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Henry Cavill Part XVI: The Durrell Creatures Write Copy for The Daily Mail

FLEET STREET - While Henry has been dispatched to the Southern Hemisphere to film Mission: Impossible 6, the critically endangered specimens of the Jersey Zoo (formerly Durrell Wildlife Park) have been preparing for his upcoming PR run in advance of Justice League's November release. The Bruneian Swimming Scorpions have taken a freelance post at the Daily Mail, where they have been preparing several months of puff pieces for Cavill as well as writing the crossword puzzles.

July 14: "Look Out Lois Lane! Superman Cavill Has Eyes For (name to be inserted.)"

July 21: "Dynamic Duo! Cavill and (name to be inserted) touchdown in San Diego."

August 10: "Just-Us League! Cavill and (name to be inserted) enjoy romantic dinner date in Belgravia."

September 15: "She's His Kryptonite! Cavill and (name to be inserted) inseparable at London Fashion Week."

September 30 puzzle: Thankless Jobs

October 3: "And Krypto Makes Three! Cavill and (name to be inserted) walk dog in Regents Park."

November 28: "Man of Steel and Woman of Platinum? Cavill and (name to be inserted) engagement rumoured."

December 16: "Back to the Fortress of Solitude! Cavill and (name to be inserted) call it quits."

by Anonymousreply 60009/15/2017

Wait, now there are three threads?

by Anonymousreply 107/12/2017

Is Durrell really now the Jersey Zoo? Sad!

by Anonymousreply 207/12/2017


by Anonymousreply 307/12/2017

Hahahaha! Good one OP!

by Anonymousreply 407/13/2017

I don't think this one is a beard. I feel like this is the real deal.

by Anonymousreply 507/13/2017

R5 = Get back to copy duty, 🦂.

by Anonymousreply 607/13/2017

What? R6

by Anonymousreply 707/13/2017

We are also responsible for many of the comments accompanying our Daily Mail articles.

"That little tart is no good for him! Run away Henry, run away!" Carmen, Essex

by Anonymousreply 807/13/2017


by Anonymousreply 907/13/2017

[quote] Can a Gay man turn straight? Especially if the girl is manly?

by Anonymousreply 1007/13/2017

R8 was there also a daily fail article?

by Anonymousreply 1107/13/2017

What's that R10?

by Anonymousreply 1207/13/2017

Shame, she looks like she is good at stunts, once she become a Z list celeb, she will be look down by actors for trying to cross the line, and she will be useless as a stunt woman. It's very unlikely for her to get a career as an actress.

by Anonymousreply 1307/14/2017

There's no indication she wants to make it as an actress, she may simply want to sample the glitter for a little while. People who choose stuntwork usually have a passion for that.

Frankly this is an ideal setup, and much more ethical than the child beard.

by Anonymousreply 1407/14/2017

He clearly has a type!

by Anonymousreply 1507/14/2017

She looks like his Teen Beard, but a brunette.

by Anonymousreply 1607/14/2017

What do the Eldergays think of R10's question?

by Anonymousreply 1707/14/2017


by Anonymousreply 1807/15/2017

She does look similar to Gina.

by Anonymousreply 1907/15/2017

[quote] She does look similar to Gina.

Like a man?

by Anonymousreply 2007/15/2017


by Anonymousreply 2107/15/2017

[quote] LOL!

LoL! :)

by Anonymousreply 2207/15/2017

R20 No

by Anonymousreply 2307/15/2017

r18 beautiful

by Anonymousreply 2407/15/2017

Are we still pretending Henry is gay? Or are we going to lose interest soon like we did with the 1D boys, Gyllenhaal, Chris Evans, etc?

by Anonymousreply 2507/15/2017

Have you been reading the board -- months ago? If so, you will know that it was on record that Henry was being paired with a stunt woman.

by Anonymousreply 2607/15/2017

R26 It's a publicity stunt........

by Anonymousreply 2707/15/2017

R24 Gina is a lot prettier. This one looks like the doctor slapped her face instead of her butt when she was born. Twice!

by Anonymousreply 2807/15/2017

OOPS! Previous post was meant for R19

by Anonymousreply 2907/15/2017

Nice lips ;-)

by Anonymousreply 3007/15/2017

Why on earth are you posting a nine year old Perez link? Freak.

by Anonymousreply 3107/15/2017

It's Proof for the fraus you piece of shit! R31

by Anonymousreply 3207/16/2017

The article isn't even about him you botched abortion.

by Anonymousreply 3307/16/2017

R33 Clearly you didn't know how Perez used to slyly out celebs. I guess you're another dumbass frau!

by Anonymousreply 3407/16/2017

Drawing sperm on someone with MS Paint is sly? Oh, the second coming of Dorothy Parker has spoken!

Worthless cunt.

by Anonymousreply 3507/16/2017

Frau! Go back and stick your head up your ass. You know you mis the smell!

by Anonymousreply 3607/16/2017

He's at Wimbledon with stunt beard.

by Anonymousreply 3707/16/2017

Thank god he didn't wear the yellow suit

by Anonymousreply 3807/16/2017

She has a nice face. He could do worse.

by Anonymousreply 3907/16/2017

Where's Kal, his support dog?

by Anonymousreply 4007/16/2017


by Anonymousreply 4107/16/2017

So in love.

by Anonymousreply 4207/16/2017


by Anonymousreply 4307/16/2017

The pic at R43 gave me a seizure.

by Anonymousreply 4407/16/2017

R44, are you related to or affiliated with ploughshare tortoise?

by Anonymousreply 4507/16/2017

R29 Yeah i think Gina is prettier too.

by Anonymousreply 4607/16/2017

Her eyebrows are so overplucked. They make her look insane.

by Anonymousreply 4707/16/2017

R45, there might be an affiliation, but I need to identify it.

by Anonymousreply 4807/16/2017

She reminds of benedict C's wife.... Smugness and all. Looks like a generic fan photo. Not getting we're so into each other vibe. Also, what happened to making it official at JL premises... Something just feels weird about the whole thing?

by Anonymousreply 4907/16/2017


All Wimbledon eyes were on Superman star Henry Cavill as he made his debut with new galpal Lucy Caulk. The dashing Man of Steel donned Savile Row's finest, wearing a Prussian blue ensemble from Gieves and Hawkes, striped silk shirt from Thomas Pink and cream-colored silk tie with cornflower pattern. The scintillating stuntwoman wore some white thing with stripes.

by Anonymousreply 5007/16/2017


by Anonymousreply 5107/16/2017

Just been on insta. Wow, the feelings towards her are not good... Comments about her smug face seem to be a theme. Also a person who seems to be a follower of Lucy, has set up a pg re posting some of her pics. Looks like kal was in NZ?? Picture of kal by a black mini that she is posing in? I can see how she started off the rumours of her and Henry via her insta!!

by Anonymousreply 5207/16/2017

His fangirls will hate any woman he pretends to date.

Where is this new page?

by Anonymousreply 5307/16/2017

What new page [R53] it seems a bit weird that he took his own pictures and posted only himself and didn't mention her, but let someone take their picture to confirm they are dating.... I'm still not convinced this is for real. I see dany only commented on his outfit!

by Anonymousreply 5407/16/2017

[quote]I'm still not convinced this is for real.

.... um no one here thinks it's real

That's kind of the point of these threads

by Anonymousreply 5507/16/2017


by Anonymousreply 5607/16/2017

Even the ploughshare tortoises know it's not real!

by Anonymousreply 5707/16/2017

Can I ask... How do people know for sure it's not real?? I'm not convinced myself, but that's just a feeling I got from the picture. Doesn't scream new romance. Her insta in private, so how do people know she was hinting at them being together? I'm new to this site, so haven't seen all the threads re Henry.

by Anonymousreply 5807/16/2017

[quote]How do people know for sure it's not real??

R58 you do realize this is a gay site?

by Anonymousreply 5907/16/2017

[Quote] I'm new to this site, so haven't seen all the threads re Henry.


by Anonymousreply 6007/16/2017

Hi R59. Yeah. I just wondered how the whole Henry is defo gay thing was confirmed? I don't get why women would fake a relationship? Maybe I'm a bit naive to how it all works??does she really want to raise her profile that badly???

by Anonymousreply 6107/16/2017


by Anonymousreply 6207/16/2017

R62 = Duwwell Spotted Lemurian Leopard

by Anonymousreply 6307/16/2017

He does look good in this Wimbledon outing. I couldn't care less who else is in the picture with him, who he goes out with, what they really mean to him.

The fact is he looked very elegant,

by Anonymousreply 6407/16/2017

Yes it is a good look for him. He could be a Fitzgerald protagonist.

by Anonymousreply 6507/16/2017

Jesus Christ were they reenacting the Beverly Wilshire scenes from Pretty Woman?

by Anonymousreply 6607/16/2017

She looks likes she's off to the pub. Not fucking Wimbledon... They don't even look together. Have they had a row about her looking like she's off on a night out lol

by Anonymousreply 6707/16/2017

Why was the zoo renamed?

by Anonymousreply 6807/16/2017

Her Wimbledon outfit might not have been so bad if Henry hadn't been so elegantly dressed. I guess he needs to take the poor thing shopping before their next "official" outing.

by Anonymousreply 6907/16/2017

Oooh! This is my favorite part of the movie!

by Anonymousreply 7007/16/2017


by Anonymousreply 7107/16/2017


by Anonymousreply 7207/16/2017

I wonder what you'll all say in 10 years when he and most of the guys you obsess over are still straight? Will you quietly admit you were wrong or still cling onto his supposed gayness like with Zac Efron even after he's had a hetero sex tape leaked or Marcia Cross now 10 years married with two kids.

by Anonymousreply 7307/16/2017

OOOOh. She has a stalker! Whose still following her account. Spooky!

by Anonymousreply 7407/16/2017


by Anonymousreply 7507/16/2017

Some photos of her here, this is the head of her stunt team

She looks to fit the usual pattern of soft butches he's alighted himself with in the past

by Anonymousreply 7607/16/2017

She pings really loud in her Facebook pics. Then tries to pull a Kate Middleton look in her current profile pic.

by Anonymousreply 7707/16/2017

Rumours are she is behind the new insta account.... Outing their relationship, posting pictures of kal. She's seems desperate as fuck...

by Anonymousreply 7807/16/2017

Sure Jan

by Anonymousreply 7907/16/2017

I just figured that the movie, "The Others", takes place on Jersey.

by Anonymousreply 8007/16/2017

R78.. It seems strange that all of her private pics are suddenly being posted by this new random insta account???

by Anonymousreply 8107/16/2017

what sign is she?

by Anonymousreply 8207/16/2017

Henry, R82?

by Anonymousreply 8307/16/2017

Ugh now we're calling her gay as well with literally no evidence? I think DL forgets that 97% of people are straight and the vast majority of gay people in countries like the UK are out (With 99% of the the closet cases being muslims)

by Anonymousreply 8407/16/2017

She is a soft butch, so that naturally arouses some suspicions. But almost all of his girlfriends have been soft butches, and only one of them ended up being a lesbian.

by Anonymousreply 8507/16/2017

R82= jealous Scorpio Michael Blevins

by Anonymousreply 8607/16/2017

My brother occasionally goes to Jersey for business. I am trying to get him to go to Duwwell. He can't find it on a map, though.

