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Meet the Flintstones, they're a modern stone age family.

Supposedly a cartoon based on The Honeymooners.

Were you a fan?

How come in the closing credits, Fred couldn't jump through the window like the cat did?

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 7912/27/2017

Placing the children atop the dinosaur's head seems ill-advised.

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 105/24/2017

I was pretty young when I watched it. I don't remember a lot of the story lines, but I LOVED that the dinosaurs and other animals were the machines and appliances. And I loved the opening credits. Even as a kid I thought Pebbles and Bam Bam were sort of useless, but, again, all I remember is Bam Bam saying "Bam Bam Bam" and Pebbles' baby talk, not any story lines.

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 205/24/2017

Love, love, love "The Flintstones". I've seen every episode multiple times, and it still cracks me up. The funny thing is I've never been much of a "The Honeymooners" fan at all.

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 305/24/2017

Aren't this show and Family Guy the only cartoons to be nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series at the Emmys?

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 405/24/2017

R4, I'd expect The Simpsons to have been nominated. But who knows? Not me,

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 505/24/2017

Now I need to watch it again.

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 605/24/2017

I got to meet Ann-Margrock AND Stoney Curtis!

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 705/24/2017

I used to like the movie and television stars on the Flinstones. Cary Granite, Ann Margrock, Stony Curtis etc...

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 805/24/2017

Oh, and the Way-Outs.

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 905/24/2017

What was this show about?

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 1005/24/2017

Why aren't they wearing shoes?

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 1105/24/2017

My dad shouted a lot and browbeat my mom so Fred was my least favorite character. I enjoyed Barney, though.

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 1205/24/2017

A lot's coming back reading the thread. Fred had some rage, but how did he direct toward Wilma? Didn't she always casually blow him off. I remember him raising his fist a lot, but did he do it toward her?

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 1305/24/2017

Loved the Flintstones. Hated the Jetsons.

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 1405/24/2017

I knew a girl named Pebbles. It was her family's tradition to allow the next-older child name the baby, and that was what her brother wanted. No, he was not named Bam Bam, nor was her little sister anything other than something very bland like "Susan." She liked the name, and you certainly didn't forget it.

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 1505/24/2017

Same, R14. The Jetsons always seemed like a cheap rip-off of the Flinstones.

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 1605/24/2017

R13, you don't remember the episode where Fred threw Wilma down the stairs? And Wilma explained away her bruises to Betty by telling her she'd walked into a door? Classic kiddy cartoon stuff.

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 1705/24/2017

R15, I read "next older child" as "next door child" and did an audible "HUHHHHH????"

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 1805/24/2017

I think The Jetsons was SUPPOSED to be a rip off of the Flinstones. They were both Hanna-Barbera shows; the Jetsons premiered after the Flinstones, and it was intended as the Flinstones' "space age counterpart" (per wiki). So, the similarities were probably wholly intended.

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 1905/24/2017

I always get a kick out of the distortions affecting space and distance. For example, from the outside, Fred's house looks like a little bubble that popped up from the ground. Inside, they can run in a straight line for miles and miles.

Like R3, I never liked "The Honeymooners." In fact, I find it creepy as well as unfunny. Yet "The Flintstones," supposedly based on it, was hilarious and remains so decades later. I bought the DVDs for Seasons 1 to 3 and can watch them over and over and still howl with laughter at most episodes.

And, of course, there will NEVER be an earworm to surpass:

Here we come on the run with a burger on a bun . . .

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 2005/24/2017

Why didn't Fred drive a regular stone age car with wheels instead of a roller?

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 2105/24/2017

Barney & Fred in drag

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 2205/24/2017

It took me 25 years to figure out it wasn't a canopy thing the waitress was putting on the car, but oversized ribs.

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 2305/24/2017

[quote] And, of course, there will NEVER be an earworm to surpass: Here we come on the run with a burger on a bun . . .

Two tears in a bucket. Mother fuck it! Now, I'll go to bed with that jingle in my head and it'll last for days.

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 2405/24/2017

I remember watching this as a kid. I also remember not liking it very much. In comparison to other cartoons on tv (Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry) it seemed really mediocre and not nearly as funny. And how many episodes had this plotline: Fred and Barney are gearing up for the big bowling tournament; but they somehow forgot that they promised Wilma and Betty to take them to the opera on that very same night! Oh my, what will they do? Seems to me there was more than one episode with that same dreary plot. I also disliked how Betty and Wilma were so fond of spending their husband's money; they LOVE shopping (typical woman behavior, huh?) and one show had them running out to spend, spend, spend, screaming "CHARGE...IT!" I didn't like Pebbles and Bam Bam much either; I especially hated that "Let The Sunshine In" song that they did.

