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I'm watching those two queens who call themselves The Property Brothers and it got me thinking . . . why doesn't Tarek from Flip or Flop lose 20 pounds and ditch those tragic cargo shorts in the meantime? And why doesn't his wife Christina take some voice lessons? She has the worst speaking voice in all of TV.

by Chip Gainesreply 51805/21/2017

I'm watching the new Fixer Uppers. I almost want to move to fucking Waco, Texas so Joanna can do up a house for us. She is far and away the best thing on HGTV. The Property Bros and Flip or Flop are shoddy. She's truly an artist. Can't believe you can buy a big house for $200K and she can turn it into a stunner.

by Chip Gainesreply 101/18/2016

Joanna is the best! I'd love for her to redo our entire town.

by Chip Gainesreply 201/18/2016

Joanna is an artiste. Makes the others look like amateurs. Still lust after Drew and his pup.

by Chip Gainesreply 301/18/2016

I miss John Gidding, I could watch his shows all day long.

by Chip Gainesreply 401/18/2016

Here's the thing about Joanna and Chip. When they are on screen together, she looks like she can hardly wait to get away from him. BUT, notice when she talks with her furniture designer guy, she giggles like a school girl and really seems to linger around him.

by Chip Gainesreply 501/18/2016

Chip's such a jerk. What the hell is she doing in Waco? She could be the Queen of Manhattan.

by Chip Gainesreply 601/18/2016

Joanna is the new Candice Olson. Perfect taste and spectacularly beautiful reveals.

by Chip Gainesreply 701/18/2016

Chip is a Big Ben Carson supporter. Thread closed.

by Chip Gainesreply 801/18/2016

One thing I've noticed is they seem to have a lot of mixed race black-white couples on their show. I would have thought that was a problem in right-wing Waco.

Has anybody been to her shop? I'm tempted to go to Waco just to see it.

by Chip Gainesreply 901/18/2016

The Property twincest show is the main reason I don't watch HGTV anymore . Joanna is a one trick pony like Miss Bromstead ,same interior over and over . Its very nice , but oh so predictable . There are no real designers on HGTV anymore , its cookie cutter crap from every one of them now . I miss Candace and Sarah and all the REAL designers (even that bitchy Vern Yip ) !

by Chip Gainesreply 1001/18/2016

R10, Candice was the exact same way. The same interior, same colors, etc. Predictable, yes, but beautiful. Much better than what passes for design on HGTV.

by Chip Gainesreply 1101/18/2016

[OP], have you not seen Flip or Flop recently? Tarek has lost about 20 pounds -- my guess is that he changed his eating habits since his cancer treatment.

Joanna is a little one-trick pony -- I can take only so much of "cottage chic" or "country chic" -- but she's done some more contemporary stuff and started using some color. And I read an interview with her somewhere that she admits to having that certain aesthetic.

by Chip Gainesreply 1201/18/2016

Chip's Hee-Haa act gets old for quick. Tarek needs to get rid of the child bearing hips. That wife is such a Princess.

by Chip Gainesreply 1301/18/2016

Are the property brothers gay?

by Chip Gainesreply 1401/18/2016

That seems to be the age old question here.

by Chip Gainesreply 1501/18/2016

I'm so sick of those Canadian fugs. And neither of them were originally any sort of home improvement types. If you dig around on them, you'll find they tried acting and modeling (Yeah, MODELING.. I suppose for Candians their special, but I don't know).. Until they finally landed a show that infected American television.

I was channel surfing one morning a couple weeks back and happened to catch Kathie Lee Gifford going off on them, saying she doesn't get their appeal either. Apparently it's not just me after all. They've bounced around on so many shows, what they do is cliche, even for fixer-up TV shows and they don't seem to appeal to great masses of people, so I'm confused as to how they STILL remain on television.

by Chip Gainesreply 1601/18/2016

Those Canadian fugs have rebuilt HGTV. They are by far the most popular personalities and show(s) on the network. Their crossover appeal might even match Guy Fieri for Food Network.

by Chip Gainesreply 1701/18/2016

I recently watched the Property Brothers' week long redo of a palatial ranch in Montana.

They grew up down the road and the owners were friends of their parents

I learned 2 new things-

#1 They have a super hot younger brother. I mean adorably super hot.

#2 The twin who's the realtor is engaged. His fiance was on the show several times that week. I still believe the contractor twin is gay.

If you can find a marathon of that week long redo you should catch it. They were working with a HUGE budget and the main house/stables/caretaker cottage/outdoor area was well done.

by Chip Gainesreply 1801/18/2016

The "contractor" one has a nice bulge they obviously don't try and hide.

by Chip Gainesreply 1901/18/2016

I miss Sandra Rinamato

by Chip Gainesreply 2001/18/2016

^ I do too. I loved the way she would take the piss out of those whiny prospective buyers.

by Chip Gainesreply 2101/18/2016

I think Joanna and Chip are adorable together. He clearly makes her laugh and she looks totally into him, in my opinion. One more of her sliding bar doors though and I'm going to scream. They should get her out of Waco to diversify the homes they work. I'm bored with her aesthetic.

Tarek (along with every straight man in this country) needs to throw out his cargo shorts forever. His wife dresses really well but that voice. God, it's like nails on a chalkboard.

by Chip Gainesreply 2201/18/2016

I miss Joan Steffend and her room makeovers full of pennies and toilet paper rolls and plywood and glitter and Elmer's glue.

by Chip Gainesreply 2301/18/2016

Am I the only one who finds Tarek hot? Love it when he's in flip flops.

by Chip Gainesreply 2401/18/2016

Yeah Sandra was great..and HUGE boobs

by Chip Gainesreply 2501/18/2016

Tarek is pretty hot..but in that str8 guy way that you could never have him

by Chip Gainesreply 2601/18/2016

I don't find Tarek hot in any way, he's a nice schlubby guy.

I wish HGTV would stop showing those hideous twins down our throats. They are the very definition of "meh." after two shows, their schtick gets tires. Their voices are grating. The same with the fakey love it or list it. (Although I love the woman designer) They should stick with quirkey designers Like the great legendary Joan Steffend and their very pleasing House Hunters.

What I like about the Chip And Joanna show is that they totally refigure these old houses and still keep the asthetic intact. She did her first mid century modern recently and Chip kept saying that she couldn't do it, but she managed to almost pull it off. I also like that they don't have some kind of fake drama on every show that any idiot could smell a mile away. By the way, there was an article on how to secure their services. Because they will not leave Waco, because they want to always stay close to the kids, they will only work in that area. They have a minimum of 25k and you have to give yourself over to their makeover completely.

by Chip Gainesreply 2701/18/2016

Now Scott McGillivray is hot!

by Chip Gainesreply 2801/18/2016

Who are the gays on HGTV?

by Chip Gainesreply 2901/18/2016

Anyone remember "Design On A Dime"? I used to watch it all the time in the mid 2000s - it was Joan Steffend with a $1000 budget. I haven't seen it in years but apparently it only went out of production in the last year or so. Has anyone seen it recently? Did it only air in Canada the last few years?

by Chip Gainesreply 3001/18/2016

What ever happened to the bearish guy that was part of the Design On A Dime team when the show first started?

by Chip Gainesreply 3101/18/2016

Also, what happened to the Kitchen Cousins? They were everywhere, had multiple shows and then,suddenly, POOF! gone.

by Chip Gainesreply 3201/18/2016

John and Anthony were successfully sued by a couple who said they did substandard work on their home. The Cousins subsequently filed for bankruptcy so the plaintiffs couldn't get more damages from them.

by Chip Gainesreply 3301/18/2016

they were hot too

by Chip Gainesreply 3401/18/2016

Interesting! Thanks R33

by Chip Gainesreply 3501/18/2016

I wa surprised when Chip turned 40 for his "big" birthday. I would have guessed 10 years older.

by Chip Gainesreply 3601/18/2016

Rumor from Jersey City to Chelsea is that Genevieve Gorder has Anthony Carrino pussy-whipped.

by Chip Gainesreply 3701/18/2016

Joan Steffend DREAMS of being given a $1000 budget to make over a room!

by Chip Gainesreply 3801/18/2016

The Kitchen Cousins are so hot. They have some lifestyle webisodes where they BBQ or show shaving techniques while being shirtless. No shirtlessness on their shows so these made me happy.

by Chip Gainesreply 3901/18/2016

Is HGTV hiring?

by Chip Gainesreply 4001/18/2016

A few years back they had some big, blond hunk doing home renovation. I can't remember his name. Anyone know who I am talking about?

by Chip Gainesreply 4101/18/2016

Mike Holms , R41 ?

by Chip Gainesreply 4201/18/2016

R41 is it Eric Stromer

by Chip Gainesreply 4301/18/2016

or Chris Lambton R41

by Chip Gainesreply 4401/18/2016

I think it is Eric Stromer. Definitely not the other 2.

by Chip Gainesreply 4501/18/2016

I don't get the Property Brothers either, but ask any woman in my office and their panties become sopping wet discussing how sexy they are.

by Chip Gainesreply 4601/18/2016

Tarek's wife Christina is really annoying. Her gravel voice and her starting EVERY sentence with "I mean," is so difficult to get through that I usually change the channel 10 minutes into an episode. Other than choosing the same decor for every house, does she do anything else?

The Property Brothers have become over-exposed. Their recent attempts at humor and joking seem awkward and forced.

Wishing there were more gardening, landscaping, and building shows. So tired of marathons of Flip or Flop, Property Bros, and House Hunters.

by Chip Gainesreply 4701/18/2016

Since I work from home a lot, I can catch HGTV in the mornings. Sometimes, on Tuesdays, they'll have a few back-to-back episodes of Sarah Richardson. She's awesome -- great design and gives practical tips.

Chip and Joanna recently did that barn conversion and while I thought it was a little crazy to have a 17-foot dining table, the overall look was pretty cool. And she used these crazy cool cement tiles on the backsplash, along with what looked to be a concrete countertop.

by Chip Gainesreply 4801/18/2016

[12], J.D. Scott is the oldest Scott brother. He's probably late 30s, maybe early 40s. The twins will be 38 this year (according to Wiki).

by Chip Gainesreply 4901/18/2016

R4, John Gidding is in Logo TV's "Secret Guide to Fabulous."

by Chip Gainesreply 5001/18/2016

/on "Secret Guide to Fabulous."

by Chip Gainesreply 5101/18/2016

The property Brothers are very likeable and the truly seem like nice guys, but I am getting tired of the brainwashing. They constantly run their show and it is so puzzling to me. Also, their designs are one note MOD. In one of the episodes of their show, they had a client who said I like new things, but I love antiques more. They brothers said to the client so do we! When it was the final reveal everything was super contemporary modern and the client looked like she was hiding her disappointment even though it seemed obvious she wasn’t happy.

Love it or List It is another show which the designer Hilary is another one note designer. She is way too MOD and boring. Also, the clients in many episodes give her a lot of money and she wines that she couldn’t do everything on their wish list yet you see other makeover shows and they do a lot for the same sum of money or less.

I do love Chip and Joanna because she uses antiques and contemporary pieces and puts them together. Another thing what I love about Chip and Joanna is the fact they bring these older homes to life again. Joanna isn’t so ultra-modern and minimalist like 90% of designers on HGTV whose work looks like a toddler could do it. Also, I know she is on the DIY Network but I adore Nicole Curtis, her show Rehab Addict. Again, she is another person who I love the fact that Nicole takes old homes that are considered dumps and she brings them back to their glory days. Also what I love, she doesn’t put some MOD interior design which will contrasts with the homes as so many on HGTV do. She brings back the integrity and real charm to the homes. I think at times she goes a little too period a tiny bit with some homes, but overall I think she does an incredible job. She is a little woman who is a complete dynamo. It amazes me why environmentalists don’t praise these people who save these older homes from demolition. They are helping the environment. I think the problem with HGTV today is the fact that the designers as a whole, are all one note modern, minimalist, and contemporary. HGTV used to have a variety of designers, some focused on modern designs, some designers were traditional with antiques, and others were eclectic. NOW every dam thing is modern, minimalist, and contemporary. Not everyone likes that MOD look. I think the bottom line is MOD is an easy way to decorate a home and it’s a cop out because in realty it means the designer lacks imagination creativity and talent. Minimalism, Modern, and contemporary design is equivalent to a generic look and very predictable. It doesn’t take a lot of effort. Anything other than those design elements is too complex for these “So called, designers”

Another show Kitchen cousins. They are gorgeous handsome Italian studs. However, again, one note designers which was MOD and basically Italian MOD. It is evident they are not really talented at all and HGTV was constantly trying to make them happen. One show flopping, and then they came back with another show which flopped again and another. HGTV didn’t get a clue form the first time.

Sorry but David Bromstad was horrible as well.

by Chip Gainesreply 5201/18/2016

I was watching the Property Brothers the other day and they put an ugly avocado green glass tile in the kitchen. I just about fell off my chair. Please don't bring that 70's shit back again! I lived through it once two decades later and I don't want to have to live through it again.

by Chip Gainesreply 5301/19/2016

All Hilary on Love It or List It does is re-do basements. Boring. And she can never do everything on her wishlist because she forgot to first check if the house needs the plumbing, wiring, etc., etc., redone beforehand.

by Chip Gainesreply 5401/19/2016

Still missing Clive and Lisa from Designed to Sell. Great chemistry and usually a good re-do. One of the carpenters, Steve Hannes, wasn't bad either.

John Gidding remains the gold standard for gorgeous designers on HGTV. Very smart and creative and very personable. Why his show was cancelled so that the unwatchable Property Brothers could take over the schedule is a mystery to me.

by Chip Gainesreply 5501/19/2016

Maybe Gidding didn't um please right people.

by Chip Gainesreply 5601/19/2016

I hate the false drama

"Oh no! There's been a FIRE in this house! How could that have happened! We're so completely unprepared for anything when we buy a house sight unseen! This is really going to cost us!"

Closeup of silent head shaking.

by Chip Gainesreply 5701/19/2016

"Oh no! Sarah is scheduled to start her new job in two weeks. We thought sure we could house hunt, find an old fixer upper, buy it and completely renovate it in a total of three weeks. But now we've found this is a supporting wall!

We're such dunces we never bothered to check the joists in the ceiling during our plan to open up all this space.. Now what?