I enjoyed "The Others". Anything Nichole Kidman is in, I like. She didn't go to the zoo, either.

by Anonymousreply 8707/16/2017

Love his legs here:

by Anonymousreply 8807/16/2017

My God Cavill take her to Harvey Nicks asap. This looks like something M&S threw up.

by Anonymousreply 8907/16/2017

R61 Why! I didn't expect to see you here D ..... ;)

by Anonymousreply 9007/17/2017

R64 Are you still living in the 1920's?

by Anonymousreply 9107/17/2017

Why is he dressed like a Barbershop Quartet?

by Anonymousreply 9207/17/2017

R77 What do you mean by "pings"?

by Anonymousreply 9307/17/2017

R77 Go back to Who'sDatedWho. Same goes to All of you Fraus!

by Anonymousreply 9407/17/2017

Hey Poetist, What did you mean by "There was an interesting tweet by someone that knows Lucy". Could you link please?

by Anonymousreply 9507/17/2017

Hey R95.. I'm with you on that one... Cough up the Goss who ever has it. It seems there are a few people coming out of the wood work casting doubt on her and her shady behaviour!

by Anonymousreply 9607/17/2017

We see you, D.

by Anonymousreply 9707/17/2017

Oh dear... It looks like she has outed Henry's personal IG account..... Whoops...given this is pr driven, how come people are coming out saying that she is the one controlling the relationship?

by Anonymousreply 9807/17/2017

Jeez! The Fraus have found this thread! Can't you stick to wdw??

by Anonymousreply 9907/17/2017

Yes I know. So annoying with their bizarre little injokes and unfamiliarity with terms like "ping."

by Anonymousreply 10007/17/2017

[quote]Henry's personal IG account

Where is it?

by Anonymousreply 10107/17/2017

Praesulo R101.... This is it apparently. Its followed by his brother. Apparently this account has commented on Lucy's IG a few times.

by Anonymousreply 10207/17/2017

Praesulo is private :(

by Anonymousreply 10307/17/2017

Anyone who doesn't agree with gay men wishful thinking=fraus okay delusionals you have fun with your fantasies about straight men.

by Anonymousreply 10407/17/2017

Any news on the twitter thing....

by Anonymousreply 10507/17/2017

R102 R103 Hope you get super gonorrhea.

by Anonymousreply 10607/17/2017

R106...errr y..... Lucy published his private account ages ago bumbass.....

by Anonymousreply 10707/17/2017

Most of us weren't stalking Lucy, ass

by Anonymousreply 10807/17/2017

That hexposay troll is really going after Lucy. Do you think this is the same person who terrorized Child Beard and Titicaca?

by Anonymousreply 10907/17/2017

On her PRIVATE instagram. Yet you share it here on a Public Website! You Dumb crazy fraus don't have enough gross shit leaking out of you you want to leak everything about a man you'll probably never even meet in your lifetime!

by Anonymousreply 11007/17/2017

Wow.... Shit getting crazy......

by Anonymousreply 11107/17/2017

Yeah Henry! Swallow it all!

by Anonymousreply 11207/17/2017

R95) There was a comment on Twitter from someone who knew Lucy and hoped that Henry wasn't with her. Basically, this person was not endorsing this woman. The link I can't find.

by Anonymousreply 11307/17/2017

He always looks so miserable when he does these appearances. Remember the awkward grocery shopping trip with Kaley Cuoco?

by Anonymousreply 11407/17/2017

[quote] I feel Henry has a type, and that would appear to be the healthy/athletic type, which I think is commendable, and I also appreciate that he doesn't just stick to celebrities, he seems to date people who don't necessarily work directly in the industry, which I think is refreshing.

by Anonymousreply 11507/17/2017

If she is really his girlfriend, then he appears to not. E comfortable being with her in public. If she's a beard, he's making no effort to make it look real, and his publicity are convincing no one but fan girls who need no convincing.

by Anonymousreply 11607/17/2017

And here she is pole dancing:

by Anonymousreply 11707/17/2017

And another:

by Anonymousreply 11807/17/2017

Was this already posted?

by Anonymousreply 11907/17/2017

R115 I see you picked the only nice comment about her on JJ.

by Anonymousreply 12007/17/2017

R118 Wow! She looks like his teen ex and that deer hunter ex morphed into one!

by Anonymousreply 12107/17/2017

[quote] I see you picked the only nice comment about her on JJ.

There were other nice ones but this one is basically, though unintentionally, saying he likes manly women.

by Anonymousreply 12207/17/2017

This show human looking at only person he love.

by Anonymousreply 12307/17/2017

R113.. OK cheers... Doesn't look good when people who know you, publicly say something negative. Shame can't find the tweet. Don't suppose anyone recalls the name of the person who tweeted it??

by Anonymousreply 12407/18/2017

[quote]There were other nice ones but this one is basically, though unintentionally, saying he likes manly women.

He likes manly men.

by Anonymousreply 12507/18/2017

R123 I disagree, he was in love with Michael.

Remember when he followed him to Utah, which caused Michael to lose his job, and then he had a meltdown, and then Michael had to fly to UK to fix him?

That was fun!

by Anonymousreply 12607/18/2017

[quote][R123] I disagree, he was in love with Michael.

He probably still is.

[quote]Remember when he followed him to Utah, which caused Michael to lose his job, and then he had a meltdown, and then Michael had to fly to UK to fix him?

No, what happened? Why did Michael lose his job? (Which job?)

by Anonymousreply 12707/18/2017

Blevins was a trainer with Gym Jones which is like the top elite training company. As soon as Henry left Utah, he announced he was no longer with the company. Then Henry had a meltdown. It's all documented on here, you may have to go to part 3 or 4. Best to Google.

by Anonymousreply 12807/18/2017

R128, why did Henry have a meltdown?

by Anonymousreply 12907/18/2017

Is Henry better suited to Gym Jones or Camp Podwall?

by Anonymousreply 13007/18/2017

I'm more interested in the Duwwell critters, to be honest.

by Anonymousreply 13107/18/2017

I think he had the meltdown because Michael ended the relationship/friendship once he was fired. Because when Henry was photographed during one of his drunken/disheveled outings, Michael tweeted something like "drink your poison, for you need it badly" or something. Very bitter.

by Anonymousreply 13207/18/2017

[quote] , Michael tweeted something like "drink your poison, for you need it badly" or something. Very bitter.

Seems like a somewhat measured response.

by Anonymousreply 13307/18/2017

[Quote] Remember the awkward grocery shopping trip with Kaley Cuoco?

No, not at all.

by Anonymousreply 13407/18/2017

She bearded him at his prime.

How sad for the rest of the beards.

by Anonymousreply 13507/18/2017

Here is the "Swallow your poison" tweet. It was tweeted on March 18, 2015. Where and what was Henry doing at that date?

by Anonymousreply 13607/18/2017

Human at bar most likely, R136.

by Anonymousreply 13707/18/2017

That might have been when the cocaine pictures with him leaving the club with white substance on his hoodie were published

by Anonymousreply 13807/18/2017

Human wear same two damn hoodies over and over. Never get washed! White substance could be anything. Maybe it dried stuff that come out of knob between legs when he touch it long time. Who knows?

by Anonymousreply 13907/18/2017

Has it been established yet - Michael Blevins, top or bottom?

by Anonymousreply 14007/18/2017

March 18 was the same day that the coke photographs were published. His eyes were superdilated.

by Anonymousreply 14107/18/2017

Comment from twitter.. This was the only one I could find

by Anonymousreply 14207/18/2017

[quote]Happen to know her in person and think she's completely wrong for him.

Um duh, of course she's wrong for him, she's not a big muscle-bound man.


by Anonymousreply 14307/18/2017

R142 That girl is a fan. She commented on one the the first pics of them together in a group photo in NZ.

by Anonymousreply 14407/18/2017

R141 The Drunken Coked Days.

by Anonymousreply 14507/18/2017


by Anonymousreply 14607/18/2017

R95) Reveal yourself.

by Anonymousreply 14707/18/2017

Is this THE role for Henners?

by Anonymousreply 14807/18/2017

***Hello darkness my old friend***

by Anonymousreply 14907/19/2017

Oh, dear

by Anonymousreply 15007/19/2017
by Anonymousreply 15107/19/2017

Hey Kal troll, maybe stop posting and start writing up some new material!

by Anonymousreply 15207/19/2017

R148 Lmao but can Henry sing??

by Anonymousreply 15307/19/2017


by Anonymousreply 15407/19/2017

Love the suit.

by Anonymousreply 15507/19/2017

They're featuring him in the marketing again.

by Anonymousreply 15607/19/2017


by Anonymousreply 15707/19/2017


by Anonymousreply 15807/20/2017

Ben is King, and Henry is his QUEEN.

by Anonymousreply 15907/20/2017

Nice hair.

by Anonymousreply 16007/20/2017


by Anonymousreply 16107/20/2017

Who is the asshole who keeps posting old pictures of Henry for no reason? Go to Tumblr for that shit.

by Anonymousreply 16207/20/2017

[quote] Ben is King, and Henry is his QUEEN.

