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Spoiler-friendly thread to review Alien: Covenant

All other priorities are rescinded. It's back to the ol' freezerinos!

Maybe you haven't been keeping up on current events, but Alien: Covenant by Ridley Scott dropped last night, and critics don't got a bad feeling about this drop!

What do you believe, darling? Is it one, ugly mother? Or a beautiful, beautiful butterfly? Are you going to watch Katherine Waterston let those things come in here just like they did before, or are you going to get away from her, you bitch?

Okay, I know this is an emotional moment for all of us, okay? I know that. But let's not make snap judgments, please. This is clearly ... clearly an important species we're dealing with and I don't think that you or I, or *anybody*, has the right to arbitrarily exterminate them.

I saw the film last night, and the food's not that bad, baby. Not bad for a human. It's state of the badass art! Check it out!

Has no one discussed this with you yet? You better start dealing with it, Hudson. Just deal with it because we need you and I'm sick of your bullshit! WE are the gods now.

Remember: short, controlled bursts, or it's Game Over, Man! Game Over!

by Motherreply 13105/27/2017

I would fuck fassbenders ass so hard. That white outfit in the first ten minutes made my penis howl something fierce!

by Motherreply 105/19/2017

I can only imagine what your penis did when Fassbender force-fed himself the flute.

by Motherreply 205/19/2017

We already have four threads about this movie but the intro in this one is so charmingly nuts I'll put it on my Watched list and return with my thoughts after I have seen Covenant.

For now, I vote Alien. Nothing after comes even close in my eyes.

by Motherreply 305/19/2017

Scott does some amazing visuals in Alien: Covenant.

I really liked the creepy foreshadowing he does with some of the props. There's a scene where the crew is debating around a table on the bridge. One of their space helmets is on the table and when the holographic lights reflect on it, it looks like a green, stretched alien head.

Also, the wheat fields they encounter on the planet have big kernels that look more like rattlesnake's tails than wheat. Spooky!

by Motherreply 405/19/2017

I loved the references to genre clichés in between the moments of sheer dread.

by Motherreply 505/19/2017

Who are these nacreous layers of perma-cum voting for Prometheus?

That is the worst!

by Motherreply 605/19/2017

Prometheus was entertaining. It is better than Alien: Covenant.

by Motherreply 705/19/2017

Only watched the first two. Loved Aliens hated Alien.

by Motherreply 805/19/2017

Saw it today. Awful, repetitive and boring,

by Motherreply 905/19/2017

Prometheus is boring, esoteric dialogue.

by Motherreply 1005/19/2017

Why did you hate the original, r8?

by Motherreply 1105/20/2017

I love the original and Aliens. I chose the original as my favorite. It felt gritty and real. There was a connection to the characters.

by Motherreply 1205/20/2017

Yeah, Aliens is my fave -- best writing, best direction, best dialogue and characters.

Although posters in one of the horror threads suggested James Cameron basically stole the Aliens plot from a '50s B-movie called Them!

I watched the film and have to agree. Cameron just applied the Them! plot to Fox's Alien and made the characters really colorful/relatable.

by Motherreply 1305/20/2017

I wish Alien was the ONLY film in the franchise. It ALONE is a timeless film classic.

And the same goes for Blade Runner. I'm going to pretend the sequel doesn't, won't and can't exist, as much as I like Ryan Gosling.

If Ridley Scott wants to make a sequel, let him make a Thelma and Louise sequel.

by Motherreply 1405/20/2017

I just hope The Last Jedi isn't a let down the way Covenant was.

by Motherreply 1505/21/2017

What is wrong with Covenant, r15?

by Motherreply 1605/21/2017

I don't see what r14 couldn't like about Aliens. It ROCKS.

