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Vegans are such assholes.

I own a diner and i got named and shamed today for my lack of plant based options. FUCK YOU VEGANS! That is all.

by I hate vegans.reply 119Last Sunday at 2:26 PM

They've all got an eating disorder society is supposed to reward and praise. All very sick in my experience.

by I hate vegans.reply 107/07/2016

Were they also millennials?

by I hate vegans.reply 207/07/2016

Kiss my grits, Mel!

by I hate vegans.reply 307/07/2016

You own a diner? ROLF

What's it called -- The Whine and Dine?

by I hate vegans.reply 407/07/2016

They were triggered by your USDA beef

by I hate vegans.reply 507/07/2016

Put a sign up in the diner window that declares it's in quarantine from "Mad Leaf Disease" carriers.

by I hate vegans.reply 607/07/2016

You should have force fed them pork chops.

by I hate vegans.reply 707/07/2016

Vegans are insufferable. I love animals, too, but they are the most holier than thou of all SJW causes.

However, I can't get enough of this guy:

Search youtube for "the vegan cheetah". He's wildly entertaining and funny as fuck.

by I hate vegans.reply 807/07/2016

Well, it is kind of scary you couldn't give them ANY vegetables, to be honest.

You couldn't give them a salad or something? Or veggie patties?

I mean, if I had a business, I'd try to cater to as many people as possible while making money...

Just charge them extra for the hassle. Every other business does it...

by I hate vegans.reply 907/07/2016

Vegans shouldn't go to diners--it's like orthodox Jews going to Red Lobster or Virgil's BBQ. Common sense.

I went to a somewhat trendy (for college town upstate NY) restaurant and asked if they had any regular sodas (other than locally made menstrual flavored bubble tea), like Coke or Diet COke. My wait sniffed, "We have cola and diet cola, but it's definitely NOT Coke products." I ordered the overpriced diet cola and it tasted just the same and I'm sure had just as many bad-for-me chemicals in it as the dreaded corporate Diet Coke. I did not tip at the high end.

by I hate vegans.reply 1007/07/2016

Provide new plant based options for the menu and sneak meat juice into them.

by I hate vegans.reply 1107/07/2016


by I hate vegans.reply 1207/07/2016

I shun all vegans.

by I hate vegans.reply 1307/07/2016

OP, what did the vegan say? I agree with R9.

by I hate vegans.reply 1407/07/2016

OK fuckers, just don't bitch about climate change.

by I hate vegans.reply 1507/07/2016

Grease fires CAN be vegan.

And they usually are..veg' oil has a much lower flash point than animal fat.

Hopefully they'll leave you alone from here on in, OP. I wouldn't give an inch. OP runs a DINER, R14. You're familiar with diner fare, aren't you? If you want hummus and lentil soup you go to the hole-in-the wall in Berkeley where the owner greets you in his filthy, sandal-clad feet and invites you to wait for some bean bag chairs to be vacated.

Diners are for human beings, not for upright herbivores that are under the impression that they have four stomachs. Vegans are as deluded as trannies.

Cows have processed grass for eons and nothing bad's come of it, R15. Delusional transvores eating grass may prove to be quite the opposite, when the worthless plant-sourced B-12 allows their nervous systems to deteriorate and they start murdering gay Dutch politicians.

Get back to us when the B-vitamin deficiency tremors start in.

by I hate vegans.reply 1607/07/2016

You're all just mad vegans force you to acknowledge the torture animals endure to produce cheap meat. You don't want their suffering in your face. Its so unpleasant to see the brutality and misery that goes into your food. So much nicer to have it out of sight and out of mind.

by I hate vegans.reply 1707/07/2016

I hate people who use any excuse not to tip. And yes vegans are the worst.

by I hate vegans.reply 1807/07/2016

R17, that's correct. I've been a lacto-ovo-vegetarian (I eat dairy and eggs as well) for over 20 year and it's just mind-blowing how many people take it as a personal insult that I don't eat animals. For some there's probably some level of shame about eating animals involved. And no, I don't bitch at them for eating animals. I usually just avoid meat-heavy situations.

by I hate vegans.reply 1907/07/2016

I wouldn't consider bubble tea to be a "soda"

by I hate vegans.reply 2007/07/2016

Cook their vegan meal in LARD!

by I hate vegans.reply 2107/07/2016

Have any of you vegan haters ever looked into factory farming?

