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I'm cradling my mug this morning...

My Fibro is acting-up but, I'm dealin'.

Soon, "Live With Kelly and Ryan" will be on.

Life is good.

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by Cherylreply 60106/28/2017

Fibro... What? Cystic fibrosis? Fibroadenoma? Cement sheet walls?

by Cherylreply 105/03/2017

Fibromyalgia, R1.

What, are you new here? Fibromyalgia is the torment of frauen everywhere. They are true Christian martyrs.

by Cherylreply 205/03/2017

Are you "wingless" today? Or belted (secure)?

by Cherylreply 305/03/2017

Xo you take any pain meds? Medicinal marijuana?

by Cherylreply 405/03/2017

I was just thinking about you today, OP. It'd been a while since we've cradled mugs around here. Me? I'm very tender to the touch this morning, but I'm listening to some Aimee Mann and I think everything's gonna be okay.

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by Cherylreply 505/03/2017

Have you read your horoscope for today yet, OP? Did it say anything about dying in a grease fire? Just curious.

by Cherylreply 605/03/2017

I don't know how you cope with having to take the twins to daycare then pick them up later! And you shop for microwave food and have time to tell the maid where to dust! Being a mommy is the hardest job!

by Cherylreply 705/03/2017

I know it's only morning, but, tell me is it just as "Fresh" as a Summer's Eve?

by Cherylreply 805/03/2017

Thanks R2 I get it now.

by Cherylreply 905/03/2017

And you have that Starbucks run to look forward to, OP! Unicorn Frappuccino - yummy!

by Cherylreply 1005/03/2017

I posted a picture of the twins on Facebook last night and not all of my friends have liked it yet. That means I'm going to have to spend the rest of the day monitoring the situation and wondering why some of my friends are so jealous and hateful. To make matters worse, my husband doesn't like to talk about it and the fibro makes holding the iPad almost impossible.

by Cherylreply 1105/03/2017

Delete them, #11.

by Cherylreply 1205/03/2017

Even though I'm tender to the touch this morning I still exercise my kegels because Brad likes it tight.

by Cherylreply 1305/03/2017

All my floor-length sweaters are being cleaned, what am I going to wear??!!!

Omg where is that Snuggie?!

by Cherylreply 1405/03/2017

I thought Brad & his friends Brandon & Hunter we're going up to the Olde lodge for a "Boys Only" weekend?

by Cherylreply 1505/03/2017

Well, going to Pilates with Amber is out of the question. I'm off to draw a nice lavender-infused bath. I hope Ted can light the candles for me and cut a new slab of artisanal soap that I made with Brenda and Corinna at that class we took from Groupon. Maybe Ted will feed the girls and help them with their homework because I just don't feel up to it.

by Cherylreply 1605/03/2017

You deserve some you time, honey. You do so much.

by Cherylreply 1705/03/2017

Well, I've fed the girls, helped them with their homework and put them to bed, which is now where my hypochondriac cunt of a wife is, zeeing away. I'll join the hag in our marital bed, but not before I have some quality "me" time on the computer watching hot girl-on-girl porn.

by Cherylreply 1805/03/2017

R15 were*

by Cherylreply 1905/03/2017

I love this thread.

by Cherylreply 2005/04/2017

I'm just enjoying this moment, crawling my mug and gazing into its depths at the java salvation. Oh, the happiness I hold as I sit here in my oversized sweater with its too-long sleeves. A cup of coffee? No. It's more than that. It's fulfillment in my mug.

by Cherylreply 2105/04/2017

I've visited all the medicine cabinets of my dearest pain-sensitive friends and relatives to no avail.

The gardener has fled because of the ICE.

I'll just have some tea.

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by Cherylreply 2205/04/2017

Day two. Ted is my angel. He helped me slip into my plush terricloth robe and slippers and gave me lots of time to descend the stairs. The twins, Karrah and Kayla, were finishing their mango smoothies and laughing like girls their age do. Ted told me he would cook some eggs and fried polenta for me, so I waved at the girls and sat down--gently and slowly--in the family fun room. I wish I didn't have these painful flare ups. I sometimes think I could push through the pain but then my fingertips remind me not to be a hero, and to just let the fibro have its time.

by Cherylreply 2305/04/2017

Looking forward to wearing my new reading socks while I nestle up with new Elizabeth Gilbert and a cup of Nutella latte!

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by Cherylreply 2405/04/2017

Reading socks?

Offsite Link
by Cherylreply 2505/04/2017

I have not heard of reading socks.

by Cherylreply 2605/04/2017

[quote]Karolina · a month ago Cute, but not for everyone. I love love love Chapters reading socks and get really excited when I see a new shipment in store, however am always disappointed when they are TINY. I have thicker calves and they simply do not fit me.

by Cherylreply 2705/04/2017

Just a friendly reminder to take time out for some much deserved self care. After I finish rinsing my Diva Cup, I'll be relaxing in the breakfast nook, cradling my mug of Chamomile tea while I gaze at the raindrops on the window.

by Cherylreply 2805/04/2017

*while smooth jazz plays softly in the background*

by Cherylreply 2905/04/2017

I'm putting my feet up on the dashboard while I make my boyfriend drive me to work. When I get to the office I'll put my feet up on a chair, and when I have lunch I'll sit with my legs under me on the chair in the restaurant. Because I'm a woman under 35 and we all never want our feet to touch the ground, you know.

Life is good.

But it would be better if I had a window seat where I could sit in the morning while I eat my daily lady-poo yogurt. With my feet up, of course.

by Cherylreply 3005/04/2017

I need froyo stat.

by Cherylreply 3105/04/2017

"Find someone who wants to invest in you, learn from you, see you win, support your visions and fall in love with you daily"

by Cherylreply 3205/04/2017

So, these reading socks- do you read to them or do they read to you?

by Cherylreply 3305/04/2017

I tried to google "reading socks" and can only guess they're whimsical snuggies for feet? Puke.

by Cherylreply 3405/04/2017

[quote] So, these reading socks- do you read to them or do they read to you?

Neither, but that's beside the point. A silly frau and the money earned by her husband are easily parted.

by Cherylreply 3505/04/2017


by Cherylreply 3605/04/2017

I'd love to talk, girls, but no time... Have to make hot cocoa with marshmellows - "Good Witch" is on in 15 minutes!

by Cherylreply 3705/04/2017

Oooo! R37, how are the kiddos doing? My Jaysmyne is busy with cello, soccer, and ballet, while Rysyn is so excited to start in zis new madrigal singing group!

by Cherylreply 3805/04/2017

Kynzlee woke me up this morning and read me the first chapter of her novel. She's so cute. Aspynn was slightly jealous, but my husband Porter and I sat her down and read a passage from The Doctrine and Covenants about stripping ourselves of jealousy and fears and she's doing much better now.

by Cherylreply 3905/04/2017

I too love to cradle my empty coconut shell and daydream while watching the buzzards circle over me.

by Cherylreply 4005/04/2017

I have to shampoo my rescue cat, Phoneme, but then I will head out for a mint mocha chai latte with nonfat foam

by Cherylreply 4105/04/2017

Where did you get your empty coconut she'll, Darfur Orphan? Pier 1?

by Cherylreply 4205/04/2017


by Cherylreply 4305/04/2017

"She was never quite ready. But she was brave. And the universe listens to brave."

by Cherylreply 4405/05/2017

Let's get sushi!

by Cherylreply 4505/05/2017

I can't, Britney's spotting!

by Cherylreply 4605/05/2017

I used to have the worst fibro attacks. But then I learned to listen to my body. What it was telling me. Once I broke my ankle but then I realized it was just my body telling me I was holding myself back.

So I took a pottery class.

by Cherylreply 4705/05/2017

"HOW, do you find the Strength!"

by Cherylreply 4805/05/2017

Where do you find the fortitude to cradle that mug and write out the Daily To-Do List for Consuela?

by Cherylreply 4905/05/2017

Who's down for Korean BBQ?

by Cherylreply 5005/05/2017

I'm trying so hard not to break out in laughter right now

by Cherylreply 5105/05/2017

So R46, Spa Day, mani-pedi, new outfits (mall), Netflix- takeout (delivery)?

by Cherylreply 5205/06/2017

I wouldn't mind it, if you also cradled me for a while, baby. ~~~

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by Cherylreply 5305/06/2017

These are nothing, if not, Profiles in Courage!

by Cherylreply 5405/06/2017

Mug-cradling season is over

by Cherylreply 5505/06/2017

I'm thinking of giving tonight's zucchini a bit of attention inside my yoga pants.

by Cherylreply 5605/06/2017

The damp weather is doing a nasty number on my restless leg syndrome. I WILL overcome this.

by Cherylreply 5705/06/2017




by Cherylreply 5805/06/2017

I love my husband! Sometimes, when the "pain is too bad", he lifts me to my bed!

I could lift myself, but I would need more incentive.

by Cherylreply 5905/06/2017


by Cherylreply 6005/06/2017

My vile neighbor's Velma and Adolph, called this morning and threatened to Call hazmat over a mushroom cloud hanging over our Mcmansion. She even had the audacity to suggest I use her cucumber and vanilla douche on my lady privates.I told her me, Sarah and Kellyanne would Meditate their evilness out of our existence. After a little private time with my John Holmes "massager," all will be well and I'll run down to see if any more Ivanka merchandise has been marked down at Ross, then hop by Starbucks for capricorn frapp that matches the crotchless panties my husband Hayden bought me.

by Cherylreply 6105/06/2017

After a bad week with my Fibro I again was knocked down by the worst menstrual cramps I have ever experienced. Another two weeks erased from what should have been an active month. Thankfully I am blessed with a husband and in-laws that understand and kept the kids busy and gave me my space to recover and renew my spirit.

by Cherylreply 6205/06/2017

My photographer was kind enough to bite his tongue through the screaming as I re-positioned myself for each shot for my boudoir book. I'm having it made to remind my husband what a "sexy mama" I am, even though I can't sleep with him anymore because of the fibro. I plan on eventually replacing his entire stash of dirty movies with books featuring me wearing "sexy yet non-revealing" lingerie while posing uncomfortably on upturned wooden crates covered with blankets. He's going to be thrilled!

by Cherylreply 6305/06/2017

Ladies, we deserve happiness... and macarons, am I right?!

by Cherylreply 6405/06/2017

So I told Ted that I stopped my Lyrica yesterday. I just found out that the capsules contain gelatin which is an animal by-product, and that is something that doesn't sit well with me. I have decided to start a two-week fruit juice toxic colon cleanse. I think I just need to hug my body and listen to what it tells me is right for me. I must admit that Ted is using the girls' bathroom now as my frequent trips have made ours just a bit odorous (I think Ted exaggerates). Anyway, I feel good enough to walk around now. I'm wondering if maybe my diagnosis of fibromyalgia was a mistake? I mean I am still quite tender to the touch, but I just watched a documentary about toxic carpet mold. I think that new carpet under our cubes is what might be the culprit. Oh well, I am due back in the bathroom!

by Cherylreply 6505/07/2017

I haven't been to the office for three weeks as I need to take some time to heal. Thank God that she's looking after me. The other people on my team are being so supportive and don't mind covering for me at all.

by Cherylreply 6605/07/2017

Are you feeling empowered, R66?

by Cherylreply 6705/07/2017

LOL you Jelly Bitches!!! You know you'd jump to live like any of these scenarios if you found your SD - you're not kidding any of us. Frau's in America

by Cherylreply 6805/07/2017

Hell, maybe you all already do.

by Cherylreply 6905/07/2017

Yea, frau R68/R69. It's every gay mans dream to be in a completely sexless relationship with a neurotic hypochondriac who refuses to shoulder the load of running a household and raising kids. I even know a couple of straight guys just itching to be a home health aid to a helpless twit for the rest of their lives.

by Cherylreply 7005/07/2017


by Cherylreply 7105/07/2017

I'm glad Ted is carrying you around because of your Fibro! But, just watch for open windows! Everyone has a breaking point!

by Cherylreply 7205/07/2017

Once Ted get the kiddos off to their activities I'll finally have the time to update my blog. It's called, "I persisted: the adventures of a fibro warrior and full-time mommy." I'll be uploading some smoothie and fruit in fused tea recipes tonight girls!

by Cherylreply 7305/07/2017

Who's down for açai bowls?! I'm paying!

by Cherylreply 7405/08/2017

I'm r68, I have a double whammy of Lyme and fibro, hence why I can't distinguish between the possessive and plural.

This herbal blend tea I bought at the Chinese acupuncturist is divine however.

by Cherylreply 7505/08/2017

"You're a bright, beautiful goddess."

by Cherylreply 7605/08/2017

Don't forget to take time for your self care, ladies! We give so much of ourselves to our DH and kiddos sometimes we neglect to nourish our own souls. I like to listen to some Sarah McLaughlin while I cradle my mug of tea and snuggle up under a soft throw. I always remind my DH that this is MY TIME and he knows it is his turn to get dinner together, bathe the kiddos and get them to bed. Afterwards my DH and I enjoy a nice cuddle in front of the TV (we're watching the new Gilmore Girls! Highly recommend!! ) 🌻🥀🌼🌷🌹

by Cherylreply 7705/08/2017

Grab your sandals and sunglasses, bitches. We're getting poke!

by Cherylreply 7805/08/2017

Does anyone else feel like throwing on some Tim McGraw and sitting on the washing machine?

by Cherylreply 7905/08/2017

"Don't worry if you make waves simply by being yourself -- the moon does it all the time."

by Cherylreply 8005/09/2017

Maid did not get the right yogurt with advanced probiotics and now I'm late for Pilates because I can't make my Ladypoo!

Why do I even get out of bed??

by Cherylreply 8105/10/2017

Trisha, I'm so, sorry Consuela cheated you and ran your routine into a ditch! But, remember- You. Will. Get. Through. THIS!

Nuzzle into your nook- with the best alternative- a flaming hot muggie of French roast!

And put on Rachel's "Fight Song"

by Cherylreply 8205/10/2017

"I am a woman. What's *your* superpower?"

by Cherylreply 8305/10/2017


It's worse than I thought.

by Cherylreply 8405/10/2017

Girls, we've been eating so much! Who's up for a juice cleanse? But only after midnight tacos, okay?

by Cherylreply 8505/10/2017

This thread is yet another excuse for gay men to display their misogyny. We get hated your mommies because you overidentified with them.

by Cherylreply 8605/10/2017

^ Is that what they teach in FRAU Community College

by Cherylreply 8705/10/2017

You're a firecracker, R85!

by Cherylreply 8805/10/2017

R86 You may be taking this too seriously/personally. I love my mother, and many of my posts are in jest, or spoofing some of my dear friends. No need to bring Freudian nonsense into this. Now, do you want to hit up New York & Co. or not?!

by Cherylreply 8905/10/2017

R86 does that make any sense to anyone???

by Cherylreply 9005/10/2017

Oh, don't mind Jazmyhyne at R86, R90, (it's her time of the month).

by Cherylreply 9105/10/2017

Sunrise,Are we going to make it through, Girls? Get Cradling!!!

by Cherylreply 9205/11/2017

C'mon ladies, shimmy into your Lemons! Those stalled stools aren't going to move themselves!!!

by Cherylreply 9305/11/2017

This thread is bringing back memories of the long gone golden days of The Datalounge.

by Cherylreply 9405/11/2017

R86 doing the assignment her therapist gave her. If you see yourself as being happy, you will be happy.

Offsite Link
by Cherylreply 9505/11/2017

"She never seemed shattered to me -- to me, she was a breathtaking mosaic of the battle's she's won"

by Cherylreply 9605/11/2017


by Cherylreply 9705/11/2017

A new ramen place just opened downtown, so the juice cleanse is on hold, bitches!

by Cherylreply 9805/11/2017

Valor! R95

by Cherylreply 9905/11/2017

R98 I'd love to Trisha, but an online war has broken out between my Whitney and her bestie Amber, over trashy skater punk Dylan's cock! (I meant his whole person)

They're lining up 'mean girl' sides right now, it's looks like an ALL-nighter!

by Cherylreply 10005/11/2017

Ladies, I'm trying to decide if I should hold a Pampered Chef party or a LuLaRoe party. Maybe both? I'm exhausted just thinking about it, time to cuddle into my blanket and let dear hubby make dinner and bathe the kiddos.

by Cherylreply 10105/11/2017


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by Cherylreply 10205/12/2017

I took the day off today. Ted and I are supposed to have a date night tonight. The twins will go to Grandma Jill's house after school. I want tonight to be our special time, so I've got scented silk rose petals to spread on our bed, makings for my homemade bruschetta, and my sexy lingerie. But my fibro simply has no calendar. It has come back with a vengeance!

It's so bad today that I am at my wit's end. I managed to get a Lyrica and a whole Xanax down with my breakfast smoothie. It's a rainy day and I didn't sleep well at all last night. Should I take an ambien too? Why not? I already took the day off and I bet my sweet, sweet Ted will spread the rose petals for me. I wish other people understood just what a cross it is to bear when one has fibro.

by Cherylreply 10305/12/2017

I really hate to say, but I think I saw Ted cruising for guys at the local Dog Park!

by Cherylreply 10405/12/2017

I think Ted already had his Romantic Date Night from what I could tell!

It was more like a pileup, it looked like two octopuses fighting! I couldn't tell where it began or ended!

by Cherylreply 10505/12/2017

Right now I'm simply surviving, not living. When will the struggle end?

by Cherylreply 10605/12/2017

How long is it supposed to take for my lady yogurt to start working? I feel so bloated, and I haven't had a proper bathroom sit-down since that bad ham at Thanksgiving.

by Cherylreply 10705/12/2017

Ben's been on a business trip this week and I finally got some "me" time. So I tried to "vibe" but it was too painful so I gave up and instead spent an hour smothering my 5 month old Caden until he'd gasp for air. Now I'm watching our nanny PlipPlop vacuum. It's been a pretty productive day.

by Cherylreply 10805/12/2017

Uhm, uhh, yeah I think we can all relate.

Offsite Link
by Cherylreply 10905/12/2017

"Lady yogurt"?

by Cherylreply 11005/12/2017

There's nothing some of you do better than pretending to be women.

by Cherylreply 11105/12/2017

It's been so chilly here that I'm cradling my mug with my fur babies alongside me on my window seat.


*Dreaming, dreamy dreams of Spring*

by Cherylreply 11205/12/2017

My Jason has been distant lately and today he finally opened up. After two years of being my biggest supporter and the best best dad to Kaylee and Myles he stunned me with the news that he has started to wonder if my fibro is more of a mental issue than a physiological condition, I am devastated and need friendly and healing words from my sisters. It is like starting over with him. I am at a loss for words and all I can think of is bed but even that hurts. Prayers please.

by Cherylreply 11305/12/2017

I got the perfect mug for this thread.

Offsite Link
by Cherylreply 11405/12/2017

What about Doug, the "Face of Fibromyalgia"?

by Cherylreply 11505/12/2017

Oh, girls. My chronic fatigue is acting up again. I'm afraid I'm having another relapse.

by Cherylreply 11605/12/2017

The CFS fraus at work always seem to get a burst of energy whenever there are leftover bagels, spreads, and muffins from morning meetings.

by Cherylreply 11705/12/2017

Using the term fur babies should be punishable by death.

by Cherylreply 11805/12/2017

I wonder if I should spell out "live, laugh, love" with doughnuts for the doughnut wall at my wedding reception? What do you think, girls?

by Cherylreply 11905/12/2017

Please. As if fibro-fraus have men or children willing to stick around. If they manage to keep a man for any length of time, the poor sap and his unfortunate progeny soon learn that they will always be a distant second and third to the frau's true love, her imagined misery and righteous indignation that NO ONE, not even her own mother, believes it's a true medical diagnosis.

by Cherylreply 12005/12/2017

Dance like no one's looking!

by Cherylreply 12105/12/2017

Good Morning Sunshine, are we victims or Warriors today? Get Cradling & don't forget your Ladypoo yogurt!

Putting on Rachel's "Fight Song"! I'm not taking today sitting down !!!

by Cherylreply 12205/13/2017

[quote]This thread is yet another excuse for gay men to display their misogyny. We get hated your mommies because you overidentified with them.

If you equate making fun of SOMEONE named Trish--in this case, a dumbass who "lives, loves and laughs" her way through all of her "problems" and "pain"--with hating all women, then you're a sexist. So take your "misogyny" and shove it up your back-hole, tattoo.

by Cherylreply 12305/13/2017

I know we are joking here, I am laughing. , I have had a lot of problems with depression in my life, hospitalisation, my joints swell up visibly, my muscles get in this agony and it is difficult and exhausting to move. I don't know whether I have had fibro. As long as I take anti-depressant medication I am completely fine, pain-free and energetic and happy, I am very responsive to medication, but if I don't take medication I am fucked and can hardly move. I don't know whether fibro is real or not, but I'm just saying, it could be. I don't know if I am believed about this, but I swear, if I don't take my medication I struggle to pick up a book, all I want to do is crawl in bed and put my eletric blanket on high. I'm not complaining about my life, I'm completely fine with medication, I'm just saying

by Cherylreply 12405/13/2017

R119 That idea sounds so cute, but what about the gluten?! You just need to make sure that some of those donuts are gluten free! I've been GF for six months now and my IBD has really settled down. I used to think it was all the lactose, but nope -- gluten! So I've got Caden and Kaylee doing gluten-free now too; I read on my GF Support group on Facebook (GFGALS, holla!) that it might help with their ADD.

by Cherylreply 12505/13/2017

I'm walking on SUNSHINE (whoo-o) & It's time to FEEL GOOD! 👯☀️👯☀️👯☀️👯☀️👯

by Cherylreply 12605/13/2017

My Teddy baby was trying to make sweet love to my "other" hole, when I made a major OOPSIE! and shat all over our conjugial love space. How can I possibly make it up to him?

by Cherylreply 12705/13/2017

We [italic]are[/italic] joking here, R124, so take your attention-seeking tale of woe to a different thread, or better yet, start your own.

by Cherylreply 12805/13/2017

Trish, are we on for "Snatched" tonight? If those 2 Yellow hedgehogs can't get me through a rainy weekend-

I'm going to fasten my Ladydiaper- it's going to be a gigglethon & I don't want to leak & go home sopping!😖

by Cherylreply 12905/13/2017

Ladies, please join tomorrow at 11 am for our weekly get-together, Brunchausen, where we discuss our struggles and coping mechanisms over waffles, pancakes and frappacinos. All food served will be gluten-free, peanut-free and non-GMO. I know that it's sometimes tough just to get out of bed, let alone make it to a social gathering, but personally I've found that sharing my heroic story in a safe and collaborative environment with other women who struggle daily makes it all worth it. See y'all then.

by Cherylreply 13005/13/2017

Is it OK if I bring the kiddos, R130? I can't find a sitter for Jaxion and Chrysanthemum.

by Cherylreply 13105/13/2017

I'll bring mine, too, R131. They can have a "play date". I like to call it a "play date" when my kids' sexes are opposite those of the other parents so that I can reaffirm their heterosexuality via my own twisted fantasies and odd choice of words. They don't have any private parts to speak of yet and they don't know how to shit outside of a diaper, but, [italic]as. a. mother.,[/italic] I'm already pre-concerned. [italic]I just don't want... him.... er... them... er... hahahahaha.... to have to struggle in future.[/italic]

by Cherylreply 13205/13/2017

Sure, r131, the kiddos are more than welcome. My girls will most likely be tagging along. One has peanut allergy and we suspect the other might have Lyme, so being the maternal warrior that I am, I placed them on severely restricted diets. I simply cannot leave them alone with my husband, Tim. His idea of a healthy meal is bologna on white bread washed down by a bottle of Quik, and I do not trust him NOT to feed that garbage to the kiddos. I cannot risk either of them suffering another anaphylactic attack. I'll never forget the last one that my older girl suffered, when, with all the fortitude my CFS-worn body could muster, I bravely rushed her to the ER, cradling her in my arms as I staggered into the waiting room, begging the ER staff to save my baby, Somehow I made it courageously made it through that night.

by Cherylreply 13305/13/2017

Soldiers, All of Us!

by Cherylreply 13405/13/2017

I'm so happy to tell you all that I've finally given up dieting. I've realized now that one truly can be big and beautiful! From now on I'm going to celebrate my curves and my shape. I'm fit-fat and beautiful!

by Cherylreply 13505/13/2017

Has anyone ever considered "cosmetic" gall bladder removal? I mean it's not really a problem for me yet, pain-wise, but goodness me the wind I can generate these days. Troy makes jokes about "cropdusting" :)))

by Cherylreply 13605/13/2017

Can you go on disability for these types of imagined ailments?

by Cherylreply 13705/13/2017

[quote]Desserts will always be in our life. We like cookies. 🍪And we like ourselves after we eat cookies. It wasn’t always like that for us. If you have been following our journey you would have seen us mention our broken relationship with food and our bodies. Now after 2 years of inner work we like ourselves. We accept ourselves. Even after some desserts.