It made more money, it earned Sigourney Weaver a Best Actress nomination, which sci fi never did before, and it's most people's favorite, even in our pool so far!

by Motherreply 1705/21/2017

Covenant sucked

by Motherreply 1805/21/2017

Whoops sent too early- acting was horrible, except for Fassbender, no suspense - just gore and no charisma at all from the other cast members. And the ending sucked.

by Motherreply 1905/21/2017

How's it doing at the box office?

by Motherreply 2005/21/2017

Not great.

by Motherreply 2105/21/2017

What sucked about the ending, r19?

I'm not convinced I've heard from ANY Datalounger who has actually seen Covenant. We have a lot of phonies here.

by Motherreply 2205/21/2017

The reason Covenant didn't outdo Prometheus at the box office, r21, is that PROMETHEUS SUCKED!

Like many lame sequels, Prometheus scared away the audience for the next film. If the movie that came before it rocked, the next film's box office will exceed it.

But if it sucks, the franchise will decline.

Covenant is good. It is getting good word-of-mouth. So it will perform well above average on home video, and the next Alien movie's box office will be up.

by Motherreply 2305/21/2017

I did not get the impression that any couple in the movie is gay.

What proves that any character in the film was gay?

by Motherreply 2405/21/2017

I think Alien: Covenant had a lot of balls to end with the bad guy winning.

Every Alien movie before at least made you think the good guys won (even if Alien³ was a Pyrrhic victory). Covenant is a straight-up nightmare ending that just keeps the tension and your nightmares going after the film!

by Motherreply 2505/21/2017

R24 He whispers [italic]my love[/italic] or something like that when his partner dies. Also, they're clearly together in the promotional scene that wasn't included in the movie.

by Motherreply 2605/21/2017

I just read the entire plot summary on Wikipedia. It sounds really dumb and uninspired. I think I'll pass on this one.

by Motherreply 2705/21/2017

What a cock-tease, r26. It's a way to market the movie to gays, without actually including any gays in the film to rub all the homophobic fanboys the wrong way.

Talk about pandering; bait-and-switch.

by Motherreply 2805/21/2017

My biggest takeaway from the movie was how terrible Katherine Waterston looked with that bowl cut.

by Motherreply 2905/21/2017

Jussie Smollett in the shower is the hottest and most visually hot moment in the movie. He is hot

by Motherreply 3005/21/2017

Whoever that smoker dude who died first is looked hot. What his character supposed to be gay?

imdv says Benjamin Rigby was in Lion, but I don't remember him.

by Motherreply 3105/21/2017

It was a steaming pile of shit. The crew were boring as fuck and I wanted them all die within minutes. The whole David thing has been taken too far. I did kinda enjoy how he's been occupying himself though. It just felt too rushed and there was no suspense. No foreplay with the audience, straight into it. Bah, foolishly had high hopes. Why is everyone in American movies who's British, evil ? From an evil Brit. Mwoaah 👹

by Motherreply 3205/21/2017

R32: ditto. Also, wtf was the main actress? No charisma whatsoever and that bowler cut hairdo?

by Motherreply 3305/21/2017

The movie received strong critical acclaim , especially for the genre. More proof people here have very negative spirits and minds

by Motherreply 3405/21/2017

Just saw it. Loved it! Excellent.

by Motherreply 3505/21/2017

Jussie Smollet should have had more screen time

by Motherreply 3605/21/2017

I agree R36. Lots more! WTF did they allow Danny McBride to live?Jussie knew how to drive that thing. My least favorite character was Billy Crudup's. I didn't even care that he died. And I knew that was David not Walter. But then again I'm an "older" Alien Fan. I love the franchise. I think it's the best Sci Fi franchise and yes Prometheus was visually stunning but practically incoherent. I'm glad Covenant answered a lot of the questions left dangling in Prometheus.