One of the episodes featured an Alfred Hitchcock character. It was pretty creepy, as I recall. I'd like to see that one again. But I was never a fan of the Flintstones.

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 2505/24/2017

How could the Flintstones do a Christmas episode when the show took place BEFORE the birth of Christ...???

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 2605/24/2017

They actually made a movie where the Jetsons and the Flintstones met. It came years after the original series had ended. Like the stuff Lucy did after I Love Lucy just didnt have the same luster.

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 2705/24/2017

Oh, now you're just being silly! Everybody knows - and "The Flintstones" PROVED - that Man and the dinosaurs roamed the Earth at the same time!

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 2805/24/2017

Stone house, palm tree, rock pile

Stone house, palm tree, rock pile

Stone house, palm tree, rock pile

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 2905/24/2017

Ladies and Gentlemen, the fabulous... Boulderettes!

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 3005/24/2017

I think most people watched for the inventions. Much like the Professor in Gilligan's Island. Although that theme came after The Flintstones.

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 3105/24/2017

You can't "do the Flintstones" without the Bedrock Twitch...

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 3205/24/2017

Lighting up.

Winstons taste good like a cigarette should...

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 3305/24/2017

Liquored Up!

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 3405/24/2017

Needs Credit Help.

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 3505/24/2017

R33 / R34 / R36 oh my!

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 3605/24/2017

I've always enjoyed The Flintstones, but I do find the first few seasons the best, before Pebbles and BamBam. The humor is much more adult in those early years, and there are still some wonderful moments worth rewatching.

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 3705/24/2017

Like drag queens and lesbians, kids ruin everything R37.

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 3805/24/2017

Wait, I just realized these are the characters from the Fruity Pebbles Cereal. I didn't know they based a whole show off of them. What next, a whole show off Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemina or the Trix Rabbit?

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 3905/24/2017

[quote]I've always enjoyed The Flintstones, but I do find the first few seasons the best, before Pebbles and BamBam. The humor is much more adult in those early years, and there are still some wonderful moments worth rewatching.

Indeed, r37, before the show premiered it was promoted as a cartoon for adults, the first to do so. And those early seasons were hands down the best and sometimes wickedly funny for the era.

It was in part obviously inspired by The Honeymooners but the old accusations that Honeymooner scripts were actually re-used were gross exaggerations.

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 4005/24/2017

"...these are the characters from the Fruity Pebbles Cereal. I didn't know they based a whole show off of them."

I hope you're trying to be funny.

If not, "The Flintstones" was a cartoon series which existed for over a decade prior to the cereals being released.

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 4105/24/2017

I did not know that. Do they have anything to do with the vitamins? They look like similar characters too.

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 4205/24/2017

I loved The Flintstones! I even went to Bedrock City, a super cute-rate amusement park (now closed) somewhere inSouth Dakota. They had a movie theatre that looked just like any other structure in Bedrock that screened two episodes of The Flintstones back-to-back, all day long.

I had so much fun. I was 12.

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 4305/25/2017

Why come Barney and Wilma have holes in their heads instead of eyes? Only Fred and Betsy have eyes.

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 4405/25/2017

My uncle worked for Hanna Barbera and Warner Bros. Wonderful stories and he had many original pieces of art from development and use in production...too bad we didn't keep some of those. Flintstones and Jetsons also were social satire of the era. Great fun, and much better than the weird cartoons of today,

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 4505/25/2017

They are satire?

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 4605/25/2017

I remember college debates about the relative hotness of Betty and Wilma. This was pre-Rosie, of course.

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 4705/25/2017

I'm shaving with a bee in a clamshell right now!

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 4805/25/2017

I hated this show as a kid. It scared the shit out of me. Fred's yelling always reminded me of my father. Who would yell at my mother and us like that before smacking us around.

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 4905/25/2017

Fred Flintstone's alarm clock was completely stolen from the 1926 film "Fig Leaves" starring silent film hunk George O'brien.

Watch at 1:00.

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 5005/25/2017

In addition to Fruity Pebbles, there is also a Cocoa Pebbles. I had always wanted the manufacturer to mix the two and produce a Fruity/Cocoa mix since my mother would never buy those two cereals at the same time. I had to sit and imagine what chocolately, fruity goodness it would be.