Don't forget the cookies!

Offsite Link
by Cherylreply 13805/13/2017

[quote]If you equate making fun of SOMEONE named Trish--in this case, a dumbass who "lives, loves and laughs" her way through all of her "problems" and "pain"

Excuse me? I also chase my troubles away with a hearty helping of Phở, and I don't think I'm the only one... am I right ladies?!

[quote]Trish, are we on for "Snatched" tonight? If those 2 Yellow hedgehogs can't get me through a rainy weekend-

Girl, yes! I know Amy Schumer gets a lot of hate, but I'll be damned if I can't identify with the cunt! Also, Overboard's my favorite film, so you know I'm down for some Goldie Hawn... God bless her Shar Pei face. Can you believe she got to fuck Kurt Russell? Lucky bitch!

Anyway, R130 I'll definitely see you and the rest of the girls at Brunchausen. Always happy to support! Also, for those of you bringing kids, I'd be more than happy to keep an eye on them from time to time. I didn't earn that World's Best Aunty mug for nothing. I might have to leave early as I'm taking my mother out for Mother's Day, but I'll definitely be making an appearance.

by Cherylreply 13905/13/2017

Mug cradling by day... Lime-a- Rita zipping by night!

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by Cherylreply 14005/13/2017

Guess what girls? I'll be kid free tomorrow after all! I convinced Ted to take the kiddos to the park while I meet up with the fibro warriors group. He has to work all day, but he knows I need a break from the little ones. Of course, I had to promise him that "little Ted" will get some attention later, tee-hee. So, who wants to join me for a few mojitos after our meetup?

by Cherylreply 14105/13/2017

Ted can be such a sweetheart! You're lucky to have him.

I'm down for mojitos, but only if we recreate the events at R140! Who's got a rooftop? The fucking super locked ours after Marnie chundered all over the place last New Years 😒.

by Cherylreply 14205/14/2017

I don't think I'll be able to make Brunchausen. I received my lab results yesterday, and as I predicted, my Epstein Barr titers were elevated again, which explains why it's been a heroic struggle to get up every morning. I need to dedicate today to ME and allow myself to take a breather and rest up for the undoubtedly trying week ahead. Ron's taking the kids over to his mom's, so I've got the house all to myself for a brief moment in time. I know that tomorrow, it'll be back to business as usual, as I bravely hide my tears and pain and persevere for the sake of Ron and the girls, but for today, I am going to exhale.

by Cherylreply 14305/14/2017

I'm so glad my Cal & Your Ted have become fast friends at the Gym! They seem to bond over their shared struggle as Fibro adjacents. They seem to get a real release in the different sports & other related activities.

I know sometimes Cal comes home just spent from his rigorous workouts- but I feel he's made a real lifetime connection!

by Cherylreply 14405/14/2017

Oh it would be wonderful if my Ron could join Cal and Ted for workouts. Ron's been saying forever how he'd love to bone up on ways to alleviate stress caused by my daily struggle. I'm sure if Cal and Ted could take Ron under their wing at the gym, Ron would get down on his knees and thank them for taking away some of the stress.

by Cherylreply 14505/14/2017

I'd like to attend the fibro brunch with my kiddos, Emma and Lily, but I want to confirm that NO vaccinated children will be there. I read an article from somewhere recently, and it said that vaccines can exude through the skin and cause "touch" autism in unvaccinated kids.

The world is a dangerous place! My joints are on fire with all this stress. I think a little Ghiradelli cocoa powder in this morning's smoothie would help 😋

by Cherylreply 14605/14/2017

I believe my little guy Jaydon developed autism after a mandatory flu shot at the school last year. I've been to three pediatricians begging for help and none of them believe that Jaydon is on the spectrum. I don't know where these quacks got their degrees. It's been just awful for me. I'm at my wit's end trying to find a pediatrician who will diagnose my little guy properly. Can anyone recommend a pediatrician with experience in properly diagnosing autism? The stress is aggravating my IBS-d, and I need to constantly be near a bathroom.

by Cherylreply 14705/14/2017

The Universe never gives you more than you can handle, bitches! I believe I will handle a double cheeseburger with freedom fries. Who's with me? Trish?

by Cherylreply 14805/14/2017

Good news! Our voice has been heard! Pfizer is now releasing Lryrica in five delicious gummy flavors: kiwi-strawberry, watermelon-lime, triple berry mocha, Bahama Blast, and cherry cheesecake 😋

by Cherylreply 14905/14/2017

I am in extreme emotional pain. My idiot mother in law called and wanted to know if I had received the $200.00 check she sent for Jayden's birthday present. I told her it had indeed arrived, I cashed it and bought him several new video games with it. This insufferable woman then wanted to know why neither I nor Jayden had not bothered to acknowledge this gift. I told her neither I nor Jayden had the time for outdated social mores and customs from the 20th century. I'm a busy, busy woman and don't have time to teach my children courtesy, politeness and thankfulness. Our daily presence in the world is the gift we give to the world on a daily basis.

I need comforting, sisters. How do I deal with such rudeness? I'm going to make a cup of tea and take an Ambien or three to calm down, then take a 12 hour nap. Please think of me and my pain and tell me how I can continue to cope with this onslaught of abuse.

by Cherylreply 15005/14/2017

Whenever I get down about my health issues and grow weary of always been my family's superhero, I look to my faith to get me through. I think to myself, God's got this. You can never go wrong when you go with God.

by Cherylreply 15105/14/2017

Trish, my hubby Cal has been so happy since he joined the boys workout group. Three times a week he packs his gear and heads out. Yes, we have to pay for a sitter because I can't watch the kids, but it's worth it. He says he's getting just what he needs and he's really looking buff. And he doesn't seem so hang-dog when I don't want to make whoppee. It's so cute, he's gen ordering more special workout many jock straps does one man need? Bur bless him for letting me make time for ME! It doesn't happen often, girls.

by Cherylreply 15205/14/2017

R148 You know I'm down for that double cheeseburger! Mother's Day festivities are winding down so just let me know when and were.

R152 Good for Cal! Sometimes the boys just need time away from us gals, you know? Of course you do, because it's the same for us! We need some WE time! By the way, did anyone find a roof yet? Need those mojitos!

by Cherylreply 15305/14/2017

My Brock has also made a lot of friends at the new gym! He was received well (by Ted, Cal & Ron) once he opened up to them! After a period of learning the ropes! Everyone has to start at the bottom, he says!

With my reoccurring flare ups, it's great that he has a place to work up a sweat and stay connected!

by Cherylreply 15405/15/2017

Trisha Honey - I'm wondering about that new gym! There are more & more cars after hours? Are there alit of cleaning people?

by Cherylreply 15505/15/2017

If anyone's interested, my Jim joined a support group for husbands of we warriors called Fi-Bros. The fellas meet once a week to share their stories of living with us heroic women. He's made some wonderful friends there and seems so much happier and content since he joined.

by Cherylreply 15605/15/2017

When Betty and I were doing our monthly "Buddy Booby" check, she thought it was a lump but it turned out to be a Whitman's Sampler bon bon I had lost and smashed into the undercarriage.

I was so relieved. And she said it still tasted good enough.

by Cherylreply 15705/15/2017

Girls, I had to call in sick at work...again. I had 100 to-dos on my agenda today, but the fibro won out this morning. Chad, that gay guy who sits two cubes away, will need to pick up my projects...again. He seems very sensitive, as many of THEM are, so I'm sure he'll be more than happy to carry his workload as well as my own today in the name of compassion. If he has to stay after working hours, than so be it. For him it probably means skipping the gym and whatever mischief he gets into there. Meanwhile, I think I'll break out my Queer as Folk DVDs. A little Brian and Justin hot-and-heavy is just what I need to give me a lift.

by Cherylreply 15805/15/2017

Unlike management, Fran, I'm keeping track of your absences. They may not care because I keep your projects on track, but I'm done covering for you. I'm building a work avoidance case to send to HR.

by Cherylreply 15905/15/2017

Oh and PS, I'm fucking all of y'all's husbands at he gym. That bitch Cal, she knows how to take a fist. And Miss Ron, lord chile, she has SOME gag reflex on her!

by Cherylreply 16005/15/2017

Hang in there, ladies! God is not done with us yet!

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by Cherylreply 16105/15/2017

I know this is a parody thread, but it gives me a bit of PTSD with how sadly accurate it is describing numerous patients I have seen over the years. They come in and present me with a list of their prescription medications that usually includes some combination of the following: an anticonvulsant/neurologic for pain/nerve dysfunction like gabapentin/Neurontin or pregabalin/Lyrica; an SNRI antidepressant for MDD, GAD, pain, neuropathy like duloxetine/Cymbalta or venlafaxine/Effexor; a muscle relaxant like tizanidine/Zanaflex or cyclobenzaprine/Flexeril; a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory like naproxen, diclofenac, etodolac and/or topical diclofenac gel/Voltaren Gel; a corticosteroid like prednisone, prednisolone or methylprednisolone for those bad flares with swollen joints; an opioid pain medication, usually tramadol HCl, hydrocodone/acetaminophen (Vicodin, Norco, et al) or oxycodone/APAP (Percocet) for those really bad pain flares; oh, and don't forget the benzodiazepine (usually lorazepam/Ativan, clonazepam/Klonopin or alprazolam/Xanax) for anxiety and insomnia; and if no benzo, then usually a Z-drug (which are sister drugs to benzodiazepines) like zolpidem/Ambien, eszopiclone/Lunesta or zaleplon/Sonata for insomnia. And they are completely baffled as to why they would feel like shit and can barely get out of bed every day. Hmm, I wonder why...

by Cherylreply 16205/15/2017

I would cradle my mug, but the fibro is really wearing me down today. I had to beg my hubs, Brad----who is THE sweetest hubby in the world, by the way and sorry ladies, he's MINE!----to make morning coffee for me and pour it into my "Fibro Warrior" mug. I cold barely pull my favorite "Quacker Factory " sweater on, but my inner warrior prevailed and I was also able to pull on a pair of yoga pants. I can also feel an episode of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome coming on, but I AM STRONG! I WILL NOT GIVE IN! No one sees my tears. I have to stay strong---for my family.

This effort so exhausted me, that Brad took my precious angels, Jax'xx'uhn and M'a' 'k'a'y'l'a, to school on his way to work. I used to work, but the combo platter of Fibro, CFS, Epstein-Barr, post postpartum depression ( since M'a' 'k'a'y'l'a's birth seven years ago ) IBS and plantar fasciaitis have rendered me unable to return to the working world.

But, don't pity me. I AM BLESSED! Why? Because I am suffering the way my lord and savior Jesus Christ suffered! Everytime I curl up on the couch with my "Fibro Warrior" mug of chamomile tea and my "Hello Kitty" Snuggie, I am reminded of the pain and suffering Jesus experienced and endured for us.

And you know what, world!? I WILL live! I WILL laugh! I WILL love! I WILL dance as if no one is looking!




I AM a warrior ! I WILL survive! #blessed

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by Cherylreply 16305/15/2017

r163, your post would bring tears to my eyes, if not for my dry eye syndrome. Soldier on, hon, and know that I am sobbing on the inside for you.

by Cherylreply 16405/15/2017

I wish that I could "Dance as if no one were watching" , but my Restless Leg Syndrome is acting up.

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by Cherylreply 16505/15/2017

It's a new week, girls! A food truck festival's rolling into town this Wednesday and the news alone is making me wet!

by Cherylreply 16605/15/2017

Trish, I can't tell you how lucky you are. I suffer from FSAD (female sexual arousal disorder), and I haven't been able to get moist "down there" in seven years. Thank goodness for my Jim. He is so patient and understanding. Any other man would've left.

by Cherylreply 16705/15/2017

Marge R155, don't worry at all about the new gym. I called the Chief of Police and he said he was going to get right on top of it! Then I called our Town Supervisor and he swore he was going to get to the bottom of it!

by Cherylreply 16805/15/2017

My Bob is so cute. You know what that sweetie of mine did? He joined the local gym last month, with the hope that his getting in shape would lift my crushed spirits from having to cope with fibro every day. What a guy! He spends hours there every night building up his body to lift me emotionally. He's been there for three hours tonight. I feel like I don't deserve him...the things he sacrifices just for me.However, I think the working out is affecting his skin. I've noticed chafing at the opening of Bob's butt-hole, and just the other night there was some yellowish crust on his chin. Can the increased sweating be causing these issues?

by Cherylreply 16905/15/2017

Girls, what a day! My fibro flared up, and I called in sick. But the mailman brought a 20% off coupon to Home Goods so I made an effort (yoga pants and my fav Quaker Factory top and went to the mall. Found some great stuff (saved a bundle by spending $200) then felt my blood sugar start to crash. Luckily Panera is on the way home. Cal just texted me that he's gunna be late, tonight is a special class at the gym, so I called my MIL to pick up the kids and feed them. She's a bitch but she loves my girls...I'll retreat to my room and send her a text to tuck them into bed when she brings them home. I need to do some serious ebay'ing and resting up, I'm exhausted.

by Cherylreply 17005/15/2017

My M'Kayela is already showing symptoms of F and I'm devastated. Today she whimpered, "Mommy, my knees hoot". I had to hand her over to Manny and flee to my rooms for the rest of the day, pounding my pillow and demanding of The Lord, "Whyyyy?!".

I told Manny over the intercom to let her stay home and watch all the "bad" shows (Maury, Wendy Williams, Steve Wilkos, The View...) as compensation.

I think she may have to be home-schooled.

by Cherylreply 17105/15/2017

Donna, Velma, Midge, Madison, Sheree, Shelly, Michelle, Fran, Lynn, Marge... you are all 𝕘𝕠𝕕𝕕𝕖𝕤𝕤𝕖𝕤 and you have my 𝓵𝓸𝓿𝓮.

by Cherylreply 17205/15/2017

I read this thread while proctoring an exam and I'm afraid my muffled guffaws may have distracted the students. Hope they didn't fail.

by Cherylreply 17305/15/2017

When this thread is made into a movie, Constance McCashin MUST play "Trish"!

by Cherylreply 17405/15/2017

This is the best thread on datalounge in years

by Cherylreply 17505/15/2017

My perfect evening : A box of zinfandel and an NCIS marathon.

by Cherylreply 17605/15/2017

Hey Trish, maybe we don't need a rooftop!

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by Cherylreply 17705/15/2017

R117 OMG, that song in the background was my jam!

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by Cherylreply 17805/15/2017

Jesus is my boyfriend and my kitty is my fur baby. I am blessed with the purrfect family.

by Cherylreply 17905/16/2017

So I told Ted about the upcoming Brunchausen (If I can make it, I want to help with that delicious, gluten-free donut wall!). I took his hands in mine, stared at those gorgeous chestnut eyes, and said that while his understanding & support is more precious to me than almost everything else, I just needed to be in the company of those who knew what it was like to live with fibro. Girls, Ted's jaw dropped, he was silent for several seconds, and at just that moment his Pseudobulbar Syndrome kicked in.

by Cherylreply 18005/16/2017

My Brock (my rock) has joined Cal & Ted in their new endeavor: As middle aged Tour de France cyclists (or so they think). They look absolutely ridiculous in bike pants tighter then my LuLus!

They're always planning some 20k here, 30k there (how far can we cycle from the house)! The weekends were my time to be carried from room to room and spoon fed!

They're always so giggly and slapping each other's asses! I DON'T KNOW WHERE THIS IS GOING!!!

by Cherylreply 18105/16/2017

[quote] The weekends were my time to be carried from room to room and spoon fed!

I hear they have assisted suicide clinics in Europe now, you sound like a candidate.

by Cherylreply 18205/16/2017

Girls-it's a miracle! I completely cured of my fibro

I had a bad attack this morning where I couldn't even get out of bed. My Bert came in with our favorite vet, Dr. Snagglepuss, and said they had a solution that would permanently resolve my symptoms and relax me. Dr. Snagglepuss proceed to pull out this big syringe and just as he was about to give it to me, I sprang out of bed and ran. I must've run 5 miles without even a twinge!

Anyways, all's good now. I'm sorry I won't be able to join you gals again but Bert wants to make sure I'm fully recovered. He's let Consuela go and he wants me to cook and clean. He wants me to let him know if I feel even the slightest ache because he'll then call for Dr. Snagglepuss to come around for a more "permanent" solution.

by Cherylreply 18305/16/2017

I can't wait for the Will and Grace re-boot. Debra Messing is a GODDESS and an inspiration! Plus, the little gay guy is a scream! I'm trying to become friends with the gay guy at work, all us girls need a Jack on our lives to tell us how fabulous we are, right?

by Cherylreply 18405/16/2017

Bitch, even if you bothered to ever even come into work, I wouldn't be friends with you!

by Cherylreply 18505/16/2017

R181 Sorry Trish, I just don't want MY Brock spending Saturdays & Sundays with his face 30 inches from Ted's Hole cycling in a line for fifty miles! With Cal 30 inches behind Him!

With their big plump butts sausaged into those XXX BIKE PANTS & hoisted in the air like porn stars!

I want him to totally recommit to my illnesses, my medications, my recovery, my setbacks- is that too much to ask?

by Cherylreply 18605/16/2017

Oh Chad, you know I love you! Fran might not, but I certainly do. In fact, I love you and all my office gays. You, Bradley, Charles, Roger, Sebastian, Martin, and Chester. You are my gays, and I love and respect you all. I know you feel the same about me. You have been great sounding boards for my fibro issues, and I'm always here to discuss your latest grindr hookups and cheating boyfriends. I love our mutual admiration society.

by Cherylreply 18705/16/2017

R180 wins the internet with "Pseudobulbar Syndrome"!

by Cherylreply 18805/16/2017

Thank you, R188. But please, let's get back to the true heroes of this thread: the Brendas, the Shawnas, the Allisons, and the Staceys--those languid thespians--gallantly performing their roles of women in faux pain and lamentable ennui. These are the real champions in this story...well, if there was an actual struggle and if they were actually fighting to escape their suburban tar pits, that is.

by Cherylreply 18905/16/2017

Bob just called. Looks like it'll be another late night at the gym for him. He's such a cutie! My fibro is particularly bad today. I sense that the level of pain is directly proportional to pollen count, which has been very high. That in itself works to exacerbate my chronic sinusitis, and the fibro and sinusitis conspire to make my life miserable. However, I will soldier through and pick up the phone and place a Dominos order. Sometimes it takes all of my strength to just pick up that phone, which at my worst state, feels like it weighs a ton. But I do what I need to do, because the kids need me. Bob says he'll slurp up some protein thingy at the gym in lieu of dinner. He's so wonderful...always thinking of ways to spare me and my aching joints!

by Cherylreply 19005/16/2017

"Every girl is a princess to somebody."

by Cherylreply 19105/16/2017

Life happens...Chardonnay helps!🍷

by Cherylreply 19205/16/2017

Just a second, I have to break up a fight between my two true loves.

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by Cherylreply 19305/16/2017

It wasn't until I saw that image that I finally understood Sophie's Choice.

by Cherylreply 19405/16/2017

I have a touch of hysterical blindness again, so I won't be able to pick up the kids from soccer practice. Sue, if you could pick up the kids and maybe give them a snack, that would be wonderful. Just a reminder that Sadie cannot have peanuts, and under no condition must Max must eat any GMO foods.

by Cherylreply 19505/16/2017

Girls, I need the support of my fibro-warrior sisters like never before. I just returned from the pediatrician and my amazing little angel SchylerLeigh-Lynn has been diagnosed with aquagenic urticaria. Yes, she's allergic to water. What kind of life can she have when she can't even look forward to some deserved ME time with a bubble bath and a bottle of chardonnay like mommy? I thought her and her brother Colt-tan being allergic to peanuts, gluten, and electric fields was bad enough! I just know this latest set-back will cause my Chronic fatigue to flare up. I've already sent an email to my boss letting him know I'll be out for at least the next week. He's soo understanding. Sisters, what can I do to cheer myself up? Thankfully both my Mom and MIL are super happy to take of kiddo-care duties for me so I'll have oodles of free time.

by Cherylreply 19605/16/2017

OK. This is not funny. Someone named "Dawson" signed up for our Google Fibro hangout. First of all, men are usually not allowed and quite frankly he was VERY disrespectful of our struggle. I certainly hope this isn't one of you.

by Cherylreply 19705/16/2017

Fellow Fibro Amazon Glamazons! I want to update you. I struggled this morning, but managed to get to work. Granted, I was a wee bit tardy (10:30) but I made it in. Did some things, then while at lunch had a panic attack. I texted my boss on the way home (with a pit stop at Tuesday Morning) and just about managed to make it into my favorite Snuggie before my fibro kicked in big time. I'm self-medicating (rose) and ordering Dominos for the girls.

Thank the goddess for Cal's gym buddies. He's all excited because Bob and Ted are also setting him up to be one of those foster mentors for underprivileged kids. Apparently he's going to be a Daddy for some deserving boy. The guys are all excited, they're apparently going shopping for some toys to use, too.

by Cherylreply 19805/16/2017

R196 I'm so sorry to hear about SchylerLeigh-Lynn's new allergy! I don't know if this'll help, but I went to the mall yesterday and saw signs for a waterless car wash? I didn't look into it, but perhaps this technology can be modified for human use? I'm going back tonight, so I'll do some research for you, hun.

by Cherylreply 19905/16/2017

You bitches are savage for this thread 😂

by Cherylreply 20005/16/2017

Girls, sometimes I feel a little "dry" down there....Brad is starting to think I'm not interested :(

by Cherylreply 20105/16/2017

Trish, are we doing our weekly fibro support group meeting? Who's turn is it to host? I'd like to nominate Midge, she has that huge TV (the better to watch Magic Mike) and I know her MIL will supply some snacks. And since its potluck, can I bring my famous Ambrosia, made with hand crafted, organic marshmallows?

by Cherylreply 20205/16/2017

I'm thrilled to announce my newest adventure, one to show the world that fibro can't stop us. I'm climbing Mount Everest!! I'm wearing a gray ribbon AND a pink feather boa on the way up, so everything's covered! I will be Snapchatting several times a day and documenting every painful yet liberating step on Facebook.