We'll have to brace it and in order to save money, we'll need for the new owners to gear up and help us knock the wall down themselves.

Do you guys think you can put on safety glasses and a helmet and wield a sledgehammer for 20 seconds in front of the camera? Cuz it sure will help."

by Chip Gainesreply 5801/19/2016

R57, Flip/Flop is the worst for those. Shouldn't they just expect to have problems especially buying something sight unseen? Now if Tarek needed to be spanked every time he made that mistake, it might be interesting. One of the Property Brothers could use the paddle on him.

by Chip Gainesreply 5901/19/2016

[quote] And why doesn't his wife Christina take some voice lessons? She has the worst speaking voice in all of TV.

Serious question here. Can voice lessons really make that horrendous voice more palatable?

by Chip Gainesreply 6001/19/2016

Nicole Curtis rocks. She's genuine, she gets her hands dirty, and actually explains how to do some things that DIYers might want to try themselves.

One of the unfortunate parts of the The Property Brothers shows (and maybe others like Love It or List It perhaps?) is that most of the decor that's put into the projects is returned to the stores and artists after filming. The homeowners know this going in. Viewers see a colorful, finished set of rooms, and ultimately all of the furnishings are returned to Homegoods, etc. Although obviously the construction and hard materials like tile, flooring, etc., remain, not much of the "After" shots exists once production wraps. Also, the house shopping premise is staged. Applicants for the show have already bought a house that needs renovation; the home shopping and offer/counteroffer scenarios add a slight bit of faux drama and use up time in each episode. The idea that there's an open house on the day immediately after construction finishes is ludicrous, as well, for a host of reasons that people who have remodeled their homes to list know.

by Chip Gainesreply 6101/19/2016

Property brothers is all about the sex appeal of the guys. Str8 women and gay men are the target audience. And who hasn't had a twin fantasy?

by Chip Gainesreply 6201/19/2016

Nether twin is "sexy". Somewhat attractive, sure, especially with the recent GlamourShots makeovers they've received.

Matt Bladshaw and Matt Muenster (from the Yard and Bath Crashers shows), and John Gidding are sexy.

by Chip Gainesreply 6301/19/2016

What happened to Income Property and sex on a stick Scott McGillivray? Is he only on the DIY Network now? I only get DIY in standard definition, and Scott needs to be in HD. Honestly, I never watched his show to learn anything and it was incredibly formulaic, but I would watch it just for him. The man is a dreamboat.

by Chip Gainesreply 6401/19/2016

Who would buy a house from Tarek and Christina, really? They look sketchy as hell

by Chip Gainesreply 6501/19/2016

Tarek would do you if needed to get a deal closed.

by Chip Gainesreply 6601/19/2016

Are either of the cousins turning tricks now they've declared bankruptcy?

by Chip Gainesreply 6701/19/2016

Do Chuck and Joanna Gaines just stage the home too for the show too?

by Chip Gainesreply 6801/19/2016

I hate that Nicole is a wingut, but I love her in context of her show.

by Chip Gainesreply 6901/19/2016

Gidding quit Curb Appeal to have "more time to pursue his own projects" or some such nonsense. Not sure what he's pursuing except that vacuous new show, selfies, and designing some really strange wavy storage pieces out of what appears to be cardboard or the cheapest plywood available. It's a shame because Curb Appeal was the last show on HGTV that had really interesting planting/landscape design. Now every yard reno they air has to have a golf course or disney cruise theme.

He also left his husband sometime last year. Midlife crisis?

by Chip Gainesreply 7001/19/2016

Aw, more dish on John leaving his husband.

by Chip Gainesreply 7101/19/2016

Where was it posted John Gidding left his husband? I haven't heard that news.

by Chip Gainesreply 7201/19/2016

I miss the days when Scotty would wear sleeveless shirts on Income Property and then lift his arms to poke at the ceiling.

by Chip Gainesreply 7301/19/2016

Apparently John Gidding is now officiating weddings, from his twitter account:

John Gidding Verified account ‏@JOHNGIDDING

I officiated my third wedding yesterday - Delaine and Andrew, it was such an honor

by Chip Gainesreply 7401/19/2016

I caught a new (to me) episode of Income Property on DIY Monday, and Scott is still wearing tight shirts. The short-sleeved plaid shirt in the opening segment was so tight it was pulling across his chest.

My Income Property drinking game is Count Scott's Shirts. He usually wears anywhere between five and 10 per episode. (No, I have no life, why do you ask?)

by Chip Gainesreply 7501/20/2016

Are there any gays left on HGTV or did they get rid of them all?

by Chip Gainesreply 7601/20/2016

Does anyone remember My House is Worth What? I used to get a kick out of that, especially when the homeowner was sooo disappointed by the figure the realtor comes up with, as if the realtor has a crystal ball of some kind.

by Chip Gainesreply 7701/20/2016

I loved My House is Worth What? I hate-watched the hell out of that show. I loved the awkward long pauses where the host would be like "Your home is worth..............." :::::long awkward pause, couple staring at each other, couple staring at host:::: ".......1.5 million dollars!" Everyone would be like "whew!" when the inflated price was revealed.

by Chip Gainesreply 7801/20/2016

I'm certain that David from Love it or List it is gay but apparently he's married to a woman and has a son.

by Chip Gainesreply 7901/20/2016

I cannot stand Joanna and Chip. They're like a bad act from "Hee-Haw." Actually, Joanna's okay, but Chip is loathsome.

Tarek needs to stop wearing flip-flops so often. He looks like a WeHo queen half the time. And yes, he's lost weight. Chemo and a cancer scare at 33 will do that to you.

by Chip Gainesreply 8001/20/2016

Ah! R55, thank you for bring up Clive and Lisa! I forgot about their show. I loved their show and I miss it highly. Clive would always tease her about how short Lisa was. In reality they were best friends and the teasing never bothered her Clive was and is a British homo. I miss those low budget shows on HGTV so much. I think they were much more fun than these major HGTV shows that are now. Soto was super in her show in which she stage homes to sell. Also, there used to be that low budget show with that tall read haired guy who was gay and he had a weight lifter's body. He was very masculine. He staged homes along with a female cohost designer and I don't remember her name either but she was funny. Design On A Dime was wonderful. I loved Suzie Coelho show renovated yards. I think she did a super job and her show was low budget but just super.

One of the shows I highly miss is If These Walls Could Talk. Oh man I loved that show!

BTW, one day I was channel surfing and I came across John Giddding on Rachel Ray's show. Holy Moly he was major fem on her show! Is he a top or bottom?

Has anyone ever seen that Show on A&E channel Flipping Las Vegas? It's a married couple Amy and Scott Yancey and the guy is like the straight version of Jeff Lewis. I love his wife Amy because he gives her a bad time and she works hard ,but he doesn't' recognize her input. However, she tells him off and no holds barred, LOL! She doesn't put up with her husband's BS. Anyway its fun.

by Chip Gainesreply 8101/20/2016

[quote]Also, there used to be that low budget show with that tall read haired guy who was gay and he had a weight lifter's body. He was very masculine.

If you mean Roger Hazard, yes, he was roided out, but gurl no, he wasn't masculine.

by Chip Gainesreply 8201/20/2016

Damn, that's a blast from the past...Roger Hazard. Whatever became of him and his butt girl co-host.

by Chip Gainesreply 8301/20/2016

Roger Hazard and his partner used to be on that Big Muscle Bears site.

by Chip Gainesreply 8401/20/2016

Tanya Memme is one of the "experts" on [italic]Home and Family[/italic] on Hallmark Channel.

by Chip Gainesreply 8501/20/2016

R80 Tarek wearing flip flops is disgusting and a serious health hazard, especially going in to some of the cesspool houses they decide to renovate. No wonder he got sick with cancer!

by Chip Gainesreply 8601/20/2016

Yes, I read that article in the Lancet about how flip flops cause cancer.

by Chip Gainesreply 8701/21/2016

BTW, Roger Hazard sounds like a porn name doesn't? LOL! I have to disagree, I thought Roger was masculine and he was not fem. I thought he was very attractive. Tarek wearing flip flops in a flipping project was and is incredibly stupid. Uh? he is going into sites that are rough and you need protection. There is cockroaches, rats, feces, etc. Then when they are doing construction work there are nails exposed, tools, etc.

BTW, I think he might have gotten cancer from the stress of the business. He is married and has a family and a business to run so that is a lot to handle. Some people know how to handle stress and deal with stress in their lives but others don't.

by Chip Gainesreply 8801/21/2016

Yes, it very likely was the stress that caused Tarek's cancer.

by Chip Gainesreply 8901/21/2016

I still wish that Awesome Interiors was still on the air. I loved that show. Jennifer Convy hosted the show. She is the daughter of the late Bert Convy.

by Chip Gainesreply 9001/21/2016

I would say I love Rehab Addict as well. In one episode the old house had a stained glass window and the glass was warped, and they had it repaired. Amazing! I didn't know you can repair that.

Property Brothers, boring boring boring.

by Chip Gainesreply 9101/21/2016

I miss This Old House with Norm and his $10 million workshop. And their filthy rich clients renovating 19th century mansions in New England.

by Chip Gainesreply 9201/21/2016

I find it interesting that David from Love It Or List It is supposed to be married but you never see a picture the wife or the son. His personal life never comes up in interviews or print publicity for the 7 plus years their show has been on HGTV. Makes you go "hmm".

by Chip Gainesreply 9301/21/2016

I've just always assumed David was married to another dude. It's been legal in Canada for quite some time now.

by Chip Gainesreply 9401/21/2016

Joanna's fab, Chip's aging fratboy thing gets old fast. I get the feeling that they are very Jebus-ey which goes down well in a wasteland like Waco.

This is Joanna's shop.

by Chip Gainesreply 9501/21/2016

Well they both went to Baylor bastion of Southern Baptists so they're probably both Bible thumpers. I'll give her a pass because she's very talented. He's an asshole.

by Chip Gainesreply 9601/21/2016

I can see Joanna getting fed up with Chip's bullshit and divorcing him after the kids get older. Why a smoking hot, seriously talented, all-around catch like her has stayed with him for so long is a mystery. Maybe it's Duggar-esque religiosity?

by Chip Gainesreply 9701/21/2016

The cousins renovated the former Jersey City Police headquarters, originally the New York and New Jersey Telephone Company in the 1800s, into condos and opened a business on the street level.

by Chip Gainesreply 9801/21/2016

[quote]and we loved the idea that we were “making Waco beautiful one home at a time.”

What's the point? It's still Waco.

by Chip Gainesreply 9901/21/2016

R97 her mother's Vietnamese isn't she? Maybe it's the submissive woman syndrome. Though it seems like she's always on the point of telling Chip to go fuck himself.

by Chip Gainesreply 10001/21/2016

So they've pretty much degayed the channel?

by Chip Gainesreply 10101/21/2016

The realtor Property Brother has nice tittays.

And what looks like a hefty VPL.

by Chip Gainesreply 10201/21/2016

He has the better body then his Brother since he obviously works out more.

by Chip Gainesreply 10301/21/2016

Sorry, but those property brothers give new definition to FUGLY.

They are seriously double baggers.

by Chip Gainesreply 10401/21/2016

nah they are not bad looking. Wonder if they have ever had a 3 way together.

by Chip Gainesreply 10501/21/2016

[100], I think Joanna said one of the shows that her mom is half Japanese, but I could be wrong. And yes, there are certain times on the show where the look on her face is "Chip, just SHUT THE FUCK UP.".

by Chip Gainesreply 10601/21/2016

The Property Brothers make me all puffy down there. I love supertall guys with lean bodies.

by Chip Gainesreply 10701/21/2016

The Property Brothers are an instant click for me. Nothing about their show interests me. HGTV just has too many of those kinds of shows now.

I hate HGTV's block o'shows scheduling. If you don't like a particular show and it is all HGTV is showing all day -- you are screwed. HGTV has lost about 90% of my viewership because I am so fucking sick of Flip or Flop and Fixer Upper too. I am so fucking over Joanna Gaines' overdone shabby country chic design style. It looks so cold and uncomfortable and impractical. I hate her overuse of subway tiles with dark grout in every kitchen and bathroom reno. So ugly. And then she goes shopping in flea markets and junk stores for beat up old knick knacks to decorate with. Who wants somebody else's old ratty looking crap decorating your renovated house? Sure as fuck not me.

I actually prefer Christina and her Orange County decorating style. At least it's new stuff.

by Chip Gainesreply 10801/21/2016

Damn r102 that's hot pic of him. Good bod and loving the messy hair and scruff. He's usually so formal. Great look on him and he avoids that fake blond shit his brother likes to do

by Chip Gainesreply 10901/21/2016

[quote]Has anyone ever seen that Show on A&E channel Flipping Las Vegas?

Isn't that the show with the flaming gay guy in some weird marriage to a woman?

by Chip Gainesreply 11001/21/2016

Chip Gaines is a flaming idiot who eats bugs and farts when you pull his finger and Joanna has a major crush on the furniture guy if she's not already sleeping with him. They've toned down the sexual chemistry of late but now they're almost too nonchalant.

The Property Brothers is mass produced, assembly line chic. The go in ripping and tearing out original features like hardwood floors--only to reach them with NEW hardwood floors! So wasteful! When I saw them get rid of wainscoting and a claw foot tub out of a beautiful 100 year old house ---hello?anyone in the market for a house that old WANTS those original features-- I was done with them forever.