OK. So if we're to be believed, David and Dr. Shaw (Noonie Rapace) eventually made their way to the planet where The Engineers lived? And David released all the viruses and killed everyone. And most of those bald headed, Albino giants died. And David created the xenomorphs from the virus, and after Dr. Shaw had worked so hard to fix David, he killed her to breed more Aliens. He was running out of hosts for his parasites so had that signal out there "fishing" and this ship with all the human couples and embryos decided to take a detour from their destination, and go down there and they all got fucked.

by Motherreply 3705/21/2017

"So we're to believe..." Forgot to say I like Covenant and I may see it again. Certain movies I like to see on the big screen. They showed previews of Blade Runner and it looks really good.

by Motherreply 3805/21/2017

This is the first movie I've seen AT the movies in years.

by Motherreply 3905/21/2017

Who was the big muscular Latin or blatino dude not named Juddo?

by Motherreply 4005/21/2017

If Dr. Shaw was an alien, why did they kill her so quickly? I do hate they killed Shaw off though.

I wonder if Ripley 8 will ever meet David? Or, is Ridley done with Ripley...

by Motherreply 4105/21/2017

These two movies, Prometheus and Alien Covenant are Pre-quels leading up to the Sigourney Weaver Alien movies. I think they need only one more to bring us to the beginning of the Alien franchise. Like David brings them to the planet they had all prepared for, Origae, or WTFever, and when Daniels wakes she and Tennessee have to go after David. It is my belief that aside from a cameo early in the next one, Fassbender's David has run it's course. From that point on it's about Daniels and the rest of the colonists trying to kill off the creatures. My guess is they succeed in building their colony and containing the alien species in jars, thinking they have it under control but forgetting that there are two embryos in the freezer, and some how David frees them before being killed. It ends with the beginning of Sigourney's Alien.

by Motherreply 4205/21/2017

I meant not named Jussie, not Juddo

by Motherreply 4305/21/2017

R42, I believe there are four more coming.

by Motherreply 4405/21/2017

Is'n't Daniels and Tennessee dead though? I thought David reported them dead in the final report? Maybe I misunderstood?

by Motherreply 4505/21/2017

I forgot. He may have but that won't stop them from waking up and trying to save themselves. Unless he already infected them and they are gestating.

by Motherreply 4605/21/2017

I think they're dead. Which I wouldn't mean me because they were kind of boring.

I wish they kept you guessing who was going to survive like they did in Alien. Like, some unknown. What if Jussie survived? That would have been cool. He's a small character it he lived. Everybody else died.

by Motherreply 4705/21/2017

*I wouldn't mind.

by Motherreply 4805/21/2017

[quote]WTF did they allow Danny McBride to live?

Don't worry, he'll be dead at the beginning of the next movie like they always do. I can't believe they killed off the little girl in Aliens. You spent the whole movie with her and then the next movie opens up with her autopsy. Same with Elizabeth Shaw. Why would you even bother caring about if they survive if they just get killed in the next movie?

by Motherreply 4905/21/2017

I doubt Ridley Scott has developed David for two movies to give him an unceremonious end.

Expect to see a spectacular fight to the death for David -- he certainly deserves one.

And don't believe all the "internet reports" and previews -- most of them are frauds or red herrings planted by the film companies themselves.

by Motherreply 5005/21/2017

R13, Alien is modeled after "It! The Terror from Beyond Space" and not "Them"

by Motherreply 5105/22/2017

When Tennessee and Daniels are getting into their pods preparing to go to sleep, and Daniels figures out that it's David, not Walter, and he says, "don't let the bedbugs bite." I thought he was teasing her. The way Covenant sets it out, it takes a much shorter time for the Alien virus to get inside their host, then grow into one of those things that burst out of your body.