I will be starting a GoFundMe page shortly. I'm hoping to to buy a special package offered to the chronically I'll. The Sherpa straps a chair of your choice onto his back and carries you up during fibro flares. It's called Summits for the Sensitive. They have a flat screen at base camp too!

by Cherylreply 20305/16/2017


by Cherylreply 20405/16/2017


by Cherylreply 20505/16/2017

I'm thinking of asking my hubby to turn the couch into a full-scale kitchen and bathroom combination.

by Cherylreply 20605/16/2017

My Rich is SO thoughtful! I found these beads in his gym bag - he must have picked them up on his way home for me, knowing I love my crafting. I'm going to overcome my adrenal fatigue for as long as it takes to get these beads to my neighbour and have her fashion them into a necklace for me.

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by Cherylreply 20705/16/2017

Just a visual reminder of the strength inside every woman.


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by Cherylreply 20805/16/2017

Bob is also quite thoughtful. I found something called a "personal lubricant" in his gym bag. He turned pale when I told him I discovered it. He then told me that he wanted it to be a surprise, that the gel was for me and that it has magical powers that ease joint pain. So, Jenn, your beads certainly are a nice gift, and I hate to play one-upmanship, but I think Bob's gift was much more thoughtful. Yes, when it comes to gift-giving, my Bob tops your Rich.

by Cherylreply 20905/16/2017


I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy today. I got as far as the sidewalk and collapsed into violent sobs. Security footage shows me curled into a fetal position and stepped over by dozens of pedestrians (my Attorney has been informed of this).

Then a kindly old black lady bent down and gave me her weathered, ashy hand. In my delirium apparently I asked, "Are you God?".

This has been a devastating experience for me. I've informed my employer that I will be taking a leave of absence indefinitely. But between you and me- when my issues are all totaled- I don't know how I can ever return to the workaday world.

Maybe I can make a living selling on Etsy.

by Cherylreply 21005/16/2017

Tahnee, my heart goes out to your, hon. I remember when you were diagnosed with Lyme last week and Sjogren's syndrome just the week before that. I saw you struggle to work and maintain a normal family life through those two devastating diagnoses. But now THIS! It would be too much for anyone to bear. Godspeed, hon.

by Cherylreply 21105/16/2017

Tahnee, we must star a GoFundMe page for you, I think two weeks at a spa would help, a lot. Oh, and Cal asked me to ask you if Jeff has any interest in joining his workout group. Let me know.

by Cherylreply 21205/16/2017

Trish, you are truly a godsend! While you're at the mall, can you pop into Lulu for me? I've been waiting for them to finally get some of those cute cropped yoga pants in size 12. I've had to switch my entire wardrobe to stretch fabrics and oversized tops as I never know when my fibro will start being cranky. While the kids are with my MIL, I'm going to get out the iPad and see what I've been missing on eBay and Zulilly. Having kiddos who are allergic to electro fields has really cramped my shopping. STRENGTH!!!

by Cherylreply 21305/16/2017

This thread is a riot! I know SO MANY woman like this...suburban housewives with maybe a clerical job on the side who seem to be come down with one psychosomatic illness after another, and then never let the world forget how much they heroically and bravely overcome their suffering on a daily basis in order to be strong for their family and friends. So true to life.

by Cherylreply 21405/16/2017

Our struggle is real, R214! You must be a white, cis-male.

by Cherylreply 21505/16/2017

Girls, I've taken a brave step that I hope will inspire fellow warrior sisters. I'm going to legally change my name to Jeń~nofear, because after overcoming atopic dermatitis and with God at my side I am no longer afraid. I am a fighter.

Midge, your Bob is such a top guy. I do love my Rich, theLord knows he tries, but he does seem to be always beneath other men. Thankfully he has his Fi-Bros to lead him.

by Cherylreply 21605/16/2017

Remember, it's fibro-OUR-algia. We're all in this together.

by Cherylreply 21705/16/2017

I work with a woman named Kathryn who broke her femur in February and still uses a cane or walker. And still displays all the get-well plants she received on her desk. She'll enter the building and make her way down the hall, telling whoever will listen "the latest developments" on her way back to her desk ("My Doctor says...").

She can't let it go.

by Cherylreply 21805/16/2017

Fellow warriors, I'm so excited! My new Fibro Warrior tattoo is amazing! It hurt, but the pain was nothing compared to a fibro flareup of course. Evan, the tattoo artist looks a little scary, but he's sooooo nice! I highly recommend him if you're planning on getting some ink!

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by Cherylreply 21905/16/2017

Bad news ladies. I cradled my mug too hard this morning and it shattered. Blood was everywhere and the coffee was scalding, but the sweet old woman across the hall helped me bandage my hands. They're in so much pain I can barely type. I fear I'll be unable to handle chopsticks for lunchtime ramen. Please pray for my speedy convalescence.

by Cherylreply 22005/17/2017

Chad, the nasty queen at work who I thought was one of my gays, came up to me, accused me of lying about my medical conditions in order to avoid doing work, and then proceeded to tell me that I put the "fib" in "fibromyalgia." With all the finite strength I could muster, I shot right back at that little queen, and told him that he puts the "ho" in "homosexual." Oh yes, I know all about the twisted sexual situations he gets into. Ssshhh, you didn't hear it from me, but he and Christian have an open relationship. Anyhoo, that confrontation took the stuffing right out of me, and I had to head home for the rest of the day. I'm sure Chad is cursing me out, but I realize that that is just reflective of that little fag's misogyny. Anyway, I need to think about ME for a change.

by Cherylreply 22105/17/2017

Trish, I am so sorry to hear about your latest trauma. If you need any pain meds (My amazing little Colt-tan calls them my "Mommy smile pills") let me know. I have plenty.

Midge, I totally feel your pain and confusion. I have never for the life of me understood why the gays in my office get so bent out of shape when I have to take a few weeks off here and there to deal with an ailment, or when one of my kiddos has a science project due. What do they have to get home to that's so important? Feeding their cat? Cruising a gym shower? I mean really! Where is the compassion? They are so selfish.

Remember sisters, we are WARRIORS and WE. WILL. PERSEVERE!

by Cherylreply 22205/17/2017

Gals, thank you for this web-thread. I don't have fibro presently but I am definitely pre-fibro. My doctor hasn't been able to make an "official" diagnosis, but I often I feel 'icky' all over and tender to the touch. It's terrifying to know that fibro is my future and to be honest, gals, I spend most evenings sobbing in bed while my husband Kurt snores beside me. When I shake him awake he tells me to leave him alone and call myself an ambulance!! Ladies, I need your support as I begin my journey to incapacitation!!! To make things even worse I have terrible excema on my ankles which makes it nearly impossible for me to walk. Today I had to walk to the car and drive myself to a meeting with Montana's pre-school teacher. I nearly fainted from the stabbing sensation on my ankles as I walked and every time I had to put my foot on the gas or the brake pedal the pain made me scream for dear Jesus to take me home. I was sobbing and groaning during the meeting and that ridiculous 24-year-old teacher just stared like she'd never seen a she-ro battling pain. Someday, Jenna, someday! Anyway, most afternoons I watch "The Talk" but Trish, if you feel better soon I would love to meet you for some rooftop Margaritas and maybe I could meet you other gals for a trip to Tuesday Morning?

by Cherylreply 22305/17/2017

Celebrating my 25th month-iversary of being a proud, sexy, fibro-STRONG [italic]Mama[/italic]. I've made another boudoir book for my hubby to celebrate my [italic]journey[/italic]. He's going to throw ALL of his porn away when he sees this!

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by Cherylreply 22405/17/2017

Ladies? Trish?

I don't mean to be a bitch, but it took a lot for me to put myself "out there" - especially with my pre-fibro and my excema and my daughter's issues. But even with all of that, I got up my courage and reached out because I thought it might be fun to join Trish for some naughty cocktails or go shopping with the rest of you gals. But then I got ignored!!

Well you can just diddle my tits!!!! You sound like a bunch of lez-bos anyway!!

by Cherylreply 22505/17/2017

Joyce, you sound like a desperate attention seeker. That type of personality trait goes against what we fibro warriors stand for. We purposely downplay our endless array of symptoms, our struggles, and the heroism we display on a daily basis, in order to avoid the spotlight. We do not want to be the center of attention. We are wallflowers standing in the corner laughing on the outside but crying on the inside. You'd best do the same and not try to be the center of the party. For heaven's sake, picking up the lamp, removing the shade, and placing on my head completely saps me of energy and exacerbates my joint and muscle issues.

by Cherylreply 22605/17/2017

Hi Ladies! Oh , am I glad I FOUND this wonderful group! You see, I have self diagnosed my self as having fibro. I looked up the symptoms on WebMD, and yes----I too, am a member of "The Sisterhood". At least I know I do not have to face this alone. I am in the process of filing for disability, and I'm sure my daily struggles will result ion me getting a swift and favorable decision.

As I read through your stories, I felt tears well up in eyes. What a strong, courageous and inspirational group you all are! I felt as if I were experiencing ALL of your pains and sorrows..joys and triumphs...and yes...your LAUGHTER! You "Wonder Women" LAUGH at your crippling pain! What truly amazes me are those of you with multiple issues such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Restless Leg Syndrome, Dry Eyes, etc in addition to the fibro. I can only hope to draw strength from all of you and begin my road to healing.

My meemaw used to say" God only gives you what he think you can handle". Well, God must think we amazing women can handle whatever he dishes out!

Have a blessed day!

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by Cherylreply 22705/17/2017

I decided to get another fibro warrior tattoo. What do you think of this one?

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by Cherylreply 22805/17/2017

Someone told me that in Greek, "fibro" means "recognize" and "algia" means "being."

by Cherylreply 22905/17/2017

R207, give them a good sniff before you use them. My on DH brought me a similar strand of beads and they had an odor about them. It must have been the way they were manufactured (in China of course -- we stand with you, oppressed Chinese workers!).

by Cherylreply 23005/17/2017

"Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Mind. Body. Spirit."

by Cherylreply 23105/17/2017

Tammy, you sound so fun! (Unlike some others!!)

Let's meet at the Mug 'n Muffin tomorrow morning, around 8:45. I'm so looking forward to sharing our issues, it sounds like we have so much in common!!!

Also, I don't mean to bring you down, but I started getting terrible neck pain after I read an earlier judgmental post from Brenda and now I can't turn my head at all. Can you believe it? On top of my pre-fibro, excema, and all of the issues with my daughter Montana.

But we can talk about all of that tomorrow, Tammy. (If I'm in too much pain to get out of the car, I'll just toot on my car horn until you come help me. TIA!)

by Cherylreply 23205/17/2017

I've found some more pictures to add to my positivity board at work. So far I have several of the kiddos, Ted (of course!), my fur babies, Lena Dunham, Deb, (she is so positive, she's such a light and inspiration), as well as some tranquil scenes with inspirational quotes. I've found that there needs to be room for positive thinking, even in the workplace. It's my cubicle, I need the daily reminders, and I don't care that that little queen, Chad, rolls his eyes every time he sees it. What a negative bitch he is, and here I thought he was one of my gays. Whenever I have had enough of his toxicity, I look at my positivity board and am reminded of the good things in life. I hope your workplace allows you to have such a safe space.

by Cherylreply 23305/17/2017

My goodness, I am amazed at how many of my fierce fibro warriors are married to special guys named Ted! My Ted is the wonderful and loving fiend, mentor, and life partner who--when I told him I needed to spend time with people who understood how lives are affected by fibromyalgia--laughed at me. Hysterically. Uncontrollably. Until tears ran down his cheeks like rivers. For over an hour.

Now as a committed life partner I totally understand that his pseudobulbar affect syndrome makes him prone to laughing fits. I do. And yet, the little girl inside me felt like he was laughing [italic]at[/italic] me and not with me. But then, as I saw him try to stop the laughter (by hitting the pressure points on his knees with his open palms, and yelling at his disease by shouting "Angie, just make this stop already!" or "Are you fucking kidding me?" In-between laughs), I felt relieved...and a little guilty for doubting my brave spouse of choice.

I was unprepared for the fibro pain his little episode sent my way. Girls, I was sent into a shame spiral! I probably shouldn't have, but I took three lorazepam tablets, an Ambien, and washed them down with a glass of Pinot Noir. I don't know how I did it, but thankfully I was able to grab a pint of Haagen Das, some Dove dark chocolate hearts, and an Orangina and then make my way back upstairs to the bedroom before my energy completely left me. Depression just hurts. Well, so does my anxiety. And then there's my TMJ. Oh, almost forgot my knee meniscus pains! Did I tell you that my arms and hands flared up so much that I couldn't hold my iPad and shop for new lululemons? My dear Alexa computer thing has been my salvation as I just say "Alexa, what's on sale in yoga pants?" and she tells me. She also is now playing My Fight Song just loud enough to drown out Ted downstairs.

I should probably...I really shou..I haf twin dau...I have twin daughters...I should shek on zem...I zhould...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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by Cherylreply 23405/17/2017

Girls, I think Bob is seeing another woman. This has been my greatest fear throughout this seemingly endless struggle, and now I'm afraid that my biggest fear is coming true. The other night in his sleep, he called out the name Terry over and over. In my fatigued haze, I thought maybe he was saying "beri beri," which we suspected I had in 2015. But then I realized it was "Terry." What if my heroic struggles have been too much for his male ego, and he's turned to another woman?? I've got to find out who she is. I think I'm going to ask his workout buddy Terrence if he can shed some light on this. I know Bob confides in him.

by Cherylreply 23505/17/2017

Oh Midge. My heart goes out to you. You are a warrior, never forget that. If it is another woman, maybe you could try some vaginal tightening exercises or even vaginal rejuvenation surgery to keep things nice down there for Bob. I know you shouldn't have to, but you know how men can be. I'll do anything for my Ted, he puts up with so much, looking after the kiddos when I"m down with fibro, it's the least I can do for him.

by Cherylreply 23605/17/2017

Midge, you special Warrior woman! Your DH was saying "tear me, tear me" because he is articulating the fear that your dreaded disease is going to rip you away from him. As my husband spends any time working out with your hubby yet? I'll suggest it to him and that might help. I had a tough day too. My MIL made a nasty comment via text when I suggested the kids spend the night after she feeds them din-din. I've been so exhausted all week I could prepare any meals.

by Cherylreply 23705/17/2017

Remember your strength girls.

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by Cherylreply 23805/17/2017

Madi and all you ladies, I love you all! What in the world would I do without my fibosisters?!?! You and my precious Jesus are the only things I feel I can count on nowadays.

by Cherylreply 23905/17/2017

Hi there to all my fellow fibro-warriors! I am so glad I discovered this inspirational place!

I have been too hampered by my fibro to go into work this week--sitting in my cube makes me flare up BIG TIME, sisters--but I did feel a tinch better today and made it to Hobby Lobby with my bestie, Misty. She has been down herself lately with undiagnosed neuropathy. Makes it hard to keep up with her Corgi rescue project, that's for sure!

I felt a little guilty once I got home with my craft supplies, though! My old pal fibro has stopped me from finishing the last 12 craft projects, but the 15 shadow boxes I bought today really inspired me! I've hidden them in the garage for now, since Thad (the Hubby) is still a little testy that I've turned his office into my craft room!

Oh! After Hobby Lobby, Misty and I popped in the cutest shop and bought these matching shirts! Coffee and Jesus--that's what gets us through some days, am I right???

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by Cherylreply 24005/17/2017

I love the way that little fag Chad pronounces fibrosis as "fibrothis." When he's confronting me and mocking my symptoms and struggles, it's really hard to take him seriously with that lisp. I love my gays in the office, really I do, but sometimes I find myself having to hold back the giggles when he and some of the others talk. And as you know, holding things in is not good for the conditions I suffer from, as all of that inward turmoil serves no purpose but to exacerbate my myriad of symptoms. But I pity him in a way, and I wouldn't want him to see me laughing. Oh, the sacrifices I make!

by Cherylreply 24105/17/2017

what the fuck is a fight song?

by Cherylreply 24205/17/2017

Best "frau" thread since "Sows at the Trough"

by Cherylreply 24305/17/2017

Oh Lindzee, you have to watch out for those gays like Chad. They can be bitchier than women!

by Cherylreply 24405/17/2017


by Cherylreply 24505/17/2017

So, I was trying to be nice and I invited Chad and his hubby over for a home-cooked, gluten-free dinner. I thought it'd be so awesome for me to get to know a real gay couple and he shot me down! First he said they were busy this Saturday, and the one after that too! Can you believe it? I'm a pretty open-minded person and I've always wanted to be friends with a gay couple. If they're going to be so rude, I don't see the point. Oh well, he's always rolled his eyes whenever I talk about my fibro and my fellow fibro warriors.

by Cherylreply 24605/17/2017

I scrapbooked copies of all my medical records, x-rays and prescriptions, and presented each of my children with a bound volume.

by Cherylreply 24705/17/2017

Oh how I wish I'd had my babies placentas encapsulated. My bff, Mya, takes a placenta capsule each day and her fibro doesn't flare up as often. I was a fool to bury mine under the oak in the front yard.

by Cherylreply 24805/17/2017

[quote]what the fuck is a fight song?

Learn it, love it, and live it, bitch:

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by Cherylreply 24905/17/2017

The only way that dumb so is remotely bearable

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by Cherylreply 25005/17/2017

I'm so happy to have found such strong and supportive women who understand what it's like to live with an invisible disability such as fibro.

Ladies, I'm ordering all of us a fibro coloring book. It's so cute! You can add your own personal mantras for those dark hopeless days when you feel emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually drained. My mantras always give me the strength and courage to smile. We'll get through this together.

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by Cherylreply 25105/17/2017

Anne, thank you so much for this coloring book suggestion. I'm smiling through the pain as I order it. My fibro warrior sisters are by bedrock. I praise Jesus that my MIL has my kiddos tonight so that they don't have to see Mommy cry yet again, and that my Steven has his gym friends to keep him busy from my many miseries. We are BLESSED!

by Cherylreply 25205/17/2017

Look ladies: this is the cutest card that Suzy in Petty Cash Reimbursement sent me. She is one of the Sisterhood, and knows my pain almost as well as I do myself. God love her--she's a gal after my own heart!

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by Cherylreply 25305/17/2017

This is really a,good thread . LOL

by Cherylreply 25405/18/2017

So I woke up this morning face down on the kitchen floor with my poor head keeping the refrigerator door open. It took all my strength to sit up. Taped to the island just above the kitty feeding system was a note with "READ ME" written on it. I leaned forward (oh, my lumbago!), opened it, and read. "Angie, the girls and I have gone to stay with my friend Chad for awhile. --Ted. P.S. What a lovely site you gave your daughters this morning. You and the linoleum are made for each other: you're both cold to the touch...and flat."

Ted is quite the kidder!

by Cherylreply 25505/18/2017

I can't wait to see my Rich cradling this mug! I just know he'll LOVE it! Maybe I should get two so he can have one at home and one at the office? This will surely be one of the most thoughtful birthday gifts I've given him.

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by Cherylreply 25605/18/2017

"Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is a little voice at the end of the day that says, 'I'll try again tomorrow.'"

by Cherylreply 25705/18/2017

Well, that other fibrofish I work with, Connie, is out sick again. She emailed our department this morning saying that "Forget about hitting a home run....I can't even step up to the plate this morning." I don't do football analogies! However, I took that to mean that she didn't feel like getting out of bed. Poor little thing! Well, just nifty! Of course yours truly will need to cover for her and finish her work and stay late yet again. No one thinks for a minute that maybe I have plans for the evening. These fibrofish think they can get away with murder. If this happens again, I shall register a complaint with Mr. Ditweiler. These psychosomatic cunts (that's without the cedilla) need to learn that their every whim cannot and will not be catered to.

by Cherylreply 25805/18/2017

[quote]Best "frau" thread since "Sows at the Trough"

R243, That was a very unkind thread. Back before the perfect storm of fibro, lyme disease, and restless leg/chronic fatigue syndrome would no longer allow me to work my 15 hour a week job, I was one of the sisters who used my feminine strength to nurture my co-workers by planning carry-in days and potlucks (this was before the twins, of course). I miss my career (and those tater tot casseroles, sigh). Thank the Lord for my awesome DH, DM and MIL who all love watching the twins when I'm struggling to get out of bed.

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by Cherylreply 25905/18/2017

It's people like Chad that make it harder for us fibro warriors. Here's a tongue and cheek blog explaining why fibro is the best disease to "fake."

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by Cherylreply 26005/18/2017

Battling pain has been a lonely journey and that's why I was so excited to find this web-thread and ladies who I thought were my new best friends. But in one day I have been CYBER BULLIED by Brenda and now, STOOD UP by Tammy!!!

Tammy, yesterday I made plans for us to meet at Mug 'n Muffin at 8:45 this morning. That wasn't easy for me, as I'm battling pre-fibro, ankle eczema, and my daughter Montana has many annoying issues that add to my pain tremendously. In addition, this morning I may have LOST MY MARRIAGE after the screaming fight Kurt and I had when I told him he would need to bring Montana to pre-school because I had to catch up with my new gal pal Tammy.

We'll, Tammy, I drove to the Mug 'n Muffin screaming and sobbing because of the terrible pain I suffer. But inside I was smiling about our date. Which NEVER HAPPENED!!!

I say in that Mug 'n Muffin parking lot tooting my car horn for you to come help me in the restaurant for TWENTY-FIVE MINUTES!! And then the POLICE came and gave me a $150 CITATION FOR DISTURBING THE PEACE!!

You ladies are NOT my fibro-friends! You're my fibro-foes!!

Tammy, please send me your address so I can forward the citation which I expect you will be paying!! And to the rest of you ladies, DIDDLE MY TITS!!!

by Cherylreply 26105/18/2017

Joyce, dear, we know that's not you talking, that's the fibro talking. We've all been there. I know this because, when you invited us to diddle your tits, it's really because they're tender to the touch, and you're struggling to block out the pain.

Take a cue from Trish, and have some pho, a couple of mojitos or whatever sounds tasty! I've watched her hoovering those midnight tacos like a snake swallowing a whole egg! And she's comfortable enough in her empowerment not to be embarrassed, either! I wish I could be more like Trish!

by Cherylreply 26205/18/2017

Joyce, I once got food poisoning from the Mug 'n Muffin. Imagine trying to sit on the toilet while your entire body is screaming in pain. That little episode caused me to be out of the office for 3 entire weeks! So really, Tammy was doing you a favor. My concern now is what happened to Tammy? Has anyone heard from her? Has she fainted from the pain? I'd check myself, but I have to take my amazing SchylerLeigh-Lynn to the doctor because now I'm worried that she has an allergy to air. I'm so paralyzed by concern that I've had to call in sick for the rest of the week.

by Cherylreply 26305/18/2017

My Bob is a gem. He just texted me that he and his gym buddy Brian are going to start a 5K charity race to benefit fibro sufferers. Brian's wife Jennyfyr is also a warrior. Seems as though Brian is taking the lead, because, in Bob's words, Brian is a pro at spear-heading everything and anything. The race will start in the early evening on Main Street, go through the big park and then back to Main. I was concerned that the park, with its dense trees and areas of high weeds, could prove troublesome especially in the evening, but Bob assured me and he Brian are aware of every nook and cranny in that park and which detours off the beaten path to avoid at night. Never knew my Bob was such a park enthusiast! But obviously his real enthusiasm lies with trying to make my pain-riddled life just a touch better.

by Cherylreply 26405/18/2017

Dear Joyce r261 : I am sooooo sorry I couldn't make our "girl date" at Mug 'N' Muffin. Not only did my fibro flare up, I think I may have also come down with Fever and Ague. I saw that on an episode of "Little House On The Prairie" ( and WHY don't we have wholesome, innocent family entertainment like "Little House..." or "The Waltons" anymore? Can someone answer me that please?) and I had the symptoms to a T.