Don't even get me started on Hillary Farr. She wastes the clients' money hand over fist. She is often given a budget of nearly 100k yet some version of 'she can't give the client a desperately needed bathroom redo but then goes ahead and installs a 5k farm sink' always plays out. (Meanwhile, she is rude, asinine and charmless) If I give a designer 100k she better be giving me my GD bathroom.

by Chip Gainesreply 11101/21/2016

R100, R106, Korean

by Chip Gainesreply 11201/21/2016

Hillary doesn't show pictures of her husband and son on Love it or List so, why is it a mystery when David dose the same thing? When I first saw him on the show I thought he was gay and cute too. When I found out he has a wife, I was shocked! David used to be a scientist and he got board with it so he became a realtor like his father and he loves it. Maybe David is just a nerd and people are getting his geekiness with acting gay?

by Chip Gainesreply 11301/22/2016

Hilary has been very public with the fact that she's recently gone through a very bad divorce.

by Chip Gainesreply 11401/22/2016

Hilary also has her dog Mimi on the show and features her often on her Twitter page. That's pretty personal.

by Chip Gainesreply 11501/22/2016

Christopher Lowell would have been a great addition to HGTV. Wonder why he isn't on anything? He's amazingly creative and a charming host.

by Chip Gainesreply 11601/22/2016

Good question, R116, he seems like a natural fit for them. WHET him anyway? He was everywhere for a while.

by Chip Gainesreply 11701/22/2016

I always find it odd when people are kind of "the face of HGTV" for a while: Carter Osterhouse, Kitchen Cousins, Candice Olsen etc etc - they were everywhere and then POOF! they just disappear from the network.

by Chip Gainesreply 11801/24/2016

Candice Olsen was really, really terrific. WHET to all of them is that HGTV turned into the Real Estate channel and real designers were shoved out the door in favor of hacks.

by Chip Gainesreply 11901/24/2016

[quote]The Property Brothers are an instant click for me. Nothing about their show interests me. HGTV just has too many of those kinds of shows now.

I thought I was the only one who can't stand them or their show. But everyone seems to think they're so "cute" (they aren't IMO).

by Chip Gainesreply 12001/24/2016

Agree with what most of you are saying about Joanna and Chip. She is talented and likeable enough. He is annoying and unwatchable. The show should be all her and he should never ever, ever be given any lines. Phrases repeated over and over that annoy me for some reason: "Are y'all ready to see your ___?" "All in" "Kiddos" "Baby you're cute"

by Chip Gainesreply 12101/24/2016

I no longer watch HGTV in any capacity.

All my favorite shows and designers are gone and the block scheduling is ridiculous.

Six hours of Tiny Houses followed by six hours of Hawaiian real estate makes no sense.

I loved Designing for the Sexes, Curb Appeal, Design on a Dime, etc....

Adored Karen MacAloon(sp?), Candice Olson, etc....

Anyone remember the name of the Canadian brunette female designer who had a pocket gay as her assistant/co-designer ?

I'm blanking on her name but I loved her work and her bantering with her assistant/co-designer.

by Chip Gainesreply 12201/24/2016

Do you mean Sarah Richardson, R122?

by Chip Gainesreply 12301/24/2016

The Property Brothers are an instant switch to another station for me as well, r120. They are annoying, and really full of themselves. They have an unattractiveness that gives me the creeps.

by Chip Gainesreply 12401/24/2016

I had to google the name. Yes that's her.

Lordy! She's changed since last I saw her.

She's no longer a brunette with short hair.

She has long light brown hair with obvious filler/Botox.

by Chip Gainesreply 12501/24/2016

r113 bless my stars and garters! when the tall, semi-hot semi-hipster in one of the Durham episodes accused David of being "such a tease" and David reacted with a knowing look straight at the camera... i... I'm sorry... I just assumed.

by Chip Gainesreply 12601/24/2016

I miss shows like the high low project with Sabrina Soto and her gay assistant.

by Chip Gainesreply 12701/25/2016

[quote] The Property Brothers are an instant switch to another station for me as well

Funny i am the same way. I will sometimes put this channel on as background while surfing the web or doing whatever but for some reason when their show is on I can't abide.

by Chip Gainesreply 12801/25/2016

Scott Yancey's twitter. Seems the consensus is he's gayer than Gay Gayerson.

by Chip Gainesreply 12901/25/2016

^^Can not stand that show in Vegas. That dude is gonna have a fucking stroke. He's always screaming at someone about something, usually his abused wife. The deadlines are all fake for added drama, and the set ups are painfully contrived.

They rehabbed one house that was 'supposedly' a former day care and the challenges they had with it were all so ridiculously cliche: crayon scribbled all over the walls (really? what kind of child care allows that?), broken toys painstakingly scattered around, kids snacks left to rot, piles of dirty diapers left behind. The idiot producers went so far overboard creating a phony "childcare" house of horrors, they made it look like the prior owners left in the middle of the night because CPS was after their asses.

Another one was (again phony) a former cat hoarder house, and of course there was one cat left that they just couldn't find. They could only hear it meowing in the walls. Lots of hand wringing drama about how to smoke out the cat without hurting it. So dumb.

by Chip Gainesreply 13001/25/2016


by Chip Gainesreply 13101/26/2016

The Property Bros. started this whole thing. They used to be cute but now they're a bit arrogant, and I don't want to see them doing their parents Las Vegas getaway for three days. Before those two, we had Sell This House with Roger Hazard and a can of paint. The Reveals are the best part of any show and I no longer watch the Canadian Twins either ("Unfortunately, we've found doing the renovation that there is an Indian graveyard under the family room..."). But I will switch back at 10 to the hour to see what they've done.

by Chip Gainesreply 13201/26/2016

Christopher Lowell?!! That major flaming queen to be an asset to HGTV?!! I forgot about him. Every chance he could get at the beginning of his show he wore makeup and women's clothes. He is a major lisper sister to Tim Gunn. He was completely gross!

by Chip Gainesreply 13301/27/2016

Christopher Lowell's squeaky marker always made my skin crawl.

by Chip Gainesreply 13401/27/2016

Here is a partial episode from Awesome Interiors going back to the mid to late 1990's.

by Chip Gainesreply 13501/28/2016

I just got bored with HGTV rarely watch anymore. It's all the same stuff after awhile.

by Chip Gainesreply 13601/28/2016

I agree with you, r136. I hadn't watched HGTV in years. You are not alone.

by Chip Gainesreply 13701/28/2016

It has become boring with too much Property Brothers. I guess it's the economy. They seem to be producing fewer shows and running them back to back. I miss seeing American Castles but that was A&E. I only watch Flea Market Flip and House Hunters International. It seems like all the hunters are looking to rent instead of buy. I miss the variety of shows and host.

by Chip Gainesreply 13801/28/2016

hunting for a house seems fun at first then it just get's tedious.

by Chip Gainesreply 13901/28/2016

The formula has become tedious. Property Virgins was similar but Sandra Rhino-tatas kept it fresh with her snarky comments about the virgins

by Chip Gainesreply 14001/28/2016

The only HGTV show I'm watching is Ellen's Design Challenge.

by Chip Gainesreply 14101/28/2016

R141 really? I thought that show stinks. Maybe because I can't stand her.R138, America's Castles,Oh! how I miss that show big time.

by Chip Gainesreply 14201/29/2016

On HGTV shows Canadian female real estate agents say "we're leaving out of the house."

by Chip Gainesreply 14301/29/2016

The Property Brothers look like Lurch from The Addams Family.

by Chip Gainesreply 14401/29/2016

R44, wasn't he on The Bachelorette?

by Chip Gainesreply 14501/29/2016

Why did Trading Spaces go off the air?

by Chip Gainesreply 14601/29/2016

[quote] The only HGTV show I'm watching is Ellen's Design Challenge.

How feminine.

by Chip Gainesreply 14701/29/2016

So, is one of the Canadian twins gay? No one hasn't really answered that question.

by Chip Gainesreply 14801/30/2016

Another hgtv show that gives me the creeps is that fixer upper couple who is kind of tacky and syrupy. They really make me uneasy just watching them. He's a bit fey and insecure while she's annoyingly manipulates.

by Chip Gainesreply 14901/30/2016

Do they just have 4 shows that they show in constant rotation?

by Chip Gainesreply 15001/30/2016


by Chip Gainesreply 15101/30/2016

[quote] He's a bit fey and insecure while she's annoyingly manipulates

Oh dear.

by Chip Gainesreply 15202/01/2016

R146 I don't think Trading Spaces was an HGTV show? I could be wrong. I do remember one of the HGTV designers used to be on it but I can't remember his name. The only thing I remember about him is he once took his team to redo the living room of a woman who swathed everything in chintz and had knock off Hummel figurines everywhere. Now, chintz and chotskies are not my idea of divine design but this a**hat went into her room and instead of updating within her wheelhouse, he basically stripped it down and rebuilt it into an industrial nightmare, complete with concrete-grey walls, black furniture, and stainless steel accessories. The woman literally cried. After that bit of mean-spirited arrogance I never could watch that guy on HGTV.

by Chip Gainesreply 15302/01/2016

Older show- "In A Fix". Marc "Sparky" Bartolomeo was and still is gorgeous. The main carpenter was a really hot white trash guy named Justin Brown.

by Chip Gainesreply 15402/01/2016

Trading Spaces was on TLC.

by Chip Gainesreply 15502/01/2016

R154 Agreed.

by Chip Gainesreply 15602/02/2016

Fan fun...

by Chip Gainesreply 15703/29/2016

[quote] Those Canadian fugs have rebuilt HGTV. They are by far the most popular personalities and show(s) on the network.

Canadian fugs are the ONLY personalities on hgtv, between property bros and love it or list it.

by Chip Gainesreply 15803/29/2016

HGTV's flip it and fixer upper shows are like Shakespearean sonnets compared to DIY network's flipping and fixing shows.

by Chip Gainesreply 15903/29/2016

R156, is he gay? He is a major stud!

Are one of the Property Brothers gay? I think they are good looking just annoying.

by Chip Gainesreply 16003/30/2016

I love that hot Italian daddy John DeSilvia from [italic]Rescue My Renovation.[/italic]

by Chip Gainesreply 16103/30/2016

Thanks for the reminder, r155.

by Chip Gainesreply 16203/30/2016

I'm pretty sure Jonathan is at least Bi

by Chip Gainesreply 16303/30/2016

I find it hard to watch Flip or Flop these days since Tarek has been muzzled in favor of having his annoying-voiced wife become the star of the show. Both are extremely good-looking, but Tarek at least presents somewhat intelligently.

by Chip Gainesreply 16403/31/2016

Take a shot every time "House Hunters", "Tiny House", "Flip or Flop", or "Fixer Upper" comes on the air.

by Chip Gainesreply 16504/02/2016

Not a fan of their Tiny House craze. I do enjoy the occasional reno (not Property Brothers) show and House Hunters Int'l.

by Chip Gainesreply 16604/02/2016

Whatever happened to Sarah Richardson?

by Chip Gainesreply 16704/02/2016

I used to love Brice " The Bulge " Cooper !

by Chip Gainesreply 16804/02/2016

Nicole Curtis is a right wing, fascist cunt. I'ld like to stick a flag up her ass. Her look and show are tired. Sweetie! You just can';t save everything. John from The Kitchen cousins is as queer as a $3 bill. The Cousins were also sued by a client. They lost. filed bankruptcy. The Brothers are goons. Cheesy public appearances. Chip and Joanna are total Jesus freaks!

by Chip Gainesreply 16904/02/2016

Chip (of Chip and Joanna) is fat, Nicole is indeed a cunt. The Property Brothers are tiresome.

I like Tarek. He has serious BDF. I know the shows are fake but there's a modicum of suspense in Flip or Flop.

I miss the Crashers team, which appears to all be on the DIY Network. All those dudes are hot as fuck. And I like the realtor guy on the second Love It or List It.

by Chip Gainesreply 17004/02/2016

No love for " Barnwood Builders " Mark Bowe ?

by Chip Gainesreply 17104/02/2016

Joanna is not a great decorator. The first season everything was patels and EVERY house had a giant fucking clock on the wall. Season two - shiplap. Everywhere.

by Chip Gainesreply 17204/02/2016

Anyone else remember that show with the Russian realtor, wild blonde hair? I think the show was in Toronto?

by Chip Gainesreply 17304/02/2016

What happened to Property Virgins?! I know that Egypt was the worst, but can they bring it back with another real realtor in ANY location? I love how they tear away at the fantastical dreams of first time buyers with their hopes of marble, granite, real wood floors on a 175,000 budget.

by Chip Gainesreply 17404/02/2016

R171 wow who is that? He is the hottest man ever!

by Chip Gainesreply 17504/02/2016

R173, Tatiana Londono?

by Chip Gainesreply 17604/02/2016

Yes R176 Tatiana Londono, the show was Property Shop. Phony show but at least she was interesting.

by Chip Gainesreply 17704/02/2016

I met her at a party in Toronto but her show was from Montreal. Her husband is a schmuck.

by Chip Gainesreply 17804/02/2016

Mmm, Mark Bowe...have never seen him on HGTV but he is HOT

by Chip Gainesreply 17904/02/2016

Love It or List It episodes can often be boiled down to "Your husband is gay and your house is a piece of shit." Does anyone else think David looks like a Tintin character?

by Chip Gainesreply 18004/02/2016

David has a HUGE cock

by Chip Gainesreply 18104/02/2016

This bulge guy (on the left), R168? Haven't seen him before, but will be googling ;)

by Chip Gainesreply 18204/04/2016

Why do they always insist on putting words on the walls? Joanna does that a lot on Fixer Upper....and I'd fire her ass so fast, her head would spin all the way back to Waco. I could stand to watch Flip or Flop if only they wouldn't let the wife speak at all. Lord, doesn't anyone listen to what she sounds like?????

by Chip Gainesreply 18304/04/2016

R182 ,when he was on Design on a dime he threw massive bulge constantly !

by Chip Gainesreply 18404/04/2016

It makes me sad that we never see Joan Steffend.