Here's something I don't understand. They walk into that cave area where there are all those pods. This is the scene where Billy Crudup is looking at the pod and a creature bursts out of it. OK. Those creatures look like crabs and they're about the size of a dog, and they chase the crew of Covenant around until they can face plant and "impregnate " the human hosts with an alien. But aren't they aliens? OR are there two species that are dangerous? I find it confusing.

by Motherreply 5205/22/2017

The crab looking alien are called "facehuggers". They are alien.

by Motherreply 5305/22/2017

R52 are you a millennial or something?

by Motherreply 5405/22/2017

Hated it. So disappointing. Crew indistinguishable. Cruddup character incredibly stupid. Most of the couples are shown together, not the gay couple. If you didn't know ahead of time you wouldn't know there even was a gay couple. CGI was terrible. Never believed for a second that these Aliens were even there. Saw the David twist a billion miles away. Why have James Franco play the Captain if you are going to kill him off in the first 3 minutes. I can't believe we can't get the other sequel with Sigourney Weaver because of this shit.

by Motherreply 5505/22/2017

[quote]Why have James Franco play the Captain if you are going to kill him off in the first 3 minutes.

Jim Franco's screen time was enough.

by Motherreply 5605/22/2017

[quote]Why have James Franco play the Captain if you are going to kill him off in the first 3 minutes

Obviously his scenes were cut as shown by the web-only prologue.

by Motherreply 5705/22/2017

Why do we care about Jim Franco?

by Motherreply 5805/22/2017

Left me hollow but on refection I liked it. I did not like the last third which I thought was lazy repetitive plotting, but the first two thirds and final moment were great.

by Motherreply 5905/22/2017

Yes he's an adequate actor, but I'm so over people ccoing like schoolgirls over Fassbinder simply because he has a reasonable size cock. If you think DL is bad, apparently it's a big deal in Hollywood, with every fat jewish producer in training shoes (quoth The Spectactor) knowing to the last centimetre the penile length of stars. Because Hollywood is all about male power and dick matters.

by Motherreply 6005/22/2017

[Quote] Because Hollywood is all about male power and dick matters.

And water is wet.

by Motherreply 6105/22/2017

r55 = Men on Film?

by Motherreply 6205/22/2017

Why is it that I can't see the OP's post anymore? It's gone.

by Motherreply 6305/22/2017

Oh, I can see it now. Datalounge is glitchy again.

by Motherreply 6405/22/2017

Shaw was never an alien, R41.

David used her to host the birth of an alien for one of his experiments.

by Motherreply 6505/22/2017

Got it, R65.

by Motherreply 6605/22/2017


Horror movies kill people. It's supposed to shock and scare you. Prometheus hardly had any action, so Dr. Shaw was basically a backstory character to get you through the setup.

If Ridley Scott hadn't have killed Shaw, it would be harder to start Covenant with the mystery and terror of new people discovering ruins that good Alien movies have.

And don't compare it to Newt. Alien 3 was a mess of a production that went through several rewrites and FOUR different directors until you got David Fincher's final mess. The reason they killed off Newt and Hicks was EGOS of new directors wanting their own characters.

Alien 3 was bad -- Fox, the filmmakers and the fans all admit it.

by Motherreply 6705/22/2017

It was OK. David vs. Walter was far and away more interesting than anything involving the humans or even the aliens. Sorry to further annoy R60, but I think Fassbender is a fantastic actor. He just ran roughshod over the entire rest of the cast.

It's clear though after several tries they are never going to come even close to making another film as good as the first, or even the second. I'm not sure why they keep trying. Ridley should explore his weird creator mythology somewhere else.

by Motherreply 6805/22/2017


YES, there are over two different alien species because of David's experimentation.

Crudup encountered the classic alien EGGS bearing FACEHUGGER parasites that impregnate other animals with the xenomorph larvae, as seen in the original movies.

I think Covenant implied that Dr. Shaw was used to host the first alien queen who laid the eggs.

The other aliens impregnated through spores lying around. They were more humanoid, beige and less powerful.

This way, Ridley Scott can scare the audience with something NEW in addition to the same old, predictable stuff.

In '79 and '86, people didn't know how the aliens worked, so it was scarier.

by Motherreply 6905/22/2017

But the engineers knew about the xenomorphs and the facehuggers. They etched them on the wall in Prometheus.

by Motherreply 7005/22/2017

[quote]I think Covenant implied that Dr. Shaw was used to host the first alien queen who laid the eggs.