Anyway, I was telling my darling hubs, Fred, about the "Fi-Bros" support group that meets at the gym. He seemed very interested, although he may be older then some of the " Bros". I told him that he could perhaps be a father figure or a mentor to the young men. He LOVES baseball and I'm sure he'll enjoy discussing pitching and catching with some new younger buddies!

Anyway, Joyce--and my other warrior women friends--- here is an inspirational prayer I thought I would share. It asks out family and friends to pray for us.

Have a blessed day!

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by Cherylreply 26505/18/2017

Hi Tammy. I know my Bob would welcome your Fred with open arms to the Fi-Bros. Just be warned. There is a certain hubby in the group who shall remain nameless (ok, it's Ken lol), who I think is prone to violence if instigated. I overheard him telling Bob that he'd like showing Bob's friend Doug just what he can do with his fist. I have no idea what Doug did to elicit such anger in Ken. Bob told me not to worry...that if Ken tried to get violent with Doug, he (Bob) would intervene and take Ken's fist instead. What men we're married to!

by Cherylreply 26605/18/2017

Thank you ladies. You're right, Brooke-Lynn, none of this is my fault. It's that darn pre-fibro and ankle excema.

I can't wait to get together with everyone for Marrgaritas! 🥛👍

And Tammy I think I might have seen someone put something awful in your mailbox this morning so maybe you should wear gloves when you get your mail.

Love you gals!

by Cherylreply 26705/18/2017

I am what a pre-existing condition looks like!

by Cherylreply 26805/18/2017

#sexyfibromama #freefuckszerohugs #likeusual #oops #dontletthekidsknow

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by Cherylreply 26905/18/2017

Girls! I did something a little naughty today. I decided that I needed a trip you know sometimes you just get to feeling like me. And I realized that my bitch of a MIL has a timeshare in Miami. So, I prescient you to be her and went and booked 2 weeks in mid June. She'll never know. I'm telling DH tonight that I need to go away for special treatment for my fibro. Who wants to join me? We can all drive down together....or hire someone to drive us because you know, too tender...but we can stay two weeks at this beautiful resort. Who's with me?

by Cherylreply 27005/18/2017

Girls, is anybody else hypoglycemic? I'm pretty sure I am. I get kind of wobbly around 3pm. Sometimes a couple of moon pies do the trick, but most times I need to leave and head home. I hear the snickers and see the rolled eyes from my co-workers, but they have no idea what it's like to have low blood sugar.

by Cherylreply 27105/18/2017

Denise, I'm sending you this cute cartoon I did of my new favorite supercute superheroine, "Fibro Girl," to let you know I understand that your pain is real and that I hear you.

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by Cherylreply 27205/18/2017

Karen, just wanted to give you the heads up that your Ted will be late coming home. Bob just called me to tell me that his car broke down outside the gym. His battery died, wouldn't ya know! He told me that Ted was kind enough to give him a jump in the parking lot, but that he didn't have enough juice to do the trick. So Bob called AAA and they're both waiting for the tow truck guy to come out and service them. Your Ted is such a great friend to wait with Bob.

by Cherylreply 27305/18/2017

This dumb thread kills two birds with one stone in that it tackles two idiotic gay fantasies: that all housewives are attention starved fraus who manufacture illnesses to compensate for their dull lives, with the added bonus of that old chestnut about their husbands prowling for dick on the side. Get a life!

by Cherylreply 27405/18/2017

How fascinating that r274 posted this:

[quote] This dumb thread kills two birds with one stone in that it tackles two idiotic gay fantasies: that all housewives are attention starved fraus who manufacture illnesses to compensate for their dull lives, with the added bonus of that old chestnut about their husbands prowling for dick on the side. Get a life!

BUT, according to Ignore-dar, earlier in this thread he posted THESE posts:

[quote]The damp weather is doing a nasty number on my restless leg syndrome. I WILL overcome this.

[quote] Right now I'm simply surviving, not living. When will the struggle end?

[quote] Whenever I get down about my health issues and grow weary of always been my family's superhero, I look to my faith to get me through. I think to myself, God's got this. You can never go wrong when you go with God.

[quote] If anyone's interested, my Jim joined a support group for husbands of we warriors called Fi-Bros. The fellas meet once a week to share their stories of living with us heroic women. He's made some wonderful friends there and seems so much happier and content since he joined.

by Cherylreply 27505/18/2017


by Cherylreply 27605/18/2017

R275 Work it, Nancy Drew!

R274 reminds me of Chloë, this two-faced bitch from high school. Always acted like she was above everything, but she was so insecure. Angry at everyone, but so desperate to fit in. Whatevz...

Anyway, are we still on for hot yoga this weekend?

by Cherylreply 27705/18/2017

Girls, guess what I discovered when I went to pick up a new pair of reading socks? My calves have been swollen and delicate to the touch lately and I can't even start to tell you how much that has distracted me from my busy schedule of the mommy group zumba classes, getting together with my girls from the wine group, and all those other things that make my life so wonderful. Well, here is something that will soothe me when my body is hurting but my tummy is growling. It'll be right there on the shelf with my Rachael Ray cookbook collection!

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by Cherylreply 27805/19/2017

Jennifer, I'm going to ask you something and I want you to tell me the truth, please. It's important.

Does my..... pussy stink?

It does, doesn't it? I knew it!

(weeps copiously)

by Cherylreply 27905/19/2017

Happy Fibro-Friday, ladies. I have a delicate situation. Me and DH and kiddos are traveling out of town to attend my niece Hunter's HS graduation in mid-June. I know that the event and the reception afterwards are going to knock the stuffing right out of me, and I will be bed-ridden for two weeks after. You know how it goes: one day of CAPABILITY translates into two weeks of INABILITY. I actually have that framed above my fireplace. I want to see if I can go on disability for those two weeks. Any hints for how to approach a certain very judgmental HR bitch about this? I know there's no way in H-E-double hockey sticks that I'll be able to make it into work after the graduation, but I don't want to lose two weeks pay. Any pointers would be much appreciated.

by Cherylreply 28005/19/2017

Moi, when I get tired of cuddling coffee mugs:

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by Cherylreply 28105/19/2017

Girls, only a few more months until the return of pumpkin spiced EVERYTHING!!

by Cherylreply 28205/19/2017

"Be you. Do you. For You."

by Cherylreply 28305/19/2017

Thanks, R283. I needed that reminder today.

by Cherylreply 28405/19/2017

LOL at r283. Let me dissect her little gem. Hmmmm, let's see:

BE YOU? Fat, ugly, entitled, slacker shrew bitches with made-up sicknesses who tells the anyone who'll listen about coping with y'all crazy symptoms. Not on y'all's life.

DO YOU? No mans alive (at least a mans with sight and smell) would do you. Y'all are repulsive inside and out. It's no wonder y'all mans turn to other mans for sex and understanding. And, just so ya know, I've had plenty of y'all's mans! Parks, rest areas, back seats, men's rooms, porn shop buddy booths. They is everywhere! Your mans may bring home the bacon, but they all finding their meat and potatoes with me. Snap!

FOR YOU? Bitches, in y'all little worlds, y'all are the center of the universe and everything revolves around y'all. Everything in y'all's worlds are for you!

by Cherylreply 28505/19/2017

I am a strong, independent Celtic Warrior woman ready to fight for myself!

Although my fibro, chronic fatigue and glandular issues keep me in the house and I had Mormon volunteers come to clean twice a week, and a non-profit sends a massage therapist and of course I have someone do my grocery shopping for me.

I do go out for my hair coloring, body waxing, pedicures and such. I use Ambucabs. Well, I do have two cars, but it's so much easier for someone else to do it. And the church I pretend to belong to does my lawn work and cleans my gutters. I think they missed a spot, so excuse me while I give them shit. Obviously they're misgynists. And sizeists.

by Cherylreply 28605/19/2017

Girls, I'm having a flare today. I can't lift my head out of this fibro fog. My hubby Robbie was very little help this morning helping get the girls off to school, but whatevs. I called in sick again and I'm going to cradle my mug and watch my stories, waiting for the fog to subside. Some encouragement and support sent my way would help.

by Cherylreply 28705/19/2017

Sorry. Forgot my photo. But I will not apologize for being fat, stupid, illiterate and homophobic.

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by Cherylreply 28805/19/2017

OMG! Fellow fibro warriors, guess what I found today. You that nasty little queen, Chad, from my office? Well, I was looking over his shoulder while he was on his phone, and there he was, pursuing a website called "datalounge." So, when I went back to my cubicle I had to check it out for myself. It's a "gay" website (I mean, really, how can a website be gay??) and there is all kinds of juicy celebrity gossip! You should all check it out! Have a thick skin though, seems those gays love nothing more than making fun of us straight women!

Are we still on for mojitos and girl time later?

by Cherylreply 28905/19/2017

"pursuing", r289? Oh dear!

by Cherylreply 29005/19/2017

lol, perusing, dammit.

by Cherylreply 29105/19/2017

Bitch at r289 has fibromedullaoblongata.

by Cherylreply 29205/19/2017

OMG, R289! I went to that site you mentioned and I couldn’t believe it, they had a thread about my FAVE hunky actor! I thought, “Wow, this will be fun to dish about him with some funny gays!” But can you BELIEVE they were all saying that my Future Husband is GAY! With, like, NO proof at all!!

Just because he’s 38 years old and never had a girlfriend! Well that just shows how truly sensitive, caring, and romantic he is to hold out for just the right woman! I follow ALL of his social media accounts and even have a Google news alert set for his name, so I know he spends a lot of time with his guy pals, but his bromances are SO CUTE and it’s sweet that he’s so close to his friends. But those nasty mean guys on that site were saying the filthiest things about it!

I was and am TRIGGERED. That data lounge is NOT a safe-space and should be banned!! My anxiety got so bad I had a flare-up, and now I’m typing this curled up under my bankie while I wait for my Soothing Moments tea to steep. I wish I had a supportive husband like you gals to brew it for me, but hey, I’ll just keep waiting for my NOT GAY dreamboat LOL!

by Cherylreply 29305/19/2017

Fibro is part of who I am

but it is not


I am.

by Cherylreply 29405/19/2017

Hey Brit, I think I'm going to post about that awful site on my fibro warrior blog. It really should be shut-down. It's not a safe space AT ALL. I can't believe they were saying that your fave is a gay! What evidence do they have? Just because he's 38 and has his best pal as his roommate? I'm so sorry that awful site triggered you.

by Cherylreply 29505/19/2017

Thanks so much, R295! I can't tell you how much the support of my Fibro Sisters helps.

Those jerks. I still can't get over them twisting my dreamguy's many trips to Broadway musicals with his guy pals into something sick! Don't they understand how cultured he is?!? I can't think about this anymore. I'm going to settle in with some coloring! I recommend this book highly.

Offsite Link
by Cherylreply 29605/19/2017

Oh Brittany! What a great find! I've already ordered several coloring books to keep in my home, my Honda Odyssey, and of course my cubicle at work for when Chad and his little cohorts roll their eyes at me and my pain. Now I'm off to celebrate with a Trente Frappucino!

by Cherylreply 29705/19/2017

Girls, as we go into the weekend, just remember, fibro doesn't mean FIBROKEN. We're warriors, each and every one of us.

by Cherylreply 29805/19/2017

Thanks gals- we're all here for a reason!

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by Cherylreply 29905/19/2017

My friday night:

Offsite Link
by Cherylreply 30005/19/2017

Well, my Aiden, is turning into the true family super-star! At 7, he's already pulling Mommy around in his red wagon from room to room! He's canceling play dates to take on the role as full time caregiver!

He's taking over for his 'deadbeat father' Brock who seems to be trying to ride his bicycle to the moon and back!

Ever since he met 'Hans' at the gym, he has started acting & dressing like a triathlete! Everything is 'Hans' this & 'Hans' does it like that!

Well, Surprise, surprise, Hans isn't married & there is no fiancée back in Europe!!!

by Cherylreply 30105/20/2017

🌟Aiden🌟 - our little stars, our WebMD specialists, the ones who step up & keep the pharmacists on their toes!

by Cherylreply 30205/20/2017

I bought this shirt for my hubby, Jeff, to wear to show his support for me and other "Fibro Wariorr" women! The look on his face was priceless when I presented it to him. In fact, I think he was trying not to cry! I don't deserve such a wonderful, kind, understanding and loving hubby!

BTW---Jeff said he would LOVE to join the "Fi-Bros" at the gym! He asked if the gym had a steam room since he heard that they were good for facials!

Offsite Link
by Cherylreply 30305/20/2017

OH,MY GOD!!!!!THERE'S BEEN AN UNDERCOVER RAID AT THE GYM!!!! I hope Cal, Ted, Brock and the rest of the fibro-strong guys left, before anything illegal went,uhm down? Would you say?

by Cherylreply 30405/20/2017

"Hoarders: Buried Alive" was just on. The house was infested with roaches and black widow spiders.

Guess what mysterious, incurable disease the lady of the house has?

by Cherylreply 30505/20/2017

Hello, my name is Wanda, and I have Sick Building Syndrome. My struggle began six months ago. I'll never forget was the day after my doctor gave me the news that my Epstein Barr titers were no longer elevated. At first the dizzy spells were sporadic, but then they started happening more and more often. Then came the nausea, followed by the crippling fatigue. I am currently on disability from my book-keeping job, and am bed-ridden most days.

After much research, we have traced back my devastating illness to my office building, where I was a book-keeper for five years. My office was on the 5th floor of the building, and construction was being done on the 4th floor for three months leading up to appearance of my symptoms. All of the dust, debris, and possibly asbestos served as a cocktail of sorts to make me ill. No one else in the office building has gotten sick, from what I know, but my doctor said that some people are more prone to environmental sensitivity than others. Even though I am on disability and no longer in the building, my symptoms persist, which has baffled my doctor. Meanwhile, it's a struggle to even get out of bed, but I heroically do what I can do, because I have a family that depends on me. My Doug and the kiddos, Lachlan and Flannery, have been incredibly supportive of me and this new health journey I am on. I will not let Sick Building Syndrome defeat me or my family I. WILL. OVERCOME. THIS!

by Cherylreply 30605/20/2017

"A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult."

by Cherylreply 30705/20/2017

You fibro bitches are a bunch of weak ass wusses. Try living with trigeminal neuralgia for a day, and then you'll know real pain. It has the most adorable nickname, the suicide disease. Put on your big girl panties, start eating healthy and do some actual exercise instead of using your LuLus for lounge wear.

by Cherylreply 30805/20/2017

Datalounge, the most awful thing has happened. In the midst of my struggle, I began to suspect that one of my fur babies has come down with a still undiagnosed illness. She's not her usual cuddly self so I know it's serious. Now I have to focus on kitty and me. As a wise person said, "God doesn't give us more than we can handle."

I'll have to call in to work in advance of the big Memorial Day picnic weekend. This has come at the worst time possible for me. I thought I'd make some of my side dishes to bring but my best friend and fellow sufferer Karen said my company would be the best treat ever. She is wonderful!

by Cherylreply 30905/21/2017

R308 This is a judgment-free zone where we support each other! Take your body-shaming hate speech elsewhere!!

R306 Oh Wanda, how terrible! At my last job as a data entry clerk, I began to suspect that I was working in a sick building, but I was "downsized" before I could get seriously ill. Everything happens for a reason, you know?

Oh! I decided to make a scrapbook all about my fave actor! It'll be theraputic to help me overcome the emotional trauma I suffered reading that hateful Datalounge gossip. Focus on the POSITIVE, right girls? What do you think of this one?

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by Cherylreply 31005/21/2017

Gals, I thought this list of "triggers" would be helpful. I like # 2, 3, and 6 are my biggest enemies.

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by Cherylreply 31105/21/2017

Do any of you other brave warrior women suffer from Jumping Frenchmen of Maine syndrome? My doctor didn't even know what this rare illness was---and all of that money he paid for that fancy M.D behind his name! Since I am VERY easily startled and react quickly, I self diagnosed myself as having this devastating disease. I have yet to find a support group for this horrific illness, so would you ladies mind if I join you in mug cradling, Quacker Factory sweater wearing and posting inspirational memes?

I have used up all of my sick time, vacation and personal days to call off from work and I am hoping that my co-workers will be kind enough to donate their accumulated time off so that I can take more time off to heal---my mind, my body AND my spirit.

Although I am not a lumberjack, I DO have to lug my Christmas tree down from the attic and return it once a year. I'm quite sure that's how I acquired this disorder.

I will pray for ALL of you and I am hoping for prayers myself. Remember, sisters: God is fighting your battles,arranging things in your favor and making a way even when YOU don;t see a way!

(((((((((((( HUGS ))))))))))) >>>>>>> and VERY careful hugs to our fibro warriors, since they are so tender to the touch

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by Cherylreply 31205/21/2017

I startled many a lumberjack in the woods of Maine...

by Cherylreply 31305/21/2017

I am cradling my mug this morning, and am greatly impressed by some of the writers on this site. I would raise my mug to you, but my frozen shoulder is keeping me from doing so.

by Cherylreply 31405/21/2017

Ladies❤️❤️ To you all! DH is at an all day workout session at Cal's cabin, and I'm settling in to watch the Halmark channel. Kiddos are at my in-laws. I have a pizza coming and I plan to spend the day celebrating ME! I've not had time to myself all week. And I deserve it!

by Cherylreply 31505/21/2017

My guy Bob was part of that raid at the gym sauna yesterday. The poor hub was rounded up, arrested and thrown in jail like a common criminal. And, as he told me, just for adjusting the temperature gauge of the sauna!!! Evidently, that is considered illegal and worthy of a morals change in this state, which is ludicrous. On top of that, Bob's membership was suspended for a month. Can they do that? He is severely depressed about not being to work out on a daily basis. I think he will miss going out of his way to mentor newbies the most. Just the other day, he told me he was looking to forward to bending over backwards to accommodate Jill's hub Dan, who just joined the group. I am going to write a letter of protest to my congressman tomorrow about this incident. I would do it today, but the humid weather has triggered my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and it's all I can do to lift my hand to pick up a klonopin, let alone a pen.

by Cherylreply 31605/21/2017

Fibrotip of the day.

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by Cherylreply 31705/21/2017

Well, Sherry, as much as I DO sympathize to your plight, I must avoid you as I suffer from Gallophobia---the fear of all things French.

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by Cherylreply 31805/21/2017

I'm already dreading tomorrow. I'm predicting that that at least two of you will be calling in sick, unable to drag your lifeless bodies out of bed. Oh, look at me, I'm a fortune teller!!! I need to polish off my crystal ball and put that bitch to work!!! Of course that will mean more work for me, to keep me late in the office yet again. God, how I hate you FIB-ros! Bunch of lying, lazy cunts, each and every one of you. And you IBS twats are just as bad. IBS="I Be Slacking".

by Cherylreply 31905/21/2017

Actually, Chad, I probably won't be calling off, but it's too soon to tell. I have to take Ja'aaa'duh'n to soccer practice tomorrow, and Eudoxia has a baton show Wednesday so I'll be leaving early those days. I may leave early on Friday, since I'll be so worn out from doing "mommy stuff", which is something YOU will NEVER understand!

by Cherylreply 32005/21/2017

Ladies, I just emailed my manager, I'm not able to make it in to work tomorrow. All day I've been so tender. Napping, aromatherapy, online shopping, wine, and even my mood stabilizers have not helped. I'm thinking I may have also contracted something from talcum powder. I've seen the ads on TV all day. Calling the lawyer tomorrow, if I can get out of bed.

by Cherylreply 32105/21/2017

Girls, I'm taking a bold step. I've decided to overcome my shame surrounding my monthly visitor and am going to try free bleeding! I think that tampons are contributing to my cramps which in turn can cause a fibro flare. I can't wait to tell Chad tomorrow at lunch, tee-hee. I'm sure that queen will have some sort of bitchy, misogynistic comment for me.

by Cherylreply 32205/21/2017

I just read that Billy Bush attended something called a "Healing Retreat" in Napa Valley. This sounds like JUST what I need to throw my Myotonia Congenita into remission. Wine, quiet, me time, tranquility. Pure heaven!

by Cherylreply 32305/21/2017

Lois, is that you @r322? Ugh you're that dumb cunt in the steno pool who can't proofread for shit. I've overheard you many times going on and on to Bev in accounts receivable about your period, but you can never remember to place one at the end of a sentence. Stupid twat!

by Cherylreply 32405/21/2017

I'm indulging myself tonight ladies. Rich is working late at the office again (he mentioned something about an internal probe which is taking up all his spare time) and I've packed Nugent and Sarscha off to my MIL. The cats and I are curled up in a Snuggie watching the final season of 7th Heaven and I've got my Scentsy warmer on. I'm caressing a mug of hot cocoa with a dash of Bailey's. I feel so naughty! We have to let our hair down sometimes though, right girls?!

by Cherylreply 32505/22/2017

Hello ladies! I have found something we can all identify with and have a little giggle at - The Fibro Bunny. How many do you identify with? I'll be we can all identify with killer IBS! Am I right girls?

Remember - never feel bad about doing what's best for you! You need to be your first and foremost priority above all others!

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by Cherylreply 32605/22/2017

I hope this thread never ends!

by Cherylreply 32705/22/2017

I've never met anyone who says she has fibromyalgia but if/when I do, I will be sure to use this thread for reference!

by Cherylreply 32805/22/2017

Fraus don't talk about menstruation, boys. They talk about cupcakes and shit.

by Cherylreply 32905/22/2017

^ They do talk about spotting though- I've overheard it!

by Cherylreply 33005/22/2017

And menopause. Definitely menopause.

by Cherylreply 33105/22/2017

The last frau conversation I overheard at work had to do with not drinking out of styrofoam cups or eating out of plastic containers because they'd give you cancer.

by Cherylreply 33205/22/2017

WebMD is their porn site!

by Cherylreply 33305/22/2017

They've moved on from anti-perspirants and certain types of undergarments as the causes of cancer to Styrofoam and plastics, R332? Progress, I suppose.

by Cherylreply 33405/22/2017

They should watch all those sprays & detergents that they make Consuela use! An anally scrubbed house comes at a price!

by Cherylreply 33505/22/2017

Gals, my birthday is coming up next week. I'm all giddy with anticipation because I think Jim got me that support rail to get out of bed that I've been hinting at. How I love my guy!

by Cherylreply 33605/22/2017

Happy birthday, Doris. I hope your birthday month is better than mine was!

by Cherylreply 33705/22/2017

Jim wants to take me out on the town for my birthday, but I don't know if I'll be up to it. As with many of my sisters, it's difficult to make plans because we have no idea how we'll feel from day to day. I lost several good "friends" because I had to keep canceling plans because I couldn't make it out of bed. They stopped talking to me. Obviously they weren't true friends. You really find out who your real friends are when you're down for the count. At this point, I want to be able to get up and get dressed for Jim. It's really important for me to do this for him.

by Cherylreply 33805/22/2017

Hello warrior women! An update for you. After spending the afternoon looking on the web, I'm sure I'm suffering from exposure to Black Mold, which obviously happened at my office. I'm currently exploring legal options and intend to sue, sue, sue! Because this diagnosis has caused another spiral of fibro. I've just called my MIL. DH also mention that he has a last-minute out-of-town work event you must go to, so I'm all by myself going to spend some time focusing on me !

by Cherylreply 33905/22/2017

Ted and the girls returned yesterday afternoon, and none too soon. The litter box hasn't been cleaned since they left, we're out of almond milk, and maybe now someone will take the hamper I filled between flares and do some laundry.