What is she?

by Anonymousreply 16307/20/2017

I wonder how often he wears a thong or a g-string as underwear.

by Anonymousreply 16407/20/2017

[quote] I wonder how often he wears a thong or a g-string as underwear.


by Anonymousreply 16507/20/2017

It'd be hot.

by Anonymousreply 16607/20/2017

Henry, is that you?

by Anonymousreply 16707/21/2017

Back in the marketing:

by Anonymousreply 16807/21/2017

Back in the marketing:

by Anonymousreply 16907/21/2017

Is he attending to Comic Con???

by Anonymousreply 17007/21/2017

Still shooting MI6 today (see him?)

by Anonymousreply 17107/21/2017

Oy vey

by Anonymousreply 17207/21/2017

171..well, that's a no, he wont go. Wow, Henry is having a big rol in MI6, right? or Mcquarrie really likes taking pictures of him, haha.

by Anonymousreply 17307/21/2017


by Anonymousreply 17407/21/2017

He could conceivebly have left London to at 5PM and arrive in LA at 8PM tonight and be driven down to San Diego. Then he could catch an evening flight out of LAX and be back in London Sunday afternoon.

There are rumors Affleck won't show up tomorrow at Comic Con so it would be supremely embarrassing if neither Batman nor Superman were there.

by Anonymousreply 17507/21/2017

I hope he can go, but I'm not sure to be honest. Ben HAS to be there, especially with all those rumors about him leaving the DCEU and he is the main character of the movie. Fans will riot, bloggers articles will be endless and very bad publicity for WB/DC (more than usual) if Ben is not there.

by Anonymousreply 17607/21/2017

I think the rumor dropped today because Affleck has told Warner Bros he's not coming. The insinuations in the Hollywood Reporter article were pretty vicious, there's some bad blood there.

by Anonymousreply 17707/21/2017

"In addition, Affleck will turn 45 in August, so he would be pushing 50 before The Batman arrives in theaters. If Reeves makes a trilogy, Affleck would be in his mid-50s at best by the time that’s done. Maybe Tom Cruise could pull that off, but Affleck’s body hasn’t exactly been a temple."

by Anonymousreply 17807/21/2017


by Anonymousreply 17907/21/2017

I looked up the "hasn't exactly been a temple" reporter and of course she's a frizzy haired, saggy frau herself.

by Anonymousreply 18007/21/2017

Got a photo R180?

by Anonymousreply 18107/21/2017

Doesn't mean she is blind!

by Anonymousreply 18207/21/2017

Zack Snyder will not be at Comic Con per his Twitter.

by Anonymousreply 18307/21/2017

Why would Zach show up? He's pulled his name off of this shit storm.

by Anonymousreply 18407/21/2017

Affleck there, no Henry. Unless he's still traveling.

by Anonymousreply 18507/21/2017

A new Alex Ross-influenced poster without Henry unveiled today.

by Anonymousreply 18607/22/2017

It's kind of lame because it uses logos for heroes like we're already supposed to be familiar with them (and reminiscent of the lamest scene in BVS, the notorious computer screen where Lex Luthor had designed movie trailers for the other superheroes)

by Anonymousreply 18707/22/2017

He won't be at CC this year

by Anonymousreply 18807/22/2017

There are seven chairs on the Hall H stage, I wonder what's going on?

by Anonymousreply 18907/22/2017

Snow white is coming

by Anonymousreply 19007/22/2017

Just seen the list for upcoming DC movies... No mention if man of steel 2...has he blown that gig with all of his twatty behaviours and thus recent Lucy beard????

by Anonymousreply 19107/22/2017

Wasn't he supposed to be in a project with the Rock?

by Anonymousreply 19207/22/2017

He announced that before anything concrete was in place

First they announced theat they were going to do Shazam with Rock as Black Adam, now the story is that they are going to do Shazam without Rock, it keeps changing

by Anonymousreply 19307/22/2017

Anyway D.C. revealed themselves to still be a mess today, the fact that they think Flashpoint is a good launching point for the Flash character is hysterical. Fans online hate it.

by Anonymousreply 19407/22/2017

Yep, Dany is doing a great job getting him new roles........

by Anonymousreply 19507/22/2017

Dany is not his agent dumbass.

by Anonymousreply 19607/22/2017

What the fuck is she then.......

by Anonymousreply 19707/22/2017


by Anonymousreply 19807/22/2017

She is a manager. A manager cannot procure roles for you. A manager helps you decide which roles to take and helps you create your own projects.

Dany had him switch his agency from CAA to WME and as a result he made Nomis and MI6.

by Anonymousreply 19907/22/2017

Ahh.. Cheers R199, so who is his agent then, as his manager, would she have been responsible for his recent beard???

by Anonymousreply 20007/22/2017

His agency is WME and agencies usually have teams assigned to actors now.

by Anonymousreply 20107/22/2017

Actually, if he manages to stay away from superhero movies, I 'll be happy.

by Anonymousreply 20207/22/2017

R199) That’s the letter of the law, but the real world doesn’t work that way. Any manager who wants to keep their clients happy will do their best to get auditions and a lot of that deals with how well connected the manager is.

If the manager is well connected, they can give that extra push when an agent can’t get you in the room, and they can really make sure you are being submitted for the right projects. And while they won’t work on contracts directly, they will be actively involved in any and all negotiations.

by Anonymousreply 20307/22/2017

Any and all?

by Anonymousreply 20407/22/2017

That means anything he does to get paid they are there to negotiate. If he does voice over or even shows up for a paid appearance for a dog and pony show, they will negotiate for any and all deals. It doesn't have to be in entertainment.

by Anonymousreply 20507/22/2017

[quote] even shows up for a paid appearance for a dog and pony show

Wish I'd get paid for putting up with human show.

by Anonymousreply 20607/22/2017

Henry will be broke by the time Dany is finished with him. Her 20% cut will come after taxes.

by Anonymousreply 20707/22/2017

Won't be the first time she caused bankruptcy. #DanyFraudcia

by Anonymousreply 20807/22/2017

Yeah, I read about those lawsuits. It's funny she linked up Henry with her attorney friend from college to handle the legalese. Before long, Henry will be lucky if he sees 20% of his own money.

I do wonder how that breaks down for a non-American actor. There are taxes, agent fees, management fees, and perhaps publicity fees. What is truly left from let's say 5 million dollars?

by Anonymousreply 20907/22/2017

All stars collect their money through self-created LLCs which lessons their tax burden.

by Anonymousreply 21007/23/2017

Jason Momoa commented "Missed you today, brother" on Henry's post.

by Anonymousreply 21107/23/2017


He's still not in the trailer, though.

by Anonymousreply 21207/23/2017

I think Henry needs to watch his pennies... Stop the leeches and taking them on holidays.... I do think Dany will bleed him dry if he's not careful, we'll dany and his beards.... He must spend a fortune paying off those booty calls to keep quiet!!!!!!

by Anonymousreply 21307/23/2017

Why on earth would you care how he spends his money?

by Anonymousreply 21407/23/2017

Oh, God!

by Anonymousreply 21507/23/2017

R215.... YOU DON'T LIKE... HAHA.... at least he's not shilling Lucy at the moment.. Just his bad taste in hats...

by Anonymousreply 21607/23/2017

Not sure who this chick is

by Anonymousreply 21707/23/2017

Oh thank God, he took stuntbeard shopping.

by Anonymousreply 21807/23/2017

[quote] Oh thank God, he took stuntbeard shopping.

Shopping? That always works out so well

by Anonymousreply 21907/23/2017

The cut off the dress is too stewardessy but still an improvement over Wimbledon. Should have accessorized with a necklace though.

by Anonymousreply 22007/23/2017

Henry should have accessorized with a necklace too.

by Anonymousreply 22107/23/2017

He probably did a bit of accessorizing, with some nice little ass plug jewellery.

by Anonymousreply 22207/23/2017

Rumours are that she was thus was out together for her....nice fake as smiles for the camera...still could be fan pics they are so staged..

by Anonymousreply 22307/23/2017

They are BOTH styled, dummy.

by Anonymousreply 22407/23/2017

I know that wise ass R224....she wasn't styled for Wimbledon. .got loads if shit so his PR made sure she looked the part this time..

by Anonymousreply 22507/23/2017

This may be old news.. But is it true he has herpes from shagging Paris hilton

by Anonymousreply 22607/23/2017

Yes Rose.

by Anonymousreply 22707/23/2017

He looks so happy.

by Anonymousreply 22807/23/2017

Lucy has a new troll on IG tonite under the account lucycorkfans

Who are these pathetic women who seem determined to harrass every girl he pretends to date? Like Henry is some saint. I have half a mind to DM the troll and tell her about Henry's yearlong affair with a married man.

by Anonymousreply 22907/23/2017

LOL! R221

by Anonymousreply 23007/23/2017

R228 He had to! He's trying to outright fix the failure that was Wimbledon.

by Anonymousreply 23107/23/2017

Her smile there reminds me of a familiar face R228 Can't put my finger on it!

by Anonymousreply 23207/23/2017

That's it!

by Anonymousreply 23307/23/2017

Hey R229... Do it....... For the shit......... But don't forget they will want proof....

by Anonymousreply 23407/23/2017

Looks so straight:

by Anonymousreply 23507/23/2017

What R229 and shatter their image of their Prince charming..... And R235.... Very true.... Camp as Christmas......

by Anonymousreply 23607/23/2017

R229 please let us know what they say.

by Anonymousreply 23707/23/2017


by Anonymousreply 23807/23/2017

R224) STFU if you can't bring anything to the table.

R223) Keep talking.

by Anonymousreply 23907/23/2017

R235) OMG!

It's as if Miss Cavill is taking over.

by Anonymousreply 24007/23/2017

R229... Twittering are that her Wimbledon outfit was so bad, trailor trash bad, that this time they wanted to make sure she looked the part and could sell the relationship better. suggest someone paid for her to look a bit more demure and less tramp. Not sure if he paid. She is however wearing the same shoes as the blonde lady seen practicing polo with Henry which has caused BOGOF jokes to be made. So it would seem someone does read those comments on various sites and action was taken.

by Anonymousreply 24107/23/2017

R241 But her outfit is still horrible.

by Anonymousreply 24207/23/2017

R228 Why the long face Lucy?

by Anonymousreply 24307/23/2017

R235 Henry Looks So..

by Anonymousreply 24407/23/2017

They even took a brow pen to fill in her brows. If this isn't some quick response to fans bitching, I don't know what is. It's like they took this fashion clueless chick and gave her an overnight makeover.