Offsite Link
by I hate vegans.reply 2207/08/2016

I keep reading this as Vaginas are such assholes. Doesn't matter how many times I've seen it.

by I hate vegans.reply 2307/08/2016

Wtf is bubble tea?

by I hate vegans.reply 2407/08/2016

Imagine slavery as a normal thing? Well, it used to be for a long time. And women as an inferior beings? It also happened. So... you go vegans! I am not vegan/vegetarian but they have my respect.

by I hate vegans.reply 2507/08/2016

Im a vegetarian, and even I agree.

I had a vegan tell me once that vegetarians are worse than meat-eaters. Allegedly we support the TORTURE and SLAVERYof animals for dairy and eggs, whereas at least the animal is just killed for the meat.

Fuck that. I like cheese.

by I hate vegans.reply 2607/08/2016

I am an omnivore. I will put delectable pieces of savory meat in with my fresh vegetables and eat it in front of them.

by I hate vegans.reply 2707/08/2016

Bubble tea is a large cup of iced tea, although it seems more like iced coffee to me as it's rather milky, usually flavored with something like blueberry, mango, etc. It's specialness lies in the fact that there are many large tapioca balls, known as pearls, floating in the tea which you suck up through a large straw.

by I hate vegans.reply 2807/08/2016

r26, why do you follow a vegetarian diet? I was vegetarian/pescetarian for four decades but now I am probably 95% vegan.

When people ask me why I am vegan I give them my variety of reasons, but those are my reasons for my diet. I wish vegans could see that shaming and criticizing people turns people off.

There seems to be enough of a negative connotation associated with vegans that the phrase whole food, plant based diet is popping up in place of the word vegan.

by I hate vegans.reply 2907/08/2016

I've seen it r25 now that it's described. It looked nasty.

by I hate vegans.reply 3007/08/2016

R15 Wrong again, anti-science loser.

Offsite Link
by I hate vegans.reply 3107/08/2016

i agree with R1, for a lot of people, once they recover from an eating disorder and you have to hear all about their "journey" they'll then tell you all about how they're now vegan or "living the raw lifestyle." i'm proud that i've resisted the urge to smack some sense into them. they haven't gotten any better, they've just traded one form of restrictive eating for another.

by I hate vegans.reply 3207/08/2016

Pay them no mind OP. If your menu is a success, you are doing it right. Neinsagers can eat elsewhere.

by I hate vegans.reply 3307/08/2016

"Bubble tea" is when you take a huge hit of meth and shotgun a hottie's hole.

by I hate vegans.reply 3407/08/2016

A vegan diet is recommended for MS sufferers. Talk to a neurologist about the effects of red meat on the blood/brain barrier. Why the hatred? I can honestly say every time I've heard someone whining on about a vegan diet it's been a meat eater complaining about some imaginary problem.

I cannot understand why so many people are personally offended by what another person eats. I really don't give a flying fuck what anyone else eats, why should you?

by I hate vegans.reply 3507/08/2016

I have never met or have seen a long-term vegan who looks healthy.

by I hate vegans.reply 3607/08/2016

I don't care what people eat, but there is no such thing as a cruelty free lifestyle. I eat a fish that died for my meal, a vegan eats a vegetable harvested on a plot of land that hundreds of vermin died to seed.

Most vegans seem more concerned with food purity anyway. They don't care if, say, a banana was picked by an abused field hand, just that they don't put 'unsafe' food in their bellies.

by I hate vegans.reply 3707/08/2016

I'm a level 6 vegan. I won't eat anything that casts a shadow.

by I hate vegans.reply 3807/08/2016

[quote] A vegan diet is recommended for MS sufferers.

Dr Terry Wahls has progressive MS. She improved her chronic autoimmune condition with a different way of eating.