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 5105/25/2017

"You can't "do the Flintstones" without the Bedrock Twitch..."

I think it's the Bedrock TWIST.

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 5205/25/2017

Fred faking sick in the "Flinstone Flyer" episode....

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 5305/25/2017

I learned to appreciate short, stocky blonde dudes by watching Barney Rubble as a gayling.

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 5405/25/2017

So, did you love Elroy Jetson, R54? He was gay; came out years after the show went off the air.

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 5505/25/2017

[quote]How come in the closing credits, Fred couldn't jump through the window like the cat did?

How come Fred and Barney joined the volunteer fire dept when the whole town is made out of stone?

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 5605/25/2017

So I said to the doctor, this tampon is just a rock and he says "Well duh? EVERYTHING'S a rock"

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 5705/25/2017
by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 5805/25/2017

An interesting concept where Fred and Barney are henpecked and stupid husbands and their wives are not only smarter, in many instances they're physically stronger. A very emasculating series.

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 5905/25/2017

Wilma's TV show

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 6005/25/2017

R58, what stone name did they give Hoagy Charmichael? I loved this show. I remember when it became the first cartoon on prime time tv. I even had a Dino action figure. Love the Water Buffalo hats, too.

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 6105/25/2017

I loved the one where Dino becomes a TV star.

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 6205/25/2017

A ripoff of THE HONEYMOONERS...but quite entertaining.

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 6305/25/2017

As best as I remember, the last time I was attracted to a female was Ann-Margrock, c. 1966.

Also, I hope the moron who gave us Great Gazoo ended up in grease fire.

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 6405/25/2017

R62=Arnold the Pig

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 6505/25/2017

R61 Hoagy Carmichael was the first "guest star" to have a voice in an episode and they kept his whole name throughout the show. He also wrote the music and lyrics for the song especially for the episode.

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 6605/25/2017

When I was young my parents took us to South Dakota and they had a flintstone park. It was awesome. I loved the flintstones!

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 6705/25/2017

[quote]I loved the one where Dino becomes a TV star.

I also love that episode, especially the scene where Dino "encourages" Fred to buy the sponsor's pet food so he'll have a chance to audition.

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 6805/25/2017

That used to bother me as a child, R11! They've invented TV, but they haven't invented shoes?

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 6905/30/2017

[quote]Here we come on the run with a burger on a bun . . .

Oh, DL, help me. I always heard the next line as "And a dab of Coke on the side." But that didn't seem right. A dab of Coke?

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 7005/30/2017

A dab of coleslaw, R70.

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 7105/30/2017

I was a fan, like 50 years ago.

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 7205/30/2017

[quote]So, did you love Elroy Jetson, [R54]? He was gay; came out years after the show went off the air.

Wait, did he really? I stopped following them once the show went off the air.

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 7305/30/2017

Tom Hanks in the 80's would have been a perfect George Jetson.

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 7405/31/2017

Here we come

On the run

With a burger and a bun

And a dab of cole slaw on the side

Oh your taste we will tickle

With a cold dill pickle

And all of our potatoes are french fried, fried, fried

Our burgers can't be beat

Cause we grind our own meat

Grind, grind, grind, grind, grind

When you go to pay (Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble)

A Tip upon our tray (Are to blame for all our trouble)

We hope to find, find find find... (And if they think we'll let them forget, they're out of their mind, mind, mind, mind, mind)

(Lyrics rewritten by Elizabeth and Wilma

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 7505/31/2017


by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 7605/31/2017

Oh do we know how to bust Monte Carlo and to never be blue

It's a lot like prayin'

Just keep a sayin'

Yabba dabba dabba dabba do

If you think your sweetie, left for Tahiti

We can give you a clue

No need for cryin'

Roar like a lion

Yabba dabba dabba dabba do

b-a-d-d-a means bad, d-a-b-b-a means good

Oh what magic in a word we found

By switching the letters around

So if someday the bases are loaded and they're counting on you

You just can't strike out

If you'll up and shout

Yabba dabba dabba dabba do

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 7706/10/2017

[quote]Placing the children atop the dinosaur's head seems ill-advised.

It was bad enough when it was one kid but two?

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 7806/10/2017

Bump so that people stop creating threads on this topic

by Yabba Dabba Dooreply 7912/27/2017
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