By the way this isn't related but funny as hell. I don't agree with it 100% but through this woman's ranting, she subconsciously sees the fakery. Here's a post from the Daily Mail.

[quote]Honestly, I admire Henry Cavill for helping this stripper on her way to fame. Dany Garcia, his PR is protecting this woman, DM can not publish photos of her almost nude with legs open making striptease and pole dance in London nightclubs. If the woman is cheap and vulgar, nothing will change that. Henry Cavill by clothes for her but it's no use.. Anyone can know the truth ...

by Anonymousreply 24507/23/2017

[quote]Cavill’s issues are even more thorny. “Justice League’s” Man of Steel had expected to be able to finish shooting the sixth “Mission: Impossible” film before needing to don Superman’s spandex again. That has not been the case, however, as the new scenes that are being shot have required him to jump back and forth from each production. Because of this, a mustache he grew for his character in the “Mission: Impossible” sequel will have to be digitally removed in post-production. Paramount, which is distributing the “Mission: Impossible” sequel, would not allow Cavill to shave the facial hair while production was taking place.

by Anonymousreply 24607/24/2017

[quote] Paramount, which is distributing the “Mission: Impossible” sequel, would not allow Cavill to shave the facial hair while production was taking place.

Poor Henry is forced to have both a mustache and a beard.

by Anonymousreply 24707/24/2017

YAAASS R247 Said it!!

by Anonymousreply 24807/24/2017

Wouldn't it be easier for Cavill to wear a fake mustache for M16 than to have JL crew digitally removed it from filming?

by Anonymousreply 24907/24/2017

JL crew

Misery team

by Anonymousreply 25007/24/2017

Maybe he is being written out of JL. That would be my guess.

by Anonymousreply 25107/24/2017

Idiot why would he be written out of JL when they just printed an article about him shooting additional scenes?

by Anonymousreply 25207/24/2017

Tee hee

by Anonymousreply 25307/24/2017


by Anonymousreply 25407/25/2017


by Anonymousreply 25507/25/2017

What's so "OMG" about the pic at R255? Dyatlov?

by Anonymousreply 25607/25/2017

Wow! His new beard is making even his craziest fans on WDW believe that he's gay. Now That's an unexpected turn!

by Anonymousreply 25707/25/2017

He met this woman on the MI6 set, right? That started filming in April. I think it's weird that he takes them public so quickly.

by Anonymousreply 25807/25/2017

In more ways than you realize!

by Anonymousreply 25907/25/2017

Hahahaha!!!!!! R259

by Anonymousreply 26007/25/2017


by Anonymousreply 26107/25/2017

From this weekend

by Anonymousreply 26207/26/2017

So beautiful!

by Anonymousreply 26307/26/2017

Lucy's troll is worried she might trick Henry into marriage by becoming pregnant!

Do you think it's time to DM her?

by Anonymousreply 26407/26/2017

How can she become pregnant when Henry won't fuck her? No need to worry.

by Anonymousreply 26507/26/2017

3* out of 4. Would read again

by Anonymousreply 26607/26/2017

Someone opened up a thesaurus.

by Anonymousreply 26707/26/2017

He's verbose

by Anonymousreply 26807/27/2017

Jesus... Is he fucking Wade Eastwood now... Or just become an advert for their stunt team... Please can R264 DM the troll..... Put an end to this BS..

by Anonymousreply 26907/27/2017

Help me think of a cool IG name and I will DM her

by Anonymousreply 27007/27/2017




by Anonymousreply 27107/27/2017

R270 any good names yet... What about an anagram... Anyone good at those... Got to be about him being gay...

by Anonymousreply 27207/27/2017

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. was so underrated and under-appreciated. It was so stylish and I thought everyone played their parts well. I have watched it a few times and enjoyed it more each time. I hope the sequel happens.

by Anonymousreply 27307/27/2017

I agree with you, R273. It's my favorite Henry role. I've watched it several times too.

by Anonymousreply 27407/27/2017

I see what you did there Henry R268.

by Anonymousreply 27507/27/2017


by Anonymousreply 27607/27/2017

MIKE must feel so unworthy that henry never ever posted anything on him?

by Anonymousreply 27707/27/2017

I understand the awesome, sexy and very handsome actor who portrayed Superman before Henry did his own stunts.

by Anonymousreply 27807/27/2017

[quote]Anyone good at those... Got to be about him being gay...

How about Hanger? It serves three purposes. First, hangers are in closets. Second, it's Mommy Dearest's weapon of choice. Third, it's a sneaky way to deal a deck of cards in Poker. (Well, that's cheating, but you are dealing some underhand (to her) news)

by Anonymousreply 27907/27/2017

[quote]MIKE must feel so unworthy that henry never ever posted anything on him?

Oh to the contrary, what he posted to him broke the internet.

by Anonymousreply 28007/27/2017

Tee hee

by Anonymousreply 28107/28/2017

More free clothes! More! More!

Such a Taurus

by Anonymousreply 28207/28/2017

[quote]Not scared of a pint either which is always good in my book!

by Anonymousreply 28307/28/2017

They called him Super Queen, and not ironically

by Anonymousreply 28407/29/2017

Someone's been staying away from carbs

by Anonymousreply 28507/29/2017

Couldn't look gayer even if he wanted to R285

by Anonymousreply 28607/29/2017

I can't believe I am saying this, but his teenage ex-girlfriend/beard was the prettiest of them all!

by Anonymousreply 28707/29/2017

R287, was she the Hispanic one she went to Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner with to see her family?

by Anonymousreply 28807/29/2017

No stupid, Tara King the child beard!

by Anonymousreply 28907/29/2017

R285) He's sucking in his gut. I can tell.

by Anonymousreply 29007/29/2017

No he's not. You don't suck in your gut while getting a suit tailored, moron.

by Anonymousreply 29107/29/2017

He's not getting tailored in that shot. Sure, he's keeping his weight down, but he's sucking in his gut on that shot. I should know. I do it all the time.

by Anonymousreply 29207/29/2017

Why, when people disagree with someone they have to call them a name? R291) Did you make it out of elementary school? I know they teach little kids not to do that as far back as Kindergarten.

by Anonymousreply 29307/29/2017

I WISH the new gf is a Beard because if it is true, he is a very stupid man. Once again...

by Anonymousreply 29407/29/2017

There are a million blind items about him being a manwhore (with women) who doesn't like to wear condoms. Don't think he's gay.

by Anonymousreply 29507/30/2017


by Anonymousreply 29607/30/2017

R293 are you new here, cunt?

by Anonymousreply 29707/30/2017

R294 R295, R297's question extends to you too.

by Anonymousreply 29807/30/2017

So... New leaked fan pic.... She looks at Henry like he's got cooties..... Disgusted that he's touching her.. Not helped by him holding a sign saying "I'm with stupid" pointing at Lucy... When is someone going to DM the truth to these fans..

by Anonymousreply 29907/31/2017

Link please, R299.

by Anonymousreply 30007/31/2017

Does anyone have the link or picture from IG where Henry asked that girl to suck his dick if she wanted a pic??

by Anonymousreply 30107/31/2017

R299 = "I have a thecwet!"

by Anonymousreply 30207/31/2017

Where is the pic R299?

by Anonymousreply 30307/31/2017

IG..... But account is locked so can't link....

by Anonymousreply 30407/31/2017

For some reason. They blurred out what it says.....

by Anonymousreply 30507/31/2017

Ughhh so photoshopped.

Anyway that is from Lucy's troll. Someone give me a good nickname so I can DM her and tell her Henry is a poof.

by Anonymousreply 30607/31/2017

Lucy posted that photo on her (locked) IG? Weird.

by Anonymousreply 30707/31/2017


by Anonymousreply 30807/31/2017

Anyone... Got the IG pick when Henry asked that girl to suck his dick..... Need it to prove a point.....

by Anonymousreply 30907/31/2017

Tee hee

by Anonymousreply 31007/31/2017

Love it, R310!


by Anonymousreply 31107/31/2017

R309 He didn't ask her to suck His (Henry's) dick. He told her her he'd only take a picture if she sucked her Bf's dick as he was told by the Bf Dumbass. Tacky and sleezy nonetheless.

by Anonymousreply 31207/31/2017

R312... Do you have a copy of that picture??

by Anonymousreply 31307/31/2017

I commented on this post

by Anonymousreply 31407/31/2017

Sit back and see what happens....

by Anonymousreply 31507/31/2017

Jerseydeanne says, "Keep your homophobe shit to yourself."

How do I even reply to that one?

by Anonymousreply 31607/31/2017

Ooooh, Lucycorkfans says, "Do you have any proof of what you say?"

by Anonymousreply 31707/31/2017

Well, do you?

by Anonymousreply 31807/31/2017 you know where the IG picture is for this?? I've scoured on here but can't seem to find where I originally saw it.. Cheers

by Anonymousreply 31907/31/2017

Oh dear, apparently this is a real picture Lucy posted

I hope she learns her lesson about being so indiscreet

by Anonymousreply 32008/01/2017

tee hee

by Anonymousreply 32108/01/2017

Old pic but this preset much covers Henry's reaction to his beards:

by Anonymousreply 32208/02/2017

Two DL faves together: Cavill and Bomer.

by Anonymousreply 32308/03/2017

Jakey G and HCavs please.

by Anonymousreply 32408/03/2017

[quote] Two DL faves together: Cavill and Bomer.

I forgot the link.

by Anonymousreply 32508/03/2017

BVS gigantic tit muscles

by Anonymousreply 32608/03/2017

R325) Side by side, they don't look so similar, and it doesn't appear as if Matt is 10 years older than Cavill.

by Anonymousreply 32708/03/2017

Periodic Durrell creature shout out

by Anonymousreply 32808/04/2017

Oh, God

by Anonymousreply 32908/04/2017

Does Ben the Bat have a Durrell creature name?