I need some me time desperately. I am going into the office today for a few hours when I just want to go to the day spa and sit in a mud bath with cucumber slices on my eyes. It's such an uncaring, thoughtless world, so I guess someone has to be the brave soldier.

Last thing. Ladies, do any of your soulmate persons wear the so-called Fi-Bros strength bracelet? Ted's is a thin, black, leather strap with snaps riveted onto it. I think he might have worn it while eating fried chicken or something because it was slightly greasy to the touch.

by Cherylreply 34005/23/2017

It's so hard isn't Angie. Due to the internal probing at the office, Rich has had to sit tight and keep on top of everybody. But it makes it very hard for me, especially when I'm in a fibro fog. With the kids at home this weekend I've barely had a chance to pick up my new mandala colouring book. Speaking of greasy chicken fingers, I haven't seen Rich wearing any new Fi-bro support gear. I did however find a glass wine bottle stopper in his gym bag which was a little smeary.

by Cherylreply 34105/23/2017

Just read through Sows at the Trough - there were some funny folks posting in that thread. Someone should compose a song for The Fibro Warriors like they did for the CubeFraus for Memory from Cats.

Cubefraus: The Musical

Lunchtime ~See the cheese on the taco And a casserole that is warming Desserts gobbled away Like the sunflower I yearn to turn my face to the trough I am waiting for the day . . .

Lunchtime Not a sound from the cubicle Has Bernice lost her memory? She is smiling alone In the lamplight The withered taco bell wrappers collect at my feet And the floorboards begin to moan

Memory All together at the buffet I can smile at the marshmellow fluff surprise I was beautiful then I remember the time I knew what happiness was Let the memory live again

Every cubicle Seems to beat a fatalistic warning Someone waddles And the jellybeans disappear And soon it will be coffee break

Coffee break I must wait for the donuts I must think of a new topping And I mustn't give in When the treat time comes Tonight will be a memory too And a new snack will begin

Warmed up leftovers in the microwave The stale cold smell of the office fridge The Tupperware empties, another potluck is over Another waist is expanding

Feed me It's so easy to leave me All alone with the memory Of my days at the trough If you feed me You'll understand what happiness is

Look A new sign up sheet has begun

by Cherylreply 34205/23/2017

Ladies, I really need the support of my fellow fibro-WARRIOR sisters. Today I have a meeting with HR to petition for a personal ME-space at work. I think we all can relate to needing time during the day to escape for a few hours for some ME time at the office. All I am asking for isa snuggle, a Scentsy, and a TV. My hook is that having this space will decrease my need to call in during the week. Plus, I need to safe zone to escape Chad and his little clique of Stuart and Stephanie. They are constantly bullying me! Just last week they came by my cube to let me know that there were left over donuts and bagels in a conference room all the way down the hall!! They know full well that my pain prevents me from walking far. But I showed them! I GOT UP like the warrior I am, only to get there to find there was no food!! I honestly cannot believe that people can be so mean and uncaring. I really need your prayers to PERSEVERE.

by Cherylreply 34305/23/2017

Oh, Fran---I TOTALLY feel for you! I asked my manager while back if I could bring my snuggie to work---to wear on days when it's just too painful and exhausting to dress in office clothes--- and she just LAUGHED at me!

And Chad and Stephanie sound like REAL B-words! I had a cruel joke like that played on me once. I received an anonymous note placed in my cube saying that a meeting had been canceled and there was ALL kinds Panera in the small conference room----including cookies. Well, I summoned my strength ( I was feeling foggy and tender that day to boot) to go to the conference room and there was ONE COOKIE with a bite out of it on a paper towel!

NO ONE understands our pain and how brave we are for dealing with it. I even bought this sign to hang from my cube to make others aware of my illness.

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by Cherylreply 34405/23/2017

Ladies, I validate you. I believe in you. YOU deserve to live without the constant pain of this disease. But enough talk about having to work for a living, let's get back to fibro. DH has agreed to my request to hire a nanny. I simply cannot take care of this house, our dog, cat, two kids, him, and ME! The only catch is that DH has to vet the candidates, and he's thinking we do something cool and hire a male nanny, a "manny"...

So, the adverts are out and I think DH is going the extra mile for me, to really ensure we hire the right person. This manny will be a live-in, and we'll fix up the spare room. When the girls are at school he'll help a little around the house and maybe at DH's office too. I'm so thrilled I may leave the bed today!

by Cherylreply 34505/23/2017

Nancy, I am totally triggered now. Your story about the cookie reminded me that time I was able to make it into the office on Krispy Kreme Friday. I was late, due to being so tender, but I bravely soldiered in. When I got to my cubicle I found a donut with a HUGE bite taken out on my chair, along with a note that said "I saved you a donut. And ate half, since you're always dieting. Kisses!" There was no name, but I just know it was that evil little bully CHAD! I was so upset that I had to immediately go home, cradle my mug and wrap myself in my snuggie.

by Cherylreply 34605/23/2017

Girls, itm ight be the bottleso f Malbec or TheAmbiensIto okbut I just hav tell you allthati love you so muc. Youare mywarriors Ladys.

Also tEd gavemedi vorce papers today. Going sleep now, me dizzy mommy

by Cherylreply 34705/23/2017

No mug cradling today? Is Angie still alive?! I am all a-flutter!

by Cherylreply 34805/24/2017




by Cherylreply 34905/24/2017

Three munchfrausen called in sick today. Another late night for moi! I haven't been to the gym in weeks because of those fraudulent fish. I might head to the bathhouse later on. I'm sure I'll bump into at two of their hubs...again.

by Cherylreply 35005/24/2017

I'm reading this as a Lyrica ( fibro med) commercial is on! LOL!

by Cherylreply 35105/24/2017

OMG, I came here just now because of a Lyrica commercial.

by Cherylreply 35205/24/2017

My old boss retired a couple of years ago because she allegedly had fibro and lupus--now she is the picture of health, traveling all over the globe. When I asked her about it the last time I saw her, she said she had a new doctor who didn't believe she ever had either.

by Cherylreply 35305/24/2017

Hello, warriors! So glad to have found this group! I'm Carla with a "C" and have Lupus with a touch of Fibro in addition to several minor pain-related conditions that have environmental flares. Just can't seem to catch a break! I've seen many, many doctors over the years so hopefully I can be a great resource for those with questions! My number one advice: not all doctors are created equal! If one ER doc hints that you're just shopping for drugs, just leave immediately! Can't change the mind of someone who has already made theirs up!

Other things I'm good at: not complaining when in loads of pain; sleeping all day; waiting patiently in doctors' offices; knowing more about my prescriptions than most pharmacists; knowing more about my illnesses than most doctors; cancelling plans at the last minute; not leaving the house for days.

I'm a wife and mother though the hubs works in an industry with lots of short-term, out-of-town jobs. The kiddos have all left the nest, though, so that helps. After the last job that laid me off (10 in a row, if you can believe it!), I finally have some time to focus on me pretty much 24/7. And I'm probably the only granny who isn't expected to babysit her grands! They don't even ask!

Love and blessings to you all! We can do this!

by Cherylreply 35405/25/2017

"Sometimes 'I'm fine' just means ... I have the strength to carry on."

by Cherylreply 35505/25/2017

I have a little surprise for Bob. The other night he told me about some of the terms he and his fi-bro buddies from the gym use. So, I plan on typing them up, printing them out, and creating a little home-made dictionary as a gift to him to symbolize how much he and his support mean to me. Below are some of the terms that I plan to include. If you ladies can think of any additional terms that your fi-bro hubs use regularly, that would be wonderful!

Daddy: A long-time gym vet who takes the newbies under his wing

DP: An acronym standing for "DON'T PUSH." It's the weightlifter's safe "term" to shout out when one's workout buddy is pushing just a bit too hard

Edging: The process of getting closer and closer to one's workout goals

Poppers: Something to inhale to enhance one's workout, essentially to give one's workout that extra "pop"

Spooning: The process of creating one's pre- or post-workout shake. It's called as such, since the individual generally spoons out the powder into a mixer

Train: A group of at least six individuals who weight-train together. Now I've heard this term used as verb in the context of the gym, but never as a noun. Interesting!

by Cherylreply 35605/25/2017

Welcome Carla! So glad to count you among our brave fibro WARRIOR women!! Now, you seem to to have done quite a lot to research to make up for our unreliable medical "pros," so I have a question for you. After seeing several ads on TV, and spending hours perusing WebMD on my computer at work, I'm fairly certain that I have either IBS or Crohn's disease. But how do I know which???? The symptoms seem so similar. I get terrible bloating and pain, and intense fatigue anytime I try to cook, clean, or come into the office. I trust your opinion. I know my doctor will just laugh at me and say that I'm making it all up! But I vow to stay STRONG and SMILE through the bloating and pain.

by Cherylreply 35705/25/2017

Time to put this thread to bed. The terribly unfunny post at R356 is proof.

It was fun while it lasted.

by Cherylreply 35805/25/2017


by Cherylreply 35905/25/2017

R358, there will always be dumb posts in any thread. If we killed off a thread every time something dumb was posted, no DL thread would be longer than five posts.

by Cherylreply 36005/25/2017

I'm thinking of going belt less for the Memorial Day weekend! But I'm a little nervous of 'sudden accidents'!

Is anyone else accident prone?

by Cherylreply 36105/26/2017

Girls, did you see the pictures of Trudeau and Macron? So cute! You know what's so funny though? My Ted was just as interested in the photos as I was, tee-hee. He even took the article to read in the bathroom this morning!

by Cherylreply 36205/26/2017

"I never knew pain until FIBROMYALGIA knocked me down. I never knew STRENGTH until I got back up. I am a fibro WARRIOR."

by Cherylreply 36305/26/2017

Trish, Midge, Tammy, Brooke-Lynn, and most of the rest of you except Brenda, you’ve become my lifeline to hope. I spent the week glued to my laptop and almost every new post confirmed that my struggle is real but also made smile through the tears from my many conditions and also because my daughter Montana was being very self-centered and also Kurt is not helpful.

He’s also still mad at me about that $150 ticket and Tammy, I know you had that Little House on the Prairie disease but I’d be so happy if you could help pay the fine (which is so ridiculous anyway – I was beeping the car horn for help! Is this a free country anymore or what, right ladies??) Love you so much!!

But gals, I’m also terrified because I’ve revealed very personal details about my life and my journey on this web-thread to you because you’re my family. But this week I also read some posts that made me cry with fear! Ladies, has anyone else noticed that there are intruders here who don’t support our struggle?? I’ve been wondering if it might be Brenda who is making these mean posts because she was very mean to me once on this thread but what if it isn’t her??? Also I kept trying to write something to warn you but kept being told that I wasn’t allowed to post at this time which caused my stress level to rise to high heavens which is not good when you are pre-fibro and have ankle excema and my neck is very stiff again too.

Gals, if you’re around this weekend maybe we could get together for one of those paint and drink wine classes and talk about my fears about this web thread or maybe a self-defense class? Maybe Tammy could buy whistles with our names on them for all of us and we could blow them if we feel threatened in case one of these intruders to our web-thread (or Brenda) comes to attack us?

by Cherylreply 36405/26/2017


Have you considered assisted suicide?

by Cherylreply 36505/26/2017

All you fibro-gashes should just jump in a grease fire. You're worthless. Meanwhile, I'm getting my tight ass over to the bathhouse and I'm not coming up for air until I've taken as many raw loads as possible. Happy long weekend!! Ciao.

by Cherylreply 36605/26/2017

I just got back from picking up my daughter Montana at preschool. I drove there in terrible pain and because of my stiff neck I couldn’t turn my head and someone pounded on my car hood and called me a dumb bitch when I rolled through the crosswalk in front of the school to park. According to this person (I couldn’t see them) I nearly ran over their dog.

But I didn’t care because I was so excited about having wine and paining sunsets with my friends and was already imagining what color whistle I would ask Tammy to give me (If you must know I wanted violet to match my eyes.)

I practically floated home and ran right to my laptop (I didn’t have time to put on the TV for Montana and I wasn’t even bothered by her screeching.) I was so excited to see the posts from my friends who I haven’t been able to “talk” with all week.

And then I find that TAMMY, TRISH, AND MIDGE are suggesting that I COMMIT SUICIDE??? This is what I get from my dearest fibro “friends”???

I HAVE GIVEN YOU ALL TOO MANY CHANCES!!! Not only can you DIDDLE MY TITS, while you’re at it, KISS MY TWAT!!

Maybe I need to find another web-thread where there are a better class of “friends”!!!!

by Cherylreply 36705/26/2017

I've been in a coma since the Food Truck Festival. What did I miss?!

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by Cherylreply 36805/26/2017


We said ASSISTED SUICIDE. Unfortunately, that's the only known cure for your "special" trifecta of supposed ailments

by Cherylreply 36905/26/2017

Well, I won't say that I'm going to do it, but if you ladies want to meet for tacos and some fun Mexican drinks this weekend maybe we could talk about how you might assist me and also about my sore elbows which I got when I was trying to carry my laptop through a narrow doorway and banged them on the doorframe because I couldn't turn my head because of my stiff neck and also because I was crying from pain and that mean post.

Tammy, what about the whistles - can you pick up a bunch in fun colors?? And also, when we get together let's talk about my $150 citation for "disturbing the peace" (as if, right?) Love you gals so much!

by Cherylreply 37005/26/2017


I'd love to meet but I'm just been diagnosed with exemitis anklelitis. It could be extremely painful for me to be around some with ankle excema

by Cherylreply 37105/26/2017


We discussed your situation with His Holiness and even he thinks assisted suicide is your best bet

by Cherylreply 37205/26/2017


They have those clinics in Switzerland now.

by Cherylreply 37305/26/2017

Is cradling a cup of hot beverage a female, and certain kind of female at that, thing? I don't think I've ever seen a man do it. Actually in real life I don't think I've ever seen a woman do it either.

I know I've been so cold that when I had a hot beverage I felt like I wanted to climb into or at least soak my balls in it but even so never cradled it.

by Cherylreply 37405/26/2017

Soak your balls? Are you one of those, deplorables? R374

by Cherylreply 37505/26/2017

Ladies, I've lost 8 pounds with my all merlot and ambien diet. Ted is gone, the girls are gone. My mother won't answer my calls. I am home, drunk. I fell asleep by the pool this afternoon and awoke to Manuel, my gardener, rubbing his Mexican care package. I passed out again. Ladies I think I have been violated. Maybe multiple times.

Well I can barely keep my eyes open. I'll see if Manuel can get the light and then I'll drop my nighty, and crawl into bed. I might be violated some more. I'll let you know when I sober up.

I love all you brave fibro friends!

by Cherylreply 37605/26/2017


I'm convinced after 20 minutes running your posts thru the WebMD diagnostic tool that you are suffering from multiple personality disorder with a touch of psychosis and fibro pain. You need to update your homeopathic remedy cabinet, quick! And a good rose.

by Cherylreply 37705/26/2017

[quote]I've been in a coma since the Food Truck Festival. What did I miss?!

Joyce, you realize that Trish isn't in her right mind right now, don't you? Trish tends to fight her fibro battle with a non-RX prescription, in a sense. I hope you make allowances for her, since she's usually the one who makes sure we have choice nibbly things when we're otherwise not able to face the kitchen ourselves. I think Madison's advice is something to ponder. She's always so helpful, while fighting her own fight, of course.

And I think Sherry in South Bend is on to something! I startle so easily that I'm constantly breaking things, and uttering unutterable words that bring a blush to my face! I had never heard of the Jumping Frenchmen of Maine until now, but, well, my background is 1/4 French, and that would explain so much!

by Cherylreply 37805/26/2017

Since Everyone has been asking, my plans to go belt less for the Memorial Day weekend R361 , hit a terrible snatch! I went to the opening day of "Baywatch" and was visited by a very, very Heavy Flow!

People were screaming "SHARKNADO" and running for the exits! I want my fellow Cradle Army to know that I walked out like CARRIE ON PROM NIGHT, with head held high!

by Cherylreply 37905/27/2017

It is those moments, when you think the pain can't get any worse, and it does. You take a deep breath and pick yourself back up and continue to battle the moments of the ever-changing, never-ending day. YOU ARE A WARRIOR.

by Cherylreply 38005/27/2017

Thanks SO much R380! If I keep your inspiration in mind, I think I can make it to the Vera Bradley Outlet today! (Memorial Day sale!!!!!!)

by Cherylreply 38105/27/2017

R379, You are a fierce woman! Maybe, for Memorial Day, a trip to the beach! If the flow is heavy, a quick dash through the surf will take care of that. And people really do need to be responsible for watching out for sharks for themselves, and not pointing fingers at the lovely lady who happens to provide the fresh chum.

by Cherylreply 38205/27/2017

R379---are you still with us? Or did you take R382's suggestion and go swimming and a shark ate ya?

by Cherylreply 38305/28/2017

R383, I'm sure a warrior woman like R379 is okay. If she survived the crowd at the movie theater, I'm sure the beach wouldn't present a problem. Besides, you know that some of those kiddos are always showing off on on their little inflatable toys. Adorbs! But there are always a few people in the crowd who haven't mastered swimming just yet. I would have hit the beach myself, but I've been busy catching up on all the latest news about Scott Disick, and I'm afraid that's triggered an attack of my Morgellons, which I'm attempting to treat with Nyquil.

by Cherylreply 38405/28/2017

Girls, help me out! I need validation and support. DH was invited to an all day pool party tomorrow at his workout buddy's home. I'm invited, of course, but everyone's expected to bring a dish, and... let's just say I'm not in bathing beauty shape at the moment, teehee. The girls are at my mother-in-law's for the weekend so it's just me and my loving man. Do you think he'll be disappointed if I beg off and don't go? He's so excited, with all the working out he's in great shape and bought a new bathing suit to wear. He told me it was a speedo but he's too shy for that. I need to go snuggle with some chocolate and wine...

by Cherylreply 38505/28/2017

You ladies need to get outside of your heads and realize that fibro isn't real, you aren't special, and for Christ's sake you aren't warriors either!

Angie has been admitted for 30 days of in-patient psychiatric care. I'm happy to say she won't be resuming her asinine posts to this little site anytime soon.

That being said, Chad, if you read this and would like to workout at the gym, give me a shout.

by Cherylreply 38605/28/2017

Ted, sounds like you are way too stressed. That's a know fi-bro supporter sympathetic symptom. My DH says you need more working out to release tension.

Ladies, is anyone checked on Joyce? I'm worried that she may miss the two-for-one sale at Michael's...I know she loves her scrapbooking...

by Cherylreply 38705/28/2017

Hi Ladies! Everyone having a great Sunday afternoon?

After church, DH took the kids to his mother's so I've finally gotten that "me" time I so desperately needed after all the drama last week with the PTA over the present for the 9th grade teacher. So... I'm going to reply to a mountain of emails that have piled up and then treat myself to a carton of Ben and Jerrys.

Whatever you do this weekend, stay safe!


by Cherylreply 38805/28/2017

Girls, I hope you'll all be able to male Merydyth's annual Memorial Day party to support that wonderful charitable organization "Legal Tender." As you're aware, it's the only organization that offers free legal advice and counsel on recourse to those of us sufferers who have experienced discrimination because of our fibromyalgia and related conditions, whether is being fired from your job or asked to leave a restaurant. The group has helped so many of our sisters, so it would be wonderful if you could make it. Remember last year when Sue was thrown out of Outback because her RLS was acting up and she needed to rest her legs on the table? Legal Tender took her case and won a hefty settlement, which she Greg used to build that wheelchair access ramp in the front yard. Anyhoo, the good news is that the weather will be overcast, so the many of us who are also sensitive to sunlight won't need to take extra precaution in that regard. I really hope you ladies can make it. Besides the fact that you'll be supporting a worthwhile organization, your appearance will also help lift Merydyth's spirits. As you know, she contracted West Nile last month, which has only served to exacerbate her other chronic conditions. The heroine that she is, she is moving forward with the party. However, she has been a bit down in dumps, so come on out and show her that you not only support Legal Tender, but her brave battles as well.

by Cherylreply 38905/28/2017

Be gentle with yourself, youre doing the best you can.

by Cherylreply 39005/28/2017

Ladies, did you hear about Chipotle's credit card breach?! You know how much I love to eat there. I've been shaking ever since I heard the news.

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by Cherylreply 39105/28/2017

Trish, that shaking is most likely IBS, and trust me, it's crippling! Between that, my RLS and the fibro I don't know how I manage! BTW, will Merydyth mind if I bring my lularoe to her shindig? I need to sell some stock. Dang it, my migraines are starting. My blood sugar must be low. With DH at the gym all the time there's no o e to remind me to eat...

by Cherylreply 39205/28/2017

Can't resist setting your mind at ease R128. The last thing I seek in life is attention like yours, you hostile, embittered old husk of a beauty queen. Everyone has a weak spot and if I wanted to, nothing could be simpler for me than shitting all over your pretty little thread and fragile ego. I definitely don't refrain from it because of any gentle request you have made. x

by Cherylreply 39305/28/2017

Aw look, the widdle pansy got his widdle feelings hurt.

by Cherylreply 39405/28/2017

WebMD is down!! I don't know what's going on!! Did it crash? Is there an ETA to get it up and running again? Going out of my mind. If anyone could give me any info, it would be much appreciated. I'm supposed to attend Nan's barbq later today, and I need to rule out hyponatremia as the root for these mysterious new symptoms that popped up on Saturday. Oh God I hate this waiting game!

by Cherylreply 39505/29/2017

"I don't think this Fibromyalgia crap is for me!"

by Cherylreply 39605/29/2017

Only you can be the judge as to whether today will be a "no limits" or a "know limits" day.

by Cherylreply 39705/29/2017

When life gives you Lyme disease make limeonade.

by Cherylreply 39805/29/2017

My inspiration. Kinda NSFW.

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by Cherylreply 39905/29/2017

There's something mildly threatening and patriarchal about R399's image.

by Cherylreply 40005/29/2017

R124, your symptoms when you go off the meds sound like withdrawal.

by Cherylreply 40105/29/2017

Gals, I'm so upset. If my struggle wasn't enough, I just self-diagnosed on WebMD with narcolepsy. That explains A LOT. I could never understand why I fall asleep during my shows and cuddling my fur babies. I'm still trying to figure out how to deal with this.

