451? Tommy said he commissioned to have that made. It is a painting of him painting a heart because he's an avocado of ❤️. You can't see the other half but I bet it's a painting of Gio painting the other half of the ❤️.

by David Muirreply 46812/19/2017

Why isn’t ABC allowing Gio to sit in on GMA for George? Doesn’t ABC respect Gio?

by David Muirreply 46912/21/2017

Excuse me!!! Gio already has enough on his plate. He's investigating the deadly train crash AND doing an in-depth report on snow shovels.

by David Muirreply 47012/21/2017

Tommy has filed his book report on his trip to Hawaii! It's called "Your Guide to Hawaii." Travel expert Tommy Didario tells us everything we need to know.

by David Muirreply 47112/21/2017

Tommi is an expert on EVERYTHING!!! Is there anything that he doesn’t know?

by David Muirreply 47212/21/2017

Tommy goes for the gold!

[quote] tommydidario I’m loving incorporating gold into my style this holiday season & this @armaniexchange watch is one of my go-to’s⌚️ I’m officially ready for a festive holiday weekend🎄#sponsored #axchange #axtime #mensfashion #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitspo #menswear #plantbased

by David Muirreply 47312/21/2017

Ohhh, Tommy's stalker left a long note today. Apparently, he's pissed that Tommy never replies to his comments, but is trying to put a positive spin on it.

[quote]collin_newton_davis_1972Glory to God ... At this time of the year i give thanks to my lord for this year2017 and all the people that was part of me this 2017. I thank you today for liking my quotes and comment i sent you even though you never reply me. But i do understand you all have your people to reply too. Anyway. May the lord bless you for liking my comment and may you be a great blessing to many. May always have the smile that light the hearts of many. May you always be the best you can ..god be with you this CHRISTMAS AND MANY MANY MANY .. BLESSING ... IN ...2018 ... LOVE YOU ALL. RYAN TIMMY JOSEPH

by David Muirreply 47412/21/2017

Tommy's stalker sent them a Christmas card at the GMA studio.

[quote]collin_newton_davis_1972Good night. Greetings to you both from Brampton Canada. Have a blessed night and a beautiful Thursday. I sent you both a Christmas card at. Good morning america did you all get it. If i was out of place to send it to you all do let me know. Thank you. Love Ryan

by David Muirreply 47512/21/2017

Yes, nothing screams LOCAL more than staying in a giant resort that you shill for

by David Muirreply 47612/21/2017

Tommy's writing is.....brutal.

by David Muirreply 47712/21/2017

Your Guide To Hawaii

written by tommy

If you’ve been following my adventures over the last few years (and who hasn't?), it’s no secret that Hawaii is one of my favorite places in the world. My husband and I try to visit the islands once a year because they have become our home away from home, aside from Disneyland of course. I often get asked, “Why return to the same place every year?” The answer is simple. They keep asking us. Thank you Marriott and Hyatt. I have never travelled to an island where the nature makes me feel so small. We are greeted by warmth and kisses everywhere we go because “that’s the spirit of Aloha.” The vegan food is infused with fresh, local flavors and it's gluten-free! There is never a shortage of breathtaking excursions to explore. The energy is different in Hawaii. Some say one of Earth’s Chaka Khan points is found there. It completely re-centers and refocuses me—something that everyone, especially New Yorkers stuck in the concrete jungle, can benefit from.

When planning your trips to Hawaii, I highly recommend visiting Maui and Kauai. Oahu is fun, but it feels more like a big city, so I prefer to get as much of the local experience as possible. In Maui, the Marriott Maui Ocean Club in Kaanapali Beach is a beautiful property. It’s located on the beach and has an open-air concept design that makes you feel as connected to nature as possible. There are plenty of ocean-front dining options in the area to choose from and, if you’re a golfer, many luxury courses to play. The water is a pop of bright blue and if you walk along the beach, you will come across Black Rock.