Offsite Link
by I hate vegans.reply 3907/08/2016

I avoid vegans for the same reason I avoid anorexics and activists - they are completely self-involved and boring as fuck.

by I hate vegans.reply 4007/08/2016

And yet you sound so non-judgemental and vivacious r40!

by I hate vegans.reply 4107/08/2016

No, dear, I am vivacious and judgmental - that is not the same as the absolute self-involvement of the navel-gazing, boring as fuck vegans.

by I hate vegans.reply 4207/08/2016

R24 bubble tea is the same thing as boba tea. Googling it would be far more productive than posting such a query on DL.

by I hate vegans.reply 4307/08/2016

If I were you OP, I'd claim the reviews or quotes or whatever and use them to my advantage. Fuck vegans. Use your anti-veganism as a selling point. Everyone normal hates vegans.

by I hate vegans.reply 4407/08/2016

Vegetarians I have no problems with. Especially the ones who will eat animal based products other than meat. But vegans should be purged from the face of the earth. I haven't met a one yet that wasn't batshit crazy.

by I hate vegans.reply 4507/08/2016

Vegans murder innocent vegetables! And sweet pieces of fruit that never did anything to hurt you! Yet you MURDERED them simply because you were hungry!!

by I hate vegans.reply 4607/08/2016

r46 has it right. OP, serve vegetables the AMERICAN way for aggressive American vegans!

Offsite Link
by I hate vegans.reply 4707/08/2016

OP I'm a vegan and I can usually get enough of a full meal from the side dishes and either baked potatoes or fries at most diners. The vegan you described must have been a jerk.

by I hate vegans.reply 4807/08/2016

Considering OP never offered any details of the encounter I seriously doubt it even took place.

by I hate vegans.reply 4907/08/2016

I'm a vegetarian, not a vegan. I know I can be a little sanctimonious, and get angry when restaurants don't offer any real vegetarian options. I always make a point to tell the managers that they should have more. Some say that not a large enough percent of the population is vegetarian, but I say, true, but we have veto powers. If my friends want to eat at that place, I will say no because there's nothing for me to eat there.

We kill animals entirely too casually. We don't need meat in EVERYTHING. It's disgusting.

by I hate vegans.reply 5007/08/2016

I dont make a big deal about it, but I dont eat meat, cheeze or anything else that will constipate me. I am not part of the vegan/vegetarian nut jobs such as R50. As other have said, you just eat side dishes. Its genetic in my case. Most of my immediate family has the same issue.

by I hate vegans.reply 5107/08/2016

omg, having "veto powers" is the most obnoxious, prima donna thing. if you're the only person, or minority food wise, in your friend group that's vegetarian, and you stop everyone from going to a place they all want to go to, then i guarantee you they're just gonna stop inviting you places. get some veggie friends and then you all can go get salad somewhere.

by I hate vegans.reply 5207/08/2016

Stop using the word "veggie" unless you enjoy looking like a fucking retard.

by I hate vegans.reply 5307/08/2016

you look like a fucking retard for not realizing i was using it sardonically.

by I hate vegans.reply 5407/08/2016

I hate to burst your self-involved bubble, R54, but you are not the only person using that foul word in this thread.

by I hate vegans.reply 5507/08/2016

lol how is "veggie" a foul word?

by I hate vegans.reply 5607/08/2016

r49 I agree. Troll knows how to set off a shitstorm.

If true, it's a boring story without details.

by I hate vegans.reply 5707/08/2016

Fair point, it probably never happened and the OP was just trolling us with "vegan" which is always guaranteed a few dozen replies.

by I hate vegans.reply 5807/08/2016

i don't care if OP was trolling or not, i just enjoy bashing vegans.

by I hate vegans.reply 5907/08/2016

I hope you were offering ortolans as the special of the day.

by I hate vegans.reply 6007/08/2016

I do too, R59, however, as a host I have to accommodate them because some of my friends have annoying husbands/partners.

I have learned how to make vegan chocolate mousse. Yay me.

by I hate vegans.reply 6107/08/2016

your friends must be really great in order for you to put up with their annoying other halves.

by I hate vegans.reply 6207/08/2016

I have a friend with a low iron count, but she is a vegan and swears the 2 are unrelated.