When God closes a door, he opens a window.

by Cherylreply 40205/29/2017

I've noticed that I always get narcoleptic around midnight, but it wears off at 8 or 9 in the morning.

by Cherylreply 40305/29/2017

Ladies, I'm debating whether or not to call in sick tomorrow The bar-b-q today at Jen's took the stuffing out of me. I wanted to make a heroic effort to not disappoint DH and the kiddos and to attend, but as usual, my bravery and selflessness has resulted in fatigue and tender, aching muscles. For just once, why can't altruism be its own reward? I just don't think I'll be able to make it in tomorrow. Wednesday and Thursday are on the fence now too, because I know the pattern my condition will take. Bev, my bff in HR, is also a warrior, so I know i can count on her to help me out with this. Well, that silly little queen Chad or that little tramp Brianna will have to carry my load. All that little 25-year-old slut does all day anyway is parade around that nubile little body of her and flirt with every man in sight. And those clothes she wears! Someone needs to tell her this is a place of serious business and not a brothel. It won't hurt her to do a little work.

by Cherylreply 40405/29/2017

R402 - Is that, like, having sex with dead people? Is that a latent symptom of Fibro?

by Cherylreply 40505/29/2017

No Violet, you mangey ho, it's when you're so loaded on narcotics that you fall asleep on a Rollercoaster!

by Cherylreply 40605/29/2017

Have any of my warrior-sistren tried snorting their Lyrica? Asking for a friend.

by Cherylreply 40705/29/2017

I'm in a lot of pain right now, and my husband is not being very sympathetic. He yelled he was going to the gym and then slammed the front door. I feel all alone and isolated sometimes. I do so much for my family, overcoming great odds every single day just to drive the kids to school or prepare dinner, and this is the thanks I get! There is no appreciation for all that I do for them, while I suffer in silence. Ya know the only time I really feel at peace is in church. Jesus never abandons me.

by Cherylreply 40805/29/2017

"no rain, no flowers"

by Cherylreply 40905/30/2017

Sorry that I haven't posted for awhile, my fellow fibro ( and other horrific maladies) warriors. I came down with a case of Sweating Sickness. My fibro was was flaring like H E double hockeysticks so I wrapped myself in my Snuggie and binge watched "Reign". Everyone in the castle caught the Sweating Sickness and I had THE EXACT SAME SYMPTOMS! So I had to take some extra "ME" time and called off work this past week. That little snot in HR, Kayla, had THE NERVE to tell me that Sweating Sickness hasn't existed in centuries! I don;t need some little Miss Know-It-All telling ME what is wrong with my body! I was soooooooooo upset when I got off the phone with her, I had to lay down for several hours. I couldn't even make Fred dinner, so I asked him to stop on the way home and pick up Boston Market.

My Fred has been an absolute sweetie through this latest health crisis. He even insisted on going to the gym EVERY night just so I could be alone with my Snuggie, Netflix and chamomile tea to heal my body, spirit and soul. I'm SO glad he's making some new friends with the Fi-Bros! He told me he really enjoys playing water sports with his buddies!

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by Cherylreply 41005/30/2017

[quote]My fibro was was flaring like H E double hockeysticks so I wrapped myself in my Snuggie and binge watched "Reign".

You are my muse, girlfriend!

by Cherylreply 41105/30/2017

Hi Pam and Tammy. I had to call in today as well! I promised myself yesterday that nothing would bother me, even though we had to go to the in-laws for a cook out. Well, my MIL (bitch!), who is just so darn judgy, turns up her nose at the potato salad I brought and just said " bought." Well, just excuse me! Some of us have full days of surfing WebMD because we have to self-diagnose due to the awful medial system in this country! Plus, I have to constantly coordinate kiddo pick up between my husband and neighbors. And what is wrong with store bought? I had to drag myself to the store, even though every nerve was crying out in pain, AND I had to walk all the way into the store since my doc won't give me a handicap sticker. This whole drama just caused not only a fibro-flare, but my IBS/Crohn's disease to just go full throttle. I just hope I can recover in time for Krispy Kreme Friday!

by Cherylreply 41205/30/2017

[quote] I had to drag myself to the store, even though every nerve was crying out in pain, AND I had to walk all the way into the store since my doc won't give me a handicap sticker.

Oh, Fran! I TRULY feel for you! Have you tried to borrow a friend's or relative's handicap tag? My neighbor---who doesn't have ONE SINGLE GOSH DARNED thing wrong with her, by the way!---uses her dead mother's tag. That B-word thinks that she's Miss Thang because she gets primo parking at Pat Catan's and Chico's.

Have you tried a scooter? Sometimes, you just have to swallow your pride and get a ride! Teehee! I'm a poet and I know it!

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by Cherylreply 41305/30/2017

Hi Tam! What a fantastic idea! I'm all for anything that makes life easier for ME! Though I can already hear the comments from my bitch MIL and that evil little Chad and his clique at work. I'm already feeling a flare coming thinking that Chad will probably put a sign on my scooter that says "Pork & Ride"

by Cherylreply 41405/30/2017

Ladies!! I'm SO excited right now.

After a long struggle convincing hubby to relocate to Nevada, and an even LONGER struggle visiting dozens of doctors trying to find one who would truly listen and HEAR MY TRUTH, I finally have a medical marijuana card!

But now a new struggle begins. Not only will I have to fight the horrid prejudice against our "invisible disease," but I'll have to hold strong against people who'll think I'm just a lazy pot head. People are so judgemental and awful sometimes! Dear fellow Warriors, will you stand with me?!

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by Cherylreply 41505/30/2017

Did Ginny in Billing suffer from Fibro before her untimely demise?

by Cherylreply 41605/30/2017

All you bitches called in today with your made up ailments but I know you all will come in and be fine as rain for tomorrow's potluck

by Cherylreply 41705/30/2017

Girls, what are your Red Flags?

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by Cherylreply 41805/30/2017

So I staggered into the office today, reeling with pain and tenderness, only to receive a company-wide email that our home page on our work computer must now be the company's website. My current home page in WebMd. Because of the troubling symptoms that always seem to be emerging, I need rapid-fire access to it. Can they actually do this? Is that even legal? I'm hoping that if I explain my desperate situation to HR, they can make an exception in my case. This will all have to wait till Thursday, as I need to call in sick tomorrow. Going to work today was more than I could handle. I should've known better after exerting myself at the bar-b-q yesterday. It was a "know limits", not a "no limits," day, and I just cannot make it in tomorrow. Sure, I have a ton of deadlines, but I need to think of me for a change.

by Cherylreply 41905/30/2017

Pam, it's so easy to open another browser window and hide it behind your home page. I do it all the time! Whenever I manage to make it into work I MUST have immediate access to WebMD to self-diagnose the symptoms that crop up almost hourly. How else will I know what meds to order from the Canadian pharmacy?

by Cherylreply 42005/30/2017



by Cherylreply 42105/30/2017

Ladies, always remember: Your illness does not define you. Your strength and courage do!

by Cherylreply 42205/30/2017

Ladies, we need to help Huma.

by Cherylreply 42305/31/2017

It's SO COLD in this office! Should I file a complaint with facilities, HR, or both?

by Cherylreply 42405/31/2017

Okay, ladies, I have a problem:

My cleaning lady, Consuelo, thinks she's going to be deported. Eeeck. How can this be happening to me? I never voted for Trump. I was having a self-care day on election day. I don't know where I'll find a legal worker to work for slave wages. How will I survive without help? Just last week I had to have her completely clean the car interior after Mahdysynne split her Unicorn Frappucino.

Consuelo's so lucky anyway. She has five angels and, since her husband left her, no one around pressuring her to do more around the house and questioning her self-diagnosis' like my DH Matt.

I'll just have to keep strugglin' thru.



by Cherylreply 42505/31/2017

Great news, ladies. Hope is on the way. Finally.

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by Cherylreply 42605/31/2017

Ladies, I am so tired today. That Lifetime movie about pedophilia kept me up half the night. Did anyone else see it? It's just my luck, I get some me time and then it's ruined by such a horrific story. Those poor babies. God bless them all.

by Cherylreply 42705/31/2017

Our neighbor's son Austin came home from college this week. My cutiepie hub Bob, thinking that he too is a 6'2", 20-year-old college wrestler with a body carved from granite, was shooting hoops with Austin in our driveway. I watched them from our bedroom window, and just their playing ball and running up and down the driveway sapped me of any energy I had left for the day. I am practically in tears remembering when I used to have that type of energy. OK, now I need to get ahold of myself before Bob returns to the house. I can not...I WILL NOT LET HIM SEE ME LIKE THIS. Bob texted me a few minutes ago that they're in Austin's house cooling off and chatting over a couple of iced teas, and he'll be home in 15. I bet Bob is giving Austin advice on girls. Oh that hub of mine!

by Cherylreply 42805/31/2017

^ I think Bob is teaching Austin the ropes, like any good neighbor!

by Cherylreply 42906/01/2017

Hi Brittany, you definitely need to file a complaint with HR. They need to be sensitive to those of us who suffer with constant fibro flare ups. Why just the other day, my cubicle was so frigid, that even my fingertips were tender to the touch. I couldn't even type! Fortunately I have bought the cutest Snuggie to keep here in the office. It helps SO much I don't even care what Chad says about it. Anyway, enough about ME (tee hee!) I know from plenty of past experience that you need to file a complaint with HR so that you have documentation in case you want to sue at a later time for creating a hostile work environment with their temperature terrorism. Good luck!

by Cherylreply 43006/01/2017

HR is the worst. When I spoke to an HR rep about working from home to reduce my sick days, she said I needed to have my condition certified by a doctor. I told her I've been to dozens of doctors, and none of them found anything medically wrong with me. A few doctors had the nerve to tell me if I ate better and got more exercise, I'd feel better. I told the HR rep that's the nature of fibromyalgia, not enough doctors understand it. I swear I could hear her eyes roll over the phone.

by Cherylreply 43106/01/2017

I would only share this with you. Because I just know inside that you've faced the same thing.

Lately I simply do not have the energy to keep my pussy clean. All that reaching and scrubbing and moving the flaps around and digging in up there and then trying to straighten it all back up and then get the scent over the entire surface, with my back the way it is. I'm exhausted just thinking about it and my hands are numb from typing so much. It's why I usually stick with the FibroFriends Twitter account. Although I usually fade off after 50 characters. But as I share this I'm all fired up and almost have the strength to say what I've come here to say. To admit the truth about my condition and myself. So here it is.

My pussy stinks.

by Cherylreply 43206/01/2017

Does anyone know where I can buy those wonderful "I am a survivor!" posters in bulk? The one with the woman sitting in her fibro-fit chair looking fierce and assertive? Because I want one for each wall in my cubicle and I'm going to insist that HR puts them up on every wall I pass during the day, because it's my service/therapy poster and I have a right to be supported unconditionally in my self-affirmativeness.

by Cherylreply 43306/01/2017

I almost asked my sister to order it for me because she's on Prime and I don't have the energy but then I remembered my Bitsy died in 1997.

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by Cherylreply 43406/01/2017

For the Fibro Virtual Museum site I'm creating an exhibit called, "Faces of Strength, Faces of Pain." I'd appreciate all submissions showing your strength and your pain. No nudity, please. Some of our Fellow Suffering Strength members are now in their pre-teens, as young as seven,

Thank you.

Here's me on a typical bad day.

TIme for a nap.

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by Cherylreply 43506/01/2017

On top of everything else my team at work that hates me now is insisting I have OCD have OCD have OCD. If I felt better I'd fight it because there is nothing wrong making sure things are done right are done right are done right because otherwise I know bad episode is coming is coming is coming.

by Cherylreply 43606/01/2017

I've had my share of run-ins with HR too. They're gone as far as to demand I hand over printouts of my blood work results and scans. I've told them over and over that fibro cannot be quantified. There is no blood test or scan that can illustrate my disease. It's a diagnosis by exclusion of other disorders. Just because all of my results are normal, that doesn't mean I can get out of bed with ease and make it to work on time, or that I can sit in a meeting without experiencing a fibro-related incident of narcolepsy, or run to a conference room without feeling as though I'm going to collapse. These are real and serious physical issues that severely limit my activity, and even though they do not reveal themselves in blood work, it doesn't mean they they are not 110% real. Where is the sympathy? Where is the understanding? When I joined this firm, I was told that we like one big family. Well, that family quickly abandons you when your health goes south. I should've seen this coming. They pulled the same thing on my friend Sue in accounts payable last year. Despite her having IBS-d, they would not be flexible with her in terms of extra sick time or working from home. She begged and begged, but they would just not accommodate her. Well, not until the day of the big company meeting last July, the same day the AC gave out. Though feeling the urge to defecate, she bravely stayed in her seat until the VP finished speaking about the second-quarter earnings report. She eventually lost it and had an accident in her panties. With 300 of us gathered in a large conference room and with no AC, you can imagine the aroma that began to waft through the room. That was the tipping point, and they finally relented and increased her sick day allowance. They played hard ball with her, and they're doing the same thing with me now, and it's just not far. Sorry, I needed to vent.

by Cherylreply 43706/01/2017

Hello Ladies! I picked up the most adorable cupcake recipe at Bible Study last night. I don't know where to source organic, free range dog tongues. Any ideas?


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by Cherylreply 43806/01/2017

Well “friends” sorry that I haven’t had time to check in with any of you.

I’ve been VERY busy but just now I read on this web-thread that some of you were worrying about where I was, even though NONE of YOU ever wanted to meet for DRINKS or TACOS or SHOPPING. And yes, Tammy and Trish and Midge did offer to get together so they could help me KILL MYSELF but then they never even showed up!!

Of course, I wouldn’t have done it, but it would have been nice to spend time with other warrior gals. And Tammy still owes me $150 for my disturbing the peace ticket and it would have been nice to finally get my money!!!

But who cares, the truth is that I’ve realized that YOU ALL STINK.

But the good news for me is that I found myself a new bunch of friends on an excema online support group website thing and they are a TRUE BLESSING for a gal like me with ankle excema and pre-fibro and my family issues (my daughter is very needy and my husband Kurt is not helpful.) Also my neck is still stiff.

My new friends (Margaret, Ann, Shirley Sue, Gretchen, Lois, Heather L., Heather N., Pat, Roz, Yvette, Barbara, and so many others but I can’t type all of their names because of my conditions) are SO SUPPORTIVE and LOVING. I have already made lots of plans for get-togethers with them and I wish some of you could go too just so you could understand what REAL FRIENDSHIP is but I don’t think you would be a good fit.

This weekend I’ve already scheduled a coffee date, a wine and painting thing, and a few of the gals have invited me to go BUNGEE JUMPING! Isn’t that fun?? I’ve seen it on “That Amazing Race” and now I’m going to do it with my new friends.

Well all of you, good luck with your medical conditions and I hope you learn some kindness too. If my time here was worth anything, I hope it’s that I taught some of you (Brenda? Tammy? Brooke-Lynn?) how to be a good and supportive friend who cares about others.

by Cherylreply 43906/01/2017

Is anyone heading for Colorado any time soon? Because I'm sure if I had some of the over-the-counter mood helpers from there I could maybe organize myself to pick up my meds more often at the pharmacy. They refuse to deliver for "non-life-threatening" conditions. It makes me want to cry.

I'll pay you back when my disability check comes. Three dozen of those triple-strength brownies with the hash-creme on top will do it. And keep them cool. I like them fresh.

All you people complaining about HR are so lucky to have the energy to go into a job. I had to take a hammer to my knee to get the respect I needed for my other conditions. It's not my fault the Morgellons fibers I pulled out of my arm kept dissolving in the Ambu-Cab on the way to social services and labor. I have a theory that's why they make the chemtrails, but I'm too tired to talk about it.

by Cherylreply 44006/01/2017

Oh Joyce, I'm so sorry you won't be joining us, but yes, I've learned much from you, especially about your ankle eczema. Let me tell you a little story.

Years ago, I was looking for some new lippy recommendations, and came across a website called Lipstick Alley, and found a bunch of comments about Kim K, who we of course all follow. Well, somehow I had never heard of this tape she made with a male entertainer, and when I heard what supposedly happened, I was so shocked, I had to put myself to bed early. But later, watching an episode of 'Keeping up with the Kardashians', I learned about Kim's struggle with eczema. That brought the pain home to me, and I realized that I had dismissed this horrible disease. Later, in my research, I discovered that some people have used urine to treat eczema, as one would for a jellyfish sting, and suddenly I realized that poor Kim must have been self-medicating (at least, with the help of a friend). I even looked up that tape and made myself watch the whole thing (for scientific reasons, of course).

So, as your sister in fibro (or pre-fibro in your case), I will offer to make wee on your ankle eczema, and if it's spread from your ankle, anywhere else. I'm sure some of the other girls might be willing to as well. I once saw Trish make wee behind a taco truck when she thought no one was looking, so I know she certainly has a healthy stream (but you didn't hear that from me, of course).

by Cherylreply 44106/01/2017

I had to do my final of 3 shits this morning to complete my FOBT test kit. The first one 2 days ago went badly, the one yesterday was better, today's was not so bad. I got shit on my hands each time and I keep thinking I can still smell it. So this morning I cradled my mug of coffee to try and get my plumbing working so I could take a dump on a piece of toilet paper which was cradled on some saran wrap which I had placed over the toilet bowl. The one that I did 2 days ago looked like it had blood on it so I tossed it back in then realized I had eaten red pepper so I quickly fished it out, patted it dry and discovered yes it was red pepper not blood. I know you aren't supposed to use it if it comes in contact with water but I just wanted to get it over with. You aren't supposed to do the test unless you have not drank alcohol for at least 7 days. I had the test in my drawer for almost a year and this was the first time I hadn't been drinking on the weekend so it had to be now. Long story short...I took it to the lab to drop off and the woman was asking all sorts of questions and I thought I just had to drop it off and go. Turns out she fucked up (she was new) and a senior employee took the plastic bag with my 3 shit samples and and explained to her how to do it as I stood and waited for further instructions. Eventually it got taken care of but I can't help but wonder if they call me later and explain that there was some error and I have to re-do the test. Sorry to discuss my personal matters but my b/f doesn't like me to talk about bodily functions and I had to talk to somebody.

by Cherylreply 44206/01/2017

You know Joyce, I'm sick and tired of your micro-aggressions. I actually took time, precious ME time, to respond to you. But not only do you choose to ignore my kind and generous gesture, you continually rant on about Tammy, Trish and Midge. They are not the only gals on this thread. I think you are having issues because the glamorous ones choose to exclude you. As my second favorite dress sweatshirt says "when God closes a door, He opens a window"...bush-bye Joyce, and next time spend one second thinking about someone else that YOU may be hurting.

by Cherylreply 44306/01/2017

So my company is refusing to give me disability pay while I seek treatment for my aura migraines. They claim that I burned through my yearly limit in January and February while I was on leave battling Sjogren's syndrome. This is not right. I am thinking of seeking legal counsel, if it comes to that. Has anyone hired an attorney to fight HR for what's rightfully yours? I just need to be very careful, because I cannot lose this job. Nowhere else will I get unlimited work-from-home days. So if I get an attorney, I need to make sure that the issue is between me and HR, and to leave my boss out of it. That way I can get the disability due me and then return to work at some point when I feel up to it.

by Cherylreply 44406/01/2017

I must say Joyce, your ranting has left me with an outbreak of Restless Leg Syndrome, and I'm already struggling with Fibro fog. My plans to surprise Rich with a sexy evening are now ruined. I had Kenny G on the sound system, battery operated tealight candles and I was wearing the thong I found in Rich's gym bag (which I might add has chafed my butt crack red raw). Whilst you carry on about having people pay your $150 fine, I've a good mind to get you over here to rub cream into my crack. I asked Rich to do it but the poor thing was quite suddenly afflicted by violent dry retching. He mentioned something about bad mutton before locking himself in the ensuite.

by Cherylreply 44506/02/2017

Joyce, I hope your fat ass causes your bungee cord to snap! There, I said it!

by Cherylreply 44606/02/2017

Any HR people on this thread? Am wondering if I can go on disability for suspected vitiligo.

by Cherylreply 44706/02/2017

All of this mug cradling has caused my carpal tunnel to just flare up. I am putting in a call to HR as soon as the feeling returns to my fingers.

by Cherylreply 44806/02/2017

Well I accidentally clicked on this horrible web thread and what do I find but more nastiness!!!

Apparently it’s not enough that I suffer with many horrible conditions but now I also have to be treated rudely by horrible people like MADISON, JENNOFEAR, and JULIE!!!!

First of all Julie, people like myself, who tirelessly battle pre-fibro and ankle excema AND take care of a family have very little time for food, so weight is not an issue!

And my friends at the Let’s Put an X Through Excema website group have told me that bungee jumping is perfectly safe and the best thing for my conditions because of the endorphins. And because I have ankle excema, they won’t put the restraints on my ankles and I won’t have to jump head-first. Instead I will jump feet first and the restraint will be loosely placed around my neck. I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

And Madison, how dare you assume that I ‘love scrap-booking!’ If you really had fibro you’d know how painful it is to turn those heavy scrapbook pages!! Do you want me to cry with pain, Madison????

And finally Jennofear, aside from your ridiculous name you also have the ridiculous notion that I would want to BE A LEZ-BO WITH YOU!!! Maybe one of these other gals wants to put cream in your crack but I most certainly DO NOT!!

Brooke-Lynn, you’re such a sweetie! It’s true!!! I am like that cute Kim Kardashian gal and you’re not the first person to notice!!! Let’s get together next week – Mug ‘n Muffin on Monday at 9??? Love you hon!!! (I’m not sure about the pee thing, let me look online a bit and get back to you on that.) Hugs and Happy Weekend!!!

by Cherylreply 44906/02/2017

Penny, DiDi, and Fern, or as they are more commonly known, the "three muske-tears" called in sick yet again today. I nicknamed them this, because they're always huddled together and complaining about some health-related issue. They always seem to be sick but never lose their appetite. In fact, their degree of illness seems to be directly inproportionate to their eating habits. The sicker they are, the more they seem to devour. I hate women. Always have.

by Cherylreply 45006/02/2017

Wearing my Joan Rivers Caftan. Ugg Slippers and Wen Leave In Conditioner in Ma Hair. My Pillow is fluffing in the dryer, Yankee Candles Lit. Have a Venti Caramel Frapp to cradle. Taking a hit of Poppers and going to watch SVU or Bloodline.

by Cherylreply 45106/02/2017

[quote] while Rysyn is so excited to start in zis new madrigal singing group!

Rysyn? That girl is POISON!

by Cherylreply 45206/02/2017

Ladies - I am pondering while cradling my mug on this rainy day. Am truly thinking the cough I woke up with this morn may be Coalworker's pneumoconiosis. My husband fired up the grill two nights ago, and used a store brand briquette. Please include me in your prayer circle at church tomorrow,

by Cherylreply 45306/03/2017

Cradling my Latte. Was going to 10am Wonder Woman. But it's raining and I am cradling.

by Cherylreply 45406/03/2017

Are you merely suffering? Or are you CONQUERING?

by Cherylreply 45506/03/2017

So ladies, it's Saturday, so I know you're all plotting to call in sick on Monday. What will it be? Fibro? Restless leg syndrome? Chronic dry eyes? Epstein-Barr? Carpel tunnel? Pinched nerve? Hypolubricating va-jay-jay? C'mon ladies, don't leave a girl in suspense.

by Cherylreply 45606/03/2017

Can you get mesothelioma from too many lattes?

by Cherylreply 45706/03/2017

Hello, my fellow warrior women! Just thought I'd let you know, that I have recovered from my bout of Sweating Sickness, praise his name! However, I believe I may have contracted scurvy.