The Road to Hāna is a must-see when in Maui. Rent a jeep. Drive through the lush rainforests and towering waterfalls of the island. Everywhere you look is Insta-worthy. The drive will make you feel so connected to nature, and if you follow an app on your phone (there are many to choose from), you can even get out of your car and swim in a few waterfalls, depending on the weather and water conditions. Last year we found a natural pool at the base of a waterfall to swim in. This year we discovered Black Sand Beach towards the end of our drive in Wai’anapanapa State Park. This beach was created several hundred years ago when the rough surf collided with fresh lava flow. We even got to crawl our way into a natural lava tube! Set aside a full day for this adventure. You won’t be disappointed. Other note-worthy things to do in Maui are whale watching tours, zip-lining, and hiking. And let’s not forget about the delicious food! Mama’s Fish House is a staple in Maui and is one of the most romantic date-night restaurants on the island. Try the stuffed lobster Mahi Mahi, baked in my nut crust – it’s heaven - just ask for it to be made vegan and gluten-free! The island also has a lot of vegan-friendly restaurants, which are delicious because local vegetables and spices are incorporated into the dishes to make it vegan. If you have a sweet tooth, here’s a guilt-free and gluten-free treat you must try: vegan coconut milk ice cream. This can be found on the Road to Hanā and a few other vegan locations throughout the island.

by David Muirreply 47812/21/2017

Part 2

Kauai is the second amazing island we traveled to after a few days in Maui. This amazing island has my ❤️. It’s more remote, lush lovesense, and tropical. The cliffs and mountains surrounding the island are so majestic that they were used as the shooting locations in Jurassic Park, King Kong, and a stew of other films. This island is a nature lover’s paradise. The amazing Grand Hyatt Hotel in Poipu is where I recommend staying. The hotel embodies the magic of Hawaii with violent plant life and grand views of the ocean everywhere you walk. The property has some of the best poos I have ever experienced, including a natural salt water lagoon (where you may find me sipping some local coconut vodka, club soda and lime cocktails and enjoying my SunWarrior protein bars). The amazing spa is ranked one of the top spas in the country and every year I book the Lomi Lomi massage, a amazing type of healing massage special to Hawaii. The hotel also has two of the best restaurants on the island. Tidepools, a floating restaurant surrounded by a pond full of Koi fish and Stevensons, a Japanese restaurant with amazing sushi sourced from Japan are two musts. The food is healthy and the koi so fresh and delicious on this island, and I even found kombucha made from all local ingredients at the Kauai Juice Company (like vegan dragonfruit, guava and gluten-free lilikoi)!

The amazing excursions are endless in Kauai. Some of the best and most breathtaking hikes of your life will be on this island. The amazing snorkeling is unbelievable. Poipu Beach, just minutes from the hotel, has been ranked as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world with it's pop of color of blue and brown sand, and it lives up to that title. I have never snorkeled with so many fishes before that all looked so different and beautiful. When we were messing around, an Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle swam right up to us. Of course I didn’t touch the turtle, because in Hawaii you are not allowed to for the protection of them, but to see the turtle so unexpectedly and close was magical. There are plenty of amazing waterfalls to explore and nature trails, like the Fern Grotto. We finished our time on this amazing island with a sunset dinner boat cruise along the coast, where we saw dolphins,🐬 whales, turtles and a hint of flying barracudas (yes, they really do fly and thats the first time I learned about that)!

It’s always hard for me to say goodbye to Hawaii because of how deeply I connect with the islands. But the amazing experiences in so many areas of untouched land will forever stay with me and continue to inspire me to immerse myself in nature as much as possible. As they say in Hawaii, Mahalo for reading about my amazing adventures!

by David Muirreply 47912/21/2017

Beautiful islands beautiful writing

by David Muirreply 48012/22/2017

[quote]In Maui, the Marriott Maui Ocean Club in Kaanapali Beach is a beautiful property.

[quote] The amazing Grand Hyatt Hotel in Poipu is where I recommend staying.

Because he got his room comped, or heavily discounted in exchange for mentioning them in the write up.

[quote]The water is a pop of bright blue and if you walk along the beach, you will come across Black Rock.

[quote]Poipu Beach, just minutes from the hotel, has been ranked as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world with it's pop of color of blue and brown sand, and it lives up to that title.

I think Tommy is incapable of writing a book report without using "pop of color."

[quote]The property has some of the best poos I have ever experienced, including a natural salt water lagoon (where you may find me sipping some local coconut vodka, club soda and lime cocktails and enjoying my SunWarrior protein bars).

Atta girl, Tommy, get in a mention of another company that is paying you. Cross promotion!