Also, this person pulls the "spiritual path" card, which irritates me.

I'm not a racist troll, but I have noticed a lot of upwardly mobile blacks do the food fad crap to distance themselves from soul food/poor people food. It starts with turkey bacon and escalates to vegan.

by I hate vegans.reply 6307/08/2016

R50 - proud of yourself? Because nobody cares and especially the managers who have to listen to your sanctimonious "wise thoughts / marketing advice" -- as if every "manager" of every restaurant is an imbecile who never considered and rejected Vegetarian options, for any number of logistical or business rationales.

by I hate vegans.reply 6407/08/2016

I no more care about what vegans insist on believing than I care about what religious nuts insist on believing, except, in both cases, when they insist on talking to me about it. The problem with both groups is that they consist largely of very shallow thinkers who nevertheless believe they have all the answers.

The fact is there is no legitimate health reason for being a vegan for 99% of humans. We were evolved to be omnivores, that's incredibly clear both from our biological makeup and the fossil record. If you want to be a vegan, fine, but don't tell me how "natural" you are when what you're doing is fundamentally against nature and almost certainly involves you ingesting mass quantities of not-exactly-natural supplements if you want to be healthy at all.

There is also no legitimate ethical reason for being a vegan. We are animals who are part of the food web, and every animal has but two purposes: to survive long enough to reproduce, and to eventually provide sustenance for some other organism. It is unethical to exempt yourself from the food chain and if you got your wish and everyone suddenly became vegan there would be mass extinction events because farm and game animals specifically evolved so that they too can be part of the bioweb. What exactly do you folks intend to do with cows if everyone goes vegan? Set them free in the wild where they will immediately die of disease, starvation, or from other predators? That's ethical in your minds?

Is it ethical to kill numerous rodents, insects, and predators in order to keep fields of vegetables and grains producing? Because guess what? That's what happens. We cannot live on this planet without causing other things to die, so stop being so damned ignorant and sanctimonious about it. At least *I* acknowledge what I'm doing.

Hate factory farming? Fair enough. So do I. So work against factory farms. The way to do that isn't veganism (because nobody cares about what non-customers think). The way is to eat meat and press the issue of ethical animal slaughter.

Honestly, do what you want, but shut up about it because it makes you look like an idiot. And if I EVER catch one of you forcing a pet to adopt your lifestyle I will sic the Humane Society on you so fast your head will spin.

by I hate vegans.reply 6507/08/2016

R65 is telling you NOW so she doesn't have to cunt-punt you and your dog THEN.

by I hate vegans.reply 6607/08/2016

This thread reminded me of this.

Offsite Link
by I hate vegans.reply 6707/08/2016

R65 What an ignorant argument to make, so absolutely full of fallacious bullshit. Cows exist in the numbers that they do because they are bred for food and millions of acres of forest are cleared for them to graze. No one has advocated just turning them loose overnight, just making less of them would help.

Also, species dont go extinct just because they are not eaten by humans, extinction is caused by massive deforestation/loss of habitat and climate change which are linked and undeniably livestock production contributes to that. And if you are so worried about bugs and rodents dying for cultivated land than you should know that plant protein exceeds animal protein as far as production goes by acre.

by I hate vegans.reply 6807/08/2016

.....said the brainwashed vegan also known as R68.

by I hate vegans.reply 6907/08/2016

Anyone want to compare BMI's?

by I hate vegans.reply 7007/08/2016

R39, The Wahl Protocol (her diet) is a modified Paleo diet. I went on a modified version (vegetarian) about 9 months ago. I swim 5 days a week, and walk 7 days a week, and smoke medical marijuana. I no longer need my MS meds.

I find the vocal/evangelical militant dieters of any stripe annoying. I am vegetarian because I cannot break down complex proteins, and it makes me very ill. The suggestions to feed a vegan or vegetarian animal protein is really nasty: it cannot be digested.

by I hate vegans.reply 7107/08/2016

r71, I'm glad you found relief no matter what the solution was. Best of luck to you.

by I hate vegans.reply 7207/08/2016

I believe that one should not use grease fires for vegans or vegetarians.