As I was recovering from my Sweating Sickness I binge watched "Black Sails" and the crew fell ill with scurvy and I HAD THE EXACT SAME SYMPTOMS! I asked my angel hubby, Fred, to pick me up some orange juice ( pulp free, calcium enhanced natch) on his way home from work. I would have went to the store myself, but I had just made myself some tea and opened a bag of Milano cookies.

That effort alone exhausted me to the point where I could barely wrap my Snuggie around me and pick up the remote control. My fingers are STILL sore from opening the Milanos---perhaps Pepperidge Farm can come up with an "E-Z Open" bag for those of us with fibro and other maladies?

INSPIRATION HAS STRUCK! Maybe Pepperidge Farm can feature "Women Warriors" on their cookie packages to help spread awareness about fibro, restless legs, dry eye syndrome and the many other horrific illnesses that we SO BRAVELY fight each day! NO ONE appreciates just how strong and courageous we are as we struggleto oh-so-carefully ease into our Snuggies and cradle our mugs!

I wonder where Fred is? Maybe Giant Eagle was out of pulp free calcium enriched juice and he went somewhere else! I am SO BLESSED to have an angel like him as my hubby!

Stay strong, sisters! Have a blessed day!

Offsite Link
by Cherylreply 45806/03/2017

Chad, you need to leave us alone! Don't you have anything better to do on a Saturday? Like make up some nasty gay gossip 'cause your a jealous hater like all the other guys on that Datalounge??

by Cherylreply 45906/03/2017

Oh look who it is! Brittany "ask for her symptoms and you'll get a litany"! Have the hives cleared up, dear? You took off last Tuesday and Wednesday to tend to those. Or was it whooping cough? Oh wait, that was the week before. Silly moi! I do hope whatever new malady befalls you Sunday night will clear up by Wednesday. Out of curiosity, how many of the 255,00 hits to WebMD so far today are yours? Ta!

by Cherylreply 46006/03/2017

Tammy---I have a tip for you regarding opening your Milanos, or your other goodies that you SO rightfully deserve:

Ask your hubby to open them FOR you before he leaves for work or to the gym. I have my Larry open up my Ben and Jerry's tubs, my Snickers bags, my Little Debbie wrappers, etc so I won't have to exert myself on such an exhausting endevour. Larry knows that if I even attempt to open a bag of Cheetos, I'm done for the day and need my snuggie and heating pad.

Aren't we lucky for having such loving, thoughtful, understanding hubbys? After all Larry does for me, I can begrudge him a few hours at the gym,

by Cherylreply 46106/03/2017

Sisters, I am so very sorry to announce that our fellow warrioress, Dina, has passed to the great beyond. She was self-treating for years because no doctor would take her seriously.

Well, she finally passed out right in the aisle at Walmart and ended up in the ER. They examined her and discovered Dengue fever! I don't even know how to pronounce that!

Please ladies, remember that bleeding out of every orifice is NOT a Fibro symptom! We must be EXTRA VIGILANT with every ache and pain.

We are starting a GoFundMe for Dina. She has no family, but it's the thought that counts.

by Cherylreply 46206/03/2017

It was you who unplugged my space heater and sunlamp in my cubicle, wasn't it, Chad?? you know I don't completely recover from my Seasonal Affective Disorder until after summer solstice!!

by Cherylreply 46306/03/2017

Gals, I'm so happy we all managed to make it through the week! Saturday is a special day for me as hubs takes the kids off the water park to allow me some "me" time! ;-)

I've been watching my Downton Abbey box set and that Dr. Clarkson is one sexy guy and soooo smart! Before hubby left I had him make me some cinnamon with milk and (my idea!!!) add a little Kahlua to it to calm my nerves.

by Cherylreply 46406/03/2017


I'm glad you took up our suggestion on assisted suicide. Glad to see you show us uniqueness by making it assisted suicide by bungee cord

by Cherylreply 46506/03/2017

Hi girls. Hope you're enjoying your weekend and gearing up for the work-week, or as Annette in editorial calls it, her "work-weak." Poor creature! Always so sick and tired! How does she manage to get all her work done? Oh that's right, she doesn't. There goes silly moi again. However, it's amazing that she's able to conjure the strength of three marines when it comes attacking the leftover donuts and pastries after the Monday morning staff meetings. Annette, hon, if you're reading this, if you don't want me to hurl caustic comments at you, along the line of last week's "doll, you put the 'fat' in 'fatigue'," then I would ease up on the carbs. Or else, you'll continue to get the sharp edge of my tongue, which as last night's grindr trick Chazz can attest to, is not pleasant. Ta.

by Cherylreply 46606/04/2017

A bunch of the girls & I peaked into Chad's 'John Deere Lunch Pail', and low and behold, it was chock full of Dildos and Lube! That was his lunch??

He thought he had a hyper-butch cover! Tomorrow we're replacing it with a vintage 'Charlie's Angels' Box from Violet's attic!

by Cherylreply 46706/04/2017

Josh is ever so good to me! In fact he seems to spend the longest time with our pool boy Pablo comes to clean. Both of them closeted together inside the pool house as he gives him every inch of his direction on how he wants his swimming hole to be regulated.

by Cherylreply 46806/04/2017

A little bitch at Starbucks called me ma'am. Now that shitty little location near the plaza is getting thirty angry e-mails over it's terrible customer service. I can't really use the keyboard because my hands are still aching from the sudden cold snap so I am having Emilia and Janiska our two maids take time off cleaning to use our two Ipads to send message after message. They won't be paid extra.

by Cherylreply 46906/04/2017

^ Woke Warriors of the World Unite!

by Cherylreply 47006/05/2017

Ladies. I took a spiritual journey out in Joshua Tree last night with Chris, you know the one with the dreads and capris? Yeah, so we drove out East, took some shrooms, and I realized something so vividly...

You all know how I've been struggling with whether or not I wanted to be a mother, right? I mean, yes, I'm a glorious aunt. My mug doesn't lie, but motherhood just seems so... daunting, and I respect the fuck out of you warriors for being mothers! So anyway, Chris was giving me one of his famous back rubs, and I was staring off into the distance at this mother quail followed by her three chicks and suddenly, like the fucking mothership out of Close Encounters, this name rose over the mountains, dazzling like a Vegas display. That name?


You all know how receptive I am to signs. Well, anyway. I'll let that one speak for itself. I need to sleep on this.

by Cherylreply 47106/05/2017

I just sucked off my Leskei and Priam's kindergarten teacher so both of them get A's in napping. His cock was veiny and afterwards I heard him say that her husband is much better at it

by Cherylreply 47206/05/2017

This is Kurt. My wife Joyce left her laptop open and I just read this thread. Looks like she might have been driving some of you crazy but I still thought I should let you know that Joyce is dead. She had a bungee jumping accident on Saturday. Hey, it’s sad but like my buddy said, she died the way she lived: extremely high-strung. Plus she had ankle excema so it was only a matter of time anyway.

Now it’s time for me to move on, but it’s not going to be easy. Between my full-time lumberjack job, part-time work as a fireman, and playing rugby and soccer, I’m going to need someone to help out around the house really quick.

It would be disrespectful for me to bring another woman into the house so soon, so that’s why I was thinking about getting a gay guy. Chad, I noticed your posts here and it sounds like you hate your job, so how about you come live at my house? You’d be bringing my daughter to daycare, cooking, cleaning, and also taking care of my personal needs. (A pretty big “need” if you know what I mean.) Chad, the housework won’t be hard — but I will be. ;)

Why don’t you come by this weekend when my daughter is visiting my in-laws? I’ll be out back splitting wood. You can put that big mouth of yours to good use. See you then.

by Cherylreply 47306/06/2017

Cradling Realness:

Offsite Link
by Cherylreply 47406/06/2017

"I don't want my pain and struggle to make me a VICTIM. I want my battle to make me someone else's HERO."

by Cherylreply 47506/06/2017

My inspiration for the day:

"When the ship has sailed with that hot trainer at the gym, just keep on cruising."

by Cherylreply 47606/06/2017

Dana put on Mykela's paintbrush right now! This is her painting time. Go and work on calligraphy

by Cherylreply 47706/06/2017

My aura just turned rust red. I had to call my guru but I couldn't get to him because he was doing an all exclusive weekend at his Santa Clara ashram but I couldn't go because the pain behind my eyes--well why they were horrendous. Poor Ben just had to take the kids to their tennis lesson with Heinrich. Everyone got in 2 hours late and Scottie told me that after their lesson daddy and Heinrich had a meeting of their own!

by Cherylreply 47806/06/2017

Ben my arms ache. Can you please move the dream catcher from the left window to the right?

by Cherylreply 47906/06/2017

Code Red- my Lady Days, which had turned to full blown Girl Flu has broken out into violent Shark Week!

by Cherylreply 48006/07/2017

Oh ladies, I am just SO glad that I have found this site!! My DH just left for work, so I rushed to the computer to find out why my hands are aching so bad! I know that it cannot be from cooking, lately I have been using up all of the frozen pre-made suppers that I made on Sunday. All I really did was unwrap the potato and stick in the micro. My DH is getting a bit upset because I am always in pain! Our monthly date had to be cancelled twice- so, he made plans with his friend Herb. I have not even met Herb yet, but all I can say is "Thank you Herb for keeping my DH so busy and occupied". He really does a whopper for me because I am in just too much pain. Now, my DH comes home so happy, ever since Herb has been in picture, and I get to take my pain pills and go right to sleep! Anyway, I hope my hands stop hurting. Herb to the rescue tonight though!!!!

by Cherylreply 48106/07/2017

Girls, I've self-diagnosed myself with Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Every weird symptom and sensation I've been experiencing for the past six months makes total sense now. The pieces of the puzzle have come together. I will see my doctor next week, but I know he'll make me sound nuts, just like he did when I thought I had beri beri and typhus. I've come to hate doctors and their inability to see what's right before their eyes.

As an aside, I confided this to one of my gays at work, Chad, and he had the nerve to sarcastically respond, "Sounds like your type of disease, Bev. One hour after you're diagnosed your hungry for another disease." I thought that little queen was one of my gays, but I've cut him off.

by Cherylreply 48206/07/2017


DO NOT let that Dr. tell you that you don't have it. I have gone to at least 15 Drs with my self diagnosis. And counting. They dont care enough to really look into it. I am so sorry that you are suffering with that disease. Have you tried reiki stones? They really do help EVERYTHING. My yoga teacher told me about them, and I will tell you...the pain in my neck and legs seem to have decreased. DH has told me how great I look lately too.

Chad sounds like an ass. He really is not like my little queen who KNOWS how sick I am. He always agree's with me. Like he should. Feel better, doll.

by Cherylreply 48306/07/2017

Hey Bev, did self-diagnosing yourself with hypochondria ever enter your mind?

by Cherylreply 48406/07/2017


Gee mister, that is just rood.

by Cherylreply 48506/07/2017

Kelly and Ryan are fibroid tumors that need to be removed.

by Cherylreply 48606/07/2017

I think I have General Tso's Disease. Every time I eat his "chicken", I come home with fleas and I start coughing up hairballs.

by Cherylreply 48706/07/2017

R480 Take down the crime scene tape and switch to 'Always Maxi Extra Heavy (flo)'

Anymore from you an I'm calling the whaaaambulance!

by Cherylreply 48806/07/2017

^Will Someone call Whine-One-One?

by Cherylreply 48906/07/2017

Isn't Madison the chick they caught in the hayloft at the DL summer picnic of 2012 or 2013, doing the horizontal boogie with DeShawn, and nine months later gave birth to DeShawn's sixth baby, by six different baby momma's ?

by Cherylreply 49006/07/2017

Scout! Mommy's not feeling well please go and play out in the streets!

by Cherylreply 49106/07/2017

I am so mad at Bruce. For our pre-anniversary he got me ROSES. Doesn't he know I am allergic to them!? Oh boy he is in the doghouse today!

by Cherylreply 49206/07/2017

RIP Joyce. Although I never liked you, I did love the way you made me feel superior by comparison and you always managed to make us laugh. At you. So selfless. I will light a candle for you this evening, of my hands can manage. And ladies, let Joyce's death serve as a reminder of the danger of ankle eczema.

by Cherylreply 49306/07/2017

Are there tse-tse flies in Ohio? Because I think I might be coming down with sleeping sickness.

by Cherylreply 49406/08/2017

Gladly, this offensive, misogynistic thread went off the rails quicker than a speeding train conducted by a sleep apnea sufferer.

by Cherylreply 49506/08/2017

Actually, no it didn't R495. It was active for over a month and had 494 posts before the lame statement you made. Obviously you are a bitter frau.

by Cherylreply 49606/08/2017

Jesus H. Christ. I was scheduled to take a half-day and meet my boys at the ferry for our departure to Fire Island. Now, because those three bitches Barb, Fran, and Audree called in sick today with various ailments, my boss told me (TOLD ME, mind you; not ASK ME) that I need to stay the entire day to finish up those cunts' projects. This is so fucking unfair. This throws a monkey wrench into all of my plans. Now I'll need to take a later ferry, which will be jam-packed. I'll be exhausted by the time I arrive at the house and won't be in any shape to join my housemates for dinner at Top of the Bay. Trystan, one of my housemates, was bringing his supposedly hot cousin to dinner to meet me. Now it's all been shot to fucking hell because of those mendacious malingerers. Of course, Barb has been posting pics of her little brat's ballet recital on IG all morning! I guess the bitch's lupus suddenly went into remission after she called in sick. God how I hate those fraudulent fish! Fire Island can't come soon enough.

by Cherylreply 49706/09/2017

I just got my new issue of Dr. Oz's magazine! "The Good Life is your trusted source for useful health and wellness information, including healthy recipes, lifestyle tips and weight loss motivation."

He is one smart cookie and a breath of fresh air compared to all of the Negative Nancies we have in our lives. Did you know that flossing your teeth can add 5 years to your life? FIVE!

by Cherylreply 49806/09/2017

Well, my Summer Diagnosis is in! Full Blown 'Alice in Wonderland Syndrome'! Look, I had never heard of it Monday morning, but i'm now bedridden in the later stages!

My team of nurses (Brock & the kids) are fully commited and on board (for now)! Of course we had to cancel Brock's selfish summer Bike-a-thon thru the southern rim or northern rim or somewhere!

Got to run, conference call with my dr.'s from Evergreen College! Plus, Girls' Night Out after a day in bed - 👯👯

by Cherylreply 49906/10/2017

^ Testify, Violet, Testify!

Bear witness

by Cherylreply 50006/10/2017

R499, EVERGREEN COLLEGE!!!! Ha ha ha good one.

by Cherylreply 50106/10/2017

Hey ladies, it's Kurt again. You know, Joyce's husband. Well, I've decided to embrace my fibro-brohood and start a lil business. I'm doing personal training for all your dear hubbies, and I can guarantee I'll turn those chub hubs into hub studs, the better to support you warrior women. To be clear, i'l work them hard, crafting some fine hunkiness out of the chubmiess. We'll be working out daily, taking camping trips and other manly journeys, and wearing jockstraps, leather, toy know, guy stuff. You may know Chad, my new PR director. Send me a pic of your DH to and I'll schedule a review for your MAN.

by Cherylreply 50206/10/2017

Yes, Skype Diagnoses are all the rage! And my crackerjack team of Drs at Evergreen is second to none!

Although, today there was a lot of shouting & arguing amongst my team, and I would say for a good hour they lost focus on the patient!

They were so concerned though that they were screaming at each other!

by Cherylreply 50306/10/2017

Ladies!!! I am so terrified! Now that we know that a single tick bite can kill our amazing and precious children! I am beside myself. I'm thinking of home schooling my darlings SchylerLeighLynn and Colt-an next year. I've also cancelled all of their summer activities and instead will scour pinterest for fun crafts for them to do - inside the house of course. I'm sure Manuela won't mind helping them. She has to clean up anyway! Now fellow Warrior Women, here is where I need your STRENGTH and GUIDANCE. How do I convince that horrid Marian in HR to approve my working from home at reduced hours at full pay while I am homebound protecting my children? There must be some kind of FMLA law that kicks in for events such as these? Am I right?

by Cherylreply 50406/10/2017

R503 Can they write prescriptions? -Sure, But no one will honor them!

by Cherylreply 50506/10/2017

Girls, I'd like to share the composition that my little guy wrote for his kindergarten class. I need to warn you...have a couple of boxes of kleenex handy:

My name is Brayden. My mommie has the fibermalgie. She is in bed allot. Shes very tired. She has pains. I love my mommie so much. She cooks great dinner for me Cassidee and my daddie when she very tired. She always pick me up from skool when she tired. She reads my bedtime story. Daddie sometime not home when I go to sleep. Mommie says he is doing jim. Mommie does so much for us when she is very very tired and hurts. Mommie told Cassidee me and my daddie that she is are hero. I want my mommie to not be sick. I pray extra hard to Jesus to make mommie better.

by Cherylreply 50606/10/2017

"Mommie says he is doing jim."

You got that right, kid.

by Cherylreply 50706/10/2017

Oh lawd won't you help me/I got dem fibro blues

by Cherylreply 50806/10/2017

Oh, Sue @ r506! I'm crying as I type this! What sweet, precious angels your babies are for being SO concerned about their poor, sick mommy! You are SO brave !

by Cherylreply 50906/10/2017

Sisters, I'm beginning to think that I am also being visited by the spirit of departed Joyce. While I'm on the couch resting my tired limbs I can hear the fridge door opening. I go look and my good French onion dip is on the counter. When I'm surfing the web for diagnosis info I can hear a faint voice whisper "cunt"...pray for me, on top of dengue fever, Tuck-Tuck disease and the fibro I also have a poltergeist!

by Cherylreply 51006/10/2017

Gals, my worst nightmare came true this morning. The cable blew out right in the middle of Hot Bench. My Bob came to the rescue and called the cable company, who said they would dispatch someone immediately to look into it. Well, I know the types of people they send over...these big black thuggish muscled guys, and I really do not feel comfortable being alone with them. I mean, as you well know, I'm no racist. We gave our girl Kenya a $25 gift card to Aldi for Christmas. However, one needs to be careful. And besides, as you know, I don't have the strength these days to even blow my rape whistle. When I told Bob about the type of guy who usually comes out, my hero got on the phone and demanded the MIL take the boys to little league while he stays home with me waiting for the cable guy. Well, as predicted, the man who arrived was just the type I was expecting. His name was Darius. He did fix the issue, but then he demanded a $100 charge for a house call. Bob and I were livid. Money is tight these days due to all the treatments I've had to undergo that insurance did not cover, and $100 to fix a simple issue is out of the question. My hub, ever the negotiator, decided to try and negotiate that fee downward. In fact, Bob and Darius have been out in Darius's truck for the past hour, no doubt debating the fee. Love that guy of mine more than you could possibly know.

by Cherylreply 51106/10/2017

I am a fucking soldieress!

by Cherylreply 51206/10/2017

I hope you bitches can make to the annual company picnic tomorrow. Now let's see, whose husbands will I suck off THIS YEAR in the wooded area behind the picnic tables? Oh that reminds me. Marie, if you're reading this, please, please, please tell your Tim to wipe properly if he wants me to toss his salad again! That was not, I repeat WAS NOT, barbecue sauce dripping from my chin when we emerged from the woods last year. Hope to see you all there. Ta!

by Cherylreply 51306/10/2017

I am Fibro Strong (TM)

by Cherylreply 51406/10/2017

Ladies, I am just despondent. All of my efforts to try and help improve my fibro through walking (our dog Fifi around the block( has activated my Dead Butt Syndrome. I must retire to my fainting couch along with my body pillow, snuggie and mug, and watch the new season of OITNB. Keep my in your prayers fellow warriors!

by Cherylreply 51506/10/2017

The pills are paid for, ......

by Cherylreply 51606/10/2017

Hello fellow ladies.

I am a non-binary trans binary non-binary non-cis transgender woman. I am also saddled with particularly stunning beauty. I have been searching for a supportive group to join and I will be joining yours.

Please see my emotional video explanation about my Fibromyalgia diagnosis and ongoing struggles. My struggles are your struggles. We are all natural women and we are Fibromyalgiaterrorists together!

Offsite Link
by Cherylreply 51706/10/2017

Girls, my Sunday is already my "Done-day". I'm already wiped out just from preparing breakfast for the kiddos. It took all my strength just to tear open that box of fruit loops. I'm gonna hop back into bed while Mike takes the kiddos to church. Gonna watch my SATC blu-rays. I wish I had a Mr. Big of my own to romance and protect me. Mike's a good man, but sometimes I don't think he understands the magnitude of my suffering. He's my Aiden. I try to summon my inner Carrie for him, but most days I feel like I'm nothing more than a Miranda..

by Cherylreply 51806/11/2017


Offsite Link
by Cherylreply 51906/11/2017

OOPSIE! Wrong thread! Although I'm sure if the mighty fibro warriors had the energy they would whole heartedly participate in the "Soul Train" line dance,!

by Cherylreply 52006/11/2017

I found out all the neighbors in my Frau-de-sac think I'm the neighborhood whore! Just because I invite the Dominos' pizza boy in for a glass of water/and a few moment's rest??

And sometimes I let the gardeners have their afternoon siesta in the house, followed by a nice hot bubble bath???

by Cherylreply 52106/11/2017

Girls, I woke up this morning with really bad cramps; mornings are the worst. (Ever since my last C-section, things haven't been the same.) The only things that help are two Aleve, chamomile tea, and a hot soak. (And here I thought I was too old for this shit!)

Steve's just yelled for me; my bath's ready. Talk to you later.

by Cherylreply 52206/11/2017

[quote]I found out all the neighbors in my Frau-de-sac

Polly, you slut-- sounds like YOU'RE the Frau-de-SACK.

by Cherylreply 52306/11/2017

Hi Polly. You know that I am never one to gossip. BUT that last time I called in sick to work, which was Friday. Or was it Thursday. Anyway I couldn't help but notice that the lawn care truck was parked in front of your house from the time Home & Family started, to when The Price is Right ended. Your yard is not that big. Of course I would never tell anyone. Except for poor Joyce, and she's no longer with us. But this is how vicious rumors get started. You don't want to be excluded from the next Pampered Chef party do you?? Just letting you know. As a friend.

by Cherylreply 52406/11/2017

Stupidest thread EVER, and that speaks volumes.

by Cherylreply 52506/11/2017

^^^^ Be Gone Hater!

Stay strong Ladies!!

by Cherylreply 52606/11/2017

R525 Chronic hypochondriac who has been TRIGGERED by this thread!

by Cherylreply 52706/11/2017

R525 has set off my hyperacusis (sensitivity to everyday sounds) with the phrase "speaks volumes." Now when I read the thread I literally hear shouting instead of the sweet sounds of affirmation and understanding.

by Cherylreply 52806/11/2017

Oh, Kurt, I'm just devastated to hear about Joyce's tragic fate! Joyce had planned a brunch date with me at the Mug'n Muffin, but after hearing about Fran's experience there (she had the Hershey squirts for days afterwards, but you didn't hear that from me), I was so fearful that it triggered an flareup of my Morgellons. I had to take to bed and pull the covers over my head, so that I could watch the Real Housewives on my iPhone.