And Kal!!!!

by Anonymousreply 33008/04/2017

Love the drawing.

by Anonymousreply 33108/04/2017

More of Ben the Bat. This time a video!

by Anonymousreply 33208/04/2017

More of Ben the Bat. This time a video!

by Anonymousreply 33308/04/2017

More of Ben the Bat. Part two of video.

by Anonymousreply 33408/04/2017


by Anonymousreply 33508/04/2017


Some knowledge of Flashpoint required

by Anonymousreply 33608/05/2017

R329 God bless Kal.

by Anonymousreply 33708/05/2017

Tee hee

by Anonymousreply 33808/05/2017

Is Cavill the most handsome actor who has ever played Superman?

by Anonymousreply 33908/05/2017


by Anonymousreply 34008/06/2017

Lots of UNCLE slash on IG today

by Anonymousreply 34108/06/2017

Very quiet in camp cavill...... What's going on.... Has dany grounded him for his dumb relationship with the fame whore. Where's Ben been ???

by Anonymousreply 34208/06/2017

He was at a concert yesterday

by Anonymousreply 34308/06/2017

Day after day, he shows how stupid he is... By his own actions and his stupid "gf"...

by Anonymousreply 34408/06/2017

Why, what did he do now?

by Anonymousreply 34508/06/2017

Being him... LOL a new Beard or a new trashy gf That pic w the stupid paper in his hand is from her own ig. Anyway...

by Anonymousreply 34608/06/2017

I need to know whether or not the trashy beard was with him. Seriously, why does he put up with this charade? Half of the people aren't falling for it, and the ones that are, half of them are disgusted by the beard. That leaves 25% of the people bickering among each other that she is not good enough for him.

by Anonymousreply 34708/07/2017

Jesus every once in a while he takes female companionship. What do you want him to do? Be alone all the time and take the Akita everywhere like some kind of psychotic hobo?

by Anonymousreply 34808/07/2017

Rumour has it, he's pissed of the powers that be on MI6 and definitely won't be back.... Probably to do with his shagging half of the females on set.. Then that God awful Fame whole outing their little sham....

by Anonymousreply 34908/07/2017


by Anonymousreply 35008/07/2017

The new costume is really blue.

by Anonymousreply 35108/07/2017

I like blue.

by Anonymousreply 35208/07/2017

That rumor is bs people don't care about Henry Cavill at all....probably care about his moustache but definitly not about his beard.

by Anonymousreply 35308/07/2017

Henry at his happiest; on top of men.

by Anonymousreply 35408/08/2017


by Anonymousreply 35508/08/2017

Awww what a sweet photo of Henry and his Weho friends

by Anonymousreply 35608/08/2017

Better scan of new suit

by Anonymousreply 35708/08/2017

[Quote] like some kind of psychotic hobo?

Can that be his next role??

by Anonymousreply 35808/08/2017

[quote] Henry at his happiest; on top of men.

Especially black men. He especially loves them and licking them in public.

by Anonymousreply 35908/08/2017

[Quote] Is Cavill the most handsome actor who has ever played Superman?

He's 1 of them. Dean and Tyler aren't horrible to look at.

by Anonymousreply 36008/08/2017

[quote] Is Cavill the most handsome actor who has ever played Superman?

Second-most handsome.

by Anonymousreply 36108/08/2017

I'm not a fangirl and to be honest I don't think he is gay. Entertainment Lawyer writes a lot of thinly veiled bis about Henry being an insufferable skirt chaser and it was so ban on MI6 he won't be invited back for the 7th. Also he looks very very gassy .

by Anonymousreply 36208/08/2017

Did he invest in Eastwood Stunts?

by Anonymousreply 36308/08/2017

Gay, straight, does it matter? He is going to blow up like a giant gummi bear as soon as the roles dry up. He can't maintain the fitness and clearly is only disciplines when a paycheck is involved.

Look at him, dude has major demons.

by Anonymousreply 36408/08/2017

[quote]Gay, straight, does it matter?

Go away.

by Anonymousreply 36508/08/2017

[quote] Look at him, dude has major demons.

Such as?

by Anonymousreply 36608/08/2017

This thread stinks of fish, peeewuu. Henry is 10000% homosexual dumb fan gurl frau cunts. Back to tumblr tumblrina cunts.

by Anonymousreply 36708/08/2017

I also doubt he is banned from MI. The director definitely seems to enjoy working with him. However, it is possible the character dies at the end- who knows ? If so, this would explain no MI7. We'll see.

Besides, I don't think an actor could be banned for chasing skirts, if this is what he does.

by Anonymousreply 36808/08/2017

His womanizing on other movies was a problem with the other crew members, but there are 3 septate bis and theu seem to point out things on MI6 went badly for Henry, he acted like a bit of a Diva and his relationship with the stunt woman also seemed to irk Tom.

ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/04 This still a superhero is working on another A+ list non superhero franchise. Apparently it has not gone well and he won’t be invited back for another installment. Henry Cavill ("M:I 6 - Mission Impossible

He’s incredibly lazy. He was cool about doing a lot of his own stunts on [other films], but on this film, he’s having his stunt man do EVERYTHING!

This is definitely not making his bosses happy.

[Lead Actor] likes to do his own stunts because you get long cuts and better continuity. It makes the whole film more believable because you have an actor actually acting. [Director] like to use long cuts, too.

When you use a stunt man, you get lots of short cuts and no actor to bring emotion to it. Because [Lazy Costar] sits in his trailer while the stunt man does all the work, they’re now stuck with all these short cuts. It kills the the continuity of the scene, you lose the character, you lose the emotion. Costs more time and money in post, too. That’s what they’re dealing with here, and they are really pissed about it!

The result of all this?

[The Lead Actor] and [The Director] are sorry that they hired this jerk in the first place. Too unprofessional, too lazy. Can’t fire him for this one, but he will not be asked back for the next installment of the franchise. They won’t work with him again!

by Anonymousreply 36908/08/2017

another about the relationship wit the stunt woman. I thought Henry was actually a like able cool guy, but at time goes on and the more interviews (fit birds give me a boner on set) he does he comes off and a major league total asshole.

One of the stunt women [who has worked with Lead Actor many times before] thought she could up her profile by getting into some sort of dating situation with [Lead Actor]. This setup was also being pushed by other members of the stunt team. [Lead Actor] rejected her, so she went after [His Handsome Costar] instead. She was successful. [Lead Actor] is annoyed that the couple are now flaunting their relationship on the set and in the press.

It’s interesting that her original mission was to land the Lead Actor but she wound up settling for Handsome.

The Lead Actor is not jealous of the relationship. However, as a producer, he is not at all happy with this attention-seeking couple acting so unprofessionally on his set. This franchise is his baby, and he doesn’t like anyone causing distractions.

Just how annoyed is our Lead Actor? Well, the stunt woman’s dating scheme has apparently backfired. After this production wraps, she will find out that the Lead Actor has ordered that she never get hired for another one of his productions again!

So, she may be out of a job, but at least she still has Handsome. For now. Will he ever find out that he was her second choice? Only if the rest of the crew stays mum about her little scheme!

by Anonymousreply 37008/08/2017

Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan Sure Jan

by Anonymousreply 37108/08/2017

Tell 'em R371

by Anonymousreply 37208/08/2017

If the thing about his work ethic is true, then he is done for. Can't afford to be kicked out on account of a bad rep as a worker. Then again, why would he blow his chances. That would be really dumb. I remeber all the rumors about Gangs of New York. How supposedly Scorsese hated young, unprofessional, punk Leo DiCaprio,etc. The years proved otherwise. Let's wait and see.

by Anonymousreply 37308/08/2017

[quote] Let's wait and see.


by Anonymousreply 37408/08/2017

He's still Superman. He probably isn't allowed to go all out when it comes to stunts.

by Anonymousreply 37508/08/2017

And he's still very gay too.

by Anonymousreply 37608/08/2017

R369) and R370) , do you know that there was a leaker who spilled the bearding scheme months before it even materialized on this site?

You should consider these blind items as a counterattack to dispell the truth, which is this was merely a bearding situation that was exposed in great detail before it ever took off.

by Anonymousreply 37708/08/2017

Ummmm you mean the thing where he attaches to a woman every time he has a film to promote? That's not a leak, that's LOGIC. And so obvious that it was the topic of this thread's Durrell creatures parody.

by Anonymousreply 37808/08/2017

Also as for stunts it is well known in the industry that "I do my own stunts" is the biggest bullshit in town because Insurance will not let big stars perform their own stunts.

by Anonymousreply 37908/08/2017

[quote] And so obvious that it was the topic of this thread's Durrell creatures parody.

It's a parody?

by Anonymousreply 38008/08/2017

Why should Tom Cruise be livid because a co-star is dating a crew member ? Yes, they explain why in the article, but I'm not sure it makes sense and seems a bit too control freak, even for Tommy.

As for the stunts, don't they sign contracts beforhand stating what they are expected and agree to do ?

As I said, we'll see. Hope it's not true. He needs to develop a career outside of Superman.

by Anonymousreply 38108/09/2017

Let me know if I get it right : Henry start going out with a new beard because Tom cannot afford to work with an actor who is rumored to be gay (again), but since it gets no traction, it's summer after all, they start playing the blame game and call him lazy? Is it because of the "I'm with stupid" shirt?

by Anonymousreply 38208/09/2017

Or maybe Henry isn't gay. He says the only reason he does movies is for fame and money, maybe he has no real discipline as an actor and just doesn't take the thing serious. I can get why that would piss off co stars and directors..

by Anonymousreply 38308/09/2017

Seguro, Juanita.

by Anonymousreply 38408/09/2017

Facial hair

by Anonymousreply 38508/09/2017

Shut up Fraulina! Can't you just be content with posting on whosdatedwho?

by Anonymousreply 38608/09/2017

Don't you know this is a gay site? Henry is straight and these gay boys will just cuss and call you names if you suggest otherwise. LOL. He can be married to a woman with kids and they'll still be in denial and tell you to go back to WDW.

by Anonymousreply 38708/09/2017

Do you know who also like to use the word "Work ethic"? the Garcia Companies twitter. I am not sure we have the same definition for the word ethic though.

by Anonymousreply 38808/09/2017

R388) Where is the phrase "work ethic" in the BI? I just can't seem to find it, though I believe Dany's hands are all over this.

by Anonymousreply 38908/10/2017

R387 Shut up

by Anonymousreply 39008/10/2017

R388 Wow! Henry truly belongs to the Garcia Companies then.

by Anonymousreply 39108/10/2017

LOL! You think Dany takes time out of her busy schedule telling the sun and the moon how she "does it all" to write blind items about Henry?