So, we haven't seen the Alien Queen yet. Or, was that white Alien the queen? I'm thinking of Cameron's Queen.

by Motherreply 7105/22/2017

I'd love to know what Spectator article r60 is talking about.

by Motherreply 7205/22/2017

I can't believe the original Alien has overtaken Aliens in our poll.

James Cameron's movie is much more exciting, charismatic, full of contrasting characters that you love, great dialogue and more production value. It was the bigger hit, too.

by Motherreply 7305/22/2017

R72 and R73.

by Motherreply 7405/22/2017

R73, I like Alien much better than Aliens. Alien is an excellent horror movie, Aliens is a great action movie. For me, good horror beats good action.

by Motherreply 7505/22/2017

[quote] OK. So if we're to be believed, David and Dr. Shaw (Noonie Rapace) eventually made their way to the planet where The Engineers lived?

My theory is "no." Those were not the Engineers. Just a less advanced race of brings that the Engineers created, like humans. The attire and surroundings looked medieval -- like GoT-- so it's unlikely those beings could have perfected interstellar travel. Those primitive beings were welcoming the return of the "gods" who they worshipped when David exterminated them.

by Motherreply 7605/22/2017

[quote] But the engineers knew about the xenomorphs and the facehuggers. They etched them on the wall in Prometheus.

OMG! Thank you. I cannot believe all the commentary about David creating xenomorphs. Clearly they existed thousands of years before the Prometheus crew landed on that planet. They could predate humanity. David was replicating 4,000 year old science experiments. I thought the movie failed in so many respects, but failing to explain how the Engineers had an elaborate bas relief of xenomorphs on the ship was a glaring omission.

by Motherreply 7705/22/2017

Those were engineers, I think.. I've seen them from Prometheus's deleted scenes on YouTube.

by Motherreply 7805/22/2017

I could be wrong though.

by Motherreply 7905/22/2017

Prometheus mural.

by Motherreply 8005/22/2017

Facehuggers in the mural but it's an illustration.

by Motherreply 8105/22/2017

I think generation gaps are preventing honesty in our poll.

DL's demographic is primarily elder gays — exactly the people who were youngish when Alien 1979 came out.

But I was a conscious kid when Aliens came out and it totally defined my generation of young men — it was our favorite movie EVER.

And how can a surge for Prometheus be explained by anything other than, "I'm a Millennial, and Prometheus was the first Alien movie made for our times"? Because Prometheus wasn't a good movie — just boring gibberish.

I think people are too precious to vote against what they knew first and award the best quality film: Aliens.

It was the biggest hit, the most influential on our culture and it earned Oscar nominations.

by Motherreply 8205/22/2017

I actually thought it was James Francos best role to date.

by Motherreply 8305/22/2017

Jim Franco better not show up in a sequel as a robot...excuse me...synthetic, sorry Bishop. I'll be so pissed.

by Motherreply 8405/22/2017

So how many more movies before we get to Ripley and Nostromo

by Motherreply 8505/22/2017

I do not understand the hate for Prometheus. The people who hate it never really define what it is exactly that they don't like. "boring gibberish" oh that explains it.... I thought it was an interesting movie. I felt like it was really bringing the story full circle to show what happened with the engineers, in Alien you see that giant in the control seat and they never explain it. I have a friend that swears the people who don't like Prometheus without giving a reason are really racist because they see as it as white gods seeding the human race and that's why they don't like it. Now, I don't agree with my friend but this is how far some people are going to explain why there is so much hate for this movie.