Sliced thinly, they are best stir fried.

by I hate vegans.reply 7307/08/2016

Oh I don't know, R73, the stir-fry sounds good but have you tried slow-cooking them in liquid? Verrrrrrry tasty and the meat just falls off the bone....

by I hate vegans.reply 7407/08/2016

R23, vaginas can be assholes if there is a fistula involved.

by I hate vegans.reply 7507/08/2016

A few bad apples do not represent everyone living in the Vega star system

Offsite Link
by I hate vegans.reply 7607/08/2016

Vegans aren't cunts. Vegans who go to diners expecting high class options are however.

by I hate vegans.reply 7707/08/2016

I get the outrage over vegans, but leave us vegetarians out of it. There are few places we wouldnt be able to go to eat, as most restaurants have a veggie burger or meat-free pasta dish. It isnt that difficult, so we arent really a burden.

It does, however, annoy me when the occasional restaurant has nothing hut side dishes. I went to a place with friends where even all of the makn course salads had steak, chicken, tuna, or salmon. All of them. My option was the side salad, which I had with fries.

And that is why people think vegetarians only eat salad, because that is ridiculous. And I very rarely even eat tofu, because it is overprocessed soy and no better for you than eating a steak. So I too get annoyed at vegans who eat tofu constantly, using the firm stuff for meat substitute and the silken stuff to replace dairy. All that soy is NOT good for you, but that is another rant.

It is not difficult for restaurants to have at least a vegetarian option. A veggie burger. Pasta dish. Rice and beans. A vegeteable or chickpea curry. It doesnt have to be just salads. The problem with catering to vegans is that you cant use ANY animal products, and a lot of things are cooked with butter or dairy, most pasta and veggie burgers are made with eggs, etc.

Vegetarians are easy to accomodate for, so a restaurant should at least try. But with vegans it would he impossible, so I get that.

by I hate vegans.reply 7807/08/2016

Too me a vegan should not even go to non vegan diner. I mean come on, its a diner for fuck sake.

by I hate vegans.reply 7907/08/2016

That sub-adult "veggie" usage negates and pretty much erases anything else someone might have to say.

Vegetable. Vegetarian. It's not difficult or time consuming to use the entire word.

by I hate vegans.reply 8007/08/2016

Listen assholes, Op here. This GODAMN vegan came into my diner with a friend but was not happy with having just a salad. She was HUNGRY. Berated my staff for the lack of "plant based options" and stormed out along with her friend who at least looked embarrassed. Then later I come to find I have been "named and shamed" on a website I won't name. And now I am receiving mail full of fucking vegan literature detailing how a fiery hell awaits me. Seriously vegans get your shit together. I don't go into you restaurants asking for a steak. Fucktards.

by I hate vegans.reply 8107/08/2016

And just to add. Vegetarians are almost always decent, polite and have a semblance of functioning brain power. I have no issue with you guys. What pisses me off is this idea if you eat meat you don't care about animals. I love animals. Use all free range. So fuck off with your judgements and go set up your own fucking businesses and leave the rest of us alone. Assholes.

by I hate vegans.reply 8207/08/2016

Well, OP, to be fair we need a fiery hell - how else are we going to grill those delicious steaks, chops and ribs?

by I hate vegans.reply 8307/08/2016

Words cannot describe how much I love you OP. Great rant, lol.

by I hate vegans.reply 8407/08/2016

there is a reckoning now, though, for white vegan appropriation

Offsite Link
by I hate vegans.reply 8508/22/2020

Boomers can’t stand changes in taste among the young. Sad.

by I hate vegans.reply 8608/22/2020

OP: don’t get why you don’t provide a couple of vegan options? It’s no biggie.

by I hate vegans.reply 8708/22/2020

Here we go again.