by Anonymousreply 39208/10/2017

In the lazy blind : "Lead Actor is not at all happy with his costar on his current film. Much of his displeasure has to do with Costar’s work ethic." Dany is busy doing video of herself in heels, she can sit for a couple of minute to write that shit, it's not like she is busy finding him new jobs. Stirring the shit on social media seems to be the new norm.

by Anonymousreply 39308/10/2017

The director praised Henry's work ethic multiple times.

by Anonymousreply 39408/10/2017


by Anonymousreply 39508/10/2017


by Anonymousreply 39608/10/2017

R387 Nice try frau, there's so much gossip about henry before he landed superman and his very gay past is all available online, perez himself outed him before perez became a celeb asskisser. I bet you also think john travolta is straight because he's married with kids.

by Anonymousreply 39708/10/2017

Please stop feeding the fraus.

by Anonymousreply 39808/10/2017

[394] and [395], the director of MI6 emptied his twitter account last week, his tweets "are fleeting" apparently.

by Anonymousreply 39908/10/2017

So, it was all love and butterflies in June between the director and the co-actor. Did things happen in July or is the story invented with Cavill as a target ?

by Anonymousreply 40008/10/2017

Jesus Christ, it's Blind Gossip, it's all invented, you stupid cunt.

by Anonymousreply 40108/10/2017

Hey there, people comment on blind items all the time, no need to get cranky !

by Anonymousreply 40208/10/2017

Ha! John Travolta is a Scientologist, that's a different story.

by Anonymousreply 40308/11/2017

Be sure to watch the full video -- it's amazing when he limps away. lol

by Anonymousreply 40408/13/2017

R404 Yeah Lol! Someone hurt themselves hahahah!


by Anonymousreply 40508/13/2017

So, this invalidates the blind item condemning Cavill for not doing his stunts, calling him lazy. Now, everyone is stating that an actor doing his own stunts is egotist and jeopardizes the production.

by Anonymousreply 40608/14/2017

I prefer to see an article to make the buzz about MI6 about Tom getting slightly injured than to see a "HC walking his dog with his beard" article, how sad is that? Thanks you Tom for taking the hit, and the hint. By the way the director's tweet at [R399] was deleted. Shame he had some good Q&As on his feed, he was doing a decent job to create buzz about the movie, and it was legit material, not made up shit.

by Anonymousreply 40708/14/2017

It was Tom who got hurt . Henry was no where on set, he was relaxing with his girlfriend in his trailer.

by Anonymousreply 40808/14/2017

And people say that stuntmen are rolling their eyes when vain stars attempt stunts that should be left to the pros. Producers don't appreciate their project jeopardized. Better relax in his trailer with whoever and then be on the set on time to act (you know, do his job) than try to do other people's job.

by Anonymousreply 40908/14/2017


by Anonymousreply 41008/14/2017

I adore Kal. He's such an expressive dog unlike his human.

by Anonymousreply 41108/14/2017

I never liked Amy Adams for the role of Lois Lane. Maybe if Henry were older? Amy looks like his big sister and that's the chemistry that they have, too.

by Anonymousreply 41208/14/2017

Why? Henry looks as thought he's almost her age if not older.

by Anonymousreply 41308/14/2017

They look same age to me.

by Anonymousreply 41408/14/2017

She doesn't look 42 and he looks older.

by Anonymousreply 41508/14/2017

What annoy me with Lois Lane is that she knows Clark Kent is Superman, the guy has literally nothing to loose,. He was more under pressure to be out when he was a kid! A lost opportunity for jokes, like in this SNL sketch.

by Anonymousreply 41608/14/2017

Nine weeks off for Henry. I guess he can shave the mustache now and reshoot his Justice League scenes?

by Anonymousreply 41708/16/2017

He met a cutie when he was in Florida

by Anonymousreply 41808/16/2017

New poster w Henry

by Anonymousreply 41908/16/2017

She's so much older looking than him, no no.

by Anonymousreply 42008/16/2017

I don't know if you're being sarcastic or just dumb as rocks R420

by Anonymousreply 42108/16/2017

R419) It looks as if they tacked on that Superman pic on the cast poster.

by Anonymousreply 42208/16/2017

They're all photoshopped together dummy.

by Anonymousreply 42308/17/2017

Listen asswipe, I know that. I'm just saying it appears as if Superman is an afterthought.

by Anonymousreply 42408/17/2017

Miss me?

by Anonymousreply 42508/17/2017


by Anonymousreply 42608/18/2017

Kal's eyes are saying HELP ME!

by Anonymousreply 42708/18/2017

No, it actually really look like calm, placid, grounded dog.

by Anonymousreply 42808/18/2017

I love Kal! Henry's hair looks great I need that pic.

by Anonymousreply 42908/18/2017

I love Kal! Henry's hair looks great in that pic.

by Anonymousreply 43008/18/2017


by Anonymousreply 43108/18/2017

Bear dog

by Anonymousreply 43208/19/2017

What's going on with his hair? I don't like the blonde.

by Anonymousreply 43308/19/2017

r433 u didnt read the caption, its not blonde its just the light

by Anonymousreply 43408/19/2017

Is he still with his stunt girlfriend? Haven't seen her in a minute.

by Anonymousreply 43508/19/2017

You know he is R435 This is a long term contract meaning they won't break up anytime soon ;)

by Anonymousreply 43608/19/2017

With random girls

by Anonymousreply 43708/20/2017


by Anonymousreply 43808/20/2017

That's stunt beard in purple

by Anonymousreply 43908/20/2017

That's the silly t shirt he wore at this year's Durrell run

Probably just his gym clothes

by Anonymousreply 44008/20/2017

Who is his spirit animal? Kal? Ploughshare tortoise?

by Anonymousreply 44108/20/2017

He's in Notting Hill

by Anonymousreply 44208/20/2017

LOL the fangurls hate Lucy so much

by Anonymousreply 44308/20/2017

He looks thrilled.

by Anonymousreply 44408/20/2017

[quote] He's in Notting Hill

That's Hugh Grant.

by Anonymousreply 44508/20/2017

Of course, he's thrilled, girls all over him always. He's ridiculously handsome.

by Anonymousreply 44608/20/2017

The girls are lucky he didn't get the "I'm with stupid" tee shirt! What does "channelling my Superman spirit animal" means? They are so nice to ask Lucy to be on the picture, save us so much time, no need to ask if she was there...

by Anonymousreply 44708/20/2017

[quote] They are so nice to ask Lucy to be on the picture, save us so much time, no need to ask if she was there...

Why are females so pressed over his beard? She collects a check in exchange for being a living, breathing prop. Nothing more. Nothing less.

by Anonymousreply 44808/20/2017

Why is the beard in fan photos like she's famous?

by Anonymousreply 44908/20/2017

[quote] She collects a check in exchange for being a living, breathing prop.

We don't get checks.

by Anonymousreply 45008/20/2017

Was he a Jew?

by Anonymousreply 45108/20/2017

R446 what a dumbass you are.

by Anonymousreply 45208/20/2017

Dumbass? What upsets thee?

His ex Marisa was in a fan pic at a bar too. I think maybe asks them to get in or the fan says, "get it".

by Anonymousreply 45308/20/2017

*"get in"

by Anonymousreply 45408/20/2017

Ahhhh another set up pr pic. Was this to see how much people are bored with this shit, or how much people can see what a fame whore Lucy is.....thought they would do a,, "fan picture" and see the reaction from social media, which BTW is not good.. Calling out Lucy's smug face and his how the fuck did I get into this face. Fuck Lucy has set me up.... Jesus grow up henrys..

by Anonymousreply 45508/20/2017

Is that Kal posting a R455?

by Anonymousreply 45608/20/2017

[R448] I am pressed because I don't like to be lie to, I follow actors for entertainment, for escapism from all the shit from real life or the news, but I like to have my fiction on screen, not in the "entertainment news" or on social media. The moment they start selling a story, for me it's fraud. When the fans took pictures with Gina, they could pretend they were a fan of hers, but with a stunt woman? Why would you want a picture of her if you are not trying to "say" something. The fangirls helping to push a narrative are bloody annoying.

by Anonymousreply 45708/20/2017

Time for a visit from the tortoise?

by Anonymousreply 45808/21/2017

Don't trust the above post. Anyone could write crap about her. I mean, doesn't everyone about his girlfriends?

by Anonymousreply 45908/21/2017

The pole studios. Tehe.

I wonder she's even seen Henry's pole.

by Anonymousreply 46008/21/2017

Oh god

by Anonymousreply 46108/21/2017

Oh, he's such a sport's guy and look at him in his lucky hat.

by Anonymousreply 46208/21/2017

I'm being sarcastic, by the way.

by Anonymousreply 46308/21/2017

In honor of the France/England rugby game, some french humour by, I kid you not, Golden moustache, featuring : Titanic, Alien and Man of steel. The guy nobody listen to in movies.

by Anonymousreply 46408/22/2017

Henry defends Lucy's honor!

In related news, Kal has buried his head between paws

by Anonymousreply 46508/23/2017

Wow Henry, way to slate your ex's... What a dick move.. What the fuck is this post about.

by Anonymousreply 46608/23/2017

Lucy probably told him the beard game would be up if he didn't do something about her Instagram stalkers

by Anonymousreply 46708/23/2017

The man is such a douche bag, I bet his ex's all think he was a mistake.. Shame they don't have millions of IG followers to announce it too...

by Anonymousreply 46808/23/2017

I mean yeah he took advantage of Titicaca and the child beard... we discussed that when that happened

by Anonymousreply 46908/23/2017

[quote] I mean yeah he took advantage of Titicaca and the child beard... we discussed that when that happened

How did he take advantage of women who were complicit in the bearding game?

by Anonymousreply 47008/23/2017

I doubt he warned them his insane fangurls would terrorize them on social media.

by Anonymousreply 47108/23/2017

If this doesn't prove he's gay, I don't know what will.

by Anonymousreply 47208/23/2017

Those articles are just pathetic.... Boyfriend of the year..... Haha. NOPE. He needs to get new pr and a new manager. He is being slaughtered on social media... My Lucy... My arse..

by Anonymousreply 47308/23/2017

What makes you think his publicist or Dany had anything to do with this? He probably had to do something about the cyberstalkers or Lucy would bolt, and he needs her for a few more months.

by Anonymousreply 47408/23/2017

He should do some Durrell event.


by Anonymousreply 47508/23/2017

What a weird, rambling Instagram.

by Anonymousreply 47608/23/2017

I think that's what his internal thought process is like.