I saw covenant last night and it was okay but I felt like there was a lot of story missing. It seemed like it was heavily cut and I agree with those up thread that said you never really get to know any of the characters and the walter/david scenes being the best.

by Motherreply 8605/22/2017

I'm not sure things are so "rushed" in today's. Alien was very slow. Maybe it's globalism. Maybe the international market doesn't care about character building? Movies have shifted today away from story and place all of it's emphasis on explosions and CGI.

by Motherreply 8705/22/2017

Not sure *why

by Motherreply 8805/22/2017

I found the plot of Alien: Covenant rather disappointing, but visually, it was quite stunning. Did anyone notice the visual reference in one scene between David and Walter to Arnold Rocklin's most famous painting, Isle of the Dead? The 2 androids are standing on a terrace framed by tall cypress trees overlooking the Engineer's necropolis when David shows Walter the tombstone where Elizabeth is buried. The shot is framed so that the terrace looks just like the island in Bocklin's composition. I thought that was a cool shot.

by Motherreply 8905/22/2017

Was Elizabeth buried? I thought Daniels found her opened body.

by Motherreply 9005/22/2017

[quote]It seemed like it was heavily cut and I agree with those up thread that said you never really get to know any of the characters

They shouldn't have cut the prologue scene where you get to know all the characters.

by Motherreply 9105/22/2017

This new movie is mediocre. Of course it would be. It's all been done before.

My favorite movie in this franchise is "Aliens." It was so great; good, cohesive story, lots of action, good acting and this time you got a close up view of the monsters. Everyone was great in this movie but my favorite performances were by Lance Henriksen and Bill Paxton. I thought Henriksen portrayed the android with humanity and dignity; very nicely done. I was never a fan of Bill Paxton's, but I thought he was absolutely perfect as the whining Hudson. He won a Saturn Award for the role but I thought he should have been nominated for an Oscar. He was that good; he made that character so memorable.

by Motherreply 9205/22/2017

[quote]Did anyone notice the visual reference in one scene between David and Walter to Arnold Rocklin's most famous painting, Isle of the Dead?

Yes! It was only for a moment. Given it's one of my favourite paintings, it struck me like the Andrew Wyeth sequence in the first Superman.

by Motherreply 9305/22/2017

Yes r92. Paxton was amazing, loved the character arch too, from tough army "bro" to whining bitch "great, why don't you put her in charge!". It never gets old. I would also nominate paul reiser as being the best corporate fuck of all time, "it was a bad call ripley, a bad call..." I agree, Aliens was really the best in the series.

by Motherreply 9405/22/2017

r85, the events of Covenant take place 18 years before Ripley and the Nostromo.

You may never see Ripley again, thanks to Ridley Scott. But we do know that Neil Blomkamp tried to convince Fox to let him take over the franchise. Blomkamp even wrote a script involving Ripley and pitched it to Sigourney Weaver, who loved it and was on-board to reprise her role.

But Ridley Scott won the war to keep making Alien films and he can't stop sucking Michael Fassbender's dick.

by Motherreply 9505/22/2017

r86, what makes Prometheus boring to me is the relative lack of action until the final 10 or 15 minutes where Dr. Shaw has to outrun the crashing ship.

You have the black, primordial goo attack somebody midway through, but that wasn't all that scary. It didn't trap the humans into a closed fight with an alien, the way all the other movies spend their time.

Instead, we got a lot of poetic montages of alien cave art, cryptic Engineers creeping around sweeping landscapes, flashbacks to Dr. Shaw's youth, etc. Weyland spends a lot of the time extolling existential philosophy that was very pretentious and inert. It reminded me of Phantom Menace in that it was an informational prequel — a single, compact mission of urgency didn't really converge.

Alien fans are used to a thrill ride. This type of holiday popcorn movie needs to deliver that.

by Motherreply 9605/22/2017

Link to Isle of the Dead please, r89.

by Motherreply 9705/22/2017

R.I.P. Bill Paxton, r92.

I never cared for his Christian fundamentalism, or Frailty, the Jesus Freak propaganda movie he directed.