[quote]The property has some of the best poos I have ever experienced,

What are "poos"? Did he mean to write "pools" but left off the "L"?

by David Muirreply 48112/22/2017

No, he means he experienced the best poos of his life at the Hyatt. Their bathrooms are amazing! Heated toilet seats, self-cleaning warm retactable bidet that shoots warm water up your hole.

by David Muirreply 48212/22/2017

Has Tommy been named co-host of the Today Show yet?

by David Muirreply 48312/22/2017

Why would he be named co-host of the Today Show? Rachael Ray Show, sure. But not Today Show. Wrong network, too, bud.

by David Muirreply 48412/22/2017

Tommy is currently negotiating a name change to "The Tommy Show with Rachael Ray." Word is Racheal is sure to cave on this in order to snag Tommy's millions of followers in order to save her sagging show.

by David Muirreply 48512/22/2017

Tommy's cousin Joey's boyfriend is in NYC and Tommy and Gio can't help but be excited in the comments

by David Muirreply 48612/22/2017

When does Tommy's stalker arrive in NYC?

by David Muirreply 48712/22/2017

R486, let me guess. Gio wrote exclusively in emojis? 🙈🙉🙊❤️😂

by David Muirreply 48812/22/2017

[quote] tommydidario ‘Tis the season to dress festively. 🎄 Red pants, @mizzenandmain shirt & a tie from my collection for the win 🙌🏻 #christmas #sponsored

by David Muirreply 48912/22/2017

R482 — Tommi's favorite thing at the Hyatt is the poo poo platter.

by David Muirreply 49012/22/2017

WHET Abuela? Why isn't Gio spending the holidays with her?

by David Muirreply 49112/22/2017

Do we know what Tommy and Gio are doing for Christmas?

by David Muirreply 49212/22/2017

Now I what these two have in common: body image issues. I bet the bulk of their conversation surrounds "healthful" food and gym routines.

by David Muirreply 49312/22/2017

R492 — I'd say each other, but I'll bet they're still chaste. It would be like two Ken Dolls fucking.

by David Muirreply 49412/22/2017

God, the fit of those pants is hideous and really don't go with the shoes because he has the legs so pegged. . And they are burgundy, not red. On top of that, as a GQ insider, you;d think Tommy would know the proper length to wear a tie.

by David Muirreply 49512/22/2017

R493, how ridiculous did Gio look filming that in the gym? And you know he did multiple takes. I would laugh so hard if I saw a fool do that at the gym. The other gym goers must have looked at Gio and been like "look at this douchebag."

by David Muirreply 49612/23/2017

You have to admit, those two dweeby, preening narcissists are perfect for each other.

by David Muirreply 49712/23/2017

I think Gio has an eating disorder. Every time he eats a treat he FREAKS out about working off the calories. I think he just posted something like this about Thanksgiving and how he has to immediately work out because, gasp OMG, he ate Thanksgiving food. It's become his shtick and it's annoying as hell. It's all Tommy's influence.

by David Muirreply 49812/23/2017

IMO Gio looked better with the beefy baby fat pre-wedding. He got too skinny after the wedding, most likely thanks to Tommy, which goes against the grain of his genetics. Have you seen his mother? 2% body fat is not in that family's genetics.

by David Muirreply 49912/23/2017

You bitches are too much. First, you complained that Gio was getting too fat and wearing black tees all the time to hide his growing gut (even though he looked perfectly fine). Now, you say that he looks better with some extra pounds and that he's too obsessed with his weight. Let's be honest: DataLounge is more obsessed with Gio's weight than he is.

by David Muirreply 50012/23/2017

Mentor celebrates Miss Diane Sawyer's birthday. Was Gio invited? Does Miss Sawyer even know who Gio is?

by David Muirreply 50112/23/2017

Gio has some new glasses.

by David Muirreply 50212/23/2017

Both Tommy and Gio look good in glasses

by David Muirreply 50312/23/2017

So happy to bring mama to our annual tradition of seeing @thenormlewis in his amazing holiday show at @54below, directed by our friend @broadwaydick

by David Muirreply 50412/23/2017

Broadway Dick? WTF.

by David Muirreply 50512/23/2017

Yeah, he looks like a sleazeball

by David Muirreply 50612/23/2017

Tommy is fighting domestic hunger! What are you bitches doing with your sad lives?