Well, that interspersed with muscular men.

by Anonymousreply 47708/23/2017

[quote] I think that's what his internal thought process is like.Well, that interspersed with muscular men.

And "does this hoodie make me look fat."

by Anonymousreply 47808/23/2017

[quote] What makes you think his publicist or Dany had anything to do with this?

.....because bearding contracts are arranged by managers and dictated by publicists.

[quote] He probably had to do something about the cyberstalkers or Lucy would bolt, and he needs her for a few more months.

Does Lucy seem like someone who would be the least bit intimidated by some girls on the Internet? No, that post was merely him fulfilling his obligation to promote the "relationship." The tabloids aren't concerned with him and he won't be doing press for Justice League (and probably very little at that...) until November. He has to get the relationship narrative out there somehow.

by Anonymousreply 47908/23/2017

Stupid, this is not some relationship set up by publicists. They would find him a beautiful model or starlet.

He finds these girls himself, and frankly the fact that a lot of them are built like men indicates that he probably has physical relationships with them.

by Anonymousreply 48008/23/2017

The character of his writing is actually very similar to Michael Blevins's blog posts... mostly in that it goes on, and on, and on, and on.....

They were probably very well suited to each other. Of course, that is all in the past now...

by Anonymousreply 48108/23/2017

One of Lucy's stalkers (also stalked Titicaca and child beard) announces she is giving up after Henry's post

by Anonymousreply 48208/23/2017

He writes "I've loved the wrong person". To whom is he referring. The show jumper to whom he was engaged and was only seen with once?

by Anonymousreply 48308/23/2017

Clearly that is his catharsis over Michael.

by Anonymousreply 48408/23/2017

Dude is straight. Let it go. If he knocks her up and marries her, I'm sure you'll all say, look at Jon Travolta- the Scientologist that's forced to stay in the closet. Not the same.

by Anonymousreply 48508/23/2017

[quote] Stupid, this is not some relationship set up by publicists. They would find him a beautiful model or starlet. He finds these girls himself, and frankly the fact that a lot of them are built like men indicates that he probably has physical relationships with them.

Bitch, let me school you real quick since your ignorant ass hasn't got a clue. He's doing this because he HAS to, not because he WANTS to, and in that regard he's doing it at the fucking bare minimum. He couldn't be bothered but to share one picture with Ellen Whitaker. He went "out" only twice with Kaley Cuoco and looked like he was literally dying while she was wrapped around him. It was the same thing with the young blonde. He looked miserable dragging her ass all over the globe - even ditched her at the Oscars. Models and starlets are too fucking high maintenance.

Women like Gina, Maria and Lucy are more suitable for him because, at least they have things in common, don't mind keeping a low profile and aren't very demanding in regards to what they expect the arrangement to do for their careers. Oh, and I highly doubt he's interested in fucking women who're built like men. He just fucks men.

by Anonymousreply 48608/23/2017

What about that girl that he went with to her family's Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner? Was that Titicaca. She was practically beaming the entirety of their "relationship", while he looked like he couldn't wait to get home or to a bar and drink to his heart's content. "OMG! OMG! I'm dating Superman!" Mom: "What's his name?" "I don't know. I just know he's Superman!"

by Anonymousreply 48708/23/2017

Oh boy, you fell on your head. Your logic is based on photos. Um ok. Guess it's facts then.

During his engagement to Ellen, I don't think he had any social media accounts and doesn't need to share anything with anyone. He was barely known back then.

Kaley was the only obvious setup.

by Anonymousreply 48808/23/2017

Yes Titicaca was the girl with the Thanksgiving photos. I don't like looking at those photos, I get too embarrassed. Henry clearly knew what he was doing was wrong.

by Anonymousreply 48908/23/2017

[quite] Yes Titicaca was the girl with the Thanksgiving photos. I don't like looking at those photos, I get too embarrassed. Henry clearly knew what he was doing was wrong.

Why Titicaca and why embarrassed?

by Anonymousreply 49008/23/2017

She reminded me of Titicaca from Ab Fab

by Anonymousreply 49108/23/2017

[quote] Oh boy, you fell on your head. Your logic is based on photos. Um ok. Guess it's facts then.

As is yours and everyone else's. You don't know him personally. Everyday we draw conclusions about strangers merely by looking at their Instagram and FB pages. That doesn't change because someone is a celebrity.

[quote] During his engagement to Ellen, I don't think he had any social media accounts and doesn't need to share anything with anyone. He was barely known back then.

Henry was on The Tudors and had already been in a few high profile projects. I guess you forget that back then, a mere Google search of his name would turn up dozens of photos of him hanging with gay men in WeHo (again the logical conclusion....). That alone would have been enough for his management team to suggest that he "beard up" to preserve his public image. Sure enough, right after he was cast as Superman, his "engagement" to Ellen was announced.

[quote] Kaley was the only obvious setup.

No, Kaley was the only obvious setup TO YOU. I guess it was just a happy coincidence that he hooked up with Gina, the fan favorite for Wonder Woman, not long after he began filming Man of Steel and their breakup happened to coincide right after it was released?

by Anonymousreply 49208/23/2017

Gina and him seemed like drinking buds as if they naturally would have been friends if Hollywood hadn't paired them for business reasons. When they saw each other in Rome after they "broke up" they seemed like they were just catching up casually and we're relaxe unlike his interactions with other women which just seem awkward and forced (Thanksgiving dinner, grocery shopping, equestrian event, Wimbledon, etc).

by Anonymousreply 49308/23/2017

Message from a frau to Dani Garcia and all the fangirls: you want people to keep supporting Henry's work? Then you need the gays, they have more money because they don't often raise children, they don't have to find a babysitter when they want to go to see a movie, they don't have to wait for movies to be available on VOD to watch them. Do you put bouncer at cinemas' door to decide who get to watch the movie? No. The Warner bros and other studios need everybody to pay for their damn movie! Henry wouldn't do Men's fitness mag cover if he only wanted to have fangirls around. I personally will not spend a cent on his project, because a good share of that money goes to the studio/manager/pr co that bullshit people posting blinds and other shit on media!

by Anonymousreply 49408/23/2017

Dany's bragging about the post that I am sure she orchestrated.

by Anonymousreply 49508/23/2017

Lucy doesn't have much to say but thanks for the check.

by Anonymousreply 49608/23/2017

This other Lucy troll isn't giving up! She's confident now that Henry and Lucy will be over soon because Henry has cleared the air.

by Anonymousreply 49708/24/2017

I spilled the tea

by Anonymousreply 49808/24/2017

R495) Those comments on Dany's IG are golden. I'm glad not all people are fooled by her tactic.

by Anonymousreply 49908/24/2017

Why do people always find a woman to blame? I think Henry was responsible for this himself. A publicist or manager would have reigned in the blathering.

by Anonymousreply 50008/25/2017

[quote] I think Henry was responsible for this himself. A publicist or manager would have reigned in the blathering.

Publicists and managers don't control their clients. They suggest a particular course of action and the client agrees to go along with it, or not.

by Anonymousreply 50108/25/2017

[quote] I think Henry was responsible for this himself. A publicist or manager would have reigned in the blathering.

Reign in my ass. Did you see R495) ?

Dany, his manager, probably wrote the post, and then she reposts it. Some people called her out on it on IG.

by Anonymousreply 50208/25/2017

No, he definitely wrote the post. That's how he writes, long-winded. Dany's writing is very direct.

by Anonymousreply 50308/26/2017


by Anonymousreply 50408/26/2017

Kal! I wuv Kal. He seems more self aware than Henry.

On a side note, Henry's ass seems too small in that drawing.

by Anonymousreply 50508/26/2017

Haha. His little speech wasnt even original. He or who ever wrote that pathetic piece of drivel, took it from various inspirational quotes... It hilarious. Dumb ass. It's so fucking embarrassing. Not only is it more cringe worthy than his bullshit tara interviews, these aren't even his words. And "she's Lucy cork because she says so" fuck off. That IG post has provided the Internet with hours of entertainment. Dreading to see their next pr move...

by Anonymousreply 50608/26/2017

New game today, couldn't find anything with New Zealand, so Scotland will do : Braveheart

by Anonymousreply 50708/26/2017

Just watched an old (2004?) episode of "Midsomer Murders," where a young Cavill convincingly essayed the role of a dead body.

by Anonymousreply 50808/26/2017

Am I missing the significance of R507

by Anonymousreply 50908/26/2017


by Anonymousreply 51008/26/2017

That drawing at R510 is so manly. Unlike Henry.

by Anonymousreply 51108/26/2017

R509 We all are.

by Anonymousreply 51208/26/2017

R509 Rugby game between England and New Zealand, the kiwi won the world cup, and France won the 3rd place against USA. It make more sense at the end of the video. If you prefer I also have a Batman vs Superman sketch, more relevant? There is english subtitle. I can stop, anytime.

by Anonymousreply 51308/26/2017

Has anyone heard of or know about a forum whete henrys ex's are spilling gossip on Henry....

by Anonymousreply 51408/27/2017

You mean a forum where Michael Blevins talks to himself? No I have not heard of such a forum.

by Anonymousreply 51508/27/2017

And the break up blind has commenced

by Anonymousreply 51608/27/2017

"I love posting things without links," says Area Cunt

by Anonymousreply 51708/27/2017

It's just fabricated trash from CDAN, R5187. Not worth a link.

by Anonymousreply 51808/27/2017

He went with Lucy and the Mission Impossible Stunt team to Ibiza now that they are onforced hiatus

I would hope he paid for everyone

by Anonymousreply 51908/28/2017

Hahaha.. Tara used to go here....... Oh Henry.

by Anonymousreply 52008/28/2017

She's drunk again

by Anonymousreply 52108/28/2017

Yeeeeahhh!! Patayyy in IBIZAA!!!

by Anonymousreply 52208/28/2017

R519 No, that's not the (entire) stunt team. That's the Blevins and Titicaca 2.0

by Anonymousreply 52308/28/2017

[quote] No, that's not the (entire) stunt team. That's the Blevins and Titicaca 2.0