But I loved him as an actor, even before Aliens, because of Weird Science :)

by Motherreply 9805/22/2017

I didn't really care about the crew all that much in Alien Covenant. I think the reason we only got a brief vague sketch of who they were, the reason we never "got to know them" is because they weren't around that long. James Franco burns to death who,? 3 minutes into the movie? There are people I wish I could have had more of like Jussie, and Demian' Bashir who played one half of the gay couple, was horribly underutilized. So was Carmen Ejogo for that matter. But I didn't give a damn that Billy Crudup died. Bye!

I like Prometheus, but the storyline was very hard to follow and there were too many unanswered questions. I never did get who the "engineers" were or where they came from.

by Motherreply 9905/22/2017

So you liked a film you couldn't follow. Uh huh.

"Prometheus" is easily one of the worse sci fi-horror films ever made. A hugely disjointed mess that couldn't even use its religious allegory correctly. Not to mention someone just not running to the side to avoid being crushed. Sheesh.

by Motherreply 10005/22/2017

Have you ever tried running to the side when a building is coming crashing down on you? It's not as easy as it looks.

by Motherreply 10105/23/2017

Thanks R101. Hey, I think I saw you on TV. It was 9/11 2001 and you were that guy who was standing there when one of the twin towers collapsed and I thought that was it for you, but you ran to the side...

by Motherreply 10205/23/2017

Sigourney Weaver's performances really made the first two Alien movies. She made Ripley believable and relatable, and the script allowed her to make what was happening in those movies seem real. Covenant relies so heavily on split-screen and CGI that it doesn't give the actors a chance. I think Fassbender's contribution is vastly overrated. Malevolent androids do not create plausibility.

by Motherreply 10305/23/2017

I kept waiting for that cute little raccoon to show up and save everyone, but he never did!

by Motherreply 10405/23/2017

I wasn't sure the decimated race of humanoids were the Engineers' home race, either.

They didn't exactly look like the skin-segmented Engineer from Prometheus.

They were probably another humanoid race designed by the Engineers and worshipped as gods who David destroyed with the spores.

And whoever's only knowledge of costume dramas is Game of Thrones needs to see more shows. Like Shakespeare. Didn't they teach him that in high school?

by Motherreply 10505/23/2017

B*tch at r105 repeated what I said days ago just so she could drag me about the GoT reference? Her preference for "Shakespeare movies" shall be noted in the Datalounge Official Register of All Things Irrelevant.

Beware the grease fires...

by Motherreply 10605/24/2017

The aliens in cloaks scene and buildings looked a lot more like ancient Rome than anything medieval.

by Motherreply 10705/24/2017

So according to some spoilers I read, the chestbuster pops out of Billy Crudup moments after he is impregnated? And is like a miniature xenomorph instead of the classic chestburster from the older movies? Why would Ridley change that?

by Motherreply 10805/24/2017

Agreed r108. The speed with which that Alien gestated and grew was a fraction of the time it took in his original movie. And making the chestburster look different than the original was bizarre. I am not sure why he would change that.

by Motherreply 10905/24/2017

Does the facehugger still attach for a few hours while it is impregnating you or is it more like wham, bam, thank you ma'am?

by Motherreply 11005/24/2017

In one scene, it was wham bam thank you ma'am, that's how the alien got in the ship at the end. The guy who had the face hugger shot off his face.

I, honestly think Ridley forgot some things from Alien and Prometheus.

by Motherreply 11105/24/2017

How could the face hugger be shot off the guy's face if its blood is acid?

Ridley might be senile but surely someone would have pointed this basic rule of his universe out to him?

by Motherreply 11205/24/2017

Aliens pales in comparison to the first one. I'll take Psycho In Outer Space OVER The Dirty Dozen In space any day of the week.

by Motherreply 11305/24/2017

The Alien dynamics have changed a lot since Alien, maybe Ridley forgot or maybe audience expectations are different today. Would Alien (1979) succeed today?

by Motherreply 11405/24/2017

R108/R109 I thought the implication is that they are evolving (or really David is breeding them) and that by the time the events of the first movie happen, they gestate longer but grow much more rapidly after.

by Motherreply 11505/24/2017

That is not true, r111.