Or the Joan Steffend Troll. *hiccup*

by Chip Gainesreply 18504/04/2016

The Property Brothers creep me out. I can't watch them. fugly and fuglier.

by Chip Gainesreply 18604/04/2016

I can't deal with the one with badly highlighted 80s porn hair

by Chip Gainesreply 18704/04/2016

I LOVE International House Hunters. I feel like I've seen the world on that show including so many unusual cities and countries I'll never travel to on my own. I just wish everyone had big budgets because you get to see more fabulous homes that way!

by Chip Gainesreply 18804/04/2016

I agree with you R187 on that bad hair job for Jonathan. How could you possibly think that makes you look good? Possible they do that simply so you can tell them apart.

by Chip Gainesreply 18904/04/2016

Joanna Gaines is a semi-competent stager. She is not a trained much less qualified interior designer. She literally does nothing on these projects but give orders, mainly to take down all the walls, gut the kitchen, and save the shiplap; she shops for antiques; and stages the finished product. Some of her projects turn out well, I think by pure chance, but she has made some egregious errors along the lines of the Property Brothers, who just LOVE to rip out original architectural elements. One client of Joanna's chose a darling 40's cottage and what does Joanna do? Ripped out the built ins, destroyed the original fireplace surround, and installed a black metal awning over the front door. Oh, and she clad the ceiling in the front room with shiplap like the shiplap loon she is. I wanted to physically kick her in her takes-herself-too-seriously derriere.

by Chip Gainesreply 19004/05/2016

HATE it when they destroy original elements of the property! If you need to rip out wonderful things like original built-ins and fireplace surrounds, how bout you buy a property that doesn't have them, and leave the house as it was originally intended to be?

by Chip Gainesreply 19104/05/2016

i know next to nothing about ship lap but isn't a 1940s house a bit too late for it to be authentic?

by Chip Gainesreply 19204/05/2016

Right???? Please leave vintage homes to others who appreciate them. How hard would it have been to design around the built-ins? How hard would it have been to clean and repair the tiles on the original surround? I know many here do not like Nicole Curtis but you can't fault her respect for the historical accuracy of her restorations. I've SEEN her clean and repair old tile surrounds!

R192. yes shiplap was mainly used in buildings around the turn of the century. In any case, shiplap adds a rustic element while a 40's cottage, especially a doll house like this one was, demands a more refined and 'finished' design.

But that was my point. Joanna, like the Property Brothers, isn't at all concerned with authenticity. She is simply a shiplap loon who slathers in on everywhere.

by Chip Gainesreply 19304/05/2016

She is simply a shiplap loon who slathers in on everywhere.

Great description, R193. That crap gets really old, really quickly. I like some of the non-shiplap projects -- the early show where the house had that cool atrium, the doctor and his wife who turned that traditional into French country, and the most unusual house was on tonight -- you walked in a street level where the kitchen and dining room were, and the living area was on the lower level and a two-story. That was an awesome house. And she's started to use some cool cement tiles as flooring or backsplashes.

by Chip Gainesreply 19404/12/2016

I can't watch Fixer Upper anymore due to Chip's annoying arrested adolescence antics.

by Chip Gainesreply 19504/13/2016

Ok, I am in love with R190-193. These jerks on HGTV are so hell-bent on making EVERYTHING MOD AND CONTEMPRARY. They destroy the old charm in these old homes and classic homes which have great character and it hurts to see these no talents destroy the old individual charm. Yes, the original built-ins are incredible and beautifully made. It’s sickening to take out such a beautiful thing and replace it with some piece of new shit. One time I watched an episode of Property Brothers and this lady said I like classic and I love antiques. They both said to her, so do we! What do they do? They gut everything out of the older home and put in stuff that looks like they went to Home Goods store. The lady said she liked it, but you could tell she was pissed. If they want to do that, then gut a new home. Leave the older homes alone!

I think another problem when you watch a show like House Hunters for example, the dumass fraus and their complete dumass husbands don't get it because they are so average and seem pretty stupid. Their tastes go along with whatever everyone else is doing instead of what they want as an individual. They are very, very cookie cutter robots. Also, it highly annoys me if there is something really unique and special in a home that they are looking at to buy and they'll say, that looks like my grand ma's place. They are just so common and not very educated.

BTW, there is a show I can’t remember the name of the show, but these two sisters are relators and they live in Texas and they flip homes. I think they are East Indian. They do the same thing. The interiors that they work on is so contrasting to the bones of the house. They sound like complete idiots as well.

by Chip Gainesreply 19604/17/2016

Back atcha, R196!

I was going to mention House Hunters and the idiots HGTV chooses to include in that show. Every single person who appears on the show has ALREADY chosen and bought a house. How hard would it be to find people who have chosen an interesting old vintage home? Why does it always have to be the cookie cutter houses that are featured? I noticed a show called 'Hunting Vintage' which produced exactly ONE EPISODE. I find it difficult to impossible to believe HGTV couldn't find loads of home buyers who want vintage homes. Basically, it could have been a mash-up between House Hunters: Renovation and Hunting Vintage, hopefully with home buyers who were sensitive to authentic period details and who wouldn't destroy the character of their homes ala Joanna Gaines and The Property Brothers. Speaking of, one episode has them completely destroying a century old house. Ripped out the old hardwoods, took out the [mahogany, I think] French Doors between the parlor and dining room--gahhhh!! it was horrific!

by Chip Gainesreply 19704/17/2016

I'm not liking the "trend" to reclad fireplaces in bathroom tile

by Chip Gainesreply 19804/17/2016

R197, oh man that is awful! That hurts!

R198, yes! good point! That is so butt ugly! I love old tiles on the threshold on a fireplace with brick or just the original brick which is completely super.

by Chip Gainesreply 19904/18/2016

Watching an old episode of PB with a couple named Dave and Glenda. She looks like she could be the mother of Canadian designer Sarah Richardson -- it's kinda crazy.

by Chip Gainesreply 20004/20/2016

Uh oh! Love It or List It is getting sued. They also mentioned what many on DL has been saying about this show. This show is a sham!

by Chip Gainesreply 20104/23/2016

Schadenfreude R201. I;ve always believed whatsherface on LIOLI is massively incompetent. She's given huge amounts of money but NEVER manages to do what the clients really need her to do. 6 people in a house need a 2nd bed or bath but whatsherface can't give it to them because she's too busy spending tens of thousands of dollars on farm sinks, fixtures, and new flooring they didn't need. I see a part of the suit is alleging she overcharged for the shoddy work! HA!

Hilary Farr, thatshername.

by Chip Gainesreply 20204/23/2016

PBS's This Old House was the first and is still the best. Fascinating rehabs of centuries-old New England homes. Just great.

by Chip Gainesreply 20304/23/2016

I love Hillary Farr. Fuck you.

by Chip Gainesreply 20404/23/2016

Rarely do I watch Fixer Upper but the other day I watched a special show reviewing the various things that they did on various episodes. One of the episodes Chip and Joan were showing a couple a house and he looked down and saw a dead cockroach. He picked it up and actually ate it. The couple ran away from him completely grossed out. I was sitting there stunned and in another episode he ate a rat turd. I quickly changed to another channel and I couldn't take anymore. I was literally sick. I seriously think Chip needs some mental help because there is some highly wrong with this guy. He is SUPER crass and SUPER crude and I don't how anyone could be married to that guy.

by Chip Gainesreply 20504/26/2016

r196, I think you mean Listed Sisters. I kind of have a man crush on Trey.

by Chip Gainesreply 20605/02/2016

R206 What say ye all of this new show Listed Sisters? I'm not sure pumping all this money into a house you know you're going to sell is the best idea, but it seems to be working.

by Chip Gainesreply 20705/02/2016

Trey is way cute , but nearly bald . So young too .

by Chip Gainesreply 20805/02/2016

Hmmmm Listed Sisters?

by Chip Gainesreply 20905/03/2016

r207 the show's okay. HGTV is my "background noise" otherwise I'd never have noticed.

Oh, and did anybody notice the brothers spending their inheritance on this evening's Property Brothers? I thought they made a stunningly cute couple until it became apparent that they were, in fact, brothers. Buying a house together. With a back yard for their dog. Whatever.

by Chip Gainesreply 21005/04/2016

R210, I once saw a HGTV show with porn actor Patrick Ives claiming he shared a place with his "brother" we only saw a photo of the "brother"

One of them was obviously adopted.

by Chip Gainesreply 21105/04/2016

I just watched an episode of a show called Master Flip. This bubble head and her dumbass husband do a horrible job in flipping older homes. What they did to an adorable older brick home is disturbing, shocking ,and angering. This dumb frau paints the brick outside of the home black, but says its gray, then she gutted the interior of the home and put everything ultra MOD! From the living room to the Kitchen it is wide open with no defining spaces. Its so generic and cliché. The butt ugly furniture doesn't remotely belong in this house. Through out this whole thing the moron's husband keeps saying, oh you are so good at what you do, you are amazing, on and on raving about how talented his wife is that its super annoying! So painful and so sad. Mess with new or much newer homes but don't touch these older homes unless you understand their historic integrity and have the brains to appreciate them in the right way.

by Chip Gainesreply 21205/05/2016

Jeff Devlin's BDF almost has me interested in Stone House Revival. almost.

by Chip Gainesreply 21305/06/2016

R213, this is a great show. He loves old stone homes and he appreciates them and he doesn't mess with the integrity of the old homes like others do. He has his little boy with him teaching him about all of this and it is truly cute.

by Chip Gainesreply 21405/06/2016

Joan Steffend could only DREAM of having a $1,000 budget and 2-day time frame for a Trading Spaces type room makeover.

Let's think of a new millennial type 2.0 HGTV show that Joan could host. Frank and Hildi could partake in segments, as she allowed.

by Chip Gainesreply 21505/11/2016

I used to love HGTV, but the endless marathons of the super formulaic shows has turned me off. I *loathe* those Property Brothers---not one good chin between 'em. Joanna's stuff is okay sometimes, but after a while, the ship lap becomes ridiculous.

I miss the actual DESIGN shows. Even Bromstad.

by Chip Gainesreply 21605/11/2016

I suppose the programmers know what they are doing but why do they rerun the same episodes late at night that they just ran several hours earlier?

by Chip Gainesreply 21705/12/2016

I've only seen one ep of Listed Sisters in which the designer sister put 35k into rehabbing the old family home--with the multiple bedrooms, levels, and large gorgeous yard--- so the Dumb and Dumber family could buy a generic row house in the city. Meanwhile they had to ditch all the family pets in the move! I wanted to strangle the lot of them. It also seemed like they ditched the adopted kids and took along only the bio kids to the new, smaller house with no yard or enough bedrooms.

by Chip Gainesreply 21805/22/2016

No one has mentioned that Tarek looks EXACTLY like John Travolta?

by Chip Gainesreply 21905/22/2016

I miss that fine ass guy Rick Spence who used to host "Curb Appeal". I wonder what he's doing now.

by Chip Gainesreply 22005/22/2016

R219 Tarek looks a little like Travolta in that picture, but not otherwise. His other is French and his father Arab - probably Tunisian or Moroccan.

by Chip Gainesreply 22105/22/2016

make the "mother is French"..

by Chip Gainesreply 22205/22/2016

At times I find Tarek a bit Seinfeldish

by Chip Gainesreply 22305/22/2016

yes definitely a resemblance. I'm sure takeek and xtina went as jt and olivia for halloween

by Chip Gainesreply 22405/22/2016

All the crap Joanna uses to stage the Fixer Upper remodels is from her stored collection, now in the silos I believe. So you're going to see the same wall décor like the cheesy script incorporated into most shows.

That said I appreciate her aesthetic particularly since we have a second home in Colorado where many of her ideas are appropriate. For instance, I can't imagine ship lap in a NYC flat but it can work nicely in a small Colorado bathroom.

by Chip Gainesreply 22505/22/2016

That cheesy script on the walls is so childish. I loved that sort of thing when I was a teenager but I grew out of it.

by Chip Gainesreply 22605/22/2016

Tarek lost his looks almost overnight it was very dramatic. Maybe because of the cancer he had?

by Chip Gainesreply 22705/22/2016

Personally , I think that vocal fry wife of his is sucking his life force out of him , R227 !

by Chip Gainesreply 22805/22/2016

DIY seems to have better quality shows, or maybe i'm just realizing what a different home reno show looks like outside of the 3 houses then 1 house, fix kitchen OH NO WHATS THAT? plot line. I really love Rehab Addict with Nicole Curtis, I love seeing her go in and restore an old home the right way, not doing some hack job flip. Property Bros still have a place in my heart because they're a little fun and charismatic, but goddamn are some of those renos a disaster, and the whole green screen visualization is old and obnoxious.

by Chip Gainesreply 22905/22/2016

also totally off topic, but I really miss watching the old Martha Stewart Living series, the one before she went to the muffhouse. I loved her gardening tips and little outdoor projects.

by Chip Gainesreply 23005/22/2016

[quote]Jeff Devlin's BDF almost has me interested in Stone House Revival. almost.

Devlin's like a cross between Jim Carrey and Willem Dafoe...and yes, the BDF is pretty strong with him.

I will say he's been looking a little weathered lately; I suspect he only has a few good years left.

by Chip Gainesreply 23105/22/2016

Hes okay looking , but quite frankly I find his voice a turn off .

by Chip Gainesreply 23205/23/2016

It will be interesting to see how Joanna and Chip will handle future episodes of Fixer Upper after Baylor's recent sexual assault scandal and the beating that the school is taking in the media. It seems like every other family on that show is a Baylor alumni or staff member.

by Chip Gainesreply 23305/29/2016

r233 maybe they can rejuvenate the Branch Dividian compound?

by Chip Gainesreply 23405/29/2016

R233, 234,Uhm? huh?

by Chip Gainesreply 23505/29/2016

r235 it was in Waco, where Baylor, Chip and Joanna are, no? I bet some ship lap would fix it right up.

by Chip Gainesreply 23605/30/2016

I prefer DIY too. Maybe it's because I haven't watched it as long, but the shows don't seem so mind numbingly repetitive.

by Chip Gainesreply 23705/30/2016

Chris from Yard Crashers on DIY is kinda cute.

by Chip Gainesreply 23805/30/2016

Some really spoiled cunts on HH lately. One was a food blogger and needed all her cabinets to be white.

Another bitch who looked like a dollar store Streisand wanted elegance on a budget, with her husband....who was SO clearly gay.

by Chip Gainesreply 23905/30/2016

[quote] I know many here do not like Nicole Curtis but you can't fault her respect for the historical accuracy of her restorations.

I'll give you that. She's good at what she does. And she seems to know what she's talking about.

I dislike her b/c of her extreme politics, but that has little to do with her show.

by Chip Gainesreply 24005/30/2016

OK, so let's take House Hunters... how do these 20-something bitches amass enough dough to buy half-million dollar houses and have remodeling budgets to boot? And why are they so fucking whiney? I can't stand to watch HGTV anymore.

by Chip Gainesreply 24105/30/2016

Agree R241. Where does the money come from? But I also see plenty of 50 somethings on the show who are buying million+ homes and they don't look like they can afford it either.

by Chip Gainesreply 24205/30/2016

I wish Nicole didn't have such shitty politics...I like her on her show, and her projects that go on for several episodes, like when she totally renovated the mid-century home her grandparents used to live in.