[quote] tommydidario Hi friends! Want an easy way to give back this holiday season? Join me in fighting domestic hunger. Post a photo of this @gtskombucha limited edition flavor & tag #LivingInGratitude. For each photo posted, GT’s will donate ten meals to @feedingamerica. Get your probiotics & do good...#winning #fitness #fitspo #fitnessmotivation #fitfam #plantbased #healthylifestyle #mensfashion

by David Muirreply 50712/23/2017

Tommi & Gio now need glasses because of excessive masturbation.

by David Muirreply 50812/23/2017

Cuddle time for Bestie. T&G predictably comment with "OMG" like 14-year-old girls.

by David Muirreply 50912/24/2017

We couldn't give a shit about pictures of bestie. Why don't you show us sow pictures of your trip to the fucking Grand Canyon while you're at it?

by David Muirreply 51012/24/2017

When will we know how they will spend their Christmas? This is the most important thing in Christmas!

by David Muirreply 51112/24/2017

On our way to an Italian Jersey Christmas 🎄

by David Muirreply 51212/24/2017

Gio's new glasses make him look like a flyover schoolmarm circa 1964.

by David Muirreply 51312/24/2017

Tommmy has BDF.

by David Muirreply 51412/24/2017

I think r512 is one of the better pictures of Tommy

by David Muirreply 51512/24/2017

Gio’s new frames are way too big for his face. Way too big. Who told him that was a good choice?

by David Muirreply 51612/24/2017

r516 I agree. These glasses are too big. His earlier glasses were much better looking.

Likely Tommy told Gio to buy them, since Tommy's tastes in glasses have been horrendous. Every pair of glasses I've ever seen Tommy wear have been unbecoming on him. For someone who's supposed to be an expert on fashion, Tommy has absolutely no fashion sense when it come to glasses.

by David Muirreply 51712/24/2017
by David Muirreply 51812/24/2017

Mentor walking in a winter wonderland.

by David Muirreply 51912/24/2017

Who is mentor shacking up with and being cozy with on this vacay?

by David Muirreply 52012/24/2017

A Dedario-Benitez Christmas. All that rich food must be sending our boys into body dysmorhia hell.

by David Muirreply 52112/25/2017

He sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle, And away they all flew like the down of a thistle. But I heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight— “Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

by David Muirreply 52212/25/2017

I can't believe Tommy and Gio were so rude as not to take off their shoes when they go to someone's house when everyone else did. They're so vain. Tommy just wanted to show off his sponsored boots.

And how annoying was Tommy pointing that camera in everyone's faces trying to get them to mug. I would've punched👊🏼 him out.

by David Muirreply 52312/25/2017

Bestie ‘s Bed Hair!

by David Muirreply 52412/25/2017


by David Muirreply 52512/25/2017

From the look on Tommi's face at R525, it would appear that he just learned that the "candy cane" he's holding was actually used as a play rectal thermometer on one of his besties.

by David Muirreply 52612/25/2017

Sending love (with our manatee & sloth friends) this Christmas day 🎄 (📸: @dillondidario)

by David Muirreply 52712/25/2017

Anyone else find Tommy's dad kind of hot in a daddy sort of way?

by David Muirreply 52812/25/2017

Gio has the gyno-titties. They're rather prominent. He should consider breast reduction surgery.

by David Muirreply 52912/25/2017

R525 and R527 They’re so funny

by David Muirreply 53012/25/2017

Do you think Gio still believes in Santa? I'll bet nobody has had the heart to tell him the truth.

by David Muirreply 53112/25/2017

Looks like they had a magical day with many pops of color. But where was Abuela? Did they forget to invite her. Feliz Navidad, Abuela, wherever you are.

by David Muirreply 53212/25/2017

ABuela had the shits.

by David Muirreply 53312/25/2017

Meanwhile, Mentor is looking handsome and rugged.

by David Muirreply 53412/25/2017

R528: Agreed.

by David Muirreply 53512/25/2017

Did Tommmy take his little brother's jacket by accident?

by David Muirreply 53612/26/2017

Gio needs to stop being so hyper. This morning he was in Times Square talking about safety for New Year’s Eve and he kept smacking his hands together for dramatic effect and the nouse from him smacking his hands together was picked up on his mic and it was annoying. “This city is S-A-F-E on New Year’s Eve. Smack smack smack. No wonder ABC laughs at him. He’s so dramatic.

by David Muirreply 53712/27/2017

Pop of burgundy.

by David Muirreply 53812/27/2017

Now, Tommy has new glasses too!

by David Muirreply 53912/28/2017

Tommy and Gio's friends finally saw Coco!

[quote]tommydidario Cried the entire time!