OP, if you don’t want to offer vegan options, don’t. It’s your diner. But don’t whine when it’s pointed out. It was your decision.

by I hate vegans.reply 8808/22/2020

T82 you don’t love animals. You have no problem inflicting pain and suffering on them.

by I hate vegans.reply 8908/22/2020

R85 that article is BS. If you’re vegan for ethical reasons (as I am) you don’t care about or argue with which (if if any one culture) “invented” veganism. It’s not a contest. The more people who reject hurting animals, the better.

by I hate vegans.reply 9008/22/2020

I think it’s true that vegans for the most part have some kind of food issue. When I was growing up my best friend (we were both 14) and the first guy I had sex with became obsessed with losing weight. He was a stocky fellow but not fat, but wanted to be super thin.

this was 1976, I was super skinny and he admitted that he wanted to look as skinny as I did. So he started starving himself to the point that his parents had to put him in the hospital where he was diagnosed with the then the pretty much unknown disorder Anorexia Nervosa. Interestingly enough, there was only one dietitian in our area (Orange County, CA) that specialize eating disorders and this dietitian had said my friend was the first male anorexic she had ever treated. He eventually gained his some weight back but became a vegetarian and was a vegetarian all through high school.

After high school he went through every weird diet you can imagine. At one point he became a Fruitatarian. Because his thinking, fruit is meant to be eaten so he’s felt it was ethically ok eating fruit and therefore not killing a plant! For him eating broccoli you killed the plant (BAD) but eating a peach was ethically ok because it’s supposed to fall from a tree and an animal will presumably eat it. This was during the 80s and his Fruitatarian diet made him lose so much weight that he looked HIV positive, he was skeletal and he loved the look.

I have since lost touch with him but I through mutual friends I know that even in his late 50s he’s still on freak Vegan diets, liquid diets and starvation/fasting regimes. I think he’s just mentally deranged when it comes to food. And he’s never happy, he goes on these diets and he puts his body through all this bullshit and he’s never happy with how he feels or how he looks, it is exhausting, and for all that work he’s just a miserable human being.

BTW- his family and friends have all suggested he needs get some mental health but he has refused it his entire life. Sad.

by I hate vegans.reply 9108/22/2020

Again, as I valiantly tried to explain on another thread people have different reasons for choosing to eat vegan. Many are concerned over nonhuman animal suffering and many are just looking for a healthy diet. Of course there are others who follow it (for now) simply because it’s trendy. And yes, there are anorexics who will claim to be vegan to prevent people from questioning their eating disorders. Back in the early 00s, I knew a woman in graduate school who claimed to be allergic to gluten and a few other things to hide her eating disorder. As a side note, she vomited so much her bottom teeth rotted at the roots.

Anyway, when I’m going to visit a new area, I look for places that have vegan options. Not sure why a place would be called out for NOT having one, makes more sense just to report those who do.

But if you deliberately choose not to offer a vegan option, you shouldn’t get angry if people point it out. You should stand by your decision.

I think OP is leaving out part of the story: a customer asked for something vegan and was given a snotty answer by Miss Prickly “I Love Animals, too!” OP.

OP, you feel judged by vegans. If it makes you uncomfortable, that’s your issue, not ours.

by I hate vegans.reply 9208/22/2020

Vegans don’t use the term “plant-based”, OP. Nice try.

And who owns a diner?

Sounds like Boris.

by I hate vegans.reply 9308/22/2020

I’ve heard some derpy Portland vegans talk about ‘plant based’.

by I hate vegans.reply 9408/22/2020

Doesn’t the high fiber content of a plant-based diet increase bloating and flatulence?

by I hate vegans.reply 9508/22/2020

I feel you OP. I once worked in a Southern place that only had a salad bar and sometimes soup as vegan options. We had a guy come in with an almost daily regular who was visiting from the West Coast. He opined that he was vegan and he wanted something heartier than salad (the soup had meat.) So I went in the back and made him vegan tomato soup and some hot bean salad.

He didn't want it! He had been thinking something Asian or Indian. He was a blond white guy. Fuck him. I ate his custom lunch. Cunt.

by I hate vegans.reply 9608/22/2020

How come when I have a vegan for dinner I have to make special meals for them, but when I go to their house I don't get a slab of beef?

by I hate vegans.reply 9708/22/2020

I agree, OP. I would add that vegans are also mentally ill. Not enough proteins go to the brain.

by I hate vegans.reply 9808/22/2020

Right on that, OP.