Also, she has one of the best heads of hair on tv.

by Chip Gainesreply 24305/30/2016

Omg, I've watching HGTV all day today. Tiny Houses seems like a nightmare. I even googled "tiny house nightmare" and found all kinds of things. Can you imagine living on top of somebody all the time and owning a big dog? You can smell his breath from the next "room".

by Chip Gainesreply 24405/30/2016

R169 I agree. The whole channel has become very conservative with all the right wing, religious freaks hosting the shows.

And I agree with the other poster that said the Property Brothers are creepy. Something in their eyes.

by Chip Gainesreply 24505/30/2016

R169, when I watch a show, I don't give a rat's ass about their politics, give it a rest! The kitchen cousins are not gay and this has been wishful thinking for a long time on DL and complete BS. No one on HGTV or DIY has to stay in the closet for their audience like actors do. The unmarried cousin is dating that horrible, horrible bubble headed designer Genevieve Gorder BTW, the guy David on Love it or List is another BS claim on DL. Posters have said well, he never mentioned his wife, so? he could be private. I have to admit when I first watched Love It or List I thought David was gay because comes off that ,but I think he is just nerdy. BTW, I think David is an average hottie.

One of the things I love about the DIY channel is the fact that they seem like they have a lot of people on that channel who believes in preservation, love it! Its a little what HGTV used to be. None and I mean NONE of the interior designers on HGTV I would let them work on my dog house. They are all horrible cookie cutter one note.

by Chip Gainesreply 24605/31/2016

[quote] OK, so let's take House Hunters... how do these 20-something bitches amass enough dough to buy half-million dollar houses and have remodeling budgets to boot? And why are they so fucking whiney? I can't stand to watch HGTV anymore.

We watched the Orange County one and figured Daddy gave his son a trust fund. She's a fucking food blogger, it ain't like she's making bank. And they have a child named....(wait for it...) Maxsyn. Yes, Maxsyn. Mommy will be back at the stripper pole in no time. (Her name WAS Kayla, after all.)

by Chip Gainesreply 24705/31/2016

[quote] None and I mean NONE of the interior designers on HGTV I would let them work on my dog house. They are all horrible cookie cutter one note.

HGTV got very conservative (in design, not politically) after the recession. Also, it pretty much exists now to be a giant commercial for the stuff being sold in stores.

by Chip Gainesreply 24805/31/2016

HGTV is all fundy? Oh...well, I won't be watching that network ever again.

by Chip Gainesreply 24905/31/2016

They should show old "How Not to Decorate" shows with Justin and Colin. They'd make over the decor of outlandishly tacky British houses while placating the curmudgeonly owners. Fascinating and funny.

by Chip Gainesreply 25005/31/2016

[quote] HGTV is all fundy?

Reading is fundamental.

by Chip Gainesreply 25105/31/2016

As previously reported on DL, if you are watching House Hunters with a friend, you can impress him/her by predicting which house they are going to choose. It is always the empty one with no furniture, since they already have agreed to buy it and the other two are just found for the show!

by Chip Gainesreply 25206/01/2016

[quote] It is always the empty one with no furniture

Eh, not always. Sometimes it's the ones with furniture, you can tell it's THEIRS, too. And they show it in the "after," they're not even careful about trying to make it look different.

by Chip Gainesreply 25306/01/2016

It seems like on the Joanna show, they remodel homes for an awful lot of biracial couples. Waco's a little Southern town. I wouldn't have thought there were that many black/white couples there.

by Chip Gainesreply 25406/01/2016

HGTV has jettisoned most of their gay hosts and I also noticed that there aren't as many gay homeowners on the various shows. I get the feeling Chip and Johanna would never have a gay couple as clients. I do care about the politics of the people I'm watching. I would not support an anti-gay host anymore than I would support an anti-gay tv preacher.

by Chip Gainesreply 25506/01/2016

"Are you going to love it . . ."

"Or, are you going to lisp it?"

by Chip Gainesreply 25606/01/2016

I think the Property brothers are really hot and would do all three brothers together or one after the other.

by Chip Gainesreply 25706/01/2016

[quote]PBS's This Old House was the first and is still the best. Fascinating rehabs of centuries-old New England homes. Just great.

I couldn't agree more and i learn a lot from the show. I don't care about the politics of nicole curtis. She is so much better than Chip and Joanna and all the others.

by Chip Gainesreply 25806/01/2016

[quote] Sometimes it's the ones with furniture, you can tell it's THEIRS, too.

How can you tell it's theirs?

by Chip Gainesreply 25906/01/2016

BTW, are any of the Property Brothers gay?

I want to point out what is super annoying when they say, this looks like my grandma's place. I think that is super rude. My mother gets pissed by that one because she doesn't decorate like that nor does she know other older ladies who decorate like that.

Usually anything that doesn't look sterile or the interior design doesn't look like the set of TRON is considered grandma or horrible or cluttered. These couples on House Hunters are the worst because they come off as very, very backward hicks. Anything that may be classic and elegant they act like it is hideous and grotesque. They are clueless about anything other than what is the assembly line is shooting out at the present time and everyone else is doing it so that is what they should like. They remind me of the type of people who would say, Monet? We are not familiar with any fancy French wine. Or they'll look at painting that is a gorgeous masterpiece and say, that that is

by Chip Gainesreply 26006/02/2016

Does anyone know if the homeowners on these shows are real? or are they just actors? I get the feeling sometimes that these people don't really even know each other...and like r254 said, are there really that many biracial couples?

by Chip Gainesreply 26106/02/2016

A lot of the guys who are married with kids or wife expecting a child seem like tinker bells. Are wives becoming more dominate in these straight marriages more than ever before? Has anyone else notice this on House Hunters?

by Chip Gainesreply 26206/02/2016

Check this out.

by Chip Gainesreply 26306/02/2016

R253 I've noticed that too, there was an episode in my current city where one of the houses they were "considering" was mostly unfurnished, except for a few large pieces covered in moving blankets, you could make out a pattern on a sofa in one room, that turned out to be their sofa once we got to see them all moved in. It's all so totally fake, they've already bought one of the houses and are often half-way moved in when they film this crap. It's hilarious watching the couples pretending they've never seen the house they just closed on.

by Chip Gainesreply 26406/02/2016

House Hunters would have you believe that most everyone sells their house with furniture and televisions included these days. Who doesn't enjoy a used mattress, after all.

I can't find anything to watch on the channel anymore. It's all the same few shows in marathon reruns. I won't watch the tiny house nonsense. No one ends up living in those glorified sheds. I find the Property Brothers and the House Flipper couple appalling. I hate when they gut older houses and throw their catalog of blandness at them.

by Chip Gainesreply 26506/02/2016

[quote] How can you tell it's theirs?

Sometimes it's just a gut feeling, but you can kind of tell with body language that they know the house, feel familiar in it, etc. It's subtle but I can usually guess if that's the case.

by Chip Gainesreply 26606/02/2016

I would let the following HGTV men inside of me quite deeply:

Tarek Chip Gaines (after a few beers) The darker haired Property Brother The Italian cousins Both Love It or List It men The new hot tall guy on Masters of Flip

And of course, all the DIY network dudes, the Crasher guys.....Matt Muenster, Matt Blashaw, and Josh Temple.

Chip Wade, where are you?

by Chip Gainesreply 26706/02/2016

whoops that was supposed to be a list


Chip Gaines

The darker haired Property Brother

The Italian cousins

Both Love it or List It guys

The new hot tall guy on Masters of Flip

by Chip Gainesreply 26806/02/2016

R267 I'm with you on the DIY guys, I love Matt Muenster, he's such a sexy little cub. The only show I watch much lately is Renovation Realities on DIY, as there's often some really nice eye candy. Usually a hot husband or two, often with a below average wife, such a shame. HGTV is unwatchable now with the Property Brothers and Love it or List it on 24/7.

by Chip Gainesreply 26906/02/2016

The Holmes' family from Canada - father and son. A few beers into it and see what happens. He's a sucker for a good story.

by Chip Gainesreply 27006/03/2016

Ok, who is gay on HGTV and DIY?

by Chip Gainesreply 27106/03/2016

I'm partial to Chance on Masters of Flip, but can't find a good photo of him to link here. All the same... I'm purring as I type.

by Chip Gainesreply 27206/03/2016

Ugh, HIDEOUS hag on HH tonight. Her name was Meg, and she's married to a hot surfer, Josh....but she stole Morticia Addams' hair and hated anything with any taste.

And they had a 1.5 MM budget....again, 20-somethings. WTF???

by Chip Gainesreply 27306/03/2016

Chip and "JoJo" seem like the types who would listen to "contemporary Christian " music.

by Chip Gainesreply 27406/03/2016

In earlier episodes Chip and Joanna were pretty open about their Christian affiliation. I recall their very youngest kid calling out to them 'have a blessed day' as they were going off to work.

Producers surely told them to knock off that shit.

by Chip Gainesreply 27506/03/2016

She was a " photographer " and he apparently owned a string of animal removal services , R273 . I only made it through half the episode because that realtor's vocal fry was giving me a headache . Those kids were cute as buttons , I give them that . But you just KNOW he fucks around on her !

by Chip Gainesreply 27606/03/2016

'have a blessed day' as they were going off to work.

R275 what is so wrong with that? The kid sounds really sweet. Would it be better if the kid was a brat and say screw off?

by Chip Gainesreply 27706/03/2016

r270 remember Damon, the Holmes' contractor? back then, anyway.

by Chip Gainesreply 27806/04/2016

R277Lol! I now have a mental image of Chip and Joanna's brood shouting "screw off!" as mom and dad leave for work.

by Chip Gainesreply 27906/04/2016

Notice how, for all of its gay friendliness, HGTV is kinda traditional?

The guy is always doing the manual work, the women the design (except for Nicole whatsersnatch). Chip and Joanna, Tarek and Christina, the new Masters of Flip's that way with pretty much ever show. Except for Property Brothers, of course - where the one brother both designs and remodels (lest he lose butch points).

Same with Love It or List It. Women are designing, men are selling the houses.

Call me when there are two gay men doing Love It or List It, or we have a flipping couple made up of two 'mos.

by Chip Gainesreply 28006/05/2016

When Joanna stages a home, how much of the stuff actually stays?

by Chip Gainesreply 28106/07/2016

I miss the days of real eye candy, like Scotty McGillivray, Steve Hanneman from Designed to Sell, and John Gidding.

by Chip Gainesreply 28206/08/2016

R281 ...I just read somewhere that in Joanna Gaines case , very little of what you see on the show actually stays . The homeowners have an option to " purchase " what they really like .

by Chip Gainesreply 28306/08/2016

The couple on Fixer Upper last night looked bored with their reveal. The guy was a sexy tall ginger who looked like he desperately needed a blow job. His frau wife was a pig nosed horror.

by Chip Gainesreply 28406/08/2016

R281, the show features Joanna shopping for decorative elements for the homes, so I'd assume some/all stays. Obviously, I could be wrong, but I hope not. I do know from someone who worked on Property Bros that most of the decorative items are returned to the stores after taping.

by Chip Gainesreply 28506/08/2016

Is this Chip?

by Chip Gainesreply 28606/08/2016

Either Chip or Tarek

by Chip Gainesreply 28706/08/2016

R282: Scott McGillivray's "Income Property" moved to DIY Network. They mostly show reruns of it, but occasionally a new episode pops up. Not sure when the new season starts. He's still dreamy.

by Chip Gainesreply 28806/08/2016

That blind item could be anyone. However, Yancey seems like the arrogant creep who would cheat on his wife. He likes to hire real-estate bimbos with big boobies. I don't think this is Chip because he truly adores his wife. Also, Tarek has been going through a lot of health issues so I think that is the last thing on his mind.

by Chip Gainesreply 28906/08/2016

OMG they had one in Indiana the other night. it was HIDEOUS.

FLYOVER country indeed.

by Chip Gainesreply 29006/11/2016

R113 "board" and "dose"? Are you five? Perhaps an ABI or IQ under 70.

by Chip Gainesreply 29106/11/2016

R285 unless the home owner buys it or it belonged to them in the first place, all of the staging items go back to the store. I assume custom pieces are part of the overall budget. (In which case, Joanna really 'takes care' of her woodworker pal because he ALWAYS gets a big commission from her projects)

I'm not sure if the linked article says this, as I didn't re-read it, but one client i read about disclosed that the 'reveal' is a complete surprise. In other words, Joanna doesn't ask for their input, which explains why the designs are often so starkly opposed to the style of house the clings chose. I can't imagine some of them loving how their reno turned out.

by Chip Gainesreply 29206/11/2016

clings = clients. My autocorrect is deranged. Earlier it tried to 'correct' Linda to 'Lindvale' WTF???

by Chip Gainesreply 29306/11/2016

R286 : is that you Derek? Little psycho fuckwad?

by Chip Gainesreply 29406/11/2016

Just watched 5 Day Flip with some Aussie bitch who looks like a combination of Nicole Curtis and Hillary from Love It or List It.

Her crew is hot AF, though.

by Chip Gainesreply 29506/14/2016

Saw Chip and Joanna for the first time the other night at a friend's place. Did someone think Chip was gay? Struck me as a completely boring homosexual. They redid a ranch-style home in a not very imaginative manner so that the "reveal" was very anticlimactic. And when will this tired trend of putting big signs saying APOTHECARY or PROVISIONS or train stops ever end? So cliched.

by Chip Gainesreply 29606/15/2016

Watching "Vacation House for Free" with Matt Bladshaw, season 2, episode 2 - "Sanibel Sanctuary" on HGTV. Matt is giving strong VPL and tight butt in a pair of light tan cords. Much better than his usual jeans, which aren't too bad either.

by Chip Gainesreply 29706/16/2016

I've been watching the old Divine Design shows with Candice Olson on the ION channel and I have to say my fond memories of her talent does not match up to the reality. Her over-use of red, black, and white combo color palette is very nearly obsessive.

by Chip Gainesreply 29806/19/2016

Here's hoping Chip is totally straight. He must be good in bed because she rolls her eyes at his stupidity so often that she must be cross-eyed.

by Chip Gainesreply 29906/20/2016

Candice also packed the rooms with furniture so you can't walk around it.

by Chip Gainesreply 30006/20/2016

R300, also true.