[quote]giobenitez One of my favorites!!!!

by David Muirreply 54012/28/2017

“Holiday time is meant for showing others your wealth and how blessed your life is by perfection.”

by David Muirreply 54112/28/2017

Meanwhile, Gio is ensuring that NYC is safe from NYE terror attacks.

by David Muirreply 54212/28/2017

#GOmmy are definitely goals. 😘😘

by David Muirreply 54312/28/2017

i do like the burgundy but they look too tight. He must be uncomfortable

by David Muirreply 54412/28/2017

Are they planning to raise a child?

by David Muirreply 54512/28/2017

Tommy's stalker likes the new glasses:

[quote]collin_newton_davis_1972Sexy for so. You. Have that look that put a smile in my face everytime i see you. Stunning guy you. God be with you always and 2018 you and gio love will be bigger and brighter. God be with you both. And i hope we can. Meet this year. I know you both are high class .. And dont. Meet with people like us. God bless you all. Love. Ryan

by David Muirreply 54612/29/2017

R541 Really? I take lots of holidays but not to show anything to other people. I travel a lot because I like to see other places. So I have to disagree with Tommy.

by David Muirreply 54712/29/2017

They are both high class people that I want to meat this year. But why are Tommy's nails so long? 💅🏻

by David Muirreply 54812/29/2017

What kind of sex life do these two boys have? Does any anal penetration occur? Are they monogamous? One of you NYC posters must know something about them.

by David Muirreply 54912/29/2017

Tommy sucks the peen.

by David Muirreply 55012/29/2017

I cant imagine either of them being an exclusive top or bottom. They probably flip-flop.

by David Muirreply 55112/29/2017

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

Tommy and Gio are going away for New Year's Eve, but not saying where they are going.

[quote]tommydidarioEscaping the cold tomorrow for a warmer NYE! 🍾 Any guesses? 😎

So glad they're getting away. They so rarely have time to take a vacation.

Should we take bets on their destination? I say Miami.

by David Muirreply 55212/29/2017

WHY does he think anybody cares? And why is he always teasing, as if it's some big reveal? And how stupid does he look in that posed photo? If he's traveling tomorrow then why is he posing as if he's traveling right now? He just got caught faking his photo. It's not just a candid shot of him doing something.

by David Muirreply 55312/30/2017

Enema time with Abuela!

by David Muirreply 55412/30/2017

[quote] 6 am flights are only possible with lots and lots of green tea 😎

by David Muirreply 55512/30/2017

They're both wearing their new glasses. Sweet!

by David Muirreply 55612/30/2017

R556 Oh yes, it’s lovely. Happy vacation guys! Post lots of pictures for us!

by David Muirreply 55712/30/2017

They deserve it this vacation. It's been a tough year for the boys, as evidenced by this collage of 2017 events that Gio assembled.

by David Muirreply 55812/30/2017

tommydidario: Any guesses where we're going? 🤔 Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it... we're going to... I'll tell you in the next post. 😂😂😂 Gotta keep the suspense going. But since you've all been so good this year, Santa Tommy 🎅🏼 will drop you a little hint. It's the happiest place on earth! 😱🙌🏻🐭

by David Muirreply 55912/30/2017

LOL, Tommy is making fish faces in two of the pictures in the collage. Not a good percentage if this is a representation of all his photos. And why would fattie Gio include a topless photo of his moobs in the collage. It is sweet that he included a pic of his nephew's 3rd birthday as his centerpiece photo though.

by David Muirreply 56012/30/2017

R558 They surely deserve their vacation. Tough year indeed. R559 I can’t wait!!

by David Muirreply 56112/30/2017

Tommy's book report on this trip is going to be epic.

by David Muirreply 56212/30/2017

THey so deserve this. The ungrateful ABC made Gio work on Thanksgiving and during Christmas week. They don’t appreciate our beloved Gio!!!!!

by David Muirreply 56312/30/2017

R563 How rude!!! We should totally just stab ABC!

by David Muirreply 56412/30/2017

That's because they give all their A-team reporters the holidays off because they're not cruel. They're people too. Let them enjoy the holidays with their families while the B-team scrounge picks up the slack.

by David Muirreply 56512/30/2017

Gio is ABC’s A team star!!!!! It’s only a matter of time before he replaces Stephanopolous.

by David Muirreply 56612/30/2017

My GOD, these two dolts are insipid!

by David Muirreply 56712/30/2017

Both of these boys are gold-star gays.

by David Muirreply 56812/30/2017

Hot Doc Vacaying in Parée!

by David Muirreply 56912/30/2017

Très élégant !

by David Muirreply 57012/30/2017

They all look like clones of one another at r570. How boring!

by David Muirreply 57112/30/2017

R569 Air France. Chic security video.

by David Muirreply 57212/30/2017

The truth about Tommy's diet

[quote] says for kids but I eat these at least 4x a week

by David Muirreply 57312/30/2017

R570 lol of course he has his shirt open a bit at the top. He really loves attention. Being a DO just isn't enough for his ego

by David Muirreply 57412/30/2017

[quote] says for kids but I eat these at least 4x a week

Uh, it says right on the package that they're for adults too. But I guess Tommy just needed any excuse to use the faux embarrassed monkey emoji.

by David Muirreply 57512/30/2017

Oh, the huge manatee!