Why do people go where their shit isn't served.

Respect goes both ways, and no eatery is expected to fit all requirements. Who goes to a kosher deli for pork butt, and who goes to a chop suey takeaway for a French dinner.

This arrogance is what's going to kill the people who perpetrate it when the hard times come. And they will come.

Good riddance.

by I hate vegans.reply 9908/22/2020

Check out that bitch at r85! You can't appropriate food, bitch!

by I hate vegans.reply 100Last Saturday at 5:51 AM

Went with a friend to a neighborhood place. She asked if the bread was gluten-free. The server said "no." My friend doesn't have Celiac disease, so there was no reason for the question. Just being a smartass. And I told her so!

by I hate vegans.reply 101Last Saturday at 5:55 AM

This is a ridiculous thread. I'm not vegan, but I have never known a vegan to carry a gun and hold non-vegans hostage; which is the level of offense being expressed here. It's just a food choice; get over it.

The world has got a lot of bigger issues to worry about.

by I hate vegans.reply 102Last Saturday at 6:01 AM

Does the diner not serve salads, minestrone soup, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, split pea soup, vegetable wraps or pasta? I'm not vegan or vegetarian, but sometimes it's nice to eat a light meal. There are lots of plant-based dining options available without having to go overboard.

by I hate vegans.reply 103Last Saturday at 6:03 AM

And why don't you have vegan options on your menu? Isn't it good business practice? Don't you know that if a group of people want to go out to eat together, the vegan in the group holds the trump card?

by I hate vegans.reply 104Last Saturday at 6:06 AM

It's stunning how little sympathy gays (an oppressed group) have for other oppressed beings.

by I hate vegans.reply 105Last Saturday at 6:09 AM

No you don't...0/10. But you're right, they're assholes.

by I hate vegans.reply 106Last Saturday at 6:12 AM

[quote] it's just mind-blowing how many people take it as a personal insult that I don't eat animals. For some there's probably some level of shame about eating animals involved.

No, it’s more likely a reaction in anticipation of what’s about to come: you scolding and moralizing on the evils of eating meat.

by I hate vegans.reply 107Last Saturday at 6:13 AM

Most "VEGANS" just call themselves that trying to be hip and trendy . I never believe them they lie about it.

by I hate vegans.reply 108Last Saturday at 6:17 AM

R50 You are why vegans get written off as cranks, the manager just rolls they're eyes and goes and tells someone about the freak complaining about shit again. Where do think the "I need to speak with the manager" came from? You are that Karen and nobody cares. But it made you feel better I guess.

by I hate vegans.reply 109Last Saturday at 6:24 AM

Smug, entitled assholes.

by I hate vegans.reply 110Last Saturday at 6:41 AM

Vegans use the term plant based all the time.

by I hate vegans.reply 111Last Saturday at 6:43 AM

R78 And the vegetarians and vegans are at each other's THROATS! I love it.

by I hate vegans.reply 112Last Saturday at 6:51 AM

[r78] when you say vegans are impossible to accommodate, you mean everything has to have dairy or eggs? How stupid is that?

by I hate vegans.reply 113Last Saturday at 7:16 AM

Vegans are the best. Look at this sexy vegan gay guy.

Offsite Link
by I hate vegans.reply 114Last Saturday at 8:23 AM

"I love animals, too, but they are the most holier than thou of all SJW causes."

Every vegan I've know was super pro-gay (and many are gay or bi themselves)....leave it to the DL Republicans to shit on people who are our allies.

I've found that people who bash vegetarians and vegans are usually intolerant Republicans who also hate gays

by I hate vegans.reply 115Last Saturday at 8:26 AM

Just enjoyed a delicious vegan lunch. Haters gonna hate.

by I hate vegans.reply 116Last Saturday at 8:27 AM

R114 tragic tattoos, an indicator of mental illness are not hot.

by I hate vegans.reply 117Last Saturday at 10:44 AM

Hey vegans! I just had a steak. Jealous?

by I hate vegans.reply 118Last Sunday at 2:18 PM

R118 Nope.

by I hate vegans.reply 119Last Sunday at 2:26 PM
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