R299, she's really very condescending towards Chip. I don't much like his immature shtick but he seems like a genuine person and a hard worker. I think he deserves a bit more respect from his wife who takes herself too seriously. .

by Chip Gainesreply 30106/20/2016

I don't care if Candace Olson was repetitive and her electrician Chico seemed like a weirdo - her show is very missed from the current HGTV rotation of like 4 shows on repeat.

by Chip Gainesreply 30206/20/2016

Someone trespassed on Chip and Joanna's property and shot some goats. Disgruntled clients?

There was a marathon the other day and I noticed no one ever says "oh my god!" like they do on the other shows with "reveals"--it's always "oh my GOSH!"

Right now on DIY there is a Stone House Revival marathon. Jeff Devlin is pretty hot.

by Chip Gainesreply 30306/22/2016

Tonight's House Hunters had a gay couple from Detroit. The tall skinny one had to be the top - you can tell he probably had a huge long cock. The cute blond one screams butch on the streets and queen in the sheets.

by Chip Gainesreply 30406/30/2016


by Chip Gainesreply 30507/04/2016

Paul Lafrance of "Decked Out" is adorable to me. He's married with four kids, but he screams "pocket bottom."

I also dig that tall drink of water Chris Lambton and his Masshole accent.

by Chip Gainesreply 30607/09/2016

This really cute guy on Tiny House had me until he mentioned that he is installing a composting toilet. Have a composting toilet in less than a 200 square foot home is NOT desirable. We're not cats living next to the litter box.

by Chip Gainesreply 30707/18/2016

Jane Pauley is interviewing Chip and Joanna Gaines now on the CBS Morning Show. Jane seems totally enamored! (Also, Joanna comes from a family tire shop background - who knew). Chip is hamming it up as usual.

by Chip Gainesreply 30808/14/2016

Dayum showing moose knuckle in baggy jeans?

by Chip Gainesreply 30908/14/2016

I watched some of HGTV Canada on a recent visit and it's so much better. Some of the same shows, but way better balance of stuff - not those fucking Scott brothers all the time.

They also still show Holmes on Homes, which seems to have almost completely disappeared from both HGTV and DIY.

And there's this dude, who's pretty hot (though he looks way hotter on TV than in some still photos online).

by Chip Gainesreply 31008/15/2016

Paul Lafrance is one of those hipster born-agains. He plays in a Christian rock band.

by Chip Gainesreply 31108/15/2016

Excuse my distracting beauty!!

I need to sit and rest. I just slapped a small child for asking me why their 17th century pied et tere didn't have an elevator or a dishwasher. Time for a cigarette.

by Chip Gainesreply 31208/17/2016

[quote] pied et tere

Zut alors...

by Chip Gainesreply 31308/17/2016

I love me some Adrian Leeds. She's just keep in' it real.

by Chip Gainesreply 31408/17/2016

Just read some news item that Chip and Joanna are pissed because so many of the houses they've redone are being listed on AirBNB, because it was "diluting their brand." Not quite understanding why it's any of their business.

by Chip Gainesreply 31508/17/2016

Ugh, I hate auto correct. Why it corrected to THAT, who knows.

by Chip Gainesreply 31608/18/2016

R315 I saw that too, and I didn't quite get the fuss.

Supposedly many of the extra flair in those homes when they're on TV is just staging - the homeowner only really gets the basics, most of the other pieces are removed when Chip and Hobagga leave.

by Chip Gainesreply 31708/18/2016

I just watched a House Hunters International from Germany.

I swear, the dude they had in the show and the dude they kept showing in pictures were two different people. The guy in the photos with the German girl was really hot. The guy they actually showed with her had some buck and/or snaggleteeth and looked way fatter.

I think the girl broke up with her BF and they had to "recast" the role!

by Chip Gainesreply 31808/22/2016

Are we sure these two are brothers and not husbands that started to look like each other?

by Chip Gainesreply 31908/23/2016

Is David Bromstad still with HGTV? He used to be to HGTV what Guy Fieri (still) is to Food Network.

by Chip Gainesreply 32009/14/2016

Good grief, the last batch of House Hunters have all been the same.

The frau always, always, ALWAYS has hideous taste and wants something that looks like a lace doily to live in.

The man always wants modern or a ranch. Always.

by Chip Gainesreply 32110/05/2016

Frau: I want something that has charm!

Charm = old, smelly and stinky, like her gash

by Chip Gainesreply 32210/05/2016

Tarek el Moussa is one hot fucker, just the way he is. That wife of his is an abomination and should be sent packing. Every time she opens her mouth I want to slap her.

by Chip Gainesreply 32310/05/2016

[quote]Do Chuck and Joanna Gaines just stage the home too for the show too?

Yes, all that furniture comes from their own furniture store.

by Chip Gainesreply 32410/05/2016

[quote] Every time she opens her mouth I want to slap her.

You might get hit with her teeth.

But yeah, Tarek is hot. Dumb as a box of rocks, but hot. Bet he has a nice fuzzy bush and big cock.

by Chip Gainesreply 32510/05/2016

Last night's HHI has a couple where they were the most openly hostile to each other I'd ever seen.

They are totally divorcing!

by Chip Gainesreply 32610/05/2016

Funny - friends of mine showed me a picture of how they want to do their kitchen...They had three different patterns going on in the Marble, the backsplash and the pendant lights..and about 50 recessed lighting cans in the ceiling. I was honest and said the granite, back splash and pendant patterns were all fighting each other - the colors did not compliment the wood cabinets and the stainless steel appliances looked like eyesores and were too big for the kitchen......They got really mad (well the wife did) and said "the designer was on HGTV" I said "sorry it is hideous.."

by Chip Gainesreply 32710/05/2016

Me and the boyfriend occasionally "hate watch" Property Brothers. we can't figure out which if any is gay, but we were floored when watching the Las Vegas reno on their own home and they both jumped into the pool ------ there was absolutely no bulge on either one. Their crotch region was completely void of dick/balls, it was almost concave in bulge. really weird, they have no dicks!

by Chip Gainesreply 32810/05/2016

I like the cute redhead on Desert Flippers.

by Chip Gainesreply 32910/11/2016

The Property Brothers did some HISTORIC homes in NEW ORLEANS!!! UGH!!! It was awful as usual. They put this modern crap in homes that are over 100 years old,and that calls for some antiques. What the hell do they know about New Orleans? They are super horrible interior designers. Everything they do like the 99% other HGTV designers are all focused on completely UGLY MOD for every damn home!

BTW, the posters on here who claim that the Fraus want like R322 states "Frau: I want something that has charm! Charm = old, smelly and stinky, like her gash" What they call charm is a home with 99% MOD 1% old charm or maybe traditional elements. Its sad because they look at beautiful old homes with beautiful crown molding and gorgeous chandeliers, and both husband and wife make the common stupid comment, this looks like my grandmas' house. They just don't get it. They love mass produced, predictable, beige on beige, white boxes with glass and boring, open concept, like sheep. I think this show is revealing because it reveals the scary state our society is in ,which are people who are and have dumb down to a tremendous degree. Look, MOD is fine if some want that ,but every single home? every single interior design regardless of the bones of the house? EVERYONE wants it because the rest of the population choses that design. Years ago there some who wanted modern interior design, some Asian, some traditional, some eclectic, etc. Now its one note, their intellects are cranked out from the same assembly line.

BTW, even the those who want classic elegance or some traditional interiors still don't get it. However, there are some on the DIY channel who get it more.

by Chip Gainesreply 33012/10/2016

I think Tarek is an underrated stud. I'm not even a feets queen and I love it when he wears flip-flops.

by Chip Gainesreply 33112/10/2016

Tarek reminds me of Dean Phoenix from Colt Studios. I like Christina. I want her for my fag hag.

by Chip Gainesreply 33212/10/2016

I like Christina too. I like it when she insists on spending more money on a bathroom or a kitchen and Tarek caves. Still, her voice does bother me sometimes.

by Chip Gainesreply 33312/10/2016

Per TMZ, "Tarek and Christina have split after an explosive fight". Apparently, back in May, police were called to their home after a report of a possible suicidal man with a gun. The report says that when cops pulled up, Tarek raced from the house with a gun in his hand and fled into the hills behind their home. Christina came out of the house crying and shaking and 5+ guns were removed from the house. It was all hushed up, with the explanation of a big misunderstanding.

Now, I guess the shit has hit the fan again and the couple are splitting.

by Chip Gainesreply 33412/12/2016


by Chip Gainesreply 33512/12/2016

Thanks for the link R334. Good stuff. I would like to hear Christina's 911 call, if only to hear if she still sounds so monotone when under duress!

by Chip Gainesreply 33612/12/2016

The Property Brothers also fashion themselves as country singers.

by Chip Gainesreply 33712/12/2016

Agree, R328. There is never any sort of bulge on either brother, regardless of what type of pants they wear, and yet most of their pants are slim-fit and show off their legs.

I don't find Tarek attractive at all. Plus, he's always running away from things like when he knocked down the pergola (in their opening sequence) or when he's ripping down kitchen cabinets. Backing up is one thing; literally running away is weak.

by Chip Gainesreply 33812/12/2016

Any kid who calls out have a blessed day is Jesus freak so its pretty obvious Chip and Joanna are on the God Squad. Are they anti gay? Probably so they need to go. Remember the good ole days when just about every show featured the gays.

by Chip Gainesreply 33912/12/2016

Re: R334, wasn't there a blind item here recently about Tarek or Chip Gaines having an affair with someone in production?

by Chip Gainesreply 34012/12/2016

Tarek is hot as fuck.

Yoo hoo, Tarek! Mama's mussy is wetter than a rain forest squall!!!!

by Chip Gainesreply 34112/12/2016

In all seriousness, it can't be easy to have a newborn baby and produce a show like that.

It may seem easy from a viewer's point of view, but it's a lot, and there's always pressure for new shows.

Also.... the conspiracy theorist in me wonders.....

Is HGTV stirring these Gaines and El Moussa stories for ratings? I wonder.

by Chip Gainesreply 34212/12/2016

Love Joanna and I don't know what she sees in that bumpkin of a husband. They are SO mismatched.

As to Tarek and Christina, I read recently that they were being sued by people who bought their flipping system (ugh, why do all HGTV "personalities" eventually do this?). Apparently promises were made in their seminars that were not fulfilled and a lot of buyers are asking for their money back. There is currently a class action law suit. Maybe financial and legal problems are to blame for their split.

by Chip Gainesreply 34312/12/2016

Yep. This show is toast.

by Chip Gainesreply 34412/12/2016

Maybe her new man will buy her some teeth that actually fit in her moufs.

by Chip Gainesreply 34512/12/2016

Tarek was pretty when he was younger, to be sure.

by Chip Gainesreply 34612/12/2016

Their big mistake was to try to cash in while doing the show simultaneously. They would have been better off to wait until the show was finished. Instead of having expensive seminars they should have just gone on speaking engagements or fee-for-appearance gigs. I guess greed ruined it for them.

It was so sad to hear this in light of the last show I saw which finished with them doting on the kids at the playground on the swings.

by Chip Gainesreply 34712/12/2016

I hope Tarek holds it together and gets some help. The world does not need another suicidal dude with guns running around deciding he needs to end it and take his family with him. Wow, that got dark!

by Chip Gainesreply 34812/12/2016

I'm watching House Hunters International....

.....and I swear I have no eyebrows anymore, because the FLAMES from tonight's hunter SINGED them all off of my face.

He's gayer than a parade of unicorns, and he wantssssssss to rent in Monaco!

by Chip Gainesreply 34912/12/2016

Super sad for Tarek and Christina.

If they're being sued then that's a huge weight and maybe that's why Tarek sort of lost it.

by Chip Gainesreply 35012/12/2016

Is one of the Property Brothers gay? Has anyone heard anything? I heard they both have girlfriends but that means Nada.

I think the flipping business might be putting a lot of stress on Tarek. He got Cancer and stress can bring on Cancer and now this scandal. I like Christiana and Tarek a lot because they are likeable, and I love house flipping shows. I envy what they have accomplished at a young age. They have a partnership in business as well in their marriage they way it should be. I think its not seen often for a husband to include his wife on business like Tarek does. I hope things get better for them.The recent news really sadden me to see these two fall apart like this.

by Chip Gainesreply 35112/13/2016

My HGTV pet peeves: House Hunters International-- the show when some American teacher from the Midwest wanted to live in France and insisted on having everything be just like it was in America (wound up moving into a dull high rise that looked like something out of the Midwest); House Hunters-- a friend who was selling his house was approached by his realtor to be in the show and yes the couple shown on the show has already bought the house; a 20-something whiny frau who complains the kitchen is too small when it's the size of a small apartment in NY (she should stay a week in the galley kitchen in my first NYC apt where only one person could fit at a time), and where do these young kids get the money for a 1 Mllion dollar plus house? (and yes most of the husbands ping); Flip or Flop-- Christina's voice, Tarek's flip flops, and their boring beige interiors; House Flippers (Joanna and Chip)-- using design elements that have become cliche (in every house they use shiplap, farmhouse sink, sliding barn door and a huge clock on the wall); The Property Brothers-- boring, the filler chit chat is inane, they're fugly, and have bad interior design taste.

by Chip Gainesreply 35212/13/2016


by Chip Gainesreply 35312/13/2016

[quote]He got Cancer and stress can bring on Cancer

No it doesn't.

by Chip Gainesreply 35412/13/2016

If R351 is older than 16 I will eat my hat.

by Chip Gainesreply 35512/13/2016

Tarek is packing a double digit Arab dangler

by Chip Gainesreply 35612/13/2016

this thread is filled with fraus

by Chip Gainesreply 35712/13/2016

so is your vagina

by Chip Gainesreply 35812/13/2016

R349, I agree. He was perhaps the most unlikable person ever to show his face on HGTV. He will age poorly.

by Chip Gainesreply 35912/13/2016

OMG @ R43!

What Americans do to their teeth!!

by Chip Gainesreply 36012/13/2016

The Kitchen Cousins are hot but sank their TV careers after a client sued them for doing shoddy work.