There was a cut between the time Crudup was face-hugged and the time he was chest-bursted.

The movie cut to different action of Daniels and the other characters in different locations, so hours could have passed between Crudup's facehugging and "birth."

by Motherreply 11605/24/2017

The injured face hugger jumped off the victim's face after the gunshot and fell to the floor, where it was killed, thus sparing the victim of most of its acid blood, r112.

Did you see the movie?

by Motherreply 11705/24/2017

The first two Alien movies are so timeless -- only retarded Millennials would fail to understand, relate or appreciate.

by Motherreply 11805/24/2017

It could be, r115.

All we are told is that David is conducting many experiments, accounting for the many different creature designs we are shown.

by Motherreply 11905/24/2017

They don't need four more Alien movies. All they need is one more.

by Motherreply 12005/24/2017

[quote]The injured face hugger jumped off the victim's face after the gunshot and fell to the floor, where it was killed, thus sparing the victim of most of its acid blood, [R112]. Did you see the movie?

No I did not see the movie. Jesus why would I have asked the question then?

How did the facehugger jump off if its umbilicus was lodged down the victim's throat?

by Motherreply 12105/24/2017

I saw the movie and don't remember anyone shooting at someone's face. Isn't that kind of dangerous? He could have easily shot him in the head and killed him.

by Motherreply 12205/24/2017

It had not fully adhered when it was shot, r121. The guy was still tussling with it when it was shot and he did get acid in the face.

Although this thread just underscores how many sins were committed in Alien Covenant. It was as if the writer forgot the history and everything we have come to know about xenomorphs and facehuggers. Made all the more confusing since Ridley Scott directed the very first film and "Prometheus."

by Motherreply 12305/24/2017

R25, you are so right. That ending was so fucked up and brilliant. A great movie. Not scary to me, but suspenseful and thrilling.

Don't let the bed bugs bite!

Fassbender's David is the new Hannibal Lector. He has to get nominated for this.

by Motherreply 12405/24/2017

The face hugger did not have time to insert its "umbilicus" down the victim's throat, r121. It was only on the victim's face for a split second until it got shot off the victim's face.

As it lay injured on the ground, it retracted its "umbilicus" into its mouth; then it was killed.

So you got the impression that the face hugger could not have had time to impregnate the hispanic guy. But that turns out not to be true ...

by Motherreply 12505/24/2017

What Hispanic guy?

And wasn't there a tall blond hunk at the beginning of the movie that looked like Chris Hemsworth. I was looking forward to seeing his story but they never even showed him again. He just disappeared. He didn't even have a death.

by Motherreply 12605/24/2017

Here is the clip. There's no way he could have gotten impregnated!

by Motherreply 12705/25/2017

The New Yorker's movie blogger Richard Brody, who is bursting with pomposity, claims that Covenant is bursting with pomposity.

(There are some mild spoilers in the review, which I thought I should mention because of the title of this thread.)

by Motherreply 12805/25/2017

The very amusing Feast of Fun also reviewed Covenant, for about a half hour or so. There's the usual silliness for about the first seven minutes, but then the podcast really settles into the review. I basically agree with them.

by Motherreply 12905/25/2017

That "hispanic guy" Was Demian Bashir, who played one half of the Gay couple.

by Motherreply 13005/25/2017

From the other thread:

Jussie Smollett's role was too small. It had such a large cast that only the first four credited actors got any measurable amount of screen time. And the movie bit for too many reasons to type (most of which were referenced upthread).

Someone upthread asked about the gay characters. One wouldn't have known which were the gay couple – or any of the couples for that matter – due to poor character development. The problem was the script, which was crap. And the directing. And the editing.

by Motherreply 13105/27/2017
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