Maybe the entire stunt team didn't want to be in the photo. Or just wasn't in that particular photo. Or didn't go. I'm sure you know that the film is on hiatus due to Cruise getting hurt doing a stunt. Does it seem likely that Henry, rather than Cruise/Warner Bros. is footing is the bill?

by Anonymousreply 52408/28/2017

Paramount (not Warner Bros) would not send the cast to Ibiza considering the delay is going to cost them millions; although Cruise might have paid for it.

by Anonymousreply 52508/28/2017

R524 No Dumbass! Only a selected few of close group of friends Who are involved in the bearding are on holiday together.

by Anonymousreply 52608/28/2017

R526, Bitch, you need to back the fuck up with your pressed, obsessive ass.

by Anonymousreply 52708/28/2017

Go suck on your Pappi's dick, fucker!

by Anonymousreply 52808/28/2017

R528, Damn, right. I got a man who's dick I CAN suck. What about you? What you got? You poor, pathetic, misshapen cow fantasizing about a celebrity. Take your CHUD ass and go find a man that you can actually touch, taste and fuck. Stop stalking celebrities. You, sad, lonely bitch.

by Anonymousreply 52908/28/2017

What r525 said, you are crazy if you think the studio is going to pay for the crew to go party in Ibiza.


by Anonymousreply 53008/28/2017

R530, I wasn't referring to the entire crew, just the stunt crew. I'm sure there are people in that crew who aren't thrilled that they can't take other jobs because they're tied up with MI:6 and who may be angling to get out of their contracts. It ain't shit for Paramount or Cruise to send people to Ibiza as an appeasement.

by Anonymousreply 53108/28/2017

Businesses are not that generous, they are in the business of making money, not just pointlessly giving it away. I don't know what planet you live on.

Yes, Tom Cruise might have done this out of his own money, but that is a very different thing.

by Anonymousreply 53208/28/2017

[quote] Businesses are not that generous, they are in the business of making money, not just pointlessly giving it away. I don't know what planet you live on.

I live on the same planet as you and I damn sure know how businesses work. It is a FACT that Paramount Pictures can certainly afford to send a dozen or so people on a vacation (hell, it may even be a tax write off........) as a show of good faith and as a means to offset costly contract negotiations. That's not outside the realm of possibility. Or it could be Cruise. I also know that you're not the head of their accounting division. So you don't know what they will or will NOT do.

by Anonymousreply 53308/28/2017
by Anonymousreply 53408/28/2017
by Anonymousreply 53508/28/2017

[quote] She's drunk again

Who is she?

by Anonymousreply 53608/28/2017

R534 and R535 That guy must be Henry's new trainer.

by Anonymousreply 53708/28/2017

D'oh! I just found out he is some DJ, who by the way comes with a dark complexion.

by Anonymousreply 53808/28/2017

" as a means to offset costly contract negotiations."


by Anonymousreply 53908/29/2017

Needs conditioner

by Anonymousreply 54008/29/2017

R529 At least I get my information right you piece of stinking shit!!

by Anonymousreply 54108/29/2017

R539 Shows how much you actually know about the entertainment industry you scumbag!

by Anonymousreply 54208/29/2017

R542 = thinks a movie studio would pay for vacations for BELOW THE LINE PEOPLE

by Anonymousreply 54308/29/2017


by Anonymousreply 54408/29/2017

[quote] At least I get my information right you piece of stinking shit!!

CHUD, please. Your "information" is nothing more than a mother fucking assumption - like everyone else's here. If you're right, than PROVE IT. Take your finger out that dried up, neglected pussy and produce some fucking RECEIPTS. If you applied half of this energy towards a man that you could actually HAVE, you'd be far better off in your life. A grown ass woman obsessed with a movie star........sad and pathetic.

by Anonymousreply 54508/29/2017

Well, this thread just went off the rails...

by Anonymousreply 54608/29/2017


by Anonymousreply 54708/29/2017

Caption contest! Caption contest!

(and yes he knew exactly what he was doing including the guy in the photograph)

by Anonymousreply 54808/29/2017

Hi R548.. Sorry I'm being dim.. What do you mean by he knows what he's doing???

by Anonymousreply 54908/29/2017

R545 Go fuck your gaped ass and go back to Lipstick Alley you sad fuck!

by Anonymousreply 55008/29/2017

Oh Armie

by Anonymousreply 55108/29/2017

What did Armie say?

by Anonymousreply 55208/29/2017

R552 Watch Call Me By Your Name coming soon to theaters near you.

by Anonymousreply 55308/29/2017

So, Armie caught on that Henry did some photoshopping to his body. I guess Henry wanted to show he still has some type of physique and drew in a six pack. I can see the photoshopping darkened everyone's hair in the pic. I guess he should have hired an expert.

by Anonymousreply 55408/29/2017

Ummm it's just a higher contrast Instagram filter, you troglodyte

by Anonymousreply 55508/30/2017

You just know the looney frau that's Screaming henry is straight straight! Has to put cat food up her cunt for her cats to eat her out because no one else will.

by Anonymousreply 55608/30/2017

Who wants to take a sniff of those musky pits?

by Anonymousreply 55708/30/2017

R556 That sums up WDW fraus who are so angry at Henry for having a beard.

by Anonymousreply 55808/30/2017

R555) You idiot! He has no nipples, and it's a basic photoshop hack job!

by Anonymousreply 55908/30/2017

What's Been photoshopped???? Please explain. At least they couldve photoshopped some fucking meat in those skinny bones...

by Anonymousreply 56008/31/2017

Jesus Christ, he did not photoshop his nipples out. Some of you people are insane.

by Anonymousreply 56108/31/2017

So what is [R559] talking about then?? What part is photoshopped???

by Anonymousreply 56208/31/2017

R559 is a psycho, ignore her.

by Anonymousreply 56308/31/2017

What he thinks of us all:

by Anonymousreply 56408/31/2017

R564 Only the crazy cunts on WDW. He looooves us here!

by Anonymousreply 56508/31/2017

[quote]What part is photoshopped?

The abs. There are light and dark shadows on that area, when there is dark shadow with no highlights from the chest up .

When Henry has that much definition, he loses fat in his face, and you can see the angles in his face. The boat pic shows a full face with more definition than the skinnier version of Henry.

Compare that pic with Henry at his skinniest with this picture (see link below), and the skinniest Henry doesn't even have that much definition.

by Anonymousreply 56608/31/2017

Find the nipples. Check how dark the face is and how light the abs are.

by Anonymousreply 56708/31/2017

Insane freak @ R566/7

He is using a high-contrast Instagram filter. He did not photoshop definition onto his muscles.

by Anonymousreply 56808/31/2017

Nah, angry fraus are convinced it's photoshop. They need to find, or even invent, faults because he's bearding with plain jane R568. Jealous cunts.

by Anonymousreply 56908/31/2017

Superman black suit toy

I don't know why this is exciting to some people, but it is

by Anonymousreply 57009/01/2017

OP are you for a new one?

by Anonymousreply 57109/01/2017

R569) The one on IG is a man, who brought up the photoshop. You can't blame the fraus for everything.

by Anonymousreply 57209/01/2017

"Even I know this showmance is bollocks."

by Anonymousreply 57309/02/2017

Let him beard in peace!!

by Anonymousreply 57409/02/2017

R573) Your link isn't working.

by Anonymousreply 57509/02/2017

R575 it works for me, but you can actually go directly to the original post, I am sure Eastwood will appreciate the extra traffic. The little girl looks like she really would enjoy her holiday if she was alone with her parents, or with other children. I mean is there anything for kids on Ibiza? It's not really a family spot?

by Anonymousreply 57609/02/2017

They look like they've been served cat sick in someone's scruffy back yard. Livin the dream eh Henry?

by Anonymousreply 57709/02/2017

If the ruby slipper fits...

by Anonymousreply 57809/03/2017


by Anonymousreply 57909/03/2017

He's using her too much like a prop

by Anonymousreply 58009/04/2017

I agree. R580)

by Anonymousreply 58109/04/2017

R580 She is more like a shield, he hides behind a girl, so courageous! Do they keep the "he is not gay he is a real life Gaston" story like in the Star Magazine vid from May? Who is stupid enough to acknowledge gay rumours? Nobody outside DL is talking about it. OP can we have a new thread? Jersey Zoo/Durrell and Kal will do perfectly.

by Anonymousreply 58209/05/2017

I need some time to write it, he hasn't given any good material lately.

by Anonymousreply 58309/05/2017

R582 Almost every forum, or article comments about Henry mentions the fact he's gay.

by Anonymousreply 58409/05/2017

R584 a couple of comments asking "is he gay" is less damaging than the dodgy beardings organised for his straight credit, by the way, Renner would like his job back on MI6...

by Anonymousreply 58509/06/2017

Why are fans taking photos with Lucy beard? So awkward and uncomfortable.

by Anonymousreply 58609/09/2017

Jesus.. He looks happier with his car than with his beard.... Oh yeah, his new Ig post. Jesus, get the fuck over yourself.... He's got a lot of hate and well deserved.

by Anonymousreply 58709/10/2017

Bitch! Go back to WDW!

by Anonymousreply 58809/10/2017

Stupid Fraulina @ R587

by Anonymousreply 58909/10/2017



by Anonymousreply 59009/12/2017

Hey [590] nothing is coming up...

by Anonymousreply 59109/12/2017

R591 Hey Frau, you're probably blocked from all of your excessive stalking. That's why you can't see nada.

by Anonymousreply 59209/12/2017


by Anonymousreply 59309/12/2017

OP, I hope you're working on a damned good new Durrell Creatures thread. We are counting on you. In 6...5...4...3...2...1

by Anonymousreply 59409/12/2017

OMG I found his double

by Anonymousreply 59509/13/2017

Go sit down with that shit, and that's if you find the chair.

by Anonymousreply 59609/13/2017

Henry is back in florida according to some guy on Facebook... Didn't even call him heny... Just said that superman guy.. Haha.

by Anonymousreply 59709/15/2017

Doesn't look like him, R595, any more than Matt Bomer does.

by Anonymousreply 59809/15/2017

Ugh another thread bites the dust. I will try to write another starter tonight.

by Anonymousreply 59909/15/2017

Better be a damned good one, OP.

by Anonymousreply 60009/15/2017
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