Is Anthony still with Gen Gorder?

by Chip Gainesreply 36112/13/2016

r359 but that queen will go far. He chose an excellent school and locale for the future he desires. He's living his dream.

by Chip Gainesreply 36212/13/2016

Now I'm wondering if the network threw Tarek and Christina to the wolves to take the attention off of the fundie Waco assholes.

Wouldn't doubt it.

by Chip Gainesreply 36312/13/2016

What's the scandal with the Waco couple?

by Chip Gainesreply 36412/13/2016

Do try to keep up, R364.

They attend a mega church where the "preacher" advocates conversion therapy.

They haven't, and probably won't, distance themselves from that fucktard.

by Chip Gainesreply 36512/13/2016

Meanwhile, you know Chip offers "guidance" at the Waco Y to young jocks and farmboys.

And by guidance I mean a handy jay, to pull them from a life of despair!

by Chip Gainesreply 36612/13/2016

Chip looks like one of those chubby blond guys who smells bad.

by Chip Gainesreply 36712/13/2016

This may be common knowledge but Nicole Curtis is having a scandal of her own. She had a kid with a dude about a year ago and they are fighting for visitation, etc. and supposedly it's not pretty. Also, Nicole and her mother are having some problems that ended up with the mom getting a restraining order against her daughter.

Last but not least, another tidbit that came out of the blue - Nicole was engaged to Dave Coulier of Full House for a while. Not sure why they never made it to the altar. Now those are 2 people that I would never picture together.

by Chip Gainesreply 36812/13/2016

I love Nicole's work ethic, but I can easily imagine her being a nasty bitch when she takes a notion.

by Chip Gainesreply 36912/13/2016

You just know that off camera Chip is an asshole and Joanna is a cold bitch.

by Chip Gainesreply 37012/13/2016

Nicole Curtis was a deplorable before the word's new meaning came to be.

I applaud anything that causes her misfortune.

by Chip Gainesreply 37112/13/2016

So that's Nichole's second kid out of wedlock.

by Chip Gainesreply 37212/13/2016

She looked old since I last watched her shows! WTF.

isn't she pushing 50?!?

by Chip Gainesreply 37312/13/2016

I used to like her early on, especially when I saw that her kid was by a Mexican dude.

She couldn't be that bad, I figured. 🙄🙄

by Chip Gainesreply 37412/13/2016

I love what Nicole Curtis dose to older homes. I don't get the vibe she is mean. On the contrary her passion for bringing old homes back to life again is evident. The guys who work with her seem like they respect her and the work environment is positive. The carpenters smile often and light up when they are around her. I have seen other shows which the carpenters act very low key around the boss and don't act nor look thrilled being there.

BTW, Nicole Curtis just wrote her autobiography and she said she worked in Hooters and apparently she had a lot of guys in her life. As for her personal life, she seems like a scatter brain.

R355, don't take it out on me that you have a dildo ,and you tell everyone you have that special someone in your life.

by Chip Gainesreply 37512/13/2016

Not only is r375 sixteen years old, she's a homophobic cunt.

by Chip Gainesreply 37612/13/2016

R376, I'm just stating a fact about R355 life. Don't take it out on the messenger grandma. Cunt? honey you wish you had one.

by Chip Gainesreply 37712/13/2016

Nicole Curtis dumped Dave Coulier for same reason most women dump him: he cheated on her. At least I read an article somewhere that said that. Given his history, it's not hard to believe.

by Chip Gainesreply 37812/13/2016

What happened to all the elder fat queens who ruled HGTV?

by Chip Gainesreply 37912/13/2016

Alannis said he has a big dick.

by Chip Gainesreply 38012/13/2016

Did Doug ever rule HGTV? His "success" was on TLC.

by Chip Gainesreply 38112/13/2016

Doug pleasured himself watching the fat elder queens of HGTV.

by Chip Gainesreply 38212/13/2016

Not sure how Joanna puts up with that obnoxious man-child she's married to. The episode where he ate a bug to impress the "bro" half of the couple they were showing a house to would have been the end for me. He's disgusting and acts like he never left the frat house at Baylor.

by Chip Gainesreply 38312/13/2016

Nicole just redid her grandparents house or some shit like that.

by Chip Gainesreply 38412/15/2016

I want Tarek's Big D

by Chip Gainesreply 38512/15/2016

Ooh, that story about Teefy Bitch cheating on Tarek might be true. Wonder if Tarek made her get a paternity test?

by Chip Gainesreply 38612/15/2016

Joan Steffend was, is and always will be the HGTV megastar, bitches.

No further discussion allowed. Thread closed.

by Chip Gainesreply 38712/15/2016

Dang, that dude is old and fug @ R386. What does she see in him? She must be dickmatized to risk their business.

by Chip Gainesreply 38812/15/2016

[quote] Joan Steffend was, is and always will be the HGTV megastar, bitches.

Do you know how many times I had to make a mountain out of a molehill! How many times I created a silk purse out of some sow's house and a hundred bucks?

And these plastic peons get wall to wall coverage for disregarding their marriage vows?

Well, fuck them, fuck you, and fuck everything!

by Chip Gainesreply 38912/15/2016

Joan, they are all trash.

by Chip Gainesreply 39012/15/2016

That little baby of theirs is a freaking mini-me of Tarek.

The baby is huge!

Just like the little girl is a mini-me of Christina.

That contractor looks beyond ugly, wtf was/is she thinking????

What nationality is the dad? They've never shown him on tv.

by Chip Gainesreply 39112/16/2016

So Christina is a skank with daddy issues.

by Chip Gainesreply 39212/16/2016

So was John Giddings!

by Chip Gainesreply 39312/16/2016

Ugh the HH couple from Denver were annoying as fuck. They didn't have to tell us they were conservative, we already knew.

She had a nasal baby voice. And like every HH frau she wanted a cutesy dollhouse with "character" and "charm."

by Chip Gainesreply 39412/18/2016

From the AGC blind item page:

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **#6** Not being shared in the story of the divorce between these two reality stars from a very popular cable show is the time he held a gun to his wife’s head and had her beg for her life and their children. Christina and Tarek El Moussa ("Flip or Flop")

by Chip Gainesreply 39512/18/2016

I find it hard to believe HGTV would let those two back o n their show if scenario described above were real. HGTV does not want a tv show starring two people who might end up a murder/suicide. It's bad for business and would make everyone hold their breath when that creepy Waco couple's show is airing.

by Chip Gainesreply 39612/18/2016

[quote] So that's Nichole's second kid out of wedlock.

Why not? She's a right wing tea partier. Looks down her nose at people whose lifestyle she doesn't agree with, then pops out a string of daddyless kids. She'll then hire a slew of Mexican nannies she will treat badly and try to screw them out of their salary while she makes seven figures a year.

by Chip Gainesreply 39712/18/2016

[quote] The guys who work with her seem like they respect her and the work environment is positive.

Like they are going to act disrespectful and negative in front of tv cameras.

Someone who can't act respectful and positive in front of cameras doesn't get to be on the show. Duh.

by Chip Gainesreply 39812/18/2016

I agree to an extent with you R398. I have seen others shows with the carpenters etc. and you can tell they weren't necessarily content and over all it wasn't a happy environment. Nicole's show I just don't get that vibe and the guys on the crew seem like they like her. Maybe they like the fact she is a woman who talks about things that usually many women are clueless about and or usually aren't interested in talking about it .

BTW, I saw my aunt today and she said my cousin went to Texas and she went to Joanna and Chip gain's store. She said the store was a lot of fun and it had a lot of terrific things.

by Chip Gainesreply 39912/18/2016

I know Nicole is an Obama-hating right-winger, but is she anti-gay too?

by Chip Gainesreply 40012/19/2016

R400, I doubt it.

by Chip Gainesreply 40112/20/2016

Had no idea the explosion of Tarek and Teefy's marriage would be such big news coverage - every damn magazine has them on the cover this week.

by Chip Gainesreply 40212/23/2016

Their show is over in 2017, not sad to see it go really.

by Chip Gainesreply 40312/23/2016

I told you guys, I wouldn't be surprised if this story was used to cover for those fundies in Waco.

Get the attention/pressure off of them.

by Chip Gainesreply 40412/26/2016

I can bite into an apple from the other side of a picket fence!

by Chip Gainesreply 40512/28/2016

HGTV's still showing the holiday promos for Flip or Flop which first started airing before the news about the El Moussas separation broke. It's obvious now that the promos were carefully scripted to hide the couple's actual status as exes while at the same time avoid depicting them as being a happily married couple spending the holidays together. When they each state what their favorite holiday movie is, though, Takek replies, "Home Alone." LOL

by Chip Gainesreply 40612/28/2016

How do the ProBros do a reno in 6 weeks? Has there even been an expose on this show?

by Chip Gainesreply 40712/28/2016

Tarek ran off with the Nanny. After a month, the Nanny dumped him.

by Chip Gainesreply 40812/28/2016

And Christina is dating a contractor who happened to be at their house when Tarek flipped out and pulled the gun.

by Chip Gainesreply 40912/28/2016

We all knew that House Hunters was staged/fictionalized, to some degree - that sometimes the other houses were not really for sale, or whatever.

I watched an episode that played the other night where a couple wanted to move to Chicago's North Shore, and had a budget of just over a million.

They presented this house as a 1.2 million dollar home. I happened to see the house number and guessed it was in Highland Park (an area with lots of MCM houses).

That house sold last year, all right....but it was never, ever, ever even close to a million in price. (Try half as much.)

I was surprised....not sure why, but assumed if they were "faking" things they were doing so in a relatively realistic way. Claiming a house is worth twice of its actual value seems crazy.

by Chip Gainesreply 41001/02/2017

Yesterday they were showing houses in the Caribbean for $250K. Looked fabulous. Hard to believe.

by Chip Gainesreply 41101/02/2017

I need Tarek in me quite deeply.

Tarek first, then Josh Temple.

by Chip Gainesreply 41201/03/2017

I'll pass on Tarek, R412, but I'd take Josh Temple's personality in David Bromstad's body any day!

by Chip Gainesreply 41301/04/2017

I still carry a torch for Marc Bartolomeo.

by Chip Gainesreply 41401/04/2017

I'll take the Kitchen Cousins for a threeway please.

by Chip Gainesreply 41501/04/2017


The latest commercials for the deplorable Gaines' actually calls then "Americas Sweethearts"!!!

😳😳 What. The. Fuck???

I'm liking the couple that flips houses in Memphis. I've seen their show off and on for a while now. Mostly in the mornings.

She's quite attractive and dresses impeccably. The husband is cute as well.

by Chip Gainesreply 41601/10/2017

Yeah, I like Masters of Flip too.

I think Dave Wilson is kind of cute. Nice voice. And she is fun. A little annoying sometimes but I can handle more of her than I can of Teefy Christina.

Fun fact: I guess the Wilsons are both Canadian and musicians. They originally went to Nashville to be musicians. Courtney briefly appeared on One Life to Live years ago.

by Chip Gainesreply 41701/12/2017

ps R416 it's Nashville, not Memphis

by Chip Gainesreply 41801/12/2017

Thanks for the info, R17 and R18.

No wonder she's so camera-ready.

by Chip Gainesreply 41901/12/2017

Dave Wilson isn't wow, I need to check him out all the time hot. But he is at the level of hey, my drunk horny neighbor wants a blowjob and he looks kinda good right now, hot.

It's mostly his height, and that nice deep voice.

by Chip Gainesreply 42001/15/2017

R410, what was the alleged price of the home they purchased?

by Chip Gainesreply 42101/15/2017

R421 In the episode they said it was over a million. I think they either said 1.2 or 1.5 mil, I can't remember, but I can say for sure they were claiming it was over a mil.

The listing I attached to my post at R410 gives a history, and I don't see anything like that in the history. I can't imagine a home in Highland Park would sell for that low if it was once upon a time priced that high, anyway. I could have possibly understood that kind of difference around 2010 or so, but the market here is on fire.

by Chip Gainesreply 42201/15/2017

I swear, every single couple is a gay man in the closet and his perky little wife.

by Chip Gainesreply 42301/16/2017

Nah, R423.

They're all just pussy-whipped, weak fools.

by Chip Gainesreply 42401/16/2017

90 percent of husbands ping for me too.

by Chip Gainesreply 42501/16/2017

They just had a couple from Columbus OH tonight. Some blond TV reporter and his wife.

She had bigger shoulders than he did, and he pinged to high heaven.

WAIT: Of course, he's online. Tell me I'm wrong.

by Chip Gainesreply 42601/16/2017

Here's where she's talking

by Chip Gainesreply 42701/16/2017

I watched that one R426! My God,he pinged so hard they were picking up the signals in an alternate reality!

by Chip Gainesreply 42801/16/2017

agreed the guy on the Columbus episode is gay. Needs a new person to fo his hair as well

by Chip Gainesreply 42901/16/2017

His hair game was saaaad.

by Chip Gainesreply 43001/17/2017

Did gurlina NEED a craft room??

by Chip Gainesreply 43101/17/2017

And she's....a Christian college graduate???

by Chip Gainesreply 43201/18/2017

He likes penis.

by Chip Gainesreply 43301/24/2017

How does anyone stomach any of these shows? Especially those twins who look like Harry Connick Jr.

by Chip Gainesreply 43401/27/2017

They WISH,R434! I find them physically repugnant,but women like them.Need I bring up Micheal Bolton?

by Chip Gainesreply 43501/27/2017

Cameron Fontana here. I'm a super-straight married dude looking for a new house.

by Chip Gainesreply 43601/27/2017

Don't those cookies smell delicious.

by Chip Gainesreply 43701/28/2017


by Chip Gainesreply 43802/02/2017

Oooh.....last night was the first time they changed the Flip or Flop opening. He no longer says "this is my wife Christina."

They looked as if they were ready to choke each other in yesterday's episode.

by Chip Gainesreply 43902/03/2017

Was it a new episode, R439? I could have sworn I set my dvr to record but somehow it didn't.

There isn't a new episode on the On Demand channel either.

by Chip Gainesreply 44002/04/2017

R440 It was on Thursday night, called Double Lot Limbo.