Madison, I hope you haven't taken on a poltergeist, in addition to your other problems. I had offered to make wee for Joyce to help her with her ankle eczema, and I still may do that, just to show that my offer to help was sincere, and my heart (and bladder) are in the right place. Maybe it might help you to join me?

Sue, your little Brayden's letter made me cry, for the third time today. Tears of strength, though!

by Cherylreply 52906/11/2017

I never repeat gossip so I'll only say this once, Polly is suffering from anismus, also known as Pelvic Floor Dysfunction -- she's self-medicating with strange cock, taking all comers in an effort to get some long-term relief, she says :)) In the pooper :)))

by Cherylreply 53006/11/2017

Don't think I don't see you bitches behind your rustling curtains with your binoculars & your cell phones like FBI agents!

Yes, Today is delivery day, just like yesterday & tomorrow!!

My good Dr. Poundstein told me the only thing I need to be "CRADLING" everyday is 8 to 10 inches!!!

If you would follow my lead instead of putting me under Frauservailance you wouldn't be moaning about Fibropsychosis- but you'd still be moaning alright!

Sorry, there's the doorbell again, got to go. I forgot I dialed 1-800-I'M-A-MATTRESS!

by Cherylreply 53106/11/2017

Ameliah, I can't believe you could bring yourself to post a word like "pooper" in this thread! It's a triggering word! (Now, if that's true, I'd like to know how you discovered this idiosyncrasy).

Polly, I apologize for Ameliah's lapse in taste. Those words wound (even if they're true).

by Cherylreply 53206/11/2017

r495 Just like your marriage Mary!

by Cherylreply 53306/11/2017

r525 Are you a disappointment breeder?

by Cherylreply 53406/11/2017

My right elbow hurts, so I'll be calling in sick tomorrow.

by Cherylreply 53506/11/2017

I was craning my neck at the McDonald's drive-thru window, checking on my Egg Mcmuffin(S) and I think I pulled a muscle! Anyway, lemons to lemonade, I ordered an XL Blizzard & cancelled today & tomorrow at work for some special me time!

I just have to butt dial that homo Chad and tell him to get on my projects ASAP! (pun intended)

He doesn't have kids, so what does he have to do anyway??

by Cherylreply 53606/12/2017

Ladies, I felt as if this article was speaking directly to me.

Offsite Link
by Cherylreply 53706/12/2017

Ugh I can't believe what boxed wine does to me. Apologies to all who I offended with my comments above. And yes pooper was an inappropriate word to use. Polly, hon, can you forgive me? And yes, I'm happy to go to the STD clinic with you Thursday. Let's call an UBER? We'll make it a fun day!!

by Cherylreply 53806/12/2017

Ladies, do you know what one of my coworkers had the nerve to do? As you all know, in an effort to draw attention to an insidious condition I now how, my new office computer screen saver reads, "I am the face of Crohn's." I have an appt with a gastro guy next week to confirm my self-diagnosis, but all the symptoms point to that. Anyway, while I was in the conference room scavenging the bagels, lox spread, and muffins left over from Mr. Terwilliger's Monday morning staff meeting, someone went to my computer and changed the screen saver to read, "I am the face of Crones." I wasn't so much livid as I was hurt. If my chronic dry eye syndrome hadn't been acting up, I would've bawled my eyes out. I have a feeling this is the handiwork of that nasty little queen Chad. I know he's bitter because he had to stay late on Friday and miss his early boat to Flame Island or wherever the hell was going to spend the weekend gossiping and picking up STDs. I'm calling in sick tomorrow, but when I'm back in the office on Wednesday, I am going to confront him and report him to HR. And to think, he used to be one of my gays. No more.

by Cherylreply 53906/12/2017

Why do the cradlers always wear the extra long sleeve sweaters. Are they saying "Oh, I'm so tiny and delicate and fragile and cold all the time. I'm so cute don't I deserve your sympathy?"

Can't stand that look! I want to walk up to them and cut off the sleeves to fit. Then knock the goddamn cup out of their hands.

by Cherylreply 54006/12/2017

Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it.

by Cherylreply 54106/12/2017

How dare Sarah get cancer! I was saving Cancer for my birthdayyyyyyyyyyy

by Cherylreply 54206/12/2017

Forget about Sarah. That Evelyn thinks she has the aids. Her husband Dan was caught performing unspeakable sexual acts in the gym. That bitch is going to milk this for all it's worth and be the center of attention in our circle. Remember when she claimed she had ALS after Roberta informed us all that she thought she had MS? That's Evelyn for you...always one-upping another sister warrior and making a mockery of our illnesses, which only serves to minimize the perception that we are heroines. Cunt!

by Cherylreply 54306/12/2017


The "Has the Aids" troll

by Cherylreply 54406/13/2017

Midge, you go right ahead and report Chad to HR for his violation of your work computer! You need to get them to order you a new keyboard, stat! God only knows what kind of things you might pick up from Chad with his sordid lifestyle! I almost feel like a bout of giardia is coming to both of us just reading about this! I wouldn't step foot back into that office until confirming that you have a new keyboard available, and that ID has removed the old one, and cleaned your workspace at the same time. Be strong, Midge, you fibro-warrior!

by Cherylreply 54506/13/2017

This hateful misogynistic thread is dead. Stick a fucking fork in it. This type of vile hate can never sustain itself.

by Cherylreply 54606/14/2017


R546 has been reported to HR. Right now. By me.

by Cherylreply 54706/14/2017

Full post history of R546 in this thread:

I'm cradling my mug this morning... The damp weather is doing a nasty number on my restless leg syndrome. I WILL overcome this.

I'm cradling my mug this morning... This thread is yet another excuse for gay men to display their misogyny. We get hated your mommies because you overidentified with them.

I'm cradling my mug this morning... Right now I'm simply surviving, not living. When will the struggle end?

I'm cradling my mug this morning... The CFS fraus at work always seem to get a burst of energy whenever there are leftover bagels, spreads, and muffins from morning meetings.

I'm cradling my mug this morning... Whenever I get down about my health issues and grow weary of always been my family's superhero, I look to my faith to get me through. I think to myself, God's got this. You can never go wrong when you go with God.

I'm cradling my mug this morning... If anyone's interested, my Jim joined a support group for husbands of we warriors called Fi-Bros. The fellas meet once a week to share their stories of living with us heroic women. He's made some wonderful friends there and seems so much happier and content since he joined.

I'm cradling my mug this morning... This dumb thread kills two birds with one stone in that it tackles two idiotic gay fantasies: that all housewives are attention starved fraus who manufacture illnesses to compensate for their dull lives, with the added bonus of that old chestnut about their husbands prowling for dick on the side. Get a life!

I'm cradling my mug this morning... Girls, as we go into the weekend, just remember, fibro doesn't mean FIBROKEN. We're warriors, each and every one of us.

I'm cradling my mug this morning... WebMD is down!! I don't know what's going on!! Did it crash? Is there an ETA to get it up and running again? Going out of my mind. If anyone could give me any info, it would be much appreciated. I'm supposed to attend Nan's barbq later today, and I need to rule out hyponatremia as the root for these mysterious new symptoms that popped up on Saturday. Oh God I hate this waiting game!

I'm cradling my mug this morning... Only you can be the judge as to whether today will be a "no limits" or a "know limits" day.

I'm cradling my mug this morning... Gladly, this offensive, misogynistic thread went off the rails quicker than a speeding train conducted by a sleep apnea sufferer.

I'm cradling my mug this morning... Girls, my Sunday is already my "Done-day". I'm already wiped out just from preparing breakfast for the kiddos. It took all my strength just to tear open that box of fruit loops. I'm gonna hop back into bed while Mike takes the kiddos to church. Gonna watch my SATC blu-rays. I wish I had a Mr. Big of my own to romance and protect me. Mike's a good man, but sometimes I don't think he understands the magnitude of my suffering. He's my Aiden. I try to summon my inner Carrie for him, but most days I feel like I'm nothing more than a Miranda..

I'm cradling my mug this morning... Stupidest thread EVER, and that speaks volumes.

I'm cradling my mug this morning... My right elbow hurts, so I'll be calling in sick tomorrow.

I'm cradling my mug this morning... This hateful misogynistic thread is dead. Stick a fucking fork in it. This type of vile hate can never sustain itself.

by Cherylreply 54806/15/2017

R531 As a Strictly-Devout-Donald Trump-Christian-Fundamentalist, I am appalled that that WHORE Polly has moved into our good neighborhood with her 'City Ways' & wide open legs!!

She's dead right to think we have her under surveillance, with my good husband kindly volunteering for the night shift! He has already confronted & intervened with a whole host of pizza delivery boys!

by Cherylreply 54906/15/2017

r548 has way too much time on her tending, aching hands.

by Cherylreply 55006/15/2017

R349 Blake has been Deputized & therefore has the ability to take them under House Arrest!

I was so glad Mitch & Butch & some of the other husbands from across the way have joined in, because some of these college boys are very athletic and virile!

They literally have to be wrestled to the ground & handcuffed!

by Cherylreply 55106/15/2017

Ladies, I realized last night just how much that man of mine loves me. He's the best. When I tell you about how far my Dan went to ease my suffering, I'm sure you'll agree. Well, last night, he was arrested and thrown in jail by an undercover cop in the wooded area behind the park off Maple. He was there collecting crab grass after reading online about its curative effects for restless leg syndrome. Supposedly, if you boil it with garlic, drinking the liquid does wonders for RLS, which I was stricken with last year. So evidently, in this state, collecting crab grass is against the law. Dan had no idea. An undercover cop in the area assigned to crab grass detail saw what he was doing and arrested him on the spot. Ten other loving husbands were also there collecting crab grass for their suffering wives and were also arrested on the spot. Ladies, I hope to G'd your husbands would go to such lengths to ease your pain and suffering. As the song goes, can't help loving that man of mine.

by Cherylreply 55206/15/2017

R551 & R549

by Cherylreply 55306/15/2017

Gals! I found the cutest thing! A "kitchen boa"! Aren't they darling? They'll make great gifts. I'm going to get one for everyone in my office Christmas pool. (Except for Chad.)

Offsite Link
by Cherylreply 55406/16/2017

"It's ok to be a glowstick -- sometimes we need to BREAK before we SHINE."

by Cherylreply 55506/16/2017

David is so understanding. He knows I can't have vaginal intercourse because it hurts me to much. He has been spending a lot of time with my brother Daniel and both of them are so keep in each other's company! At the moment they are both having a campout in the backyard with our bachelor border Stefan. Probably taking about sports and women!

by Cherylreply 55606/16/2017

Ladies - it has been a rough week. My sciatica has been flaring, which aggravates my plantar fasciitis, which in turn throws my restless leg syndrome into overdrive!! I wish that I had a loving and supportive man like so many of you, but alas, it is just me and my 6 cats.

Do any of you know of a mail-order husband website? If I could find a sensitive foreign man... oh, I'm tearing up just thinking about it. Time for a hot bath, and some ME time.

by Cherylreply 55706/17/2017

Hi BethAnne. My heart goes out to you. Between your illnesses and not having a husband to support you, it must be incredibly difficult. Honestly, I don't know what I'd do without my Bob. He didn't bargain for any of this, but he rose to the occasion and never looked back. Of course it's always important to let him have time for himself too. That's why I was thrilled when he joined the Fi-Bros workout group. The gym has been a wonderful place for Bob and the other warriors' husbands to blow off a load of built-up frustration over being caregivers that they bravely keep to themselves. Does your church have socials, hon? They're a great place to meet top quality, religious men. Bob and I met at a church singles function. It was love at first sight. I tell my friends and family, Our eyes locked when we both reached for the potato salad, and they've never unlocked since. He had such a boyish face, I remember telling him that he should grow some facial hair to make him look a little older. He took my advice, and he still has the growth. We still joke about it. To this day, he reminds me that on the night he met me was the night he decided that a beard is just what he needed.

by Cherylreply 55806/17/2017

A beard is not the only thing Bob needs. And trust, I know.

by Cherylreply 55906/17/2017

I want to make fuck with sex hungry husband to sick ladies

by Cherylreply 56006/17/2017

Ladies, I did something very brave a few minutes ago. I wandered over to the Teri Garr MS thread. Because I've been symptomatic with this disorder for years, I was terrified to read her story and find out what's in store for me once it progresses. But, the courageous woman that I am, I decided to face my fear and read the thread. I know my path won't be easy, but it's so comforting to know that I will have my guy Frank and the kids by my side as I sail into the twilight of this disease. Mind you, I haven't actually been diagnosed with MS, but the symptoms I've been experiencing for years--the endless fatigue, brain fog, depression, coordination issues--clearly point to MS, and more specifically to relapsing/remitting MS. I'm taking off work tomorrow to go to a neurologist to get a full neurological workup and finally, finally put a name to these mysterious symptoms. My journey begins to tomorrow.

by Cherylreply 56106/18/2017

Well, Aunt Flo arrived on the afternoon train with her red dress and heavy baggage!

by Cherylreply 56206/19/2017

I had to fire Conseula but I couldn't do in person so I sent her to buy doggie treats and then used my new Iphone to text her to bring the dog treats back put them in the animal pantry and then leave our residence. I want to speak to Walter about this immeditatly but he is once again discusing 'football' with our Mexican poolboys (two of them) and our Gardener Hector. All three of them are in their 20s and seem to be totally devoted to my husband.

by Cherylreply 56306/19/2017

So Chris and I took another trip out to Joshua Tree and yes, I took another spiritual journey. I learned a lot, but nothing too important other than this: You are [bold]not[/bold] alone. Much love.

by Cherylreply 56406/20/2017

I'd let you borrow Lupe, but I'm having her carry me from room to room. I've self-diagnosed myself with Pre-MS, and am afraid that any movement will trigger a full-on onslaught. I've already notified HR of my impending extended sick leave.

by Cherylreply 56506/20/2017

Fran, your sick leave has not been approved, because it overlaps with the two-month sick leave you took in May when you began experiencing Lyme symptoms the day after you were out picking dandelions for that tonic you needed to cure your retinal myopathy. DENIED, BITCH!

by Cherylreply 56606/20/2017

Lady warriors, I've self-diagnosed my poltergeist and have declared my home an unnatural disaster center. I've moved into a tent in the backyard, and the hard ground is killing my back.

by Cherylreply 56706/20/2017

Bev, even though I hear that you are, you know, "that way," I fully expected you to support another WOMAN WARRIOR like myself. Anyway, I have studied the employee handbook extensively, and there is nothing in it that says that we can only have one illness at a time. And I am also sure that calling an employee the "B" word is considered verbal harassment and creates a hostile work place. You will be hearing from my legal team. Going forward, I prefer to deal with Marion. She totally understands me and always grants me my sick leave

by Cherylreply 56806/20/2017


Marion's out dealing with her prostate issues so you'll have to deal with me, bitch.

by Cherylreply 56906/20/2017

Note to self:

I am doing the best I can with what I have at this moment. And that is all I can expect of anyone, including MYSELF.

by Cherylreply 57006/20/2017

Ladies, I've been hearing a lot about a serious new illness called "Pre-Death Syndrome." Apparently it's become quite widespread. Should I be worried?

by Cherylreply 57106/20/2017

Bev, I have spent enough time on WebMD to know that women do not have prostates. Nice try. Also, your continued bullying has triggered my post-Lupus syndrome AND my IBS. I have a meeting with my Legal Team today. I will let Marion know when I am able to return to work.

by Cherylreply 57206/21/2017

We have the AC going at the office, and all the fraus are complaining it's too cold. The frau in the cube next mine is sitting her chair covered up with a fleece blanket. Why are they always so fucking cold, even in the heat of summer?

by Cherylreply 57306/21/2017


Marion does because female is the gender she identifies as, she wasn't born that way

by Cherylreply 57406/21/2017

Bev is such a cunty name. What are some others?

by Cherylreply 57506/22/2017

Bev, you've violated so many HR rules that it's clear that Chad has hacked into your email and is impersonating you just to trigger my various illnesses. Marine could hear him typingg and cackling all the way from her cube. Regardless, I'm suing for hostile workplace.

by Cherylreply 57606/22/2017

I can't believe you sorry ass bitches have dropped your mugs! Are you out stuffing yourselves at the Taco Bell Drive thru!

Well I'm going out to "Rough Night" with my homegirls, jealous much? Then we're choo-chooing over to Buffalo Wild Wings to show these twenty somethings how the Big Girls play!

by Cherylreply 57706/23/2017

Is R548 Cheryl?

Because I can smell her pussy all the way from the mail room.

by Cherylreply 57806/23/2017

R577 Last night was just sick debauchery, the girls & I are out of control!! We tore up Buffalo Wild Wings which was packed with 20 something guys watching "The Game"!

We formed Congo lines, we flashed college kids & then on a dare Trudie told the bartender we'd give him our panties for a round of Top Shelf drinks! He could hang them above the bar!!

That's when that lowlife (probably a gay) told us he couldn't even give us well drinks as no one really wants to look at, get this, "Stretched out Grandma Panties"!!!

That lowlife said

by Cherylreply 57906/24/2017

^ So we called a meeting with our young girls when we got home, and though still disheveled, we were flush with Pride! We told them we want a complete boycott of that "probably Gay Bar"!

And they said don't worry, "They wouldn't go back there in a Million Years!!!" In fact they're all thinking of moving to the big City!

by Cherylreply 58006/24/2017

[quote]We formed Congo lines,

I don't know what this is, but it's either racist or cultural appropriation.

by Cherylreply 58106/24/2017

That's just how we ride - It's a Frau Thing!

by Cherylreply 58206/24/2017

Girls, I'm at my wit's end. I self-diagnosed with pernicious anemia, so I went to my doctor last week to get this confirmed. He claims I don't have it! He ran some meaningless blood tests, which were inconclusive. Then he told me that the condition is so rare, it's practically impossible that I have it. He started throwing around this 1 in 10,000 chance that I have this, based on what he's read in his precious medical journals. I said to him, "BUT WHAT IF I'M THAT 1?!?!" He looked at me like I had three eyes. 'm fed up with him and his looking at things from purely a scientific standpoint. These doctors need to look at us as human beings with honest to goodness diseases and not as some statistic. Many of us buck these statistics. I wonder how many other of his patients are underdiagnosed or misdiagnosed because they don't fit his precious statistic. I'm going out of my mind with this, which is stressing me out beyond belief. And I've read that stress and anxiety only makes my pernicious anemia worse. It's a vicious cycle. I have no motivation to do anything, but I can't let Roy and the kids see me with no incentive. They look to me as a source of strength and I will not let them down. Being the hero isn't always easy.

by Cherylreply 58306/25/2017

I just read this on the Psychology Today website: "One of the greatest dangers of self diagnosis in psychological syndromes, is that you may miss a medical disease that masquerades as a psychiatric syndrome. Thus, if you have panic disorder, you may miss the diagnosis of hyperthyroidism or an irregular heart beat. Even more serious is the fact that some brain tumors may present with changes in personality or psychosis or even depression."

Why do I read things like this on a Sunday morning when I know I will have a full-blown panic attack? How will I make it until Monday morning at 8 am when I can call my doctor for an appointment? What if I do make it until Monday morning but they can't fit me in until after the Fourth of July? Should I just go to the ER right now and get the anxiety over with? I literally can't sit down or think of anything else right now. Obviously I can't go to church now. I shouldn't let the brain tumor wait until after the Fourth of July, right? I need someone to tell me what to do STAT.

by Cherylreply 58406/25/2017

Is pellagra still a thing? Because I think I might have it.

Oh, and has anyone done one of those DNA tests for ancestry? Because either my symptoms of sickle-cell anemia are lying to me or my mother did.

by Cherylreply 58506/25/2017


Offsite Link
by Cherylreply 58606/25/2017

feeling better

Offsite Link
by Cherylreply 58706/25/2017

Ladies! What a day! I'm in my special room, with the AC on high and the Hallmark Channel on the TV. I was plannning on taking the kids to the summer festival and strawberry jamboree but when I got up, I had THAT feeling. Oh yeah. Full on panic attack, fibro blow out and my head was pounding. It was all I can do to call my bitch MIL and beg her to come get the kids and take them for a few days. DH actually agreed with me, apparently his Fi-bros have some gym thing today, so he left me to recover. I'm doing spoonfuls of cookie-dough ice cream with M and Ms and it's really helping. I'll order pizza later. But first I need to call in sick for tomorrow.

by Cherylreply 58806/25/2017

Did anyone notice that a lot of the Menfolk of the town have gone missing today?

by Cherylreply 58906/25/2017

Jane, do you have a gas oven? Put her head in it.

by Cherylreply 59006/25/2017

I'm feeling so left out. The two people doing all these pained messages only care about themselves and their pain. I hurt too. I ache. I suffer. And even though this thread is close to 600 posts, I don't even have the strength to finish this messag

by Cherylreply 59106/25/2017

Where is the support group for people with chronic flatulence (Chad!) ?? We must not be flatuphobic !!

by Cherylreply 59206/25/2017

I think this brave Coffee Klatch should reconvene in September when Pumpkin Spice Lattes and X-long sleeve sweaters are back. Bye bye, so long, Farewell!

But don't forget: There is danger, in the summer moon above!!

by Cherylreply 59306/26/2017

Gals, I need some advice. I have a possibility of a new admin job with Barb's company. She referred me, and I just need to say right here and now that she has been my guardian angel through my endless suffering these past four years. Her company's health insurance is far superior to the basic piece of garbage I have with my current company. Unlike my the crap I currently have, Barb's company's insurance covers doctors who specialize in rare and orphan diseases 100% with a very small annual deductible. So, here's my question. How long do I wait to apprise HR that I will need to work from home three or four days a week, depending on symptoms, and on the days that I am in the office, I will need to leave early for doctor's appointments and/or chauffeuring the kids around? Is three days too soon? TIA.

by Cherylreply 59406/26/2017

Oh, no Jenn, three days is way too long. It will be so much easier if on your first day at the new job you start making demands about hours and work days. Bosses just love that stuff, especially from a new hire. And you'll get extra bonus points if you are especially arrogant and flippant when making those demands.

by Cherylreply 59506/27/2017

I'm sad to report that Jenn is no longer with us. She went to HR with her list of demands and it kicked the our HR gal Mitzee's rage issues into high gear. Before anyone could stop her Mitzee threw Jenn out of the open window from her 26th floor office.

by Cherylreply 59606/27/2017

Ladies, just remember, and never forget, YOU ARE A WARRIOR!

by Cherylreply 59706/27/2017

We are Stardust, we are Golden,

We are caught in the devil's bargain,

And we've got to get ourselves back to the Garden-

by Cherylreply 59806/28/2017

We are Stardust, We are Golden,

We are caught in the Devil's Bargain,

And we got to get ourselves back to the Garden-

by Cherylreply 59906/28/2017

The End

by Cherylreply 60006/28/2017

Quick, someone start a new thread. This board has become my and my fellow warriors' sounding board for discussing our devastating health issues. I'll simply die if that outlet is taken away.

by Cherylreply 60106/28/2017
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