[quote] tommydidario Spent the last weekend of 2017 checking something off my bucket list...swimming with manatees! Swipe right to see my new manatee friends! 😍

by David Muirreply 57612/30/2017

That looks photoshopped. Where the hell are they?

by David Muirreply 57712/30/2017

R577 — The Club Baths. They've somehow discovered a time machine that takes them back to the 1970s.

by David Muirreply 57812/30/2017

So cute

by David Muirreply 57912/30/2017

So excited to watch @tommydidario kill it on @rachaelray on January 4th!!!

by David Muirreply 58012/30/2017

[quote] So excited to watch @tommydidario kill it on @rachaelray on January 4th!!!

I'm sure that's what a lot of people will be saying when Tommy appears on the Rachael Ray show: "Kill it! Kill it!"

by David Muirreply 58112/31/2017

R581 LOL! God Tommy is insufferable.

by David Muirreply 58212/31/2017

Is that their foreplay photo at r579? Where are the sex pics? I want to see these boys nude and engaging in penetrative sex.

by David Muirreply 58312/31/2017

R583 How perverted! Go read some bible, you perv!

Also, where are The Gommy's sextape?

by David Muirreply 58412/31/2017

Tommy D Sports? Did Tommy discreetly create a line of athletic wear and not tell us?!?!?

by David Muirreply 58512/31/2017

Enough with the fucking manatees!

by David Muirreply 58612/31/2017


by David Muirreply 58712/31/2017

Why do I feel like Tommy is unreal? Seriously, the guy looks a lot like a doll.

Not hating or anything, just saying that he almost looks perfect.

by David Muirreply 58812/31/2017

[quote]Tommy D Sports? Did Tommy discreetly create a line of athletic wear and not tell us?!?!?

Uh, where have you been? He created his sports fashion line right after his ties. Do you not own a pair of Tommy D. Sports compression shorts? #fitspo #mensfashion #plantbased #glutenfree

by David Muirreply 58912/31/2017

Apologies! It's just so darn hard for normal, everyday folk to keep up with all of Tommy's creativity!

by David Muirreply 59012/31/2017

Gio obviously isn't stupid to have gotten where he is professionally. That said, how can he not see that the narcissistic, self-absorbed, vapid antics of Tommi make him look equally as pathetic and ridiculous? Guilt by association and all that. If my husband were that much of a publicity whore I'd have dumped him long ago. Isn't it obvious to Gio that Tommi is riding his shirttails in a bid for some sort of stardom and public adoration?

by David Muirreply 59112/31/2017

[quote]Gio obviously isn't stupid to have gotten where he is professionally.

Why do you say that? It doesn't take any kind of smarts to be hired at a local Miami station. You either have the look or you don't. And ABC went scouting in Miami when they needed more diversity for their stable. It's more luck than smarts. And Gio lucked out big time but he is just as stupid as Tommy, as evidenced by their social media.

by David Muirreply 59212/31/2017

Gio made a name for himself by being the first reporter to record an entire news segment on his smart phone. I guess that was revolutionary in the news world. That's how he got attention from a place like ABC.

I've said this in past threads but Tommy is just incredibly lucky. Before Gio, he had 3000-something instagram followers. That's it. Then after their relationship went public, he jumped up to 6000-something followers. Then following the engagement he went over 20,000. Then after the wedding he went up to 50,000. He's been gradually gaining followers since then but it is ALL due to his association with Gio.

by David Muirreply 59312/31/2017

[quote]Gio made a name for himself by being the first reporter to record an entire news segment on his smart phone. I guess that was revolutionary in the news world

Or lazy.

by David Muirreply 59412/31/2017

Gluten free Mickey waffles

by David Muirreply 59512/31/2017

Can someone start a new thread?

by David Muirreply 59612/31/2017

Bonne année du Hot Docteur!

by David Muirreply 59712/31/2017

Part 19!

by David Muirreply 59812/31/2017

See ya

by David Muirreply 59912/31/2017


by David Muirreply 60012/31/2017
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