Sling (our cable service) marked it as New.

by Chip Gainesreply 44102/04/2017

Damn, don't know what happened.


by Chip Gainesreply 44202/04/2017

The posters who said the husbands on House Hunters pings to them, I too have noticed that big time. I watch that new show with David Bromstad Lottery winners looking for larger home to buy than what they had before or mansions. If you haven’t watched that show yet, please do because it is a lot of fun and David is a lot of fun on that show. David lispeds more than Daffy Duck, WOW! He is such major flamer.

BTW, Tarek and Christina were on the news recently and they were saying that they media blew their situation out of proportion? I didn’t catch what they specifically said.

by Chip Gainesreply 44302/04/2017

Isn't there a People mag cover story screaming about how Tarek made "her life a living hell" or he "treats her like shit" in giant yellow words or some crap like that?

And I've always said that the network threw them under the bus to deflect from those asshole Gains'.

by Chip Gainesreply 44402/06/2017

Is anyone else watching these two old men in neon shorts looking at houses in Palm Springs? I'm glad they found each other because I can't imagine who else could stand them.

by Chip Gainesreply 44502/06/2017

I finally saw the new Flip or Flop.

They seemed okay. They even held hands!

The intro voiceover is new but they seemed like business as usual. They even made a butt load of money with the empty lot.

by Chip Gainesreply 44602/07/2017

R445 Yes I saw them. We were calling the Southern queen Blanche Devereaux.

They hit every branch on the Old Queen Cliche tree on the way down to the ground.

by Chip Gainesreply 44702/07/2017

Did anyone see the couple in Cincinnati yesterday?

She was annoying and had a social media cat. But the guy, Colin, was a hottie. Nice big biceps.

by Chip Gainesreply 44802/07/2017

There are no gays left on DIY or HGTV. It's all southern hicks or good Christian folk who like to paint walls and put up drywall. I bet if somebody really looked into it, they would see that the programming directors on both channels, our right wing Bible thumpers. They have totally phased the gays out. Home decorating and remodeling is now a straight person's world.

by Chip Gainesreply 44902/07/2017

[quote] It's all southern hicks or good Christian folk who like to paint walls and put up drywall.

It's SHIPLAP, y'all!

by Chip Gainesreply 45002/07/2017

Tarek's board shorts are hiding a mighty big cock

by Chip Gainesreply 45102/08/2017

Tarek always wore flip flops on the job site. I was sure he'd step on a nail at some point.

by Chip Gainesreply 45202/08/2017

R449, the xtians have taken over most cable programming. You watch DIY and HGTV, no gays. Nature channels have God mentioned in their shows. Science channels have religion in their shows.

by Chip Gainesreply 45302/08/2017

A lot of gays are on the Food Network nowadays. We've been run out of the decorating biz apparently.

by Chip Gainesreply 45402/08/2017

The gays are out everywhere, unwanted...we're forced to perform in the streets.

by Chip Gainesreply 45502/08/2017

R450 No kidding. They are really into shiplap this season. It's like their crack.

by Chip Gainesreply 45602/09/2017

My cousin and her husband went to Texas on a business trip. My cousin went to Joanna Gaines store and she said that store has a lot of super stuff. She said she just loved her store.

by Chip Gainesreply 45702/09/2017

Shiplap and nautical theme decor is HOT this season among the straight married set!

by Chip Gainesreply 45802/11/2017

Shiplap and nautical will be in ALL the finest Value City Furniture stores in the spring!

by Chip Gainesreply 45902/11/2017

[quote]I want Tarek's Big D

I don't think you do

by Chip Gainesreply 46002/11/2017

Well,R460's pic explains SO much about why they are getting divorced!

by Chip Gainesreply 46102/11/2017

Wow, nice biceps!

by Chip Gainesreply 46202/12/2017

Shame she's fucking an ugly old guy. That new project manager they have on the new episodes, Jay....he's sexy as fuck. Something about him is kinda dirty, smirky, nasty....but in a good way.

by Chip Gainesreply 46302/15/2017

Sorry, Jake not Jay. Jake Rigel is his name. Pictures on line aren't really good, best seen in action on the show.

by Chip Gainesreply 46402/15/2017

I remember in another thread it was said he had a porn star past. Someone connected his real name with his porn name years ago. He didn't do any guy on guy action or guy on girl action, just nudes but HGTV found out. In fact I think thats why he was off HGTV. Its probably been close to 10 years. I was surprised HGTV brought him back. The pictures our out there so I'm pretty sure they will be posted on here soon.

by Chip Gainesreply 46502/16/2017

Who had the porn star past, R465?

by Chip Gainesreply 46602/21/2017

House Hunters often have truly dumb people, but the Canadian frau they had on last week may win for stupidest comment ever. She was moving to Belgium, and her fake objection for the apartment they were showing her was: "But, if I look out my window....I have neighbors. Next door!"

The way she said it was......duhhhh. They weren't at all close, and yes, neighbors live next door. That's why they're called "neighbors." No wonder your husband divorced you, bitch.

by Chip Gainesreply 46702/21/2017

If you want to see what Amy Winehouse would look like if she were alive, fat and lived in central PA, then by all means watch last night's HH from State College.

by Chip Gainesreply 46802/21/2017

Gah....I need Tarek and Jake to take turns emptying their nuts into my mouth.

by Chip Gainesreply 46902/24/2017

christina is such a HO BAG

by Chip Gainesreply 47002/24/2017

Tarek's been all over the TV this week promoting the new season and telling every reporter he took guns hiking to protect himself from mountain lions. Seemed very forced.

by Chip Gainesreply 47102/25/2017

These are the guns I took with me, R471, the big guns......

by Chip Gainesreply 47202/25/2017

Youd have thought he'd have given that child size bulge shot a second glance.

by Chip Gainesreply 47302/25/2017

Tarek was diagnosed with testicular cancer shortly after he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

by Chip Gainesreply 47402/25/2017

Damn, his nuts are dry.

by Chip Gainesreply 47502/26/2017

The affected one or both are removed. Prosthetic implant is possible.

by Chip Gainesreply 47602/28/2017

Hello, woofy real estate agent in London on HHI!

This is an OK photo of him (Richard Blanco) but on the show he has a huge bushy beard. Very hot.

by Chip Gainesreply 47703/03/2017

OMG....If I ever said anyone was gay before, I have to take it back.

The young guy on House Hunters in San Diego on Monday was F L A M I N G. I mean, on fire. Four alarm blaze. He has to be the reason California has so many forest fires.

Nelly as the day is long. Referred to his ideal home as a "Desperate Housewives cottage" and when presented with a less than ideal bathroom light fixture, hissed, "It looks like something out of the Golden Girls!"

Mom is a plastic surgery junkie who looks and acts like his girlfriend and hovers over him at all times. Huh, what a surprise.

by Chip Gainesreply 47803/08/2017

Flip or Flop spinoffs coming.

This winner is hosting the Vegas version with his wife, who looks so much like Xtina el Moussa as to be interchangeable.

by Chip Gainesreply 47903/10/2017

Goddamn hes hot as fuck!

by Chip Gainesreply 48003/10/2017

I saw the preview for the Vegas Flip or Flop. Seems like a weird locale to do a flip series. Guess we will find out if its a hit or miss when the show premiers.

by Chip Gainesreply 48103/10/2017


by Chip Gainesreply 48203/10/2017

There is also this new show on HGTV My Lottery Dream Home. The host David Bromstad pings big time

by Chip Gainesreply 48303/10/2017

I just saw that the couple mentioned at R426 has their episode repeated on House Hunters tonight - on in half an hour!

They're described in my cable thingy as a "leading local media couple." LOL

by Chip Gainesreply 48403/10/2017

They may be a "good Christian couple," but I have a strong suspicion that Joanna gives Chip a good pegging on a regular basis. I also think her loving mother & wife act is strictly for show. She seems ice-cold and ruthlessly calculating under the surface. That's the impression I get from her.

by Chip Gainesreply 48503/10/2017

We haven't given a damn about these assholes ever since it became known that they go to that fucked up church.

Stopped watching months ago.

Fuck them.

by Chip Gainesreply 48603/11/2017

One of those Gaines kids will be writing a Fixer Upper Dearest in about 10 years.

"Brayden! Caden! Damnit!"

by Chip Gainesreply 48703/14/2017

R483-you are kidding, aren't you? David is OUT big time and has been for YEARS!

by Chip Gainesreply 48803/14/2017

oh, her

by Chip Gainesreply 48903/15/2017

OMG, Phil on the new episode of Property Brothers is gorgeous!!!


by Chip Gainesreply 49003/15/2017

He was!! And very sweet, if not all that bright. But his gaysian bf was the very definition of bossy bottom.. Geesh!

by Chip Gainesreply 49103/16/2017

Did they say what they both did?

Obviously Phil's mom had money but what does he do?

Male model?? 😛😛

by Chip Gainesreply 49203/16/2017

Ben on HGTV's Home Town is one of those fit fat guys who looks like he has a big one.

by Chip Gainesreply 49303/16/2017

Further heterosexualizing of HGTV, there a new Christian couple show coming where they rehab homes in a small town because white America is worth saving.

by Chip Gainesreply 49403/16/2017

*there is

by Chip Gainesreply 49503/16/2017

There was a young couple looking for homes last night or the night before on HH and the husband acted so gay that I just couldn't comprehend that he was married to the lady he was with and she wasn't his sister! BTW, he was really good looking.

by Chip Gainesreply 49603/16/2017

[quote] BTW, he was really good looking.

Real life good looking, or DL good looking? There is a world of difference between the two.

by Chip Gainesreply 49703/16/2017

Was that the couple where the husband was in local news or something like that? He practically set every home ablaze he was so flaming.

by Chip Gainesreply 49803/16/2017

R498, I don't think so.

by Chip Gainesreply 49903/16/2017

Yes, that was the one, R498

by Chip Gainesreply 50003/17/2017

Tonight's House Hunters featured a Chicago bro, looking for a condo with his bed bro-friend who clearly wants to fuck him.

by Chip Gainesreply 50103/20/2017

"Tonight's House Hunters featured a Chicago bro, looking for a condo with his bed bro-friend who clearly wants to fuck him."

OMG - They're not married? I was doing some work and had it on in the background without sound and I just assumed they were a married couple. It's funny because without sound they have all the mannerisms of Miss Bottom thang and her man

by Chip Gainesreply 50203/20/2017

They are a couple, even if they don't know it yet.

by Chip Gainesreply 50303/20/2017

HGTV premiered another show with a M/F couple who renovate homes for buyers. - this one is called "Home Town". Their premise is: finding homes in small towns for people who seek to live away from the big city/appreciate a home in a less populated environment.

The show follows the HGTV pattern - the couple/hosts and their cute bantering, starting the reno, then a stumbling block to the progress, a little bit of shopping, then the big reveal. This couple is okay so far - the little blond wife and the husband is a great, big bear who (surprise!) doesn't seem gay (to me, at least). Their decorating style is not to my taste but I guess they tailored the decor to the 1917 house the buyers chose - it was too country chic.

So, nothing new to see here - HGTV business as usual. They gotta try and find some new angles though - for a while, every time I turned on the TV there was a new show with twins, now it's couples couples couples trying to be like Chip and Joanna Gaines.

by Chip Gainesreply 50403/22/2017

R504, meet R494

by Chip Gainesreply 50503/22/2017

I didn't see R494's comment, and not sure if they have their facts right. I didn't pick up that these hosts depict as Christian, but who knows. And about the "white" thing - the couple that purchased the home in the first episode was a black military man with a wife and three kids, and it was in small town Mississippi.

by Chip Gainesreply 50603/22/2017

Are there any gays on HTGV?

by Chip Gainesreply 50703/25/2017

Does anyone think that Jennifer Convy got on the show "Awesome Interiors" because she was the daughter of the late Bert Convy?

by Chip Gainesreply 50803/25/2017


by Chip Gainesreply 50903/25/2017

HGTV has a new show called Flip or Flop Vegas, hosted by a couple - she is a "designer" and he's an MMA fighter who also does construction. The female is almost a clone of Christina from Flip or Flop... yikes.

I've watched two episodes and am floored by how TACKY their designs are. The homes are over-decorated with things like benches with white fur, giant chrome light fixtures, sliding barn doors, geometric patterned rugs placed 'artfully' on hardwood floors. They did a man cave that was atrocious - it had a white marble bar, a pool table and a crazy-big Foosball table that looked like it weighed 1000lbs. Their style seems to be "fill every corner with something".

by Chip Gainesreply 51004/23/2017

well, it is Vegas....

by Chip Gainesreply 51104/23/2017

I watched half an episode and hated her immediately. I never could decide if I found him hot or not.

by Chip Gainesreply 51204/23/2017

She looks like she dances at The Cheetah

by Chip Gainesreply 51304/23/2017

Well at least the Vegas chick knows what color is.

I'm tired of Christina's every flip being the color of a gloomy day in Seattle. All greys, whites, blacks... It gets boring. And yes I know the color palates should be neutral, but come the fuck on!

The Vegas people seem okay. You can tell they're on a much, much smaller scale (and budget) than Tarek and Christina.

Christina and Tarek are coming back for season 7!!! We have to wait till December, but still! They are going to continue to work together. To continue bringing in that money, no doubt.

by Chip Gainesreply 51404/25/2017

Ha!!! Those asshole Gaines' are being sued by ex-partners!

Fuck them!

Hypocritical Christians strike again.

by Chip Gainesreply 51504/28/2017

You'd think these HGTV personalities would learn after hearing about all the trouble their fellow hosts get in with their various side projects. So many lawsuits - just do the show and forget about the seminars, flipping classes, products, etc.

by Chip Gainesreply 51604/29/2017

The recent episode of Flop or Flop Las Vegas featured a glimpse of the hot guy's buttcrack. He's very hot, but the tattoos diminish the hotness. Also, they made me miss Tarek and Christina. The Vegas show seems a bit forced.

by Chip Gainesreply 51704/29/2017

There was another new flipper show today, called "Boise Boys". It follows the same pattern as the million other shows on HGTV, DIY, etc. One host is a stocky dudebro contractor guy, and the decorator looks like your standard gay man. Imagine my surprise when he is shown saying goodbye to a blond woman and about 4-5 children (some white, at least one Asian) before leaving for the job site. Is my gaydar broken?

by Chip Gainesreply 51805/21/2017
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